The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1949
Page 3
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'• SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 194fl THE NAT/ON TODAY— Little Red Schoolhouses in U.S. Giving Way to Larger Units at Rate of Thousands Every Year By Yrrn Haugland (Fur James Marlon 1 ) WASHINGTON, Oct. I5. Wj—The Illtle red schoolhouse is being torn down or abandoned at, the rate or several thousand a year. The U. S. Office of Education says there were 200.000 one-teacher schools In 1916 and less than 80.000 today. Even so, says Dr. Walter H. GaumnlU, education office specialist In small and rural high schools, fully 45 per cent of all the schools in the United States are still of the one-teacher type. Generally speaking, says Gaum-* "Hz, rural school districts are con- BLYTHEVILLE '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS •solitaling to establish larger schools with more highly trained teachers. This Involves bus transportation to outlying districts. In 1918 •rliools transported about 200,"00 children. Now more that 5,100,000 children are beliiR transported annually. 'n the past 30 years, says Gaum- nltz, the number of one-teacher schools has decreased by QO per cent or in o r e in Ohio, Washington. Maryland and Indiana. On the other hand, fewer than one out of every three such schools has been eliminated in South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin. ''We find nearly 50 per cent of the classrooms of the one-room type in South Dakota and North Dako- 'a," says Gaumnllz. "In Nebraska and Iowa they still Constitute more than thre classrooms oul of every 10, and In Kansas, Vermont, Minnesota, Wis- Missouri one or more consin and in fuor." Almost 1.500.000 children still attend the one-teacher schools. Kentucky and Illinois have more than 100,000 pupils attending such schools. Iowa has more than 90,000, and Wisconsin, Missouri and Min" nesota each more than 80,000"It would not be fair lo say that the dwindling; of the one- teacher school is,entirely an unmixed blessing," says Gauiniiilz. "In its day it served the nation well Indeed.. It brought the three R's to every rural community, however isolated. It formed a neighborhood center, It was near to the farmers' homes. It was organizes on g|c basis of family setting, •.W7"The larger schools are often In- ordlnatelly long distances from the children's homes. "Special efforts are required to bring the parents into these more distant schools often enough to aid the teachers hi understanding and motivating the v education of their children." And what has happened to the teacher of Ihe one-leacher schools? . -"She has \«en absorbed Into society," says Gaur/initz. ''Many have married, or gone into other occupations. Others have continued their education and obtained jobs in the new, larger schools. ~ Lineman Suffers. Burns In Contact With Hi-Line ENGLAND, Ark., Oct. 15. Or, — White River Program Will Be Tough One NEWPORT, Ark., Oct. 15. (/P) — Approving the multi-million dollar White River development program is going lo be a lough job for the U.S. Engineers. Major task confronting officers of the agency Is reading and cvalu- aling testimony of 122 persons who debated more than 14 hours over the advantages and disadvantages of the project. Their views were given at a two- day hearing conducted b- the t Engineers at the Jackson County courthouse here. The meeting was adjourned Thursday. Most of the opposition centered around proposed construction of the Blair Creek and Doniphan reservoirs on the Current River In Arkansas and the Wolf Bayou Dam on the White River near Batesville Ark. Opponents, mostly frorr Missouri, said the Current River program would destry sonic of the scenic beauty of the stream. Others favored the flood control advantages of the plan and asked that it be considered for development of hydro-electric power. Opposition to the Wolf Bayou (lain took up most of the hearing. Business men, city and some state officials joined with Arkansas farmers and sportsmen in protesting the construction of the reservoir, 'State Sen. OrvUIc Chaney of Calico Rock said the town of 1,800 population and nearby Guion. Ark., would be under water if the dam is completed. Leon C, Catlett, Little Rock representative of the. Reynolds Mining Corp., said deposits of limestone in the upper White River country would be lost. His company mines the chemical. The Missouri Pacific Railroad joined in protesting. Col. Thomas A. Lane. Little Rock district engineer who conducted the hearings, said persons unable lo testify could submit their views during the next, ten days. All teslimony will be sent to Washington for action by the U.S Engineers. SifA^X^SZ^ £"«"«<• s ° ci «y °" H °° d To Hear Maggie Truman contact with an electric power line here yesterday. Combs was removed to Arkansas Baptist Hospital, Little Rock, where It was reported he was "burned from head to foot" condition. and in critical He was a member of an Arkansas Power and Light j»wer lines here. crew rebuilding Highway Officials Elect SAN ANTONIO, Texas., Oct. IS. (/Pi—A Texan, D. C. Greer of Austin, is the new president of the American Association of State Highway Oflicals. Greer, cliiel engineer of the Texas Stale Highway Department, was named head of the group at the convention close. ' " Other new officers, all highway commissioners or chief engineers in their respective states, include A. E. Johnson,- Arkansas, regional vice president. Daniel Defoe wrole "Robinson ATLANTA, Oct. 15. (.Tj--A sellout crowd of 5,500 attended the opening of the Atlanta concert season Thursday night, by Margaret Truman, Just about everybody who Is anybody in the top-flight social brackets of this ol-" time Confederate stronghold was on hand to greet the President's daughter with warm applause. It was Miss Truman's first appearance this year as a lyric soprano. Unfortunately lor Miss Truman, the nighl was warm and sticky anc the audience sought relief from the oppressive heat in the non-nircon- riitioned auditorium by fanning vigorously with programs. Though Miss Truman appeared lo he quite cool in her pink marquisette and black lace gown, she reached quickly for a towel each moment she was off stage. Most of Miss Truman's program was well tailored for her voice- simple and sedate drawing room Crusoe" at Tooting Kail, Tooting, \ songs. E "8 lantl -~ She was recalled for six encores I-ast Day. • Open 12:J5 AI,.\N I.ANE in "VIGILANTES OF BOOM TOWN" Also "Train ro Afcafraz" Plus Cartoon • Serial liLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE OWL SHOW ^ 'I WOllLWit BE i_ Hnx Office Opens 11:15 B.IM YOUR SHOES!! Show Starts 1! :30 DON CASHE • flYSi KNOX SUN.-MON. • Two Big Hits • Open 12:45 Errol Eleano. FLYNN-PARKER Also • Latest News • Color Cartoon FISHING DKRBY QUEEN AND JUDGE — Katherine Thornton, fishing derby queen, is shown here designing Mayor Floyd Houslcy ot Hot Springs as judge for the forthcoming Lakes Hamilton-Catherine fishing derby October 17-22. A $1,000 check will go lo the fisherman who lands the largest black bass with ether awards to add another f 1 200 to the total. To fishermen bringing, in thet largest ciappie and the largest white guides, commercial bass will go 10-horse power motors for boats, and a 550 award will be presented daily in each of the three classes. Bill Miller, president of the sponsoring organization, the Lake Hamilton Playground Association, declared today that this year's Fishing Derby should prove to be the finest held In tlie history of fishing in the State of Arkansas. Miller said that over 50 fishing guides will be available to point out the "best spots" to the visiting sportsmen and that no local resort teds' Conviction Raises Questions Do«s Trial Mean Parry is to be Outlawed in U. S. NEW YORK, Oct. 15-Wt—The unvtction today of II high US. lommunisls of conspiring to leach he violent overthrow ol the Unlt- d States government raised this 'ft question: . 'Is the Communist party out- iwed In this country?" Tlie convicted defendants thcin- elves Issued a statement saying he party "will continue as ever i function," A similar expression came from Uss Elizabeth Gmley Plynn, a lember of the national committee f the Communist parly, who said he party "will operate as usual." lie denied It would go tinder- round. Miss Plynn said that the na- ionai board of which only she and Villlam Z. Foster, arc at liberty low. would continue to function at iast until the next convention two ears hence. Poster, head of the wrly. was indicted with the other 1. but obtained n severance*'he- ailFC of his health. United States Attorney John F. t. McGohey, who prosecuted the Communists, and slate attori ey \ eneral Nathaniel Goldstein were I isked If the verdict outlawed the >arly. Neither would comment. But one of the defense attorneys. Richard Gladstein, said: "That, Is or boat lauding operators as well HS expected. fisiiermen or members of their Immediate families would be permitte'd to be entries. "We are asking our local fishermen not to fish on Oct. lath and 21," Mr. Miller stated, "as we are vitally interested In giving our visiting fishermen from all over the State and the Southwest an equal opportunity to participate in the final days big pities." The association's planning board pointed out today that inasmuch as (he entrance fee Is only a dollar for the entire fishing derby that a substantial number of visitors are Alcohol Officials Meet KANSAS CITY. Oct. 15. f/p, _ Federal alcohol tax unit officials were meeting here yesterday to plan a drive against carrying liquor Into the dry state of Oklahoma. . Chief investigators of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas were called to the conference by Ernest N. Ahlfeldi, supervisor of the' district alcohol tax office here. They were Leo Nash of Oklahoma City, Rex Hayes of Little Hock, Dan Cain or Topeka and Walter Schultz of St. Louis. The average adult person drinks approximately a ton of water every year. Honor Among Cops? PORT JERVIS, N.Y., Oct. 15. (yT) —The cigarette vending machine in police headquarters hasn't been working for two days. Thursday, a repair man found 10 brass slugs had jammed the machine. Nine of Diem bore the inscription "Good for one .Pack of Cigarettes." Business firms while 1 ' cash checks for Individuals are taking chances ivhen tiicy accept social security cards for Identification. Social security cards are for social security purposes only. Sunday and Monday •COCK'S /~\ UNDER CAPRICORN —•TECHNICOLOR ~wWawSSSKsS^^ ALFRED HITCHCOCK .^.r."?.'#, TRANSATLANTIC HCTURE STABBS Refrigeration Service and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-554 Blytheville Willys Sales Co. 410 E. Main. Tests Show Waif Is Not Child of Dayton Couple ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. ia-(;Vj —Laboratory blood teats showed conclusively yesterday than an abandoned six-year-old waif here is not Ihe kidnapped son of a Dayton, Ohio couple. Results of the tests was reported by Or. Charles Cotlerman of the University of Michigan heredity clinic. He said the tests were "conclusive." For two days tlie parentage ol six-year-old William Thomas O'Neal had been In question- Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Thompson, hoping frantically, had come to Michigan, hoping Tommy would be their son Ronald, kidnapped live i years ago from their Dayton, Ohio home. In the tcsls, Tommy's blood wns 'compared with that ol Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Milk Truck Driver Killed When Truck Hits Cow on Highway I'INE MLUI'F, Ark., Oct. 15. M>,_ A Little Rock milk truck driver was Killed Instantly yesterday when his licnvily loaded truck struck a cow and crashed into a tree near Dexter The driver, Identified by state Police as 1'at Hodges, 27. of North kittle Hock, was cm ployed bv a Lhttc Rock dairy firm. Slate police said the accident occurred when Hodges attempted to miss a cow standing In the roadway ''"el skidded Into a tree, about, 'j a in '.(/clay. ' ' Also Injured in the crash WHS irtcve Washington, 22, ijulc Rock Negro. ts purpose. What the effect will depends flpon the American teople." '•armer Saves His Life By Putting Legs in Fire OLUSTEE, Okla., Oct. 15. MV-A armcr was alive today because, his doctor said, he had the courage o push his bleeding and amputated egs Into a fire. : Thirty-three yenr old C. B. Ifugli- * lost both legs Thursday when ic-tried to free his arm pinned In - hay baler. He attracted his wife's attention wo hours later by setting fire to bale of hay. Doctors . described his condition ast night as "fair." They said his irm will be amputated later. Hughes' wife said he pushed his egs—severed below the knees—Into he flame to stop their bleeding and relieve the pain. Federal Reserve Bank President Suggests Money System Overhaul LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 15. I/I') — Another study of the nation's system of handling ll.s money has been siif.'f.itc'it by the chief, of a federal reserve bank. Chester C. Davis, president of the Federal Reserve Hank ol St. Louis, said here Thursday night tlial there hasn't been an ovci'hniili"rr of Ihe monetary structure since 1913. He suggested that a study Iw made by a group similar to the Na- lioual Monetary Commission which met 40 years ago. The outcome of that meeting led to formation of the Federal Reserve System, He spoke, before the Little Rock Rotary Club. Man is Appointed To Fill Senate Vacancy BOISE, Idaho., Oct. 15. M>j—F'or- "'Cr Sen. Henry C. Dworshak, a Rc- imbllcan, was appointed United States senator yesterday, succeeding the late Ren. Deri H, Miller <D- Idaho). Ciov. C. A, Robins, a Republican, announced the appointment of the 55-year-old former hurley publisher who was defeated for re-election by Miller last November. Miller died in Washington last, Saturday. Idaho will elect two senators I.. i050-one for the four remaining years In Miller's term and the other for the six-year term now held by Sen. Glen II. Taylor (D-Iclnho). PAGE THREE — Two Liquor Exporting Firms Dispose of Stock LITTLE ROCK, Oct.' 15 '//n _ Revenue Commissioner Dean Mor- Icy said yesterday that two Port bmtth liquor exporters are disposing of their stocks preparatory to surrendering their permits. The exporters last Monday agreed lo surrender their permits. They were granted until yeslcrday to make arrangements to dispose of their stock. The commissioner said the two, West Ark Liquors, Inc., and Harris Export Company, arc returning some of their merchandise to the distillers and selling the remainder to Arkansas wholesalers. Representatives of the Revenue Department yesterday filed an answer In Pulaski Chancery Court to a petition of another exporter- Sun Export Company of Lake Village, which has refused to voluntarily give Its permit. Wild Cats in London LONDON. Oct. 15. HP,~ The hunt was on today for 20 near wild cats living hi a "Jungle" ol weeds and bomb rubble near St. Paul's Cathedral. They're domestic cats gons native. A woman passerby was badljr I scratched by one this week. One official said: "We've got to calch them or the city will be overrun by these vicious creatures. They're, having kittens In the ruins." RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'BRAND OF FEAR" with Jimmy Wakely Cartoon and Serial Saturday Owl Show "HOLLYWOOD BARN DANCE" with Ernest Tubbs Also Cartoon Sunday & Monday Tuesday "ROUGHSHOD" with Robert Sterling and Gloria Grahiune Warner News and Short NEW Bui Opens Week Dajj 1:00 p.m. Alallnee Saturday <t Sundays Alal.-Sun. 1 p.m. ConL Showing Mamila, Ark. Shows EVERY MUIlt Saturday "PHANTOM OF THE PLAINS" with William Kllioll Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show "TAKE ONE FALSE STEP" with Wm. Pow ell Also Shorts Sunday & Monday "HELL FIRE" with \Vm, Klllolt and ,|fm Davis Also Shorts Marsh May Fly Again PHOENIX, Ariz., Oct. 15. liV) — Norman Marsh, coiilic strl[] artist . and sports flyer, was uncertain j today whether he Avould mnke a (bird attempt lo set a new transcontinental speed record for light planes. His second attempt ended In failure here Thursday when an auxil- y fuel pump faltered some [ivc hours after he left Los Angeles. SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER 2 Miles North of HIvllirville Box Olftcc Opens al G:30 Show Starls 7:00 Salurday ALLAN LANE » RED RYDER Homesteaders of PAMWWlff Q^2DHDBEHI^HS Added Attraction* Saturday Alitlm'Klit Show 'CITY WITHOUT MEN" wllh I.lnda Darnell anil K[|[£jir lluchanan , FREE! Attend List rcRiilnr sllotr nnj ice midnight show free. Suml;iy & Atiimlay /"*-*'-"--' : - ; "--'."—- -—**4, ^S/iYWORTH-S j ^fl/A ^(S^Scffarnenl Added Attractions AI tin day BUCK NIGHT for FORD OWNERS All ford owners admitted fnr just 51.00. Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance LEGION ARENA SAT. OCT. 15th. with Jack Pennington and the Garrelf s Snuff Variety GANG Those Who Like (o Square Dance Are Cordially Invited! Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c Thii Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance ATTENTION I.AMES We have for sale now: Darwin Tulips In 1 different colori Narcissus— Vclluir and White IJaFfiiillls— Kiiia Alfred H nd Gulden Harvest (lahintlnis Snow llrojis Crocus' I Clilninnltiva l.ncillac Madonna |,i|y Hyacinths In different union . Hotand" 0 "'• Cl " >k "' "' h ""' s -""nr.rte,l direct t. « from ptc'lTs'tock".'" 1 """^ VOUr sc ' cM " a * "»* while' w. hav. com. 1'AUI. UYKUM Hardware "& Seed 111 b'ast .Mniii street o Blyllievllle, Ark» Sun.-Mon.-Tues. First Blyfheville Showing--- {[HAPPENS EVERY iua • ».*,.*», HILIUM milW o .-..-.-,.,,«.._^..___ ZQ S I 8 N A 1 IJ R I'Ins 'MAGIC SLIPPER" Color Cartoons in England It-'s the Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In BJyfheville If's BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE For Expert Prescription Service SHEET METAL WORK. -OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/.| inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway t'hune 2S51

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