The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1950
Page 8
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PAOE'KTGHT' BLYTHEVTU-E. (ARK.) COURIER'NEWS C L* B T• * nicks to Mosieymeh Afferf Crown n $ $ fl $m m h *y & Ti'Jho Works Hard For Championship Gams Friday Night Vi * T I) been part Tlu'> three untied Cliieknsaw.vwcll on llio way to their sec<md slate championship in throe years, are •expcclwl, to "slio'ot; the \vorli.s" at the'Caiiulen-Pan- thers in H:e stale CIiiss AA playoff finals ;\t Cnrmlen Friday nifiht. AHhfi'.Kth there h^s bren no rjf- fJcJn! worri irtnn Chick coftchos, (he 'I"JibP is f.-xiircteri to pro alt out hi ihe rh^iiipiimshij) conflict and fliovs: the? p.inihrrs offensive j)\'y.s 1hpy ha\'e not Riio'.vn ;\ny of their otli^r 12 oppononts. T"-3C Chirks n.rc known to hnvP at Icn^f. nvc ylay.s fi'Oin their ttiree offensive fonnntions that tlu*y have not U:-;C:L\ itiis ^c.^^on. The:-* 1 hitlnde tJ'.lcn jiii.'o pl;iy,s and at k' two rjo^'pr slants. They haven't usr-d. it was txpirnned, bi they havcn'i, brci) needed. Tiie c;iti^'-:s. tor the liiast ijtjViJv.'rt .ii!\i:clit footbri'il it; ins ! -'P i2 ; ; tr;ui'Jit wins, UK minimum nusnbra* of plnys, hiive beon prc.-^ed nnly ni S ii1l '!'-' l i slid wor* each fhfiPf pC'WCT. \YorU Hani TOI 'Coach Russell Moslcy li;\d hit '• tribe hard :it work today getting re.irty fur Fi'klay night's bis event His biggest problem is keeping the Chicks from getting stale due to.. HIP extra loiifi; season p.nd, in «1I probflbiftty, ;he; will spend a considerable amount of l\u\o this vtck In keeping the tribe's spirit up. ' • The Chicks will have but three (Jp.ys in v;hich to ^ct ready lor the title RO. ; • TJioy wall work here this after noon, tomorrow and Wednesday njid \vill leave 1 Thursday .for Cam tlen. However, they plan to .spend the night, in the neighborhood of Fordycc and wilt work out Thursday night it" at'all possible. The Chicks .will hrar scouting Infonnation on . th'e Panthers this nf tern Aon and/ may get a look at s o^Ti e of Cumflon's double whig Then tomorrow they : will set"iip (ielcuses csninst tho play.s Wednesday will be . spent on' offensive drills. Camden served notice on the ChlcKs ,, two wee k s ago that they need iiot expect, an easy time rolling over a goad Hus^ellville,'Ark., tomi 41-0. ; And liisL .v,'eek. the Panthers i::ive Big Six Eldorado ajl It wanted -bclorc falling 12-7. .'••_/ MONDAY; en — Osceola Gets Cock VVl-.CTo We Stored UK Jonc^boiu ?ct tired losing ai>d elected to pick up Us .nd t-.o se*;k other p'.aytjintes, thi.s dt'parUnont, has bpcn deluded b p i n is ttjriiiru to KIIIJ 7 wlirU rffcct tin: Ed-called ^'indefinite" sus- n ion of Ijjs'ilitus ]>i twccn the Chirks and Hurricane would'have on U DJ iiLt, l\n situ i urn Hns' will the district chitmpirjiirOiip be <le\\ U luit boios n fusing to play BlyihevUle autoniuuriaUy put tlie Chi 1*- in ilu till pli ofl each yi'ur? \\\> ^I'i-re not in :i yosUinji to anstver the ([iierics itud lururd In Ills On: Mill- school oiTicJa],s. Their u p i- ucrf Informed Unit Joint tu t-M'fiiUvi! M'rri-Ury of the Arkansus AthlfLlr Association, ("liick c^Ktclics s(>ver:il Vccks ;i«o th:il sljould, the lliirricnttc • isJi wlUi its zuimnmrgd itilcntlnns of dropping 1 Hlvlhi-villn lht*n [!;s iv(nil([ :iiitun];iti< i a)l> 1 .,'»n tr> (lit- |il;iyoir eiu'h, Itul lo to Hit r-onfiisii)n, (lit: Jonr^Uoro HIUI last wrek riunfcd EVurnctl/ \\tuh Unt Hit iliNtiU't rhninpiunshi]! wuiittl IM- (leci<IM by the s ) \LCTitLM ( oniiiudiM-. S(i'\M' 1 sought out liurnctt ami put Ihe it(irt riji lo liiin. Hut IliiriirtL-. jiror^cUi'd lo im-ss tilings u]» g 1 ' 11 - bv refusins' hirthci rmmocril tin til tin* toiniYiillci: hnil tlis- Hie- [irohicm. So OJITC you ,yp. You'/lsiiro il out. \u 11 oiu (jpinlon, the ^tuulimi ifventimHy wJH slrsiightcn It tin tj 1 ci of tins 0(*p:trUn<-m ti»:it l^e sluir?'s classiftciuibn <i i 1 \\ i> "it It nuiy not !uipi>..n in-xl ywir Dili H surely v;itl 1 ( inrii TI ' oinjr io ho .soJivi- mtlitv.l change's made, TIHM-R'S fi nut in of into lor the jin^em M i l-np u> Mirvvvc nud the i MUIU (his >!•:»]• in^ht bvintf. things to ;i henil. And, too, let tnU J coiUin Norlfiensl' ArVcfinsris schoo! will, by 1052, rnumh i uio\htn-ni \n auiotmncMlv nv,ikp a Bis Seven out Hi s mid iu dm other schools of the state, undoubtedly, will to that. ' iSieers to Close Season with LSD Texas A&M, Georgia Clash This Week in Presidents Cup Tilt ISy.WIUUHl MAUTI.V DALLAS. Tr:x... Dec. 4. <AP) — The university of Texas winds tip its regular season Hits week AgaLtust Louisiana State ami Tt-jins A. iintl M, lucUi-s Georgia En the dcnt's Cup (jninc for Ihe last f;a.sixs ol the Conference catn- JJrnvo, Brother Kcady r e Minor Leagues Will Continue In Spite of Threats of War By JOE KKlCUMUl ST. PErrtfRSBUTlO, Fla., Dee. 4. <AP>—Mindful of clouds hanging overhead and A 19 percent drop in attendance Jast ye;\r, President George M- Trftutrnan sounded an optimistic rwte today when .he de- chired tliat all of his 57 minor leagues are prepared to operate-In 1U31- The I'll tidy faced boss 6f more*- -~- lliati 400 club,s,* fully recovered from I a serious illness that absented W'nl front la^l year's convention, admit- ol I.iiili: R'lrk's Ar^nn^as Friday who liavn been Roim; nit ii;ilt-<:oclu:d I Co:ton Bowl game with a Efafon iu the bout:. 10 MKI ^m HI t Cook lubcivc-) v.'ill be? cm? t«(t \SOJULJI MC ILJS to p on the American LcsSon's 1 V.T liiifj proHJ'nni at Memorial AI torhi/n (oni'-nht. She will (jjjj jMillio St;ifff]-ft iti one-half oi doubk* main event prosra; the other Tex Rihiy v, ill c George Strickland. . Tech Favored To Repeal GS pfui rfh nr j b if ji 11 it tlu so iiu u in yllu Cliit-ks of jusl .aboul cvoi'ythi \fhnin T tiv Tsou'n T'm-a." Kcntls' Miltl: "•\iu M inK hi\t In-tin .siiwken ami written nboui (lie Blylhcville iks ISt \< ir flu rt- liiivt- IniCn liiiits of this ;uul »f tliat, aitiJ i IK itN en ID iimUur OIL- Clucks \K\VK f nil nil trnnbli: ni scUctllj(SnK as nj;iiiy uTxiiH- state's lirlU-r Mrtcl machines . . .Hut it Is all liliu thttwm '.i > )vs uliLii Mm yrun-.sclf live in ;i «;I;iss Imuse. . . If 'any pi i\t r h \ 1 (tn ini]j»irteil <n~ UIUVIM! in frnni olhrr towns oi' cities, (hen a )i;'.lf (tiiM-H nr nmr« of Ihu state's hi>;li schnnls an? ftullly , - . Ih H t U m Hit \J misis Alhlclic Assncialion doesn'l l-;iiovv as much; it ju t h i i i l)» i it »bU t i jjriivc U, Oiul's all , i ti v li insi [here i^ ;t good job H iTii-ii-i mif Iu in*- x \ (JaiHly fooitMll c.tli him Snirli^iijU'".. . , Anil if ibc schfMiI, tlnirc *iho'.jL(t >^- (hf same li Hist nun ml i r Inn. llKv bigger the i) fur i!n* nntl of a ^oinl j;-yirt lul." 'ihl add thnl th« srtmp aKjlk'.s to >p r i lu *-( hool , t i tl i i < After Ihh p-'Pfk thorp's just the Cotton How! sumo Now Year's Day IjcLwcou TCXAS and Tenhe.sKce. I'hrre's a .slight possibility that Baylor will nlbbl* at a bid to ju'onoFfd Petfolcuiu Bawl • t?ai n«;fiinst. Laulpfnnn fltate at SJircve- pnrt Dec. 30. IVj.ylov last wc^k wound up in M'^onri'ptnce in the .season and can-, fore tire standings by |X)1 filing ofl R!cc in *".:sy r.ishioii, 33-7. Texas Christian Ik-kt-d Sontliern Methodist, 27-13. and Texnvblnnk- rti A ftini M., 11-0, iu other games last wei*. ^'.ils Have 9-1 Kciord H 'I't'XflS, il^e nnivcu's third rank.- inu le;im. licks l^U—and it will'be favorrtJ by about, three touchdoviis --ihp fibers will comft \ip' to iHc I i . Whnvu hny's imn fur Jiini Hirre, ;nid layiM-. thorc^n n« rule e i\r« r»)mpl',u»ls a lift lit ouJ a hunt a hatulfut (if t-iiy, the 1 easier U is tti rccnvd of nine victories one deieiU, a 14-1U 'affair to Oklalic/via, top ranked team in the nation. Tennes^na also \vi!I hnvc a 9-1 record when it squares oil ngainsi thv Lon.iihoras. Tl '.• Ulea of a Petroleum Bowl panie was advanced late last week. Southern Meiluiiibt, one of the l-C:isii.s inejituiiiprl us a possible coi iendcr. .siiid it v:a.s not interested. Haylcr, said Coach George P Saturtl;iy. hnd not received any that bascbalV "was at the cro-^s- ronds/' but felt confident that "we can snn'ive it'just as we did during World War l and 2." "We've got our problems," '11-aut- nian «;iid grimly as the ba.sebalL l^ople prepared to inaugurate their 49Lh nnmml convpiitlon" with the customary draft. "But they all sink into Insignificance when ihry are compared to the crritical world sit- imtlon. "I have been askcd to try and find out what the government can do For us." Tr&tman added, "and my answer always was what con we do for our government? Wo are ready and willing at all tiniCK to do what Washington, wants n.s to do. However, I don't think we'll be asked to .stop playing." 100 Already Called Tnuitman pointed out that 100 minor lcn?ue players have been t-alled into .service thus far and lie •xpectfd many more [o • follow. However he was encouraged by the Fact thiit every one-of the minors' 432 rhms'wns." prompt- in paying its protective fee to ^"Vic.association,tor the '51 season. "Although all of our clubs are 6p- tlvuusUc about starting the 1951. season." he said. "It Is my that we probably will lost a few 'sagne.s simply because of the manpower, shortage. There are "not enough older men, most of i our young one-': Tramtimi blameil the 8,000.000 drop in altendaiige la';,t"~yenr to a Cc.iventhn ens 1 h it i i.[ 1 it u or t I V 1 1 f iu i i SI I t I r ' S1UTKC ^ 3 -The COiHf 1 liui: pint tn Sc la be 1 Ihr t, lection for to 3400. bi double i a j n r G j(-0 [ 'ii ti nk i v We \ , a^kflh:*!!, And we 'often th^t ho'^lrd fhn Imulrsl abo>.il- ihn Chic-kr. r.ifitii la'tolj. A livila close sciJuUuy mi y lit " Ebcrt 1 Tliere are 23 professional forrc.stry nchotiis^Hi tKe United States'.functioning a.s branches of colleger or iiniversllies of .recognized stnnding. LITTLE ROCK, D«a They fitarL, playi. 1 !}; rij earnest this week in thr -Arlvuisiis < hiU'rcolJegiato Coiiferencc. iuvi, iu:- • cording, to thfc' "<ioj3e,''. Ar'k:n^;i>-. j Tcfrh H i5 r 4iie to'repeal us chiunnic-nJ The Arc .season opens. loih'-iiToVvi ninht when Arkansas-Cb]|r»o mod;; 1 Arkansas Slate ai- Joticr.bnru '. . There will 'be two move confer- f encc eng^igeJfiiRnis nnrt'at' irast six non-conference . tilts heCorc \Veek ; ends;' :.',"";' ',.•," '- ' •'. •... The Gazette ,\rrt>'^r!,f:d | in Its Sunday inorhing edition thati a poll of A.IC, coaches' showed de- i ir'nanimous choke to repeat••; ns i tlllisfc. Everybody picked Tech rxcopt. Coach Elmer Smith of Magnolia A. and M. Sniilh named no . ivne, saying it WHS too early for thui kind of s Besides 'tomorrow ni^hrV i'Liine, ts involved in bo'li the other AIC ?ame.s this \v«ck. Boys, meet Hcndrix ' »t r'pn\\ay comrs word that anoi^er Jess in tht- "fec!ci-:J' : bsit IlKircV-ere intllrations cDi»hinrtUon of lhln«s. While liu At- Liid *• • pi will havi? tli 1 " 1 A Vfiir rt di tft i uf were dinftf'.t St. Tx-ui;, Ciir It was IcH i: lew this vr.ii city of oki cirs. Club ow \oun, pi t 11 It hood - of be in the ncai Hish on draft is out bonus rule, Is Jh:»L. ill* doomed. swc~v I «(--/N^ 5 k*a St^ g *** <• Dsrr^s ball onmii (lie Sou Att I f ' t per cent 5 'l ! A ! C L HI 1 H in rh-. 1 t t 1 , , i < i [i :i K ip t Jp II O 1 <, ieminoles Work Hard for Game Playoff tilt Slated ^ For Thursday ' Nfghf'?!• On Pine Bluff Field Conch Dnkio Speck's Osc«- sln Scminoles today got down to (lie serious business of setting ready for. their 'second round playoff clash with s strony llison • team Thursday The gnhie LV scheduled for p(n» Bluff mid tlie Rcmluoles will Vmv« but today and tomorrow In whlcH ' to re.-uly theni.sclves for : tha clash. ! They will leave early Tlvursday tot Pine Blu/;. And Speck had his charges work- hnrfi this afternoon in prepara- for the all-iniporlant tilt. A victory here would move the Sein- irioles inlo the state finals und giva Maim r, crack at the Class B crown. The semhvoles went to the. semi- finnls !n*r- year but were knocked out by a strong Lake Village team but this >eai thev aie 'one of tiif favored feams in the B division. Itison Kalei! High But Rison too is ranked hlilB ill o vg tl e B teams Rlson l\as btcT: impressive in rolling-over opponents tills fall and holds decisive victories over the B teams of Little Rock MK! Pine Bluff. Toi the fiisl tune this year t|i«' Stminoles face the' possibility ol. b<-ing-ri-U'tl the underdog in a game. 7u spire of the fact that they rolled over the cream of the Clasj H nap., m Eastern Arkansas InV hungini;•'•up 12 victories, .many ob- n fi«. f«tl trut Rison their''': n 'th -, . : the Hears would, be interested If conditions \vcve met. Hob Smith, A. and M.'s big fullback, wound up . as top scorer In tribnled most, of the decline to the, mu ' ' iin:] - ea5-e of radio broadcasting l|c televi.sms; ol major league games j ln 1> into minor ' league cities, he.laidi 111 tlie confei'ence with 84 points. Kyle j some Rote, .Southern Methodist's backfield are. was second with 13 points iniri Byron Townserd of Texas was fhirci with 12 points. Din Arimytmi, Vn., romrs word mm anoLijer Jess t'Xii-uis in me j <?. For'l he \iciielit of thrive ^ho \ni»lH noX know, .less ivbc-vt wnsi^ f ihf .neaic.'r-t of Jllylheville's football greats .and Htttr ' t .initiating S ^™* Ci'ni'k-~ in the mid-1020V lie lo Alabama, wliern he starred | , or nn'cllolio'.vcd the Crimson Tide to .Ihe Vtose floivl m 1931. Sosv if Sam Kherl. .shovv.s good iirouii'.e of follov-'inff in hia dad's foot- - — Sam plays'tailb.'iCcCrfulibaek for e's MCP-; :i.s a ^'i.'lle^ir'.'e yndinin sreat. Sain plays' tailD.'iCcCrfutloatrk lor j** , fV , j • • t i '•Ul'irv'rm'i Wiv-liii:" High and Io\ks that sho\i5d knosv say Ue has if flf'tf* if^f^f-^fltlif^ one- ('I ihe best Bussing arms in Arlington's prep gridiron history. Hi.-'s j ''** M ;?*- . '"'•V '•• V" "* ^ , ix ; ii :ss-t)oii:id"r and ii well gifted «s n rr..,>M' and de|ensive ;back, too. | LKACHV! l'[, : ;i bolU's" Iuoil;.i!l cqoclvs have- been hounding Sam nil season v.ith scholar- ! V ju e ' s ^et'ci ' sliH' pif'.M'H. Tiifrfx >-"'en so .many, iu fuel, tluit J.css sayj it's difficult to [ p itm 1: i OUK decide ;il "wlr.i 'college Sam will set-his education, and liim; footballs. In College Basketball Circles NEW YORK, Dec. 4. <AP>—Tlie iipsct, that ancient whanuny "which luis pV'.Kiii'd baskeibull favorites- since the game's incoptioa iti 1B31, iiluafiy h:^s cheVrfirt into the ranks of some 1B50 luipouils. \ Tlie c;!S';n only is f\ week old but-1 Arkansas and TCU got. past'the [i:ire. MiViuaan.* Tens. T-oyoln of iriitinl week of Southwest ;o, f J UrT;biirpU »i!d Dartmouth while SMI) nnd Texas -Minn, by the np.scl jinx. And. v, ith » i'L'11 schedule oti tap -Lor ll!!.- ! \vcck, [nf.ny more pi'omi- ncril r<!inr!-, are expected Lo tumble. Del! Thursday, ,t\ud .Arkrinsu-p, A at MonliceUo S«tnrcl;iy. In the noi ments M;ignoh"a, A. nu-.l M Unlvevsity and CONY, iMcNerf.e Junujs Tliur.sday iincl Friday, On Arktinsa.s State wiil 5 aKc on State nt- Jonoi-horoj. eachers win hsld i(5 sccourt met in the finals > man f^ ;(.-.- far-oil tourna- off tn f;ir.[ .starts. Tho fvom City I'.vo minor n nncl t'roria. with a non-conferonKc Beebe, KIK College will r ^o to JrLc; lo niceI ansa5 Col IP:! c will meet McKenxie, Tenn. firs, ho\v- 1 ;. CONY v/ill Tuesday and M:idison fiy will entcr- Usslvcr.-itj an<l Oregon tiTivrMiMT io Chicago 'if,". j:amc with DePuul J: Kent State cente- rmti The tw aniu>t!iu:t'i Colic-Jilt*' yrstcrtlay. "i( v mar t, hi;: a Murfison i!PV. St. -lohn'i of jjMst WJllintn and I.HI vr>r Kansas of Blvihcv nt. Ai'Kiin.-'.is Tech u AJC; iiuniinn.krt v He phtycd end i d the foll<;\ Ni ^ Bvnum. Blythevlllc H;-.:li S Tech. MiLUC STAFFORD CAROL COOK action M fell along with Kite and Texas. - Utiih, snonin;* a .foiir-gnine M'tnV ning streak, currently is tlin cio.atu of thD far vjest. Conversely, Oregon Stale .lias gone under twice in as starts. In Saturday's sanies, Oregon shaded Utah State, 60-IJ4; Idaho dov;ned Itlnho State. fiO-'iO, and Utah trimmed Colorado. fi:v-<>0. Some of the* fenturp<l tilUiictions this S:\tv\vtiay mcludr.: Pcnn at Yale, I'tirdue at Kentucky, Chicago Loyola at Minnesota, Tulnnp nt Rice, Oregon State at. UGIiA. Iowa at Western . Western Kentucky nt Cincinnati, Syracuse fit Pent; Since, Ktnte nt intiinna nnd Kansas at St. Joseph's. LEACHVILLEj Dec. 4—Leych- dofcnding" Lj|strict 3A trhitm- fate' a 25-K^nip sehc- riulc for the 1050-51 buskethall srasun, Coach'Ktbrirtae MtrKeel i'aid today. i The Lions., one of tlie state's .strongest Class A teuins this year, arc t p \pccLtd lo finish ni^h in the j running again this year with four letter men bade from last year'?, squad that went to the finals oi the .state tournament. ' LeUftnneii -back in ihc fold this year are Mj'lon Buck, Dnvid Buck, Ted Giip;(irick and Shelby Mc- The Mons IKIVC already opened their J950-51 season and h;\ve hung up ttcclsive victovies over Stale igli'of Jbncsboro nnd Grcenway. Tomorrow ni^ht the Lions will play Rector at CcachvUle. " The remainder of the schedule: Dec;, m GrecinvEiy here; T)ec. ' 12 South Side McniphU here; Dec. ID Mannadukc thfrc; Dec. 21 Non I itlln Rock nt Arkansas State Col- li^c; Dec. 22 cue em 1 County Tech at 'iParagould; Dec. 26 Cairo, Til. rurb; ^ Jan. 1 State Hish there,' Jnr3. ! . E) Cirern County Tech here: Jftn.'j 12 Blythcville there; Jan. 25 Littla-.'Rork Catholic here; Jan. 30 jfTciwUi," Mn.. there; Feb. 2 Jonca- j boro Uhere; Feb. G Piu^ott here; iFcb. [)', Aleiuphi* -South Side there; Fob. !3 BlytheviU? here: Feb. IB ! Rector\ there; Fro. "JO Jone'^bpro | here: Vf.\t. 23 Parriyoiilrf here; Ftl) blame on unusually poor j \vrather and poor playing talent, i Three of thR Hfl leagues which op- I orated'in 1950 folded. The.y are the j ECnglnhd, ColoniaV and Eastern Shore. "I believe that major league organizations should operate more in- tclli^ctiily with their minor league affiliates." he said.. "If they '.rani f.o help their lower class clubs, they should send them "better playing tflle'nl," .said u£ the 432 operating minor league clubs, 101 are owned outriphL by the majors. An-j other 125 hiive working »or!?C[iictik : '"Broadcaiiting • and t-elevLsins; of big le:it;ue snmia in our townr; lifive hurt us rremenrtoiiRly." Trantinan 50id. "Wo simply can't compete with the majors. Our folks are bent: alienated from their ov.n arks. 1 v, r a.i a Ibc more f ^ mmole^ will spent! a .cxm-'.. d< jiJc- amount, cf Lime on' of-', \t ojilK this \\eek u-ltli only:' v 11 if gfriods . of contact' work for KMT . c-f injuries. •. '• '•• Tn O:-:ccol:i, Mayor Ben ,F. Butler", I pio«Htmed riuusday a holiday; LI tl lique tert a^> mauy , business V ' Ji P^ possibly clo^e so a larger i »ud of faernmole fans can follow fii'- 1 te:cni to Pine Bluff for the game. * -> ccinl hus (,s , wilK be chartered io take the fans to the.gEime. DIXI,, Dec. .l--Drtl Hifii! fi.-ijrjul's Blue Jn+ rn/.cr;-; i\]ll pli'>' a 1^- guine ,schccUi»> di.n'tiisr this 1050-=;I seasfHi. atcouiinv: to Cor»ch Cn.irlcrs KMII it'll. 1 Tiu^ Blue ,l;\vs nh'tiidy have piny- \ Uh O-05nf]l and Mnnila i n'.\ to pl^i ii puir of v.ith the I.nxorn, p.n^tlu'r.-. (.'oftrii Kcni'.crt- iiu luile^ 011" nnrnent »n.i lin«; two r>;:i'?i Hester, Leads Porkers. Over "f'-tilsa Cagers - /.•?'i—Sevcn-fooN Billy Hester score 1! points i:i llif 15 minutes IK;" play re! to lead tlie University nf .\rhan r?,s bpskr'bill tcfun to a Sft-46'vfe lory over iTulM here Satin ! T\-c Arkmbn? frr^hmrn rie'fci l ^' : Tislsn Ircslnilpn. r>. r i-42, iu y 2 >ir '~ 1 preceding the vnrslty cn^^genient. Trounce olts;'Cards Jpset Bears ".NEW YORK, .Dec. 4. Wi—Jnsl ybch" things looked blackest, ihe ..os Angelp.s Hams got a reprieve n the WalioniYl Foolball I.eaguo. 'That came yesterday when f.hc Chicago' Cardinals upset the Clii- cftgo Bpars, '^0 tn 10, before ^V.^19 Chicago's Comi?Key Vark. i A week ngo tne Bears whipped ic Rams nud \vcut into first' p'-.u-c ] i the ^rational Confermcc. Thov iifid only to heat the Cavris p.nd Uetroit Lions in their la^t 1,w, i gnmcs lo Nike the divisional Mtle. But yeslfiulay changed everything- Cliccre'' by the Cards' upset, the Ram.s walloppd Green Bay. 51 14. before' 39.323 n!, l.os Angclc"; No\v the. Bears must brat Detroit next tic the Rams and force a division playoff. : A playoff for the American Conference crown nto loomed as the Cleveland Browns and New York Giant,- tpiuaincd lied fcr tl• ? top. Tlio Brown-s ricCentecl Philndrlphin. 13 t,o 7. bel'ore 37.4J10 nt Clfivnl nnd (.he Giants walloped thn N T e« York Yonks, 51-7. before 41,630 at the Polo Grounds. In tv.'o.otbor panics yesterday thai hncl no bcar'ms; oh the IHle, Wasii Ingtbn drubbed Pittsburgh. 24-7. bn- foro 19.711 nt Forbo 1 -; Finld nnd D troit swnmpcct B'^uininrc, lo-21. hu- fore 12,059 at Baltimore. Dec. H opesi; Drr. la Hur<U-i;c th-ve: Drc. 1-i (V-cenla tournanit-n;; Oi r. fi'-ci* Ihcve; lire. '22 P,ur<k>t'o here; rhiiL 2 Atrnoiel there; -iLin. ^ ro h!".t A ; Jiiu. 0 Wilson hrrr-; -Ian. 12 O>c'. v ola here; J.iu. ir, Manila Hirtr: J;ui. JO Oprn; Jin;, ^ii co H»pl. (hen-: .inn. :rt 5flM-.i,-. nee hr-ie; ,!an. :jfl Q orola r;;ne; I-'rb. 2 ArrnorrI hne; Krb. t; Pna\v- nce ili^ie; FVb. n Kci'"r lu i re: Feb. 13 Gosncll; Feb. 1(> WiLon j there. Jim Awsfrin V/ins Courser Contest Jinuny A-i.^l ; n of • r i'J5 L';:nri \'. wa.s tiir \vjinicr in i ui 1 ('< 'ii: nnnl weekly fs^.i'DnU r^:i! -rh. N Anytiti'.s M.iruc Wii.^ ?fu'rt^'i by the jmi£r.s from a t:u«ip of JO thai tied for fh'.s! iitnre IxniOi'.s b^r insr only srveit out o! .73 c^nii'.s. Tj'ine Ansim ;vnrc Frank H<u*5h- man. I^vcrtn AVrKay. Mrs, F, \V. Pollard, D.-U'id AUnxly, U'llli.un Elli.--. Nfanny Weciiman. nnd B. War- inyten. nil "f nlyfhevillr: Gcovf.e ^ of O-< colii, ni'nl Mr.^. \VJl:'rerf oi SUvlc. Mo. ai sio t a long fac |l i IJnu'i: 7 I Jaini'. If (rnycd tobies flre affecting your Iruck liRhll pnil your disposilion.sco l!S. We'll make cnble rrpairs, lighten loose connections, inspect battery .nnd generator, lest voltnge and current. When your truck needs ,itiy service from A to 7.. come lo us. We have fnctory-trmnei) mechanics, modern equipment, and precision pnrts. And rcinembcr-tcgular checks tan check Ivou- b!^ before it gets n gor.ti start. See us soon. ^ Delto Implements, Inc. .'512 S». 2nd. HlyiheviUc THE FOIL imi; C? filfl KajlHCiiV-HATUSftllY G3EAT SINCE 1883 STRAIGHT B n I. 1 :•! ? 0 N V/H I S!'. E V • 1 YEARS OLD • S6 PROOF ECHO SPRIfiG i)iiilLLt;:G ''ANY • LOUISVILLE, KENTUCM. r*' for OUR N£\V i.-.nn \v. Occasion : LOWHR MART LOCATION ,.'•.: — I'HON'K fin02'

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