The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1946
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAUQH 1G,. 124« BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.K C.QTJUimy . I..:.+' FORSAU INFORMATION Am; Arbor it. }M-u|> hay baler. Tcrmi. Ualk'y HullcJsL', Slcdo. i'lione l:lll uflcr 0 II.UL. lO-pk'SU •*ni*u; • I'raclicalljr now fimiiluro Jor 6 room t "" su - '''"'no -O'JO or call Lo K*'cn at "^1 >V, Cbi'rry, Ki-^k'-O »•' Uat 9*1 .***— - ----- Lit »M Uu t«« *M ----- M I M»M »« UM »• «•» -- _ -- n II tU»M. »•« »U» *•• «•»_- --- M ' Kf*U *u UM* — ,-_, --- , ---- m tout lln »««"•« •«*• »• »• •«•. . A4j »4«[«1 In (w >k JBf'M. « ^' " •ilj k< « bit Alt . <» Ui *M «r*«x«« 14 1 tniguaj UMI- l*« oa« kbM rM«. ulUllly vlll fc« Mfeu CM ••!< So/* U. S. Approved Baby Chicks. The very best grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn.ahd Sudan seed. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Phone 493 3-12-ck^tf 0»o now ir-I'drjiiftU Tractor OnuFcU. Tie &till oil. Unc jyis H-Furmiill — filltMitly used. Ojio \Q\i IL-Partnalt. Lest of co'idiiion, ono i*M2 U'Ka^inall uiotor Aixl rittjbiir K<>«<]. One 1'Jl^ AO Cliulmor Tnictor. I'fice.l to Bell, J|AYC nil cqiiipiLUMit. A\] iracturs in ctntll- cut condilion Hoy Manlrv Snrilli Mo. Ll-nk."! n'K-i II.IUKU /or ifllo by owner. I'alulcJ in 1'iut yvnr. Uocid fyymliilion. l-'ivu ruoi.u :tml l>:U)i. H you need a liymo (Ills I* n! Writu Uox JEN, o|o CiJUrli'r Nfttv. Slock Vnil fjstur'ei o'l V7ooa'« C«le, Ian- or»_for gale.'2'months rent paid. GouJ WWv -f.l. .. . V for Jttnt Trout Lot! room ud joining balli.. . *.-oi»f»rtablo bedroom wUIi jiloiuiint kit c ' lcn l^ivitcgcs. S17 CIHckiissiw^n. WJIFJU ^^u^liIl^,• circulator in «ocnl condi- liun. ltca&uii:tlilo i«ico. Call 33".5. 3!J-J-ck-tt ( 11 carat dianumd veiliimff and en- > KaKi-ment ritifj. Size 0. Unuso.l Cull Good iiscil: clccrlic vacuum cleaner Csui ' Le st'cn at 10-15 W. .Ash. iy-ck-20 Ifalfn ruiy. S]HH-ia! price on trailer truck loud*. Kuy tiainos, Jti. ;i, HJvUiuvHU-. One, 104S ir-i'arjuall tractor and ciiuip- mtJiit. (J. C. Harris, Kennfli. Mo. ll-l»k-2L Itcronditiunecl Kinder sc\v\n s iimclihu-, ?ai). -1-JO iMst Si. l-l-pk-18 , * rit0 " 1 " OMS(1 - tl1 " B i zo lot. Mow rjnpty. *'50«. *1000 tluvvu ?10U inunthly. t)scar AloxamlPr, 107 \V. M;iin, I'Jioui- s;jl . Ilt>J . (l | lMK>() |lho|1(J .,, 170 nj.pfc.oo -Nicely furnl&hcit Iroiil LoJroi>m. Ktfa'iu Uoal, Jiot M-aier, Pliono 3201. lH-pk-lil^ Fro tn lu'droijJiL ad join I ti^ latti, l.'li'iiio ' nimrtmciit. -101 K. Servic** William ](. Overtoil, net hit: County Survivor, l.aiul Surveys »tid drag 'i" B far in iliiclics, lino anil U'YF|&. 'Srrvuil llii.s arvn fur ao yc>ars. 1C'1.V-1[1U Tt\iiii of 5 year olil iiorni's (iuaran(e**'l son, Addition at Mill M-ck-21 EO», I'rMo /.aitilloji at Mall. 14-ck-^l Hduac. 1120 \V, Ash. Good iiivcatmcn't. 9 Kaoms, 2 baths, Lcller tlian avorayo coudLiion. U. 11. Watson, Hold Is'oblc. !f ilroom suite, kitcltoji rablnct, break- fust set, oil cook stovft, Call SOI tn uiornEn-;. Dock Vrivitt, 12-pk-lS L^K hirrayiiif; al JU-rluti Rtops inoih dniiiM^c for . r j year A or Iti-rluu pays tin- .innmtre. I'rotrrt ymir r)ol3ips. fur* nituruj rugs, \voolejis \v]|li UcrLo'li. lluhiiurd Ursrdivitro Coiuiinrij'. lOcklP Wnntrd ITnnd \Vnsliiug. Den Wliito Addition. J Lou so 20, 2fo. 30lh St. 15-ck-'lS WASIIINO MACI4INES atrvfeod »iul repaired. When rifsrtfi ar'o hot "civaU»b)e xvo manufacture them. One cn^ino* OTcrliauleil on gas driven machined. All Eorviccs Kuar&ntecd. Horljcrt Grsliarn is now- in charge of thJa departincnl «nd will be glail to iorvice liia oM cuatotnors. ll|yttLQvlI\o Machine Shop. Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3' Young lit;us. 1'ure lircd vliito Ic^Uorns und Plymouth Rocks, Sirs. 'Anna T.ou MkFnu»l, itt. 3, lilvtlicville. 1'hono 71C. • l-pk-18 Bftljy cnick.s, nv.illalilo oil Iho tinio. )Io;n'y bretds. Mrs. Uuck ilehftrg, 304 K. Main, phone 018. 3-i»k--i;il PHOTOSTATS—Let O'Steen make a pliotostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers—Quick Service. ,0'STfcEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 \V. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 Implement Co. Phone 8(i4. 3-15-ck-tf .AWK JIOVVERS. sliarjicncil and repaired. Each liladii in precision Rroiind oil our r;iclnry rilclho'il nlftchinc. KriHc yours in no\s- and nvoid tho ruali. wliUe we havo a Inrfe slock, of pnrta. \\'p Itiekup anU deliver, nixlliovlllo M» china Sluip. 25-ck-'3l25 Wanted to Rent Kniftll furnished ri[mr(ment for foitplu. I'hoiu! 95?. 15-pk-lS fi or 7 room unfurnished house. Phone Wanted To Buy Postal Card Pictures. '/ ? Doz. S1.J5. : I)oz. §2.00. -JNb appoint men t neede'd. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 Made to Order. Let us frame j'our discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Steeii's Studio, 1'lione 320S. a-71-ck-3-2l One or lwt> yooil uso<l pool tables. On libvd suft drink ti>.\. 1'Uonu ;\W. Poultry, corn, and Kay.'. T51y. theville Grain and Ele vafor Co. North 4th St I'hone 2112. 3-15-ck-3-22 Silver service in gooid 'condition. Write P. O. Box 380 Blylheville. 3-12-ck-tf dliawberry Hbkcnioro. Marie ckasaivba. 7-plt-4|7 Unby chicks, different varieties. Also liouHry anil puiitlry feeds. Chester J.civis. Poultry, 113 E. Mnin. 7.1>k-4i1 ; Alfnifa Jfny an'l inulu drawn fartn implements. 'I'eletitiono 33, \V. A. -letiEuns. Blecle, llo. l-[ik-4ll KaliMt nminire 50c ft linsliel. 'Hesl for flo^-cra find ginlon. 512 .y. llth SI. Chlctins.-m- Bill.bit F.-irnls. i:pk-.!|l Stnlk cutters—2 row heavy duly type. All welded Btecl construction. Blyihu- villo iiacbinc- Sli'op. 27-ck-lt Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let I'lanlt-rs Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ek-tt' f rc.lric welder, 200 amp. Hobart. Gas . 'crlvcn. inoimted on trailer. 1'rnclir.iMy new. Heady to go. lllyU-cvillo iljchinc , A cnmplete. ica cream parlor Giitii|)merit, counter freezrr T4-ith hardener, dis- ' pcnsin^ cahincts. tables, chairs and nil necessary equipment. Triced rie.Ii:. H. I.. Kins;, Manila, Ark. 15-(ik-3]19 Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hubbard Furniture Co. 2-6-ck-tf Sumll noighliorhood Grocery. Call 2f!77. Lort \VJiifo «oM siiort walck left in 'wash room at Mo'iit^om'cry Wards 'Woilfio*- • rlay. Kinder iilcase return lo mail nr dor desk jit \Vnrdti. Kcwaril. l,T-pk-10 (i rnliy jiink gold ladies .>v:ilcli. I-o^t i lnt<j Pridjiy nfienioon. Jjilioral reward. j He turn to C'onrivr >'c\vs. 15-jik-l! 1 Vciplnng helwcon 50 nml urarrl, Catl ^!)32. Jipkl'J Mdlo lloston null Tcrritr,' n monllia old. Ilhick with whita niarkingH, wltli brEinlle left hip. Strayed Momlfty. Answers to unino ' "S[ike*' ItcwariJ. ^I'hono 31 SQ. 13-rk-15 Help Wanted Kx].ericnrefi s|iriiy i-ainti-rs. Thnne :!"30 f_r in pcr.son at ^00 Kontli Tractor driver for full time work. Good hours on concrete highway close to Ulytheville. Must be sober and good worker. Write box 1NIKC % Courier News, giving full qualifications and at least two references ~~™_ _ 3 iL 5 i'li" tf Personal Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4-2C Baby chicks. Thousands every week. Several breeds. Get them at store. Ulythe- ville Grain and Elevator Co. Feed Store. North 4th. I'hone 2112. 3-3 o-ck-3-22 Sol'ir rxtra coml rlrrlrir. r.ingr-;. Howrn Klectrk- Co I-'" ^- l^t ^1. 1' ~J I SO- Kilters hi I'lint. Mioliiu'an, or vicinity __(if*oil Crill :H:1S. Wanted to Trade -1 in:; tr'h- ^ arn's itf Innil. Trntits f-n H»-y. "(il. l.nriliT« nil llvl'. U 'K. i.l.Ml lor:vtiiin fur initu;,try. Kir lliicliiinnn's lirocery. X. H«y. 'II. Girl's sidewalk Uicyclfi nn<l targe wicker ilc.ll l.ugpy. I'hono 3Slo. 15-pk-19 :itlrry radii, for c-lcetrir tmc. fa'cc fclir Irani .it Cullnly A B c-nls' df/icr. Roaches Biddlc Exterminators Mcmbtr Kill P«l Control AB'B 115 8. Third St. Phone Z75 >'-:lO Trnclor an-l CnHivatnr. 2 bottom ilisc brfakinf plow. S mules KiiKjotlir niomh. UiLbcrl Lynch. Victoria. Ark. 6 buiner oil slovo, 1C10 Ilcarn Sl.< Grnrcry Rinro Rnd flxlurcs. Sec P. M. "avi«. s:a S. Kranklin. 12-pl<.26 Ogdcn Soy Beans from Pedigreed Seed. Cro-ckctt Wright, 'MA'ftllsi, l br - call Jess Ho'rner, 'jilythcVille.' Phone 3107. 3-9-ok-3-23 Order Your New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's (he New Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. You've walled for It. Now you ctn £et it. Just Phone 2650 R. M. Graves, Local Manager RADIO SERVICE Jnst Dial 3414 , •Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? SPEAKING OF TIMK, WK THINK IT IS T1MK TO PRKPA1UO FOR SPUING AND SUMMKU CHANGE OVKH if Drnin—flush iind refill transmi.sKiim nrid differential '•jfc- Pull mid [incit fronl wheels wilh ({reuse. Jiesl insurance for sul'e driving. if Remove and replace cnrlriilge in oil filler. 'i( Drain—Hush and refill crankciise with 'KSSO MOTOR OIL NO. ,'!. •Ar ThorouKh lubricalion — which covers chassis, spring and motor. PARDON US FOR MENTIONING TIME AGAIN, ]JUT WK THINK IT IS AISOUT TIME l'IiK-\VAl{ SERVfCIS WAS UK- STOKED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUGGING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUR VRKK SEHVICKS SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC., EVKN BKITER & MORE COURTEOUS THAN BEFORE THE WAR. WELL, JUST TO MAKE A LONC! STORY SHORT, OUR BOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. DROP IN AND SKI'; US—WON'T YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIM li! GREAT EN- TEKTAINMKNT! THE FORD HOI5- CROSHY SHOW Every Wednesday Night. 0:30-10:00 EST on the CDS Network. PHILLIPS MO TOR COMPANY "FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Kiftli—Klythcvillc, Ark. Tel. .15,')—454 Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 While You Wait H»ts Cleaned and Blacked 30 Mlnnt« Service The John's Shop '603 W. Main Bt. SOMETHING NEW! "It Pays to AdTertiBe" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS ^ i o n o N. Pmnklln Bt Kinds Phone 32U Let Me Krcet Your Prefabricated House Tree Estimates—Nu ObliKiilion O. W. FAKKINGTON : >lll!i So. Lilly Blythcvillc, Ark. 1 3S2 READY-MIXED CONCRETE Foundafions-Sidcwalks-Driveways-Porchcs Call 517 for estimates PRIDE and USREY COAL and CONSTRUCTION CO. Approved FHA Conrractors Attention Tractor Owners! We hove the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street Clinic 511 Main, I(!j Uicvillc. Ark., I'lione 2321 Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE For Your Car or Truck Complete Line of Studehakcr Paris and Accosorics « Fog Lights © Seat Covers • Scissor Jacks • Dual Horns • Auxiliary Lights Political Announcements Tho oourlw New* hH be*» Ruthorlzi'cl to announce the following cnndldttM. subject to the IVitiwrnllo primary: HllKltlFF AND COI.LkOTOE JACK P1NLHTX ROW1NSON WILLIAM HEHHYMAN COUNTY JIJWJR GENE E. BRA OLE* ROLAND QREEN r'OK TAX ASSFSSOH DOYLE HENDKRSON CIRCUIT CLERK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTS COURT ULKKK ELlSfABtiTH BLYTHE COUNTY TKEASUXEB . DELLA PURTIJB STATK BEPKKSKNTATIVE ALENE WORD E. C. KLEKMAN LESLIE "DUKIK" 81-BOK L. H. AUTRY STATE SENATOR J. LEE BEARDEN The following me candldnteu foi fee In tli 0 lilyllicvllle Mirnfclpiil 'ollcn to bo lielrt April 2: CITY ATTORNEY PERCY A. WRIGHT (For no-election) HOWARD N. MOORE WAIH> ONE AF.RKIiMAN JESSE M. WHITE AUIKKMAN WAIIIt TWO JODIE L. NAHERS AI.HEKMA'N WAftl) THREE HUPERT CRAPTON PAGE FIVE Traffic Toll Brings When Id's Refrigeration You Want Call In ROW EN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 109-111 Booth Railroad St. Commercial Frozen Food Locker Plants — >Vnlk-in Boxes — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. Niuionnl production of npp'cs In 915 WHS G4.000.000 bushels, coin- niK'd lo 12.1,000,000 bushels 111 9 H. 1'trfccl ruiKurliiK fm- Iml (litisitn fimlweur Hssiiri'd built ill our motlcrn filli <-x- re- H-flLTC OUflLITY SHOE SWOP i zr w. M n i N ST. We Sugsfcst you STOP and see us for a complete check-up .. . and KNOW you 'to safe. "Brake Service Is Our Business" Increase traced To Faulty Cars Dealers Urged to Act For Prevention 'on A State Basis DETiiOlT.-Evicfetice tlirit miich <>r Hie i'iipldly rising; (loath toll'on AiiK'i-lcaii hlnli\Ynyn (since tho ciul "l itiisoiliic'VHtloulns is 'due to poor oiirmilni; cqndltlun of inotor yc- lilcU-s Is coiittilnctl In tho Hurtling IIIBU licrccntnitc of vehicles that m-e not nl>| (! i (1 | )nR . s ^fcty i nno tests. ThlB.wu.s poinlcd yip 'in -plilcngo where. In Ihn llrst two wenks tol- lowlnu V-J Day. '.15 ))crce'iil of all nivs lns))oc!ed on testini; i : ,iics totilil not puss the rcliillvely slmijle reiiulrcnicilts. If AmiTlca Is not lo 'bo Kaddle'd with uiidllier Wprnl renuIiKlon that may .iWa'll 'lii IpsMninl new car'Miles ami cut (ouriiiir'hu'jinK'i (Ills cnmlnif teiison. It 'behooves stale 'motor yiililcle deaii'r o'r. Kiuihalloii!!, 'imliimobJIp c<ubs 'and tirtirlst orijmijiiillojis to K ' e t bu»y Ht''oneo,6n program.-! In varloiix Nlul« Ihia will s-ct adequate safety iiipusurcs 'Inio motion 'berorc tho ri'conintciidiitloiis of tfils '1'ri.tildcntliti body an; made law. L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET CO Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 The Ilucy p. Lorti; hi-ldRo over .hu Mississippi Rlvor Is iilmosl flvo miles from end lo did, niid cost $i:).ooo,ono. PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Guaranteed B«at Prie*i Kirby Drug Stores SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspedcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blyiheville Soybean Corp, 1800 West Main Phone 850 Illylhcvillc, Ark. rou BALE CONCRRTB STORM ALL KKV.S Clicapcr Tlinii UHilgo Lnmbcr OSGEOLA TILE & CULVERt CO. I'hone Cm Osceola. Ark. r. J. L. Guard GUAD'S 209 W —APPROVED I SERVICE I DON EDWARDS •flw TTV*writ«r MjtD- ROTAL. <SCCT3, OORONA. AND REWOKQTOn -OKTAIILSI TYPEWRITER* I IIS N.'IuJ «rTKEET , . , tKOKf IMS | Hut I See us about : your mechanical troiililc. Our expert me'chdn- ICH workinR with modern tools and e'ciuip'tn'cnt c:ih put your car in lop condition. We nls<> have a paint and body Khop repair service. AVe will li\ your car or btiy your car FOR'CASH. T. I. SEA Y MOTOR 6 Complete Stocks of I'arta For Chrysler Product* 130OTS AND IIIOll BUDDIKS You, Tdo, Hi'oHit'r! »V- VOO MHJD AVW WLV? VVV «.% GVKO AO WKiO VOli ITT: •I s " v -', < •" ^ iMffill mm •^;i,-;; ? ,-'/;;;---:.-i.. ri^ilSfesiv'vM .By, fiRGAR © CV'' • OA\ -! Kit't'O. X MORNv. evi'PV' in?»it£, lie. T. »t «fn u-i. rti o Sec Your Studcbakcr Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES GO Lex CbUDbttn . K. * BUI Chamblln tbonc FHICCKLMS AND JUS FRIENDS /— ^. Fbecjunrr SOME TIME, L4EC> HiS B^EN FORCED TO PAV A PRICE FOK- HECTOR. r S AMD vJUNIOR'S SlLEMCF/ BUT MOW HE f-JEtD FEAR. THEM KO l.Q.^GBC. AND SINCE TME/ ARE HE HA9 ^RKAN&EP MEETIMC-.' ?^v;.. (Jo to It, Hoys! f-i£TCTO!J..THSRE'LL BET NO MOKE HUSH FROM ME/ RY JiIEUKILL.BLOSSEf 'V~- AND TO DISCOURAGE AMV POSSIBLE Rtr-^ ALLEY OOP \_CQFP, 19<6 BY t.rA StRyiCE. rHC.-T. M. REG. U. C- TAT. OFF. J YOU KNOvV, SfXTY I COULD USE ' EMTECPRISING YOUNG LADY VVHU.,-rM AFfiAJD OUK PHYSCS ARE A BIT MORE ADVANCED-BUT THEN.CM LABOSATORY. IF — Ooolsi Heard That ;A I'M GIVING A PAS- . MOSJOA^ EVENING, AN:D t'O LIKE POX YOU ALL TO COWS L' V. T. HAMILTON •N A.W, DOC, THAT'S ^WOKDESFUL.' AND JUST WHAT COP)I'VE MET MR. AMD OOOLAXOOP-- I THINK. NEED--AND IT fv C5ASJO.' ~ VVOULOSJT HURT US EITHcS/ IlisSaMHi

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