Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on September 2, 1972 · Page 60
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 60

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1972
Page 60
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Gary Grimes as he appeared in 'Summer of '42' Grimes grows up By Mary Murphy L.A. Times News Sen-ice. HOLLYWOOD Gary Grimes in "Summer of '42" was the personification of sexual naivete and innocence. In "The Culpepper Cattle Co.," he again was likeable and amusingly naive, a boy poised uncertainly on the threshold of mature male urgings. After those portrayals, it's a surprise to meet him. Beyond the · rose-tinted glasses, curly chestnut hair and puppylike grin certain to make teen-bopper hearts twitch, there is a quiet intelligence, a knowledge of life beyond his 17 years, a certain Scorpio mysteriousness which if unleashed on screen could well produce another kind of Grimes mania. As it was, his charm helped make "Summer of '42" such a whopping success that Warners is making a sequel, "Class of "44," again starring Grimes and the other two boys. " 'Summer of '42' was about the loss of innocence, but 'Class of '44' really makes no statement. It is very simple and enjoyable, a nice story," Grimes said. "It takes Hermie, Ostie and Benjie from high school graduation to college and fraternities and a girl friend my own age . . . no radical concepts in this film," says Grimes. But Grimes says there is growth and maturity in Hermie when he has to make a choice between going to college or joining the army, and when his father dies. "When Grimes first discussed "44," it was after school at the Brithwater Cafe, a cool, camp restaurant off the Sunset Strip where kids seem to hang out and imitate Spassky-Fischer. Fledgling chess players and chess tables line the bay-windowed wall. The next time, he was calling from a payphone booth 40 miles out in the country, "It's beautiful, I'm in the woods at an old gas station, there are open fields and an old barn and clear blue skies." He and costars Jerry Houscr and Oliver Conant and. a chaperone were camping out for the weekend. Five weeks into filming, he says. "I have a much betler feeling about this picture. I ' know what I am doing. There is a good spirit. The clothes are terrific. And we are treating it as a separate film which I think is the only way it should be done. It is related to '42 only througlT'our names and the title." Grimes started in show business in commercials at age 10. His mother, then a production assistant on The Young Mar- rieds, got him a two-line part on the show and he was hooked. He also feels that film-making is where he can make the most potent social statement. Grimes was 8 when John Kennedy was killed and it affected him deeply. "It made me start thinking politically and doubting our system and our officials. I've been working for candidates and causes ever since and will work for Sen. McGovern in this election." Through friends of his mother, Grimes at age 15 hears that Robert Mulligan was looking for a lead for "Summer of '42." Mulligan, who he describes as a very warm man, met and hired him. No screen test. "Class of '44" leaves two of the characters in college and one in the army, with infinite possibilities for sequels. But for now it's back to Burbank High School's class of 73, where his friends Md him about being a "star" while he puffs on an imaginary cigar. He's looking forward to the 72 election, backpacking and the fall season of the L.A. Philharmonic. Grimes likes Tchaikovsky, Prokofieff, Debussy -- not Alice Cooper nor the Rolling Stones. Excellence in Education HOPSON DAY SCHOOL 4114 E. Brown,Way 326-4557 area Broadway Alvernon Toddlers thru 8th Grade Our Pride -- Good Readers thru Phonics 16 Years in Tucson Member Assn. ChiUhaod Erfuc. Monfeiiori Join'/, Chamber CommcrM 1/2 day 3100 mo. AH day 65.00 mo. (Under 3 slightly rnort) Good basic education is the most important tlwg jou · can £i»e your cMd. Pre-schoo! bWg. i Grade Kdg. Small Classes · hdnridual attention -- advancement on afaifr. 296-1312 29SJ329 Sunday TV C. NICHOLS ENGWEERIG CO, WC. ESTABLISHED 1946 AR commoNMG HEATING SALES-SERVICE PHONE 881-2770 Q KVOA--NBC G KUAT--PBS O KGUN--ABC CD KZAZ --INDEP. © HOLD --CBS Sunday Morning 5:~30 A.M. (0 Summer Semester 6:00 A.M. © Tom Jerry, cartoon 6:30 A.M. Q Gospel Singing Jubilee From Nashville. Tenn. (I hr.) © Goolies, cartoon 7:00 A.M. O Reluctant Dragon CD Old Time Gospel Hour © Why Do We Work? Program examines the meaning of wo: fc viewed from the perspective o! America's religious traditions. (1 hr.) 7:30 A.M. Q Tele-International Spanish-lanauase dramatic se.-ia!. (2 hrs.) 0 Scooper Adventures of Scoocer and hi! nana aboard a double-decker bus. 8:00 A.M. 0 BullwinMe CD Reed Gipson Sunday school service. C0 Camera Three "Paris As You Remember It" is a linht- hearted medley of songs performed by Les Freres Jacaues, four noted French entertainers who became popular at the end of World War II. Repeat. 8:30 A.M. Q Oral Roberts The evangelist interviews sospef singer Clara Ward- CD Akron Baptist Temple C0 Face The Nation Georse Meany, president of the AFL-CIO. is interviewed. 9:N A.M. 0 Summer Olympics Competition to be covered include- irac' and field, swimming, basketball and eauestrian. (2 hrs.) O Mass For Shut-Ins FESS PARKER As Davy Crockett Channel 4, 4:30 p.m. 3:30 A.M. O Religious Special "The Temptation of Reb Yisroel" is a drama presented in observance of t'-i? Jewish High Holy Days dealing with man's ability to rise above his own imperfections. CB Emmanuel Baptist C0 Herald of Truth 10:00 A.M. O Meet The Press Richard C. Gerstenberg, chairman of the board of the General Motors Corporation, is interviewed. CD Streams of Faith ©Four Winds To Adventure 10:30 A.M. Q Day of Discovery CD The Defenders E. G. Marshall and Robert Reed star as a father-son legal team. (1 hr.) C0 Zoorama ll:0fl A.M. 0. Inspiration For Life ,0 Mexican Theater Spanish language music, varielv. news and special features hosted by Tony onti Henry Viliegas. (2 hrs.) £0 I Love Lucy 11:30 A.M. H Medical Consultation CD The Avengers Patrick Macnce stars, il hr.) ©, Four Winds to Adventure Sunday Afternoon 12 NOON O Forum Four CB Movie To be announced. (2 hrs.) SHELLEY WINTERS, RENI SANTONI In scene from "Enter Laughing" Channel 13, 7 p.m. 12:38 P.M. O Time For Timothy Pi:DDCt show for children. CD Revival Fires 1:00 PJH. O Agriculture, U.S.A. Q Summer Olympics Competition to be covered includes boxing, diving, basketball and volleyball. (2 hrs.) % CD Rex Humbard Religious program. (1 hr.) 1:30 P.M. Q Laramie John Smith, Robert Fuller and Sprira Byingion star in re-run western scries. (1 hr.) 2:M P.M. CD First Assembly of God © Kid Talk . Hollywood columnist Rona Barrett and comedian Marty Allen explore areas of interest with the four young panelists. Repeat. 2:30 P.M. Q Safari to Adventure CD Christian College C0 Animal World The Arctic Polar-Bear is featured. 3:0» P.M. gS Comment Guests offer strong opinions on controversial topics. 0 Sports Action Profile Laffit Pincay Jr., 1971's top jockey, is featured. CD Tele-Fiesta Mexican entertainment. (1 hr.) £B Campaign : 72 Special reports on maior events of this election year. Roser Mudd, anchorman. 11 hr.) 3:28 P.M. Q NBC News 0 Science Fiction Theater "Qmasaurus" with Ward Ramsey 3 n d Paul Lukather. (1'A hrs.) 4:00 P.M. _Q Wild Kingdom "To Catch A Giraffe." CB Lee Trevino Show Tns popular pro golfs with two ou^st celebrities. 03 Petticoat Junction 4:30 P.M. 0 World of Disney "Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race" s'ars Fess Parker in the title role and Buddy Ebsen as his friend Georgie Russel. In this adventure, they enter a keelboat race with boastful river Contain Mike FinK (Jeff York). Repeat. (1 hr.) Nuestro Pueblo CD CB 7:00 P.M. Q The Bold Ones A young boy afflicted with muscular dystrophy helps a pro golfer gain tne courage he needs to win a mental battle. Directed by Jerry Lewis. Repeat. {1 hr.) Q Firing Line A performance of the harpsichord virtuosity of Fernando Valenti and a discussion of "Music and AAodernisrn" when the concert artist is the ouest of William F. Buckley Jr. Repeat. 11 hr.) CB Movie "Enter Laughing." 1967 film adaptation of Carl Reiner's jovial reminiscences ol his experiences as a stagestruck New York youngster, stars Jose Ferrer. Shelley Winters, Elaine f/iay. Jack Gilford. Reni Santoni, Janet Margolin. David Opatoshu and many more, (2 hrs.} 8:00 P.M. Q Movie "Rio Bravo," 1959 vrestern with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Rick Nelson. Angie Dickinson, Ward Bond, Walter Brennan, Claude Akins and John Russell. (2 hrs.) 0 -Masterpiece Theater "The Last of the Mohicans," fifth of an eight-part series based on novel by James Fennimore Cooper. Adventure Is set in the wilderness of upstate New York during the French and Indian War. Repeat. (1 hr.) 0 Movie "The Ballad of Andy Crocker" with Lee Ma'ars, Pat Hins'e and Jimmy Dean. life hrs.) 8:30 P.M. ffl David Frost Show Redd Foxx is David's special cues*. (IVi hrs.) 9:OB P.M. Q Evening at Pops Jazzman Charlie Byrd is classic euitsr soloist with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops, Program features Vivaldi's "Concerto in D Maior for Guitar and Strings." Repeat. (1-hr.) 9:30 P.M. 13 Telethon Jerry Lewis begins his 20-hour telethon io raise funds for muscular dystrophy. Many too names in the world of entertainment and sports are scheduled to so- pear. Jack Jacobson will host Iocs! sec- ments. 03 Leonard da Vinci "The Life of Leonardo da Vinci." Third of 3 five-part -eries starring Philippe Leroy. AU dif.'ocue is tak^n from the artist's texts. (1 hr.) 10:68 PJM. Q OJ H) News Thriller To Tell The Truth 4:45 P.M. QJ Puntito 5:50 P.M. 0 The F.B.I An escapee from a woman's prison pulls a strinq of robberies to finance her search for her ex-husband and 8-year-old son. Penny Fuller and Tom Skcrritf guest. Repsat. (1 hr.) ffl Ptifleman Chuck Connors stars. © High Chaparral Rerun western series with Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell and Linda Cristal. filmed in Tucson. (1 hr.) 5:30 P.M. Cl Father on Trial This comedy stars Darren McGavin as a municipal co-jrt judge, a widower who has problems communicating with his iive children. He sets aid and comfort from a young woman with remarkable insight (Barbara Feldon). Q} The Fugitive Oavid Janssen stars. !1 hr.) Sunday Evening 6:60 P.M. O Bonanza Ben (Lome Greene), out of town to transact business, mysteriously falls victim to amnesia and is charged with murder. Repeat. (1 hr.) 0 Summer Olympics Competition to be covered includes track and field, basketball- boxino, cguestrian, swimming, diving, volleyball and weioht- liftinq. I? hrs.) {0 John Byner Show Ted Knight ("Mary Tyler Moore Show") and singer Teresa Graves guest. Regulars include Patti Deutsch, R. G. Brown, 1 inda Sublette, Gary Miller and Dennis F ' anniaan - Uh 6:30P.M. 0 French Chef Julia Child prepares "amuseauculc/' clever little mouthfuls !o serve at cocKtjil parties. CD Movie "Stanley and Livingstone," 1939 adventure - wilh Spsncer Tracy, Richard Greene, Nancy Kelly and Walter Bren- nnn. English newspaperman goes to Africa to search for missionary. Based on fad; filmed in Africa. (2 hrs.) Eer; dramas introduced by Boris Karloff. (Hi hrs.) 10:30 P.M. Q Multiversity Dr. Robert L. Seale and Dr. George VV. Nelson discuss the newly improved nuclear reactor on the UA campus. C0 High Chaparral Special two-hour edition of series st^rrir,*; Leif Fr-ckson, Linda Cristal and Cameron Mitchell. 11:00 P.M. Q Movie "Gons of Darkness," 1962, stars David Niven, Leslie Caron, David Qoaioshu. James Robertson Justice, and Ian Hunter. Suspense drama of a man's search for meaning in his life. Set asainst a background of political unrest in a South American state. 11:15 P.M. Q) Suspense Theater "Parties to the Crime." 12 MIDNIGHT 0 Telethon Jerry Lewis Telethon to raise money for muscular dystroshy continues until 3:30 p.m. tomorrow. DARREN McGAVIN Stars in comedy Channel 4, 5:30 p.m. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2,-1972 TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN PAGE .21-5

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