The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCIJ18, 10-IG Says Remodeled Slums Won f ! Do F.D.R. Jr. Is Opposed To Makeshift Answer To Housing Problem (AUK.) COUH1ICU NEWS PAG?; r By KOHI.IIT HH'liAHDS l/nited Vress Stun' ('orrt'spimdenl NEW YORK. Mureh !8. <U!>> — Franklin O. Housevplt. Jr.. limiting Ix'ltei- housing for (JI's even brother Jmne.s hunts lor bener gov- erninchti sni<t today iluu he personally will oppose any atiempt.s to remodel slum areas as a makeshift answer, to the nation's housing shortage. The brothers Hoosevolt, fanning out in nil directions as it were, nre treating Kornewbat of a mental ]r,\x- r.rd for New York's politicians. The politico* are never quite certain jnsl where a Roosevelt will pop up r.ext. If they keep a U<;hl cyo on Loth sons, then up comes Mrs. FUR to disturb them. If the politicians are wise, they'll krep at least their second team v.-atchiiiB FDR Jr. because, as the Broadway folks illicit say, he is a "sharp, apple." Right now he's piet- ty hot under the collar—in the best tradition or his family. "The only way to lix up any slum a-oa is to knock it down ami start nil over," he explained, "rt you've seen slums, you must realize thai! it's practically impossible to achieve anything by simply remodeling." Young Roosevelt, who is a member of the Housing Committee for tbc American Veterans' Committee, made it plain however that he doesn't expect any miracles. "We're not opposed to prefabricated houses," he said. "In fact for certain areas they're definitely the best answer to the shortage. I don't think that they would work in New York, however, where homes are built vertically rather than horizontally, but for other parts of the CDlllHry they're Fine." Ti: a speech last week Roosevelt warned of a possible G.I. march on Washington. He implied today, with the famous Roosevelt chuckle, that perhaps somo congressmen didn't recognize a powder keg when they see it. "Ex-servicemen come to me all the time." he said, "and they want to know why wo don't get together nnd do something to get a housing program going. Their nerves are defiriitsly on edge right now. and Ihtir patiencp is certainly wearing thin." Roosevelt said that he wasn't kidding when he told a New York audience, if Hie worst comes to worst, that he was ready to join any group of ex-Gl's starting a Washington trek. "Naturally wo would like to see the Patman bill restored lo its orig-1 Mississippi County Students Will Compete In Spelling Bee Mississippi County schools will Tho words used will be on Ihe participate in the Press-Scimitar eighth undo level, but words will Spelling Hoe, resumed after having not be available to he- teen interrupted four years HMO by lore the competition. l1 '" war. Kirsl place winner in the county The county contest will be hold in will be awarded a $:':> Victory Houil Blytheville Courthouse auditorium, by Delia lin|)le!nent Company ami 10 a.m. Saturday. April G. it was .second place winni'i- will be awarded announced by Philip J. Deer, su- $10 in Victory Slumps by Missis- ne.rvisor of schools in Mississippi slppi County KupiTinlcndom and Comity. Principals drKiini/aluin. Miss Louise Phillips of Wilson The first place winner will enter and Miss W.iiinie Virgil Turner, ele- the Press-Scimitar Contest to bo nieiuary supervisor of Blylheville held in Memphis. April M. elementary schools, will pronounce Winner in in!:; contest will ho wprds for contestants. given a trip to \Vnslihui I on. 1). C.. Judges for tho county contest will with all expenses paid by Ihe Presslie Mrs. clemnm liearden Krwards Scimitar, and entry in Ihe National of I.eiU'hvillo; Mrs. Elise Clark of Spoiling Bee Friday. Muy '21. There. Slwwncc; Mrs. Clrant Cullar of each .speller will win at least sill' Rosa; A. A. Adams of Osceola niul cveh it he misses the first word, and Miss Montii Hugheb of Dlytlieville. will win SSUO phis mi extra uvo- Any pupil who han not passed be- day exprnso trip lo New York City yoiul tbe eighth ura.le will be elis;i- if he wins the National lice, ule. except that no contestant who The second place winner in Moin- will reach the ago of 1C years be- phis will receive a Slim Victory fore the last Tuesday of May in the Bond, and the third place winner a current school year will ho eligible. $00 bond. Disbands ejoin GOP Progressive Group Led I5y La Folicttc Abandons Movement r,y l.lUNMtl) C. SlIlim'.HT t'ldlvd I'M--,'; ('iirrc^tinntlonl I'OKTAc;i:. Wis. March 1H. iUI>> --Sen. Rob,'ii M. l,:i Wllclle today | It'tl Wi'iroiisin's I'roKiexsives into the, Republican p.irty. ahaudonlint the indi'peinli'ui oruanli'.al ion his brother bad tried to develop into a pow- I I'l'i'iil" third party ihroiiKhout the i\!lddle\vi".l. ! Conservative Republicans warnod, Iniv,•(-', er, that they would oppose loreeiolh- I,.L I'olU-ltc'.s rnmpaliiix for u-mituilion and re-oleclion next Books Distributed ! for Rocky 4-H Club A incolini) of the Rocky -1-1! •'lub was held 'Monday wllli fjiclla \la,' i.i|f S piesidiiu;. ICU'.hloni mi'in- «'is ami a loaders, wure privieni. '''I" 1 r.roiip santi, led hy Jimu's '1'ttrjily-IJv,. books and ivrnmiulii tt ''ri- dMribulod at ihl.s meetiiii;. It'-IMirtfi were ^ivon by tlie 1(>I- luvunii v,nmp captains: Hilly .leil DaMMiii, pi,; caplain; ICent |}:lvl'i. '"in captain; Mllladliic porlenber- !'>'• liardenlne. and cunning o.ip- 'ain; !-'biiiey i-vlla, clcithtiin raplain: l.eroy .strauser. poultry cap- 'ain; lo'lta Klrby, room Inn'ioye- "«<nt captain; and Virile l<o«ors. * iiokcry captain, Mi!" Corn Coleman. home <l<im:nsiratlOii aneiit. gave a dcin- [ nsti;ttion on homo lnipro\'{ i ineiit and w. O. Ihivellniker iiavo a di 111- <IIN ration on send teslini!. Vets Released For Psychoses Finding Jobs WASHINGTON, March 18. (UP) — Most of the man disciwr^ecl from Ihc Army for neuropsychintnc reasons are^fHUnfi themselves Into civilian lil'c. checks Spot have shown Last Rites Held At Holland, Mo., For Mrs. Bailey NOTKT: OK VUOHATI; 01; \\ii.i, Notice Is hereby given thai the lust Will and Testament of Miutln Waller Lewis wa.s probated In common form by the 1'i'obiiU, 1 Oourt of liie rhlcr.auiwlm District of Mh.;,ls- ,slp]il County, AiUansas, tin the 2fith day of February. lOlli. An apiinid from such probate cim oe elfectetl only by IIHiu; a petition, Mating; the ('.rounds of such appeal, with this court, within six (Oi months irnm lh<' dale of this im- tlce. \\'itlless my hand unit seal till;; 2 day of Miuvh, I'.Hrt. •I'. \V. VOTTlOli, cnerk of Haiti omrl. Klliibeth Dlylhf. I.). C. Clautk' R Ctioiier, Attorney lor i:\eculilx. Mrs. Ocic resident of Tuesday. Bom Am;. 1. 191)' Tonn.. slie had madi Hollnntl for :w yeais. l r nne];il sor\'ices were that, Holland Baptist Church lot]'.,' Mo.. about three-quarters of those discharged for psychoses and about 85 per cent, of those discharged for psychoneurosis have found employment, Maj. John W. Appel of the Ncuro- psychlatry Consultants Division of lh( Surgeon General's Ofllce reported^in the American Journal of | three sisters. Annie Rainba. Jennie Psychiatry that a follow-up study of 173 men discharged for psychoses before March. 1944. showed IOC vcre working and only 34 in institutions. A similar study of G.OOO men dis- .1111,. — charged for psychoneurosis in 1943 j At Methodist Church showed 86 per cent were employed full or part time, although 15 per cent bad consulted physicians on The end of the third party move- mem in Wisconsin followed by sev- i'ra] years I he decline of I'Mnner- l.ahor activity In Minnesota am Iowa 1 :i Fc.Hello's brother, former i CHJV. Philip M. i. a Fiillelle. or|;nn- i/eil the inilependfiit National Pro-! Ciessives in iniltl in the hope of uniting it with Ihe I'nrmei'-l.abor- it-s and Hie' Dakota non-partisan vi oops for iiat lonwide expLinslon. He was ncit present at tlu- party's ollirial de;i!h liere yestcrtlav. when | parly delegates volod. 2«-l" to 121, ' to rei.iin tile f'rOP. i "Yoiiiii' Hob" I.a Gillette told tho [deler.iiii-K that be bail "no illusions about MIIIIP of Ihe elements in the Republican parly." He reminded Illein thai his record is "full of detailed denunciation of I he old Guard in Ihe Republican party." But. he said,' the war, which eclipsed nil domestic and state Issue, "siuilled out the last hope for u National l'roi;i'c«.iv ( - party al (bin time. " "All of the minority parlies to- See</ Tests, Clothing Demonstrations Given A meellin: of the, Hrowii •!-!! f 'liil» was held .Vlondiiy, wllh Ar- nol.i \v. Kowler preshlhii;. Thiily- o't<' club mitmk) and ;( leitder.s '•v«'i ( . present. 'I la 1 group saiiH. leil by Doris Joan Decker, sonu captain. Hi'porls were (jlvon by the ftillow- i'li', group eaulnlu; Donald Mai- iliru.',, i-ior captain: Leonard ICvans, i "ni captnln; Lois Denton. clothing cii]Huin; Vernon llrown, puiil- ny i-iiptaln; ami Juanlta Walker, •m>>;eiy cajltalll. C.'ora Leo Coleman nave a ii monsliation un clotbiiiK and W. '). Ha/.clbal;er gave a tlemonatra- i"ii on seetl tcstintj. die or more occasions and 15 per cunt had been hospitalized one or more times for diagnostic study or treatment. These follow up studies were made by Lt. Col. N. Q. Brill, iiurgeon General's Office. Prom Jan. 1. 1942, through June 30. 1(145. there were about 1,000,00(1 admissions to Army hospitals for neuropsychiatric disorders. Appel said. Some of these represented revealed admissions of Ihe same individuals. From Jan. 1, 1942. through June day afternoon. The. Rev. Goortv Bugg, pastor, conducted the .sol v- : ices. Interment wa.s at Mt. zion Cemetery, stccle. : She is survived by her husband. Fletcher nalley; one child. Mack] . . Wayn t , Dailey, throe brolhi rs, Lew- ' K r 'thor cast only about 4(10,000 voles is. Claude and Leslie Kniiser ami '" l!u ' 1!! ' 4 pri'sidi-iiMal election." ' '-aid. "In Ihe 7flth Con-, 1 were 17 minority-party members. Nov.- lliere are only three --two of them I'rogiesslves." He assured the delegates that in relmnini; to the GOP Ihe Progressives tio not propose to be bound to support rcadional candidates or principles any more than his father did SO years ago in founding the T 1 ! om os*ivo movement as a left wing of the Republican party. Ninno and Mollip Atkinson. I ! "' css German Undertaking company was in charge. Course To Be Given ma! form and passed." he said,' 30, i:i4f,, there were 320,000 medical and we would like to see. housing discharges from the Army for neu- txpertiter Wilson Wyatt fully sup- ropsychiatric disorders reprcsentim- ported by Congress." 4] pc r cent of all medical discharges" FDR, Jr. clearly left the impres- [ In addition, 137.000 were discharged lor non-medical ncnropsychiatric disorders including mental detlcien- sion that the nation is Hearing a complete showdown on the housing that, irate, veterans question, and F don't intend to give Congress too many more chances to fumble the boll. Ex-servicemen have already urged young Roosevelt lo lead thorn in n march down Fifth Avenue to take over forcibly any vacant brownslone, mansions which they might find. "They gol the idea from the •Vigilantes' over in England," he. explained. FDR Jr. put "thumbs down" on that one. but it's beginning to look ns.-if another Roosevelt might be back in Washington sooner than the. boj's expected. neuralgia Labrador is the most easier!part of North America. of education. Th c first horses than a small dog. were no larger A ti'ainintJ course. "Undersland- .ng children." will begin Monday ligllt at First Methodist Church. The course i.s t (1 begin each night. Monday through Friday, al 7:30 o'clock. n nd will be taught by Mrs. J, A. Gray. All who are interested in the course are invited lo attend, it wa.s announced. cy and psychopathis personality. Veterans Administration reports show 12,730 World War II neuropsy- chialric cases now in VA hospitals. Jii':t jn'ior to the war, Palestine hint Ofi.uoo acres of orauyes and C.UOO acres or grapefruit and lemons. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUIt SERVICE" Phon. 2241 I.KIVIS 1'IMON has just joined inir nr^anl/iiflon anil \kill slierhill/.i- in service \viirlt. Brin^ your electrical problems til us. Received A shiinneiit of Apartment ' Sectric Service I'honc ^!! llfi North 1st RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or model Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola. Radio Sales and Service 106 So. First St. Phone 2611 for Prompt • Road Service • Tire Recapping • Hatlcry Charging • Washinir and Lubrication • Polishing and Waxing • Expert Ford Mechanics • Truck Tires—any si/.c Hours-6 to 6-7 Days MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Street America's Largest Airline Relies i On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively Erie 7Vi 1 >;npri>i, tin™ rd r/.i of AtnTTif^n Airlinft, Inf., uAoje pfoncj lilt .Vi' ..i .\hlur Oil r/.-t: f America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to lubricate its great, fleet of Flagships. Give your car the .same protection given costly airplane motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. It lasts so long it saves you money— gives your car safer, quieter lubrication. BJ. ALL Phqne 2005 — Agent — Blytheville, Ark. NOTKT: or AI>.MINIST«.\'I'IO.\ On Januiiry !). itHtf. letters of ad- minlslnUUin u|>on the eslule nf .Samiuil Ixnii-o Roach, deceased, wi'n^ liiantcd to the umleisliined, Dorothy Roach Kt^toi', whose attdress Is ilia North Kilih HUvel, lilylhcvllle, Arkansu:,. I All persons tmvlni: claims a|;alust | wild estate are required to exhibit' the smut; In the iidinlulstraliix,! properly aulheiilleateil. within six' months (rum the dute of tho llrst' publication of this notice, or they will lw forever burred and prciiludcd from any benefits in such estate.. Dated this the 2nd day of :VIurch, J'J-lli. i UOUGTI1Y ROACH POSl'EK, Administratrix, 3)4-11-IS .\lu\] This Genuine '< Pure Aspirin '1V> help you feel iH'lter cruii'k, it (Harts working fust on Mingle. heailiicljc 1 or loliU 1 paiiitnl niiseiieH. Neyijr ovrvcut In liml ilium relief in Ilio li<Jd of n»' pi] in I linn you i;et with SX Joseph Aspirin. There'* nonn fius'jiir, nono imn-u tle|iciiilub]y. Dcnmml bH. Joseph A.spinn, worlil'H lui'nest selHr at lue. U'iiy p:iv HioieY \\'hy accept* less than .St. .lo:i'pli'sntiiiriintco u(sh(>ii|r.tli and j <jli:iHl.Y. Save even morn oiji lin^u 100 tablet Jiotllo for ;l, r ie, you jret nenrly II l:dil«l;l fur Ic. Never jit I iwk for "iispiiin." \V!ii'ii you wiuitithis KUUI- iue pino tiKjtirin, iilwjiyrtH;^', "A nitrk- agn ul' Hi. Joseph Aspirin, pleaso." through i W. J. Pollard Glencoe Hotel Bldg, Telephone 3545 , Relief At Last- For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of tho trouble to help loosen and expel Kerm laden phlegm, mitl nld nature to Eoolhe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. 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