The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 7
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^WEDNESDAY. JULY 2, 1947 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS if n Prisoners Seize Town Door-to-Door Pickup Service in Flood Area Order is Restored After Police Obtain Aid from Manila MANILA, July 2. (UP) — Order was reported restored today at ca- lapun on Miiuloro island South of Manila alter a group of prisoners broke mi! of jail, overpowered tlie police aim sei/.ed control of Hie town. HeiKjrts from Cnlapan still were oonllictltii! but Oov. Malesto Cas- llllo of Halani>a.s said Ihe .situation f as in the hand an<l that the lea- ?r ol t!ie prisoners, n farmer mili- iry police lieutenant named Komero, had been killed. Castillo said tlie outbreak was quelled by military polite under tho command of -Major Castro. Castro crossed over to Miiuloro with force ot 40 men and 'A'itli tlie t operalion^of local civilians managed to subdue the prisoners. The prisoners were said to ll seized Oov. Conracle Morc-ntc of Mincluro and it was not immediately known whether he liad been released and whether all the mutinous prisoners had been rounded up. Modesto said that reports that the revolt was jumecl by yuerrillas were not correct. The office of president fr.imu-1 Hoxa.s said the prisoner* had obtained weapons from the military police platoon in (he 10*11, overpowered their guards mid seized control of tlie town. Calapan lies at the northern tip of Miiuloro isl.iiui about ICO miles South of Manila. Aviator Flics Into Trap Apparent])' part of the prisoners escaped from Calapan to Luhaiii;, a small i.sland northeast of Mindo- ip. The government sair. military police were conducting up operations on Lubang. Capt. Manuel ccmde of the Philippines Airlines, who returned to KZanila today after unwittingly landing on the c.ilapan airport while it was under the prisoners' control, ciave an eyewitness aeeount | of tile action. Conde said 45 prisoners escaped I from prison yesterday gained control of I lie town and airport late.' j in the day. The presidential office i announcement said the break' oc- I curretl today. The pilot said lie landed nt Ca- I Japan at 11:15 a.m. today and was I approached by a Lieutenant Romero 1 who proved to be one of the ec- capcd prisoners. Romero boasted I that the prisoners had complete I control of "air, sea and land" in the I area. Cand'e said. Three C-47 transport planes car- Irving military police reinforcements I flew to (Jalapan from Luzon island. 1 tin? government said. Romero told Conde '.he plane New Officers Installed at Lions Luncheon Officers to serve foi the coml'.iK year were Installed at the workly nirrtliiK of the Lions Club yestei 1 - ttuy noun at the Motel Noble. Takliu; office were \V. L. Homer, president; H. A. Nel.son, first vi'!:> pre.skletit; Or, J. 1C. Heasley, second .vice president; and Murray Sumft, [ secretary-treasurer, » Two Lion Tamci's, Kred Klceiwin and Ed M. DOKcnold, and I wo new members of the club's Hoard ol Directors, Max Lo^an and llryan iMIU'y, also look ofltce. uunie Still was Introduced as a new nu'mbiT, Quests were tfddlo II. David and Humor Khnbio A pontoon-equipped plane piloted by Macon Polly of at, Louis. Mb., swoops down at a flood-isolated farmhouse in the Missouri lilver Valley, helping the Coast Ouiird remove marooned families. iMKA Tek'iMioto.) Hotel Apartment Lad n i i D i j as Result Rentals Boosted o , Accident 'Gouging' is Reported In Some Areas After Controls Eliminated (My United Press). Rents for de-controlled hotel n- p.irtments spiuiled upward today with one Philadelphia hotel lipping its rates 400 per cent by placing permanent Kuesls on a daily rate. Most hotel associations in major cities said they were raising their rates IS per cent, but there wore reports of "gouging" by some owners who apparently were "testing" the _new. J frce market. The new rent • control lawTTrfce- tive yesterday, removed all controls from hotels in which less than 75 per cent of the units are bath and kitchen apartments rented on a permanent basis. Other hotels were limited to the 15 per cent "voluntary" increase in rates for permanent guests. Transient rooms previously were decontroled. Most hotels said the new rent increases would be effective Aug. 1. In the case of apartment houses and other rental units many landlords did not immediately seek tlie "voluntary" 15 per cent increase Henry Baker. 8. of Hayti. Mn.. is in the Memphis Eye. Ear, NOSL- and Throat Hospital suffrrlni; from an injury to his rinhl. eye received at his home Stmd ly while some or .his ifrjends were' pla:,iii[; cowboy and Indians. Henry, who wasn't In the tfame. was struck in the right eye by an nrro'.v reported shot by one of hi. 1 friends through u hole in a barn Tiie arrow point pierced the lid'f eye, splittini; the cornea and the lens. | I Henry, who lives wiiii his molli- er and grandfather. .J. il. Lrsts-r | on a farm near Ha;,ti. was take; to the Memphis hospital for tn-it- mciil. Attending physicians reported that Henry wits "doin^ nicely but Hint "we will probably have to remove the eye." Gasoline Tanks Saved as F?re Destroys Shed HfflSTOL, Tenn.. July 'i. IIJI'I —An explosion or unsoline tank ears in the Southern Railway aids was narrowly aveited here nl|;ht wlit'ii fire destroyed a :irby frames tool and equipment shed. Two tank cars ownod by I ho .Sinclair Refining Compaiiy were on a sidinj; adjoining 11 le shed. Gasoline storage lank.s Vfi yarch away also were threatened but firemen prevented an explosion by ix)urin^ F streams -.if water against tht; lanks to prolec 1 . tilcm from heat and sparks. Hailroad oificials had not r.sli-1 matcil the amount of the loss this monuM!'. The shed eontninmi; luols and a Iruek were rnmritalvly liestroyed. ft was not know'il ho\v lire started. Head Cornier News Want Ads. The world's first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania. NOTICU Ol' CHANTING OK UQUOK I'KUMIT Nollre is hereby Biven Unit the Commissioner of llevenui's of Ilie Elate of Arkansas has Issued permit, -No. 109 to 1'ilmore Cl. Cllp- son to sell and dlsiK'nse- vinous spiilluou.', Illinois for IjevcniRi' al retail on the premises dtscribi'd as in South Second St., lilytlievllle Arkansas. i This permll issued on the 1 di> of .Inly, l!>n mid expires on tin lid day of June, lilltl. I'ilmore Ci. Cllpson l'( rinlttoc We Will Be Closed July 4th and 5th For The Holiday Weekend WE IS Butane Gas Company 418 West Main Phone 3301 men said rates generally were beinu -sjsiods niauioaiiLimv 'lua-i And pi: increased 15 per cent, except \vtieie "Inequalities" were being eliminated. KUKCEONS Woodpeckers act as tree surgeons to tlie giant cactus. They clean out the decayed Interiors in searehhiK lor insect larvae, and the injury then heals over. couldn't leave the airport fos two i I'rovided by the law. Tenants and I days. While they were arguing'.here I was a burst of gunfire ami Homero's 1 men uere driven from tile airport. Conde said he flattened himself Ion the ground for 45 minutes while line prisoners and milita Ireinforcements fought, •climbed into his plane and took off Ifor Manila. landlords in many cities were confused. Rent control offices in some cities were swamped with queries and complaints. But landlords reported that thons- ary police i amis of tenants had agreed to pay Then he |'he 15 per cent increase in exchange ' " Probes {Unauthorized Flight SIIREVEPORT, La.. July 2. (UPi I—Army Air Forces officers were un- lable to explain today how Stair Sgt. •.lames R. Farrar of Bastrop. La., •took off in a B-17 Plying Portress •apparently nil by himself and' Hcrashed to a fiery death 18 miles' jfrom his Barksdale Field starling, |)oint. Farrar was an overseas veteran lincl crew member of u bomber. A lioavd of inquiry was set up to |ielt>imine: 1- What motivated the unauthor- ised flishl. I 2—How was Ihe enlisted man lible to get the four engines started lo put the big bomber in flight. iThc B-17 usually carries a crew |>f 10.) 3—How did the sergeant get the |:omber .warmed up and take ofT .vithout arousing guards, and the |light control tower. i 4 —How the sergeant got the plane liirbornr from an unlighted nin- |Vay. The first inkling of the missing hlane at the Army Air Forces field ••amc when a commercial airline |>ilut spotted Ihe wreckage. Coi. Victor H. Slraham. cioni- Inandanl at Barksdale. said that ilisht was authorized. It was lletermined that Parrar took oif libout 3:30 a.m. yesterday. Slraham said he didn't know how Ihe sergeant got the plane. I "It's jnsl like somebody stealing n car." and of course there is liothing unusual about somebody Itarling up nn engine on an air- lilane nround here. After all it's an lir field." iiBHYS JST REMOVE (CESS ACIDS I Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tube* I.- Flush Out Poisonous Waste 1 If yntihavcan excess otacids in yoiirblood, •our 16 mi'cs c£ kulncy Cnbcs may be ovcr- J-orkcd. Th :set iny filters nnd tubes arc work- Ing day nn,i nifiht to help Nature rid year • vstcm of excess acids and poisonous wnste • When diForrferof kidney function ncnniL* ••oifonouanmKtr to rcnwm in your WK pains, loss'of pep and energy, neltinjiup miRhts, sw«!1inp, pufiiness under tho eyes, •cadnchos and dizziness. Frequent or scanty • nssngt?» with smart ins nnd nurning somc- •imes'showB tlioro is somcthliia wrong with • our kidneys or blwtdxr. I Kidneys may need help the annie &a how- •1s, BO nsk your druRffist for Doan's Pills * •limulantdiurclic, used eucccssfully by mfl- • ons for over 60 years. Doan's give happy •djcf and will help the 16 miles of kidney •ub*3 flush out poisonous \v»atc from jour •»ood, G*t Doan^Pill*. sc for an 18-month lease guaranteeing against further increases when rent, control expires in March. 1D48. | In many cases skyrocketing hotel i apartment rents resulted from elimination of monthly rales. The greatest increase was reported at Philadelphia, where permanent ten- ' nnls of one hotel, were told that I rales would be changed from S120 a month to 520 a day. The new rate would amount to SGOO a month. | Many other mid-town Philadel-! pbia hotels were raising some rents Saturday 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room Ik in Adm. 60c Inci. Tax PROFIT Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Want To Buy Or Sell Ads Placed by JO a. IH. Will Appear Same Day All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 461 Blyfheville Courier News TIRE PRICES SLASHED Overstdcked on DAYTON TIRES and TUBES A First Line, 100 Level Quality Tire OUR LOSS-YOUR GAIN While They lasi! Size 6:00x16 4 41 CQ 4 PLY TIRE Plus Tax Pay As Little as S5 <$?Jm Down PAYMENTS TO SUIT YOUR CONVENIENCE Passenger Tires- Four-Ply Size • Price Six-Ply Price 4.50x27 4.75-5.00x19 5.50x16 5.50x18 5.25-5.50x17 6.00x16 6.50x15 6.50x16 7.00x15 7.00x16 7.50x16 .$ 9.00 9.50 9.50 10.50 10.50 12.50 12.75 14.00 14.50 13.50 16.00 17.50 22.50 DAYTON TRUCK TIRES DELIVERY SERVICE TRUCK TIRES Tubes Price $1.75 1.75 1.80 2.00 2.00 2.50 2.50 2.60 2.65 3.00 MUD AND SNOW TRUCK TIRES . i:: 6.00x16,6 Ply 6.00x20, 6 Ply 6.50x20, 6 Ply 7.00x16, 7.00x17, 7.50x17, 7.50x20, 7.00x20, 8.25x20, 9.00x20, 10.x20, 12 Ply 11.00x20, 12 Ply 14.50 17.25; Tube 2.50 19.75; 8 Ply $25; Tube $3 2.85 ' $25; Tube $4 $30; Tube $4 $5 33.50; Tube $4 12 Ply $54; Tube $6 $65, Tube $7 $71 $83 6 Tube 3 Ply 8 Ply Tube 10 Ply 10 Ply 47.50; 12 Ply (i.noxun— s- 7.50x20—i 0- 8.2n.\20—10- 8.(Mx2fl—10- Price . S2R.OO . IW.flO . 50.00 . <;:i.r>n . 79.00 Size— fi.f)0\20— S- 7.00x20— 8- 7.00x20—10- 7.50x20— 8- 8.20x2!)—10- 9.00x20—10- Price 26.50 27.50 36.00 35.50 50.00 60.00 Sell Your Old Tires To Us We Will Pay Top ['rices For (he Unused Mileage in Your Old Tires and Replace Them With New DAYTON TIRES. See Any of These Dealers Listed Below T. I. Seay Motor Company 131 R. Main Planters Oil Company Manila, Ark. Larkin Service Station Main Lake St. >honc 2122 Wilson Auto Service Ash & 2nd" St. Scotty's Service Station State Line Highway 61

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