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Kansas National Democrat from Lecompton, Kansas · Page 2

Lecompton, Kansas
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Thursday, March 24, 1859
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Hational Jlcmotrat S. W. DRIOGS, Editor and Publisher. LTECOMPTON, K. T. THCRSDAT MORNING, MARCH 24, 1853. Democratic Territorial Convention. without appropriating the means necessary to carry on the Tost Office Department, beyond the first of July next, which as near as we can learn was brought about for the purpose of requiring an extra session of Congress, and thus securing the election of a Mr. Grow, a negro-equality advocate, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, before the eighty-seven vacancies in Congress can be supplied, as after that tirac Tom CoRWIS would Amalgamation In the Montrose (Pa.) Democrat, of the 24th iiift., we find recorded another one of those most humiliating occurrences which since the promulgation of the Black Republican doctrine of negro equality, are becoming more numerous. Wo mean the marriage of a white girl to a negro. The negro's name is John Sophia, who has somo years been liring with a man by the name j of Whiting, in the village of Hartford, A ttelegitf Cortrmtim. of th IVraocrmy of Kan -ma Territory will be hld in Tecumtwh. Smkk, Croat?, 03 th 10th dr "f May wxt, for the purpose of a more tboroap h nrgftnimion of the !VnKralic I"rtr. The Ielfsleii are apportioned, among tb arreral conalies, an foliawa : Atchiaoa o Doarbon A Jonirhea 9 Ilouplas r Fraoalia i J-tfroa i .'ohaeon S Ina $ Lrfeiae 4 Laveu worth 11 amJL-.tJ&& ' "nouncenent of the Territorial Cen each. Xh Enevtirt Committee twmiranxl to tb Dfmoercy of tir Brrr&. cnnBtw. Ia hWd Cautr CoOTQt:oo on StUaniaT. tbe 30th of April nxt, for the purpos of vtecting rviegfttr to nil Temtori&l Convention, awl t (ortheCantKa, . " . 1 10th day of May next, for the purpose of ! Set a")' one Susquehanna county, mo- B order of tie Democratie TT!tonl Fwotrw Com- . J ' I iriiir-- ittee. c. i. iiKhitK, secretary. , efte-h-jr a more lhoron"h organization of ! rnuy ueiaseu sunicier.uo marry tue couple, ... - e i - - eclipse him. We shall have more to say Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania. The on this subject at some future time. nnmo of ,ha victim 'jn ,uia d;;, tns. Democratic Convection. ( action is Amelia TingIey,wbobas not quite In onr paper of this week may be found ! reached her 18th year. It s-?ems that the girl was induced to this act uy the family trai Executive Committee, that a conven-1 " hiting, with whom the negro resided, tion of the Democratic party will convene Tbe rar(' consisting of the Whitings, the at Tecuraseh, in Shawnee county, on the girl nnd nogr finding that they could not Jefferson County Democratic Meeting. From the Detroit Free Presn. Later From Europe'. New York, Marcfi 1G. onn PMinli. Kil.1 a. Winliocti r t,n rlio f1 ct i . . . . Trio Gfnfimcltirk PI.tt rX S.?tIil-Trnn ...uv , The reader remembers the tuffitive . - .v . t,- . ,,.,,.. . ... . . irom Liverpool, 01 tne :1 insi., uax airr- ,. - . ' .. (D tli-.n V I. , . T . The Royal Mail strand .. , -"-" -m.s.h ns .n.opsed ttio A T.A4-n. TaA'A;n. It- frha Cn ! meeting of the Democracy of Jeffor- j preme Court of the TJ. S. of March. 1859. nut organized bv an- ' mu M;i,rov., ir!B.inI;nilin. n. r- c.. oi,; j i , r . ; t,;:, ,i, i TCtI af t'1" port Further by the Worth Eriton. J. (rlancy Jones the American Minister linJ an aiuiience with !:io Emperor of William A Sickles, Secretary-. of the act of Congress by the I uitcd The object of the meeting as explained, ! 'ales Marslial was mtcrrupted by the ,- . : terposition of the State fcupreuie Court, was to adopt some measures to msure an : Tbe Slate court reIeased partieQi p ha. early and complete organization of the ! beas corpus, in custody of the Marshal on Democratic party in this countv. ! a charge of rescuing the allcdged fugitive On motion, a Committee consisting of ! fr0QI tue Federal authorities, on the ground, deliberately taken by the court, ( that the fugitive slave law was unconsti tutional . lhe case was taken to the Su- There wns less confidence in the pre- The Pmssian srovt circ.i.'irr .uma.nr- to tin lit Ite, n j' :ht rtTorU c-f Knj-jroma t.w.c, and March 17, 1S6. Closing Session of the 35th Congress. It will be remembered that President Bcchaxax called the attention of tbe late Congress to three important national objects, tbe tariff quesf.on, or necessity of providing revenue todefray the expenses of government ; our Telttioes with Mexico, or tbe necessity of protesting our frontier settlements, and the propriety -rf taking immediate measures to acquire possession of the island of Cuba, standing as it does, as a key to tbe Gulf of Mexico, the party oo the platform adopted at the ! tlie.v crossed the line into New York, w here, organization of the party at Leavenworth, I the village of Kirkwood, they secured the in November last. I services of a Justice of the Peace, who for Tbe extreme positions assumed ; the lawless and outrageous acts done by the ultra Republicans, togethei with the well known fact that they are in favor of placing the negro on a social and political equality with white men, as evinced by their opposition to Oregon, a free white man's State, solely because the constitute -e that State excludes free negroes frew the State, and denies to negroes and a paltry sum consented to give legal sanction to nn alliance repugnant alike to the laws of God and man. The party returned that night to Montrose, and a dunble bed room was engaged by Whiting nt Searle's Hotel, where the four (Whiting and lady, and the negro and girl,) spent the night, before it was known to Mr. Searle, the proprietor of the house, that there was a negro in the gang. The next morning Whiting and wife and necro. i act with the Republicans, have abandoned : g31'1"1 of tll g'rl' father. j them, and will henceforth act with the j Tbe ,miJ cf ,Ile g'rl are respectable, I I-. at. ll i" ilT . 1 .,! T, .,-: w : ,i I muiauces tue ncm oisunrage: iur mesc - . ! and mmr wmlNr fnisoa nnnr mnwm. wre arrested by the Sheriff, and held to injury to our commerce. many similar causes many conserve- . ' . ' ' t i. i .i r..i. :..i;,i; bail on charirc of couf r.iracv. at the insti- . ' UlC Ui(.U RUU iiUU il-i 4U JU-illtlVU 4V, t? t ' iu uruer to eetrare tue means necessary j Wiotray tua eipenses of government, an i . , , , . . -, , ! , , r . ' them, and will henceforth act with the increase oi me unn was recommended. ....... ....... , ,n,li,t,,..l,w, ...u.f ,i. j uenicc ratio party. nereiore, we nope i " ' " " " " w j that every county ia the Territory may j illness of the girl's grandfather, nd con- be fully represented at that Convention, 1 sequent engagement of the family, to ac-and that the proceedings may clearly and 1 eomplish this iufamous outrage. The fully evince that conservative and toier-! same journal contains the death of the ant spirit which is the very essence ol ! ll'atu of 'be grandfather, no doubt acccl-Democracy. The real and genuine priu-1 crated by this shocking affair. ciples of the Democratic party have ever, ! and will continue to meet the approbation i AN ACT to prevent the intermarriage of of a large majority of tbe American pro- j ,ue white and black races : pie. Let there bo a full attendance at : , lf -. , , , , 0 that Convention. j. 7 L HV' C eJ- hj 'i'l S'Daf j auu iioii.-ui iteprefentanves oi me iom- Veto Messaee ; monwealth of Pennsylvania in General OI..t,l :. t t i States, did not seriously desire an in- Last week we published the reasons as- i l'h J.ti,nr-',v of ti, Mma Tt,of crease of duties at this time, and there- j signed by President Bcchaxas for veto-1 anj afwr ,hc passage of this act, it shall fore they made CO efficient exertions to i ng "An Act donating lands to tbe seve- j be unlawful for any black man to marry carry out even a portion of their profes- j rl States and Territories," ke. The bill a white women, or black women to marry sions. Our people are becoming too in- donated over 6,000,000 acres of public i a T!i'tetman' lands, and where but in Kansas would i "Vi J. Y n 1 Ti , ' . u j who shall marry in this Commonwealth, tbe larger portion of this land been sought ; contrary to the first section of this act,acd for? The President deserves and will any justice of the peace, alderman, cler- doubtless receive the thanks of every ' g'mant minister or other person, who ! honest and candid settler in Kausas. lor ! sba!1 j'.''." in narr'age any person contra-! WW A I. . . . n. I 1 , 1 I tj io Luia tef, aiiueery person WQO snail : be present at gnch marriage, shall be j A majority of Congress failed to carry oat this recommendation. One portion of Congress contended that it was cot necessary, as with a revival of commerce and a reduction of the expenditures, an increase of duties would not be necessary, and further that it was important to avoid a too frequent change of the rate of duties or taxation on importations. Another portion of Congress, composed of high and protective tariff advocates, desiring to use this hobby in the manufacturing telligent, and understand this question too well to be any longer humbugged. The actors in this transaction have played the part of mere politicians and demagogues, seeking the accomplishment of their own private schemes at the expense of the in-! having vetoed this extraordinary bill, terests and honor of the nation, and have j passed at a time of great financial embar-tbns forfeited all right to be regarded as ' rassment, and which would have utterly statesmen and patriots ; they will oneand ruined the future prospects of Kansas. quarter session having jurisdiei a!L ere Ion?, receive at the hnA nf iKa ' We rerrard anr dtieh moHnn w . o. i of finc1 at tte discretion of , . . . T ,D-- , r t , ; any sum not exceeding five hundred dol- people theu- quietus. In 18oo, for the usurpation of power oa the part of Con- J3 . wLich shall g0 0gnc.La!f tQ ,ho purpose cf promoting tha interests ofmrw j grets, and are fully persuaded that the j editor and the other half to such county nied men and speculators, an effort wa3 'roe object of passing such a bill was to ! as may have jurisdiction of such case, and nade to lower the tariff of 1846 tlat ; Etlll further embarrass the Treasury, and I sIla!I bc imprisoned in the county jail of effort filled ; in 185S it was renewed. The cotton and woolen manufacturers of D. W. Guernsey, D. H. Wright and X. B. Hopewell, wns appointed to draft resolutions to express the sentiments of the meeting, who reported through their chairman the following: AVhebeas, The question of Slavery which has heretofore been the chief and ruling subject of differc nee among ns in political sentiments, is now, in our opinion, virtually sot-tied, so far as its introduction or prohibition in this Territory is concerned, by tiie voice of the people, and by the acquiescence of all parties in this unmitakeable verdict in favor of Kansas being a Free State: axd Whereas, The intolerant spiritof fanatical sectionalism, as evinced by a certiin portion of tbe citizens of this Territory, does not accord with the principles which we entertain, in regard to the best interests of our Territory, and the policy to bc pursued to secure to ts permanent peace for the present, niul prosperity and advancement in the future; thus renderiug it necessary to etfect an organization of ourselves into a political party in order to more effectually oppose the policy we deem wrong in its tendency, and support tbe one we consider right: therefore, Retolecd, Tliat we organize ourselves and bc known as the Democratic party of Jetferscn county. Retohtd, That we adhere with strict and abiding confidence to the great cardinal principles of Democracy enunciated by Jefferson, Madison. Jackson, lolk, and others of like faith, and re-eniiuciated by the Demo cratic prty at the Ciuc'nnati Convention of lSOO. Hetoletd, Thaa we sustain and support the provisions of tbe Kansas-Nebraska bill, as containing the ouly true and Democratic principles, for the settlement of all vexed questions among the people of a Territory, in forming themselves into a .State Government. Resolved, That we are opposed to all and every attempt made by agitators, to disturb the peace and quiet of our own Territory and the peaceful relations between us and the citizens of our neighboring Stale-. I!fs,'.c(d, That we arc opposed to free negroes being permitted habitations in this Territory, either as our equals in increasing political rights, or in any way whatsoever. litfolved. That the fair and mauly course of Governor Medart, in his general actions in this Territory, meets our approbation and respect. Ou motion, tho resolutions were unanimously adopted. Ou motion, the following named gentlemen were appointed delegates to attend the Territorial Democratic Convention at Te-ctimseh : T. A. Blake, James Lower, Dr-A. K. Cnntwell, Henry Owens and Mr. Hollidav. preme Court of the United States, by which a d:eision was rendered on Tuesday. It is understood that the decision was concurred in by the whole court. The court decided that the proceedings of the State comt were totally illegal and virtually revolutionary ; that the Marshal had a right, and it was his duty, to resist by force interference by the State powers ; and that the fugitive slave law is clearly constitutional. There has of course been no room for doubt as to what the decision of the United States Supreme Court would be in this case. We are not sorry that the case has arisen, or rather, we are glad that tbe r edcral supreme Court has had an oppor .....,:.,.. ...... V .i,t.iiu;f tun: .EH: ra w afirrhnn of ni"nrp tbin nbn !. Ar:lj!:l sailed on the 20th ult. " ! h,A "yA Fr"' to It is confirmed that the Pope inwtes fxpnf? the c,,nv.rtio the withdrawal of the French and Aus- I J'"" .ravors .or nr. m-ibi9 so! l.. fw, Tinma t. ; i-.,.,- i t"'" UK- bow these powers will act. .ir.'ii-sies, t r.t wime reserving i.e.- scumi as r.r. L'ifjvpcan power, she wi.t. wev r-Kre.es. iulhl herdu-tif-o as a iiit'iubcr t4 th;" Gertnan confederation. The rumors of an approaching war continue. Mr. TVlsmpli haa intrrulinwl ? Tarlin- mentary reform bill, moderate in charac-1 . I' ls reportaJ that Kaa Las declared acter, which partially extends the elective ' lts "termination to resist any attempt to franchise. I prevent the union t-f tbe principalities bv: Great Britain-. Lord Cowley had force- reached Vienna, and had had an inter- view with the Emperor. r T, .... " asiiinoton-, March 12. Mr. D-Israeli's reform bill confers the 1 nr n . of tho P' elective tranchise upon all members of the .- l :l 1 l- Ul "iroo- .. ..... 4 nerfl suomitted to hun to-tiny. It shows tlint tho m,. ,.f learned professions, and to parties havin small investments in the Fund3 and Sav ing Banks. The bill is strongly attacked by there-; r bD"M c formers, but a large meeting of conserva- i . -tW" live members was held at Lord Derby's, i Farimt'nt Is a. ai wnicu two hundred pledged thems to give it their unanimous support. ! the Department are insufficient I to meet the due on the quarter ending 0n tho vceniDer Inst, and thnt ih n.. reml.v ne.ir'v six months in at which two hundred pledged themselves -' , es''mflM present defi- ... ii, v.- iiiu.ions. Jiidue Holt to-dnv f r canity to make this decision. It was time Walpole, Home Secretary, and ! Jf, r-V tVT' that doubt should be removed from all Resident of the l?oard of Trade, i htZTT , , those minds which have professed to doubt ! h r'" from the Cbinet,on account j 'hf f !e e"'Iees of tao as to the constitutionality of the fugitive I f differences of opinion in relation to the : ,jin ' ponueu to by slave law, and as to the power of the Fed- j Leform ill. ! m jt , -,, , ,- , ,. eral courts and of Federal officers to exe- . ir. Lstcourt succeeds the former, and P'm " v.i"1! W f Lord hinnnnhmnn U l.lf.. ! AS M 7 nwl II . 1 jvia A'uiiuui'uujyfc me laiccr. ; i ,. Ixird March replaces Mr. Estcourt as 'i iv,;,i.,. r ,i... t. t ; v. luc x ooi jjj w ioaru. Humors prevail of further secessions cute tbe Federal laws independent of State interference. It was ttuie, especially, that an end should be put to the conflict which abolitionism has stimulated bc- tweeu Federal and State authj respect to fugitive slaves, and Wisconsin, had raralvzed the Federal! -lhe lintish exports power. It was time that the perfect in-1 lncrease over those of last year. doDondeneo of the Federal iudieiarv. and r RAXCE. It is explained that j j 7 -- - : . . . Gen. Denver to-dav of Commissioner of hoiity with from tuc cabinet, including the Earl of, U ASI which, in Sa'isbury anJ Mr-Amdesky. Thy ion of thh e Federal Tue British exports show an enormous i tuoritative article on intimated. the olHee Indian Afinirs. W ASHiNtiTO.V. March in s morning, in an audi r Mexican and Cen- , a - , I trai -unenean relations, says there is not tbe I the least reason to believe "from anvthimr the perfect supremacy of the Federal laws i SrounJ for supposing that the French and ; vet transpiie!!, that cither tue French or j .vusiriaus win evacuata the 1 apal Mates, i v,uuii.hu ...vuiluivs any niter- is only because tue 1'opehas invited them ; "-riiieu iu pumicai concerns ot .Mexico, to leave. Nothing has transpired to in- ' an(1 il is known th.-.t Cap tain Turner, the Ou motion, tho meeting adjourned". C. A. BUCK, Ch'n. Wm. A. Sickles, Sec'v. deemed guilty of misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof in any court of tion there- said court crea.'e a necessity for increasing the tases j SUcL count an limo not iug one of the people, for the especial benefit of j year. better suited the peculiar interests of those canufactnrers; and the speculators with whom they combined. Failing to in crease the tana as advised, they provided Constitutional Question. On Monday next, tho 2Sth inst., is the day fixed for tho vote for or rgainst a Constitutional Convention; as not sufficient time was git en to thoroughly canvass the question before Liking the vote, we have not rriven much attention to the snh, the East raised a fund of 887,000, which l manufacturers, miners and capitalists, to j they sent with an agent to Congress to ,ce manifest injury acd injustice of ail procure a modification of the tariff of i other classes; which power has never 1S46. The record shows that the base j becn delegated to Congress. If so, let means resorted to were but too successful ! any mn point out the article of the Con-ia effecting a reduction of that tariff, as j stitution which grants it. Congress is ; forbidden to exercise any power not ex- .2reuly delegated to it by the Constitu- i jeet, and from what we can learn, wo bate tion. no doubt the majority of the settlers will The views of the President, and rcas- J vote in favor of a Convention. For our- for the emergency by toting for an issue ! ons assigned by him for vetoing that bill j selves we shall vote against it, for reasons of 0,000,000 of treasury notes. Unless ' are 50 eminently just, as not to require J heretofore given, and not necessary to re-statesmen tate the place of mere pol- any extended remarks from us; they are Pat- The record shows that it is the in- lticians and demagogues in Congress, the : 80 PIaln D cogent that he who reads J tcntion of the ultra or Black Republican people ere long wui conclude that the on- i maJ understand, and we venture to say ly safe and reliable policy will be to aban- j tnat 00 man ia Kansas who reads the don the policy of a tariff or indirect taxa-1 message, and reflects on the fact that had the bill become a law, the future State of Kansas would have been compelled either tion t meet the revenue wants of thegor-ernment, and resort to direct taxation. We wonld advise the high tariff advocates to be more cautious and honest in future. and no longer attempt to use this question tne wa5 kids, will withhold from Presi- .A m.U 1 r , ! Aant T?f--rr 1 . , r , w jjuuuwo ci;puai lor toemseives, i -vu.,ji., uuy approval oi u ls i or they will suddenly discover that they a'''e Teto message, bave - killed the goose that laid the gol-! TaK President's Veto. The mes-den tsz." The race of fearfeso rutrmi i 33ge of the 1'residtnt vetoing the Asricul- party, to frame a Constitution in such a way that is so mixed up with other questions, foreign to the subject of a fundamental law, as to secure the rejection of our application by Congress should the peo- f n rlii witlinnt tl-.a iic-i.l ... t f l . . ; ,1 . : . t n t . . ... ., . - giunL u iauu io a p" iu oo nuiuuteu into luo Lnion as new State or to accept inferior and out of j Stnte at the next Congress, care must be taken in tho election of Delegates, to secure such men as will be careful tn hr.a1 i ti. -l. VI- . - -II i Tl o.:iiro. a win iuuy canvass tue entire question when the time comes. t & l -ii c. and incorruptible statesmen i wll mot, i ."" so conclusive in jus- ... , , 6 j "uwtion ot tbe act, tbat even the Presi- XUnct, and if so, we approach the end of ' dent's most bitter enemies are constrained oar .career or destiny. We hooe this I to admit its conclusiveness. Th V V may not be so, and that for the future the mere polittciaa may be every where and Dy all parties repudiated. If this is not Timet has manifested the most bitter and vindictive spirit towards the President ever since the Ilr.rald succeeded in procuring an advance copy of the annual mes- , "g u uxui.i; rouv VI lUI aone. cur (rovernmpnr mn-.t . .. -i.i ., . "i BSC jetf aiiuougu me J tmet seizes up- rrrt tlntrn TV- ..U ..IT . . , ... r 6- ,, c BUi,i4 UU muca m rc. on cery opportunity to assail and malign gard to the propriety and absolute neces sity of protecting our extensive frontier along the Mexican boundaiy, as all of Mr. Buchanan, it is forced to mnrnn "..f bis veto, in the following languaoe : "Aside from the very obvious consM. j eration that the Federal Treasury is not tt , .... i 1"- wuu mat now in a condition which will justify question and feel its importance; but in '. larfie donations of any sort or for any regard to Cuba, it is a grsat question in j I'nrPose. tte 'i'1 transcends the policy, if Which the mass of the Aaericao neonl J 0t !be ?We.r .f tho Gcncral Govern- Washisotos, March 1 7. The Cabinet met nt 1 p. m.. an unusual! j early hour to-dny, and resumed thecousid- cranon of the affairs of tho post office department. The question of an extra session of Congress is still undetermined, tho members being divided in opiuion; there is however the best authority for stnting that there will be a settlement o'f the subject before next Sunday, so that tho President's proclamation may go out by the next Pacific steamer. The Grand Jury to-day brought in a presentment against M r. bickles for mur- Jsaf The following communication from Jesse Xeweix, Esq., of Oskaloosa, Jefferson county, we received some three weeks since, too late for that week's issue and was mislaid, through mistake, until now : Oskaloosa, K. T., March 2, 1859. Editor Lecomplon Democrat : To-day, for the first time, I saw an ar ticle in the Kansas Weekly Herald, copied from tho li'tVrcrt Argns, purporting tobe "a copy of a paper found in Doy's pocket," when kidnapped in Jefferson county. From that article I extract the words : "Arrived at Oskaloosa that night; opened my subject to Mr. Newell, who laid out the town he accepts." This is a very vague sentence. " Ha accects." Accepts what ? It is not stated ; but from what follows, it is to be presumed that be accepts the appointment of conductor on an underground Railroad. If reference is had to me in that article in this connection, I have only to say that there is no truth whatever in the statement. I never assisted a fvigitive slave to run away from bis master, and do not know tbat I hnve ever seen one. And I never made any arrangement with Dr. Doy, or any other man, to harbor, conceal, convey or conduct fugitives from slavery. By giving this card an insertion in your columns, you will correct a false rumor, and cenfera favor on, Yours truly, JESSE NEWELL. should be proclaimed. They have been proclaimed, and hereafter men, whether they be sheriffs, or private c'tizons, who undertake to obstruct the execution of the Federal laws will do so at their peril. They will do so knowing that abolition State courts cannot protect them. And if State courts shall undertake to obstruct the execution of the Federal laws, they will know in advance that their conduct is revolutionary and they may be assured tbat it will be treated as such. Hereafter it will be the duty of United States Marshals to resist, by force, alike private individuals and the officers of State Courts who may in any j way intcrtere to prevent the execution ot feel a deep interest, aud it deservesmuch I Omaha City Election. Black Rrpulliran frihjhtcned and not Voting I The Election for city officers, which took place on .Monday last, passed off very quietly more quietly we think than any election which has pteviously taken place in this city. The day was moist, the streets muddy, and the voting principally done by the Democrats. The Black Kcpublicans, emulating the example of their brethren in Kansas, aud convinced that an overwhelming defeat awaited them in cace of their nomiuatinc candidates, chose rather totacitlr admit thnt .!;- Ki,1BaKA,. der. From what has just transpired, the ""'"g majority in the city was all gam- trini win lurnisn nn amount of scandal far i ' r"1" election to go oy tie-exceedinir what has !.!ren,lv hoo f,n,M,li I f!lu1?- .This f?c' onf P10 " cowardice of .1 i , J . . . v " , me puoiic, ana brin? reluctantly to the the effect, to release persons in their cus tody by virtue or process of Federal courts. And in the performance of this duty the Marshals will be sustained by the whole power of the L'uited States. This decision will be approved by all men of sound mind. The Federal government would be a poor affair indeed if the laws of Congress were not supreme, and if the Federal courts were not independent of interference from State tribunals. It would be powerless, as it was made powerlsss in Wisconsin by the conduct of the State court and the submission of the Federal authorities to State interference. It would be powerless not j only with respect to the execution of the lugitive slave law, but with respect to the execution of the fugitive slave law, but with respect to the revenue laws, the post-office laws, and all other laws of Congress. What would sensible people say cf tbe action of a State magistrate who should issue a writ of habeas corpus for the release of a person under arrest in the District Court of the United States for mail robbery ? And yet, he might as well issue that writ in that case as in any aspect of a fugitive slave case. Necessarily the laws of Congress are the supreme law of the land, and it is not within the power of any State court to pronounce tucm unconstitutional ; and necessarily the Federal courts aro wholly independent of State courts and of State authority in every woy. Now thai the fugitive slave law has been declared constitutional by the highest competent authority, it follows that all the laws passed by State Leeislatures designed to nullify it are unconstitutional and that all attempts to enforce them are revolutionary. Let abolitionists put that iu their pipes and smoke it; and let them exercise the extremes! care tbat they commit no revolutionary act for which they will be called to auswer in the Federal courts. dicate how either power will proceed, but i American coinui.iiiumg ohieer, Las entered the rumors at Puiis say that the French j illto nn arrangement with the French and will withdraw. British commanders that the naval officer The war preparations are continued : ot t,l pntious sLa'I act together, should with much activity, and the funds which sl,ch B.ction be necessary to afford protection were so buoyant at the sailing of the Ar- to tixcir respective citizens. It appears fur-alia on the 2Gth ult, had become depress- 'ber that our Government does not tika cd. The French three per cents closed j t!ie ground that tba Mor.roo doctrine pre-at 67f. 50u. eludes any European nation from going The Latest. Paris letters say that ! int0 a wnr witil Mexico, whatever cause the war fever is reported to run high in ! nla.v exis,t- It maintains and means to take Germany. j crlre that the Spanish American Stales LONDON, Wednesday morning, March I SIlail. n.' "gam co reduced to turopean The Daily News savs gloom once i dominion, but does not maintain that those .--ones umv commit just sucn wrongs ns thev please against Euronean nowem. with- . . ... i i ' responsible, to those potters tor jrous nets. Spain has declared that it has not the remotest idea of attempting to subjugate Mexico. TLe United States has no objection to one enmil er twenty, in Central A morion. There is one question under the Monroe doctrine that they mean to make good, which is that the contracts already made and existing with their At a meeting yesterday of the conser-! eitizens slll'!1 nt be violated, and that such e;iuais,n uen inaae, siinil be equally Iree and open to all commercial nations, 'mid slinli not be controlled by any one power, espe- nrocess issued bv Federal authnritv Tt more overshadows the Stock Exchanze. will be their duty to disobey writs of ha- j Tho mst reassuring portions of the state- they p,is beas corpus issued by State magistrates, j nlents ma(Je LJ -Ministers on Friday, bav- out being if such writs are designed, or wiil have j inS becn explained away officially, the tjieir tortu prospect of a ministerial crisis had like wise some effect. On the Paris Bourse yesterday, the rentes fell one-half per cent. Money continues in fair demand at two and a half per cent. Exchange on Austria has fur ther advanced. Agricultural Colleges have no i witness stand persons who have not hero- aore claim upon tbe national bounty than ! toforc figured in newspaiws. liw,le r.f . 1 , . T t. 1 1 . .... j , ; j iiaiiuudi uuuu attention, and the most thorough investi- schools of any other charetpr gation in order to arrive at the best i deed 80 mucn for they are avowedly for means of accomplishing the national pur- i?1 jben,et of ' Particular class. Until the pose. We say national, because no reas- TTwT shaIIaume ihe duJ enable doubtexis,a f th. rW ! ' !Pr?'d",8,fored.uc'?B.8c?"y. nd . . Uil foil Bojue auequate and dttinite system, g flrpose to possess an Island necessary to j "e do not see bow it can, with any pro- we sunty and safety of onr extensive and rapidlj increasing commerce. It is question is which we of the alissijsippi Valley are;pcciirly concerned, hence we ere jra ttfed, to Jaosr tbat the President! Th Navy Department has uXmt moo. ures tor tue immediate purchase of the chartered vessels engaged in tl.o Paraguay expedition Congress liaving made an appropriation for that purpose. Private advices just received here, state that tho Dutch government is about to lay claim to the famous Guano islands in tho t-arrioean sen, which has been sonrof- -..: . .1.. .. ... . makc large grants citner of lands or of moneys for schools of any sDecifie or professional character. j itably worked by the Atlantic and Pacific " It is very easy to see why such a bill j L'0-. o for the last two years. If .uouiu nave passed Congress, aside from I so' n wm occasion some diplomatic discus- i- uirnis. i l the leading of that party, and the unblushimr impudence of their organ, which has time and aguin asserted that there is a clear Republican I U.1.JVH.J iu in,- cuy; unn at tue very nrst opportunity to test their strength, skulk to their holes without so much as an effort to prove their sincerity. Under these circumstances it is hardly necessary to say that the entire Democratic ticket was elected; Mayor, Treasurer, Assessor, Marshal, Alderman and all. St. Locis, March 19. The Democrat contains the account of seven boats arriving and leaving here yesterday, which the reporter visited to note the emigration. First, One from Naples. Illinois river. with CO passengers half coming to settle in 1m;-..,: i t. i r i , . , ... imj.-i.uii, auu mm Douna to l iKe s Peak. Second, One from Lssallc. Illinois riv er, with C2 Pike's Pcakers, mostly from i r 1 ' t n t .. -.uicnigan, wun .5 irom Indiana. Third, One from Louisville. Kv . with 3 peakers. Fourth, One from Cincinnati, with 50 Pike's Peakers, from Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Fifth, One from Louisville with ten Peakers. Sixth, One was just leaving with 125 passengers, going via Leavenworth and Kansas City, and mostly from Virginia Pennsylvania and Minnesota. ' The seventh one was loading for Missouri river, with a number of Pike's Peakers already oo board. The police yesterday arrested a large gang of counterfeiters with a considerable amount of spurious bills on thr. vatives, to consider Mr. D'Israeli's Re form Bill, Lord Derby stated that, if on the second rcadintr. or nnnn anir nf th main clauses of the bill, in committee. the? cm,'.v n.v European power. Our Govern found themselves in a miuority.he should j meiit ,s f-ic,ll!iy assured tbat England is unhesitatingly advise the question to dis- ' not Purs'J,ng 11 torturous or dishonest courso solve the Parliament. This is considered ,n ''"!,'". The British Government as a challenge to Lord John Russell. professes fairness, and ours is not at liberty The latest advices from Paris state that ' to "ouU ".'elr "onor- Of the treaties thev Count Cavour was expected there. nied.ata with the Government t.f Nicara- The Sardinian loan of two millions had ! one is fcr the regulation of the transit not been negotiated at Paris, by Mr. i roHte nn nntlluer tor the abandonment of Fould, as was at the first supposed. j the Mosquito protectorate. Tho genera! This is looked upon as an unfavorable : I'nnc,P,es '""e been submitted to tbj Gov-sjmptom, as Mr. Fould as the Minister j ernu,ent of the United Slates nud approv-of State must bave bad opportunities of c it- foreseeing if events are at hand which! complaint has been lodged at the State might render tbe speculation hazardous. I Department against the British Consul at Advices from Rio Janeiro to February I Galves-on. I" November, the American 9th, received at Lisbon, say that Presi- j siJ'P ?"com;ls Watson at New York, clear-dent Lonez nf Paramm, l,a,l ntr.A ,!, ! e" vith a enro of cotton for Livernof.1 proffered meditation of the Brazilian gov- ' J , Consul refused to certify to the bill of ernment, in relation to tho difficulties j i0"'111 Siven ,lie Collector of tbat port, with the United States. j n C0D?quence, the vessel was detained five The Calcutta mail of January 22nd, ' 9 and narrowly escaped shipwreck. with China advices to the 15th January, ! iUB uegai:on is mat tlie tousul wns actu-had reached England. j atecl p.v a feeling of petty malice aDd re- Private letters confirm the complete pa-' Tenge ow!ng to the attachment of the cification of Oude. I British schooner Commerce, by the own- Lord Elgin's expedition to the Van- i jre of " atson' 'or damage d ne in porr stekamg extended as far as Hong Kong, and is reported as successful. The U. S. steamer Powhattan was at Hong Kong. The U. S. steamer Mississippi was in Canton river. New Yore, March 12. Tho Timet' Washington dispatch snvs a highly interesting letter from Commodore Charles Stewart was, today, handed to President Buchanan, disclosinp; an item of during a norther bv the former, which vet. sel was consigned "to the British Consul. The owners of the ship Wntson bave preferred a claim of 1 1 0,000 against the British Government. It is ascertained tbat tbe Post Office Department will at the end of the present fiscal year ending on the 30th of June, bo four and a half million dollars in arrears. It was decided unanimously that nn extra session cf Coiifrress is necessary, but tU ! time of iu rneotino- was ut fi. lirvm -i ri- .. . . . . -,i , ..... J secret history never before divulged. Pres.- i " HTl T i . T ' T i . r n- , , fe , ,w0' 8nd ' s Ulioved that Congress will ident Jefferson s gun-boat navy, which was be called to meet about the middled -lathe subject of ridicule, was ostensibly built trust. ?!?! rT. T fa T'- "a I Th Gmnd Jurv f Washington Lave hundred and eighty of these boats were ! found a tn. hill rr . . .L sen' southward. Commodore Stennrt ! Hon. T)n,'r.l v auii'e. . ,.. , .i.i , . . ' lur uiuruer, inn rnahcs known tne tact that these boats were ; jury have not decided terworth's complicity in tho homicide of Key. Tho fallowing letter from Washing ton to the well known Matbew Carey, is "in possession of a gentlemen of Philadelphia: "Mocsi Versos, loth Mar, 1735. "I purposed, so soon as I understood you intended to become the Publisher of had tin oaraUoaragsio call on Congress j lbe bea t- The Senate to-day confirmed the nomination of Joseph Holt, of Ky., late Commissioner of Patents, at General; John UnbbartI, of Maine, as waaD,c of Wisconsin in their possession. Boundary Commissioner, for which Mr i Great damage was done by the winds It is, nominally at least, for j sion at Washington and the Hnuee, as in ' "iggins was recently nominated but re- i B1A , beforo last to tue telegraph wires '"e jargesi inrerest w tbe 11 u,u 'lortinn cinim to Lavasso the ' Jcv-lcu B1BU. lue lion. u. v. Wones. ex- : . .. r ""uy noes out oi order near- to tske some measures to secure our nur I co.anlr3ri Dd those members whose con-1 d""nistration having included the policy Sentor frora Iowa, as minister to Bogota: I j a!1 iaJ ytcrday. Considerable dam-no.- W h-r nr. M f- i, , ,i s,I,uenele8 ere largely composed of far- of no-'aterveution with American gtuino ! also' John Pttit. of Indiana, as Chief rePorted to steamers on the river, pow. i ave no iaua u-t ne expected , merg, felt under an ligation to support diPSers nr ourcontinenL Justice of Kansas, vice Lcconipte: also Klver fa,'iiDS again t,lis morning. that any dc&tto action rU be Lad i bill which professed to have been framed ! Bartholomew Fuller, of North Carolina! Hmm, R-.U, 'v . , i AuringthelaUicnof.Cu.and f j" i Mkmpzi.s, March 13. j Fifth Auditor of the Treasury. 0" t Wore he AwMoss was not sissin- f"r h'" I , A made at Falula, 65 n.iles ! E, Therse of RePre- "V3 hatinS OB February 5th, spo- UJ that they aJjoucaed leaving tbeque. UI)00 Lisown convioni f . kv r g "V?? Jicksburg, on Wednesday night, ; eu"5' h" adopted an amendment to the ken lhe sbiP Carolus, bound for Hanip- jBiudUfOMdoC JheyalMadjoBrBej!3ri,bt.' Ste' ton Vs with tbe officer, K 1 W . SUt rar" a Sood:ng th w-LoIa sountr, i ie!2?Z to naruraKxa-, crew of the shin Civihan. abandon built for tho special purpose of takino- no. session of Cuba, but before the plans of Mr. Jefferson were perfected, our relations with England became threatening, and the project was postponed, aDd never afterwards revived. It is believed that this precedent set by President Jeflerson in filibustering, will have some influence in directing the future policy of Mr. Buchanan, should Mr. Fres- Tlie fc w r Ul- 1 " News Palr in Philadelphia, to request' uispaicncs were recened this morninrr at ' m;fht be sent to .hp T -,, j the State Department by the Arabia, ffom I wifh tdi bn when!T a'S A Preston, our Minister to Spain, hail " t L"J M -tSZT1 W8SsL0r"-V ' "i'l-Ppened, that nn- Gazetu Theeicitementoccasioned by the Presi-sdSCT no difticultv in being received ttPcnc,,ce J P? Tu, .tMerefore, to address The unsettled condition of affairs ' L, 'VT W ,h of throughout Europe had imally snpS? ! , commoa pajjer. usua.iy aped the CuU quosdon 1 ' SDPP'n'-1 plied, will do equa.ly we.l for the cotcr. !,- , - ,, it uas someiimes occurred to me, that thero .nceTwereye? h t'S P8"0" wh' wi;hi"? " Grt BritaT.nl 1 T?? wi(hUt for . thct make free with torv. ormcable and satisfac-; the garb of a letter, it is not prcsumabia rr'.A " r n- -r ' t','s hberty would be taken, his itS SrJi- iSSSPj!?! ! "l "m ? 8ervan T -i H""!) IIOIUJ 1119 I U(i W.,m, :J?K'rf Ls dcdeDii0DCfi "Mr- Mattew Ca. fi ! Cop Hoia.

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