The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER M. 1933 BLTtliEVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS. PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally r«t« ycr line ror consecu- Uve '.nurUoiu: i ;A. (Five iver&ge words to » Hue) j 3 . KOU HUNT j FURNISHED 3 room aparlmcul, i 1013 W. Wuhiul. Cull 078-W. | HcWI MOUIIRN ii-rco:n !.».o- llnwi per line per day 06c| Hlx tunes per line per day .. 05c tioiitb ntt< per line Wol Minimum charge Me A<J» Ordered lor three or rtx times and stopped before expiration *U1 be charged for the number of times the ad appeared ai'.d tdjuatmeut ol bill made. All Classified Aavertlslnj copy Wbmllted by persons realdiiig oul- ilde of the city must be accompanied, by cash. Rates may be mtily computed (rom above table. No responsibility wlU be taken for more tban one incorrect o£ any classified ad. in ban home on liifshwny, reuson- ikh 1 . "S". Cornier NCV.S. Up l:m FURNISHEU AlMi'lniral. Ijeilroou, Call 'IK- FOR K E NT—Kuril is! ic d Mrs. Kay Wurllilnulon GOOD FOUR HOOM 11OUSB. K li. Jackson. Piionc lili. llckl» FUUNISHED" APAKTMUNT, ioa West Kentucky, phone tiD'J. 9cklO. i with heat, i Mrs. G. S. | Advertising ordered lor Irregular insertions take the oue tune tale. Phoue 306 or 307 n)-.(.ir» HKIII: TOTUV IIVI-: r)Afl.>-:s.1. iir.-tl; n^M.inl I.. lIAKI.i: UAK.M;;i, ;iil\irlMiiK »li>vi". liisivvlci mi K llAIIDIt. :i i.m>*lni<.|l«iii xliLirTlnli'iii' Dirk n:inlw I'.vi" (i, i>[i.|i iM.rkhiK kilt »|J1. I l'( IIHO.. iriiLliLmti In llJrU, i:\-c )>]||>-N liii- Mliu'k iunvl.fl mi lnirrL»\\cJ : SMITH. M«.IIUKT- raphvr .-It - \iTll.ilnK ullirr alo Ai-lrllf. lln.VA c> Inn In**-* nil IIDt, 1:111111:1:. nn nii riniiliiyi-a hy , In lufntiintcii ^ svv tli.-ftM il crru i:vt- Is rN nt Ilir iilllc litiinii-il. Srvrr.n ir In llu- ulllr "'RONT BEDROOM 1031 Barnes. Walnut. FURNISHED Bedroom, preferably . for man. furiiiu.'C hoat. 514 Main.] Phone 08. S;kltl-5 i STOKE BUILDING and reticence combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries. G40 S. Lane. Etc Dr. J. A. Salita. lUcktf ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men. dose in. Mrs. M. '!'. Moon. Call s;i'j-w. 23c kO-Si Modern 3 room furnished or un- fnrniibcd aiiarlmcnls, newly dcc- irafed, over Kirby Orui; Co. Also store building ndjoinin; lloxy Tlic- ilcr F. Simon, 120 W. Davis. Call 7M. 25c M-25 L. G. Moss Blylbcvillc's cut rale undertaker. 10pkl-10 CLKANBHS.TALLOItS For Quality Clcanins Phorc 180 Barnrs JinWa Clcmcrs 12C K1 FURNISHED APARTMENT. 305 nougan, Mrs. A. A. Allen. 7ct:14 .Mi>nn K l\»« II M lirr. Tin- liullillnj; cm nhlrli Illck hits lirc-u \\drklntc IN rimilili-lrd nml hi* ciiiiilujrr* It'll |L|II\ lk«y \tlll linvi- im mim: work fur Mm fur nl lr:i^t IMH mimlliH. lie and i:vo M't-'iJ n brief tm'ttlhm vUtC- IIIL; i:\i-N lilirrnlh. The ilJLy nflrr lln'Ir iTlurii l-:v<. Is nikin/rd \yhrn ti iiiilh-rnutn t-nlrrM (lie ntlicc AKd nsk« fat ••>1K« II:,>l,,»." AUW <:o ox WITH THI: STORY C1IAPTHU XXXIV T^VK stared at tlio policeman. ^ What conUl ho possibly wanl ot herV twin aco mo right now!" Kve told Arlcuo nml Mrs. 1'ennoj-. "Sho anil somo iiinn were riding in a rented waned, coupu Inst Thursday ul|ht »nd llioy crashed Into uui>!li*r car on University Circle. Of course I WHS out of town und shn thouuht sho would h'Ct nway with glvlue them my name!" Next niorulne Kvo followed llarnes to his private, odlco no eoon is lie arrivetl. It WUH high time, sho liud derided, tlmt ho learucd something of .Monn Allon'n Indiscretions. Kvo lold him of tlio Incident. l!o ajjrccJ with her that It was serious mill then rang for Monn. Ho dlauilssod Evo, however, wlio had hoped to bo prescnl for ihc Interview. Monn did not reappear for at least liulf nu hour. Then sho con* of Ihe maify ImxjllM that hcoped ' couulors tumuitr Trills W13 oniieclnlly haul lo en iluro because Arlfno und Moiiii, whr>3o wage.! won) much isnuille' than hcra, wero buying liberally. Mona gleefully etblblteil aonv l »' Arlono after from Ilarnea 1 office, dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, mid pash-cd lliroutih tho room Into th« corridor. Tears!" sniffer! Arlenc. "She OKDINANCE NO. 3D1 AN ORDINANCE TO 1'KOVIIIK FOR TUB INSPECTION OF DAIRIES, DAIRY FARMS, Mll.K AND M1I.K PRODUCTS AS OUTLINED IN ORDIMANCt: NO. 3«) OF THE CITY OF BbYTllK- V1ULE. I'ROVIDINO FOR IN- Sl'EXTI'ION FEES, AND FOR OTHEH PURPOSES. Owhia lo the ik'i>loled revenues of Ihc Clly of Blythevllle nml Us In Inucforo set out and us set out In inld Ordinance No. 3USi Kueh milk plant $'35.00 Knch dairy or dairy •' fiirm, with 10 cows or less 10.00 Kuch dairy or dairy farm ultli more than 10 cows $1.00 per cow. In delcnuinlntf the number uf co\v.s. every cow giving milk during the |Kirlcd for which such feu Is required nhnll*bi' coinHcd. i. One-hull of UK! mspeclloil ublllly, llniincKilly, lo p;iy for lru! : . li'i-s ius hereinbefore outlined tihnll lixsiKttlcns'nnd testings oiillincd Inllu' puld for tliu ruinuliider ol Ihe Ihu rules and regulations cl llio 1033; llu>ic;iftcr, such of Hvnllli. i, her ll" Mora ha,l »«'"' left lti««t l« Oily o, nlytovllle a, nuuidcr Ju.y 1,1. in On limnce WB of . .« A. If dm!n« nny period the bat. 0110 evening, "Do you UK n now •ha evei onllnnnccs of said Clly, and spocllon IIT.S become or. amount to lo the nbsolul* necessity ol entorc-; moii 1 thnn is noc^ssnry to curry or Ing snld rules mid regulations lor I tin' luspci-tlon si-rvlce. then riurliiK the bcnctU ol HIL- hrallli of Ihe: lhal parllculnr prrlud the Miii'or •Shi" waTlooklnr Yo^tho futiirj '>«"* ot lhe ca >' of "l^hevill,', H shall reduce lla- fees tcmpornilly ™^,*™±S" n .L t . 1> .. l l°J. l !!"y' 1 is iH-icby found to be necessary to ! flx uml cliarge the hiipecllon looks ahead at nil—ever thlnlm ol; Invoslliig for tho future'!" n concerning the mlllc ordinance; i great inauy iwople arc selling nllk and rnlllc products In Blylhc- /Illc contrary lo Ihe rules and'rcgu- allons of the various Boards ol ifcalth; the City Is 1 financially un- nblc to htivo the Inspections made without collecting the necessary in- ' •il>cctlon fees herelnbjlorc sol 'out; Immediate enforcement of tr.c rules and regulations lv m, reference to handling milk is required for the liealirt of the lulnibluuils of Uic City; nn emergency Is hereby declared niul this, ordinance shall be In full foice n»:l effect from and utter its passage. Passed und approved this September 13, 1033. CECIL, SHANE, Mayor. Allosl: S. C. CUAICI, City Clerk. 14-21-28-5 that hut. A good Investment, too! Bh. HO awoot anil Innocent In It that I'm almost deceived about hot myself. 1C slio could hold lliat pose Iwrelnaftcr outllfted, tl! Milk und ui-o|X)rllannlcly. 5. Any person, ilrm m coriwrii- pnld Into Hie id and lo be used only in pny- snlary nnd expcnsra uf the He same lo i il<, M vlolntlnn any term of tills m 1 i inspection dhiinu-c shall be Riillty ot a nils- cried und I su[iNOHe ho fell for II. E'relty aoou shu'll bo biick to tell you fiho's sorry. As though saying Hint will iniilo all tho trouble Blio has caused. Tile llltlo sneak!" And Unit la exactly what Monn "I'm awfully sorry!" Blio tohl -Miss llayless," slic said. "What, is it!" "Me.irtiliinrlcTS w'ants to talk lo }-oii about that ncciUi'ul last Tliiirr' thi> nicht. The mini who was liilJ-^vo in a contrite voice, has Internal Injuries and there's sonic tjucstttin uljLiut your ball." live insisted tliat slio had been out of the stale for two .weeks and hurl relunioil only llio day licforo. Hlio turned to Arlciio :iud Mrs. IOIIR enoufih 1 bellevo »ho coiiW, Heftll]> o ^ ccr Oi . nmrry some ono really worth while, muta, the tmpei. But the mlslalio ahu makes la la, turlhw Mi M 'Oiot solng out vrllli any man who '•• ' vites uer. .deputy who I ahd' 11 Is ii$CK herc- ' Inafter set fortli fire JiwViiud eqiill- ' able and lhat lhey : are the inlnt- dcuidinnr nntl, ii|Xin conviction, shnli be llnccl In any sum-not cx- " _ {50.00 and each day of such violation shall constitute a sepnralc. olfensi 1 . ti. MlsiiiiderstiindlnBS have nrls- "Do you know." Arlena weot oa| muiu f^ s required lo enable the Ihoughtfully. "J'vc tiontetlnu'fl won- t clly to carry on the lnsp?i ilorcd why obo acxpn't try to vaniB W ork; therefore, BE IT ORDAINED liaruea. The fact that he'i raur- rloil wouldn't mak« uny ONE or two rooms on North Railroad strc«l, suitublu for collon offices. Will fix to suit tennnt on lease. Apply Courier New:; Attractive bedrooms for yuunjf men, 518 W. Main. Call 309. llickD-lCi .echanlc's garage and builtl\ug suitable for Brain, coal or beer sluragc. Frisco sidinj. Slcrnberg Collon Co. Call 21. Iiic-kl3 SPOUT1NG__(1OODS___ We are~continulns our Coll KM Sale Offer-Conn: in and Inquire about it. llubb.rd »-"*™ n3 -_ K KADiO SERVICE Equipped Shop in HAROLD SUUKliRY - 'orglvo nia?" Kvo felt olilisei! would, llioush ttmt trip t» raukleiL ... lo-hor. Sho'i Iht ktrii] o( dumb "Will you| Bora, w' 10 '' 1 bellove any man— oven Mr. Illxhy lilnrjelt—could bo vniuped If the went about It In any tlio liumlllnlloB of iiollca court aW TWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms. Mrs. Ed llardin, 1011 Walnut. 21c hO-21 WANTED TU i>UY IIKJIIEST. PRICES paid lor tires .,.^1'nncrr lubes.-iron, metals, maga- 'z'lries, hides, cars to wreck. Woil Arian, 123 E. Main, Phone 176. OcklO-0 1 Penney to substjiilip.lo her statement hut this did not satisfy tho officer. "I'd call Mr., the ailvcr- tisliu; manager, to tell you what I'm saying i.n tho Irmli but he's out oi town today," Evo explained. "Well, you'd better como along and fell it to Ibo sergeant," Uic ollicer told her. Evo went with him, her eyes blazing. "Why- couldn't they havo sent a plain clolhcs man instead of an otiker in uniform'.' Sho In- aisled upon tcleriliDiiiiii; Dick who n.rl her lit ll;e |iolii-c slation. nick demanded lo see Uic officer who Imil tnailo the arrest the week before. AVIien he arrived ho continued the name hut assured thorn Kvc was not the girl. "Who do you bniipose couhl have used my name?" Evo nskcd T)ie.k. "I aupptiso Barncj would lire her it! she didn't have- 30 much Imagination. Her value does lie in hor oriKlunl ideas," Eve admitted. "Veah," drawled Arlene. Too bad so many of them nro mlsdl- reeled!" the right way. •I'll always bo glad for my neaa exporlenfi 1 ," Arlono contlnund. "It I marry I'll never bo ]enlo» uf the girls in my husband's offer I'll know- (he nvcriiKO mail hm about all' he can do when ho sup- jiorls a wife, a couplo uf khlR, a Iliver and a radio tet and that prohably ho hates tho Monographer wears her way hair, hla would take him \ CORN WANTED 'MARILYN HATCHERY IMI'LEMENTS Carloau nf WaRous fist Our 1'riccs First Bymm Produce Co. Across From 1'ost on'ice 2!o k HA.TTER1ES MckO-2Q and and ALT, KINDS Men. Women children's u.^od clotliing slices. Higher ea^h price. IjCigli- ton's, 'i20 E. Main. OcklO-0. WAN 7 TED Eluraae room, must be wnterproo! and reasonable. Airs. Noiris, phftnc 30C or W-J. fc-t! MEW FORD BATTERIES Rcnlal-R«charging-Rcpairi:uj 777 TIHE &' BATTERY STATION MckO-24 ' For Frompt Battery Service Phone 8 Ben Clunc 31c k9-31 AUTOiHOTlVE Day fc Nigh' Service Station Complete Liiw Shell Prodiicls Repair Wo.-k at Any Time rhonn 605 Milton Sternlierg. isc kio-i: BUSINESS WANTED Young man singl?. with S300 casS. to invest in small business. Wiiat have you? State full particulars in lirs; letter. B3X AI3. covirier. 12pXlS Jtc called for a description of the .uirl ami immediately they guessed it ni'ist havo been MOIKI Allen. Hack to Ihc store went Kve, ac- fompaniccl by tlio cfficer who ba<l mailo tbe arrest. Slic was dcepb hiiinilialei! hy tlio stares of th other employees ris they passed. « * * "JVTOXA was at her desk when Eve anrl the policeman reached tin ailvertisiai? office. The, girl's face lihmeheil onil a frightened loci car.ic iato her eyes. the girl!" liio oOice saiil, pointing to Mona. "Tliough you p;iiil yoni- name was Eve Uaj le.-sl "\Vcll, you'd bellor como alon with mo. Tho sergeant wauls t sec you." Ami Mnua, without a obeyed >fore than 3COO children under five yrars of aj;c rlie every year in the United States as tlic result of burns. LARGEST STOCK USKD I'AHTS Between Memphis and St. l.o:ils Also Auto Glass — Phone 65 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c klO-'2 THIS CERTAINKY MAKES !! EASY TO PICK THE BEST ^"VF. longctl for, ycl dreailcd tlio • J urrlritl of the timo when Dick ould go to work on a new con- trnction jol). It irindo h«r uneasy o see his savings disappearing for lelr living expenses. At tho aamo Ime sho was afraid bla now job from I.ak Kludges tho (Imp eho spends pow ilorliiff her nose and wishes aha knew how to spell null punctualo correctly!" This was n long speech for Arlene. Honioliow It couifottcc I-'ve. In Iho present atat* of finances Dli-k was in no position t City. In moi-8 prosperous limes \ plillnmlcr, even If ho were so'In is employers might ilm some, clioico in the mailer. Evo trio! lo pnl aside her re- s'ow, sho realized, bo would lie (sciilinpnl nl Ihc fact llmt her hus ortimateto get work on any terms. I''and did not scein lo worry over It \vas an ordeal to reach Ihc 'is unemployment. Sho dhl, how- Shrews, tliough tir.c smallest of nil iiinmnmls, out more than their own weight, ot food every day. To Insure Your Cotton Call 197 Caudill's Agency GKNKUAL INSURANCE 100 North Broadway BY THE CITY COUNCIL Of THE 3ITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, All<ANSAS: 1. The Health Officer or his au- horl/ed representative shall Inspjct, ivcry dairy, dairy farm and milk limit producing milk or milk pro-1 lucts for consumption within Iho )ily of Illylhcvllle, or Its iwllcc )ur- sdtction. and shall lesl and grade lie milk and milk products of such dairy, dairy farm or milk P'.anl, ind shall do and perform such other ilnlles as are required ol him by said Ordinance No. 11GB. 2. Every dairy, dairy farm o: milk plant, before being permitted lo dispose, of Its milk or milk pro- duels within Ihu city limits ot Uly- Ihcvllle, shall pny Into the Milk Fund of the City Treasurer Uie following Ices for the InsiKctlons herc- There nre U'U (Jins Your- (,'»t(on rt'asans why Shoultl Handle No. 'I — slitnds. loittlers. service. jiii'jt'o va|iiicity. 13 i; i n •! (louhle ht>x presses. 7 un- All running insure qukk GIN WASH TUBBS Cian IBco promptly on those late summer niornhiKS and it was an ordeal to euiliire Iho long hours at tlio store. Oflen when, wllh fraycu" lervcs ami aching heart, Kvo tried to fiuisli her copy so that she cnnhl meet Dick promptly at closing lime, she thought ot oilier wives she knew—wives lilro Esther who could, if they choose, lake a nap In > cool, ahndcil room spend the afternoon on nu airy iwrch or lawn. And .she thought enviously ot women liko Mr. Dix- by's wife and daiighlcrs nl mrmn- laln or seaside rcsorls with nothing more arduous to do to chunzc from one charmiug costume to another. Sho lold herself that when her stock market investments niate, rializcrl she, too, would have a word, pleasant, easy life. Another thiiiK that vexed Evi "Elic'1 rithC; ?eo tho sergeant.' was her inaVilsij 1 to lake aitvanlaso ever, resent his refusal several to meet her downtown and uuch with her. Twice he packed i lunch, slowed his lilzh boots and [Isbine tackle Into tho roadster nnd, after leaving her at IJIxby'a, was on for a day's Hulling. When he returned In tho evening, happy and triumphant, with a siring ot calllsh and bluo gills, abo refused to eat any of tlio lisb, nnd sulked irough the meal lik« a spoiled child. Dick jaiit nothing, lie save up the excursions, Kvo knew, because ho no longer look his lishiug taeklo along. What lie did with hla days nfler that ho did not tell her and she was too proud to ask. Evo coulri not know that events wcro shaping swiftly to teparato them and that sho was to look back on her sc-lfleh, childish con duct in shame, and rcmorso. (To ac Continued)' -' WAItXING ORDER | Building and Loan Association. v THE CHANCERY COURT OF Dated this 30 day of Aug. 1933. CHICK AS AWBA DISTRICT, COUNTY, AIl- H. S. & T. R. L. GAINES. cicrk. 8-31-14-21 Auin Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10cklO-!0 Red's riacc—118 K. Main Call 308 fur Auto i'ainling Body anil Fender Service Formerly with Shousc-I.Itllc Co RUSSEI.T, ANDERSON In charge Chrysler Garage Work Guaranteed on nny make car New Van Norman Boring Machine Phone 888. 25ckO-2c FOR SALE Chevrolet Oil Truck and independent established farm route, three dollars and over daily profit. Ad dress Box 211. Courier NJJVS. Upfc.14 GENTLE PONY, new saddle, linr ness, rubber tired cart, cheap. G. A. Robinson. O.'-ccola Phone 320 or Earl Quinn 156. 13|)k20 KSTATE Vnu call buy a home in Ulytlio ville on monthly Installnvrt! less Ihan it is renting for. I'd be clad to to.ll you how. K. >r. TKHRY, Agent phone 617 or 346 8c kli :\nssissiri'i KANSAS. Ccmmonwcaltli BuilJing & Loan | - Asscc::ilion. Plaintiff, vs. No. 55555 j Ice Imprisoned 1'air R. L. ahorrick ct. al.. Delcnriant. • SPOKANE. Wash. Edward Ca- The dclendcnls n. L. shcrrick | fcrro. 10. and Wallace Sanderson. and \vKe O.lellc 5h:rr:cV: are warn- 10, delivering ice, were almost ei to appear wil.'.in thirty days in ! forced into cold storage when ice the court mmeci in ihe caption . shifted In the truck and knocked hi-icol and answer the complaint '• the cab in such a manner as to ol trie plaintifT C03nmsiiwcaUh ' imprison them. One Cow Still Owned In Town of 3.00 HOW CAW MOUf»l/'/EH. HOW O'VCO PLACE. / KJJDW WHERE TO / FIRST. WE't-l- TRV A I OF SftMb AMD GRAVEL FROMl THG CREEk BED, THATS OWCJ GOOD puftce it> LOOK. YHEN VUE-'l-L CAREFULLV SWISH -THE WA.TER AROUWD AND ARGUNO ^O'S ~TO WASH THE. UdHTER STOPP OUT, L6AV1MG OULV HEAVIER BtWX IROW SAMD GOLD- IF AUV- INTrte BOTTOM. HULL, Ma-ss. (UP)—Patrick Ha non owns the only cow In tow of nearly 3.000 people. "There arc people who still drink milk, and I am one of them," Haunon said in discussing his unusual distinction. Hannon has kept, cows for some forty years. wo- Y ?viy GOSHf E.H A SPtt/. , ^(i^eftN THERE'S °P .SiAtK /MO GOLD? W£ ~$Mit>;"~A DIDN'T" RHD '6R A CHWCE, PODWER. THAT'S ONLY] ONE PAH. SALESMAN SAM WANT LAND—We have buyers for 40's. 80's and larger IracU. Can sell 640 tract. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. . DOOS, PETS For Healthy Dojs fcrd Miller's Ralion? & Quick Uinch IIUDBARD HAURDWARF. CO. iickio-iu MER OERM TOOTIH; SP,M\ WE_ PATHFINDER 4.10-21 §5.00 1.30-21 0 4.75-10 §6.05 5.00-10 SG.55 5.00-20 Sfi.75 WHERE BLACK is WHITE; CA.EAW UPOM US? OH, ' voe eewr Vft To THP.T I I5LOSSEK _\ :!l '.i! >'^-:\n//,,Jl6n^- V?)o low ar*.^ji ssmiccitcJMO. U.S^WT: (Hicvrolct (lo. FREClvl.KS AND HIS FRIENDS I^Ctji?. i-KXSL-TO- I WELL. SEE ~IF lilC 1 ;^?. CMVA5 16 \WE -POKE. fcPOUWO I f AI.'I.'E.D OFF. FELLAS!) TOO LONG, WE. 'r^'XKLE^ AVID I ( (JtVER WILL 6E.I tiWil A KJEW IDEA, T1IE. PER50N WHO A>.1' WE'RE GOtO!J,\ < P015O1F-D POODLE JUNIOR SHKRLOCKS 1 . HWDLE IT bY CURSELVE.'oF tr DOM'T WORRY! FRECKLES AMD 1 60T \ SURE-FIRE. HUNCH THIS TIME- HOW ! BUT OS5IE AWD I HAVE A BRIGHT IDEA, WELL,! GOTTA: RUK1 M.OMG. KIOW! YOU WAUT TO rit I NOPE CAREFUL WHOM \CO\IMAGIWE SUSPECT CF POISCTHOME IM THt5' MS POODLE-HAVE < TOWN WHO'O YOU AMY SU5P1CICM5 ) BE MEAN AT ALL, SOW ? < EWCXJ&H TO ; CT DID YOU J \ HAVEtfT BEEK1 [ FIIJO OUT FROKV ( IM YET-I'M WA1TIU' V\y THE 1.<EW MARKET/ FOR YCU-COUECU- t ' ' '. FRECKLES? r—( MR.SHULTZ WILL j '/ bB G1_M> TO HELP/ - : U5, I KNOW? _/Tj lyjA X 7,.,, By SMALL 5HULTZ, THrl BUTGIFJ?, THEY HOPE TO FIND OUT \AJHO PURCHteFU PORK. CHOPS THE DNY POODLE WA5 POISONED!!

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