The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVIIJ/E-COURIER N15WS THE COURIEll NEWS CO., PUBI/I8HEH6 C. R. BABCOCK, Editor • H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.. Mew York. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Utllc Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mailer ill the post office al lilylheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress October u, )'il1. by United Press. GN HATES By ctiirier in ihc City of Blyllie-vlHp, I'M per week or $0.51) i>er year In advance. ]lj mail wllliln a radius o( 50 miles. 53.00 |wr year. $1.51) for six months. H5c for llircc montlw; by mail In ponliil town two lo six, Inclusive. ?G.50 i>fr yf-av, in wines seven and ci^lit, $10.00 per yiur, payable in advance. C////OH H. Scott While it is sli'l Uin early lo s|«';il; definitely »!' Hie relief Hint is in stun: for l;ix-biirdc!io,l tiuulowncrs in Drainage District 17, Mill'idwl priiiiiv.^; has heeii niaik- toward winking "i'l Hie. district's (lill'iciillies to make it plain that the people of the ili^lrii-l have Ijcen exceedingly fortunate in the character and ahility of the. man who was named receiver. The history 01 improvement district reeeivprships has not heen altogether a happy one. Too often such responsibilities have licet! entrusted to men whose interests extended little beyond the colled ion of their pity. Wlinn it was amiounc'ed t'nat a federal receivership for District 17 had been granted nnd that one Clifton 11. Scott of Little Heck had been named receiver, tin: news was not received in.this fommuu- as en- was not known the general as- anything describablc thusiasm. Mr. Scott to many of UK, and sumption was that he would prove lo have neither an unilerstamli.':); of (he problems of the district, nor much interest in solving them. • ICvents have proved the exact contrary. Mr. Scott immediately set ab'Jiil equipping' himself to discharge his new duties ciVectively. He informed himself so thoroughly concerning not only the particular problems of Drainage District 17, but of Hie. difficulties besetting drainage districts throughout the country, that lie gained national recognition as an authority on the entire drainage problem and was eleclcil pre-idcnt of the National Drainage association at thi: crucial time whi'ii national lotjisbilion for the relief of drainage district taxpayers was pending, lie was able to give invaluable ho-Sp to our own congressman, W. J. Driver, and to Senator Jno T. Robinson, in obtaining, the enactment of" such legislation. Al the same lime bis altitude toward holders of property in District 17 has been sympathetic and he has gone, as far as he was legally anil, morally justified, in view of his responsibility lo the owners of bonds of the district, in extending t'-mpnravy tux relief lo enable landowners lo h.ild their property until permanent could be. obtained. II? h->s not linen a to make the situation federal relief of the course. district .THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER.. .14, 1933 altogether :i Imppy one, hut most men acquainted with the district's history and difficulties, mid with the work Mr. 'Scott has done, will agree that lie has done about the hest job possible with a difficult si? I of circumstances. Through his initiative, moreover, District 17 is lirst in line of all the draiti- iijfi! districts of the country with its iipplifnlinn for federal -lid undui 1 the new law. \Vu urn not out of the woods yet, bill we are iH-Riimini; to see dny- lilthl, and Mr. Xcoli's pai-t in what has heen iiccomplislu'd merits rci-ofrnition. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark A 'Neu) World Is Welcome I'rnf. Philip Oalml of Harvard tells Ihi; stale convention of the Penney!- vanift Klectric Assuciation that the powers bestowed mi (he U. S. ROV- cTiinmnt under the NHA protcriun must be terminated at (he curliest possible moment if UK; American people wish to continue the Kovernmental forms In which they have been accustomed. As temporary measures, Prof, (,'abot says, tin; various onHTucncy acts havi; much to commend them. Bui, he continues, "if we allow ourselves to be lulled lo sleep by radio addresses of the president i'.boul the new deal and appeals for co-operation by the national adinini.-li'iitor we may wake up some morning in a new world." All of this miiy be as true as K»S- pcl. But someone ought, to remind the professor that a great many cili- /eus of liiis country are not reftlly rrii;hlcncd abnut the |iro>-pect of waking up in a new world. The old world, with its recurriiif! pcrimlK of mail- killing depre.-sion, doesn't look as fresh and rosy as it used to. If we find, some bright day, that we have been left behind, it isn't likely that any great torrent of tears will be shed. - vJ: " ! '--- BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Frejn the fllw of the Dally Confer Friday, Sept. U, 1923. At a meeting in the Chamber of Commerce rooms Thursday night 15 Blythcvllle men pledged $100 each to uncU-nvrlic tlie expense of Blythcvllle's participation In the Arkansas Products Train which Is to tour Uic cast in October. These pledging $100 each were Fred W. Schalz. I. Rosenthal, Farmers Bank, P. C. Douglas, A. G. Little, Robinson f-uniber CO., Mead Clothing Co., Cross Grocer Co., Arkmo rower Co.. Gilleii Furniture Co.. Clyde Robinson, Peoples Bank, and the East Arkansas Lumber Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Bcardcn of LcRchvlilc announce the arrival of a new daughter, born September 6. She will answer lo the name ol Elizabeth Jean. SMAILEA. ' WHEN SEEN THROUGH A TELESCOPE 7H£ BEAMS OF THE (C/OAdEV LOC ARE A&OOr^S" PER CENT SUGrAA f A 6BTTER YIELD THAN TUB 6ESf Of= SUGAR-CANE. . SBEN \WITK THE I NAKED EVE /I THE TELESCOPE OoeJ. /WAV WITH THE! DIFFUSED LISKrl \ WHICH \VtSEE WITHOUT THE INSTRUMENT) "First they broke nu 1 (if sucking my .thnmli and they're trying to make me stop eating rocks." The senior class ot the high school seems to be composed of hustlers with plenty of pep. A class meeting was held Wedncsdaj and the following officers elected: Herbert. Bcughey. president; Percy Wright, vice-president; Velma Loflln. recording secretary; Lueltc Armstrong, corresponding secretary; Leslie Adams, treasurer; Miss Wil- helin. sponsor. Miss Salllc Saliba was elected ofTiclal yell leader. At a meeting Thursday the "Echo' staff was elected, as follows: Percy Wright, editor in chief; Gussie Burtcn, assistant editor; Ktiby Wherler and Clarence Hood, business managers; Douglas Key. as- sislnnt business manager; Carey O'Brien, athletic editor; Earl Buckby, wit and humor editor. Loosened Knee Cartilage Common FootbalJ Injury One of the most common injuries osioclated with the football season cartilage In the knee Joint. The one usually, uffcck-il is known ns the semllunar uirUlngc. By a sudden twist- nf the foot outward niul the knee Inward, tills carlllage is broken or torn .so that immediately there Is pain on tiie Sign oj Recovery Thai those hmise-to-honso canvasses In enlist consumers in the ranks of the N'RA can have a direct ami beneficial effect (in the nation's buying habits is indicated by a current statement from an executive in a large chain of retail sline stores. This man flatly siiys that the NIIA bniise-toihonse campaign has been "one of the greatest stimulants: to retail buying". , His company : has stores in every city of 100,000 population or more in the United Slates; and in the period immediately following the Nit A appeal to consumers it enjoyed business 300 per cent belter tha:i thai for Ihe same period in 1032. It (loos not. take very much pondering I" make one. rcali/.e what an enormous impetus bnsineess will gel if such a pickup in retail sales is general. by elevating Ihc heel of the .slice en the inner border in cases in I which the inner scmilunar cartilages are the ones involved. Usually the foot is elevated from 1-1 to 2-8 of an inch. Tile eminent writers on "Foot- bull Injuries," Drs. M. A. Stevens and W. M. Phelps, feel that after inner side of the knee joint, with I the cartilage has been dislocated locking of the joint and practical- or lorn three limes in the case of any one football player, it is well 10 have it removed by operation if the player wants to keep at work. Strike Aided Fishermen On Columbia River ASTORIA, Ore. (UP)-Striking evidently paid dividends to Columbia River fishermen. When the summer season closed, fishermen were said to have made more, than last year, even thoug the season was cut short by five weeks through a price strike. Violence threatened for man; days and nets were cut and simi as the fishermen fought for thel eight - ceius - a - pound demands They finally won out. ly always with swelling ulllty lo straighten the leg. In the vast majority of crises nfter the leg Is pulled iulo position nnd a bandage applied, the; A player who ha s had a torn pain will be sufficient to prevent the patient from using the cartilage may play again as soon the .swelling nnd pain disap- Buy a pound package of the Dismukes Wonderful Famous Crys- oc-1 Instance it becomes locked, inak-1 tals froih Robinson Drug Co., to | ing it impossible for him to con- Fowler Drug Co., or St. Francis 1 tinue and. at the same time, giv- Pharmacy. Simply nrid the crystals very much. In a short tln-.v the pear, but the knee is likely to be swelling disappears nnd the knee I thrown out in any game. In such feels better. If the incident cms once, there Is n tendency have it occur 'again and again. Guaranteed Mineral Crystals The TONGC IS NOT THE CHIEF i OP SPE6C THE LARYNX IS THE OESAM i IMPORTANT IN VOCAL UUER/i Live minnows can be kept by | which they were obtained ; 'lacing them in running water of i ing them on bread crumbs an| he same temperature as that from ^scraps. Trade-In TIRE SAL GUM-DIPPED TIRES of Occasionally a portion cartilage Is. broken loose and remains loose, but in most instances I Ing him severe pain, this Some players have had the Injury so often that it becomes more or less painless with them, and there is healing, ft is now established that an operation on'into the knee joint wiih removal of:Pinc the cartilage will bring about the ' — prevention of further disability. I However, any ojieratioii on Ihel knrc Joint is a serious matter and I ninny people hesitate lo have it 1 done, preferring to give up athletics or to Iry some other procedure rather Ihan undcgo (he o|>eratioii on ihc knee. Recently, a Canadian physician Dr. C. S. Wright, has developed a procedure which lie believes Is helpful and which has been used .._, • C H i they learn lo throw the joint back place when the slipping or ling of the cartilage occurs. Build Up that Skinny Child! Enrich Hi* Impoverithed Blood Sickly, weak, underweight children are usually lacking in rich, red blood. When blod becomes poor, All women arc sirens al heart. No mailer how imcMiiotional a woman may b?. she momrnt.s when ner greatest desire K to te — shall we cnll it. ;i courtcsnn. siren or aclivs.-.? —Enisi Lubitsch, film producer. Brer is here, but n good dciil of il is infi-nor nnd nil of it is loo expensive. —Hrnry I/. Mencken. UUT oim WAY By WilUams on ; consW,rabSe'mnber of r^ •' =h«d becomes ninaovn. Alread Hems wlih succc^ lie sivs ihn »' cak - hc losc3 a W ctltc ' " llxl S'lhhlp'JT^ u! C n^c S s»« " h ^. 1 '™i 5t "' -"- T "-that the tissues arc b.ick. in place | chanLC., on by pulling the leg and at the same j ** r « n S'" "f lime lurniiu; il Inward so that the . *- >roves to your drinking water (pump water, tool, three or four teaspoons full to each gallon of water and feel the quick, marvelous benefits. No bad taste at all. Hundreds of our most prominent, citizens in and around Osceola drinking Ihe water altogether, and quite a good many in Blytheville now too, as well as many traveling men and truck driven carrying gallon Thcrmo- jugs of the crystal water. Just say gcod-byp lo all liver complaints, stomach disorders constipation, sore joints, rhciima- [tisui. high blood pressure and all kinds of headaches and bad feelings. Too much ncid cannot stay. Positively guaranteed 10 you. on a child gaining himself. Start giving Tasteless Chill Tonic IcckinB Is relieved. I ^ M a ™- v - T ! lis fnm ° u ^ ."I" 10 After lliat some iodir.c Is Inject- contains both iron and tasteless cd. which cicatns a rather mild! nuiiilnc. Iron makes for rich, .red Old Town Croc-cry. Distributors rather mild inflammation and ca'.i?rs the cartilage lo join logiMhrr ac.iln Dy healing. Afler Ihr irKlir.!- injection, the leg Is fixed in !l:e extemirti position with a spln-.i. which is kept on for iwo week.-. Then this is removed and milted to walk fni- .so as gradually ir, complete again. is iier- -lion periods lulus aboul nf the blood while quinine icnds to puri- H'l two effects in Grove's Tasle- ;o.-,3 Chill Tonic. Put your child on this tinic- provcn tonic lor a feiy days and tec Hie difference it makes In him. Gcod apjielite. lots of pep and energy and red roses in his cheeks. join 1 .! Children like Grove's Tasteless : Chill Tonic and lake it It is absolutely harmless and has Hen a reliable family medicine for half a century. Get a bottle today :tt any store. Adv.-t Old Town Grocery. Osceola. dis- iributors of Famous Mineral Crystals, will gladly give anyone nnme< of hundreds of people you weT know In Osceola and Blytheville drinking these wonderful crystals wonderful results in many various way. c , ."".nd more than glad to cheerfully recommend Ihe water lo their many friends. Positive!; guaranteed. Buy a pound package at Robinson Drug Co.: Fowler Drug Co or St. Francis Pharmacy and if eagerly. Ior anj . rcason y0 i, ar , nol pi c;lsc[ j your money will be cheerfully re- .'mdcrt. —Adv. \T X.MOOV.O ABOUT UKE. HO MOPKL FOR 6X.CT.ilM' CLuB , OR \N\FE BoflM , OR HOUSE VvMFE Pl_V ' CAKE: TO Doctor Wrigln i:-..-i that it is possible : chnnlcal slrahi on TAKR 1W.ACK-1(I!.\IT,11T FOR Tlllisi: SYMPTOMS :r:-.dcd by Conjllpatlon m.i K aiucks." rit »t<rt lov.snt. n Ihc nrojlli. tul'ncjs allrr TUKLGUESSES \W.'-lV]f)lJ::J> \;< \ if. . , .1 E SAVINGS for Car Owners who liny .. Prices are going up—Don't Delay—Equip your i-ar TO1 aiid SAVE. Here ia ImVr yon mnl DOUBLE SAVIiSG! ¥ yon Kill gel it liberal mice for your old Href' second, you tci// amonnl nf the next inrreatc ipfiic/i mtijf sooii. li i\'ill lie u ioiig iili our opinion before yof lie able to make Bitch saving again. Don't risk yoiir life aild lives of bliicrs on (inngcrrtl worn, smooth-tread vhfn wo^vill give yoii a Iili irntlc-in allowance lo i iicw Firestone Higli Sjj Tires — the Safff! Tlrei tlif World. THI MASTERPIECE Of TIRE COMSTRUCTIOK Firestone Tires arc built *!tli hix^ ilrctch Ciini-Dipped Cunl*. Every cotlon filler in rrcry cord in crcr? ftly i- saluriited and coated with pure rubber. Tliis exlra Firestnnc process fii»€s you 58% greater pro- Icclion n^ainst blnvrout*. Tli? NEW SUFO! CtDficLD TYPE Buill io equal oil lint I standard brand tires in qo-| construction and appcariiricc.1 lower in prices — another nclilercme: HJCH into im IHin KICt 1.75.19 . 100 19 . 6.00-18 . . . 600.1911.1). $8.40 9.00 IO.OO ll.SO 11.7O 1S.M pnrlianmtrly l LINES of TIRES ' ,itk . NAME and GUARANTEE OtWIStP TYPt F«d ^ Cberrokt I TlTBw'lb ( 4.1I.19 ) 6.70 Null 1 VM*T \ ;.oo-»o \ 7.4S - Fonl . Ro«kn« VtS-ll Auburn—__ StoJrli'r J.50-H 8.10 9.00 StNTIHgL TYPE «.M-« Fcmi Chen-nltt-- Plymo'th,_ 4.75-1* . 6.«S S.lh -*^_—_-_. see, to 6.70 PTyrnoutli _. RotVne *_._V ,,™ift—->. 4.W-11 7 ChtrreUl [ mp'lV—-f 4.1W» J "Sfc Firestone Gvm-Dipi&'f 'firt» mode fri tfce 'Firettone Foctori •nil Exhibition BuiWinj ot "4 CiMUrjr of Pri»Jr«V' Chfcajo PHILLIPS MOTOR CO Blylkebille, Ark.

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