The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAT '<, 1950 IAMC.Y PAGE FTVS Senate May Cut ERP by $500 Million Taft Believes Economy Move Can Pass Vote WASHINGTON, May 4, W')—Encouraged by a new economy recruit, Senator Taft (R-Olilo) said today "there 1* « posibllity" the Senate will whack hfllf.a billion dollars from the pending European aid bill. Senator Ives (R-NY) told the Spnate late .yesterday that "for the nftrst time" he will vote to cut a Tnarshsll Plan authorization. The New York Republican tacked this up by offering an amendment to whittle $500.000,000 from the $3.100000.000 asked to finance Ihe third year of the Kuropcan Recovery Program. Previously Backed Previously Senators Taft and Hlckcnlooper (R-Iowa) hart bached a 20 per cent cut of $1300,000.000 while Senator Kem IR-Mo) proposed a full $ slash. The Senate has afirecrt to start voting on these various cutbirVs and a long list of other amend meuUs Friday. Senator Connaily (D-Tex). floor manaqer for the hie global aid authorization, told a reporter he was confident the Senate would reject all attempts to cut hack the totll as it has In past years. But Tad said he hopes economy advocates can Join forces "on a cut of 500 or 600 million dollars. I don't care which." "I have not made any check yc-t anil there will be some Democratic support." Taft said. "I think there Is a possibility of a fair reduction. Reasons Listed I al)0 Ives listed a number of reasons ; nel . through the town Immediately toi supporting a cut this time, in- \ , ms pafl Qf L^^ym,,.,, Co uon t eluding: 1 An "ui-Bent need for economy" because of the huge deficit being piled up now by this government. i_5 A return to above pre-war nro- jHfctivity in most European coun- 3 Failure of Western European nations to remove their trade barriers against one another and move toward unification. Senator' Kcm sharply criticized the pouring out of billions of American dollars in what, he called a pros-ram to aid England. France and other nations nationalize or 1 socialize industries. —Ouurier News Vhotii .MISS I.KACIIV1LI.K—Miss Gladys Phillips yesterday was chosen from 20 contestants lo bear the title of Miss Leachvilie. She is shown with Leacliville Cotton Week chairman Billy Steed who escorted following the beauty pageant which Week activities. Country Doctor Asks Patients To Pay Debts to Help Him Now Nationalists See New World War Leaders Claim Russia Equipping China Communists TAIPEI. Formosa. May 4. </Ti Nationalist China's top' leaders told •'l-siting American newsmen today that rtussia and Red China are preparing for world war. The Russians, they said, have thrown planes, warships and men Into the fit-tit to knock out Ihe Na tionalists. now standing on a fe\i frlnpe islands with their backs to the .sea. Ocu. Cllou Chi-jou. chiel of tlv joint general staff, said: One hundred .Chinese Commnnls divisions are being "Sovietixcd" ii oti'£iiu?.ation and ccjulpment. Russia has promised the Chines Reels 600 planes. Already 237 ar in the Shanghai area. At least have b"en Identified as jets. Soviet submarines are using Tsinplao as a base in addition lo Daiien and Port Arthur. Russian subs prowl Ihe entire China coast have been spotted near Shanghai. Formosa arici Hainan. ;ia nivc Hie Chinese Reds :n warsliips totaling 37.flfl(l tons re. cclvcd from Japan as war reparations. A tola! of 23,000 Soviet advisers and technicians are !'l Red China. Of these. 12.000 are with the army 8.000 with (he navy and 3.000 with the air force. PrrMdcnl Chinue Kni-shck told the 10 newsmen who arrived here yesterday they had come to Formosa "at the critical moment in nil history ... in which we are en- cased'In a life and death striiHRle.' "See for yourselves ami rc.ii'li I your own conclusions," he urged. Missco Convicts Granted Paroles Police Officer Deliver* Son tor Wrre by Way of Instruction by Telephone SAN KHANCISCO, May 4. M'l— The next time his wife is cxpectins. police clerk John Gerald Kenney will Install an upstairs phone just In case. The- ^H-yc'fir-old officer, roused from his sloop yesterday rushed downstairs to telephone Dr. William D. Clark: "The baliy'f, coming right now ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Doc. What do I do?" The doctor gave »tep b> *t*p nstructlons. Kenney rushed up- talrs to carry out each Ktcp, then own again for more instructions. After several trips up «nd down, ic finally panted into the phone, It's a girl." NEW Km Oliens Wrrk Dajs V.M p.m. Matinee Saturdays A Sindaji .Mai.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showini Manila, Ark. ££i. :*-»=£ vli BELL AND BELLE IN BOND APPCAL-iue jo-u ol.l I met Flo.-iharly of Washington, D. C.., puts all her miRlit mlo ll.e .it- (cmplec! i-inping of this reproduction of lliu Liberty Moll on Ms arrival In New York from France. The bell is one ol 5.! roplti'as cast in 1-Vance for use by the U. S. Treasury neiiiu'tinviil In >hc fnrthcominE Independence Bond l>rivc. Thursday 'TOUGH ASSIGNMENT" uilli Minjnrta Slrrln alltl Steve I>nicllc NPUS ,t SJlfiris Thursday "RETURN OF OCTOBER" M'llli Menu Tnri Also Shnrt* Friday £ Saturday 'HOSTILE COUNTRY" Friday "RIVER LADY" with Vvnnnr l)r Car)* Saturday "THE PALOMINO' ivllli .Icrnme Cnurllanil Also Shorts Kem asked Congress to prohibit any further aid for nations that took over basic industries. A similar anti-nationalization amendment, offered by Kem last year was defeated by a wide KS-M margin. 'Ham' in School Boy Comet Out After Rescue From Trunk at Rehearsal KN'OXVILLE. Tcnn.. May, 4. (API— Bill Knight. IS. |tot a ble- ger thrill out of play ; rcru'firsnl al tJIV-ardcn hich school last night •pn Ihe script called foj, Tn the play. Bill is /smuggled hi'o a women's dormitory in a . When he heard his cue ill he co'"ld do was pound on the trunk. Somebody had *hut the lid too hard. It was locked. Nobody had a key. Other members of the amateur cast, telephoned for— -and got: an ambulance, a fire truck, a wrecker RIK'( a mechanic. ' Bill was freed. "On with the show!" he s'hoilt- Ed. But the cast called it a night. ATLANTA. May 4. «•>— An elderly country doctor who wants to pay his own doctor bill promptly has asked his patients to pay him the doctor bills that they have left unpaid. But the patients still aren't settling their accounts with balding Dr. R. H. Bramlett, Sr. The 63-year-old physician published his appeal in the Forsyth County News before he came here for an operation yesterday. A Serious Operation "1 am up against a serious problem," Dr. Bramlctt's printed appeal said. "Have been in the hospital for three weeks and must undergo a serious operation which I may not survive! I am now askinc your aid like you asked mine thousands of times. "Do you remember how good you felt when mayoe snow covered the 1 ground or i •• all other kinds of bad weather, when you heard my voice say, 'I will come'? Fees Arc Asked "Now. my friends, I aril asking yon to come and pay me l.he small fees charged you for my services. "You might, do better to settle with me thai: my administrator Please, don't disappoint me. m> friends, for I ioie every one of you. 15,000 persons live. Patients Owe 525,000 The lather has been practicing medicine iu Forsyte County, in north Georgia, since 1911, young Dr. Bramlett said, and his patients still owe him about $25.000. "Why, he's delivered more than 4,000 babies," the son said produly. The elder doctor was reported cio- in^ as well "as could be expected after a major operation," the son aid today. But Dr. BramelU's avowal ol love for his rellowman brought more than a shrug'o! a coid shoul- cier. The appeal so far haci accom " ' plisheri very little, said the doctor' The current Gregorian calendar | son, Dr. R. H. Bramlett. Jr.. who fails bv 26 seconds per year to also practices near Cumming.s. in represent the true year. rural Forsyth County where about Livestock NATIONAL' STOCKYARDS, May «. (AP) -(USDA)—HOK SOO; fairly active- weights -180 Ib. ,ip to *0 lo 50 higher than averag' Wednesday; lighter weights 2o t. 1 50 higher; sows steady to 25 higher cood and choice 1BO-240 Ibs 18 _ ; largely 16.2o-4fl; top 1R.M; 250 270 Ibs 17.15-18.15; few to 1825: 270 300 Ib; ln~odd lots 17.2S-7S: 140-17 Ibs 16.25-18.00; 100-130 Ibs 12.SO- 15. 50: good and choice sows 400 Ib, down 15.25-16.00: 410-500 lus mostl 14,?o-75; heaviet \vei«hLs down ti 13.25; stags 9.50-12.00. Cattle 1250; calves 800: generall strong and active on all cia.sse.s medium to low good steers 25.25-27 25; odd head above; heifers an mixed yearlings moderately active medium and good from 25.50 !o 28 00; common and medium 23.00-25 00; good cows 21.00-22.00: commo and medium cows 19.00-20.00: cat ner.s and cutters mostly 14.50-18.5 Five Mississippi County convicts ere among Ihe 52 paroled ycster- iv by the State Parole Board in ittle Rock. . The five parolees include: Alsace-Born Youths Prisoners of Russians RTR.ASHOURO (AIM — Several hundred Alsace-born youths, who worn pressed into service with the German army after Hitler annexed Alsace-l^rraine in 1010, lire stiV l)»ipg held as prironcrs "somewhere in Russia", local officials say. Most rif them were still at school when U'p Npzl panzers swept into Ihcir vnsiic villages alons the Rhine and in the foothills ot the Vosges. T<>The five parolees include: . ( , av thp conscripts frr.m Alsare anil Bobbie Jean Bowman, sentenced | l nrc!l - u , K f[ra tlicmsclvc* p?wns in pril 15. 1!H3, to three years on a cM w|i( . |)Ciwccn lllc wc . s icrri harfie of forgery. Robert I,. Ilowman, sentenced pril 15, 1545, to three years on a narge of uttering. Dale S. Pierce, sentenced Dec. 30, 943, to one year on a ch<iri;e oi rand larceny. Gloria D. Sawyers, sentenced Dec. 0, 1049. to one year lor grand Sar- cny. Verna Mne Sawyers, sentenced Dec. 30. 1049, to one year on a charge if grand larceny. powers and Russia. British Building New Cargo Ship of the Air LONDON — MY— Britain's new 'cargo ship ; oi the Mr. 1 ' the Universal Freighter Plane, is about. e.idy. It' is big enough to carry a full-size bus. <jr !K) passengers, on flights up to 500 miles. How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place l>n yo'.n talKc tooth. Runny Mirt cm- burrnM l>y slipping. clrn[>]Hri B or wob- i>lmn when vou «nt. t^i^ti or talk? JLISI sprinkle a HUL« FA3TRKTH on youi pl!\tr.=i. This alknlhiG (non-nrlti) pow dcr nold-s'lnisc lecth more firmly and mor»! conilortKbly. No smnmy. RO I'hone -Ifi'il fur Show Time I,ast Day Two Big Hits t ^ ADVEMTURI j ! 'IKSF -» Bi<i " *« ^ ! TV -r» -• <w ^ r Ban Patch Jeffrey !Payne .Russell The National Geographic Societ-y lays Ml. EtnR is Europe's highest and largest volcano. . I , ;rt FASTKKTH More. today nt ftny <ln: Battery Fed Fat FRYERS Home-Killed & Dressed Tender HENS I'tillv Dressed SHOW STARTS 1:M P.M. Tlmrsrliiy 'SEVEN SINNERS" .lolin Wayne .Marlciir. nlclricti' Kridny & S;ilnrday "SHERIFF OF MEDICINE BOW" Johnny M:ick Brnvrn 3^1 Also —• Waif Disney Cartoon Thui-s.-Kri. • 2 Hig Hils 7:00 BUYTHEVlLLtS ONI.\ .,, ,-, ALL WHITE THEATRE kV-SL ^•^-crz^Y W-||"i" "i-'-WMBiMTtr* Also R5 K Co-HH v Furnace CREEK I'ltis Serial • Cartoon dressed for such a little price You'll find the lovelies! graduation dresses for your daughter here Kt Rnservfhal's ... a beautiful dress she']! he pi-nutl lo wcav. Compare Ihcir quality, compare 1 h ei i beauty, and compare tin ' price anywhere. Half or whole lean Fresh, rich iYi iron Excellent- salr meat I Direct- from the country f! Fresh CORN MEAL 25 Ib. bag 'C Ib, tin «W'l«r or D,i,, (;,!,„. '" I®"* 1 Riccland Purs White FREE DELIVERY — PHONE 501 v'linosc from cilhor while nr paslcl colors in Hie fahrii'S 1 . . t-if- fcta. i-rc|ic, waffle |>ii|n<:Hor si/.c is here. . .9 In 15. Hrfore you chimsc, slop in al IlDscnlhal's— voti'll be slaci vim clitl! WSHK^ 1 ,,, NV. M« w Tender, Juicy, Fresh FAP rnuM LM\ \,V/i\li 1 for Of t& M l£i l"rr«li 'IVntlcr Green Beans Ib 18c I'rc^li I-'itni (Irci'M Cucumbers Ib20c Sitnshilic III. hoN v <i I lift i i"n i>i PET MM 3 cans 350 J MELVIN HALSELL, Owner Main & Division Free Delivery Phone 501 •4&.BSS&

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