The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1950 (ARK.V COURTKR NEWS TAGR TKK1 U.S.-AAade Arms Help Enemy Turn Back Americans By KDWAKD E. BOMAR WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (Jf)— The Pentagon has been advised that the Chinese Communists used some lute-model, American-made arms In turning back Gen. Douglas MacArthur's offensive Sti North Korea. .. This was reported today by responsible military authorities who said the newest model 3.5 Inch tank- buster bazookas were included among the identified arms of the Communists. These had been sped to Korea by air In the early stages of the fighting to stop the tonsil Russian T-34 tanks which spearheaded the original North Korean invasion. Those turned against the' U.N. forces in recent clays presumably were captiyj-ed last summer when the U.N. was defending the Pusan bridgehead. Reports 'bn other arms are incomplete but officials said the Chinese are relying heavily on weapons which were made in the U.S.. as well as in Russia, China and Japan. Guerrillas Also Have Arms The same Is true of Ho Chi Minh's Red guerrillas in Indochina. It was a shell from a one-time American field gun which signaled last April the start of French retreat from the China frontier. It gave notice tlir.t Ho's forces had been supplie with artillery by their Chinese Allies and Vietnam border outposts could no longer be helc: by lightly armed defenders. Virtually r.'.l the U.S. made weapons were captured from the Chinese Nationalists as they retreated from the mainland. Between V-J day ant Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's withdrawal to Formosa last year the United Stntcs gave him mili- tary aid officially estimated at 51,060,000,000. Hides, Carbines Lost Several hundred thousand rifles and carbines were lost to the Red: along with uncounted number or machine 8«ns, mortars, field guns, motor trucks, planes and Hght tanks. The abandoned ammunition ran into many million rounds and 15 captured arsenals were equipped to turn out more. It has been estimated that 80 ler cent of the Nationalists' American equipment fell into Communist hands, In less than five months at he end of 1948 alone some 400.000 rifles were surrendered. That nore than ample for the largest lumber ot Communist division dcntified In action south of the Yalu River. Department Store Santa Can't Fool Lad; He Knows Sleigh KANSAS CITY, Dec. 4. Ul'i— Santa Glaus was greeting children as he sat in a big sleigh in a department store. Bright-eyed three-year-old Jel fery Miller stepped up and deciar ed: "You've got grandpa's sleigh." "I have?" asked the surprised Santa Cla\is. "Yes," the boy said, "and 1 want you to be careful with it." Santa eased through the ticklish situation by promising to treat the sleigh carefully. Jeffery was right. His grandfather, Everett Miller, had renter the Sleigh to Santa. FLOOD WATERS STII.I, RKMAIN—This aerial view of a portion of [xwk Haven. Pa., shows that the flood waters still stand In the streets after the sudden rise of the Susquehannn tllver Sunday. Damag. amounted to thousands of dollars. <AP'WIrephoto). McMath to Seek $24 Million Plan For Construction LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 4. M>l — Governor McMatn uuuis to ask the Arkansas legislature to authorise a $2-1.000.000 construction program. It would Include complete rebuilding of the stale hospital (total cost 512,000.000), the lone-planned medical center ($9.000.000) and 19 additional Guard armories (53,000,000). . McMatli, who said he'd officially broach the projects In his second- term inaugural speech next month s.-vid the state wouldn't have to furnish all (he money. Romanian Voters Okay Red Slate VIENNA, Austria. Dec. 4. OT—In typical iron curtain one-slate election, Romanian voters yesterday approved some 80,000 Communist candidates for several thousand local councils. The voters a'ere given no choice but to okay the candidates picked by the Cotntnuntst-nm "People's Democracy Front." 'ilipinof State Need or More Combat Units MANILA. Dec. 4. (/I") — Defense iocrolnry lininon Mngsaysay said oclay 10 additional army combat earns—12,000 men—are needed to combat Communist-led Hukbatahap guerrillas. He sflUl the present army Rkcngth of 15 battalion combat teams—one of which Is with United Nations forces In Korea—la Inadequate to cope with the armed peasants who have terrorized huge areas of the Philippines since live end <* War II. • The defense secretary estlmq the proposed increase In tho an forces would require an extra proiirlation of $15,000,000. Dogs' vision Is less sharp that of men. At DRE1FUS WARNING ORDKK The defendants, Lesty Noah am Gurnie G. Noah, arc hereby warnei to appear in the Chancery Cmivi Chlckasawba District, Mississipj: County, Arkansas, within thivt clays and t» answer the complain of plaintiff, Mound City Paint an Color Company, filed against thei in said Court, Case No. 11,510, an upon their faVmre so to do, said j complaint will be taken as confessed. WITNESS my hand as Clerk of said Court and the scat thereof this 2 day of December, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Mag'ec, B.C. Held and Hoy attys. for plaintiff. Oscar Pencller, atty. ad litem. 12-4-11-18-26 MAKE IT A SILVER CHRISTMAS These Folks Once Suffered, Too! Mory Helen Deomes wos rundown ond fatigued Mrs. Verna Riley, suffered stomach distress due Mr. Grady Thomas suffered from nagging paini due fo o iack of Vitamins B u B 2 , Iron and Niacln. to a lack of Vitamins B,, B.,, Iron and Niacin. due lo a lack of Vitamins B,, B,, Iron and Niacin TODAY THEY HAVE RELIEVED THE CAUSE Of THEIR SICKNESS Aches and Pains, Stomach Disturbances, Indigestion, Fatigue, Due to a Lack of Vitamins Bi, 82, Iron and Niacin in Their Systems 1847 ROGERS BROS. America's finest silvorplate Beauliful silverplale in all its brilliance lo grace your table lllis Christmas and lor many years lo come. Select a pattern from Hie 5 dainly ones offered. Handsome chest included. Use easy lerms. $1.50 * Why Settle for Symptomatic Relief When HADACOL Has Helped People Like These with Such Deficiencies Mrs. Dennis I)co:n cs, 111 Flo re 11 cc Slrccl, Hot Springs, Arkansas: "My little i;irl has taken four $1,25 size bottles of HADACOL. She is three years old, was pale, nervous, h'a d no np- petite. ( Didn't care to play like other children. At night, she would awaken many times frightened and nervous. She would only sit around clays and was very easy to cry. I was worried, because she was so pale ant 1 - had no appetite at all. Then, I hnd heard of the wonders that HADACOL had done for so mtvny people, both young and old. So I decided to give it to my little girl. T did so, and the third day after she began taking HADA- COL, she was more cheerful and began to cat. She awoke hungry on the 3rd morning, and has been both eating and sleeping fine ever since.', and isn't nervous at all. She is as cheerful as any child can be. Thanks to the makers of HAD AGO*, xve are a HADACOL family. My little girl's name is Mary Helen Deomes." Mrs, Vcmn RUcy, 514 Missouri Avenue, JclTcrsonvlllc, Indiana: "T had been sick off and on for a lotig time. 1 am now 51 years old. After I heard about HADACOL, I have taken two bottles. 1 don't have thai fullness in my MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND stomach and I can eat anything I wish. I sleep much better at night now. Myself, I wouldn't do without HADACOL. My family also takes HADACOL." >C Mr. Grarly Thomas, • Route 2. Stniier- villc, Alabama: "My age is 59, I was sick for a long time. Could not sleep at night. After taking three bottles of HADACOL, I felt much better and now I can sleep all night. My wife says sho believes I could sleep a week, I can do a (oil llay's work on my farm. Before taking HADACOL, I couldn't work more limn an hour or two at a Umc, I am very Umnkful for learning about this product." Mrs. Marjorie Mill Hn-s, Jewcllritlge, Virginia: "I feel HkcHADACOT.hns helped me in many ways. My health was very poor, till I decided to give it n trial. I got onx economy size bottle. It helped so much. I decided I wouldn't be without it. So now 1 am on my 4th- large bottle. 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My friends could not understand the way 1 was acting. After I took HAD- ACOL, I /ell better than 1 have ever folt, I am not at all nervous and my friends have remarked at the change in me. T atn forever Hateful for what HADACOL has done for me. I wish to let the whole world know how much I praise HADACOL." Bcnnie Hnlllnxs- w o r I h, 11 nx 8 Sinuns-, T.ntiisinn i "I am ten years old. I have been sick for a good while. I was ncrV' ous. I could not sleep at night. I did not want to study my school lessons. Then, some of my friends told me about HADA- COL, Now I have taken only three bottles of HADACOL, I can say that HADACOL has helped me? a lot. Now, I can sleep, I am not so nervous. 1 do not hate to get my school lossons, [ want to thank my friends for telling me about HADACOL/' SENATOR DUDLEY J. LEBLANC, Whose Tireless Efforts For Relief Of Suffering, Have Brought Humanity Today's Great KADACOL Senator LcBlanc in all of his nolHicat activities has always championed the c:njse of the oppressed, and the poor and underprivileged. He was Hie first candidate for Gov- rnor to advocate a specific Old Age J today in'i, [Vic FaVncr of the Old Age. Pension. In the course of his long, lone fight lie has had his critics, hxit to those who oppose*! Viim he has continually slated. "If you do not be- Pensi , , , he is known <i lieve in ally si Old J 1 ensions, remember tbe mandate of the I^rd himself— 'Honor thy Father and thy Mother that thy d.iys may he Ion*; upon tho land which the Lord thy Goo givcth ttioc.'" Senator Ix;Blnnc is known as a friend of the veterans. He introduced and successfully passed the law trial created the Stale Service Commissioner whoso duty it is lo see that every service man receives his just in public life in behaH ot the w man arc too numerous to mention here. It was only natural that in his sincere desire to serve tho people, that Senator T-cBlanc would seek and find a product (hat would lend to assist the poor and ailintj, thai would help I hern lead a mor nappy and contented life. His tireles study and effort resulted in today's wonderful HADACOt,. redcral governments. His Activities \Vhy experiment, why RIVC up, why suffer from a J.-ick of Vitamins B-. IV. Iron and Niacin? Why not make up your mind to start talcing HADACOL today wilh the positive ussur.ince th:U il will help you if you suffer from such deficiencies or ihe ScnctoT itiill ptaf/ly xcnti bnck VOUT lUfjncj/. You h.ivo to be satisfied, and since Senator Ixi'Blanc has proven by his past activities lhal lie is your friend, you know-you can depend on what ho snys and what he does, Ask for HADACOL now. Trial size $1.25; tar^c family or hos- Refuse substitutes. There's nnly one tru« HADACOL. I- ' " C 13X1. The LcBIaac Corporation COMMUNITY SIMPIATE Complele service for eight. 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