The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1933
Page 3
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/ fx TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1933 HIVE BLVSH1SV1LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NKW8 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor conMen- GOOD TOUR ROOM HOUSE. E. U. Jackson, Phone W- IH-klB. FURNISHED" "APARTMENT, ioi Wesl Kentucky, phone US3. 9cklG. Cuba's Deposed Head in Canada- tlve Insertion*: tFlvc »ver»se words to a line) FRONT HKDUOOM 1037 W. Walnut. Barnes. with Mir,, heat, (.i. S. I I-imNlSIIBO'Aiiarlmem with One lime per line VK\ m Wivst Asli. Mis. Dosha Mick. Two tunes per lino per day Me | :u t - k U Thr« Umet per line per day 06c «li times per line per day .. 05o FURNISHED Hednxmi. preferably Month rttf per line .! &* for man. furnace lic:U. 5H Main Minimum charse 60c , 1( Js ordered for Uuec or rtx times arid stom«<i bc'° te "I" 11 ' lien -HI be chareed tor the num- bei- ol limes the ad appeared and of bill made. Phone 98. STORE HUILDINCi and residence combined wllli complete fixtures: I for meal and groceries, MO S. Lane. Sec Dr. J. A. Saliba. llicktf furi::slicd All Classified Advertising copy lUbmltUd by persons rciidiiig oui- nanied by cash. Rales may be iaTily computed Jrom above Uble. No respoiislDllliy will be taken tor more than one incorrect Ln- ,crtUm ol any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor Irregular Insertions Uko the one U Phone 305 or 307 and AddU« «• FOR RENT — :t lo'oin house, 508 N. Fifth SI. D-U A'JTHACTIVH liwlroum for men, close in. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Call £M>-\V, "3 1 - kO-^^ Modern 3 nmni furnished fir lin- furnishril niurtiiients, neu-ly decorated, over Kirby Drue Co. Abo store; buiMing adjoining llo.\y Theater. F. Simon, 120 >V. Davis. Cal 7M. 25c kO-25 FURNISHKP APARTMENT. 305 Dougan, Mrs. A. A. Allen. 1ckl4 I- G. Moss Blylhcville's cut rate un<lorl ' lkk "j 0 ONE or two rooms on North Railroad street, suitable for cotton offices. ^Yill fix to suit tenant on lease. Apply Courier News; ittraclivc bedrooms fur young me 518 W. Main. Call 303. Ilick9- Jlci-hanic's earajc and building suitable f»r zn'm, coal or beer slorage. Triscci silling. Stembcrg Cotton Co. Call 24. 18c-kl8 and other tail' clolhrs^maac n«w by our aptcial clwninK process, unique Cltirdrn; Sen-ice. Call 111. For Quality Clfanins rhor,c 180 Barm N»W« <^^\ m . a We are continuing our Gulf Ha Sate OITcr-Come in and .inquire about it. Ilubbard Pennsylvania Organizes Palestine tudy Society PHILADELPHIA lUPI- Olgan- Izallon ol n Jietli-Sban Sot'lcty. ili- Fiened lo broaden Hie educational value of Ihe niThm-ologLcnl luvcs- llKiillons of Hie varioiib espedlllons of the University of peiinfiyKunia, has been announced by Honin 1 H. F. Jaync, university musi'iim dlrec- ! tor. I Membership In the society will I be open to ti'.os? who are Inter| estcd in the history of Palestine i In lllblical times or Imvlng » r,m- cral Interest. In nrchacolouical research. 13r. Jwiah 11. IH'nnhum. Rcal Fireball Found In Recent Ball Game Oregon Makes Plans For Old Age Pension . NURWA UK. Conn. (UP) — Thcvi-'.s breu plenty of tulk iiround the Muve league nlcjiil the lire hall |>:u-bliip, ol tills or Unit major K'auiu' star, bill It remained for Marlnko. o[ ll;c Krldgeixut Olil Tiinrrn Olub. (u produce tin ii'al anlvlc. M.uliiko «-»s pllclihij; and Hilly AuioM doing tin' receiving In u re- ci'iit Kiune when » ball .sllplH'd jjusl Anulii und hit- liU ciiesl proleclor. A ir.fiiiH'iH lain- lie \\^s Irarlng olT liis proU'clni 1 , Iifini wlilfh smoke \iiis cumliiK. A p^ckacr of mttlch- iii ArimM's pxket may linvc Uatl POIITLAI), Ore. Oregon's fi'.si- tin 1 iinislon can be denied, l-'ullllliiifnt of Ihe iiije ranihrmfnl, W jrais. and Iho u'sldcucc claiibO, ir> yi'.n^ in Hie state, ciilltlcs the uld ji.'ihoii lo a pension link's. 1 , re or ' oW m;i' ix-nsion law. ellcdlvc Jnn. I, l!)3<,| Is belun liitd. i Oounly cniirts hnvn been in- fonnril (hey art! empowered lo ml- intnlslcr liic pi'iislons. but suill- dent Bioumli, "must be loninl te-!:lr.uuv -i-iinlraiilluns" displayed OUR BOAUDING UOUSK the inventors Cont!re.s.s here Is a disappearing license plate lo protect, automobile drivers from holdups. U u robber starls lo hold up a driver, he may Irip a foot lever. IThc front license plate drops down, \ exposing a double sign, Uvire ibo n>~~ r ii t ' LI I I S|M 0( thc l )latc> wll!l lal ' ec lcL " 10 tall lor Help lm rending "Helpl Holdup!" I'll VW.ANl) Ull'i-Onc <.I Hid Frod KinI'/ncr of Cleveland Is tlic License Plate Changes By Aheni Dr. Jcsiah 11. iH'iinlmm. unl- cs in Arnold's pxkct may luive had vcrsUy provost, will serve as cluilr- Manicuring 10 dn with the mailer, man of ihc executive board which | but it MS a fire bull nnyft'iiy, Ar- wtll include Rohuul R. Morris, I noKl claimed, former amrnissiulor to Japan; Dr. [ ___ A. S. W. Uosenbacli; Dr. (jrarg; 1 A. Barton, emeritus prcfcssrir of Semitic languages ill Uic university, ami John Story Jenfo. president of he university museum. A certain form of broim- Is sa -ou-i thol it will soak up nil like sponge: Uic quantity it will absorb equals one-fourth of Its own MIA Changt-il I'urfnv llnur TOI'l'KNJSII. Wash, i UP)—For tin- ilvsi (line since 11)07, ihc Top- Vamsh curlew will not ring Hi ! P. M.. (ollowlni! a clmiiKC- ihraURl Ihr NI1A. H will ring nl U 1'. M '•imlrad. Tin 1 curfew huvir wns iicl- Viimvfl so tluu met'chauls. plcdB Ina lo clow: lit. G P. M., will know 1 ivhi-n Ihc business clay Is over. ~~r TWO Nicely Furnished" Bedrooms. Mrs Ed Hiudin. 1017 Walnut. 21c k9-2 WANTED TO ^•VOULV. -TAK&-TH& WRWOT kNl ILL CALL THE •POLICE V ' T>Ef\U J £ M/XDMv\-A\ \- UfWfW ( WIV NOT GIVE THE PARROT S A UTTLE TIME - /AW* ) W H£\S 6OME ISiTO SILENCE. FOR A.N OR SO-^-TrVKT \S OP THESE. HINDU TM^ROTSJ '', A ^.OT?T OF "R&TUtPsT ,r. V FOR rAEDlTKTION 0 ) ^'c, v/c<^_^ .j-s :^/ OF AT " 9 — LAST COULO TALK A T -BA-S& COACW / •BACK TO -BABY HIGHEST PRICES paid for_ tires inner tubes, iron, metals, magazines, hides, cars to \vrpck. Woll Arian 128 E. Main, P.ione 116. 9cklO-Q CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 2Qck9-2 liXPERT I.e,l Equipped Shop in suiroum - AU. KINDS Men. Women ...children's used clothing shoes. Highest cash price. I^igh ton's. 320 E. Main. OcklO-9 IMl'LKMENTS Carloau of Wafrons Ccl Our 1'rlces First byrum I'rodure Co. Acrois From I'osl Office 2!c kD-ai NEW FORD BATTERIES WANTED and phone C rnom. must be waterproof reasonable. Mrs. Norris, 300 or fH-,1. PIANO H J. for Lutheran School. Rev. Kleindienst, phone 840-J. 7cl;12. eu- TIRE ,t BATTERY STATION Kl.'SINKSS WANTKI) Young man sin»le. will] S300 cas.: lo ir.vesl in small business. What have yoi.? State full particulars in first letter. Box AB. Courier. 12--'-' e . NOTICES For Frcnpt Phone 8 Ualtcry Kcrvirc :" (;lllllc , 1 31c kO-31 AUTOS70TIVK K UHElTl-ARTS Memphis and 51. 1-oui^ Also Auto Glnw — I'lioue CG JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2c klO-i Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10eklO-10 Red's Place—118 t. Main Call 308 for Aulo Painting Ifcidy and Fender Service Formerly with Shousc-Mtlle Co 26p-k9-2C RUSSELL ANDERSON In rharje Chrjsicr Gar.ijc Wurk Cluarantccd on any make, car New Van Norman Boring Machine Phone 858. 2ock3-25 WARNING 01WEU IN THE MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY COURT: CHICKASAWBA DIS TRICT. Continental Life Insurance Com- pnny. a corporation. Plaintill, Rosa Rnscnthal. Isaic Rosenthal et al. Defeneiants. Tlic defendants. Aaron Thoaia and Mis. Aaron TV.omas, his wife arc warned to appear in liic Mis sissirmi Chancery Court. Cl sawba District, n-ithin thirty day and answer Ihc complaint of th plamlifl. Continental Life lusur anco Ccmpay. a corporatio:i. Witness my hand, a5 c^crk of saic crurt,. aJid tlie seal t.'.ereof, on this 5 day of August. 1933. R. L. CAINES. Clerk. 5-12-10 KOR SALE Judge's Ruling Backs New Deal Chevrolet Oil Truck and indcpcn dent established farm rculf. Hirer dollars ar.rt over daily profit. Address Box 211. Courier News. llpkH FOR SA'jE—Electric stove, cheap. I n quire at Arkansas-Missouri Power Company office. 8c k!2 1 Safe, H«> Lbs.. 575 (Cary) 1 Safe. 600 Lhs., SoO (Reliable) FOB my store. Perfect Condition. BURKE HARDWARE CO. 5c 1:12 "REAL ESTATE You can buy a home in Blytheville on monthly installments 1«H than it is rentin;; for. "Vd be elad to tell you how. E. M. TERRY, AgciI Phone 611 or 31G WANT TiAND—We have buyers for 40's 80's and larser tracts. Can sell 640 tract. See 1TIOMAS I,AND COMPANY. ™^ 2 DOGS, PKTS For'Healthy nojrs fccrl Millet's Rations & Quick l.unch HUBBARn HARRDWAR*: CO. iickio-n FOR RBNT ^__^_^__ -Qf) RENT—Furnished Becuroor.'J Mrs Ray Worthlnctou, Call 78?.' 9ckl5' One ol tlic stiongctt judicial doeUlons backing up tlie. now deal ccouotulcs Hint ol Dis- trlcl Supreme Court Justice Daniel W. O'Donogbue, above, of Washington, who uplicld cor.5tlliillon.ility of tlic Agricnl- tural Ad^uslmciil AdiulnlGtra- llon It, i runny wlilcfc tor=ely uiOLlalnied t!ia' 'lio iia'^outl emergency traiibt^iuls vc-?;ed rights of cpntri«< »ud urabcciv. It'll iv (Jiiis Should Ylllir (>|I(H\ Fnr from Cuba's Iropical clhno, President Gcrardo Ma- 13 BUOWU as he atepiicd of! ic slilii at Montreal, Uanndu. Ha cclarct! ho would return to bia atlve laud lo defend bis ailmlnie- tratlon If guaranteed safelj. No. 2 — Curri'i'l wrinhls. honest . hiijhi'sl prices, uml n sqiiiirc (U'lll III llll. THE. GABBY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WILLIE DOKSN WASH Tim»s 1M ^ COLO ROOM TO MO THEV'l-L KEEP ' WINTER. o}oVS PASS, ftUO VJASH, 6.ASV A»D 6AIL WORK MAD BUILDING PLACES TO WE'RE Goita 1 HIJWC-AY? URIUCx THIS TIME iWsSH AND 6ASV KILL ft MOOSE, A. CfeRlBOU, TWO B6A.RS, AUD SKK3WSHQS Pftftftrrs AMD T QP-CWS, WARM, AUD SMCWJS. THEN TH6 THEKMOMETEI DROPS TO 3.0, AMD WIMTER LOOK HLACK: OUT iuu "UC et&- RACE - GO ON over?. IM TU' V PHOMISK TO I'OODLK! FRKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GEE! LIKE HER OLD 6ELF fc&WM ! frM I HWPY.'f Vv/AH, POODLE... YEAH, rf'5 ME.1 HVA.HT' VJ5RT 5OMEBOOV TRIED TO PUT YOU OUT OF THE WNYl 3OT, DON'T YOU WORRY -WE'RE 601M& TO RNO OUT • WHO DID IT OH BOV! 1 HWJL GOOD NEWS FOR VOU-5HE?) UP ON HER FEET AM HER EYE5 <^E BW & r . AS A «E.W_PEMWY •' ^ '~f\~^' ' YCU'D MEVER KWOW ?>HE .ME / YLAH-OOeb , W.IU£.<. SURE.-THAT WAY WE'RE BOUND TO FIND OUT WHO POI50H ED POOP- POODLE! , - LET ME ) TAKE /• BLOCK! \ -ir I'LL HWH EACH KID TA.KE k BLOCK AMD GO TO EACH HOUSE AMD frSK IF THEY HfcD PORK CHOPS ON AUGUST TWENTV-FOURTH? WHO DC-PE.D THI5 PORK CHOP POODLE. .. THE POISONING VJILL BE

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