The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER IS, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams ALL I WAN! IS JUST TO GET SOME PRACTICE KETCH1N' FORWARD \ PASSES-' CANT SOU JUST TOSS V IT UP FOR ME?, I WOULDN'T EVEN HAND fT TO *X1i< DONT W"iMT VOUR MA OOT HERE WITH MB!? FUNNY STUFF ALLIN' .MSO TO BE VERV CAREFUL AND K1OT SET Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU FOR SALE ConeiTte culverts l'£ incb lo 48 inch, plain 01 recnftirceil Alsc Unnrri-le BuillJinfi Block* cheap et tlKin luniher for burns chicken huuses. (>ii in [i houses, tenant houses, tool si teds VV> deliver Call u<> fo* free cellmate I'hone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair K-flLTCRS QUflJ_ltY SHOE SHOP IZI W. M a 1 M ST. ^ WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store £<3AO, eQY6f I MOST Be SURE TUB JMASE Of MW/OH FATTLETOW DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A HEASIV- JOVJLED X'LL ROMftSl- "THE MAYOR'S GOT 1H& TYP6 OP MUG TK/XT \MOULD LOOK. PERFECT PA1MTCD ON A TOV 8ALLOONS/ TM6 PLAT& WITHOUT A RAT-*- A1AV- MAYOR RATHER L00i< HftRPO MAR* STATES- SUCH AS MAN . JACKSOM.' Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART (*,„,!„. 19 «. NCA SERVICE. INC. i'HB STOUYi Alter JrHny »re« her huxhund T*N* l»uuc»» 4I»*»K vtiiK OMIT lilted. Jtnnj Irnvv* hl»» • rtd refui?« to reiHrm ta ifc* ltu«- ran home where Tod p « fa mil 7 ha* Toii lin* uoi bren cuiu|»lrtf1y ht>n- 1.1*, hf )• drlrrmfiicd to Mrtlce h«r hnjipy. Tu4 drcldrw t» llv*- »• » trailer near MnrktTood Cnllr^e vrhfle he KalNhr. hi* edtir««uH. Jrnnj I* to cnnllKM* lu work «• a muii«l. Bin |hc (raller rnnip ta COY<T» «hr Iv cnlwK to hrrom*- • motJirr, bill *h«- diwu. *nt icll'Turf. * » * XII /^CTOBER came. Tlie ca'mpus ' across from th& trailer camp was wreathed in hmninE red and gold. The walks and streets were carpeted with (alien leaves. On the busies: day oi a heetir week, an afternoon when Max was holding a special showing, Jenn? fainted in one of the fitting rooms A/ier the doctor had come and she was revived and rested. Max himself took her home, "Don't you worry about a thing, Jenny," he told her "Take the rest ot the week off, even two weeks, and come back rested, 1 "I'll have to see what my own doctor says. Max." Jenny told Jiim, "about coming back to the shop, 1 mean. You see, I'm going to have a baby," "Oh not" The dismay on Max's lace made Jenny want to laugh And when he saw the trailer camp, he was more put out than ever. "Jenny, you shouldn't have come to a place like this to live! It isn't even sanitary!" He wrinkled his nose at the smell which she no longer noticed. "Nobody could be happy rliving in a dump like this! "But F'm happy. Max." Jenny said Bravely, as she prepared lo leave the car in front of the smal blue trailer with its printed sign reading "The Duncans." Max regarded her seriqusly [or a moment.. "Are you. Jenny? L has seemed to me that vou've been ro ub ted ever since you mm Tied. is Tod of yours." ''Everyone has troubles, now and hen," Jenny said delensivcly. "ll wasn't pleasant living with his people, but now we're to ourselves, ve'll have time to gel adjusted. We're going to ue happy. We love each other." "'Tort's lucky to have a girl with much common sense," Max said. * » '» I A'fER, after Max had gone, she fixed herself a cup of lea. She would have to tell Tod tonighl about (he baby, and she dreaded ,t. Bui ihat was silly After all, a uaby was something anyone ought lo be happy about. She would feej to be happy about. And then, ailer all her worry, It turned out she didn't have to loll Tod after all. Nina came knocking on the traiJer door before Tod got home. Nina had brought three T- bone steaks, to celebrate the occasion, she said. She was standing by the skillet as they simmerec r hen Tod opened the trailer door and came in. "Hello Nina!" he said. "This is a surprise. Where' Jenny? And what's cooking?" "Jenny's Lying down,' DOT m.;, orders," Nina said, "and steaks arf. cooking. if you mean 'what's cooking' literally " Well what's cooking not. liter nlly Uien." Tod said, flinging hi brooks down in the daybed. "You are going lo be a proii papa oni of these days." Nina said "Oh noT" Tod exclaimed. Th color ebbed from his face. Jenn: had come to the doorway of th, tiny bedroom at the other end o the trailer She tried to smile a him. and she wished desperalel; that Nina wasn't around, because she couldn't seem to think of ani o/ the right wards to say. Tod recovered himself and cami and put his arm around her. rathe awkwardly. "When did you fin< out, non?** "Several weeks ago." "But why didn't you tell me?" "I meant to. but I kept nuttin; ofl, because it's going to upset in plans quite a lot. and besides wasn't sure how you'd take it." Tod's jaw tightened n trifle: His mile was obviously forced. It was an awkward meal. Nina ricd to be sprightly, but only half ucrceded.' And after it was over, *od said he believed he'd go for little walk while they did the dishes, Jenny knew he wanted a nance lo think He was in one ff his moods. If Nina hadn't been i round I hey might have been rank with each oilier, talked hmgs out. "I shouldn't have come/' Nina >aid ruefully, when Tori had gone. "IL doesn't matter, Nina," Jenny aid. She wanted to go into the my bedroom and fling herself down and give way to tears. But she couldn't let Nina know how disappointed she was. * * * r POD swung aimlessly along the broad walk through the campus and then down one of the town streets His mind was blurred with shock. Nina said Jenny had fainted this afternoon, that she might have lo quit working. Jenny's salary paid for groceries and rent. He had enough saved for his tuition, fees, books and so on. They'd probably have to sell the car if she couldn't work. Thcrc'd be a hospital bill loo, He knew he had been abrupt with Jenny, and that his ellorls lo pretend to like the idea of a baby had been transparent to her, if net to Nina That was why he had come out walking. He must Inlk himself into liking it For Jenny's sake. He went into a small snack shop noi far trom the campus. There was a broken-down piano In one corner and a lot ol students lounging - around talking. -.He • bought some cigareis. The biano began tinkling one of those nostalgic old tunes. Only last year he and^Liz had danced to it at one of the fraternity dances. One of'the fellows by the piano disengaged hirnscli from the group suddenly and came over to Tod. Tod looked at him and then yelled: "Rick! Ricky Morris! Where on earth did you pop up from?" {To Bo Cnnlinueil) Accidents cause 42 times as many deaths among US. children jus does Infantile paralysis. 3ay It ... With Kluwti> THE FLOWER SHOP Ulencoc Knurling i' Mill or 2741 Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oals & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800'W.' Main St. Phone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR Drive Anjwhrrr Yon Picas* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS \\ e offer now bags, never used, at about the price ol used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams ami no rotten bugs. Also No 1 used bags as low as >0c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the.- samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 3418-3152 PAUL D FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Hlythcvillc, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 BRANN TILE & FLOOR CO. • Asjihall Tile Floors • Hardwood Flours • Rubber Tile floors • Rock Won] Insulation • Weather Slripuing • Ornamental Iron Work • PtesHc TUc IValls All Work Guaranlceil A. L. 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Rcnlroad and Ash phone 888 ' STUDEBAK.ER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bt MEM1LL Tht Spender . 6ETTIMO NEAR AND L WAS Tb APTCR ALL, . OILV A DOLLAR! ANY TWE L OW RAISE. A6UCK- S^y. LeTS 6C A MALTfO/ YOU M- >« HUT SOOW f6 I BUUT "Look, Walter —Junior missed another tackle! Oh, aren't you glad he isn't getting hurt?" PRISCru,A*S POP Slumping ||, e Kxpert AL VERMEER REMEMBER FAITH IT'S OUR T VOU'LL" WIN GAME! \ CARLYLE ! ' I SURE HOPE WE WIN! YOU JUST CAN'T T^ TALK SENSE THAT BOY !'. Knd of the "Mamba" BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY tnd RALPH LAN* I WOKE UP A MOMENT AGO AMD STEPPED INTO A fOOT OF WATER. THERE GOES MY BOAT.' 1TNOUGKTI MSARD40MI- OMCCAkl/ I HEARD THE iP!ASH. JUMPCltAR OR SHt'LLPOU YOU UrJWR .' CAPTAIN EASY The 1% Event BY LESLIE. TURNER EJVSY! A PEW \ TO BE l__. MIUinES MORE (WlD I'LL |HM"PY, CWHV, HME THE MOST WONDERFUL MOTHER. 1 COULD / // ~7 KlaHT FOZ1 I— /Re»OV,E^V BUGS BUNNl OR. SLOOP ) UNUW, GIRLIE. \S BUSV/ ^ THIS 15 START WORKIN 1 > ER...WHAT ON MC, VOC... ./5EEM5 TO I'M IM A _-/ K THE HURRY/ r VTROUBLE? I WAMT YA TO CUBE MV COMW.CX/ .Jtisl One of the dung BY V T KAMI.IN NOW BEROKE YOJ ATTEMPT. TO B(S1NG THE5E MOOV\\H BACK. TO JUSTICE. UNDE OH NO: MOO HA5 A ...ILL \W1LL... KING 6UZ MAKE 'IM 1 15 OJITE LISTEN TO CHAR. THAT'S KSASON GOVERNMENT.(TAXE IT STAND YOU'LL HAVE T<? AEBANSE FOR. EXTRADITION.' UP WITH THEIR. CHIEF... KNOW.. CONFUSING. ISN'T IT? BOOTS AND HER KUDDIKS

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