The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1949
Page 5
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. MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1940 BLYTHEVTM-E (AftK.) COURIER NEWS 4 Airlines Seek Midwest Routes Bids for Missi PAGE FfVE Orphan Travels With Circus and Plans To Be a Performer When She Grows Up isjippi Valley Service Port Of Lengthy Hearing WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. CAP) — A trunk line carrier, two feeder airlines and a bus company will put In their bids this week for mldwcstern feeder air service routes once awarded Parks Air Line; Ozark Air Lines, a feeder company of Springfield, Mo., presses its case today. Laddie Hamilton, its president, explains at a Civil Aeronautics Board examiner's hearing why Ozark figures It snould be certified for all of Parks' 4,003-mile system. Ozark, which began Its testimony Friday, probably will finish today I as the CAB's Pa,rks investigation ease enters its fourth week After Ozark will come Branlff Airways, a Dallas trunkline; Turner Airlines, an Indianapolis feeder line, and Southern Bus Company of Alexandria, La. Six airlines already live presented their cases for all or prts of the Parks system. Parks Failed (o Start Several years ago the CAB certified this system to Parks Air Line of East St. Louis, 111., in three area award cases. They were the North Central, Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley Area cases. Routes In these csea totaled 4,003 miles, touched 71 cities in 11 midwestern states stretching from Minneapolis to Tulsa and from Kansas city and Sioux City, la. to Chicago,' Indianapolis and Memphis. Parks was never able to start operations. (Routes Involved In the Mississippi Valley Area ease include those which at first appeared likely to bring air service to Blythe- Tllle. However, Parks and other lines to date ha^e failed to designate Blytheville as a terminal along the St. Louis-Memphis . route. The principal argument appears to be that Blytheville Is loo close to Memphis.) The current nearing Is,to determine whether the board (1) will continue or revoke Parks' certifications, (2) will approve a proposed acquisition of Parks by mld-conti- „ nent airline o! Kansas city, or (3) £ will make new route aw r ards to Mid-Continent or other carriers. Also Asks Merger Paries told the board three weeks «go it now U ready to fly the routes with single-engine planes. It' urged, however, that the board approve the Consolidation with Mid-Continent. This line also prefers the merger, although it has made applications as an independent carrier for all of Parks' routes. Parks, Mid - Continent, Ozark Chicago and Southern and Centra] Airlines of Oklahoma City have applied for all the routes. Continental of Denver and Branif] want the Mississippi Valley Route Wisconsin Central of MadUon wants the North Central. Turner applied for the North Central and Great Lakes routes, while Southern Bus bid for the Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley routes. The hearing is expected to close this week. It probably will be several months before the board makes a ruling after studying the examiner's recommendation, briefs and listening to final oral arguments. South Missco Scoutmasters Plan Banquet The Rev. H. L. Roblson, pastor of the First Methodist Church In Uixora will speak to Scoutmasters, troop leaders and olher Scouters In South Mississippi county at the annual district Scout Banquet at 8 p.m. Thursday, at the County Library In Osceola. The banquet program, which will feature leadership recognition and the selection of leaders for next year, Is being planned by C. fYank- lin Sanders.' Weston P. Ellis of Victoria will make a report for the nominating committee, composed of Mr. Sanders, H. P. Howerton, R. H. Robinson ,and Mrs. Ellis, after which a district chairman, vice chairman and two executive board members 1 be elected, and a district commissioner suggested. H. p. Ohlendorf Is the district chairman for South Mississippi County this year. Mr. Ohlendorf said that Scouts from Troop 221 in Oaceola Nvould be In charge 0 ftho opening and closing ceremonies for the banquet. A similar banquet was conducted in Blytheville for the North Mississippi County District about a week ago, and the Rev. Mr. Roblson was Ing. Ho has been atsocited with also the guest speaker at that meet- scouting activities for several years. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Barber Claims Improper Sleeping Position Is Big Cause of Baldness Mary Hilton, who is live and is shown above with "Toots" a lion cub, is an orphan who has been "adopted" by the 150 performers with King Brothers Circus which will be in Blytheville October 26 for two performances at the Fairgrounds in Walker Park. There are other children travel-* ''•••. [Ing with the circus but they have real parents. Mary's father, an aerial gymnast was killed In a fall three years ago In Chicago Stadium. Her mother, also an aerialist, -died a fev/ months later leaving Mary with no Immediate relatives. •But Mary quickly was "adopted!', by the troopers with the circus and now she lias Shetland ponies and dogs and "cats" (note the lion cub in the picture) for playmates. She intends to be an acrobat when she grows up and right now she Is studying under Fred Yost, a clown with the King Brothers Circus. The circus will present performances In Blytheville at 2 p.m. and at 3 p.m. on October 26. Mexican Lad Boost's Good Neighbor Policy by 14-Day Vigil over Plane OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 17. (if)— He was mumbling happily when Dolores, a Mexican lad, adheres they lell, Risner related, strictly to the good neighbor policy.) — That's what a young Oklahoma Trains at Kees/er Field Pfc. Herman D. Bersharse, 19, son £ of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Besharse of (P Blytheville has reported to Keesler Air Force Base In Mississippi for 14 ' weeks-training In control tower operation. City National 'Guard filer says about him. LI. James Risncr made'a forced landing recently about 150 miles south, of the.Mexican'border. He made it to Tampion on horseback and by truck. Before he left he asked Dolores to keep an eye on the plane until he got back. Dolores took him for his word. Two weeks passed before Army officials ordered the stranded plane pickcd^up by a cargo plane . When the six-man crew reached the beach-ridden tighter plane, Dolores popped out from the shade of the wings. He'd been there 14 days. The air-, men learned that friends brought him food and drink while he kept his promised vigil. Keeping up their end of the good neighbor policy, the Americans gave the lad Army clothes, a few trinkets from their plane and $4 in American money. Mix-Up of Halls Costs Appliance Dealer Half The Price t>t Furnace BHITTON, Okla.',' Oct. 11."(ip'i— A mix-up of halts cost an appliance store here $100. Lawrence fcrown found workmen cutting a hole in the new hardwood floor at the Masonic Longe Hall. They said they were Installing a furnace. .Brown said the lodge hadn't ordered one. While he argued by telephone with the appliance store manager, workmen completed the installation. The company finally admitted Its mistake—trie furnace was supposed to go to a residence three blocks down the street. The lodge will keep the furnace. The company sold it at half-price. But the Tom Halls down the street still need a lumace. Crackdown Urged On Communists Throughout U. S. WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. llPt— The conviction of H national Communist leaders in New York stirred demands In congress today for state v\ntl local crackdowns, backed by laws to root Communists out if they go underground. ' Hep. Velde (R-I11) said the staff oi the House Un-American Activities Committee has been "alerted" to the possibility that the Communist Party may publicly dissolve, with ils members operating thereafter from behind the scenes. Party officials have disclaimed any such Intention. Capitol Hill greeted the New York jury's verdict with almost unanimous acclaim, although Rep. Mar- umtonfo (ALP-N-Y) called it a blow to "the basic? American 'right "ot free political opintion and free political association." Most members of trie House and Senate declared the decision should establish to everyone's satisfaction that the communist; party's purpose is the overthrow oi the government by violence. Some saw In the jury's action a signal for a national drive to wipe out all "subversive" elements in the country. NEW YOHIC-W)—Are you sleeping your hair away? Well. H you're getting bald, the chances arc—soys Angelo Mantcllo —that the way you sleep has a lot to-do with It. Mantello Is a middle-aged barber from Wilson, Conn., who spent four decades listening to customers grouse about their hair falling out. Ann after 40 years of pondering, lie's come up with what he thinks is thn cause of baldness. "Such factors as heredity, nervousness and diet have no direct bearing on It." he said. "Baldness ••esults from Improper sleeping position. "Sleeping on the side and burying the forehead In the pillow causes baldness at the temples. Sleeping on the back causes the crown of the. head to become bald." What's H thinning-nailed man to do then—sleep standing up like a horse? "Not necessary," said Mantello. "Just correct your sleeping habits Ciet a smaller pillow that won't wrap around your ears—a pillow you won't push up against the end of the bed with the crown of your head. "And don't sleep with your heat! on your arms. Wherever your hand or your arm 01 your pillow hits, you hnve no hair—In time." Mantellc looked critically at my own forehead, which has receded almost to the rear neck cuff, "There Is absolutely no reasor for anybody to geb bald," he said sternly. "It's so simple. People fry to make hair grow like spaghetti or macaroni — by pressure. But yoi can't make hair grow that way an; more than you can grass. "Hair treatments that apply hea nnd massage are double robbery- can readily be-.plucked. The same thing happens to the hair when It is subjected to'artificial Interns heat." Mantcllo said another factor causing baldness was "shower erosion." "Always wet your hair. Keep It " moist. But wear a bathing cap In the shower. "Water Is the best possible thins you can use on your it moist—but it dries Sen. Vandenberg Leaves Hospital after Surgery ANN ARBOR, Midi, Oct. 17. (;!=) — Senator Arthur H. Vandenherg »'as released Saturday from University Hospital. He was ordered, By trade, St. Paul was » tentmaker. Thera'a no fuss, no balkloeM wh«m 704 give Svrup ot Black-Draught to your child, Svrup of Black-Draught ll Mctl for children needing a IMatTve, awav your money nnc away your hair. They they take they take make the hair fall out before it. Is ;lpe. or ready to shed. It's like shaking a fruit tree. If you shaki tne tree hard enough, even th< green fruit falls off." And as- for heat, Mantello continued: "If you wish to pluck a chicken you lower it Into hot water unti the hot water has softened the skin to such an extent that the feather. air to keep fast. No lair tonic can do you "any good ex- •cpt to keep the lialr moist and In place." Mantello has put all this barber- chair philosophy in a small booklet. Alter glancing through Its pages, ! asked: "II an Improper sleeping position Is the cause of baldness, why aren't more women bald? They use pll- LOM'S." "Well since women started cutting their hair shorter, more of it does fall out," he said. "But one reason they don't get as bald as men Is that they wear their hair longer, and that helps scalp moist," And how do you cure baldness? "If you don't get bald," said Mar.lello, tossing his black "you don't need a cure. It's always harder to raise grass on after you put concrete over It.' Two Arhansans Die In Separate Accidents By the Associated Press The violent death toll In Arkansas this week now stands at 11, A traffic mishap and a construction accident yesterday accounted for two deaths. Pat Hodges, 27, Little Rock dairy truck driver, was killed when his vehicle skidded Into a tree near Pine BUitf. He was attempting to avoid a cow. James Combs, 24, of Grarty, Ark., suffered fatal burns when he touched * high voltage line while working on a utility pole near England. Ark. He fell 3ft feet to the ground. Combs died In a LltUc Hock hospital. A horseshoe should be hung with the ends pointing down. NEW Box Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. matinee Saturday & Sunday! .Mat.-Sun. I p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Shows EVEKV NIGHT First Showing in Blytheville Last Time Today "HELL FIRE" with Wm. Elliott and Jim Davis Also Shorts Also Cartoon for Kiddies You Are Invited felted This Allied ..C.otl Picker Demonstration TUESDAY MORNING 10:00 (Weather Permitting) Tuesday 'LONE WOLF AND HIS LADY" with linn Uiimitll Also Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Last Day • Open 6:30 Errol Flynn in 'Never Say Goodbye" • ALSO JANE F6WKM, In "Luxury Liner" (in Technicaloi) : Wednesday & Thur$day : Monday & Tuesday "ROUGHSHOD" wllli l!iibcrt Sterling and Gloria Grahame Warner News and Short at the A. M. BRJTTA1N FARM 4 Miles South of Biyfheviile PLAN TO ATTEND MISSCO South Hiway 61 Blytheville STABBS Refrigeration Service nnd OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-55.1 Blytheville Willys Sales Co. 410 E. Main In Person --- On Our Stage Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys" Fun - Music - Songs - Comedy ALSO ON THE SCREEN Ida Lupino in 'The Man I Love" lowever, to rest without interrup- due to con- nUration. Taken aa dl- te<l Syrup Black- Draught usually effects prompt, easy relief. And the IT09KIT ilKt 9WSAI9 was operated upon Oct. and half his left lung was removed. His condition was described aa 'excellent." Vandenberg planned to go to his spicy twUpteaaeji the home in Grand Rapids by automo- , y (hey never kick nfjout taking Syrup TilAck- Draught, it/a « pure product; manufacturer who JIH_I beta _ known tor quality since 1S67. Buy Syrup of Black-Draught - .ore, today ATTENTION LADIES We have for sain now: Darwin Tullpj In 7 different colon Narcissus— Vrllnw and VVhlle Daffodils— King Alfred and Golden Harvest Galanthus SIKIW Drops Scllla — CampanuUta Crocui Chlonodoxa Luclllae Madonna Llij Hyacinths In different colors TheM are the choicest ot bulbs— Imported direct Holland. Come In «nd make jour selections now while w« hav« complete stock. PAUL BYRUiM Hardware & Seed 1M East Main Slrcet Blj-lheville, Arkansas Z Miles North or BljthevlDt Box Office Opens at 6:10 Show Start* 7:00 DRIVE-IN THEATER Last Time Tonight Adults 50c Kids Free Tuesday & Wednesday VIRGINIA O'BRIEN *i!^^ We Follow Your Doctor'; Prescription Nichols Drug PIIONP, 1601 Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance LEGION ARENA SAT. OCT. 15th. with Jack Pennington and the Garreifs Snuff Variety GANG Those Who l.ike to Square Dance Are Cordially Invited! Adm, Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home portraits.. .pictures which you will enjoy throughout the y-cars. Call for appointments. Phone 6011 DEVELOPED PRINTED ENLARGED FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112 South 1st. (Night [>hone B321) THE GRAVES COMPANY i\EAL10f\> Real Potato - MoHua'K IO.IH-- Insurant -.oscioi \ - an IHIMI Phone 3075 \ff In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's th& Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work lor gins, alfalfa mills, oi) .mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 Inch thickness • Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway PhuM 2SS1

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