The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1950
Page 7
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BLTTHEVn,LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE SET1EM Big-Hearted P/iptpgrap/ierCaptunec/ hy Note: St»n SwinUM learned Frank Noel'In covering' the war in northeast Xo'rea.'' fro'm 'trie Won- un landing In lal« October until six ftay« tifa when Swjntpn wai «*"( to'Tokyo f or'V rest.) ' By STAN' SWIN-VO^ • TOKYO, Dec. 4. (AP) — The S inese Communists have caplui 1 - Pulilijier 1 prize winner ' Prank si, the laughing inah with Hie PPC st'rlpe"pa5Ud on his foaU?f" ed Speed Ciraplilc'.' "' " ".'.'. . They captured Prank because liis liearj. was too big', 'The' ace "'Associated Press photographer 'and I we're to lia've flown back to Tokyo' together for a rest. 1 'The night belore.' 'Frank salii; "• •'•'•• '"Old pappy is going to slay here. I feel better up with llit kids al tfie'front'.'' "" " " ' Prank did not say so, im). h» knew'[he, kids lip front felt bet- Ur wheii lie'was around. ' It happened Friday, night near Koto, which Is six miles soulli of the Changjiu Reservoir iu northeast Korea. Marine Capt. Michael Capraro, a public Information of(Icer.'saw Noel captured,' • . 'A convoy-'was trying" to break through' to a" cut : ot( American Maijne reginiesl.v The convoy, carrying supplies and ' I'elhforce- 'nients, was ambushed several miles south of Koto, ' Ca'pr'aro'' 1 was'with Noel when the column '* was attacked. Later Capraro told "newsmen' he saw Noel dragged away by Chinese Reds. Noel, 62-year-old veterui W many Korean campaigns, volunteered to take a. jeep down th* roa'd aifer' tit became apparent that the Reds were "coming'»(.' th'« convoy frbm"'a]j sides: He was gp- Ing after assistance. '" That's when the Redi got him. Frank had seen many wars— the big ones and tlie'nasty little ones. Somewhere alons ' t|ie line, maybe in Durmn or Gerrna^iy or Palestine or Greece, t^'anlc" 1 forgot how to be'afraid. ' "''" ''"'"' lie was a nice guy for the, X^ 1 )?' Morini's lo have aronnd. He'nev- er saiq so'but, tie'certainly "knevy. Maybe that was ^ why the' t$z- ruiJB's sent Frank's 'bq« ' a'letter the other day saying he 'bid ''personally risked 'his' life" maps 96,000,000 NET TONS time* In order lo obtain new* photographs";'", .""remarkable" for clarity, action and combat color." A'couple of weeks ago, Frank was cut off wllli two Marine bV.t- taliens. Afterward* I tried to talk him into going back to Hamhung fpr'ii'reU. "' ; " ' ' ' ' ' " "Nope/ 1 he said. And that was thai. He stayed' up (ropV—with lh« companies and the platoons— 'more Curing 'the pist sli weeks 'than ahy'other newsiiian 1 'or photographer I know of. There's one last thing: don't write off Pappy Noel. lie has seen a lot of war'and any' number of flfjht spots.' f ani betting"Frank wul v corne' bacfe : — p'robarjly' wttti exclusive pictures. V ' ' . "' • 3 Die as Navy Plane At Least Everyone Is Deaf to UN JERUSALEM, Dec. 4. W—Israel nil Jordan heeded' a U»iHed'Na- o'ru cease (ire 'order last night if- er llielr forces clashed on a dls- uted 'road 'In th«'N«feey descr^ Two Arab legion armored cars ;cre knocked out by Israeli torces > !he brier engagement, (lie mixed ordan—Israel Armistice Commls- lon reported. The group has sche- uled ••»' meeting for today." ! .'i'lie"U. N.''representative hero ulckly 'ordered a, cease fire arid Vlthdrawal. Soon after, Jordan V/ : Iflcd the u: tf. It would "retrain rom firing' urilew Israeli troop's •piolested" Jordan's normal'traffic 3\\ Ihj road. Jordan added Us lorces iati withdrawn. ' • 'A message froni Tel- Aviv said smcl also had screed lo the cense lire, but, made no' mention, of a withdrawal. ' " •• ' ASHEVILLE. N^ C., Dec. ^. (/P> Three crew tpembers were killei and a fourth was seriously Injurd When tlieir ' Navy transport. ' plan' crashed Into a inouiUaiiiside ' i rni)es southeast" of ' here ' ycslei'd»> 'Identification of the yicllms 'w'a Withheld. '"' '" ' '•"'• '•"" The plane, a small twin : eiiBin transport, crasljeci in a driving = rali> storm; 'It ' was' 'pii" » fljsht 'fr'oii Pomona' Naval .Air Base "near A< lantlc City, N. J. • ' . UMCLE SAM STEALS BKJ LEAD—Th« United Stales turned out more steel jn the month ot . October tbin'ic v »oy previous month'hi History, according to the"American Iron and Steel institute'. N»yrtchart above show« U>«"October output was more"'(han one-third of the'estimated" 1950'pro- duclioo d BIMCU *2oo* *nd newly half as much us Great Britain fs'expected jo produce this year. 1 • •" Stwl spokesmen far the U. K. »»1I liirn put 3C,OTO,ppq rict'lons in 1D5D; ' " v "•"''"" Arkansas Qjl f)§alers Renew Attqgk pn McM^tfi Road Plan LI'ril^E RCJCK, Dec. f CAP) — The pii peaters .'Association' of Arkaiwas 'liR?' accused ' Governor •McVTath of aUcmpUng to divert at- j tdWoa' from"" Ihe' real issue" in 'a: g rov'ing word - ba ttje between iji e ' B5sociation and the "chief executive. Iiast. Tuesday 'this association ndopied '^ icsoiuUon' opposing' any Increa^ie in' 'the Arkansas gasoline 'tax and ' criticizuig "lh? McMath hiTh^riy prbgraiii. McMalh ponntered by asserting Uxat tiie'oii (lealera m^fnlaihed' Ahlgren Puts Hope of Free in Press Marshall to (.cerye ' Red Gross Today ' WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. (^--Secretary of Defense 'Marshall hand? over the presidency of the American Ted^ Gross today, to E. Rolari'd'Ha'r- Ima'n, New York banker and r'all- oad executive. ' " ' ''' '' : * ' " Harriman was named by Presi-. dent Truman'last month-to suc- eert General Marshall in the post he had continued to hold since his ecent appointment to head the Defeiise DBpartment. oltne p^icp.s in Arkansas higher— exciiisiyV of tnx— tlVaji" Miose Mfi neislibbring slates "and that" the dealers "traditionally opposed" lii^luvoy legislation. W. F, Scarborough, association secretary, then issued a statement in ^yi"ch he said the didn't fix the retail jjrice 'apd that prices are higher because It costs 'a retailer mqre to do business In Arkansas than it docs iii Te'xas, for example. He cited sales tax, state income taxes and oil inspection lees and city privilege 'taxes' which he said a Texas retailer doesn't pay, He s a id," however; that-these 'factors have nothing - to" do wfth ' the real issue. " "It i.s noteworthy," he said, "that the governor has not yet explainecl why in two years p? 'his program when $40,000,000 of new' Iriighways '• T\°re promised, "contracts ' have MJf'jnted to only $3q,000,qoq ; 'eind -• i!,.,oix ot this contracted wprk 'has not been started or'"ls as much as fitijper cent Dec. -t. (iT>— Editor fralik Alghren iqld Arkansas newsmen here yesterday- that 'a free press is Ihe hope of a free world. Speaking at K meeting of the Arkansas 'Association of tlie Assoc- latea 'Press; the 'Memphis Commercial 'Appeal editor said: ''\Ve~ must see to it that tbe cheerless pepplti of the police stales knoy/ the true conditions as they e'xisl in' the >orld today that they may have""liope and determlnallon lo revive." Alghren was host to the meeting, which was 'the' first, [hat Arkansas editors and publishers have held on Tennessee soil. Some 15 dele- atcs voted to hold, the next ses- o'n'iii Hot Springs, with the date be determined later. U. S. Casualties Upped by 433 WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. Defense Department 'today reported 433 additional casualties in Korea. A new casualty list (No. 167) Id- enlificd 37, killed,' Ui woiin.ded, 20! missing, 42 injured In acclderiu and one dead of injuries. DISSTON light Conv«r1ibl« CHAIN SAW * Coti 1>« • N«w fail sitting chit*l l'yp« a, a 't* f fow«re<J wiffi |h« Mticury Gojo- 30" Ughf Coi»yer«We....$33a ' H«fp«r Handle;.'.' 0.50 Writ* ^r Coll far DcmenitriilUnl Riechman-Grosby Go. Ill I. Prwl it.,'l«.p,-Vi. • r»m l.ll'll urglar Finds People 'ecoming More Honest HOLLYWOOD, Dec. •). (/D— "People are getting nxore honest thesu days," said a note by a burglar who rilled a cole's cash register ..and phonograph boxes. The note, discovered yesterday, said "not one nickel was phoney." Mrs. FDR Talks At Vyo/c/prf Desp/te Threat NEW YORK, 'Dec. <. (&)— Mrs, F\-anklin D. Roosevelt spote at 'the Waldorf-Astoria' Hoter last night —apparently Unaware she'h'ad been threatened with death' If "she 'appeared. ' '' ' ; " "'" '•-' Shortly before her scheduled appearance at the annual 'dinner "b'f the Beth-El Hospital,"'police r said they received an' arionyrrious tele-" phone ! messn»e.' "'" ","' " 1? .' message, man" with a gun is going to shoot Mrs. Roosevelt If she" appears tonight," the caller said.' : '"'-" ' Uniformed police'" and planclo- .thesinen 'wqre'mpbllizeil 1 at nearby stations anfl 'sent tp''the 'scene. Some guarded tlie speakers' table, others mingled with the 1,200 guests in the ball room, and still'qljiers manned the surrounding balconies'. There was no untoward incident. On leaving, Mrs.' Rqfeevett' was escorted to a wait'ing auto by five policemen 'and driven several blocks to her town ' residence 'at the Park Sheraton Hotel. ' ' ' 'Continued from p»je II sue some of tlie early Al Jo!so films:\ Not "The" Singing' Fool 11 "The Jazz Singer," though'.' 1 " Pals" p't' willa'rd' Parker, and Vi giriia "^ield 'wbii't be' surprised If Mexican^ divorce paVes the way* f their" early"niarritige. '. :"'. Charl Ruggles' wife Is in "a local hospH for a cneck^'up. 'A" Hollywood scarlet heard ih Humpli'rey' Bo^arj wa-S s'tarrinf' In "Sirocco" 'and' sn'orledV " "' = ' r '"Humph', j-ou'd'think they'd do » picture ' about' a ""nobleman^ with somebody 'like' Sir Laurence'OUver." V ''' ''t'""'""'. Slewart Granger is snorting at the" rutnpr that' a' :! not-flnal British divorce stymied' his marriage 4 to Jean Simmwis. He was legally divorced three' years ago,"' Granger fiimes. . . .\Peggy 'Ann Garner's pal* are worried 'about her. health. .'. . People are going for the new dance craze^-the Hokey-pokey—a combination of square''dancing and the' Lambeth W4|k. Judy Canova introduced 'it at Palm Springs.'; . . They're "talking a : Hlt!e''c:Varige lor "The Thing"' over at RKp. Tlie zapy song of the same title has Vecpine top popular for comfort. Whisper' around the MOM lot Is that tlie s'tudio'will release "Mr. Imperium" to gauge feminine reaction to Ezio pinza befove' tossing him into ""Strictly Dishonorable." Hope Ezio doesn't have' cause' to sing "This Nearly Was Mine" about his'movie'care'er. " ' • ' ' That' lazy 'exhibitor who denses titles on tits' marqiici IE bill- Ing "Lady'wjfnoij't a 'Passport" an |'To Please V I^ady" 'this way: "To PleasV » J Ijdy vi'Uhout Passport." • '-,, k Lassie |s the first cahliie^tar to own a yacht: Ruad ^y/cath'erwiix who owns' and "trains v the~ pooch •}ust bought'tlie'sal]-"™ """-" 1 Trtf esl .cstlinate [of Las 'ary;»Oye'r' $50.000 'a year.' Jane )Van(s lo'Orow Up !• The "word Is out' that Jqri Sterling po[>s up as another Jean liar- low in ' Paramount's "Ace ' In the Hole" end" that' the studio's front, o'ffice has been'nlerted to fin'd Harlow-type stories'f'pr her. . . . V/on- der whether Jane Powell Is biting her nails about being cast as a tfeen-agcr again in ''Rich, Young ana Pretty" following her "grown- British General ^sks Censprsjiip On Korean Wgr TpKYp, Dec. 4. m— Lt. Gcll. Si Horace Robertspn, ' fpmiiiaiider ( chief of Brljlsh Com'moriw.eaitli oc cupa^lbji ' tqrces. today ' jirged c.en sorshlp on Kpfeaii war pperatlop?^ Uoberlsoii 1 'ask'ed tHat teh'sorshl be Imposed lo ensure the security p[ the United Nations command and the soldiers fighting In Korea. He said: "Against an enemy of knpwp limited 'capacity such as the North , Koreans II' nilght 'be a'dy'aiitage'oiis i to relax the accepUd s{«niiards'"'p(' security In'wir 't'p' enable "trie'world to be'kept fully ihfprm'6&. B'ut'iiow' against a powerful 'iitw eheniyl'mak'- iiig unileplared'Var' ! bn'the 'UnMe'd Nation's and afCac'klng.'itHelr fp'rces |n ovcVwhelmin'g 's tVe ri ig't h| we sfiouid no'ioiiger" broadcast to them o'yer'the radio' 'all'kri'e' : ]^test"dela|]s! of the'disiipsitlpn'ofour forces' Mti'd ' their' movehietiU, nor'similarly keep ' them fully Informed throiTgh Ihe world press."'''" Vf," • "'• ' ' ; ' Truman Heeds )Var, Nfot Peace, Pravda Ignores A-Bomb MOSCOW, Dec. 4. (0*1— Pri'vda, the Communist party newspaper, says President Truman "needs war and not' peace':" ''" 'the peaceful comrncnl'ih Ihe'President's news conference' lost Thursday. - ' ' '•' Pra'vda ; made riV mention o' Mr. 'Truman's" reiriark's ph' ! the atomic v bbirib,' however.' '•'" ''" up" buildup In "Royal Wedding.!' Wcndeir'Corey" sings 'in 'the "same film. "I .sound." he told me, "like Clem McCarthy calling ^ facc.'!'" :: Mrnond.''b'Brien' and 'Maurice Evans are huddling about a Droad- \vay play. "Crosswlnds," aHipg vessel. Lat- nssie's movie sal- tastes its age! wpfiiler it's America's largest-selling 5 year old straight Kentucky opton! "K?"?" whiikcy. S6 proof. Anclcnl Agt Uijt.Cp., Kraiikforl, Kj'. new 'John -Payne-Rhorirla Fleming 'cp-stnrrer, ' will .'be' filmed entirely on location in, Florida. Lewb R. Foster-directs." ..'.'•'. The Frcd'A'a- t^lres'var'e getting their passport pictures snapped Tor a'n bvtrseas vacation. ".'".'""." J. ArthUr Rank is again attemiiUng to"i>ave the 'way for', a release or the BfftlsK-maile "Oliver Twist" In_the U. S.' It's been held 'pp because' ol a Ihrejitencd ban by re|Igious 'groups. '"''•' ''"•' *' ' *'''''? ' beauty on arm" is C'a- u' I j'' VyilJa • • * ?? 3 * ™P??°' r n T"i V claims fie' saw a snake-preyfew p( "All Aboat Eye." , '.'. Fashlnn npl«: Danfeiie Darrieux wears ble-strand mink necklace In *a new MOM rlicktr. This Is'noose? ' . .Tnhn Barryniore, ' ' "Oh, do you knoyr Vfhot I jusf heqr«J? IT'S DOMING VERY SOON! DIXIE PIG REE! This Beaulilul Life-Size Doll With the Purchase of a bequtif u| DEXTER WASHER An Ideal Christmas Gift For Your Little Girl! LlFtTIMI 10 YIAR RIPIACIMENTRONP A fl'jaror.:** ot tiouDl* valu«*rhot »ur«i you th« many yeof> of uri- • failing Ufvk«|hat means abjp[u|« dependability. CORKO-VANI, HfGH-WING AGiTATOIt Poub!«-quiclc ogifolion. Hi-Wing corrp*vorM agitator fl«x*i and fluih*» oj 'h* lam* Hrr Giti dirtictl cloth*i clearer ' EXCLUSIVE SUPER CENTURY SINGLE TRANSMISSION DexUr's time-proven troublv- free mechanism, waled in o\\ tn a sturdy Dexlron cp(*. On)/Jour moving'parts. On«-plec« il**I worm i> hofd*n«d, , "Teniilitrpng DeRiron" worm'gior op«r<- otes on glost tmooth track for years of trovfct*- fre« tervic*. TURN-FLO TUB Large capacity. Gleaming vilreoyj enamel finjih, ScicntificaFly deilgnodfor thorough* water ocliorf. Eafiett lo cJeon. • Y«-D«xt»r ii Anrterica'i fin*i| wwTief, It brings yow f^? r * exclusive advonToges Than you ever thought poiwW*. h will giv« you a lifelime of trovb|t-fr»« i*fvic« and g*i your c|olh«i cleaner- quicker end vositf. /j n aref / flfltP - e ' cre you ^ ^^*£ f »«e Dext»r. G«| lli» • mot for your wa*h«r dollar. Models as Low as $ 139 95 Equipped with Pump MOOiE'S FURNITURE^CO. 306-31P East Main Blytheville

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