Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 16, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Page 8
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V T ' The Triumph of Low Prices And Truly Marvelous Value Giving, makes this the busiest store n town. It has made us the leading Dry Goods Furnishers for eco- lomical buyers in Logansport. This week will be long remembered 0 Economical Pay Day Buyers ior will offer special Bargains in Wool and Wash Dress Goods, Parasols and Umbrellas;. Table Linens and Toweling, Duck Suits, ; Shirt Waists, Domestics of all Sorts. and in many other lines. , i Price Wonders never cease heare we don't let them. Just give us 1 look and you will be convinced that this is the place to buy. : THE GOLDEN RULE. WILL NOT FUSE The Populists Will Make Straight Fight. THEY MEAN BUSINESS Have Hopes of Absorbing the Democratic Party. HOT!! WELL SOME! reel, burnlnfi up In those allots that ate chicle mid waterproof. •> HAN ALIVE! Get a pale of tans from WidUen'a—Cool, llqlit. ens?, don't draw t'.ia faet—thej're the oaljlsummershoe—hundsomc, stylish »nd ihey wear. HATTER OF PRICE? Any Price $i, $1,50, $3.00. . Any Price to Suit Bring: This Ad and We'll Knock Off a Quarter. GERERAL ORGANIZER HERE. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. KZ" 'ELECT > TOCK. Straws That Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that it must have blown a trc- 'inendous gale towards Fisher's, for they have straws of all the new shapes a ad sizes, straws hi straw" color anc any other color you wish piled on theii shelves ami waiting to bo called "the last straw'! m the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and jaunty haud«omc bicycle caps arc wiUat we have a big run on now. HORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. "Tough lie punctured liis lire twice, R. Broadbout brought do\vu the •i.raliaa 100 miie^road record to '.:00, breaking tho Australian record toeii TOinu'toa T;lie American, re- 1 is 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDou- i>f Toledo. World's record is 4:21:43 I by A. E. Wa.lte.rs of England. ,?ket Kodaks a I: the Bui'gman '.<". Co. r tandem runs hard with one's beat nn the front scat. •i; Fleetwing for ladies. Tlievo are > of these TvlvL'ols used In. this city all otlier makes of wheels. •••c and toll-gale keepers differ •\vluif. Love never asks lor pay Iu nee. .vo your bicycle insured against . Iturjnrisn Cycle Co., will do. It. AMATEUR RACERS. Contest of the Ferguson & Jenks Employes. Tho handicap liieyelo rar-e j I'L-fgiisoii it .Icnks mill lln.'ii 1 L-mjiloycs at. IIiu driving park last oveniiig i'0<uU- cd in a vicror.v for Charles Ferguson, with Iluur.v Sroll second :;nil Wavveii Ferguson third. Mr. Ferguson,-the win- iit'i', oapturod a prixe OL' ^i" .'Uid> Mn? r-ha-iii'liioiisUlp of the store. ACter this race Charley Ferguson and Henry Stoll raocil an eig.hfch of a uule, Ferguson winning easily. Quite a crowd wit- iiessiuil Uie races, a.nd weru eenaiuly ii'Jt ilNniipointod, as the timo ^uiado was very creditable-. After tin; ra'cvs Messrs!. I'ei'L'U.sou a.ncl .Tenks and their euiploycs plcuicked. Ro£roslMiie.nts -\vc-re served and a.-very soahiivlo timo was reported. 10 the Ladies. .so 'who arc liitLM-estud in. Uermatol- iiDidd call on Mr?. Stringhani, who :i'tod in Uit 1 St. Elmo building; on ••way ,'nul be eonvlucod that der- (| ^y is what overy woman of in- •'•ncc a.ud refinement needs. It is ••led by our ln?st minds Hint a beau- •.•cmip'loxkm Is u necessity of the I'cmlii cc-U'lnry, -mid which elvUiza- iiast have 1 ; and eveiy wbrlhy hus- or brother will take Interest in :iosc wlio are siitt'erittg from any •. 'ous disorders such as cc'ztna, . freckli.-s, acme, liver spots, birth• ai.icVsupwflnous lialrarc success- i rented. Bright enoriretic girls iipr'to work for $10 .1 week should :id sell Mrs. SlTiujjliniii's pri'p.ira- OBRMATOLOOIST. FIRST COMMUNION. Sunday at Si. Bridget's Catholic church eleven boys aiifl fifteen girls n'CHlvotl V-heir lirst eoiunmurion from i.hu hands of 'their pastor, the Rev. Father Krouffer. An cloqucbt and impressive si'i'inon was delivered by rho Kev. Mr. Krofyor. Music of a hijrli order was i-endiU'cd liy I'lie choir. In the al'tornoon all WOTO c'ijralk'f.l : (ii tho Loajrtm of tiie Sat'i'Cd Heart, :iud all inrtk a pledge ol l.nial atorineuce. FOr.Ks:i:E«s' ANNIVEKSAKY. The members of Hie Independent Order uf Fen-osiers celebrated the twenty- second annivei-sary of the order's cxlst- cu.ce SuioO.'iy. They decorated' the jrravo.< of two departed members and amended t.lie nimual services in a body at the Cumberland' Presbyterian fhiirch. A WONDERFUL TLUM TREE. Everett Banta of JefCerson to.wuship Hays Hint he has u freak of natuve iu I In; form -or a plum tree. The tree, which is a SL*edlin;r. is one year old, awl I wire t'mil this year. Mr. Barfta "sriys ih.it he lia?; uiM'cr heard of a s u:ip year old -beari-ng fruit, and thai, he has a rfcovd breaker. Hrs Gause Awakens Local Interest in Humane Society. Tlii! General Or^aniziM' ot Huniauc SocietJes, Mrs. Nora T. (iausc, is iu our city a.ttd is desirous of effecting a.u or- saiitation. Tlio bbjor/ts of tills society are so well known that It ls ; not necessary here to call attention to-them ox- eept to say that'there is much craftily exercised towards uiou, woman 'Jiud children as well as to dumb animals/ all of which uoods-correction! This can duly be done by means "oC iiii-orgnuizn- tion whose purposp it will,; be to observe and to correct such acis.of • cruelly through an authorlsicd' 1 officer. We. tlwi'isfore, -'unite Iu issuing- this call fora meetiui;, to be'lieldjat the parlors of the Mnrdock hotel, on Tuesday (today) al'ret'iiooii, at. .4'o'clock, and hereby invite most cordially.'jnll-our'Clt; ixens and 'ladies who are..wtlllug-ro assist iu Riving mceplion' and: continued effoi-t to Wiis work to attend .such meet- iu?. •••'•'*'. .- ..'••• • Signed: .F;.G. Coollwui£h, -Ft. Atwood IVrfival. .T, C. KauC'mtiu, oh behalf of the ministerial association:; E.- S. Rice, ,T. C. Hadley.ill. B. Lairy, :George B. Foiw, Q. A. Myers, George JP. McICee, W. H. Bell. A moetingr of the executive committee of the Marlon county Populists ivas lield at English Hotel, Indianapolis Saturday morning. Silas M. Sheppard, Williara Patteison, Ha.ri-lsou Osgood and others' prominent iu Uie party were present. To a reporter Mr. Osgood said: "No, sir, this is not a Stale convention this is simply a meeting of the executive cmuniPtte and no especial program lias" been laid out for the meeting. A Democrat said to me this morning that this Fall there was to be a grand wod- cliuig with the Democratic party as the bride groom and tlio People's party as the bride, but I. told htm that the groom had belter consult tlio bride before lie nrndc any further arrangements for the ceremony." "You mcaii, then, that rlicre will be no fusion?" "Vcs." '.•Will your party put tickets in t-hc field?" . "Certainly. The State convention In already arranged for some time Iu July and we will also have a comity convention iiud a congressional convention. We,mean business. All this talk comes from E. B. Cuiraiiiings. who Is posins as the secretary of-t/he Slate com mittee but- it is the effort of one man. Our people over -the State, recognize that this is our opportunity and '*e propose to Improve it. Wo are (lie coining party.. We will not object to Democrats Joining our rauks but they must, come in as Populists." : LOQANSPORT INSTRUCTORS. The Teachers for Next Year are Selected. CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP. To be Decided in a Race Next Tuesday Afternoon. '• _* t •:.< The R.ivei'sMe Cycle club m'et iu Imsl- uss session last uigh-t a-t the club house on Broadway, Ir was one of the best and most largely attended meetings,the i-lnb has over held, and m-atiers,oE-liri- rtaia-i! were dismissed. II. \\-a^ dccidi'd tha-t t.he Luindic-ap race for i he clia.mpiouship o.f Hie club, was pos'.-poiued from Memorial day 65; aocnunL ol' a. wet track; shall be run ujio wodk Croni Today at tlio driving ai :". o'i:loL-k iu rife aPfernoou. Ad- iu.iis.iou Jo Tlio grounds will; be free Hid everybody is invited. In the evening :U'fo'r supper i.-ho <-lub members will give ;i grainl iii;is!]iic:-fwle parade, with 'se hinvorn accompauiuient, to l)Q jjllowcd by an ice cn.'am supper at the :luh 'house. The rtub has in view the jlvlug of iuwither race meet during the •icaso.i.1, and th« -.treasury surplus will 'swullod at every opportunity, in ex- n ot this. • • •' Another very pleasant incident'of last iglffs mccti'nff was the presentation of i. handsooio uiadnl U> Cliarles Slutfl.', in •(•cognition of liis gallant race : in wiu- the road race ctn the moming -. of "\lemorail day. The medal Is ;a hand- ime one amlJ^ .iustly prized very high- y by Mr. S'Unff.' ' A RUNAWAY. ; Sunday while Miss Kate Dolan was U-iviiig-on Market street lier horse be-. :anie uum.inageable and rail west on ilarket street to ' Third street and nrned In on the sidewalk In front of i'Ciizberger's'saloon.' 'It then ran .into ic street and to .Tas. O'Doiinell's sta- jle. Miss DoLiri--escaped'nuhiirt, and io buggy was not diimaged. ; MUEPHY-TATiMAN. . Mr. Micteicl J. Murphy of New Or- L-uiis, and Misa.Josie V, Taitman of this 'lly. were married Sumlay night at i:SO o'clock at the parsonage :of .the Broadway M. 1 E. chuvcli by tho .Rev. ;. L: Somnns. Mr.'and Mrs. Murphy nve the hearty good wishes 'o£ many rieuds: •'' ;'• •' ' ' "' I • THE ST. LOUIS CONVENTION. ' Bullettns of the St. Louis convention vi-11 bo received at The Journal oflice rrtrn time to time'and'posted on : the mile-tin .boa.i-d. .Call around,- get .tho lows'and yell for -MclCinley.' ' • ' llo'tioy to loan on ciiy iiroperty.—Ben Fisher. The' regular, price, for Cologne Bou- uefc soap -Is 2Dc a cake. • For the next- Uiroo weeks I -vrUl'seU three .cakes.for uhc pi-ice of one..—Ben Fisher,:druggist,-. The following teachers have been assigned Tor the season of 189C-'0~ in the city, public schools: HIGH SCHOOL, D. C. ArUniir, principal, Psychology and Economjcs. F. M. Sp'm,ker, Latin. ,T. M. Ashby, Matheraa-tlcs. Bimjamin F. Long, History :iud Civics. 'Alice M. Mllligan, Rhetoric and Composition].- • "•• . . ,,..-.- '-Xellli! Cooke. Literature and Composition. D. N. Vance. Natural Sciences. Elly.abel-.h MeCoimell, SA grade. CUNT-RAT., SCHOOL.' xo. 14—A. .1. Martin, principal, TA SB;. Ella Allen. Edsar Packard. Lilllau l.Vjrti-ngajiie. assistants. No. .13—Oni C. Cox. 7B: Cora M:ir- shall, assistant. No. 12—Adali Cushman, OA. 7B. No. 11—Alma SIi;idclor. CAB. No. 10—Nellie Adiuus. OR. No. 0—Lizxie Krycr, r>\. No. S—.Tcwuie B. Mackintosh, 5B. 1 No. T—Emma Li-uville. -1-A. Xo. O 1 /-—Mao EsitJibrook, -1A. . No. 6—Margaret GehrliiR. 4B. No. 5—Maine Cxishiunn, 3A. No, -1—Ella Weaver. 2A, SB. Xo. 3—An.ua. Laughlin, 2B. N'o. 2—Lovinia Knowlton, 1AB. No. I—Martha Williamson. IB. • SIXTEENTH STREET SCHOOL. No. i'i—Klleu Coui'iugore, principal, 5A CB. No.- 5—Loretfiii O'ComicIl, 4A ,oB. No. 4—Sarah. .T. rioll.mou, 4A 4B. No. !!—Frank Q. Laudis, 2A 3B. No. 2—Kate Beulca, 1AB 2B. No. 1—Ida Radebaush, IB. SIGHTH STREET. No. i_Id.i Covault, principal, 3A 4B. No. 3—Anna Covault, 3B. No. 2—Mary A. Putnam. 1A 2AB. No. 1—Ida Flyiiu-, IB. WESTSIDE SCHOOL. 'No. S-Oj T. Boroughs, principal, 7A SB; Hairy Dean, assistant, No..7—Blanche Collett, GAB 7B. No. 6—Ida Redd, 5A GB. No. 5—Ella Martin, 5B. No. 4—Anna Hannegan, 4A. No. 3—'Margaret GUmau, 4B. No. 2—Grace Ouster, 3B. No. 1—Cora Winters, 2B. PLTJ.M STREET SCHOOL. No. 4— Clara Rathfon, 3A. No. 3-Leah Wall, 2B. No. 2—Altii M. Medflris, 1AB. No. 1—Anna Swadener, IB.' . CICOTT STREET SCHOOL. No. 2—Edith Rotroff, 2B 3B 4B. No. 1—Winifred Sevan, 1AB. SOUTHSIDE SCHOOL. No. 4—-P. B. Shinn, principal, OB, 7B. : . No. 3—Mary Monahan, 4AB 5B. No. 2—Anna Nelson, 2A SAB. No. 1—Annie L.'Shepherd, IAB 2B. ' NORTHSIDE SCHOOL. No. 4—G. N. Berry, principal, 7B 8B. " ; No..'3—Norai SWdeler, 4AB 5A. . No. i!—Bessie Cnoaln, 2B SAB. No. 1—Elizabeth McGregor, IAB 2B. Prof. A. Hi Douglass, whose merit Marvelous and Matchless Will Be Our PRICES THIS WEEK. Tremendous Reductions and Great Bargains Guaranteed to Everybody. This sale IB not an ordinary happening—not a reduction in a few leading articles—but an emphatic bid to close out our entire stock. ' It Is an undisputed fact that times are harder and.money scarcer than has been known for years, therefore our remarkable low prices must be a blessing these hard times to bay. $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! To sell $20,000 in a few weeks demands Immense Sacrifices, but the Big Store of HARRY FRANK is equal to the emergency and can do wonders when it must. Will you all share in this public pudding. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street. was recognized in -his selection as su perintendent for the sixth term, is re sponsible -ia a great degree for the big state of excellence to which tlio school of the city have attained in the pas few yeans, a reputation which is poin ed to wiftb pride by every citizen. Prof Douglass is a native of Cass county ail lias been identified with educationa work in the county for twenty-on years, eleven years having been spea in the city schools. He received hi education here and has made one of th best superintendents who 'has ever ha charge of the city scltoots. The teach ere elected by the board of trustees ar assigned to their places by Prof. Doug lass, and it is a task vrttfcTi requires, judgment and discrimination. INDIANA HUSIC TEACHERS. Nineteenth Annual Session at Terre Haute June 32-25- The coining session of the Indian; Music Teachers' association, which con vencs at. Terre Hsmte June 22 and con tinnes Com- days, will be one of inters not only 1.0 the music 'teachers them solves, but to all who arc interested in music. There will undoubtedly be ;' large number go from this city aixl county, and as the convention is held the week of the State Normal com meucement, many wil Itakc advantage of the reduced rato offered by the ra.il .wivys to those attending the convcuuoii and will stay over -to be present at. the commencement exercises. Tickets are good for one weak, and as the eouven -t.ion closes Thursday evening, and the coiiianoucemcut exercises do not begin imfiH Friday,, those "'ho so desire may arteml bath witlnout one interfering with the other. The program of tho convcntJou, a« published in the .Tune edition oif i'he' Home Music Journal, offers a .feast of song and harmony that musicians will appreciate. WERE THROWN OUT. Sunday evening while Roscoe Suell 'and laxly of Pipe Creek, were driving, their horse became frightened. Mr. S'ucH'and his lady friend, were rhrO'Wn from, the buggy hut escaped injury- The buggy was'damaged. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. 5A GB Kaufman & Co, deal only in shoe bargains. George Harrison hoodie* Landretb'8 seeds only. ; Only bargains IB shoes sold at Kaufman & Co.'.* "Reddle" Emery yesterday paid a fine for being drunk. Dou't miss our Introductory sale this week.—Trade Palace. George Harrison handles Laodretb'i flrst class garden, flower and fteW weds. I am mailing a special drive on frames this week. C. M. Hanna, 424 Fifth street. .Tames Daggett was arrested Sunday for public Intoxication, and will be tried this morning. •Tames'PJ H-utchins died at his homa in Jefferson township Sunday afternoon at 7 o'clock of consumption. Age -10 years. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon, at 3 o'clock from. Crooked Creek church. The deceased leaves a wife and tbire'e.children, Have you a narrow foot? We have a lot worth $S, including Burt. & Hears and Burt £. Packard, which we will sclJ at ?2,9S. Thiufc of it— Kaufman & Co. - WARNING TO ALL. Cyclone Will Arrive Monday Morning, June 15tti, and Will Destroy The Prices on Men's and Women's Tan Shoes— ' Pttlhig's Shoe House. Choice of men's tan shoes, any shoe in the house, Including our $C and $7 goods, reduced to $3.48. Choice of men's and women's tans, worth $3 to 1 $3.50, reduced to ?2.4S. A big reduction will be made on all spring and' summer s'lwes. Men's, women's and cMdireu's—everything goes. Don't miss Plillng's special sale of summer goods. You know when Pilling advertises a special sale that it is no humbug. He has proved this fact ia the past Pilling wants your trade and has made a bid for the same. This sale is strictly cash. Any goods that are charged will bo sold at regular price; uo reduction; the cash buyers receive the benefit. Falling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. To The Ladies This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little depends OD the appearance of your lace curtains' as poorly done-upcurtalmspoll the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We bave experienced help In this class of work who do nothing-else and we Know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty tills year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery inclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. THE] FIRSr NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL *2OO,OOO. , J. Murdook. Pres. W, W. Ross, Cash. J. F. Brookmeyer, Aut. Cash. . S. Bice, J. MnrdocJi, . K. Yantls, DIRECTORS: W. H. BrlngUmst, Dennis U1)L F. II. Harwood, W. I. TVUson. Banking: in all its Departments promptly nd carefully done, Safety to Customers and Stockholder* ought for. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. UFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM, We have obtained tho agency for a cmedy for rheumatism which 1 has had emarka<ble success.. Sold on positive uaranteo. You run no risk of losing" your money. We invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about it. • E. F. KEESLING, Druggist - The Baud Boys' base ball team" defeated the hoop factory learn at he ; driving- park Sunday morning by a- .] score of 0 toll. •• .

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