The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fur In. Vie lio . 5C ^illinium tliarscj i tlnii' |ier liiit- ~ I itu-ii IK, Ij.i,. iH'r'ilay": J J me 1 -; j K . r || lu . |IPr d:i j. t» i UK's |it>r ILni* \wt il.iy .. 1-5 Mint's JUT Hue IHT clay .. Momii , u . r iille ' (omit five ;ivcrngc uords lu llii- Hue. Ail ordi>n>d fur I litre or six linrjii ami Jituppt'cl belorc c\j))ratiou will bi- chart;- ftl for iti,- miuiber of times the aU ai>- j'.-areil rtiul :nLjtii.niienL of hill mack'. AH ri:tsijru.[] AitveilisIiLE copy sult- niilU'ci liy IHT.SDIIS rosulhiK oulside uf MIL- t'Lty musi lit; jiL't'onipank'tl by cash. Ititti-s; may Ijf easily luiikiiuied from Die abuvv Eitlite. Aih'citfsiiiK outer lor irirffular Insertion^ Ukt's llio oni> liniL- rate. No K-h|iiiiisiljilUy \iill be taken for mule than uue ihrorri-tt inserti»UL of any dassifU-il ad. For Safe Home and two lots in Ca- riilhorsvillc. ('ornci- Sixl!' Mud Minliland. See owner Mrs. .liimcs 15. Clark. 1>. O Jinx .'i77, Hlyllicville. G 20 pk 7 4 uoulds electric pumps, water softeners, kitchen sinks. wiler healers and attic fans. Available on farmers terms. Nothing down, with payments due in one, two, or three fall payments. Planters Hardware Co. (j 17 ck If JIuvc sojiH.'lhln^ yo*i cli-n'l :ici'd? '1'fick- or sell \i ni Swni> h!l-);». 4')l I.. :,*:'ln. 29 Vas-scntjt-r Iixu-rnuilon:-! Si-hooi HUE t'ondlliou, Ulvtht-vllLe Coucl Mne. 105 N. Fninkliii. G'3-cV.-tl For coid or voocl call Tnintliniii C Co, Phone 2401. G,24-uk-7.24 and wooil. 12 till IP North, 2 Wear, of OosiinU, O. Ci. Fltnv- 1 2 [ '_- ^aMon counter Tco Cream freezer v.'iih GO iiatlon storese. 1 (flfct.rlr, meat sllcer. Phono 97 H. Ii KLny. Mnnlln. Ark. G.2-i>k-Yi2 ll^ Highest prices paid for furniture r .stoves. o!d eloihlnt;. If you havt iinylhinr: to sell. Keo cu- cruH us. We; i:nd A\u-tiO!i Co. Phone 951. G >; 9 nit?. I,online chair. Occasional clialr. Tublo taiuiJ- Kltclieti stool IMiotie -105. C25-ck-7!2 Chicks. Rlaylock Hatchery. Phone 3172. N Ilwy. 61. 0 11 pk 7 11 Flor*'iu-<- tiihh'lop 5 burner stove I ;;ooU com! I tin u. Ph, 2'JOI. Wisrc, '1 miicU t;oiUs, See Ihirve Lewis Nortlv race truck. ^o-l Wew Fix room house with Until. Thrc. bln'-kr. frcirn nniln on Lilly St. WU coiiRltJcr car In <lcal. Cnll 2205 If In tortistc'J In u yoinl buy. 30-pk-: BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS For Sal* PAGE T'S A CJNC1I lo foam clean up- holsuny uiul rugs In n jiffy wlih Klim Foam. Deiil's iMlnt Store. 1y owner. 1EMO Mercniy 4 tloor Sodiui I't-i-fect conctUlon. 5 new HITS Johnnie Murr. Ph. 2500. . y 28-c*k-7 2 piece Scaly living rooiti suite. .Jenny Uncl beu. Oil cook stove. Misr. hoiibe- liolJ MOO<ls, 525 N: 10th Ht. l-plt-5 F.irm ti-allcrs nnit trailer beefs, uny kind. Wuue Auto Hulvnyt'. NortU Jllwuy 01. phone ;±7tJ5. 7il-l>k-b I Jar load roofing and brick siding 1 just arrived. I, t prices since before Ilie uar. I I'lanU'is H(Uve. Co. Inc. 12(> West Main Sired. IMione 515. 7 1 ck 11" One Laundry Stove with C'oii.s imcj on*> thirty Dillon hut water tank, bolb pinctlciilly new. Kqulp|ii><| with nil col meet ions. Cull 27 {18. a-fk-U 5 room house with bath Prh.vcl Heasonnuly. wi\ ( I'rltU- Acklinnn. I'ossi'.^sioi] shower Curoiyn sti In ]Q rj . ys New Terfectioti 5 burner stove I.Ike n-sv, $75. Phone 3»51, U 28-pk-V For Rent I-'j-ont hedroom convenient to bath cii only. (J0:t W. Main. Photie. -i:i2 528-ck-tf Mice hi'tlroom. Attic fi\i\. Men only 3in W, Wnlnui. ti24-i>k-7j:M lk'<hooin. 022 \V. Main. Ph. 2:ir»(i. liedrooiti. 3M N. 9th. Ph. 2333 Redrooin. Ph. 952. :OGA E. Main After July 8 office spare IG x 20. ,Sf<mm litter. Gleticoe Hotel. 711-ck-l ritrnlshed hcclioom. Kitchen 02:i-|jk-7'23 Wanted to Rent 3 or 4 room furnished or unfurnished nmirtmonl. of references Write W.Ij.D.. o'O of fourler News 5-26-tf tuu'nrd lor InrormnUoii leading lo re ma! of Biniilt house or iiDartment. r'.i r nLshe<l or unfurnished. V. R. NiincL 1 . S. H. Kress Store. UiifurnLsheil npartmt'tU or house. For you HI; rouple. Write Giiy Trcece. Ooncral Delivery, lltythcvlllc. (3 3Q-pk-7!3 Connucrtlal rcfrifieratlon salesman. KxceHent opportunity with ihiHin- Jted eitrnliiB possibility. Sfo Dell . Scott. 1211 W. Main. Ph. 22GO- G 2'f-ck-7!-l Senrlc0f Wi: hnve Iniyi'ra for ciiy ntitl fartn piojiL-rty. If you 1mvo proncrtv fo r .•;:ilo. KOI- or cull Oscar Ale«:nn(!i>r, npaltoi-, 107 West Mriin.> 8^0, RpsLdcucc Phone 3470. fi : 25-uk -7la. C;i!I Bill Davis for painting and decorating. Service plume -1«9. (>" 20 pk 7 20 MERCHANTS Fo:'d mrat rnr,<;s. walk-Ill coolers, rc- rrii-e!\unr:;. Hini lH'vcrni;p coolers are ^v.-.lluljlc for hmiK'dlaU' di^Lvcry. Also lei- c-rt-ain rabhirts anil i:O[Uoressors. Sue D-ll Scott. 1211 W. Main or pl.o.H- MOO. c:2l-ck-7;2H CONCRETE BLOCKS! Conn- by Jack llobln.son's offlcp - ml -t— one 01 the l>e:it blocks III Vo'wu." Priciitl :it 20c. OlM-pR-l.a Used liiwnmower in fair condition. Cheap. Phono 27:^(i. 102"> Wcsl Chickasawba. (i-27-dh-tf FRYERS— Dlnvlock Hatcltcry. Noitli 61. Phone G27-ck-7i2 CI.OSKOilT SALE! .-' Our nil ire stock of lvic»^n^e remic- rcl 1r> per cent—Just In time for your vncAtkm. Firestone Store. 207 West Main. cjaa-ck-Tid Oliver 70 2-row ctlltlvator. ^-ro\v busters disk, riione G05. ao-pk-7 £ : everal used wLiitlovvs. \vltiOo\v frames ,^ wcU-ht Also Iwtli tubs, hvvutoty. commode. Johnnie Mitrr. Ph. 25C1S. 80 acres. 2 miles southeast of T)cll. Well-improved, nice home, on ujravel road, plenty Icnanf houses, snuill barn. Kleclricily, on school bvis route. 100 acres southwest Dell, 2 miles, on main i?ravel road. Klectricity. school bus route. Fair improvements. 80 acres, :i miles north of Stcele. Mo- On gravel road, well located. A real farm. "201 :\crcs, 5 miles west of (Xsceola. On snivel road. Fair improvements. Well located. One of the liest bargains to he offered this year. 1011 acres, 7 miles south of Hlylheville on main gravel road, plenty of tenant houses. Several small barns. Klcclricily and school bus route. All sandy loam land. | ;)20 acres, 7 miles south of lilyllicville. Fair improvements. All highest type loam sand. Can be broken up into SO or KJfi acre tracts. We will be very glad to show you any one or all of !hc above farms. Also several not ii.sfi'd. Now is llic proper limp li> beijin !fK>king for dial farm you intend lo buy Ihis fall. Hy buying now you can take your pick. A small payment will hnlii any ilcal until Tail af which (imc title will be exchanged. Let ns show you this properly. |CalI <«• write, Cecil L. Earls. Noble Gill Agency, lilyllic- ville. Ph. 3131. Osceola Ph. 93. 7 I ck 7 3 Lot \is sharp (Mi and repair your Inwn lumver. regardless of kind "r r.:z<\ Oint yours rontly nov, jiiicl .ivolt! • rush. We pick up imcl t1?llvi>r. r ctiiivlllv Muchlne Shop. 211 S. Sec- oiul St. Ph. 282K. PO-ck-7 MONEY IX) LOAN Do yon need a loan to or r«model? No down payment, no mortgage, no r« tape. FHA appro Ted rat* 6*. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 2034 Lynch Bid*., Blytn*Tiile. 9-2»-ck-tf LADIES! Washday drudgery stop*here! Up to !> Ibs., dr\ weight, pre-soaked, washed, rinsed three times and damp dried for only 35c. Open 8 a.m. Close (i p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday nigh Is Open till !) p.m THE WASHERKTTE I>h. OG(i Main at Division liendix Equipped Automatic Self Service Laundry. 27 ck-7-27 arrtKo work. Mechanical ami welding CEiitis I ovclcss. o'viiiM-, .Jumps file vlns. merhruiSo. S. of Mnnlln &\ Shady Grovir. G30-pk-7;lG Loans Lorsn.s — on nnyihJnc or value thnt liibiiraljh'; C^rs. Trucks. Tractors Houses and Furniture. Also P.H.A hums for ri'-flnancin!:. rcpairlni? am bulliliiiii ntul lotins on Farm Land, n l lo v\- rates o r I ntercst. Set; A. F Die tric)i. United Insurance Appncy 203';, W. Main St.. o ver O n a rd : Jewelry Store. G'2-ck-V: Business Opportunity INDEPENDENCE. Own your nnslness We nru looking for EI tntiii with som Rales ability, n^resslve. yoort char aet»r. Hint can hullcl. mnna^c ant <iryani/p a. Merchandising nn<I Her vice Kuslness i]i Blytheville Mis Kl5vs1p[>l County. Employ other.s Thick market. Fast Krowlmj. l^ ramiii!,s. He peat buslnrss. Protect . trrrltory. Small I lives I mo nt for Mcr rhnnrilse and Equipment. No cli lor Factory training. Will pay you hotel while hi trnltiLnv;. Write if in son it Company, Inc.. Dept, 1~ JilcliniOTid, Itullnna. G 2G-|)k-7 Lost Cryslcr pink ^oKi ladtes wrist wntcl lost. Juno 2-5. Sciitlmrnt attarhrd Notify Courier New. 1 ?. Howard. 'ocketljook In TYirmrrs Ilnnk Ron. cnsh. Howard. Ilpuch W. It. Davlg n Population of the British Bin pirp, including India, totals 179 CCO ,000. Connect lent was thn first state in the Union lo adopt a child- labor law. A FORD ENGINE TUNE-UP WILL HELP FOR ONLY WE WILL Completely lubricate nU fillings, U- joinla, clutcli ami l,Kike slofis. Drnin, flush titul ( refiH Irnustnlssioii n.ncl diffcrc!iii:il ; \vith proper lubii- canl. Rcmavc wheels— repack wheel hearings natl ndjust. Replenish flviitl and adjust shock nb- Borbcrs. Clenn fuel iiump Wnsh cnr•—clenti screen. *i nit vit c nn in ku- Iciior. Add u-ntcr to l>at- tc i y mid ehee k Check t'.e Tune nnd adjust inoior (pads addition ul). Adjust brnktsj Clean oil bnlh nir Adjust front-wheel ck-«ncr. ' toe-in. Focus nnd nlign hcadlumpzj Tighten body boltsj PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Ely the ville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 For Hire rartor, broaktni; plow, busti'n;. IiiiiTOv.-. pLimti'i-. «.-nltlvatt»r. rll C'OIl'.bLnp. Jollll C. Hrl^tlt. ^00 tj. oml bt.. I'hunc UV'J. Ojl4-iik- Position Wanted ermanent Jot). some colh.^t.' t srhool .L;n\(lU[itp. tlo]!. 1'hoiu- ^li:!5, 0 'Za-i>k -•<;:> For Complete Protection Against A// INSURAULE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W.J. AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKH Oil MOOEL,. Hp;- T.1ABL15 WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN KIcclrical Applintice Co. Aulliorm-tl TMotnruT.i Untllo S:ili!S :m<l Servifts 10i; Soulh First St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 North 2nd Street Help Wanted «Ital)!i! conplo to TJvp in my home nnd rnro for one eliltrl. Will K lv(- rent of two roams, furnished or unfurnished. Itchts, M-nler. part of prorery hill Apply 910 Clark Street, or cull M62 or MS for Mrs. Baker. 2-pk-c re^ Sclinllnr motor route open Prefer middle acecl man. Musi liavo cjir C.ill 2474. Ill-pk'-i lO our way of thinking, the man who arranged the alphabet put P and 0 in the wrong order. At least we figure that Quality ought to como ahead of Price—(.hough we're well aware of the lattcr's importance. .So you find us always trying to strike the proper balance between doing a good job and doing an economical one. \Ve try to give you the parts ami materials you really need, the time it takes to do things right—and still not waste any of your hard-earned money. Tiiat may not make us the cheapest place in town to buy good service—but we think it makes us the most satisfactory in the long run. Maybe somebody else can shade our costs but we'll guarantee you'll get no better value anywhere, or spend your money more wisely. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 BUICK Sales & Service SArt CA9S1A VCJttVet* 0000 CAKS SSIHO GOOO fVICfS <.* -n Wanted to Buy 2 111011:11 okl coin,- ,io«, i>|iom> 3»:l(l. We |)»y lop prlws fur used clothing ii!""«., 1 " l *i'i'-'" 2 "." tt 4 i"" ''•'•''<• ii v. X 1 '. 1|01 ' ""'' t'luiliiim sum'. '" <•- M"'» Sliwl. o 10-pk-7llO dish for wrecked or junk nulimioliilcs. \Vndo Auto Sitlviitfc, North Hi way (ii, phone :(7S5. 7 I pk X 1 Job Wanted SALESMAN WANTK1) III ells- n[ HUllH'lUte: IIIUl si'U.rill If). oillilra. l)ral,. r Wmil.'il 1HH1 fnvm- lumie lli'ivtj.llli.s - Mc'iHrlnrs, vlln- inlnM, S|i1r t >s. Iiuul.s. 1>I)T etc.. well known ev.'iy I'.mnty. l-'or luirtlm- liir.H writ.- KiiwIi'lKli'H III'])!. AKCI-VI- !•«. MumiililK. Temi. For Sale of Trade .usl weefc u-i- lidded for 11 cream sem- rutor Win.i will y.,.. triuli- for If.' Kl- liorl Ihiriiiiiiik'* SWIIT Sluip, .101 ••". Main. I'luiii,' Bill. WKONC VVUK Oyster fishermen, who luilu siiu 1 - fisli Iii'c' they destroy oyster beds, OIWT inado a practice of u-nr- 'IH: to pltHTs mill llii-owlnt: Into the rea every .slarrlsli rnnijlit. Tims, mwlUliiKly, 11 icy Incvra.scd (lie sliir- "isli imputation, since pacih arm d«- 'ulopi'il Into a new individual. River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone 714 J We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads , Let Your Next Tires Be ! GENERALS i , \ l,Cosl More — Worth More i i -. MODINGER TIRE CO. 116 F. Main Phone 22(11 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'hone GSM Local A Long ItoUnoe Moving CuriLiietont Tlelji tiul ecuiiiimBiit. Aila< ijunttily JiiHiirnil Contract HAtilliiu itut Misc. fioivlcoa, llowo Service A Storaita Oo, J'hoiio tiHOl PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock (lunrnnteed Itest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Just in Little Boy Aprons Infant Batiste Gowns TOT SHOP 110'So. 2nd St. IMione i'in.S ''That Squeak You:Heard Just leave it to our CHglc-cycd,"sharp-eared Hlteixlmits t» rind wliat'a causing c«r xqueukx or riimblcat If you doix't like mice, wo. hope tl»cro arc none in your car—but whatever eoim<l» it mukca: or whatever kind of Hcrvico it needs—you can get it here courlcoiisly, efficiently, at the lowest reason. able (iricett. ' " " 99 '•> /• • j LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Z Wrcckera Tcilico rrnilucl.l Phdne 578 Z4 Hr. fierrln Kcibtrllnj Tlret Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SIio T. L. MABRY •23 MI.SHOIJKI ST. FII. «6 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Repairs 324 East Muln St Felix A. Carney CARPENTER SERVICE Minor ncpnlrlnc, Screen Work. Painting. Replacing Windows Stcp.s, nnd other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 We Deliver Meats Groceries Pasteurized Milk Swift's Tee Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 21st St. Phone 2602 WATER AH'KOTS KVKHV NKIIVH. TISSUE ami ARTMCV ()!•• TIIK I1ODV—CAN IT MDAN IIKTTKV IIMAI.TII FOK VOU! ANTI-ACID This Natural IMincr:il \Vatcr, <lclirions (» taste, lends lo— \ I. Stimulate kidney action Z. Kxpcl systemic waste 3. Heilurc excessive uric nciil 4. KcniineraH/e (ho liody CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division BIjthCTllle, Ark. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 - APPROVED SERVIC T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes ' Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe and Delicious Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 K. Main Phone 973 * GOOD FOOD -k LOW PRICES ! * VARIETY Wo Spec 1 nl ize In Merchant's Lunches THE WONDER GRILL 109 W. Main Phone 3M* PRTC1L1/A'S TOP Whnl l-'vory Hushiiiul Knows (Oh, Waldo! You're always talking such nonsense!) Gy AL VERMEEI

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