The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1947
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VOJ, XUV—No. 86 S NEWS May is Convicted Of Taking Bribe From Garssons The jtu-y debated only an houi ""el 50 minutes. i,™,' C 'T'?',' KclUu <*y congress- nan and his co-defcndants-Dr Jicm-y M. and Murray Gaisson- slx !' P.°f s '. blc 'iiNxlmum penalty of ,,,,n!' C ' hr ° e d <"««lants were found B <lty on all three counts of bribe," Chief De/ciise Counsel Charles I" five days motions for a judgment o' "cnultlnl for all three defendants on thc basis it should not hive fiild l ° " 10 Jury> !X " U f01 ' il llcw May and the Garsson brothlS Miowcd no visible emotion at first ii ino jury of seven men and five women rendered their verdict o? Jury foreman George E. Wells wh, e-haircd draftsman employed itmbia sm-v°, 0 ' thC DiStlict of <*>j- Trial Lasts 41 l):lvs H»ut who J p U res7dc H d em ? A ' Schwei »- tiial hud the jurors polled .-it the request of the defense attorneys f,,ieleJ, l rT- i ' ldIVldU ' lUy - nndrac " *-^ ^d^tr* :r on each of thc three counts . ," ( J 8cfSchw ciiiliniit did not set a date for sentcncc.He released the o"«5M , a " tS iU tllcs ™ '^.d 1 hLf, r™ C " Ch °» W " lch "icy h; Four-Phase Farm Confesl Planned Planter Near MoniJa Pleased With Results On 1946 Competition The 12 tenant, families on thf niylhcville today 'i,,V r'oimdimf out plans for their partici;, uion j,, ,, le annual contest conducted by Mr Icernan to promote belter farmi 'Announccmcms that the amn four-phase contest would afrain be held this yc .ir wns made bv Mr Flccman Saturday when the 1913 competition was troii-sht to an end Kit], the awarding of , )rji , c , , t year's winners. The purpose of the contest was p piomote better farminR prar- t'ces on the part of tenants ami Eive them an incentive lo increase heir own welfare an«, at the same time permit the landlord to re.. ° »t-iiif n& from liis Business lo Hall In Blylheville For Big Holiday Motorists Cautioned To Follow Safety Rules On State's Highways Boy Scout Rushed From ^ u ,u To Hospital in Private Plane of , | n J0111 m „ • tlioi]..,ai,,is of oilier A,.' k«"sn» s h, observance of j* , "'; andT , f . rom ))0mc »•"" "i -HI r Kn " K "^editions mn *' M V ° re " S01lrcc - 5 ° f <"' im-iil for the day i'ubHc offices, banks „,„, I up- The contest i,, f at - nl man originated in the nii,, t | s I.cennn and Keith Bilhrey, of Ml . countv ' the Garssons to use his wartime n Hion as chairman of thc House IV Jtary Affairs Committee To get the brothers- govcrnmelit contracts Judge Sclnveinhaut, in delivering « charge to the jury, ruled til"! ^,,K ".'"I-"' ?nly «hcthe Park Project Money is Assured State Fiscal Control Board Allocates Funds For Missco Fair Construction of a new Nc R ro exhibit building ilnd ailolllp « e * stock building at Ihc Walker Park fairgrounds in time for thr Northeast Arkansas District Fan S e . tembcr 22-28 received Mart assurance yesterday when tlir State Board -of Fiscal Conlrol aufhor! i«tf. payment of $20.00;) r ronl lho otalc Construction Fun-1 to r,e used for ihc work here t,- T" ---- "' "n----":i.-5iljpl ^OlUl- se; •', v " s , d " P "'«I i»lo fom- phases with dcfinilc amounts ol priz- nioney for each phpsc The four divisions were (1) cen- cral care, management am 8 £_ '° " f lhC fari " »»" >"»>'' Piii ff, ? fist ues ' t • ° e r. K |1US rntto » c ">l> "»l quality consiUcred; .31 ircat- ? h rC !T " Dr M ''< ; - '""d ™l, ?, Ukc " inU> ™iislriftraito:i: in the Pall of the Mi- -and of vetch year. Dinner Mretimr Held •i»^f i '?'•?' at a f»nnei--mcelin K icenf y " 12 - tcni >n's. mint "i. ^P^scntatives from uunty-Iintea-iloii Service mncr- -s of the various :-ontests ners of the contests wereVmi ceri. ' Joe Davis, who tir s a tract on the Plceman' Pis awarded hirjh honors No general celebralton has 1>, 'liiniml in niytheville bul memb « lests 0 ^""?!' 7 , C " lb "'"' "'"r i, e-,ts KIM , lU( , ]lt , a j 'I b and (here will be specif c - IniLilimma features inch,din K a .'K lom-namenl for w i rcrs k Al WrtJkcr Park there will be mulpct !<uloji-acc.s. which are snon sored by the , Ccison Post 'of noon An ' Cn ' :a ". L(1 Sion, h, the after- oon. Arch Lmdwy is chairman of Hit I.ake Is expected to rtUrt r 1 for '"° st of i lies fishermen but mam- P annm-, longer trips to more met! lakes and streams. Sane Driving Urged » the are f v or n., » ' inlnir for motorists Thev ur--«l fe nnd S »,,e driving and pred c te c heaviest flow of traffic 1 many, many months. Mhs si From "nrt- M lie- icfclic., tackle, Little Rock it was nmni " -in rpc «vccl a i h( . ni con- of 75 C/Jos, A Gosnel! Farm Operator, Dies Funeral services wi will be h e |,j to of S2r.;o:D' each for Payments construction were also anthorizerl for the district show, at i/o,-Smith, nope and Pin c Bluff In other action the Doarri also aiuhorwcd payment of so.ocrj to the District .fair here to be used shouT'""" 11 r "" dS f ° r Itvcstock It is not known when actual payment of the construction /„„,„ will be made and th c Slate Board named n four-man commute.- lo determine that date. Th c f, mds were appropriated by thc 56th General Assembly but will bc ava.lablc only arter ,,, nccumu . Jatc in the building fund from current revenues rt total of 585.0CO in premium funds was anthorizod by the Board Fro,,, Ibis, ihe sUtc show in I'uiiiski county will rcno've ws 000 and Cfi comity shows "wilt grit aniounU ranging fro 5EOQ B ^ S937. Work is now underway on improvements in Walker Park fai'r- grounds planned by tlic Mississippi County Fan- Assoclatimi Twentv liRhl poles have been erected and ?:,'? n ,J1?. "«** » rc ""ic" the, Services o Gobi) Funeral i [O be conducted by t!ie Rev. )r of Gosncil i's. Arkansas 'U-e packiim their Msnui" •b-ithing suits and sunlaii . Rolf bass nnd lunch boxes t'o- iay for n strictly out-of-doors ox tended 7'ourth of July wock-end HiEhwav Department officials es "mated 10 to 15.per cent more per.-ins would take to Ihe highways day than |j, s t j,,^. j- ou ,. Ul -- 01 more and bctler nuin the i C ncrea d . bC " 01 ' ™ a * "° "™* '•i^ii " f .i 84 statfl patrolmen will be '' .? . e hiBhways. Each "vet- patrolman will be accom- New Coal Strike May Be Avoided Northern Operators Deal With UMW Boss Southerners Confer vestigial append. i i:ost him nothing but Vomij. Hughes, son of Mr. and hast HiBhwiiy in. was enjoying Ills ciicampmeni nl Camp Cedar Valley wilh .-ippomlleitls. An lee jiaek was applied ov-r Ms inflnmcd iippeiulix :ui.| Cmnp lircctor ,:,-e<t U siendmn,. n Hlyllii-villi- called here 10 im'llv St-oiuinasler Warren n. j, lc k.s'on 10 launched nn-mineim-nt, j oi : "'Is removal lo a hosplt-d A two-seated Aeronca'plan'- was chartered from |>| ; ,,,ters Klvlnii Service and i>f!| mitson. former Army n-ai pilot. flew t() , ;. omas. where lho M ck | r , ( , W :is dilven from Camp d-clar Vulley I He telephone mil WHS receive i life by Mr, jack;™, .it .| „ ,'„' - an ,, ,, , '„ '"^V" r ™" te ' , , , SC011t Tl '°°" " ' W ' " P Wlls s "'" l)( ' and Pilot ltnt.soii Inndc YOIIIIH lushes wns rusheil ! lilytheville Hosjilln] whero ihe Vl iiioved yesterday iiiovnln K . The in ias Ijren In K ood condition sine Hie operation and Mr. j,,ek«, jnlil the plane Irlp had no In ,-f 'cc « on the boy despite Im ovei active uppemllx. New Warden for Missco Named Crondal! Kinningham Succeeds Joe Whitley, Who Takes Now Post £mucbl] Kinnliicliani or n lodHj. ,s stale R .,mc « '^"'u," Cou " ty iln<i . ." J " r Wl,lll,.y, Who W1W „.,„,_ i ,"' ?•*> as Sl| l'' ! "-lsor of coin- ci»l fisheries in Arkansas A «o,,d wanien lor this C0 ul,i\, & Ixf tuuiicd. •* r - Wl.ltley last niBht disclosed l Mr. Kiniiliighan, has ben. «"Hed by Jll( ,,j C G p| s K °^» .™.-,,, of the .Arkansas Game •JJish Comnn.sslon. and became "me warden as of Tuesduy •Mr. Kinnin..],;,,,, win attend one I l-lic>,,,.; sea-ions to lie held Bame wardens bv (lie -ommis- - ll| . ( , cn Rental Director Explains New Act Landlords Required To Get Approval of Voluntary Increases nnil Dmvlsloiis of the Wt ."ousliii! and Kent Act of ID-u slBiifd by rreslrtc.n •lYuman Mon- u»J. conlinuo nuixlmnru mils jus as they were under the ntd law cord,n« to c. A. C.i,mln K | lllhl ' 1 ' ll ' B "''" ° ! " '- he first 0 " D1 ' will bcilln CCk of tili5 The ,ic«. Bni ,,c n-nrnen W.T.S im- 1 Ins appointmcnl. nffllinlcd with lhc Socony OH Co ns a CO.-RC lines n-prcsent.xtivn here • Fish Coinmls- "Hirre is ,10 nrovlslon in the net that chunges rents ,,nto matcnlly." Ml , cunning),,,,,, „,;„ A tenant pays the same rnnt I, J i'l.v that he did l,i ,J (II ,c Im ],. v there bus been an order Issue, seoncntly. nr j,e h;,.s vohmturi- V ontered inln n lease with tin andlor,! i-K provided by l,|,,> HOIIS- iiiK and Uent Act or 1047 -n,i- net provlilcs thiu when a Jiml- ord and tenant voluntarily enter valid written le;,.,e O1 , or n Came WASHINGTON. ' of July 3 t Gosnell Methodik churcT ^Hc is^survived by a sister Rites in Joiner Sundoy for Missco Pioneer 3 ' CSCECLA. .July services for Mrs. n 80 proncer of I-Ycwln,,:,,,-. who died in th c ri;n,ti it «-ill Fimri-at .Speck. . Havou, at Memphis Tuesday Sutidny afternoon at lie slar.ii. Blacklopping of ail drives with the Ci(iz-,, ; in tile park- and fairgrounds was of West Memphis scheduled to begin sh( ,,. Uv n[lcr | shc "'•'"Plus July 1 and is expected to bc stalled shortly. Gilbert D. Hammock, Sr., Joins New Motor Agency Gilbert D. Hammock, Sr.. has taken over the position of sales maiia gcr at Ihe Still nnd Voting Motor Co.. it was announced yesterday Mr. Hammock, a resident of Ely- thcville for 25 years, has been connected wilh the automobile business for more than 14 years. He was nf filiatcd wilh thc Blythevlllc Motor Co. for seven and a half years and for the past six and a half years wns with Lee Motor Sales, Inc' as sales manager. '' He will bc in charge of new and used car sales at lhc Still and Young Company. was the r Marshal, speck. Thi In state at her home o clock Sunday afiern oo : Surviving p.,- c , hl . Cc s held Hie rn,- ,- . , tod- vlif V r" i j,' ," <U oontract overtures to Jo i, of umtcd ; dnilte 11 ™ , rcs "" 1 l )li <'» of coal p di.cion when the miners-, current 10 day vacation ends on July 8 lenA'tiv" 0 ' 0 " nftt ' r Lewls ^'"S a cntntive agreement with the Nor- ini - nn " cai>tivc from r »s"'ctio,K Horn their principals on seckii^ new Negotiation, «itl, Lewis. Tic Southern. Indiana and Illinois op- tn,iv D n' S nrC '"" COVerCrl ' tei-lia - gl ' ccme " L Most industry sources believe that bulk of the industry still ,,n will make . deal with lewis within a week or to days Lewis called the policy commil- "' ," ls u "'"=rf Mine Workers f-L) lo n mceling here Salur- nn.v to ratify the a K reemenl with Northern producers. The inriividiin company mtist also approve the nsrccment which their agents work'" *' !CC ' 1Ct scss 'o»s with late yes- the Active pallbearers N. Y. Cotton Mar °S'^ May . July . . Ocl i2H 3SS2 I °*.'C 313D 3U7 open 3C81 3028 3737 close 35-Ccnl Pay noosl—Iffnted The terms were not officially nn _ iioiinccd but Informed sources said they assured the miners of what amounts, to a 35 cents an hour pay increase. ' * nalificntion would send almost »,at 000 p;-oduc'e S h'a^c 1 , 0 K^nlTuo^ annual bituminous tonnage' The terms cover miners in Pcnnsylva- We', ,,° ', Mar y ln n< | . Northr^n nf fi v " K ' ala an <l "ic captive mines o' I he U. s. Steel Corp.. and olh- cr Wg steel producers, **" ^~ House sponsors of •• < -^vi.s^ sponsors of safely legislation said thov 3C3! 37« 3713 3217 3H3 3723 3217 3113 - -j '<-n-.>iiiiviuii .irtHJ lUI'V would withdraw lhc measure if the ontire industry agrees to include he federal safety code In new contracts with Lewis. Rep. Gerald W. Latidls, R , i nrt H«tlior of the principal safety bill' said such a contract provision would be the most important factor in preventing a mine strike mer." -For the past 17 years, Mr.'/;W* icy lias been cngaucd in -*iis£i 1 vatiot:. .MV| 'ir-\\ 'i ; '-PI ,' He has bc«n a .stale "en den in Mississippi County lor. Pi-st ciBhl years and a dcpulv U ti. panic warden since 1£4I. Prim o that he w-is connected will lhc California I-'ish and Game comiuissicn tor nine years. Large Sum Apjirnprhtled In his new capacity as supervisor of coinmcrcinl fisheries Mr Whilley will have more than 10!) men under his direction. An appropriation of SS-ta.COO has bcfvi authorized by the state legislature for Ihe work of the commercial lishcrirs (.-roiip, he said. His job nl sujicrvisini; the more I linn 22.0:0 commercial fishermen Arkansas will involve miicn tiMvellinp. lm said. but. he plans lo Keep his licaie in Blytlieville. Most of his work will be in Eastern Arkansas. Mr. Whitlcy said. Mr. Whilley also said his new job would not Interfere with his activities as manager of the Jily- theville American Legion Junior B.'scball tc.Ain. Duties oi me new supervisor include chcrkini; on payments of the severance tax on mussel shells on icenses ol commercial fishcriin-ii •vnd equipment and .seeing that waters arc net over-fished. Tile Job of supervisor of com- 1 nercial fisheries was created by lie fast. iriiiMalnrc. nnd lirnt he-1 •nine effective with Mr. Wliltlcy's! iproinlmcnt. Tuesday. I Furniture Store Adds 4000 Feet Df FSoor Space Work \v.-:s complcled this week n the remodeling of Hie Wncli •iirnume Company, idythevilli- lakuig Ihe taller one of Die lar- csl and most complete home fur- Ishiiif; centers in Northeast Ark- nsn.s. With the addition of -1000 square feet of floor siiace, thc firm Ls showing .scvern 1 new departments as well .is a larger display of home furnishings. Among the new features is a complete radio and appliance department, located on the firsl floor A new Baby., Department is on the second floor. Another second floor feature | s the enlarged and modern beddin;; dcpartincnl T)ic Wade Furniture Company was established in Blylheville 12 years ago by its present owner P. 1 Wade. the before December 31. mi, and' ex- Plrmg on or after December ; (l 11H8. an incrc.isc of up l o bin nol more thru, 15 per cent of i tu moximum rent i,, effect Immcdl- " before the effective duln ol new lease is permissible Blust Fin Nrw Contracts .., any rent Increase be- Urffeclivc under such a nc-.i thc rent director, c&ntlri. copy of the lease iinisl - with the rent office wlth- *'ilh a simple registration of IC;IM form which landlords C nn obtain Jl the rent office. It will |, C thc Uily ot thc rent office to examine Still Holding On Mississippi Crest, Highest in 103 Years, Moves Slow I-/ Out of St. Louis Area LOUIS. of (he (U |>, Tl)o ilh of m .;,r 24 Nations To Conferenci Marshall Program ...«»» ^^^^ ' '" }<oG ' Secretary . St. Cl,-, tin- Rescued |,l,,,.|c v clll Pont l.evi ;ilke, T w.iy w il;i In adilltloii, I)),, sidents ,,r rj| ,, lu •". «'!,„ first „„;,,_' „,,„,„ ||u . |1| .. i([ . | . i biiMln- ncross „„ ,,,,, ,,,11,,,,,,, ,., ,, t nij tack th,. rive, lowns,,,,,,,,!,. Vl ,,_ «f cdntimi.-d lair WM- I,,,,,,. tl , llt ,,„, „,.„„ ,,H U M llm ii n| . wmll(| iii,, . II"l ailiUVralei-n flu ..... i;,,,,.,,., nlrraily S |,,, U | u i |,, m i||.,.,| s ,,r ,„]!. liim.x ilf dollars uiul KIIVCI-IIUI-X a ,,,| M-in-r.srlllullvr.s <if III Itlissourl lla- shi stales t'Ullfil i:]ii m <;<i|, tl , („ it" snilU'lhliiK liliinil II. at <j!inihii, they deiiMuid- d I hat an I't-oiHiiuy-niindcil C'mi- i-™.s iirovld,, ••nni])!,, nnuls" ID vert .such flood ilis:,sti-t. s in u,,. lltltl '(:. r -in days ami -III ,,1 K I,I S «„, lsBlm,! ,,,,,| lts ( ,.|| 1I1(111 . U .. ( " :ll '< > I ....... ill! it and siniislii-d lln-lr anil surjinl IHM-I IIUVIK :lll ,l In r.iw.i, Nphrasliii. IMIM,,,,.'!, Illhinls ;.. n ,t Kansas. Cien. U..M.J t/. |.[,:k. head f tbc Mi.-.scuni Hj VCT Division ol ie Corps uf Unulm'cr.s, told the ;>veinoi,s yi'stenl.iy Una Missouri Ivor Htisln flouils lind cast, 211 vcs. ciiiialnu jtii,(ioo,i)un In dn- <"K<: to luvin crops and iirai»n,y lot. conlnln any trick termination )r; penally clauses. U cannot dc- icase thc essential services fur litllrc. furnishings and equipment • lie rent office will forward cop PS of the registration of least orm both to the landlord am enniit for their records." Mr. Cunningham salil It | s up I" thc trnanl t n facMc whcthi-r he wishes (o sl e n such a lease if. a (rnanl dors not wish [•> rater Inla sort, * (( , asr rcf ,, sa l diM-s not cnnstllulc unnntk for eviction. "There arc specilie protections gainst evictions mider the new Mr. Cunningham said, "tn cnerat, the teniuil who continue"; i Pay lhc rent to which Ihe land>rd is entitled hns iir> more re,-i- 'n lo fe;,r eviction llinn lieloir-. victlon controls of the act will enforced by lli c local court.-; he previous waiting period of oin three lo six monlhs hcfo-c IcnaiiLs can be cvicled when ;i house is sold will now l:e dt-lc-- mmed by local courts. Evictions to allow occupancy by others -M-. led personal o'ccupanry by the - -- or the landlord himself Other conditions under whirl, evictions iniy be made arc very specific in thc law." w Urn,ted oi'Ver Two Youths in Custody Were os AWOL Soldiers Two youths. Melvin of Itirkinnn. nnd Fred Wiiiltaker. Smith, of Ccnvcr. Colo., are being held Ihe county jail |, crx , „„' a c | iargl , of being absent without official Army leave frcm Ft. Rtley, Kan Smith wns arrested Monday at Hickin.ii) on R disturbing u-c peace charge hurl upon invest!"*- tion ii W as revealed that both "hi- •md Whitlaker hart left Kl. Rilcy -1 six months ncro. Whitirtfcp,- w-i? rir- fcslcd yesterday at }lickm:m." Finof Rites Held In Holland, Mo,, For A. Nunnery Funeral services were held Ibis afternoon n;. the Methodist Church m Holland. Mo., tor Adolf Nunnery of Holland, wlm died Tuesday at Wnlls Hospital here. He was .V7 The Rev. Henry M . KIIIR. p:,,,- tor of Number Nine n?.rti'a Church, officiated. Mr. Nunnery wa-, born in lien- ton. Mo., wesl of Stcele. Mo He is survived by his wife Mrs Morence Nunnery, a son. Harold Nunnery of Holland, a. claiiKliirr Mrs Novella Killick of Number Nine, and eight grandchildren UndcrlakiiiB Cornpany was In clMrc. 'I he Re,l Cross sulcl todity its Inl- sl check showed in persons killed >2 Injured and :<-1,8l2 homeless as result of flood waters In Ir.-.m- 'ales. IfYd Cro.s.s spokesmen reported 20.MU homeless in low., 207-1 |n Illinois, IDJI-IH In Missouri mid ,ir,n in Nebraska. Thrv cs; limited tlui" nnother w.onn persons hud been .if" .swollen ...-Iri-.-im..,- bcBan ovcrflowli,-i 1'ite in May. I" thi! fniir 5int<;s -I,loo homes wen- damaged, i'] i-ompletely -.ic-;- . bulldln^s Cross re On-Ill Mary Cinle, 2 l--!-vi«ii- nl-i c"!e'" h- "WIV """ Mr »' W 'in' O.ile Ji.. Ociklnnd, cnllf. | m '«•'-•" round 1;il f n lln( , 1n ..,.,:,„, ..u, ,,.. nf(ci , he,,,, ,,,,'i 5 . '''II fi-<i m her | 1(imr , fo| . , , ; A .swircl, p,-uty n f 100 men 1 , ';".'"»« ""• cl>ll<l'» ralher. who ' o uul' 01 ^' ° f A"«««--<I«iCc«i * '5. luiiiid Mnry h) th,, ,.,„,,...,, rounlry ncl ,,. „ T*'" Calif. ThiuM,,,, the III I. B g " ^ kldnape,!. forme,- Go '"an Jol,,, n. To]llll , f C ^ ''''ifanior <, r ,,, IC .„'/„ °,; kr • "carl attack. (NEA T;le „'„„"' Lawyer Heads MackGrider Legion Post OSCEOLA, July 3. of Ihe State Officials to Let Big Printing Contract 'LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. ,I,,! V ,i. iU! >- Secretary of state c Ci 'HaU and State Printing Clerk JJyrnn Wilder will receive bids today lor more than Sl.CtO.030 Worth of printing contracts. The contr.icls will be let wllbin the next six days and to only Arkansas firms. Thc Mississippi crested lit s- Louis .vr-slr-rday mirt j-olleil lovvmv two Missouri towns, where Ic'/c workers (might lo hold back w-iler '•xprcK-,1 to | )0 the highest on re ford tlierc. U. K. Engineers moved their lop.-<;s into iMry Coimly, ,M,>. t () tiaK,<*r. dikes protecting Claryvllle and M-- liride across Ihc river from Clirsl...- They said I hey believed I IK- li-v- would hold, provider! there was :,n more r;iln. Cancer Conts-o3 Group Formed In South Missco OSCKOI.A. July :i rui'i :- fuilcr-.s (vill serve ;f.s rhaii-miin cif In- Hnulh Mississippi county Kx,.- :nlue Cfxmnlliec nf the Anici it::m -anci-r Hocielv, dl Kiini-/.'-<l Mr il a nif-Mhiu hi l) .;,- i, ril , { . y - s ,,f f j,'.,;' Olhur nfticri-s clf-ilcil V.-I.IP Ml Vivi o, srriirli,;.}; s(.-!-r<-l;irv-lle,.isiir- IT. anil Mrs. f Jamil Wiilson. rom- DKilulrr. (JrMi;milti.(. .'il>--oi;itjjR'lr's will he made Inter. As;;ls!inu In ini;nni:'.im: Ihe Soiiih vlisMssitipi Comity OmnmiUrc were I- I: Muck. -,lali. di|.|-i;l(i|- nl rrtll- •:,tinn for All::ins;is nivisi >f Ihe Amr-rlfnn Cliincri- H(,ci,-t,v. .-»,,d iteele T. Kvnni-dy. national field 1-eprc.srnlntivc of the A,,U.|JI;UI Cancer Hnr-iely. Plans v.'rre made for ii free ran- rcr diagnostic clinic tri i,r heltl In Osreolii. -I'lu- Hdlllh Mississippi Co,inly c hi.liter also phinni-ci to further early moi'iill ion of the situs and symptoms <if cancer, cal.v diiit;- ii(, prompt treatment nnd :ui(-- 'liialc. lrr:iinit;iit Ihroindi an Inlen- Mve edin-allon ai;d r,,-nl,-,. proRram. I lie Ameiiciin Cancer Huctety Is n voliml.-ii-y liraini imeucy <-nr,:i'i;ecl in "'ninotlm; the control of cancer AtlentiinK th;- cnmrniitee'.s ini- dal nirrtlni! wcr,-- Dr. c M Harwell. Mrs. |>. s. ,, :mpy M| . s ' c , p Mnotv. .Mrs Roland Anders, Mrs' Mmleiinr- CnmnbHI. R! ,-s. Mona i!"(»tv. Mrs. lime,- Collx-rl. Mrs Claude Moyd anil Mrs. Carroll \Vnt- Weather ARKANSAS — Clear lo pnrijy cloudv today, lotilght and Friday. A little warmer today. Mr. Taylor mlvociite. '<-•! m of lield the :l hi the nil the ,,,, ( , M ,tre,l ' ' Jf >e Idiocies , s '! ! r no;vkci -- '""»>™ arold iiemh-ix, cliaplaln; • -. vlce-commnnder ; ,; s ' ! n 'fli«i: 'bri-l, - •- •linls. .-rerRcnnt-al-Hrms- Myron Nallllns. Judge advocate I he new officers will h c installed to Iht'lr oil ices Aususl (I. and 01- formaJity. Ino conference call went out af- lei hi-vin mid nidauit j iart lnv | tc(l .til i.u i open 11 nations except Spain o J)ln will. ti, cm hi planning how i rnopa could i,,He advantage of I lie economic aid promised by 6»=;;;;!;;;; yi " Stiiti = oco rB e c/Mj r - inli'rn 1 " vlllllions wcnt out to 22 None went lo rhissia. Molotov hud undo il clenr that he «l no p:.rl of the AiiKlo-Freiich • aiiiil.i already hat) be e ,, lii'ovlslonally at the Insistence of Fmnce. A Joint eommunlquo was' issued >y ijevln niKl Bidault aa cr i'two- liouv conference. r II 'InvllcU all European • coun- "".'s lo draw up n. proRra m for •iii-ci:ean roconstnujtloir in . which' the re.snurcc.4 and needs of each country will be coordinated in a «-n.v in whk-1, European country IIIH.V freely decide." I'smnea of ih B InviUtlcn cnnj- |iU-ti-il the full lirtak between lli<! l-:»a< nnd West symboliu-d by niolnliiv's lire-ilawu departure Molntflv took off from Ls Bour- cel ,11 :f:i< n.m.. many hours 'before Ills anticipated departure v.'lt.uiiil behiK seen by diplomatic or newsmen. His soml- >ccr,:l ilepm-tm-c was In ; coiitrjisl «• 111 his iirrlviil last Thursday, hen BidniiR met hi m t n the trA- (lltional diplomatic nianncf' at the nlrporl, Appai-cnlly there had been no contact between Molotov und his French official haste nftcrhCfiliooK hands ralher stiffly with oulfilde Ihe foreign ministry yr.;- lenhy. Tlml was Just after' the foreign ministers conference had biTkeil HI> In an angry fxdianae •between ,Molotov and ;th« Western ministers. , • v .- Tlic abrupt departiirc emphasiz- iMl-.Uic...dcjit,h:i.of ; the'_Basl-ffe3t';j. Kpllt. Europe hns been ripped in half politically nnd economically by I lie conference collapse. The British and French foreign minister* met shortly after 10 a.m. I" prepare- nn invitation for Euri nations exccTt Russia to ' llif.-m In a unified self-help program with American'aid..'They ho;:«l to submit a pi en t o t na United atutes by Sept. 1. Briiish Make New UN Loyalty Vow Commons Acts After '.' Big Three Meeting Bro«ks Up in Paris Caravan Leader Enters Hospital tor Operation 'Us* lielly riakcr n: tlatllm.,.,, !,IKI' w v'" ,! S hrrc v;i1 '' " ip Mct| >- >dlsl Youth ciii-av,..,, unfir-rwent » .iliciciirllx operallon In Dlylheville •'iffl..-' .'' "' Ls lirtr "»>ou alter rinns tfi remove hi!.- to n Mem »ii.s Imspital r,,,- tt,.. oprraitoii "i"). t ^ C " KS0 ' 1 l " 1 '- <ll-0])|:i.(| ],,._ •i'ndilim,. '' C W '' l " U5 " CB:i tr I"-'' Caruthcrsvillc to Have 4th of July Fireworks Coun'cr News Staff To Observe Holiday • There will bc no edition of the Courier News tomorrow to permit employes to observe thc holiday alon.rt wilh employes of oilier .business firms on July Fourth. The nexl crtilion will bo published Snlurday, July 5 LONDON, July 3. (UP)— Britain' today |iut on record a new pledge of "unswerving loyally" to the Unit- Nations while proccedlng'full tilt wilh prepanUlons to handle the problem of Kuropenn economic recovery mitside thc framework, "of the UN. • ••• . n-The plr-dge wns Rive'ii" in ~fh = lloiisi; of Commons by Minister of Slate Hector McNeil In response'to inrmirlrs by members. McNeil presented to the House tilt- I'nris cnnimimlcuic in which nil Eiimiicnti states, except Spain were liivllrd to join In organizing for aid wider the Marshnll plan; ••• - •• • I"oiclr>n Secretary Ernest Bcvln In P;ir)-i rushed plnns for n western i;,[ro|ii-un recovery program aided bv /Wncrir.-in dollars despite Russian fleinmciallon. In Moscow simultaneously n British trade mission tried lo clinch a mammoth British- Hussian trade deal. If liolh attempu succeed Britain may slave off further drastic import cuts which Lord President Hcr- . ,; — .> ,,,-c nrc- !!;!', Mo "' is ,°" Vl ' nnlC(l "would slow works displiy |, C r 0 tomnrrow nli-ht 1 " '"' uslry nil<1 low cr our stan- il the f.iir ( :r<iiii]tl.s park. It wa^ '"' pf llfc sli11 lower." by Hnrrv E. Malloure.! .,',. IliR , h eoyernment source said -, Ihe.l unless the Marshall pl«,, wns 1 m ops-ration by next January-six month.- trom now—Britain must cut ^l l" 1|lorts to conserve her fast dwindling dollar reserves The Dally Herald, Labor Pnrty oi-Bnii. in an editorial on Russia's refi.sal to join the European recovery program said, -. t h e only CO|1 . elusion which can be drawn is that nnssla-s present iwllcy Is aimed cleni-Iy and deliberately at prevent- in? European unity." It concluded that Russia alms -at .... . ..juij, i\fo., Julv ?,. Hie American i^njo,, RUr'AS ociation will p, TS efit a f, PC lirc . liSDl IV hr-rn tninrt. the 'iinoiuiced -crretary of the association' he display will bruin at cltht M-lrck and Sccrclnry M.illoure said here was plenty of parkiiiR space >nd free Krnnclstiind scuts for .wv- t-ral thousand sjwclators. N. Y. Stocks I'INAI. STOCK I'ltll A T ,t T Amer Tobacco '.'.'.'.'.' Anaconda Copper Ili'lh Steel Chrysler . Ccica-Cola , Gen Electric ...........' C'.en Motors '.'.'.'." MonlRomery Ward N Y Conlrnl '' Int Harvester ' North Am Aviation Republic Slcel finriio \"_[[ Socotiy Vacuum .,. ', Studcbakcr '.'.'.'" Standard of N J '.'.', Texas Corp .......' Packard . . US I. r )7 1 - 1 tr, • 35 3-3 80 1-8 112 3-8 Ill 1-2 Sfl 1-1 5D 3-4 CO H 3-1 SO 1-4 73-3 2fi l-f 83-8 1C 1-2 20 77 1-8 64 3-4 5 !- .._ that very division between East and West which Russian leaders so vehemently deplored." Low of 61 Degrees Recorded for Clear, rainless weather in its second day here brought more- cool pre-dr.wn temperatures to Blvlh-- vllle again rts the rntreury went to R low of 6 ( degrets during last night, according «~~ »-^-^ .Tl 1 Blnyloek, offfclsi . .. o j-< ii ic ° l CO 7-3 was Highest temperature rMtcrthy IS ft? f elr..f. rv . . .... ' r — 87 degrees.

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