The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1952
Page 5
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M/1THEVTLLE (AKK.) COUNTER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 19M Smart Husband Helps In Recipe Contest By CECILY RROWNSTONE Associated }'rrss Food Kdilor You don't have to bo ft fanny cook to win a 525,000 recipe pri/c. But you do have to have an ingenious husband. Mrs, Sum P. Weston, who jus! walked off with first prize plus an sll-eleclric kitchen fn Pillsnury Flour Company's third Granrt National Recipe and Bnkins Contest, didn't own a cookbook when she got married. Fortunately her husband brought his along. She's acquired only one other culinary guide since — a cookbook put out by a cljurcb crouo In Vermont. The Westons live in La Jolla, California. Helen Wcslon does all her own housework and looks after her tsvo .sons, ngcd 3 flnrt 6. Her husband edit.s the monthly house organ (or the Solar Aircraft Company ,ind enters contests as a hobby. That's how Helen We-ston happened to be one of the 100 finalists at the Bake-off at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. The grand - pri/e w Inning recipe is a different w i n d of cake. yon make a chocolate peppermint frosting with cream-cheese base, then you do something revolutionary — you throw half the IrostinE' inlo the cake. When I asked Mrs. Wcston how ehe and her husband ever thought of this — for which there Is no precedent in cookbooks — i said they dreamed it up one evening when Ihcy were in their kitchen. She had been to market Liver Loaves Offer Variety Molded Meat Mixture Wards Off Monotony Nutritionists advise serving your family liver at lenst once a week And here's an Interesting serving variation—Individual Liver Loaves Using muffin cups for molding the meat mixture, roasting time wll 1 be greatly cut, points out. meal cookery expert Reba Stages. Individual Liver Loaves— Raron Curls \ l fz pounds sliced liver 1 tablespoon lard or drippings 10 slices bacon 1 medium onion 2 egg.s 1 teaspoon snlt \k teaspoon pepper Vt teaspoon marjoram 1 cup cracker crumbs HA clips liquid '^ cup cnlchup Cook liver in lard or dripping until lightly browned on each side 8bout 5 minutes. Grind liver \vltl 2 slices of bacon and onion. Artc all other Ingredients except, catchu and remaining hacon. Tomato jilic,. milk or bouillon may be used for the liquid. Mix thoroughly. Grease 6 large or 8 medium molds or muffin cups. Add Hnblcspoon catchup to each mold and pack meat mixture over catchup. Bake In n slow over (300 degrees F.) for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Serve with bacon curis made by cooking the bacon on both sides until lightly browned but not crisp, Wind the hacon with the tines of a fork and continue cooking until crisp. 6 servings. that day and another shopper her whoihcr she had tried ft icioiiA cream-cheese; and choco- ate frosting. The Wcsions were :rylng the frosting \vhpn Sam do- ?ided they ought to do Home-thing musual with it. "What goes into i chocolate cake." he asked and took off from there. There wasn't enough leavening n their first cake attempt ami it was n little heavy. Rut a (tor :he fourth baking they'had some* ihing they thought was pretty ?ood. When Mrs, Weston's mother jcnrd the onke recipe was goinf; j nto the contest she warned, "There ' iire some mighlly good bakers hi! ihis country!" j Helen We*ton is an attractive, <juiet woman who saves the major, oorlfon of the pri/e probably will DC put aside for their young .sons' education. A Vas.sar graduate who majored in bacteriology, she did graduate work in physiology at the University of Denver. She likes to rend financial news and history. Small son I'rfc-r is following In his Father's foil (stops. Hi; loves to putter In the kitchen wrapped round in a plastic apron. W h c n Peter knew his mother WAS coining In New Vurk In tmkr TJIK cake hr insisted she take Oif apron alone. And wear It his mother die], she roulri "tell tlir IIILIn frl- low, Rhi- kept her word. Simple fnre Ls what Helen Weston cooks for her family, and even when they entertain -slic never goes fnncy. Cold meat, salnti, cnkc and ice cream make up the me tin she usually -servos guests. She packs her Jiusbantr.s lunchhox every fiay atid says his favorite sandwiches nre marie of chopped black olives, cold hum* burger, or hard-cooked egg with lots of onions. Wricn It comes to birthdays Helen Weston says she "wouldn't think of buying a 'store' cake!" Her mother always baked her sister's and her birthday rakes and she carries on the tndilion in her own family. Here is the pri7c recipe; $25.000 STAKMflHT DOUflUJ DKllttllT CAKK Cream together 2 packages (3 02. size) cream cheese, *& fip shortening, */? teaspoon vanllln and \fy teaspoon peppermint extract until fluffy. Measure 6 cups O^ Ibs.) sifted confectioners' sugar. Tlle(\d hrvlf of sugar Into creamed cheese mixture. Add'/* cup hoi water alternately with balance of sugar. Blend in 4 squares (4 n-/.) melted chocolate. Reserve half of mixture (2 cups) as frosting for baked cake. FEANUT BUTTER COOKIES are a belween-mrah w «f«sert treat for that evtr-hunjry boy of the household, Peanut Butter Cookies Provide Big Treat for the Youngsters By OAVN'OH MAI1DOX Nj;A Fowl ami .Matkcls Eilihir f Pennut bnltor Is In abundant j .supply. So nro children who love; cookif-s. That intlicntrs InU* of pen- i nut butter cookies for the yuung spring apatite. noth the chunk-style peanut] fouler and the rrenmy style crm lie, used to add nutrition and, buttery-j nut flavor. These recipe's produce really f fret-rale tn-HlA thriftily. Pennul Multrr Kefrisrralor Cookies (.Makes 3-drwn c-miklps) One-lialf cup .shor tennis. '•? cup chunk-style peanut butter. '-2 cup sij par, ',3 cup brown si mar, i e^E. 1 fablcstinon jrriHrd nr - ti]i«r rinrt, 2 tablespoons orange Juice, 2 ! i cups sifted Hour, 'j li'^.spocn baking soc!n, 1 t teaspoon .salt, TIT a mixing bowl, crenm shorten- inj? nntl peanut butter toKe'ner, Add sugar gra dually. rreiimhiK until smooth. Add ecs, nrnntgo rJi^d and Di-aiiRp juice; blRiitl (horonchlv. Sift :lry ingrertienls together and nrUI In 2 p-Firts. Mix thoroughly. Form Into 2 rrlls. 2-tnchPS in clinmetrr. Wrap In waxert paper; twist cnd.s together. Chill nl Irnst 3 hour. 1 ?. Cut Into thin slicr.i; place on greased cookie sheet. Bake In n moderately 'int oven (400 degrees FJ fi-10 minutes, or until delicti to ly browned. Fruit Kars (Makes \\' t iloicn \\I\T*} Three-quarters cup -sifted cake flour, Va f^ospoon baking po\vrter, •>i tpfLspcon salt. l { cup shortening, cup creniny peanut butter. 1 cup A SUISTITUlt FOR MEAT Eranulaf^ci suear. 2 e^ps. 1 teaspoon •, vanilla, 2 .^quarrs unsweei^ned cho- j colate, melted. l i <*up chopped rai- | sjn.'!, L i cup chopped elates, 10 dried | apricots, rinsed and chopper! fine. J f'hocolate f'ennui niilfcr [ In a .small bowl, sifi together ; flour, baking powder ;mrt salt. In a !ars;e bowl, cream shnrienin^ and ' peanut butter until smoolh; gradu- | ally add sugar, beating until fluffy. ' Adt! eggs and vanilh. bLciulin^ tho- \ roughly. Add melted chocolate. [ flour mixture and chopped dried j fruits, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Turn into greased S-inch I square pan and bake in moderate j oven (350 degrees P.) 30 minutes. Cut Into bars about 1-lnch by 2- inche.s. Tower Sandwich Tops in Flavor ITiiin Towrr Snndirlch A high nnd handsome snndwich dial's (ops in flavor ir- this Tower Sumluirh. Made in layers and topped with a rich drcsisnie. It's a quick nnd easy meal-in-one lunch or hurry up fare for truest; 1 ;. On n slice of rye breiul, place * slice of "hoiled" ham and a thick layer of lettuce. Top with a slice of Swiss cheese, another slice of ham nnd more lettuce. Pour Thousand Island dressing over all. You eat this one vdlli a knife and fork! CRISCO SNOWDRIFT IF YOU LIKE ICE CREAM Rcnrt Courier News Classified Ads. MORTON f'r, •$ JWorloii'if PIAIN OR IODIZED WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS - Vary cole slaw by adding cubed pineapple to it. Make the dressing of mayonnaise blended with a little wine vinegar, horseradish, and prepared mustard. For a quick dessert serve santeed fresh peach halves on French toast and pass the mapk svrup. AGROUND IN THE ATTIC- \Vhen Thomas Felasco of New Castle, Pa., decided to move the 17-Joot inboard motor boat he's been building in his attic for the last t\vo years, he reckoned not with the 69tt-inch width of the window. With the assistance of neighbors, a 30-foot steel beam tnd several sets of block and tackle, Felasco's ship was launched. He's now planning to build a 21-foot cabin cruiser, but .not la the attic, says his wife. 9 It's National BABY WEEK YOUR CHOICE — EACH 9c! Prepared Spnghclli, all flavors of Jelly, Navy Means, I'into Hea'ns, Cut Green lieans, Hominy. Krnut, AlnstarH or Turnip Greens, English Peas, Pork & Beans, Tomato Juice, Polled Meat, Rlnckcye Peas . . . -ully Dressed Fresh FRYERSlb.43 c Reelfonl l.cnn Mams Hoslon Hud POUK PICNICS , b 350 ROAST ,,,490 Swift's sliced U.S. flood Slew Meat BACON ,,,400 BEEF 39c 2 LBS. OF SUGAR FREE ivith Shihlcy's Best Flour, print hag FLOUR - 25 ib bag 198 Domino pure Purkee's pure CANE SUGAR 10 89c MAY'NAISE 39c Fine sborlening Bluehird blended JEWEL 3,1,720 JUICE 12^1 Hod Triumph Coconnut candy bars POTATOES 10,1,590 MOUNDS 3^250 1 I 07.. Diner Graterl CATSUP 6 for 1.00 TUNA FISH 2^490 Complete Line of Berber's & Clanps Baby Food - - 3 for 25c Carnation or Pel MILK 3 for 43c See Our Baby Dep't. 'It Pays To Shop at Mays' MAYS' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st TISSUE 2 rolls 15 SHAMROCK POTTED MEAT 2 cans 15 Grated Tuna CAN OLEO MISS LIBERTY Ib.lS FLAVOR KIST CRACKERS Ib.boxlOc JERGENS JERGENS SOAP - - * 5c PERSONAL PERSONAL IVORY 5c ROYAL ROYAL GELATIN CAMPFIRE VIENNA SAUSAGE - - - - 2 - 29c FLORIDA JUICY ORANGES - - ib. 5c SUNK1ST LEMONS - - doz 29c TEXAS CARROTS - - bun. 5c HOME GROWN ONIONS - - - bun 5c ARKANSAS RADISHES - 2 bchs. 5c COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE - - ib 29c SLICED BACON - 3 ibs 1.00 PURE MEAT GROUND BEEF ib59c U.S. GOOD CHUCK BEEF ROAST - ib 65c LEAN TENDER CUBE STEAKS ib 89c

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