The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1950
Page 7
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•ATtmPAT, MCKMBE* |, II (ARK.y Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams / SAV, THIS SH4ETT SOO -f GIMME HAS A FKAVet? -I COU.ASJ OOOP C50SH.' A 1 CAMTGOOOT «J A y\ SEE THE FEAVEO \TMING LtKeTH»S.' r*~\. COLLAR AS VOO I—*- "^ -> PRIVE S/IM VCC* THAT'S KK3MT.' VW6 CAWT HAVE THST.' 306 WXM.D 61M6 CULeSTHe LEAP HEEBIES, MA.3ORf 6l>StWeSS IS 6APP1WG WTH wo STRIKES o»o LS—TAKE OME iORe COT AT IT/ WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh SUick Guaranteed Besl I'rirc? Kirby Drug Stores Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 615 Chickiisawha FRANK R.ADAMS Y NIA smvici, INC. FARM LOANS LtntJ Rat* Ct+tlnf Cates VViggs Co. KEALTOKS Phone £751 Mortgagt Loan , Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY r WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 THK S'l'OHV i The itplrft* »t UiitrU will la h'nTllr, nrr U Ihrir hvtwe toviu. The ««ly i»*rnjn Mhu run *<•.- IMilir U >lnrKlr Lou. Ihe ifirl Kiliii* r«-ll In trtve wllh itrirr fcr nun dfiid. Kriillr. ho»v«-vrr, Hnilh 1 h n i n 1 itcn I wnll. Mm I.rn- ff\, IM totnie tn mftkr Murplr <inr of Ms rutKjiitm* and h« U nvlck- XX OOMK of the men seemed to ad^ mire Max Lcngcl, too. They were the digconlented ones, those who would not have been satisfied with any kind of work or with any wages no matter how high. They groused among 'themselves mosl of the time and when Max came around they allowed their indignation to flare up into loud conversation. "Mebbe we batter talk this over," Max suggested to one group. "We'd ought to have a smoke anyway." Eddie followed them into the .men's lavatory which was territory sacred from the prying Investigations of the company foremen. Eddie was surprised to find Joe College already there. "This," said Eddie, "is the last place I would expect to see you." "To tell the truth, sergeant," Joe explained with the jocular patience which he always used on his less well-educated superior, "J only came to satisfy a quasi- intellectual curiosity. All this lion." "Yon mean a debutante?" ^ didn't but I could. They must be as thrilled by an array of white enameled fixtures as mere men are. I might mention also that thj; is a wonderful place to get ar earful of gossip. Tune in to wha your friend with the bull neck and ditto line, of conversation is dishing out." "No\v this dope, Ben Greenbush, vho went lo work on the line lo- •ight," Max was saying, "what are ve going to do about him?" "Ben Greenbush? I know Ben," aid one of the others. This man's lickname was FI a If ace and It itled because his nose had been ;m;ished back almost to the line rom his brow to his chin. He vas six /ool Ihree in height and hrce foot six in 'mentality. He seemed to think that everything Max did was absolutely right. 'Ben and me went to school together until he got promoted. A'hat's wrong with him?" "Everything," said Max. -"He goes in, they toll me, at the same wages I'm getting and I've been here six months, workin 1 my way tp. Where's the justice in that?" "Ben used to be one ot the old Hands around here," a fellow smoker explained. "Learned his trade in the boalworks.* 1 So what? Where's he been all the time I've been sUwin' around?' 'Africa and Italy, I've heard." • • • , and now he cofnes back and puts some guy nut of a job who's been here all the lime 1 might soy he puts two guys ou of a job because look at the way he works, just like there was a fire in the yards and he hnd to finish before everything go burned up. Don't take no time off for a smoke or anything." "1 guess he got a'pep talk from the boss when he was took back. "We got to learn him or we 1 ! all have to be like him.** Ma paused to consider the problem constructively. He dug up an idea "Mebbe he'll be took sick or hav .an accident. We got to be careU about a speed-up around here, I we should all work fast first thin you know there wouldn't be an reason /or overtime and Sundays We won't make big dough jus workin' Mtfular. Anj dumb-soc in see that. And you guys know •hat happens every time we finish rush job to meet a deadline— ie next day we get laid off. 1 ' "Unfortunately," said Joe to I ddic, "there's just enough truth i thai last statement lo make the nlire argument sound plausible." "Do you think they're a hunch i saboteurs or something?" Eddie sked anxiously, "workin' for Hil- ir and Ihe Nips?" "No," Joe replied, "they're icrely slightly low-grade Amer- rans taking a personal and short ange view of the situation, blind o the harm they can do." "Another thing,*' continued Max, 'I've heard thai when we get j warded the Army-Navy E tomorrow the management ia going o up our pay at the same time, Vouldn'i we be suckers to work mrd tonight when we can gel more loi tomorrow? The less we do the more coin we make," * * * f-j IS audience laughed appreciatively. All but one. He was troubled. "But we got to be pa- riotic," "S\ire we got to. I'm a good American, but 1 have to get paid as much as the next guy." "The way I figure it," said the inly man who stood up to. Max t 'is the men that made the rviles meant everything to be the right thing. They got balled up somewhere before they got to us." "Sure." agreed Max, "It's the way things work out that makes us sore. Take for instance, now, that foreman we're workin' under—Herman Blumdah). He's an apple-polisher if I ever snw one. Just to get in right with the boss he don't care how hard he rides us gitys that are doing the lifting around here. 1 strained my back "so "bad last night I could hardly sleep." His friends thought he was joking and laughed appreciatively. "Yeah, and anothe- thing I got against Blumdahl. The dirty so-and-so transferred my girl to the day shift so we don't go home together any more. Not that It makes any difference. I got me another girl friend today, a very tasty morsel if I do say it myself. Female bus driver." (To Be Continued) FRIEND FARMER Owning and operating an aulomnliile affords a lot of pleasure, but there Is much danger on Ihe road. The hitzard is loo great » risk—vith yiiur life, cstaIe, and savings Tit slake. Why rut) (he risk when we can protect you for $3,000/10,000 Liability, $5,000 Property l)am;ij;e tor «nly $2.3.38 ptr year. Just Call W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 4 T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. PXTD cirri n^n j T^-^Ai _ for dependable Repair Service • 121 East Main Phone 2122 Flowers tor Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NEW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN I'HONE 6002 N S "1 Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Planl — Promised Land PHONE— 2089— PHONE / ^v NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 ARGUS CAMERAS WVve lust been appointed vour exclusive • jencj In Blillicvlllr (or Arjns Caimrai S« out complete Mltctlon Including tht famed Arjus C.I >nd Arjullex Cnmc In todjT. BARNEY'S DRUG Wesl Miiin Phone 3617 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL Listening? OQOcofp. \ SURE, THIS BUNDLE OF oto I MOM CLOTHES AT THF —VblJ UfJOER.STA.NJD ITS MOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE ~R> HELP EVERYONE,Mk'tJ ' I'M APRAID THERE'LL BF , WHO HAVE MO y "I'll have to marry a smart man Ilka you, Dad—I'll never learn this stuff well enough to help my children with it!" PR ISC L LA'S POP The Good Sport BY AI, VERMEER NOTICE ALL CAR OWNERS! I! ran ilon'l think ronr fpeedometrr h nor Mr« exicll; right »t • II speeds, drive In mid let UA check It. Wt offer one-day servlc* an repairs for all cur* »nd tracks. T. I. SEAT 12] Kas( Main MOTOR CO- Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK- THAT MR. BOTTSi AT TIMES HE INFURIATES ME|I I WAS BACKING OUT OF THE GARAGE AND (SAVE HI* CAR A TINY BUMP._. A/VO YOU SHOULD HEAP )—, HOLLER/ r S. A 7MY BUMP?T GOSH, HAZEL, YOU RIPPED OFF HIS FENDER! ANYBODY WOULD AFTER ALL, IT RIPPED OFF OUR FENDER, TOO.. AMD YOU DON'T GRUMBLING ABOUT IT! VIC ^l.'N'i' Swilclicr :il Work •:i. O'MAM.EY and RALPH LANE * AWN XVMJH...MUH..J » 25.000 wxu? CAI'TAIN KASY Your Spats Show, .1. I 1 .! BY LKSLIE TURNER I'VE HftD THIS P^R1S T TOO B&D. BUT IF VOtfRt WOr TRIP PtWOUED FOR. I SEEM WITH HER ftGNM. THE NeBKS! BUTNOWi VRUNOes O06HTA SfOP SOO^, TH WJKS 10 THIS TRANS-f COJOriMEMTM. GOSSIP* IT'LL LOOK U FOLLOWING MIMI ! HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Drs. Nici & Nie* Bljthtvlllt, Ark. Ott, XW< STAK.S AVID SODV! EET Mils' BE ZE \ IF THEY SEE WE HEEE REPORTERS llT'lL WftKE WATreRS WHO CML MIMI I WORSE! I'LL STEP FOR AN EEMTEE- / BEKIWD THIS VIEW! ^ COME EEM. PORTEK,MISS PeriTf.. STATBMeUT BOYS! / SAW you in TH'Foues BEEGERE IU '4£> r . MOD IVCUfc KtTOR I'M STILL smLgOUUPUEOMAIICf WITH X P. BUGS IJUNNY .Inch pot! I'LL KEEP QUIST AM' LET TH' SILLV FELINE GET GVPPED TOO C'MON, «IVK.' I PLTT IN NICK tL i I WANT CANDV.' OH-OH, HERE COWES SYLVESTER/ ALLEY 001> Women? What Women? BY V. T. HAMLIN WHATCHA ( WELL.ER.... MEAN,! I YOU ARE MIGHT BE \ A MAN, TRYING TO ( Alr/TCHM FOOL YOU? CERTAINLY i V*tLLl._I ALV/AYS THOUGHT I'M*. > YOU WERg...ALL THEM MAN;.' C WHISKERS..,BUT 'COURSE, "* YOU COULD BE A -ONLY THIS GUY KEEPS YELL1N' ABOUT THEY DON'T WANT ANY MORE WOMEN UP ON VENUS! BOOTS AND HER lUIDDIKS KiBht BY EDGAR MARTIN ——— OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroarlway Phone 2651 '. vf\v> =,PvW=>.\^ \ wf^s A SON GVS we « ?iw>w \vuvt icra \_\\<t Wist. •-

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