The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Diily rate per line lor consecutive Insertion : Minimum charge .................. M? J time pfr line ................... ISc 2 times per line per day .......... . )2c 3 times PIT line per da^ ,.,.,,,... 3f € times ptr line per day' ......... . *c 12 times per line per rtay ........ 5c Month per line ....... .......... SOc Count five avenue words to thf !fnp, Ad ordered for (hire or six ilnics and •topped before expiration » ill be charged for HIP nuniljer o! linir* thr a<l uppr-arert nnrt adjustment of bill niado. AM classified advoriliine r<n>y submitted Ijy persons rrOdtnp outside «( the rily must be .irromrinlrd hy rash. nalcs may easily he compuicil Ironi the above rahtr. ,\drprtf5lnR niArrrA /or Irrretitar <n- aerlions take HIP our time t.ililr-. No rrsronsiblllli will lie i^ken lor more than tin* incorrect Inserlion or my classified arl. ,in ads are restricted in (hplr pmnrr tlassrfir.ition, si vie -ind ivpe. The Courier News M-S/TSPS Ihe rlj&M to edit or reject any ad, Rental Sanders Rr/lnlsh your own doors, Renl »n electric emidrr from Ward*. Enny lo use. economical, free instructions. Montgomery Ward & Co. 423 rk 2ft PfthitlnK or rnriinttor work, G. D. Klnney. Ph, 6327, 4.23 pic 5.23 Not/ce Watch and Jewelry Repair 1-Day service on Jfwelry—3 d.iys on wAtrbes and clocks Guarantee'! work done by expert, repairmen, lawful "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Curtains laundered. nras-onablrv iw W. AMI. 325 |ifc 425 OAT?n OF THANKS We wish to pxs>r*".s OIT si m TIP thanks for the many bca-itlfnl fliiral off^rinss nnrt mr^p.ccx of roii'lntnir* upon Hie rirath of our dr:ir inothrr and 5^tcr. I.irplls J'arVcr. Carrlr flai-.V. nf>nj3inln Aiulinny nnd ihe Sumrall family RUG CLEANING TIME For Cflrffnl. ihoroviRh FUR rlcanlni; uprvlce. pal] on mylhpvlllp l.Riinrtrr'J! J7 years of experience In tbls fipprlM- . \7.t<\ Ik'LO. Frci- plrktip nnd d^llircry I ^crvlre—Just cnh 4418 IJKVIM.K CLKAXKRS 4 l« rk 5 tfl Apartment 'or Rent 2 furn- nntf=, Close In. Ariulis nnlr Call 4607 After 5 p.m. 4Z1 pk 27 3 rm unr. apt. Norili Kwr. fit- Mrs, loa Thompson Bos A3J - •! 24 pk 5 1 2 furnUhrtl Apti . hath. lint viator, Ri;a!nnablP. Couple only, [fill W. A^h Ph. 2019. 423 pV 2fi 3 roam tarn, ditpler, Ph, 2220. 3 room furnUhctl Rjit. ITot running watrr. Private b vh. decomted. 401 E. Davis, ph H>ia 4 12 pk pk 2fi com 2-room fnrn. apt. Prlvnte in'b Couple only. S16 Lnfce, ph. 2406 -12i pk 2R 3-room unfiirnlrshrd Apurtnieni Pf!- rtite bath, electric hot \vat"r lint"r Ph. 3fil!>. 4 21 pd :3 3 BpartmcntB for rent. 112 E Chrrry <;ifi nk no 3 rm. unnir. *pt Ph. 'SiSO or 6086. 43 ck tf 3 room A: 4 room ftpts, (or rrni Call &S12, C. Abrnliam. B rk II Modern 2 room fur. apt, Ph 2595 or 4565. 2;U ck if Modern ftpt.. 3 roonxs «n<! limb, ncw- ly decorated.. KOO<! furniture, v.n* rQul^i- ment. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 921 cfc (f I rnpalr any make or motlrl wn^klne nfirhlnn J hfnrks 'A'fKt of Dixie Pli; nn ^th St . hy ne-A' R«*hnot. Ilerhrn OrR- iftm Ph 61^R. 3.1 pk 5 7 V Antl V, carp* I Laylnz Co., nl M^'juphls now has a rppTv^cntnMji? In filyilirvlllc for a nhrvit prrlocl of Mi\f> Rixpfirl Infilnllntlon nnrl rppFilr Oon- tflct Jlminlf K<t«-«r<Js Fiirnlicin- rn Phone 2107. r 4-21 pX ?H for Sole, Misc. A 9x12 woo! riitf. Ph. 2877. 424 pV 27 Price of lumber reduced: lo rtcar yard for Rinnitier sftwltit;. Px4. a»;fi, 2<«~-**5 [irr HioiipfULd. Docklni; Hiirl boxing. $W> O. 3. HollJson. H. 2lRt -St.. I'rinnr n:i<»^ Living room jsiiito $2000, Ph. CTCO. 4 22 pk 26 ~ GOSM NCis 1 Kmf S A UO" Raise your own cotton diopnrrsf 11..^ nirh In Lois of 50 or morn, II 60 each. ]pf=<i than sn IMMEDIATE DEUVKRT JIUGII \V. ALKKX Osreotn, Ark Ph. 4R5 ,t 471 4'2 pk 52 Small AparLnicntR, furnished. §8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Unf-ir. apt , pvt. haih. 100 Chfrry, Ph. 3349 or 2787. 4|1T pk 5;1 3 room furnished dpi. for rent. 133 Chlcknsfiwbft. 4 17 cfc tf Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family with lavilty tiros—BUY LEE TIRES. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Msiln anil Division Phone SSfiH L 12 13 ck If Perfect qunlily WIJ1TK SWKWALL TJRKS — low mileage. Size 300x15 and 760x15. We also hnve bargain passenger and traclor tires of all sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORK, ph. 2102. <I:24 ck 5!7 Services LAWNMOWERS We shrrpf-n nnrt rnpnlr nil tyr>« mci-R'^r. 1 ;. A!FO nrvv .t us til power mower?. All kin its nio\vor narts. Also power mowrra for rrnt. Westbvook Madiiup Shop ACTORS from Kroner Storp 44 rk II Need your rixrllo rtp^Urd? Call npd Walton. Disabled vctcian repairs rn- dlo tit home. Hensonnbla prices Ph ' B923. W. W. RRckhnm 1 117 R"-^""' ™ 32T'pk-)2ft Curtains Innnrtrrrri nnrt fitrolchcd Mrs. J. E. Lawtoncc. Th, 6?.S?>. 3 25 pk A 2S ?f) MINUTE PTfOTOSTATIC SERVICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO, 115 W MAIN 32 A ck tr Per painting and pripcrlnc. rail Hnr- rr Wheat and Rov Freeman. We spcc- Hll.-c in Fliectruck flnKhlnp. Th 6^fi5 or 2S35. 3 2f, pfc 433 •J rnv.- John Drr™ Plantfl-r with m.irfc- ors; -1 row John Uenre rotnry hfie and .Intm nrcrp cllr;r hftrrow. Male H<rd Fnnns. fturdpttr. Ph. -1702. 3-7 cK tr Tomfllo plants 15c tlov:. pcnpcr plnnts 20c do/. 60S Ash St. IMi. 4r,76 f'l pfc 51 Save Money When You Huy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph.'2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Wnlnut Phonf 3:\w Plenty of Parking Space Empire table mod pi Lrontr. Kxcn ent condition. C-honp. Ph. D7in, IvR-oort*. ntl f\ )ow See them nt 604 Ash St. Ph. 467 •v i i I! It's catfish you ar»> lookln? for. comp to Flotts Fish ^tn^kft, I" h.irR plenty at nil tlmos. Can till nny r\vf orrtrr 2010 Rose St. hnlf hlocii ^i^r of Gateway Curve. Ph. 9648. 4 19 pic 5; L9 PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson Implement Co. <1'.17 ck 24 More Than You'd Expect! ISM STIMIKBAKKH l.anrt t raiser -J-donr Sertan . , . a br.i.Kifiil bl^ck car with anloniitir Irrtm- misston. rnfltn. I.rilcr. xrr.itp 5iden-,iHs. Low mifpage. Come In —drive It 1549 FOUD V-S Kordor Pnbn. . an e*rfplion:OlT fine buy In a late model oar. II feature's the popular V-8 molnr. nilfn .inrt heater. Gle.imins black. Now only SI055. 1550 ri.YMOI'TII 4-iloor Sodan. . . . lake a Hcmcinsiratinn ilrive In Ihls vcrr altrarlivr troci. 1'ly- naouth. Has a n?w set nf seal covers—i Rood hpalcr. J1M5! Mi: A XT FOK A FISHKUMAX! Onlr SSDS huvs vnii Ihli 1HI8 FORD V-S STATION \VAOON. Authorized father who r|u;idrnp1cls. the man wlje lni%s n ii^rd car *l t'hsm- l;(tn"s cc(^ morp (han h« rviirrU. Our cars »re Rone r>vrr [ r o in humptrr I* bumprr — ttuiroiiKhly rp- rniMlitin»rci: That's why 15311 STIDIUAKKK IJ - T o n Vicknp. irrrr's an example ot niarnblin's nniisunl rallies In aoorl. rernntlilioncd trucks -This clean pickup Is a low mileage truck. SH43: !!>!!> STI'DEBAKF.R IJ-Tnn I'irk.ip. Vou'll srt miles and mile« nt money, m^kitif service from Unmhlin's joocl ii^ril trucks. This pickup has new paint. $705! 10IS C.MP !-T,in Trnek. Enlilp- rt-cl with S^.^tO tirrs all around, this lone Trliol li truly n buy. But—«'e It your- Klr. Come lo C'hamlilin's. SC95! Just carrj vour boat Inside. I.ol« n! room. One-owner cae. ONLY Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer •*• RRilrnail & Ash ('all 6SS8 A-l CARS---A-1 TRUCKS 195J KOHI) .... $Mi'J5 Only iO.OOO mllfs on Oils A-l »ulomnl)lle! A Cus(f>m <.'Eub C'ouix complpt* wllti radio, htalfit ovenlrivr, srAl coven »nd new Krw! JW!) POKI) $895 Save >'ours*lf sflrn* money on a glXKi us^d pickup nt J'hil. ll|w. This low mill-ate !i-Toii Truck h« raillo and healer. Nice Itray finish. A-l CARS---A-l TRUCKS 1950 FOUI) SI 295 A iH'nutiful riistnui I'untrjr fhal's certainly A-l! White slrlewall llre^. rudlo, bratcr. overdrive and sent rovers, Meet It lixlay. 1!II7 KOJU) $«15 Vcili'll Urn) (lie A-l [rucks at I'lillliiis .Moliir Co. TM* \' f - I'oil I'irkup Is a good, clean one . . . new painl, heater, gftfld tires. See It, A-l CARS---A-l TRUCKS 19.10 KOHI) $:M5 A K.IV lilllc Coni-orlitile that runs like a seM'ing m.irliitie! ilaff a ncM p tn]i, »rw lire!!. ]{:i- dlo antt he.iier, of course. Id I!)).! FOKI) $295 Sure, It [nnks a little rough—> hut. man It's Just S295! Jl's i gnorf runnlne little f^-Ton I'irkup. Cood tires, dm. H:ir- giilii! For A-l Cars & Trucks, See Your Ford Dealer 300 Broadway Phone 4453 THtmSDAY, APRIL 24, 1951 The Tractor Most People Wish For When It Rains: FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. Hlyfheville, Arkansas — Phone 2,171 Nice new 2-he<Uooni home. Hardwood fJoors, plrliir« windows, fenced backyard. Owner hrlnsi irtmsfrrred Antl -A-lti PK.cimri\!e fJJW nutty for KOO^ rftr. Tot A) price: S1M>0. l.cwls fipaliy CO.. Ill K. |) f -ivls. Th, BfJOi. 422 rk 5'^3 Real ESTATE Farms—City Properly LOANS . II interested In Hnylng or nelllng sea Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glcncoo Bldg. Ph. G8G8 9,30 Ck IT Wanted to Buy Good Soybean Seed. Funk's Hybrid Seed Corn. Boyljfau InocuIntUiti. Mlxrtl FlTllHyrr. New RiKj Ust-d Il.ig* FARMKtlS SOYBFIAN COFU' N Broadwny. Blyltievllk. T'h yi:n 321) ]«t 520 Scot! soybeans, Dorlclisoy N ? i). 2. Only 1 year from Rrocder's sUick. Siiiijcct lo ccrlificalion. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2M2 - . Ill Implo- Co. :rai ck tf 1 '*, HP Cornproft&or 1 14-Ioot men I rase 2 -"*i HI* romprcfisors ( fi-foot tCHt srlf-scrvicp cnsc 2 incut hloi'Vis 1 incul Krltutrr H Trn-KrJsit variable nirfcR t Rtrak maker 1 ftxG wnlk-ln cooler 1 tuft- I lfi.10 motM ] u; ton CSMC tnicfc Contnct MHvIn HsUspH nt Hal* HI A-, White Furniture Co., or Phone SOflfi 3 22 tf SPECIAL PAINT SALE •4OT gallons, assorted Sprlncr cotors. (Home <t OnnlRn Colors for !95!) water thinned, Interior Mat p:\1nL. 26 rol- •x. 30n per quart. |2 prr palUm As tig as presc-nt nnpply lasts. MARTIN TKENKI.E. Inc., Air I3ase trlrphonp 3353, RlyltiKvUe, Ark, 4'5 cH 5;5 SfED DFANH—Dortch No. 2. 07% KermlnrULon SA bushel OEden's, Pa'" 0 'nlnRUon. 13.75 bushel U.S. Blnnk- shlp. Dell. ph. JW2. 3,27 r k i;27 c, oo D T<UA mr \v X i TfT- TONMO WA'l'KU PAINT—Assorted colors, a t bargain prices. Regular $1.0(1 per ql., now IJOc.- Regular $8.98 • pei- gallon, .""now $1.D5. PIRE- STONE STORK, ph. 2102. •1:2.1 ck 5:7 Ooorl u.iccl vacuum rlrnn«r.<5. pnnran- teert. Ph. O.'ccola 95-J. Klrhy Snips Co, 4 22 pk 57 I N NOWS — Hoachcs. iii£ cauos lOc np. Ph. nile —... day, 9%9. 328 G. Main Si. G. C. Hawks. 'ijl7 pk 5 17 Lucmn Gaincs Funiiture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms \'i down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gainoa. Ph. 6357. 'lllTckir D. &P.L No. 15 10 (tins, rtrllnled. trrRtccl RAcKril Ocrmlnaflon 84 to R6 per er>nt Saved ' fiO acre* prort;ir!nc B7 h.ilc* Prlro FORSALE COTTONSEED Arkansas Slate Certified' Blue Tag, Jlacliirie dulinlecl, Corc- san treated. $150. Per Ton F.O.B. Rlythcvillc ^Varc!louse Contact Warcliousc or F. P. JACOBS JR. I'll. 822JM Osccula '12-1 ck 5;i Tomnto Plftnts. S varieties. Cold Frrtme plants: 15c do?,.. M.flO htindrcrt W. P. Shnrn. Ixme Oak Road, i: ml IB Hlway West. 44 p fc 54 All you [IshfTtncn with a SCR King. don't worry alnmt. a thing. IT It's pims you need. Give vis n try, Wards Service Dept. ts the place to buy. Monlgomcry Ward & Co. NKW OUTROARO MOTORS — Sliglill.y damaijctl i» sliipnienl. In pcii'tH:L condition. 90-day warranty. Har- K«i» prices. F1RKSTON ft STORK, ph. 2102, 4|2*l ck 5,7 boxes. Cheap. 1601 W. Baby l>rd wit haul White-, 3W2 or 2741. OpportTinlty for mil or part time ?,'i'mJ* M '" nl > l "i--''»le mpplrlnii con- «nmer« with nawlclRh Products. No "£"'. "Mdcd. Also other localltlM JJn il« "' WrlW """li-lBh'n I>c |lt . AKD. 210-216, Memphis. Tctltl, V25 ck 25 Insurance Ph. 261V 4.23 pk 30 natlress. Dirk 423 ck 27 WANTS!): Wo pny top nrlcos lo r soybeans, noyhran split. 1 ?. slirHprt corn, oat.i. whrfit *nt\ barley Get our price brtore you sell FARMERS SOY BET AN CORP N Broadway. Blythevllte 1'h &]91 3.'20 ck 520 We will pay CASH lor your rtlil Ko- iliiks. t :unt'j-!is niul It-ii',*-^ lor i);»rls. O'STLKN's STUniO, 115 West M;ihi. 12 1 rk ti HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire mid all kinds of scrap metal. Biytheville Iron & Metal Co. N: Brtwny & Moultrie Drive Phone S%2 4!In ck tf For Rent 2 room furti. house with bnth. plec- trlc V:IU-hF:i. Ph. 4255. 422 ck 29 Unfxirnlshcd 5 room house. Rpar. of 604 N. 5th St.. Ph. 4632. 422 pfc 29 3 rnom furnlshrd house A- hith 322 NV 6th. Ph. 4335. 4 22 c'f 25 Room and hoard. Rl.eo meals to the public. Scrrec! dally 11:00 to 1:30. Brackln Boarding House. 126 E Ash . Ph. 4382. 4'18 pk 5!la Light hotise-XeepLng im. ph. 2920. 411S pk 25 Concrete Rlock Biilkllug. snttahlr; for enrnge nr .^lorf nud urijolnln^ 5 room house with bath. Located In curve on Highway fit. sotith side of Holland Mo. Call 4404 or write Paul Byrum Implement Co. l!22-i:k U Ifcnt R Rhetlnnd pony /or your child ny tlie day. week or mouth John Mc- Oowell. ph 3106. 4|3 pk 53 2 room house. eTcctrlc kitchen. Rood location. Ph. 2933 or 9S71. 4,18 ck 511 Private Rooms Two ust-d leu Ash. Ph. 2919. Inrnlshrfl brdroorr 26 i lent location. Ph. 2514. For Sals, Real Estate Buy equity of 52000.00 on loan of M.&HS26 Payable In £42 35 monthly pai-iurnts on nice 1 room, 2 bath hoiui-. Call 2J34. 4 33 p n 25 Modern 4-room house and Hardwood .floors, 3 4.21 pk 52!> Rertroom. ronvenlrnt to bath, stea-ii beat, 611 V/ Main. Ph. 3325. 4|IO ek 5;10 Bedrooir or 2938. with prUata bnlh. Ph. 0671 4;i pit 5-1 Lost and Found son. Call 32G2, 3423 or 446-1, 11 ck tf I a fife closets, screened i n Imckpovch. Good condition ! Glencoe Hotel.' inside and outside. Kxtra] — large lot with fenced in play yard. 012 Hardin St. ? 1,000 cash, ?;?7.17 tulnl monthly p;iyni(!iits. .Modern 4-rooni house with $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gip- Mixed breed dog — black with white chest. Short with long body and crooked left log. Short haired, long tail. Last seen near Yarhro. Name Jlftn Ark. SPICCIAI. RARY THICKS Tlil.v ur.-li. 4-A V S. npprnrrd hc-avj ircocls f 12 :.n. AIM, iUfnlfa hny. 1 rwl« Poultry *l!> F: Mnln Th. 3.117 4 Jl ck JB Ts^hy hrrt and new m-*t"r.L, p.,. S'"H 4 SI )^k J4 (•i':irnFrKn"Tx>Rfcii NO. 2 nuip T^c siaiic tcoct bcnns. Pl.inl "' 1P c!"i'.. \VYUK ?fnnil<rd t.ind Farm bath, e<|iiipped with nice elec-1 of m KKy- No collnr. Liberal trie ranjffi and rrfrinprator rcw!ln '- ''-"' s Wheeler, ph. Vciiclian Winds and drapes'. rinr! - or 3806 - '*;I9 (* 26 Lots of storage space. llij:h and dry corner lot. at 2300 Kenwood Drive. $1,000 cash. ? 18.21 per month. It's nice— you'll like it. Vacant — move in tomorrow. Help Wanted Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W. Ash St. GLENCOE HOTEL BUILQIr-.'n lacker Instruction We Will Train You To Be A 1 cclimciun In One Of America's Leading Industries If You can quality—t MX could hp 3-01 tr chance for future security nnrt the kind of work you Like. You must he be- twrcn the n K es or IB nnd .1.1 ntifJ hnve the PtjuivRlent of nn Rib Crude Education or more. . . NO EXPERIENCE necessary —hut- must be willing to train in spare time at horn*. . . (Will not Interfere with present Job) For fiiil details and further information on how you rnny be able to quali- fy—\Vrlte Riving ar-e and irtiucatlon to BOX M-7. c/o Coiuler News. -122 pk 25 TI'.l.KVISION KCA VICTOR F \prrt Lnil.'xllntlon Kcrvlrr. Pay Amiison\^nt Co. rn JW. rdehw-ay 6? Nnrth Mrs. Dnvls, SOI p^rk St. 4 13 pk ?.* Sovrir:»n*. Tird Tnz l>ortrh = ov N'n. ? - R'1 r ; ni l1fl T.^ OKdrn R. 1 -' i-cvmlns- tlpn. M J O-*ljoriif. pit. 2«.".« ^ II pic ?-•• HFt.P WANTED SPARE TIME !W> MONTHLY POSSIBLE r will srl^ct R rollablf! person Jn i arorx to rofHE and collert nionry | it: i ,1 , ; ' ' nilr NKW AUTOMATIC MFR>\ c nave other houses for i ^HANDIST DIRPENSINO MACHINES" [-..Ip I ^'° sptUnz, Person srlrctcd ran net up ' * | tf* two monthly, and morf, rl^nirilnK SCR OV Call ! °" ho ' A ' »»nny unUs H <>rvlre(l. To qunll- I fy. apjillr-.ini must hnvn rar, rrfpr- . nnfJ inlnhiuini oT }COO working ^1 Ff>r Imrtivrilritr liitprvlfiw, write « Tul] clrtnlls. Include tilioiie, nt;o. •^. *\c. Write to P.O.H. -!02fi, Inv,* Rranch Si. Louis 2f>. Sfo •; 22 pk 29 JOHNNY MARR JJoallor 112 So. 2nd. I'lione .1)11 Residence Phonp I!o0fi •I in ck tf ^^^cl^rn two bedroom homo j already financed liy \'~- C.!. Loan. Total payment. ? 10.00 per month. KenponahU- down Family to ninke share crop. I'll, h'801. 23 ck tf Notice FUU,KR BRUSH Tt>r R^rvlrc nt ynnr rtnor, rail fi^fl •IA1IKS LUJHTV, DKAI.KR 4 22 pk 5 22 l" • '' " '" i 11. I n f I ,-1.111,11 M t; I M I\V II : ~ ! payment with imniprlintp pos-i^ or S°/e Cars & Trucks i session. Sr-e or call Max I.o-| . tran. I'll. 20:51, Lynch Rldir. 2)t ck- :i( NORTH r>l I.dCATIOX n]n C'onvfrtlhlp. rtrcllcn nmlrri with extras Prlr '-'- \'l\\r. 4 13 pk 2 HE KKOWS YOUR CAR If yon want to entrust jr o u r car to a mechanic who will do his^best to fix it properly — at a minimum rnsf to you — cninc to T. I. Scay Motor Co. Try us next time. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Slain Phone 2122 FOR SALE Cnnerele evlrert*. 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or recnforced. Also Concrete Knihlfnx Blocks cheaper than limber for barns, chicken h««set, p«n.p houses, tenant houses, tool 5hedi. We deliver. Call •> (or free estimate. OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. TILE rii SPECIAL SERVICE -\o matter whal kind of car or IriiCr! ,vou own, 'I'. T. Seay Molor Co. can offer you the specialized service of spccrlometcr repair. To he safe — lo get better service from your rar ... he sure your speedometer is correct, 1-Day Service. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. C*liryslcr-Fly mouth Dealer 121 K. Main Phone 2122 Nlre a hrrtroom home, ntlachrd . r wood MCK.IS. all modern conveniences |lnn<e onh 1 vr> - o lii 251 tt d'fp ror onlr S85CH1. Ettrn rtmil i^e .iv;ii;al,ir I,- HUStNKSS UAT* TK>nl room PTVIIIC h» <r. ii i A ntr* cnfe end ollirr «rr.<- ory ft HOUSE AND r, ACKKS S.i;,ri F\trs pi>od tlrft ncrcs ftnrt nn^nll hut nlrr hnvi-c W TT.llt '^st of DoKWOOrt RMR* on ROftrt BrnvM |3yio clrtwr term*. o^flr "1 ].n> <; f on <•**>• 1NCOMK PROPKHTY Cornrr of Ash ft I.lly. NIcp Income *rt u;i TldFd inlo six rtflrlency apfiTln^rnts RIHI diuili '•»>• SI. All of thu properly liilniMni; In irnv I'iiro' ' i"h, KKM1' WlllSKMIl-NT, UKALTOK , Pil. aiuy "•^—— % " ' — — 4,23 clt 1,S nin larv ([017 hniii^ r)l- r M lf>t famine rn FUEL OIL G.O. PQETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land OUR QUALITY USED CARS OUR QUALITY USED CARS ARE MAKING NEW FRIENDS EVERY DAY. BUY YOUR USED CAR FROM A QUALITY DEALER, SULLIVAN- NELSON CHEVROLET CO. IN BLYTHEVILLE! 1950 CHKVKOJ.KT maroon Fleetline 2-door Sedan. A defrost"! Car> Pl " k '* d riSht ' " aS ' arge Iadi °' heater ' 1019 CHKVROLKT l,l.,ck Fleetline 4-door Sedan '""^ radi °' iieilter '~ Iil-18 PI.YA10UTH blue deluxe -l-door Sedan S*ae 'With l>oih htr. & defroster, it's a fine buy at 645 1950 CHBVKOI.KT 2-Ton long wheelbase Truck. Has 2-siieed axle. The tires all look as good as new . 900x20 (ires on rear, 825x20 on front. You can't so wrong on fhis bargain. 10.17 CHKVHOMCT |/ 2 -Ton IMck.ip. Completely S overhauled mtr. extra good tires. Green finish 1918 CHKVROI.KT '/,-Ton Pickup Truck. A ?7ftC real clean trk thai looks like a'new one. A buy at / SID 1950 STUDKBAKKR M-Ton Pickup Truck SftftC Driven just 8,000 miles. A mighty fine one . . "" 0 Many More (o Choose From EASY O.MAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut p hon e 4578 DPI 75 ARKANSAS BLUE TAG 'CERTIFIED COTTONSEED First Year From Breeders 80-85-01% germinallnn, riclinted an d treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS 80-85^-r germination COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Notice to Farmers: I the ROBERT I,. DORTCH SEED FARMS I.. "" Ark:ins:> «' '" this icrritorv. At prrsml I },avc about 300 bushels of IIOKTCII S.OV No. 2 BREEDERS BKANS. Also > few of Ihe NEW 67 VARIETY. , MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day Phone 6218 Night Phone SflGl Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hiway 61 A Smart Man WILL PICK UP THE TRUCKS HE NEEDS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS . . . BECAUSE WHEN TRUCK SEASON HITS. PRICES ARE GOING UP. A SMART MAN WILL SHOP HORNER- WILSON'S LOT THIS WEEK. 1!)5l CMC 2-Ton SWR Truck with 2-speed axle. Equipped with slinkin' new tires! • SAVE • IflSO CHEVROLET 2- spoed axle. Miike s fine Ton S\YB Truck with 2- Inide now at Horner- Wilson! 1H51 STUDE RAKER I'/S-Ton UVB Truck with surprisingly low Jiiileajfe. Come to East Main Street! $1295 $1195 inSO INTERNATIONAL li-Ton Pickup with perfect tires, rear bumper, healer. Check (his price laif: $795 1950 CHKV110LKT 2- Ton S\VB Truck with new tires, air brakes and nir horns. Don't wait too • SAVE • l!>sn CMC 2-Ton SWB Truck «-ith air and trailer connection brakes. Also 5th wheel. The price? Jfl.')0 FOFJD i/ 2 -Ton Pickup with the V-S engine. Good (ires, too. Now's the lime lo trade your truck. $795 9 $1095 1919 KMC '/,-Ton Pickup. A smart man will come to Homer-Wilson's lot on East Main for a red-hot truck buy! $895 HORNER-WlLSON Rocket Oldsmohile — CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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