The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1968
Page 3
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WytJievflta (Ark.) Courier K«m - Friday, February t, MM - Pa|ajrin Income Tax Rulings cut your own taxes by Ray DeCrans A common saying i n income tax law is> that all money that flows to you is taxable unless it is specifically exempt by law. '» The law exempts a great deal of income from such tax, perhaps more than most people realize. Check this list carefully to make sure that income from none of these sources is listed on your income tax return. INCOME FROM ALL THESE SOURCES IS NONTAXABLE: Accident and health insurance proceeds. Bequests. Disability and death benefits paid by an insurance company. The first $5,000 paid by or for an employer to a deceased em- ploye's beneficiaries or estate because of the employee's death. Gifts and inheritances. Interest on tax - free securities, such as municipal bends. Life insurance proceeds paid on the death of the insured. Military allowances, such as allowances for uniforms, subsistence and quarters. Mustering - out pay. Payments to dependents of •military personnel. Railroad Retirement Act pen-ions. Rental or Housing allowances furnished a clergyman. Scholarship and fellowship ' grants. Sick pay under certain circumstances. (See a later installment in this series for a complete descussion of the sick pay rules.) Social Security benefits. *••••••••••«•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "CUT YOUR OWN TAXES" f/o Blytheville Courier News Dept 723 P. O. Boi «9 Radio City Station New York, N. Y. 10018 Please send copy (copies) of CUT YOUR OWN TAXES at SO cents each ( o: .' > Henry K. Wong, representing Mutual of New York, attended a three-day conference last week in New York for a special jusiness and. educational meet- ng of the insurance company's " ading field representatives. The Oklahoma fire and Sup)le Co. (OTASCO) ..will observe Jieir 50th anniversary this year by scheduling a series of special events and promotion's throughout 1968. There will be five', m a j o r sates events during the year, and a special consumer, sweepstakes will be conducted in February - March and September - October',-"'offering'a'total of $100,000 in prizes to OTASCO customers. Unemployment compensation paid by' states. Veterans' bonuses. Workmen's compensation benefits. (NEXT: Who is my dependent?) NAME .... ADDRESS I.V.. CITY •••. .;»:••»•-.••• STATE ZIP Make checks payable to TAXES. Allow 3 weeks for delivery. • ••••••••*•••••,• • ••»,••• •••••••••••••• ••••••I JACQBY ON BRIDGE One of our readers is quite i . Our friend claims that he was quite philosophical about this but really blew his top wfien the South member of his team criticized him for not doubling the diamond slam. bitter about today's hand. It : seems that in a team match he sat West and opened the six of hearts against the diamond slam. His partner won with tfie ace, and since our correspondent made his king of trumps later on, they scored wh'a't should have-been a niee ; prof it- able 100 points. V ' 'He felt that North and South -had overbid, and.we have to agree with him. South had a tough choice of bids at this second turn. Two diamonds would : be an underbid, three;dianiohds or anything else an overbid, so South had overbid when he went to three diamonds. After .tjiat overbid; South shoukFhave contented himself with merely going to five diamonds. His four spade call suggested a slam, and while North might have bid only five diamonds, North assumed that his partner was demanding a slam if North could take the second heart lead. : ' In any event, the slam wasn't too bad a contract. We have bid and made many worse ones. It seems that the South player 'on his team chose the underbid of two diamonds. North might have passed but saw no reason not to raise to three diamonds. Then this South corrected his .previous-underbid in the worst possible way. He went to three no-trump. . West made his normal open- Ing of the fourth best heart, arid the defense opened up with five heart tricks. They still,had to make either the king of diamonds or queen of clubs, so. plus 100 for beating sir diamonds turned out to be a loss of 100 points of three International Match Points. NORTH (D) • *K5 j *J72 . +AKJ109S4 WEST 4J963 VKJ863 *KS :, #73 EAST AQ10872 VAQ7 • 43 *Q86 SOUTH * *A4 - . .-.f/.109S4-. - . , . 4AQ10SS8 Both vulnerable Wot North East South Hit Pass 14 Pass 2* Pass 3» Pass 4 * Pass 4 A Pass :6«- Pass Fasj Pass- . Opening lead—V.8 Business manager of agencies. Jack N, Miller, local district manager, said two of the 22 men and women who make up the Blytheville staff, DeblertW. Layne and Paul B. Harris, have been singled out and will receive individual awards for outstanding sales and service during '1967. The Blytheville district of the • Life Insurance Co. of Georgia has been named as the leader among the'company's 126 districts which cover 11 southern states, according to J. M. Jack- 1 ; son Jr., vice - president and Clergy Advertise For Race Tolerance MEMPHIS, Tenri. (AP) '-The Memphis' Ministers Association is to publish advertise- iriehts this weekend •askiiig residents to "purge their souls of every vestige of prejudice and intolerance." • ' ' The newspaper ad, called."An Appeal to Conscience," was prepared by a committee of.clergyr men headed by the Rev.: Nicholas, L. Vieron of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church/ The ministers group has also designated Feb. llth as "race relations Sunday," in the Memphis area and is- arranging .sermons on race relations and an exchange of, pulpits ' between white and Negro churches. The association president, Dr. James A. Wax of Temple Israel, said, "This will be the first time since the ministers association was- formed early this century that it will make sucri a public Clean Theft OCALA, Fla. (AP) - Mrs Elise Davis said her 45-foot mobile home, a weekend retreat deep in the Ocala National For est, was missing when she went there recently. Authorities said they have no suspects, no evidence, no witnesses and no leads. Miller Layne It was been estimated there are more than four million skiers •in the.United States. P. : Harris Youth Admits Error EL PASO, Tex. (AP) - Christopher Venn, 21, of Boston has been freed after he said that giving away his draft card was the wrong way to express disapproval of the Vietnam war. He was placed oh probation for two years Wednesday by U.S. Dist. Court Judge Ernest Guitih. Venn'said he gave his draft card to a Boston minister as his my. of protesting ,:the war.' GUjnn freed Venn when the youth told the court he felt the war was wrong, but had decided he inade his dissent known in the wrong way. .'•;'. --,''.. 9 « Pongburn & Nunna I ly Candy Headquarters Plaza w $j?S M Drugs Plaza Shopping Center — PO 3-4507 Forecast By CARROLL RJGHTER* lo duemlnt jam lortcMt, not. pari(»pn oppoilte data w»lc» IncluHt raur birth <UU SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You have the chance to contact a very uniisual man of influence and to get from him some very desirable data or 'support that you can use in the days ahead. But for these benefits it is necessary that you 'are alert and-sympathetic to modern and up - to - date idea's •and ways of accomplishing .things. , ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) If you contact that good pal who is able to. assist you wifh some social or business matter of importance to you, you get excellent results.-Know what it is you want in life. Then channel energies in such direction. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Save a little talk with an associate who is not acting quite right and get excellent results. Some confidant can bring good will, too. Be active and show others that your ideas are prac- ;ical and clever. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You can easily gain the new allies you want for the future if you get in touch with them •oday. You have to have a far more modern course under which to operate wisely in the days ahead. Find it. McNautM lynncitt In*. have plenty on the ball. : LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You can improve emotional and personal life by a little clever angling right now. Bring out your finest attributes. Get in touch with one at a distance who can assist you to become more successful. .SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) S'how greater efficiency and vision in taking care of your regular Saturday duties and get the approval of those around you. Improve your health Show that you are on the ball. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Don't he so reticent about going out with people who admire you arid want to entertain you royally. Be generous with mate in P.M. Buy the nicest gift you can think of. Show that you really care. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) See to it that conditions around you are more as kin wants them to be and make this Saturday a harmonious one at home. Avoid persons and things that have caused dissension in the past. Be wise. AQUARIUS (Jan.Jljto Feb. 19) Be sure you get in touch with others who are vital to your well being and increase good will you now enjoy. Be HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. JM Lester Mrs. Clell Waldrop is at home i Hicks of Milan, Tenn., died Jan. after being a patient in Doctors '" Hospital. Tom Bottoms, junior high school principal, recently underwent major surgery at Chickasawba Hospital. Mrs. Eva Jackson n o w i s making her home in St. Louis. Mrs. Eugene Tuberville and daughters, Linda Fay and Linda and Mrs. Evelyn Carter of St. Louis, recently spent a weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Troy Tuberville. Mr. and Mrs. Hershall Burress and daughter, Mrs. Jim Massey of Rolla, Mo., have returned from a visit to Haines City, Fla., with a sister and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brumlow. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 : sure vou do something that will to July 21) Confer with a big- make your mate much happier Buy that new washing machine etc. •• • ! PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) If you want to increase abun- wig now and get the assistance you need for furthering your >wn business operations. Be more direct and get greater satisfaction. The results are commensurate with your ability to perform. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Others are more than willing to give you assistance with some close tie is your best bet for putting it across. Newcomers can also be helpful. Be cooperative with them. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Be more willing to extend favors to associates that they have;every right to expect and get. Be more worldly and you solve problematical affairs far more easily. Show that you "a little child shall lead them" How can a child lean to find his place in the world, and make* it a better place to live? We would answer, by having the great treasures of the Bible opened : up to him, and learning its lessons of love and spiritual power, that's, what goes on every the Christian Science Sunday School CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SUNDAY SCHOOL Starts 9:34 n.m. Church Service! 11:00 Ym. The Christian Science Society of Blytheville. meeti at the Women't Club Buildini, 1416 West M»in Street, BlytheviUe, Ark. '••;••< >, V <• ••• ••>•• We/com* Ewjrem 18. .. Recent visitors in the-home.of. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Tubeville were Mr. and Mrs. Troy,-Tuberville Jr. and their children, David, Dwight and Tinjmy, all of St. Louis. , ,,[:;•£ Nine members and ode visitor, Mrs. Ellsie Fisk of;;Memphis, attended the Jan. -18 meeting of Culbertson Homemakers Club in the home of Mrs,"£lea- tus Bailey. r, {'^' Next meeting will beRn the home of Mrs. A. H. Webb;cFeb. 1 at 2 p.m. f'f'i Mr. and Mrs. ArthuF felley recently returned from,,a' l! two- week visit in Peoria, lit,, wift her daughter and family," Mr. and Mrs. John Leach. "- ; ''' Willie Webb returned homej Mr, and Mrs. Bub Jones re, ,._, ..»:... cent]y returned f r0 ,rn^'a two- week vacation in Florida.'They visited St. Petersburg, l^ensa- cola and other points of : i;iter- Thursday after being a patient in Doctors Hospital. Rickey Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Turner, is at home after having leg surgery at Memphis Le Bonheur Hospital. Mrs. Bertha Ward received word that her sister, Mrs. Kate dance, as you need to, it is best to discuss the matter with kin first. Get their O.K. and ideas. Study holdings well. Make sure that you have a better budgeting system. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be one of those dynamic youngsters who has a certain idea that could help,humanity tremendously early in life. Give encouragement to your progeny instead of trying to change idea or expect him, or her, to follow the general trend. Don't stifle your progeny. A quasigen- ius is here and college is a must. est.. Mrs. Beaulah Samferd"is. a patient in Pemiscot County Memorial Hospital. ( T;'. Mrs. George Wallace^ recuperating at her home after being a patient in P e m t s,c o t County Memorial Hospttaj! for several days. "V^ Mrs. Sadie Crews is .spending the winter months in FJorjda. Mr. and Mrs. John "Allen of Van Buren, Mo., were., recent guests in the home of Mr] and Mrs. Nat Nunnery. A ' Jim Little is in Memphis' Baptist Hospital with a,,prpken shoulder.and hip. ... Mrs.. Noble Capeharf'of Caruthersville is a patient? in 3 Blytheville Chickasawba Hospital". , Funeral services.for Qurtis B. Nunnery were held Janets at McSpadden Funeral Homerchap- el in Van Buren, Mo.^He^was a former Holland resident." during valentine month customer r 'ff l ...and time for a personal thank you to our community It's a great privilege to be able to serve tha banking needs of our thriving and growing community. We have chosen this particular time to extend a sincere "thank you" to our growing family of depositors. While there are many ways of saying thank you, we feel a renewed pledge to provide the very best in modern banking services is the one everyone appreciates the most. Once again... thank you for banking with us! 4-1 ^\ Bank DOWNTOWN BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Member NORTHSIDE BRANCH BANK Moullrie and N. 6th At Day Shopping Center V TONIGHT! 7 TO 11P.M. PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Don't Miss Tht Savings! Shop 7 to 11 P.M. Shop Whin fb*5 Moon G!<»ws. . . Bargains Grow!

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