The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 10-I7 Statehood For Hawaii Step Nearer WASHINGTON, July 2. <UP>' Hawaii's case for statehood rested today with Chairman Hugh Duller ' of the Senate Public Lands Committee — who thinks the Islnnd territory should be n county or California. ' Butler, a Nebraska Republican, doubted thai his committee would have time to start hearings this year 011 a house-approved bill to admit the island group as the 49th ^Here's an Atom Being SplifV NOTICE In the Probate Court for the sippl County, Arkansas. In the Matter of: Administration of tlic Estate of Mildred II. Stevens, Utceased. •Notice is hereby given lliat letters of administration were Rram- ed to Ihc undersigned upon the Estate of Mildred H. Stevens, deceased, on the 17th day of June, 1947. by the Probate Court, Chick- asswba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands against said estate must exhibit them, properly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance within months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims shall be barred forever anrl precluded from any benefits of said estate. The address of th, undersigned administratrix is Bly- thcvillc, Arkansas. Dated this 17tli day of June, 1947, Annie Stevens Hamilton 'Administratrix of the Estate of Mildred H. Stevens, deceased. Shane and Fcndler, Attorney. '6:18-25-12-' 42 Employes Released iiy U. S. Revenue Bureau UTl'L-E ROCK, July 2. <>UP> — A total of 42 employees of the j liiiiviui of Internal itevemie in Avk- ai^a.s have received notices of termination of their services, eollu-- tur Horace K. Thompson has i«- nouiu-cd. lie said the cut, was made nr'i:i's.s;ny uy a sharp rc<lucU}» In rttj|jrourijitlon for the fiscal year Ije- KlimiiiK loday. Tlic employees will remain on m- llvi) riuly until July 15 and on leave uiilil July .'II. Those being fired include :il field representatives and 11 office workfi'.s. They were selected on the basis of civil service regulations. The order leaves the collector's oflice with lewcr flekt employes ilian it has luid at any time since jtlie governments heavy lax program ' i,ut under way in iy-12. The rcma] knblc photo above shows n uranitmi atom just after beijiK split by collision with a radium-beryllium neutron. Photo \v:is miuie possible by a new type plioto;',i:ipliie plute, perfected by Kattman. Tlie plnle, unlike ordinary photographic Him. is insensitive to li'Kht, but is highly sensitive to rlertric charges carried by atomic particles. When highly churned p;ji Hcle speeds into plio- togntphic emulsion holclin;: (i^lu-packcd iilvc-r ctuins, ;t clotted line of affected grains makes iucnttliablc truck showing path o£ the nnclr.-ir p;irtk:l / ?- state. I The House approved the leyisUi- tion ye.slerday by a vote of Hlfi to l'i:i. This v.-as (lie first time cither 44 New Officers Added by State To Police Force MTTLK ROOK, Ark., July 2. I (Uf'l - The oath of office was a<l- j ministered here yesterday to 44 ne.v ' members of the Arkansas Stale Po- liee. brinulnis the present force to 8-1 patrolmen. The men were sworn in by Associate .Supreme Court Justice ISd Mc- additt after hearing Oov. Ben Limey picture the state police force :is a stronti front, in the light a- inst ei'ime. The iuldiUomil men were made possible by the action of the 5Uth General Assembly in doubling the drivers license fee in Arkansas. The fee is now $1. OW I.MTESL HOWE FaaiHA TRIBIHEQ GY fJFA -oEHVICC. I MATEEL HOWE FARNIIAM i,w-••-•••• XXXIV •.**•' -•'•;•> TSEGO had to live on its own j fat during Ihe next 10 years, ;for the Tolliver fnn^ilj' furiiishcd llittlo or no entertainment. Anna- Jbelle ne\*er canic home once dnr- ling all that time and never invited la member of her family to visit 'her. Amy may have- written to jher mother, as Flora claimed she jdid, but if so, Mi's. Tolliver kept jher own counsel. Kelson, who had Uong since given up hope 01 tracing shis missing wife, grew older and •grayer and more and more stooped. |He continued to live with his imother-in-lau' and found great '.comfort in his handsome, quiet, ;wcll-l)chavcd twin sons. Flora had ;no more children, bill got along jno belter with Snm. Olscga man|aged to drum up a modicum of icxeitemsnt over their constant quarrels. i Although I continued lo live in (Ithaca,-I was in Otsego often and' •spent mncT of my summers there. J Once I had gone hcme for n [brief visit when Maisic Maxwell jielephonecl to say she had some- jthing exciting to tell me. I invited fher to conic over. | "Who do you think I've seen?" SMaisie panted out as she climbed •our front steps. Moisie v.-ns in- jclined toward plumpness ami cxcr- •tion.made her breathing difficult. | .','! couldn't guess," I said. ! "Annab'iilc—Annabelle Tolliver fHarlweli, no less," Mnisie said, ns jshe dropped, into a chair. Obvi- jously she cxpecicd me to be sur- Iprised, and I was. i "I was in Boston visiting my •brother," Maisic explained, fan- ining herself with her handkcr- Ichief. "Brolhcr motored me [through Pitlsficlcl on a business (trip to Vermont, and on the way [back I said I'd just drop off and imake a call on Annabcllc and go jback lo Boston by train, so 1 did." } "I'm surprised ffcc saw you," i • said. "You know Lila Midkiff •and Sarah Council and Mr. and [Mrs. Crane all called on hcv in Pitlsficld at various times, and lite maid always said she wai; out." « * * «T KNEW Hint," Maisic laughed, •^ "so when I filially found the linusc—it's a bif* bvick house, but so plain, nut a porch on it—I just rang the bell, and when tlio maid came ! pur.hrd. my way in and said Hint 1 \vas an old fnend and 's. HarUvclt v.-as expecting me. 1 lu'.cl sent lier a postcard from Vermont and said 3 hoped to sec her; so it wasn't a lie. And then I saw thnt someone wns in a bii; hack room to the left; io I walked in, and there Annabi'lle was." "NVaj she Kind to see yon'. 1 " ."I'm afraid not, bnt she had lo pretend to be. She was lyiti^ on a sofa by the fire and looked perfectly awful, sick I mean, and so thin and old, with deep lines in her face. Hut .she f^ol up and shook hands and said how nice of me and we'd KO in the drav.'iufi-room. But I pretended to shiver and plumped down by (ho fire and snicl slie mustn't treat me like company iintl anyivay I was fro/j.'ti. So Annabel!?, after looking (Jaegers at me, rang the bell and ordered the maid;—tiin ugliest maid I ever saw my life—ugh, she'd turn the milk—to brine me some sherry uiul poundcake. It was wonderful cake, tlic best I ever tasted. I ate three pieces. And that's how I got a sight of the idiot." "The idiot?" I gasped. -" "Yes, the youngest boy. lie was there in the room. That's why I was so determined to stay. Well, perhaps he's not exactly an idiot, but there's something definitely queer. I will ray lie shook hand very nicely, and lie said, 'I'm very Kind to meet you, Miss Maxwell", two or three limes like a parrot. Then he looked over at Aimabelle, as if pitifully anxious lo fiml out if he'd clone tlic ri^ht thing." ''CO that's why Annabcllc ncvci asked anyone to visit her," J ".\'ul only Ihc boy, but the mr:lh- r—[ mean the grandmother. SUe's i horrible oltl witch. 1 hndn'l any i'j (lian Jinished my cake, when heard a lap-tap-tap on the pol- "sbed llonr of the next room like in angry \voodpcekcr, and there I Ilir door glarm!: at me was the Host dreadful oltl woman 1 ever saw in my life. She had on n )lack dress and a gr.-iy shawl, and "he looked actually clirly—ami ncan! The poor queer- boy began o whimper ;nul dropped his cake, md Annubellc- made a bound and mslicd the old hag through the loor :mcl shut it, but before H was shut liglil I heard the mother- ii-Jiiw screech: 'Who is that woman? What do you mean i^iv- ng her my best poundcake?' " "I'oor Anmibelle," 1 said and hiveicil ;i little. "Did you see •'rank HnrlvvcU?" "Yes, f did. It was after 5 vheu 1 got to the house, ami Anna- jclle tried her best to get rid of , hinting she had to dress and nil (hat. I saitl my train didn't ve until after 7 and could 1 itist .'.it there till train lime. 1-Ynnk Karlwell came home a littlo after j. 1 must say he was very nice to ne, elrovn me to the train and \vas very cordial and friendly. !Ie asked about you, by Hie way. Arkcd i:ie if 1 didn't think you looked like his dear dead wife— those were his actual word.-:. He took mo into the front parlor— excuse me, the drawing-room—to show me her picture. It's n lifc- sizc painting over the lireplaee. lie (old me lie had lefl the house exactly as bis dcnd wife had left it—I must ray it looked it—so the children could grow up picturing her as still there in spirit. Dkl you ever hear anything so horrible iu your life?" "IVu, 1 never did," I said truthfully. "llul it's the bey who haunts me," M:ii.<iu said. "lie lias such ~ad eyes, and i think he's afraid of hii father. I can forgive Annabelle anything because she is gentle with him." 1 forgave her wholeheartedly, forgave oven her unkinduces to her mother, I think Olscgo fin-gave her too after they had heard Mui£iu'u story. (To I'e Continued) ^ ,- : house of Congress has- approved a measure to pmnit an offshore area lo enter the union. Free Delivery ,-.-• Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba I.UI-H. 1541 DV riE> stavicr. INC. T. i/. crc. o. s. CAT. orr. 7-2 Club 61 Hlythevllle, Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) liiekerslaff and George For Reservations Telephone Ul-S Pjrd. GATEWOOD GROCERY I Phone 975! : Ark.-ltlo. Stale Line • on the left at the Arch "It's boon a trying day for mo, too—something dreadful \ happening on every one of my favgrite arpgrams!" 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