Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 21, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1891
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist -without a healthy Liver. When tha Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood;-frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how ' the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Eegulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving tliem a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy: """?"" D'SAPPO.NTED. THE STRANGER ON THE SIUL. . mh 11 tbe effect prodced • it seems to be almost a perfect cure for -ill diseases of tie Stomach andI Bowels W. J. MCELROY, Maco'n, Ga. Between broad fields of wheat and- corn , /" Is the lowlj home where I was born— The pouch-tree leans against the wall, Ana the woodbine wanders over all; There is the shaded door-way still, But a stranger's foot has crossed the sill! There is the barn—and, as of yore, I can smell the liny from the open door, And seo the busy swallows throng, And hear the pewee's mournful sons; But the straEg-er comes—O, painful proof I His sheaves are piled to the heated roof. There is the orchard^the very trees Where my childhood knew long hours of ease, And watched the shadowy momcms run Till my life imbibed more stiacie tiian sun; The swing Irom tee bough stil' sweeps the nir. But the stranger's chijircn are swinging there 1 There bubbles the shady spring below, With its bulrush brook where the hazels grow; 'Twas there I found the calamus root. And watched the minnows poise and shoot, And heard the robin lave its wing, But the stranger's bucket is at the .spring. O ye who daily cross the sill, Step lightly, for I love it still; . And when you crowd the old barn eaves, J'hcn thinlt what connllass harvest sbenrea Have passed within that scented door To gladden ey^s that are no more. Deal kindly with these orchard trees, And when your children crowd their knees Their sweetest fruit they shall impart As 1C old memories stirred their heart. '0 youthful sport still leave the swing. And in sweet reverence hold the spring! 'he barn, the trees, the brook, the birds, 'he meadows with their lowing herds, 'he woodbine on the cottage wall— "y heart still lingers with them all. e strangers on my native sill, tep lightly, for I love it still! Thomas Buchanan Read, in Grocers' and Canners' Gazette. JOE DUBUQUE'S ESCAPE. ided by a Woman He Eluded the Officers. Easily It's a sigrn that you need help, when pimples, blotches, and eruptions begin to appear. Your' blood needs looking after. You'll have graver matters than pimples to deal with, if you neglect it. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery prevents and cures all diseases and disorders caused by impure blood. It invigorates the liver, purifies tn$ blood, and promotes all the bodily functions. For all forms of scrofulous, skin and scalp disease, and even Consumption (which is really lung- scrofula) in all its'earlier stages, tt is a certain remedy. It's tlie only one that's guaranteed/m every ease, to benefit or cure, or the money is refunded. It's a matter of confidence in one's medicine. It is the cheapest blood-purifier sold, through druggists, because you only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more ? The "Discovery" acts equally well all the year round. GOLD MEDAL, PAEIS, 1878. I.BAKER#CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess of oil hag bees removed, is ^Absolutely Pure Bandit is Soluble. No Chemicals are used ia its preparation. It has more than three times tiie strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a citp. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W, BAKER & CO,, Dorchester, Mass, ARABIAN CieoItiBm'fMEDimseyerlnyentei FOR PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Exlernallyarid Internally. It temmits action. , ForBums, Foison T>jr« aat »S ° f ^- e Eyes or BOWS . -Karach Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, TBADESUPPLIiZDby ROSS GORDON, LaFk.yctte, Irid. . For sale by B. F Jieeslina-. Once upon a time Joe Dubuque was held in jail. Dubuque was a daring robber whose line was picking; pockets. He ranked high in his profession and was looked up to and had high rever ence from other members of the "family." His incarceration brought shoals of his dark and devious friends around. He was charged with a robbery of con* siderable moment — $11.000—and this and his standing as a thief were such as to insure him a long term if convicted. Money was wasted like water in his de fense. The best legal talent was brought to his succor. A great trial took place, some great lies were told, and the affair was conducted with all •the accessories of a high-priced legal tableau. * . "If," said Prosecutor' DeVVolf, "the honest men of a community would come to each other's assistance when beset with half the heart these outlaws betray business disaster would become obsolete as a phrase, finding- no basis. But Dubuque was convicted and sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. Those industrious and sanguine vandals, however, who had stood by him through all still held their hopes high. It was a long- road yet to the penitentiary. Many things might happen. The case was on eiTOr to the Supreme Court. This would give them three months yet, as Dubuque was to be detained in [ jail until final decision. Why did they not go the. prisoner's bond? Because it was fixed at S25.00.0, and no man with real estate conM be procured unless he was barricaded from harm with a deposit of the full amount and a thousand or two extra for the trouble. Thieves are very good business men. It was re- solved'to have Uubuque out even .if it took the §27.000, but other methods •would be tried first. "It would be a sight cheaper." said the renowned Mollie Matches, "if we could break Joe out." There was a woman who passed for Dubuque's wife. She was very pretty and very brave and went to see buque every day. "I will cling- to you, Joe. until the penitentiary doors pinch my fingers," she said, and all xvho Iwvc ever seen this sort of "woman with this sort of man know she told the truth. They have the dog's heart and are faithful through all. Dubuque was a good prisoner and behaved well. The officers liked him, and he was granted many liberties. They watched him narrowly, however, and when he took his exercises each day his cell was searched. The sheriff felt that some effort would be -made to liberate his ^ captive. He knew that dozens of 'daring and ingenious men were on the outside with no present purpose but to set Dubuque free. He knew that mcaey was no object because he had been slyly offered several thousand to turn ihz- buque into the street. He laughed at the offer, which came to him through an ex-detective, but it helped him to realize the-outlaws' anxiety for Dubuque. "We'll try every other plan," said Matches, "and. if th<?y fail well put up the baH money and take him out thht way." _ Meanwhile dark and hidden preparations were afloat to release Dubuque by the rather extraordinary method of breaking into the jail. "There was no effort to supply Dubuqne with tools or weapons, as he knew .his cell was daily ransacked and so informed them. So the outside scheme was evolved and set in execution. The sheriff, however, became vaguely impressed with a sense of danger. One day he secretly resolved to take Dubuque to the penitentiary to await the high court's finding: He 'did not even tell his deputies or turnkeys. He would start the next afternoon at two o'clock. .WhenDubuqne's pretty wife came that day to see him—the day before the proposed start for the State's prison—the sheriff, who was kindly and felt some degree of sympathy for the faithful creature, asked her whether she meant to visit Dubuque the nest day. . . : .,- . "Certainly," she said. The officer reflected a moment, while the girl wat-bed. him,', keen as a cat. The sheriff should never have spoken to her. at all. She .knew; in an instant some move was afoot. At last he said: "Come as early as 11:45 and take din- .ncr with Joe, I'm Koine- to mve him a dinner to-raorrovr. ° "Vdfy. well. I'll come," said the girl, and went in to Dubuque and straightway tokl the vjfiolu conversation. "Wants you to be hero to dinner," said Dubuque, reflectively. "You generally come at three in the afternoon." Then the rascal knitted his brows and thought hard while the girl waited. -"This sheriff is onto something," said Dubuque at last, "and is going to make me safe somewhere. Let me look- at this paper a minute," and he picked up' one of the several with which his cell was fiirnished. "That's it." he said, after a moment's reading. "He's planning to take me to the pen. The train starts at two p. m." '•I think so, too," said the girl. -Xov/ what will we do? Shall" ( nfitify Matches and'thc men?" ••No." said Dubuque. -rll tell you how we'll fix this. I have 'never' attempted any thing, so far. and just let the boys work, but I've been thinking all the time and I've got a plan that I believe will work. I know a way out Of this jail and a place to hide within fifty yards of it. That Is, I think I do; it won't cost much to test it anyhow." Here the ca.ter.in went on'and told the girl his plans. They were very simple and were to be acted upon at Once. ,That afternoon she made a second visit to Dubuque and gave him a thin cloth cap without being'detected, and also a round bar of india-rubber about a foot long and an inch and a half in diameter. "I could knock a cow down with that!" said Dubuque, "and never leave a mark. It's better than a sand-bug."The girl also proffered him a pistol. , "Kill them, Joe, if they try to stop you!" And her eyes lighted with anticipated slaughter, like a cat's. "Jfo," said Dubuque, drawing back. "I don't mind a tap or two with a billy or a sand-bag, but I won't murder. I never killed a man, and I never will. I'll keep that sin off my hands," The girl went away. At 4:30 that afternoon the turnkey came with sup"per. Ordinarily he did''not open the cell door, but passed the food through a little window. When he came to Dubuque's door the prisoner was seated at his little table, apparently drawing on a paper. "What's that, Dubuque—a plan of the jail?" he asked. "JN r o, sir." ''Pass it out and let me see it." But Dubuque sat down on the edge of his bunk with a sullen air, and folding his arms, said never a word. "Well, then," said the turnkey, "I'll come and get it," and he began to unlock the door. Dubuque never moved. The turnkey entered and started for the table. Just as he passed the captive a swift blow fell on his head and he sank to the floor. It was the rubber billy. A prisoner in the next cell heard the noise and atonce divined the trouble going on. Like a good fellow, he at once began to howl 'Hock of Ages" "at the top of his voice to cover Dubuque's work. _ -That song will be worth money and friends to him when I am out," thought Dubuque, as he bound and gagged the smitten turnkey. Then he put on the man's hat and coat, and taking his keys stepped out and locked the door. The senseless turnkey was locked in. Dubuque went at once to the cage at the door, and, unlocking it, let himself in and locked the door behind. Then he rapped three times with his key on the outer wicket, which was the turnkey's sign to the doorkeeper to unlock and let him out. Dubuque expected to pass undetected. The turnkey's hat was a big slouch, which, as he kept his face half turned from the guard at the door, protected his features from view. There were several offices to go through after this, but Dubuque washopefuj he might manage it. It was growing dark at the close of a winter afternoon. This would help. * But just as Dubuque rapped at the outer door to get out an unforeseen thing happened. The vocalist was still baw£ ing "Rock of Ages" and waiting for his supper, when "Bang!" came the report of a pistol inside the jail. It was the turnkey, who, though tightly bound and gagged, on recovering his wits had managed to fire his pistol without taking it from his belt. 'I should have taken away his revolver," reflected Dubuque hastily as he heard the noise. But he was equal to the occasion. .In an instant he turned, back and began, unlocking the inner door again which led to the cells. The outside guard was tearing open the outer door, while haU a dozen deputies, already.arrived,, were waiting to get in. Dubuque got his door open, at the same time the outer door swung wide. In an instant the mob of deputies rushed inside to the cells without regarding Dubuque. This, alert yet • thoughtful individual waited until all were in, closed and locked the door, and then started through the just deserted office to the world beyond. In the last door he yiet the sheriff, who was to banquet him the next day. He did not recognize Dubuque, and asked hastily what was the trouble in the jail. For* reply Dubuque smote his would-be .entertainer to the floor with his rubber billy. Then he ran into the open air. He knew pursuit would be hot on his heels in less than five minutes. Ten rods from the jail he turned up a stairway to a lawyer's office. In the stairway he changed to the cloth cap, hiding the big slouch of the turnkey in a coa£ box which .stood in the haU. "Is Mr. Jameson in?" he asked, as he came into the office. "No," said the clerk, a very young man; "Mr. Jameson went out on Wood" land avenue with a lady to see a man who was sick and" who wanted to cm- ploy him in the Joe Efubuque case." "I'll wait awhile, "said Dubuque, and, taking a chair, he sat -looking out the window at 'the darkening street. He had sent his girl to take this lawyer away from, his office so that' he. might use it to hide in. The lawyer knew him by sight, so it would not do to have him there. "That's what I call one way to employ a lawyer," said Matches, when he heard of it.' yVhile Dubuque waited in'the lawyer's office pursuit run up and down the side-walk beneath its windows. The pursued took a . thoughtful pleasure in watching it. At last a detective who was called, in gnt one of the customary clews and led the entire chase to a distant part of the city. Dubuqne was safe, "I never feel absolutely removed from danger." said Dubuque, "until a detective .is chasing me. Then 1 know I'm safe." Whi] e Dubuque sat by the window a carriage drove up and stopped across _the street. Dubuque lighted a cigar the clerk gave him to comfort him while waiting- and watched the carriage narrowly. He must make no mistake. I resently a little hand holding a white handkerchief was placed in tha opening in the door. 11 was Dubuque's eamsin-e. Hut he smoked on and was in no hurry Let it get a little darker. Tho <ja. waited and Dubnque waited. At last it was quite dark. / "I will see Mr. Jameson later." said Dubuque to the clerk. "Or toll him HI write to him." ^Then he \vent across to the carriage. The door was opened and he stepped In. 1 he pretty girl \vas waiting. "Through thick and thin," he said, as he tooic her in his arms and -kissed her. As they passed the jail, a few feet further on, Dubuque waved an adieu as he looked out from the dark carriage "I must look after that 'Rock of Ages' man," he thought'. Then he kissed the pretty girl again. Joe Dubuque had escaped.—Kansas City Star. Have you a Pittsburgh, Rochester, Duplex, or a Student Lamp? t Do they work satisfactorily? Do_your Lamp Chimneys break? You get the wrongsortf The RIGHT ones are the PEARL GLASS/' made by Geo. A. Macbeth & Co., Pittsburgh, makers of the celebrated " Pearl-top " lamp chimney, which have given universal satisfaction. Advice to tine Aged. have a spot-in,, effect on these ors-ans stiinuJii(:iii£ uie bowels, giving suit "£ SiSSgZStf Viituout «r«*ske- <£ IMPAETIHe-TI? Ctieap Larids a>,«l Homes in Ken- tacky, Temiesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. SOLD y WilJBKJS. .'wJth aH thy Retting ew a hnm« 94 MUws tn« rise Quften & Crescent Route- Shortest aiul ClncinatJ to New Orleans Tim* 27 Hours. Entire Trains. Baggag« Car, Day O falwpers run through wlth"ui £ no Miles the Shortflst, 3 Hours the Quietest unctnoatj to Jacksonville, Fla, Time 27 Hours. SUBTERRANEAN FIRES. Tile Terrors of a Volcanic Eruption firaplj- Icully Described." Some idea of the terror of volcanoes may be gathered from an account of an eruption .in one of the Hawaiian islands when the crater was filled from five hundred to six hundred feet deep with molten lava,-'the immense weight of which broke through a subterranean passage of twenty-seven miles and reached .the sea, forty miles distant, in two days, -flowing- for three weeks and heating- the water twenty miles distant Rocks melted like >va.\- in its path- forests crackled and blazed before its fervent heat; the works of man were'to it but as a scroll in the flames. Imagine Niagara's stream, above the brink of the falls, with its dashing, whirling-, madly raging- waters, hurry, ing on to their plunge, instantaneously converted into fire—a g-ory-hued riverof fused minerals; volumes of hissing- steam arising-; • smoke curling upward from ten thousand vents, which give utterance to many deep-toned mutterings a.nd sullen, confined clamoring; gases -detonating and shrieking- as they burst from their, hot prison-house- the heavens harid^with flames: the atmosphere dark and oppressive: the horizon murky \vi$n vapors and glenmino- with the reflected contest. Such was the scene as the fiery cataract, leaping a precipice of fifty feet, poured its flood upon the ocean." The old line of coast, a mass of compact, in- durated lava, whitened, cracked and fell. The waters 7-ecoiIed and sent forth a tempest of spray; they foamed' and lashed around and over the melted rock, they boiled with white heat and the roaj- of the conflicting agencies grew fiercer and loucbr. The reports of the exploding gases were distinctly heard twenty-five miles distant, and were likened to a whole broadside of heavy artillery. Streaks of the intens- est light glanced like lightning in all ^directions: the outskirts of the burnino- •lava as it fell, cooled by the shock, wer° •shivered into millions of fragments-and scattered By the strong- wind in sparkling showers far into the country. Six weeks later at the base of the hills'the water continued scalding hot and sent forth clouds of steam at every wash of the waves.—London Budget. GENTLE READER. IT you have Dyspepsia, you bavc hcurtbnrn witto pa ln in the stomach after eating, you have headache, are con? ««"£"« in -coated. clc « «»onnd your can not " eyes, , you USED UP GENERAL!.Y. Get a bottle of DR. 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