The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1947
Page 3
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V. JUI/V ;j, 1.9.17 Truman fo Speak In Charloffesviite Fourth of July Talk To Bo Delivered from Historic M on ficelle SLYTHEVILLB •J& t Many Injured in Train Wreck WASI11KOTON, July ;t. ''i'siilcnt Truman left, il M 2 p. in. today for ., ifl]> to ChnrldtU-svlll i'i'.' 1 ' 0 M wl " tk ' livc ' r :i '•" u '"y u<ldre.5.s. Tin- 1'iosidcnt will spe^ Uie porch „, Moll iicello. (I,,, Jeffe.son. 1 ;li " a >' " . e ..tlih-Ms will bi- cari'ied bv major networks Iwirinnini; m «. us. cCSTi tomorrow. Mr. 'rniinau v .-:is irnvrlir... "Ulomobile to- Charlotiesville" c"inpaniej| by his aides -iii.-| l '•CDortc-rs. photosmpliers. and , '"•limeians || u , luracst ,-r<>Ui> i« !!« with him on a trip, ne 10 Ule whil " """* Cll;;,,,i>.,ly llc ,,.„, I: |,,,,, H , C] ;|) ,.,,_ Uirn to Washington s.-Uurci;*'.- i,-,t "e decided lo spend the weeVem' one mile from MoiuioclH < Charlotiesvilie. In addition to Hie s; Olllv e']"-lL'empMt /,,, ,\ L-J^.I^I IIILIH <m t|i<.' uonts schedule is :i Int.d-p ">e Colonnade Club on the versity of Virginia campus!' Miiki)).. i.hc trip with M • m«n lire liis chief of rlnf' William D. Leahy Mil' Harry H. Vnuglian and Rwiv •James K. Foskett. his mililcir »iaval aicies: Brie, Gen Ornham, his physician. Clifford, presidential rou-;<-c<l I'l-css Secretary Charlrs O. Fickle Female Blamed For Viciousncss of Big Bad Bears in rarest Ten,,., Ju i >-Bear s Have D,e snme son as ,me n for roasnlnr- c home territory. The fickTe fc is behind it all That's wh.-,t Blair Hos!i s , ns supermtP,,ritMt of the' Ore-it Snio,:y Mountains National Part: ldS Ulil wilh " 3!1 -, yoar some 5r> 01 . ( t] "'.(,' IJ..,ck beasts stra- ['own t"» mountains to 1)rcj . on ' n vt ,, t ,,'i- and ocejsionally attack «<•<>»> Ross has been wnteHiiK 'it a long tune and now lie's figured thf reason the bears leave home It's to f i mi ne-.v stompin,, grounds According to tlie kee-er eich bip male has a harem' territory say iivc or ten square miles un in the thick forest region He : s Kingpui over tint domain miiii the ,tay an ambitions yo..n»er male begins to ivin favor with (lie women, when th ; ,t happens there's J --<y bear fight and the winner takes over. rose'' 0 . kSe '' ostra: - i Z'- : <' and ma- til oflen he leaves the 5 fores" lJi the mood he's in. no wonder [ he s vicious, Ross .savs. Read Courier News Want Ads. .-?t l::ds like pedal-mobiles, but Gary Cvomer of Sen I tie Wish rce,,, the _ bulldoxer his "Dad made for Im He's • bh.dc , _ ' ' • 1 " i ' ni kl "" g one cotitral notl er lo s .o,, the left IraeU (left hand), j,,st like they do on . b '° buUdo^crs. IJ,.s D.-id, Jock, witches operations Doctor Elected President Of Kiwanis International CiircAGO. July 3. (UP) — Dr. 32nd annual convention. Armstrong succeeded" Hamilton Holt, Macon, Ga.. wlio «-.i s "appointed to the post three weeks y H ago after incumbent Jn, „ „ ci-son. Pnlhnap, 'Wash., died of liarlc.-! w. Armstrong. Salisbury, _. N. O.,. a, an-ccior of the NaUomdj heart attack iiutrculosis Association, yesterday! __ r^-u'do'rn '"t CS ,'h e ' U ° f ' Ki ?? n H The B >'i"sh call an automobile "L organization's muffler a "silencer." Atlanta Pastor to Tour' Churches in Yugoslavia ATLANTA. Oil.. July 3. lUP) -_ Hr. l.ouic 11. Newton, iiaptlsl pusto.- who ius])i'eted eliurehes in linssh'i last, year hus been Invited to mak- a .similar tour of churches in Yugoslavia. Newton snid that'he received Hit invitation from the Yugoslav «o- vcrmnent, throi^li its embassy In Washington several days IIKO. ' Aecepiaiicc of the invitation, lie said, will depend upon advice Irom Secretary of State Marshall. Newton Is scheduled to leave aboard Hie Queen Kllvjiljc'lh. Jm v 17 to attend Hie Seventh Work! Congress of Baptists III Copenhagen. Denmark. FARMCONTEST Continued from I'at'e I, Place awards went to P.iul VnH- cllvci- and c. O. Sliorkley. Tiie winners of this contest, were selected on tlie basis of the "en- eral care ot their crops, management and nppenr.Tnce of Hie land assigned to them by Air. Fleenmn Judging \vns done by a committee composed of Mi: Bllbrey J Louis Cherry, a former coiiuij ,111 and who is now engaged in lainniig. and v.inee Dixoii, farmci anrt leader in agricultural nctivi- -i in this coutity. Karl)- Harvest. Award Ellon Williams was'. Hie fji-st U,,- iiit lo ( ;et his crop out ami was •warded first place in this contest •ml nerclrecl Hie $5 per briie prem- Well now, we don't really put your car in. a washing- machine ... or hang it on the line to r^v,,.^; wc sure do knov ' '">w to WASH CARS . . . clean the old greasy ^:; ™,\ (]i rt o f f tl ,. engine— and get fl thorou~hly cli^,,= u . r * LIQUID GLAZC OR PORCELASNJZE A scientific Ireatrn'-nt that cleans, polishes and renews trie automotulc finish. Removes scum and dirt ami gives ait- weather protection against fo" • sun grease and makes ii cas'y to keep up the appearance of your car. Lcf Us Liquid Glaze or Porczbinirc Your C3T. • SPECIAL PRICE NOW $15.00 ANjf_CAR ANY MAKE DREIFUS' Saturday ^ LOY EICf CHEVROLET CO. Walnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 * *B47 says. * HOLMES & EDWARDS •k 188T ROGERS |Cab Companyl -*• *•* -* ; IJ! Courfeous Service $ ^'^ ,,-• ;j .. 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Mr. " lv ] s I'rudiiml 41 Ijules on 30 n:>,n-est('d b y November 10 of List om>'''j-i''. s: ' ll ° li "'" l '"' °" 15 ' >>> " 1< ' <l Audio JJiiiliiin, tt-n s : ,w<mleii first i?.e to,- ute isivulest net return w» (lie hind v ,,lue mid Investment, pir Mils honor, Mr. Diulm,,, re- cuveii in, ,.xini pi-eniliim tor nuik- ,,'CT '' Kl ' < -' all ' st '"'I return per Rrst pi ; ».,. ),„„<„.., itl ( hl , L , 0 ,,. t Mivnd of vclcli contest went 10 ^eIson Iliimllioii. Mr . Hiunilton was f..iir{ the 1-0:11.1 Ininu cost of Die (in '- '*' ""' aiuolliu uf lil(1 B° V - !u coimiicntlim on Hie contest nnil lu ivlniii)ii.sli||) lo Die runners <il i his vicinity. Mr. 'Dillirny silted, .-tins | s („„, o( U|c , b( , st l«i in iiiiiimi:i>ni<>iit niul Inndlord- s", 1 ,''" "''""onslili.'s I huve ever for ,-irolectloii nj-nhlst suml ktorms :;o prevalent hi Mint ineu. Mr. Kimnnn for man;,- years his teen one of ijhe mtsl tunslslent users of veleli n.s a eover crop mid soil bulkier In North Mississippi County, Mr. uiibrey staled. Some of the tenants on (he phintntUin cnn i-eii-.eiubL'r when the hind llmi.! less limn 11 bale of i-otlon lo"thi'' |icro, iind j.,. m . M| . ,.!,.,,,„„„ had some land tiuit pi-min,.,,,! two bales per nere. lie s.iid. "I HIM very |ili-,iieil wldi (| u . ou; . fonie of lusi year's contest," Mr stilted, "and plnn to con- tlnini the contests each y»ur for us • OIIB as my tenants remain intei-- esled In (hem.- Day Phone 3371 WALPOLE Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 1'7 So. Ht.,,m,IS(. Estimates Gladly Given e, Ark. der.stiuidtiii; o! \vhat Is lo ln> d-)iie ahi-:yl n! lime nnd all work 'to- ti'i- living uiul more ca'sj'i tni-oiiu'." > cit'ii t>('(ii I''ttii)(iiis(s '\VH I; '"inijlu'sis (I'l Mi) 11 »;<• areatest values of fai-iii|n,. Vi'tc!) M:I<| other cover props Is if nT 1S r';'"' ( ' th •"• l " 11 Silll 'lv soil --._!!..'': m """_ p|: """lio'i "iimls \i«M& 10 BIG.COt.Dk fewftgj^l swans' ' Hardware Mutual J Insurance Company ,' of Minnesota ! i Large nivldend Hnvhigs ! J.ow Net Cost Pratcctlon ', For Service ', W. L. TAMKE ! «8 E, |J 11V | S St., P. O. Hnx 1:11 ! '"'"""' 2-IS7 Hlrllicvllle, Arli. I COMFORT Coffee Shop July 4 - Featured Dinner Grapefruit Juico Cream of Tomato Soup $1.25 Baked Idaho String Beans A Custard Baked Sugar Cured Ham, Raisin Sauce Grilled Single Pork Chop, Apple Sauce Roast Leg of Milkfod Veal, Dressing Fried Tenderloin of Trout, Tartar Sauce Fresh Shrimp Cocktail Cold Consomme Sherbet Sliced Tomatoes Fruit Jcllo Coffee Peach Cobbler Teo \Vhole Grain Corn English Peas Ice Cream SPECIAL JULY VALUES at OWENS' MILK OF MAGNESIA 73* • .__.j VINELAND TONIC l'V>r Your Ar>?>c(i(« POISON IVY and OAK LOTION 390 POISON OAK CREAM 500 \ PEPTONA I ! For fhaf Tired i ." Run-Down Feeling i ! 98< j FUNGI-REX J The Salve for Tired ;uid niiif; Keel 50^ • SEE US ', | FOR ALL YOUR \ • | ! BABY NEEDS I ! FIGHT INSECTS WITH I ELKAYSDDT i I Insecticide ! QTS. - PTS. - BOMBS FOUNTAIN SPECIALS Tlie Ijjk'ffcst iind bcsi cones, in (own arc horc! Treat 'your rfidflicfj to onr ice croiim cones often. , Hot Toasted SANDWICHES -H(- Ice Cream SODAS -150- Delicious MALTED MILK -250- Ice Cream SUNDAES -250- Air Conditioned - - For Your Comfort OWENS DRUG STORE

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