Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia on October 21, 1944 · Page 5
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia · Page 5

Newport News, Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1944
Page 5
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i i 0 RAINS, WINDS . HIT AREA BUT STORM PASSES Rains driven by winds of storm force estimated not to have exceeded 40 to 45 miles per hour yesterday Inundated an apprehensive Penln! ula as threats of a hurricane or full gale apparently passed without caus- Ing appreciable damage. Following the strong storm Sept. 14, wary residents closely watched the progress of the tropical hurricane as it swept across Cuba, through Florida and up the coast and were ready to weather a blow but the storm diminished in intensity as it approached and apparently passed by at a harmless pace. Weather reports, followed eagerly, wera that the storm would strike with some force about 10 or 10:30 last night but up to a lat hour the storm failed to materialize. Conflicting reports left the populace in a quandary, some people believing the storm passed before noon, others still waiting and ready for a gale as forecast by the weather bureau. Rain started falling lightly about S a. m. and Increased as the winds grew fresh. By 9 a. m., the winds were strong and carried sheets of rain. Shortly after noon, skies began to clear but intermittently rain fell . between the sunshine. Only a few persons reported tree limbs, some large, torn from trunks and no reports of damage to homes, other than by water, were heard. Streets and roads were inundated at places but the water ran clear shortly afte rthe downpour stopped. Only fairly high tides were reported and these caused no damage. At noon, during flood tide, the water edged over seawalls in the Hampton area and some water stood in Bridge St., a low place that easily fills with a strong northeast wind. Transportation service was not halted and no power failures were reported in contrast to Sept. 14 when th storm, while not as severe as predicted, caused considerable damage. Telephone communication apparently was not hit yesterday. The So-Called (Continued From Page Four) has a higher percentage of rural Inhabitants than has Utah. And the other two states carried by Willkie,' Michigan and Indiana, are calssified as urban. This classification ; is based on the 1940 census, and wide shifts of population have occurred since that was taken. These shifts make predictions based on a rural-urban alignment especially haz-' ardous in 1944. For instance, many farm workers from pro-Willkie states in 1940 have removed to California, but most reports frcii California still give Roosevelt the edge there. Many Southerners have migrated to Michigan, but that migration had occurred also prior to the 1940 election, which saw Michigan In the Republican ccjmn. In New York state it is commonly said that the result depends on how large an up-state majority the Republicans bring down to the Bronx (the northernmost of the five coutnies which make up New York city). In 1940 Willkie carried the state outside of New York city by 494,019, but Roosevelt carried New York city by 718,459. Roosevelt carried also four upstate coutnies Albany, Clinton (bordering on Canada), Erie (Buffalo), Monroe (Rochester). In Illinois it is commonly said that the result depends on how large a down-state majority the Republicans bring up to Cook county, which Includes Chicago. In 1940 Roosevelt carried Cook county by 222,687. Willkie car- M4 11 t . I ' ; f , I 1 f j , ' , f - 4 I I ' fin " Is ' ' it FAMILY WELL-REPRESENTED IN SERVICE Mrs. W. E. Guilford of 218 Armstead St., Phoebu's, has four sons and a on-in-law in the armed forces. SSgt. William Patrick ,31, (upper left) has been in the army for five years and recently returned to visit his mother after three years in the South Pacific. SSgt. Joseph P. Pencola, 27, (upper right), the on-in-law, is in the infantry in France. He has been in the ervice five years and is the son of Mrs. Mary Pencola of College court. His wife. Marjorie Ann, son. J. P Jr., and daughter, JoannHive in Phoebus. Thomas E. Patrick, (lower left) is 23 and in the army air forces stationfd at Tacoma, "Wash. He has been in the service two years and formerly worked at the f'liamberl in hotel. Wilbert, Irvin fJuilford, a seaman 2e, is 17 and stationed in New York. He attended Hampton high school and entered the service in May of this year. Not shown in pictures is Leslie G. Patrick, 24. who is ia France with the army engineers. Before entering the service in Jan. 1943, he worked at Fort Monroe. rx i ' J dm 44 fi& MEN BEHIND COPELAND PARK'S SCOUT TROOP A few of the fathers and members of the troop committee of Copeland Park's troop 23 who celebrated a successful scouting year with a father-son banquet last week at the Park community center. Robert Myers, Peninsula Scout executive, (standing), is shown addressing the group. Others at the speakers' table from left to right are, H.C.Gabler, district scout commissioner; Robert commissioner; L. J. Pursifull, chairman of the troop committee; C. T. Guthne, secretary; J. E. Smith, treasurer, and C. O. Snellgrove, scouting and camping. Others also seated at the table but not shown were W. W. Roland, troop committeeman; R. A. Blackwell, Scout master, and J. W. Lindsay, board of review. - fef ,lylX,ii-.i..iM I,. E.VDS TRAINING Francis M. Saunders, who was inducted in the navy July 11, 1944, has completed his boot training at Camp Peary and will spend a furlough with his wife at their home on the Sawyers Swamp Rd. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Saunders of Chapel St., Hampton, and, was employed at the Horace E. Dodge Boat and Plane company in Newport News before entering the service. ried the remainder of the state by 126,993, yet altogether Roosevelt carried 28 of the 102 counties in Illinois. In 1940 more tha none-half of the votes in California came from Los Angeles and San Francisco coutnies. Roosevelt carried both those counties and also the state outside of those two. In Pennsylvania Roosevelt carried Philadelphia and Allegheny (Pittsburgh coutnies easily; Wie rest of the stats lined up about 50-50. In Ohio Roosevelt was strongest in Cuyahoga county (Cleveland), had a slight majority in the rs-amlnder of the state, POPULAR BARTENDER New Yorkers called a bartender in Roger's chop house. Park Row, "The Only William." He was the inventor of the cocktails known as "Angel's Kiss," "Maiden's Prayer," and "Corpse Reviver." y.---srysyyy M f : , I IN THE CHURCHES HAMPTON Hampton Presbyterian, 43 West Queen St., the Rev. Raleigh M. Engle; 9:45 a. m., Sunday school; 11 a. m., sermon, "The Worth of Pray er, 6:jo p. m., young peoples ves pers; 7:30 p. m., sermon, "Brothers In Christ." Hampton Baptist, (opposite court house), the Rev. John H. Garber; 9:45 a, m., Sunday school; 11 a. m., sermon by the Rev. George T. Tuns tall; 6:45 p. m., Training Union; 8 p. m., sermon by Mr. Tuns tall; 8 p. nu Monday through Friday, evangelistic services by Mr. Tunstall. First Methodist, the Rev. H. W. Landrum; 9:45 a. m., Sunday school;; 11 a. m., sermon, "When Faith Is Shattered, 6:45 p. m., youth fellowship; 7:30 p. m., ser mon, "Begin With God;" 8:30 p. m., youth fellowship at home of Mrs. W. A, Sneed, 509 North King St. Memorial Baptist, Newport News Ave. and Stewart St., the Rev. Harvey L. Bryant; 9:45 a. m., Sunday school; 11 a. m., sermon,' "Life's Greatest Sweetner;" children's sermon, "Stopping Fights;" 7 p. m., training union; 8 p. m, sermon, "Life's Quest; 7:15 p. m., Monday through Thursday, Sunday school training school; 6:30 p. m., Friday, banquet for worker's council and those attending training school f St. John's, the Rev. Carter Harri son; 20th Sunday after Trinity; 8:45 a. m., communion; 9:30 a. m., church school; 11 a. m prayer with sermon; 7:30 p. m.. young people's fellowship; 4 p. m., Wednesday, Girl Scouts; 7:30 p. m Thursday, choir rehearsal. Church of Christ, Chapel St., the Rev. Jack W. Cunningham; 9:30 a. m., Bible school; 10:45 a. m., communion, sermon, "Dedication of Service;" 6:30 p. m., Christian Endeavor; 7:30 p. m sermon, "Six Musts of John's Gospel;" 7:45 p. m., Wednesday, prayer service. PHOEBUS LaCrosse Memorial Presbyterian, the Rev. Willis Thompson; 9:30 a. m., Sunday school; 7:30 p. m sermon, "God Surprises Us." Phoebus Methodist, the Rev. C. E. Derby; 9:30 a. m church school; 10:45 a. m., sermon; 7 p. m youth fellowship; 7:30 p. m., sermon. Emmanuel Episcopal; 9:30 a. m., church school; 7:30 p. m., prayer and sermon, the Rev. Paul H. Krat-zlg, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal church, Hilton Village. Phoebus Baptist, the Rev. William M. Jamerson; 10 a. m., Bible school:1 11 a. m., sermon, "The Purpose of, Christ's Coming to Earth;" 6:30 p. m.. Training Union; 7:30 p. m., ser mon, "God's Concern for a People Unconcerned;" 7:30 p. m., Wednesday, prayer meeting; 7:30 p. m.,; Friday, choir rehearsal. Elmer Bradley Again Wounded In Europe Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bradley Sr., of Lee St., Hampton, have received notification from the war depart ment that their son,. Elmer Jr, has been wounded a second time In the European theater of operations. Bradley was slightly wounded Aug. 14 in Prance and recovered to return to action. The wounds received Oct. 1 in combat are described as serious. Other details were not given. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT UVELY'S RESTAURANT Wythe Center SPECIALIZING IN DELICIOUS HOME-COOKED FOODS CHICKEN AND TATERS .... 750 STEAKS CHOPS ! I Opto 9 A. M. ti 10 P, M. L. Gregory, neighborhood -4 COMMUNITY j Emmanuel Evangelical Luthern, (Missouri Synod), Kecoughtan and Shenandoah Rds, the Rev. Philip C. Priester; 9:45 a. m., Sunday school, lesson, "Give Me a Faithful Heart;" 11 a. m., 20th Sunday After Trinity, sermon by pastor, subject, "Enter Ye;" 7:45 p. m., first of a series of pictures, "No Greater Power." Hampton Roads Baptist 347 Hampton Roads Ave., the Rev. O. J. toe state mce reporte(f today Hodges; 8:45 a. m., Sunday school; Figures revealed 5,683 motor veil a. m, sermon, "Reflections In hide accidents between Jan. 1 and Life's Mirror;" 7:30 p. m., sermon, "A Father's Hardest Test;" 7:30 p. m, Wednesday, church night Wallace Memorial Methodist,, Fox Hill; 9:45 a. m., church school; 10:30 a. m. Junior Christian endeavor; 10:45 a. m, service; 8 p. m., sermon; 8 p. m., Tuesday; Senior Christian Endeavor, 8 p. m, Thursday, prayer service; 8 p. m, Friday, choir rehearsal First Methodist. Fox Hill, the Rev. L. C. Moore; 9:30 a. m, church school; 11 a. m., sermon. Central Methodist. Fox Hill, the Rev. Carl W. Haley; 8:30 a. m., church school; 11 a. m , sermon; 8 p. m., sermon; 8 p. m., Friday, choir rehearsal, NEGRO Wine St. Baptist, Rev. I. G. Gladden; 9:30 a. m., church school; 11 a. m, sermon, "This Man;" 8 p. m., talk by S. M. Travis of Newport News, music by Wesley brothers quartet of Newport News; 8 p. m., Wednesday, prayer meeting; 8 p. m., Thursday, choir rehearsal. Bethel AME, Lincoln St., Hampton, Rev. J. E. Harris; 9:30 a. m., church school; 11 a. m., service; 7:30 p. m., Monday, class meets; 7:30 p. m., Tuesday, official board meets; 8 p. m., senior choir. Queen Street Baptist, Rev. George S. Russell; 9:30 a. m., Sunday school; 11 . m., sermon. "The Excellent Name;" 6 p. m.. BYPU, 7:30 p. m.. First Baptist church anniversary: 7 p. m, Tuesday, teachers' meeting. HARDWARE Metal Roofing Shingles Paints and OMs W. TV PATRICK Dial 5331 ""ST PLUMBIXG AND HEATING IV. E. Jack fr.i pt, tffleirpt repair urvlM CALL Htmptna S? Dally - Excipt Widnisdiy 11 I I" - - W m - iff 5 it w iESJI . HARRY CUNNINGHAM fy FUNERAL HOME J 1 1 77 Hope St. Hampton 1 ,1 JURIST FINDS MAN GUILTY OF GRAND LARCENY Charles L. Cook was found guil ty of a charge of grand larceny In the circuit court of Elizabeth City county yesterday by Judge Frank A. Kearney but the Jurist withheld his verdict until a later date. Cook was arrested in connection with the larceny of a wallet from W. T. Shields which contained $225. He entered a plea of not guilty and waived trial by jury. At the request of his counsel. Harper Pendleton Wimbish, Negro, 20, of 425 Venable Ave., Hampton, was granted a continuance until the December term of court. Wimbish is accused of raping a woman over 16 years of age. A charge of assault against Juni- ous Diggs, Negro, was nolle prossed by Acting Commonwealth Attorney H. Clark Thompson since Diggs is now in the armed forces. Diggs, 18, who lives at 58 Mary Peake boulevard, Aberdeen Gar dens, allegedly struck James Book-1 er, Negro, of Langston boulevard, inflicting nose injuries. Set for today is trial of a charge of being an Inmate of a house of ill-fame against Lula Mae Perry, Negro.' Civil matters will also be considered this morning by Judge Kearney. I Frank P. Larkln, who was reappointed a member of the zoning Doara or appeals ror a two year term beginning Sept. 1, yesterday qualified for office. He is presently serving as secretary of the board. Mishaps Keep Pace With Highway Use Richmond, Oct. 20. fP) The increase in highway traffic during the first six months of this year over the gasoline-rationed days of 1943 ugnt corresponding increase in June 30. Two hundred and fifty-two of the number were fatalities, of which only 50 were women. Violation of traffic laws other than speeding caused the most acci-: dents, the report said. j The summary indicated women may be safer drivers than men, for only 997 women were involved in accidents compared with 8,133 men. Most of the drivers had more than eleven years driving experience.; More than 65 per cent of the colliding automobiles were either standing still or proceeding at less than, 25 miles per hour. Saturday is the worst day of the week for accidents, the report said, and dry road surfaces were noted in nearly four times as many accidents as wet roads. CASH IN A FLASH For Any Sound Used Car Highest Ceiling Prices Paid SEE US FIRST Spratley-Rogers Mtr. Co. 201 Armiatead Ave. Dial 3341 Hampton Va. D.M.V. Lie. 86 24 HOUR SERVICE TIRE RECAPPING The only plant in the State equipped to replace original tread designs on U. S Firestone, General, Goodyear or Goodrich Tires. ALL WORK GUARANTEED U. S. TIRE SERVICE 238 N. King St Hampton, Va. Phono 7620 ni)-A-M-.(cn-M-(G IIAMIPTON AllMOltY EVEKY SATttJKWAY 10 to 1 MUSIC BY TIIE MODERXAIRES DIRECTED BY PHIL KROP FEATURING JERRY MARO, VOCALIST AND EMCEE. FOR llESEIlVATiObS PHONE LDI.VN RIVER 5168 OR 7741 UK A VIE YDU TTEHEIII) fibisdsL SnaxJt Ti Ti Miss Pearce Is Guest At Bridal Party Mrs. John H. Bowen entertained last night at her home on Linden Ave. with a dinner party and crystal shower for Miss Gertrude Elizabeth Pearce, whose engagement to Charles White Hornsby, USN, of Yorktown, has been announced. The table was arranged with a centerpiece of painted daisies in a silver bowl and silver candlesticks with white tapers. The color scheme of pink and white was carried out in the place cards and favors. The guests included, in addition to the honor guest, Mrs. J. W. Hornsby of Yorktown, Mrs. Horace Pearce, Miss Frances King, Miss Elizabeth Heath, Mrs. J. W. Rowe, Mrs. J. A. Millner, Mrs. R. L. Mill ner. Miss Mary Todd Wiatt, Miss Elsie White and Mrs. Sherwood Hornsby. Miss Carolyn Johnson of Mary Washington college, Fredericksburg, is spending the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Johnson at their home in Fox Hill She has as her guest, her room' mate, Miss Eleanor Hunter, of Ruth-! erford, N. J. Miss Helen Mears of Linden Ave.,! Is visiting her mother, Mrs. Cora Mears and her brother-in-law, Capt. Emery Martin, in Manhassett, L. I. Mr. and Mrs. John Carleton, who dent ftt Madison college, Harrison-have been spending the summer and bur8. have returned after visiting early fall at Rose Arbor cottage at Miss Elliott's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buckroe Beach, have returned to D- P- Elliott, on Mallory Ave. their home on Victoria Ave. Miss Anne Johnson of Mary Washington college, Fredericksburg, HOTEL WAGONER Rooms by Dv or Week ALL ROOMS STEAM HEATED Winter Rates Duckree Itcacli, Va. Phone Hampton 3940 The biggest dollar you ever gave! Aid to servicemen families is among many eauses your support when you your Community We can't let them down now! Give to Elizabeth City County Community Chest INCLUDING THE NATIONAL WAR FUND TIIE NEW At the Circle on Langlcy Field Road Bitwnn Hampton and Langliy Field CURB SERVICE AH Kinds of SANDWICHES and DRINKS Rottle and Draught DEER OPEN' 11 A. M. TO MIDNIGHT INCLUDING SUNDAY 11 A. M. TO 1 A. M. SATURDAY DAILY PEESS, NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Saturday Morning, October 21, 1944 Hampton, Phochns, Old Point Two Early Hunters Get $23 Squirrel Chickens with aU the trimming! or even roast beef, notwithstanding the take In red points, la cheaper than squirrel, Copeland Park hunters yesterday learned. C. L. Johnson, 31, of 277 E St was fined S3 for having a squirrel In his possession ( and it wasn't live) and HO for hunting out of season. A companion nlm-rod, J. T. Guthrie, 49, of E. St, was fined $10 and costs for hunting out of season. The pair was arraigned before Trial Justice John II. Bowen after being arrested hut week in the Wythe district near Copeland by Game Warden A. O. Smith. is spending the week-end with her! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry John son, at their home in Fox HilL Sydney Riggins, who has been' a .! patient in Elizabeth Buxton hofipi-; taL has returned to his home on Newport News Ave. Miss Shirley Elliott and her roommates, the Mioses Mary Jane Cot- ton of Collingswood, N. J., and Virginia Moore Wiley of Roanoke, stu- MOVING AND HAULING LOCAL AND DISTANT All Goods Insured Experienced Help CALL 5995 V. WARD 54 West County St. Phoebus SfwfL dollars tT giveta Jk0k War Fund. 4fl PI Issue 'A9 Books Starting Tuesday The Elizabeth City county war price and rationing board said yesterday that it has completed arrangements for the issuance of new "A" coupon gasoline ration books. The registration and issuance will be, handled in schools and by teachers, the board announced. A definite schedule has been set up to expedite the work and details will be announced tomorrow. Cooperation of the driving public was requested by OPA officials to make the program run smoothly and with the least confusion. MARRIAGE LICENSES The following marriage licenses issued yesterday to the office of the clerk of court. R. E. Wilson: Kent Howard Horton, 23, of 208 Regent St., Hampton, and Ruth De-Bord Webb, 20, of 209 Regent St Herbert Jefferson South. 27, of Mathews, and Dorothy Belle Callis, 22, of 501 Vi Marshall St., Hampton. RUUD AUTOMATIC Hot Water Tanks ARE NOW AVAILABLE We also do all kinds of Pumbing and Heating Work. Charles II. Wood Phons Hampton 7228 "RAYS of SUNSHINE" THIS WEEK-END! AT THE FRIENDLY SUNSHINE MARKET Corner Qurrn and Hope 8ta. Hampton Meals CHOICE POULTRY FRYERS and ft Qc BROILERS, Lb. 3 7 Dresaed and Drawn Drewed and Drawn ' FOWL Lb. 51c Dremed Lonr Island DUCKS- Lb. 36c Bonelett Lb. Corned Beef.. 35c Lb. Beef Liver ... 40c Fresh Shoulder Lb. Pork,... ,...3lo Lb. Fresh Ham . . . 33c Shoulder Veal Chops Lb. Shoulder I.b. Lamb Chops . . 39c Lb. Chuck Roast . . 29c FROSTED FOODS SELECT SEAFOOD Healthful! Tasty! NO POINTS Live or Steamed Each LOBSTERS 850 Jumbo Deluxe Cooked, Peeled & Cleaned Lb. siinir.ip-.si.25 Fresh Jumbo SHRIMP lb. EOc Filet of COD or HADDOCK . lb. 45c Filet of Salted MACKEREL lb. 48c SALT SPOTS lb. 30c SPOTS TROUT CROAKERS FANCY OYSTERS CLAMS CRAB MEAT LOBSTER MEAT O

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