The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1933
Page 2
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TUESDAY. SKPTEMBER 19H3 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COUR1EII NEWS PAGE THREE Bond Scandal Blasts Girl's Movie Hopes op"'fl Finney, Now Sran- dnl Center, Had Re- Jimrkable Career. '!} NE.\ Servlee . TOPEKA, Sept. 12. A fi'W icnulis ago Konald Finncy was an : !>ia?iiigly successtiil juiinu band JOko: occupying a lavish suite in lioicl here. spi'mlim- Ii'f-ely and *iiH' uavly, and known nnd rc~ i.iT'.r-d OiioiiiihoiU 'he stale. He |j-I- a man of wealth and inllu- I;IT, frlencl and inlininte ol Hit: [iiue'.s ben |H-o|ile. and a dramatic ;«ure became of the swiftness of |i!s rise. Todav he Is me central nutii" in bond scandal lhat has rocked ,ir f.liilc from border lo border • ke nothing before in its hisioj-y. i .IP Is beinK called "the- Poiizi uf "ansas." Finney Is nceused of fniKin» and bonds in excess of Sl.,'/,COO. The exact amount will '« l>c known until Ihe i/i<!anlic jiaxc of his tic-citings is turned out. ! After Finney's sudden arrest, in ; jiigiLst, the siory of his operations eecm to come lo light. He is oc- •ised of forging issues of munici- | al and state bonds and apparent- i J lew. if any, of tlicse forged |oniis reached tlie hands of the ;ublic. They were placed in banks js collateral for the deposit, of fine funds, in some instances. In 'hers, presumably, they wcic used 'i brokerage offices. ! Owned Three Airplanes 11 Finney had private wires to l Vashlngton. Chicago and Kansas 1 1 ity. He had a personal reprc- 'mtative al an expensive hotel In /ashingion. about which the fed- ral government h:is manifested [ briosity. He lived exclusively ml maintained three private air- Ifines nnd a fleet of expensive 'utos. j Frequently Finney made hurried | rips lo Kansas City or Chicago, .v plane or by car. Some times inncy's .secretary made the trip arrying a familiar bag. The story iok hold lhat Finncy was making I ;is money in investments in the : hciH and stock market. He camu ') be regarded as a wise and suc- ^ssful financiei' like his father, I j/aircn Finney of Emiiorin, bank,- and a Republican leader. i I Last spring Finncy, somehow, 1 L possession of a large amount; cash and U't-nt out among ihe i 'irners buying- nr>- their products ,id taking cash options on their : mds. Tlicse operations became so iotorious that Gov. Alfred M. Lan- 'on issued a statement warning irrners not to sell options. Rtughl a Circus At the height uf his prosperity, inner bought the 101 Ranch Cir- j s of the Miller brothers nf Okln- oma at a Foreclosure sale and nil it to Chicago for exhibition at le World's Fair. One day Finnov nd a grouu of-bankers nnd oil len from Oklahoma were watch- ig a performance nnd were par- uclnrly pleased by the elephant :t. Finney summoned the I'ing- laster. and commanded: "Put on lat elephant net. again. I like .int." Finney liked to impress his lends by presenting them with snison. nnd many of the reindeer i the circus are said lo have been .teiificed to satisfy tills whim. Generous to Cliarity ; Finney financed the vacations oE • ale employes who went to inch he owned in Ihe Rockies. Tie 'as lavish in his Sifts to chari- cs. always slipulatinsr that hij amc not be used. When his Slighter, Mary Virginia, was il ilh pneumonia, he obtained a vstly oxygen tent. The lent, was >ver used, but Finney boiiRht it id gave it lo n hospital in F.m- His .speculations in wheat are -id to have been by ihe millions bushels. He bought, a majoi :t in a Wichita life 1 insur company. He bought thou of head of cattle in Texa a state olficial as his pur basing ngenl. He gave presents t ificlals and to the wives of of hia!s who served him. j Locks r.irt of "Hif Man' |;Big, handsome and affable, Fin |;y makes an hnixxsing appear | lice. treks the part of a "bi .nn." He is always affable. Whc 1 • went to Chicago or SONIC O thc ace on business he would ren eral costly suites in a hotel, nn id many vlsilors. Others toppled with Finney whc e crash came. His partner. Le nd C. Caldwcll. was arrested. Th ate treasurer. Tom lloyd. Is un •r .$25.000 bond on charges o •nverling state funds to the us* himself and Finncy. Three slat inks closed their doors tecnua their dealings in the spuriot mds. Stale mililiamen occupie e treasury. Tongues are awag with talcs i icsc wlio enjoyed ihe hospital! Finney, and shocked Kans.ii •e hearing stories of say nong women 'employes of the ale and their basses in Finney's itel suite. Federal authorities. In their instigation, questioned a beautiful -year-old stenographer. Vivian rncey. who worked in the treas- Methodic Will Meet ;it Joiner School 1'Yuluv W1LSOK. Aik-The Rev. Sam B. WlfiBlm. pvi-.'.dim elder uf ilu- Joili'-sbOKi ili-tiiri. will preside- ill u niiH'tlnr uf IKIMHIS and stew III 2 p. I'l. Fiuliiy. fU'iu. IT,, in Ihe fhuwiii-f •,-!u:(,l. .luiiicr. | Al llli' .-..un- lime Mi:-. I-:. K. ] Ecwt'll. ili'V.x'i M'crciaiv, of Mar- I ion. mid Mi- II. M i.^ivls. dls- ! ti'ii-l studv luuli-r. nl Wilson, will n-i'iing of ihe presl luilv leudr-is ol il'.i- 1 i.iisL-lomin -iKii'tii-s wnh tin- fol- ! !:>U'lllK P:I'-.L.|||' Id uulii in in-, u,i- Cdimcil C'ri'd- lis. Mrs !(:••! I! Mi lion. •I'ntiiKiiin. I I'l'llll'l|i.i!:. c| | In- Method i.f '|r:u-uini!, Mis. P.uil '• The Village Reprobaltj method n' I'M-M-nnne the mlhsiiin •'' '/• •'}*,!••-} V/ffr j.Klndy, by i|.,. JiiiHvljur,, nilsstiin- ' I / '• AJ,,''' l . '/fj my foclHv. [,,| by M,-S. s. 11. win- I ''.•-..- * \K "^ A}& I uins. ' • x ^ ..,' l^-jl] All int..,,i liivmtn mid their ' xH •fc^vTf &M families basket till' I'lll mviii'd in intend. A will lx' served "I tin- mirlliif.s. Dought '101 Rinch'.Qrcus Owned Thtce Aiiplan-.s ::;i.l Right, Ronald Finney, central fiu.ure in Ihe Kansas' bond scimdal; left. Vivimi Tnu-i-y. friend ilf l-'mm-: n was i|iii>scluiii'tl in the cast ;md hopes ol a movie ram-i- were blasted by tlic Finney'.': o]K'ratiiins. As Schools Op^n. Film Class Gradual^ Itound Lttkt" News Mr. ami Mi*. t f -a Cmckr-lt uml ,?n Davnl b:u p i^ n luiju'd from a nonth'.s vi-;i ni I'orlinjrvllli'. Mo. Mr. anil Mis. .loe Ininaii uiul children ol Muii[)!:is micl Mi.v Mii- ry WejUi:-:tiy in Tii.iriiinliln, Alii., were giie;,!.. Saturday ol Mrs. 1". H. \VHgnon. 'I'lii'y ui'rc auconip.uiii'cl home by Mrs. Waiinon. Mrs. "ib-.siiiil Kav.n\ is vlslllnii her inotlui at YLI/.OO City. Miss. Mis. C. C. Is 111 v.-Ull malaria. Miss M:ir Ijiiiebarijcr. who has l>een III v.i'.h ty|)lu»itl lever. Is rapidly Improving. Mrs. Li;iy Johnson and sun Ihir- old. Mr. ami Mis. Leo Crockell and Mr. and Mr:;. Hyrs Wagnon and son Jerry Smiilay In Hlylhc- villc ati Kin-Ms of Mis. Ola Vincent. Norman .Iclmwii, who is employ•d at HI-'-^I:;I. rjiL-nt lust wet-k eml it liomr-. r 1 ?.--^-* S v~, - ... If ti Dell and Vicinity Mrs. .1. I. Tidwell li recovering t^ffgtCT-.t-r ;»• III for several days, Is now cotivn- Icscing. i J. L. Berry and son of Pnrnuoiild were here on business Monday. The MelhodLsl riivlvnt, whlcli opened Snndiiy, will conllniie Into the lazier part of next week. Tlie Jiev. Mr. Moon: Is In charge. Mrs. Waller Lewis 1ms rcuirncd lto:n Maislon. Mo., whore hns] been employed for sevirul muntns. i , lcn)J comiirr news wnnt Ads. MLis Gladys Cresap of Missis- j ftlppl is vlaltlnj! her paienlH. Mr., and Mrs. J. N. Cresap. \ Wnlior Lewis, who nas l>ceii til j for the past weeX, Is Improving. 666 Hardy Crawford' has moved back to^her'ho^ ^™"«(l7r Ti'rW '" »«» [rul " ^ r " ri " " l Uh0!to - ! visit with her brother. Hub Uaufilit- of Mississippi. Mis. Dri'vy Wilson, who lm% lx:i<n I Manuel Wisdom has relumed Mrs. lilgutl IIIIK returned lo htr I Mt\s. Ligttelt has returned In her with tier .sister, Mrs. Karl Mnijers. I Iquld, Ta'jH-ls, Salve, Nnsc Drops llirrkM Malaria In ^ days, C'ottls ist day, lleail.iclicK ur Neuralgia In :1U mlnii!^. I'inc L;txrtlive and Tonic .Must Siiriily HfincUIti Kliuwli FROM ANOTHER /" "\ f ' ' ;x - ^ i-ei'ius. Here »rc soint (jiiCMl" at » I'Cli'iil jjii'i-ii by Kay l-'riiiiris, .sli Hlnni' «ilb Ilie i-iiw. The !u^f roiislnlile is Kenneth Jil'iilKi, her husliaml. John hill mill liis wife, Vh-Ri Bi-iin-. liKhl, uliovi-, make handsome roimlvy ' ''OU nighl, Lionel Unrryinori- hi? ivlfi- m!J ta UIL- R«yeij IIY I»AN THOMAS NEA Service Writer i struclion. but stipulating the $40 for himself, lie found it accldcn- i salary In case sturiio executives de- tally one day while hiking in Ihe HOLLYWOOD ^nle^idemsl^edjo^kccp him or her after Hollywood hills. ^ ^ ^ '' The course was conduclctl just cut out for .sleeping nurpopcs nnd a crude ferule arranged lor cooking. Quite apparently someone - 1 .U IIIVU Ul»tti)l WWIIIO UlIO IHU1IVU. Ullt «..*!, ^Ui,..^. ..L»' ^- r '-mall proun will be participating! ns If the studio had been a large a crude giatc arrayed lor cook- n graduation exercises. They are | school. All of the .students wore '"« rt '""' —'entu- sn , n p mlP 'Indents who have been . lml ,,i,, „,,„ , the I uniforms. The boys were attired l>ad lived there More. Hut it f Universal .studio all summer, stu-1 in blue trousers, white shirls mid Neu s now anci he of ten so;nds dying dramatics under Harold bine ties. The RirL- wore gray two or three diijs al a time their slacks and blue blouses. ying Turncy. director of dramatics !-• Los Angeles junior hIf;h school.' Classes started at 8 in tlic morn-, r» T , . , . However, instead of being ing and continued through until j^r. mU.nULfj liandert diplomas, these graduates 5 in the afternoon. In addition, j will receive long-term film con-) w-eckly plays were staged by va- . tracls calling for salaries of $40 ''Ions members of the group, per week at the slart and gradu- p.llv increasing to $300 a week. The school was started; by Curl Laemmlc. Univci'ssl prcxluc- . . tion chief, sis a means of finding new faces and new iKrsonalities for the screen. Out of 3600 applicants, 54. were admitted to the school. Each of these received an notional contract calling for no ralary during the period of in- To School's Dental Needs BURLINGTON, la. <UP>— Burlington schiKil children conU-tid. tie- probability not more than 10 or •15 of llicm will be "graduated" into the ranks of rrKiilar studio players. C'an't Andy Dfvlnp ' thr affairs of the. youthful skyrocket plunger until midsummer. Then federal authorities revealed lilax in their checkup of a Topeka bank they had disclosed some spu- •ious bonds' dciwsiled a.s collaleral, and the story broke like R bombshell. The bonds were traced lo Finney. and Governor Landon Immediately ordered Finney's arrest and put the stale treasury under! Arirona Slate Teachers ' " And while we're on tlie subject Of schools, it might pay to listen to Andy Devine. lieiween scenes of "Chance nt Heaven" Hie other day. the cast started discussing their various alma maters. Joel McCrea put in a word for! Pomona College. Vi'pinla Hnm-j inonrt spoke highly of the Chi- j cage Musical College. Then DC- j vine started. I "Now when 1 went to Harvard Military Acncicmy. SI. Mary's College. Santa Clara University, the Last year the public school d'-u- tist. his :.-i:';'l revoiilwl.\ ^.53:5 sets uf M'haol girl and boy teelh. nilr^l 5.1D8 acliiii;; ravl ties antl pujh-cl LfiSS li-.-lh. The <lcnli;t's iinme is !);•. II. A Toolhacre. Lydia E. Pinkham's Tablets Relieve and Control Periodic Pain? {/%, ^ 'fflW^j %£ "Walt a fninute." cut in Director William Seller. "What were cniirnl of the militia. Governor Uindnn acted decisive- Iv. although Finncy had been an you. a student or a book sales- ally of almost every one of the man?" I •>• for a time nnd was known as j governor's supporters. FinnpyV * ' * 'friend of Finney. Miss Traccy,! father and William Allen White. Back lo Nature ho said that Finncy hod promts-1 his fellow townsmen and bosom Now it's "cove mnn" Neil Ham- to help her launch a career in'friend, had been Influential In put- Illon. And that's no kidding Neil movie's, is expected to be a Ming Landon In Hie governor'?! seal, nclunlly Is spending pnrt of his] ..less at Finney's trial. She de-|The elder Flney. who owns bmks time living In a cave. I ares however, that she was"too-at Emporia. Eureka and Neosho One of the pilncipal occupations! imb" to know anything about] Falls. Is reputed to have lost al- of Hollywood aclors Is finding j 's operations. most his entire fortune through places to "hide out" between p1c-| There was no hint of trouble in his sou's manipulation". "uro« H«m|ltnn plcVed B cave Clinical (CHS prove !t. Take them today for welcome case and com< fort. Take them regularly for permanent relief. No narcotic j.- No dtninojj," No unpleasant effects; SoU by al! dmggisH.'Sinall box 50& 1-arncr size, if you prefer. To Insure Your Cotton Call t37 Caiidill's Agency GK.XKHAL INSURANCE infi Nnrlli Broadway Always firm and fully packed —always mild and smooth One thing you can always brsiirr of-thc Lucky Strike ynu Imy nwlay is iilentically the'same in quality, in mildness, as tlic I-ucky Sirikc you buy at any future time, anywhere. The reason is — t-very step in the nuking of a Lucky Rtfikc is .1 step towards uniformity. There are over 60 precision instruments for this purpose. 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