The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW& MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 19/14 th» K t?5"j>eijc» tf tWs paper [4 Umu Ji (JtS.OO). ,^. PROPO$ep INITIATED ACT NO. < INITIATED BV PETITION , ' " -'POPULAR TITLE HOLLINOSWOFtTH STATE HOSPITAL SYSTEM ACT. . '' 'BALLOT \TITLE AN ACT TO CREATE A SYSTEM OF HOSPITALS IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS TO FURNISH GENERAL HOSPITAUATtON TO THE CITIZENS "OF THE STATE BY THE ESTABLISHMENT OF, FIVE GENERAL HOSPITALS,; EACH At 'A COST OF NOT LESS THAN JSOO.WO NOR MORE> THAN K,500,000, AND SEV, ENTY COUNTY CLINICS AND EMERGENCY HOSPITALS! TO BE GOVERNED. BY A COMMISSION OF THREE MEMBERS AT A SALARY OF J5.KO PER ANNUM AND OTHER OFFICERS. SAID ^HOSPITAL SYSTEM TO 86 SUPPORTED BY A TAX ON NATURAL RESOURCES INCLUDING T|M. BER, 'OIL, GAS, COAL, SAND, GRAVEL, BUILDING STONE, POTTERY CLAY, BAUXITE AND ALL OTHERi ORE AND UPON E6CTRI- CITY... MANUFACTURED IN THIS STATE;. THE COST OF HOSPITAL SERVICE; TO B6 PAID OUT OF PROCEEDS,OF SAID TAXES AS FAR AS AVAILABLE,-' THE BALANCE OF SUCH COST TO BE PAID BY THE PATIENTS EXCEPT CHARITY CA$ES WHICH SHALL BE FREE OF COST; AND APPROPRIATING $5,000,000 FOR THE YEAR ENDING FEBRUARY 16, 1S«, AND 55,000,000 FOR THE YEAR ENDING FEBRUARY 15, 1947. TAXES IMPOSED; BY THIS SHALL .BE IN ADDITION TO ACT ALL OTHER .LICENSES AND TAXES LEVIED BY LAW, AS A CONDITION PRECEDENT TO ENGAGING IN ANY BUSINESS OR DOING ANY ACT TAXABLE HEREUMDER. AN:ACT to be entitled an Act to Crcatt a~ System oi Hospitals In iho. Slat* of Arkansas, and to provide Fu/id» by Taxation for the Building of Such Hospitals, their Equipment, Furnish- Ing .Maintenance and Qperatfon, and for othfir > Expenses, And to make Appropriations therefor. BE IT ENACTED SY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: . Title, 1. Creation of the Arkansas Hospital Syst«ni, Section 1. DEFINITIONS. (a) The short title ot.;ltils measure sJialJ be "lhe HoUinBS'vVorUi Hospllal Act." (b) Thc Commissioners herein provided for shall be designated as lhc "Coin- inlsston" (c) The System of Hospitals ,, , e ys o ospas provided for. by this Title shall be referred' to' as "the Hospital System.' Id) For 'the purpose ot determining (he _. "balance of cost" ol hOEpilatlza- tion to be pald : hereundcr by clliicns ol . Arkansas Ihe Commission shall! first find (he actual cost of such hospital strvtce tarnished In the dlflereril sized rooms ant} u-nrds. as reflected Dy the records, and by following sound ncourillng'- principles; then Ih'o Commission s.hall apply as a .credit to such actual cosl the' proper proportion o| revenues available for opera: ting expenses from income received which., when deducted, 'ivlll leave the "balance of.cosr" to furnish such service, to be paid by Die patient receiving hospltallzallon. . (e) "Hospital service free of cost" shall be furnished to those. . citizens of Arkansas who are. under the. Jinlcs nhd Regulations ol -the Commission 1 , entitled to receive^ such service. It) The worrt "citizen" ^shall mean only tbosc persons ivtio have actually resided ' In .Arkansas 'continually " for B oerlna d itivclye'rKI monfris. : Section 2. CREATION OF THE JSYSTEM. There } . is hereby created, , f or : a period of ninety-nine years, the ^Arkansas-Hospital System, to be gov- (erned and acimlntslrated bv p Cominls- 'slon of three (3) members who shall Ibe cifirau of Ihls Stale. The members constituting the Commission and their succerrors In office, shall be • body corporate ivlth all powers necessary to carry Into effect Ihe purposes of this "Act I Section 3 COMMISSION PERSONNEL.^The first three members of (he 'Cammtsslon shall bo appointed by the {Governor.* vfllh the advice and con- Jsent oltthe Senate, and they shall f bcrve^for a period of seven (7) years. •except that one of the first named Commissioners shall serve for a pprlot' of five (5) years, and another shal. serve-for a period of six (C) years. iVacanvles in rising on the CommTsslon .shall be filled in accordance with Section 5, of Amendment No. ,13 to the Constitution of Arkansas, which li us iollous:,,, J . "Arty' vacancy arising \n the membership of such hoard or commission, for any reason other than t J he expiration ct the roRirtar term ' for which the member was appoint. f cd shall :,be filled by oppolntn>ent ' WTEREST rOpBJLDDEN. No member of Iht Commission. jhe Cener#) Au<I* Uor. th« G eneral P.urchu pi nx An en t or' (he Sccrelary-Treo&urer ol the Copuntsston, ,or employees of the Hos- pltal System, shall bo personally financially Interested in any firm or corporation which chall supply the HoppUal System v:Kh coeds or services ct any kind, nor shall tlioy dci'fvc pecuniary gain' through ony Iransao lion with Hospital System' "or by teason of their olftclal relationship or employment. Violation of Ihe provisions of thJ» Section shall be cause tor removal. Section 7. COMMISSION TO HAVE PLEWAHV POWER. The Commission Is hereby vested with plenary control of lh« property And Affairs of the, Hospital Sys.tem; juid It shall lake such action as IB necessary to carry out the purposes of (his Act; and to that end Jt Is vested will) full ixwer and authority to locale, construct,, equip, furnish, maintain, opcr.Me and Insure and protect from fire mid oih- or hazards all buildings and properly of the System; and shall beautify the' grounds, .and by contract or otherwise. do oil acts deemed necessary Tor (lie permanent development and operation of Dm Arkansas Hospital System, Section 8. RIGHT TO EXERCISE POWER OF EMINENT DOMAJN. The Commission, • upon the adoption of a resolution declaring lh« acquisition of specified properly is In ttie public interest nnd necessary for public use, may exercise the power of cmlncni domain by an oproprlat* proceeding as now provided hy low. Section 9. OHCAN12ATION ANU STAFF PERSONNEL. Immediately upon their appointment and qualification the Commission shall organize hy electing one ol their number ns Chairman, The Commission Ehnll nlso elect n Secretary and n Treasurer to serve for two yenrs or until their successors are elected nnd qunJifiotl; but the same person may be elected Secretary and Treasurer and shntl give bond in the Eum of $25.000 to the Stnle of Arkansas for the (altliful performance of his trust and, for the proper handling of alt Ihe properties. assets nnd moneys ot the Hospital System that may, at any time, come Into his hands. All bonds of the Commissioners and otkcr employees slinli be kept on file In (he office ot Die Auditor ot Sin to. Section 10. EMPLOYEES OF THE SYSTEM. Tho Commission shall have the power and au.hoi'Hy ,lo engage all persons neccssnry for carrying out the provisions of this Act. and to fix the compensation -o' each employee nnd remove,' for cause, and/or terminate Ihe period ol employment The coin- pcnsntlon of such employees shall be n 11 tic with the prevailing rates of pny for performing similar work or services. comfort to patients, employees *nd visitor?, Ttip operating rooms «hall be furnished with tlie latest nml must inodorn ciuilptnont. At Icail one ol (tic operating rooms In each of (Uc five (!) Ccneral Hospitals shall nt' eo arranged as to permit sludcnEs ol the Scfiool of Nursing to view opera- lions as they arc performed \s1Uiuut ting VOQWB. present fn cucN opera- Every General Hospital The Commlsilon shall prescrlbo In re&sonabl» detail tho duties of each employee and the hours of employ. nient nnd shall cause the 'same to be posted .by placard where Ihe .employee works and ;tn a piace plainly visible to the general public. No person shall be employed In any capacity In Ihe Hospital System who •s related by consanguinity or affinity within ,lho fourth degree to a.ny mem- bor of Ihe Commission or lo Ihe Superintendent of any unit of the Hospital System.- Seclton 11. PLACE SOLICITING RESTRICTED. No official of the State -or of any pollltunl sub-division Ihereo.f, or U. S, Government officliil (or .anyone acting In their behalf) Jiholl £ubrnU th* name of any person to b* employed by ttie Commission except by letter addressed to Ihe Secretary of (he Commission, outlining the qualifications of the; such letters shntl be duly slsned by tfie "'""" ' " ' 'Pt on file b,v the ec (3) years nnd be available (o inspection by arvy Inter- eslod citizen or taxpayer. Section 12. ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS. The Commission may accent on behalf of the State, Kilts In money' freight, lands or other properly; but such do^a I tons snail not he accepted as a considcrallon In whoJc or m part, for^the localion ot • hospital at ony particular place. Section ,33. DISPOSITION OF DONATIONS; Any properly donated lo the Commission lor Ilia use and benefit of (he Uosptlal System which cannot be ,uscd In the form In which received may ho converted into money by the .Commission and deposited ell- rcclly Into Hie State Treasury, there to be credited to the System Fund; anrt it may be available by tho Commission (or Aha ^benefit of the System Treasury. . SCQtiojl 1.4. TEMPORARY ADMIN- ^TfiATJVE QUAHTKIIS. Upon llm eflocl vc organization of the Commls- ot Slnto shall lm- sliall contain appropriate reception rooms for patients and visitors and necessary rest rooms and all proper facfllUe* for Iho co:n'orl oi nurses, Interns, visitors, pbyalcana 2nd employees. Each ot thc General Hospitals shall contain an electro-cardiograph machine, n basal metabolic rate machine, a thoroughly equipped X-Hay Laboratory, major, minor, Orthopedic nnrt Obstetrical operating rooms flnd Stilly equipped maternity wards Inclumns lhc latest designed Incubators for prematurely born children, together w(t]i iho necessary nun)- l>ci" of baslnctlcs. Each ot the General Hospitals sba)) provide cdu<\i. I tonal facilities for Interns, nurses, dieticians and technicians; there shall be provided power house*, laundries, central supply rooms, *lorc rooms. phnrmnctc'E, radioing nnd pathologic laboratories, offices, physical therapliy nnd occupational thc/n- phy depart menl, libraries, kitchens and cafeterias and nny oilier modern equipment, arrangement or facility ctet-jneii necessary fn the operation of thoroughly modern Hospital. In carry Inn out the provisions ot the construction program under this Act, lho Commission shall tflve preference (o i(ie use of materials pro- duecd nnd manufactured in lhc State of Arkansas pn.<j preference In thc use of Jnhbr wher« the same can be accomplished without Increasing ttie cost of Uic hospJlu) program. In lhc passage ol this Act lhc people re.ilb.c thai in view ot conditions brought ahoul by World War It. i( mny ho Impossible to begin the eon- 3lrucllon herein provided for Immediately nflcr the date Uils Act becomes effective. It Is hereby specifically provided, however, that Oie Com mis- Inn shall proceed with the construction program ns outlined In this Act when conditions nppear normal and It seems appropriate Lo do so. In thc event lhat construction is delayed for n louR period of time, the funds derived from lhe revenues provided hereunder shall riot he diverted from the provisions mmta herein to olher uses. Such revenue, as collected, shall accumuhla In the Stnle Treasury lo Ihc credit of tlio Hospital Fund as herein provided so that II shall oe available lor carryInu out the provisions ot Ihls Act, when (lie Commit- sfon considers the time opportune. Secti&n 18. SCHOOLS OF NUH- SING AUTHORIZED - INTEHN- SHIPS. The Commission la empowered to provide for H standard school ot nursing In each of thc five (5) i — .. . j n ono ^ thc (lvc writer and he kept Commls.Rton for tlirec General Hospitals. (5) General Hos porarlly, but « complete account ot wch -suspension and the ,oc*;fls(Qn (or (hall be reported at tht Heart Ing trf thv Commission, .ficcllon 2fi. VENRIlAJj niSRASEB, It there shall tver be enacted a law In Uils St.ite rcqufrlriB Meulcal exa- in In aligns of individual* lu determine k|ie cxi&teiicu ol venura) tllsqases and (o compel persons with ouch diseases (o submit TO treatment, then It shalJ be the duly of the Commission 4o causa to be constructed a (suitable Hospital building, or buildings, property equipped for ihc treatment of EVch veneral dlseacca, not to exceed In cost the sum ot two-hundred fifty thousand (9250,000) dollars. Section 27 ESTAULISHES RELATIONSHIP OF !'l/yS!CANS. The Commission shall hnve no power or authority to fix the fees of physleana li> the practice of Mcdlclno In Arkansas. Members ol the Medical proles- filon who shnl) cwnwosc the SJs// of Ihe vaiSovjs units o/ flic Arkansas Mos> pltal Systeiri shall a^rce not to charge or IVofcsslannJ services «x(Qj;ded (o patEcnts admitted for treatment and to whom no .charge Is made for the balance ot cost of hospUnllzation by the System. Rcftion 23, F/WOHIT1SM FOR- HIDDEN. The Commission tihall for- rnulntc rules designed (o effectively prevent any official, employee or incmbtr of the Staff or Intern from any sugt'esllon na to t''e choi co o I p phye I can by " to the end that patient, i ulscrtmlnalton' will lip shown fit tlie selection ot physicians. Sccllon 29. COUNTY CLINICS EMERCENCV HOSPITALS. Alter/any one ot lhe five General Hospitals (ins been oonslriicted and put into operation, lhc Commission shall proceed with the 'consti-uctlon and equipment ot other units of the Hospital System to bo known ns County Cliii- fcs ujid Emergency Hospitals. Each sucli Coutity Hospital, when constructed, shall be equipped with necessary sdenCffic nppnr.i(us f° c off Cl/nlcal f U'Ork used In making medical actd [ Physical- examinations end for doing emergency operations. The location, | size, architecture, cost, equipment I general arrangement nnd furnlshniff ot Euch County Units as well ns the control, operation and management ' (hereof, shall bo matters solely to IN determined by the Commission. Such County Clinics and Emergency Hospitals when nut Into operation, shall be kept open to the public at-ail hours of the day and n'ahL -The Com mission slmll provide adequate am- hulance service to and from such Clinics nnd to and from Uie Central Hospitals ol this Slate. Thc Comity Hospitals shall be «• i tahlishcd first In those counties of thli . Stnlo where. In the opinion of - the'- Commissioners, thc need for them" -pllal, a. school nf nursing may bo established fur mein,- hers o( lhe negro race. The Commla- fon Is empowered also t<j j?rov?<Je *firf ( ninlnlaln internships lor lhe bent-fit ot ihpso eligible for Iramine In Uic prncdce nnd technique of medicine ; nntl surgery. Sccllon 13, HOLES AND fiEGU- LATIONS. The Commission Is authorized and directed (o make and promulgate Rules nnd Re^ulat'oni for tlie administration and enforcement of the provisions ct this Act. Seclion 20. BOOKS TO DE AUDITED. All records and forms ol tjookkeepinf of (he Arhrins*! Hospital System Bhnll be designed by the General Audilor; and such records aholl corrcclly reflect all (ho financial transactions of the System. The' General Auditor aim)) supervise and compel thc keeping of such records, and he shnll make a general adult once each year, which. In a reasonably condensed form shall be filed In lhe office of thc Secretary' of State, The State Comptroller shall also make a complete audit ot lhe transactions of IJio Hospital Syslcm every two years l|h * subject to approval j hy^a majority ot lhe remaining ; members of lhc board or commission ; fnd. lo be thereafter effective until • Jhe ^expiration cl such regular term." ^r •»£ -f* wcr *° remove any member of the , Commission shall vest In iho Governor In accordance with thc pro- 33 M""fh - c v llon . 4 of amendment No, /"The Governor chall have the power to remove any members ot such boards or commissions before <h - expiration ol his term for cause • and a summary be funlshcd to of each audit Ihe Governor ibalt and • r a m- mediaCcIy provide adequate qunrtcra for the occupancy of " Sccllon 15. U 3 pers ° r C)SCW ersonnel In n ii , . wc action shall be filed ivllb the Sec- rciary o[ Slate together with a MftaJ^J? °' *° '«*««*>«. " Mr lh »Srt n, mcm b<=r ordered removed. °" d ,J ho sa "ie shall be Irled de novi ?" Ule , ™orrt An appeal may be taken from the circuit court lo thl BENEFICIARIES, n ^ thc avowed purpose ot this Act lo provide and moke definitely accessible general hospltalizatton -for lhe cltl £2F 0 l*fe S[a ; c [o y ^ c biilaneo of et ™ cos '- as Defined tn this Title- also, to pro- 1 nnd CSlnlcnl exnmTnn- fS?*«fn *S f W f n .l B W* ln « their- for at tho cost ol the materials used toil In no t event to exceed tho sum ot one dollar and fifty (*i 50 ccr ;S 2? l5f«L S ft ch C ° mp ! Ctc S-Sln«"on1 all (ntormatfon pcrlaltxtnp ( 0 such »y. amlnat.ons shall be furnished only fo Th « • na . mcd b> ' PaWMts. dents ,. .„„ hospj^lfzalion .... wu . ^ 1I11IV111 „,--, m nation, shall be fixed by iho Com' ^Sb.nSff.S-Ltf'sS ^r^^ f ««TSW^!H3 sew ices lun.lshri. A snccRlci.!^^ copfcs slinlf be mado available lo tlie mcmliers ot Ihc General Assembly Section 21. HESEARC11 L.ABORA- TORY AND .ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. Tile Comnilssloil shall first cause to bo orcclecl In Ihe Cilv of Lltlle Hock a building to be uscil as headquarters of Ihe Scientific Research Dcparl.ncnt of the Hospital Syslcm. Such building shall also contain ample facilities for (lie nous- Ing of Ihe Hospital System's Administrative officials nnd Sttjl and other neccssnry employees. The Admlnlslra- lion bulldlnc shall cost .not less than 5500,000 nor more lhan $600.000 In- cuclnlg tho land (If necessary to purchase the same) nnd the equipment nnd furnishings complete, tf shall be of fire-proof construction,' alr-condl- Honed ana built according to plans to be approved by Ihe Commission. Tho Research Laboratory shall be provided with (he most modern sctcn- ns. '=« I" be charged non-res]- of tho Slate of Arkansas for and/or clinical tlltc apparatus obtainable for use In determining lhe cause and treatment of .diseases. The Commission shall employ only thoron{hly mialiflcd and sensmicii sclenlifii; evpcrls !o carry on the System's Research activities. Tlie gU" ?' One Hundred Thousand ($100 TOO dollars annually ihall be snent In research ncilvillcs. The fncilltlcs of Ihe Research Lab- Talory shall be mado available lot i. .provided for-nrVniTUIe l be * cilfeen ot this state, of food moral ctiaracter, and shall devote . miU-orizod lo constnicl™ properly T£, "! ll'" 5 ."? . btlllnlng, for «e , n H "f"?. a < resulls ot experiment I, i ii.i le ncscnl " c!l Lnboralory of o scientific value shall bo preserved nnd (ho same shall be mrido available (o members of lhe Medical profession • I the discretion ol Ihr- Commission _Sccl!(in 82. BEAUTIFJCATION OF mi i in mc L8 boratory and Ad. minutrallon building and each General Hospital, shnll be alr-condllloned '« i p rSy i l' lxl wilh C 1»lpipcnl dcslnncd lo laclllla c the safety of the employ. 0™ ! "" 1 olliers In every praellcal way. Tnf AmAIIHI l_ u- - _ vtu. Kbu !"""g Khali be h.uarrls lo which fpc arc exposed. siiildlnss constructed fully oi'cnng C Hospilals ot Ihls or all a unit ot thc to shnll btr construclcd sa occupy more lhan twenty (20) per "' lho B™'""". Inclurtlng nurses' ones - id oil oi (ho grounds not y bu rdlngs shall be coma sulUtuly Inndscaned and apj>roorlal«iy hcautlflcrt wiuf sh rul> S .""J propcrlj sodtlcrt; such pound., shall be coulppcd with sprlnK- I" sysicms lhat win be adequate U) >pjy sntricient «-nicr at nil n mcs , s ercatcst. ' fn delormmlnj; lhe ' sue nnd cost ol e.ich such unit to be established as well as the personnel k :o be .employed, equipment to be Used , etc,, (he Commission shall take Irilo consideration thc population of ine Bounty to be served ami any other 'actors deemed pertinent, and all decisions of lhc Commission iri such mailers jhnll he final. Each .Counly Clinic nnd Emercency Hospital established shnll he a unit )! the Arkanas llospital System nnd shall be so maintained: however, ap- woprlallons .iilileh may be mode by the several Quorum Courts of Ihe Slnte towards tho maintenance expenses of such County Hospitals shall ibe Jsqd lo supplement Ihc regular service ot such nulls which may be mutually agreed lo between the Commission and tlie County Judge not Inconsistently wilh this Act. There shall he construcled In every County ol the Stale of Arkansas ex- ceRt lho five counltes in which the General Hospitals are located, a Coun- ' ty Clinic nnrl Emergency Hospital ins ' herein authorized -The nueregnte c«st ol Uic scverly (10) County Clinics nnd EmcrBCncy Hospitals comolcte wllh grounds shall not exceed ten MO) per cent of the ^amount of thc Bross revenue collected herounder uuriiiB thc lirst.fivo (3) years tlili ct Is In force. Section 30. THE COMMISSION TO HAVE WIDE LATITUDE. In II w management . and contra) pi the Hos- ' plal System,* Ihc Commission shall' be "-' vesleil will] wide latitude in the exir- else ol Us Joint Judgment and drs- : crctlon, to lhe end that the greatest possible bcncllls mny Inure lo lhe citizenship ot Arkansas. Section 31. PURCHASING AGENT. I It shal] bo Ihe duty ot Ihe General Purchasing agent to conlract for and ' nurchnse, all supplies tor Ihn Arkansas' Hospital System under lhe Iliilrj and ; rteglHotlons promula^.itGd by (he Com- 1 missions. Bids for nil purchases ex- ! ccedlng In nmounl lho sum of five ' hundred (5500.001 dollars shal] he I ailverliscd In the mariner ami for tire I lime prescribed Dy Section 7 of Act No. 503 ol the Acts ol 1023 (Pope's Dlaesl. Section 13042). ) Section 32. RESERVE FUND FOR COUNTY HOSPITALS. For a period (he effective shnll he set aside and dedicated to n reserve (und lo be user] only In Ihe conslruciion of the County Clinics and Emergency Hospitals ten (10) per cent of the gross annual revenues collected here- undcr. Section 33. LIMIT ON POWER OF COMMISSION. The Commission shall nol, by ruling, regulation or otherwise, dens admission to a hoswi- lal ol thc Syslcm lo nny clllzcn of Arkansas, solely on the grounds of race, color or rollfiion nor ( o m ex . pectant mother because Ihe paternity ot her unborn child may nol be known. . TITL'E II. HOSPITAL TAX OH I NATURAL PRODUCTS Section 1. HOSPITAL TAX rat- POSED. For Uic year 1945 and each subsequent year taxes are hereby levied for thc sole use and benelil ol tho Arkansas Hospital System upon all natural resources severed from thl soil or rvaler of Ihe state ot Arkansas, Including all lorms ol Umber and olh- er forest products: minerals such as oil. cas, nalural rjasollnc. distillate. conncnsate. casinghcad gasoline, sulphur, coal, llgnile, and ores ot all tinds; also marble, stone, gravel, sand and other natural deposits as herein- afler enumerated. Such taxes shall ou-ncr, o ers. ol . of .live (5) years from drvtc ot this Act Iherc be paid by the 23 ' ADMISSION OT sha11 PA« ile and colored pallenu from any county („ . me Commission shall prescribe " ^JingtiS'S manner us is now proviacd by" for other state employees. 7 c °nstrucle<l so » to maximum-o« Mfety .nd R ,« ulall °ns for the ?'""'"" 011 OIld discharge o( ° r , t , richJ H « s P«a'- Nottibu . conlil L n ? 1 lhcreln whlch win '^ "'I' 3 " 15 ' dc !°J' »« admls. *i5diarte ol patients. In c ' n " l ; Fnc y «ny Commissioner p<!ml . lhc rulcs sovcrotns the "' ' PaliCnl " M™" 1 Sl^v^^SL^ slmll hrrvo the power to limit or to it i. i sc °! x> and character of the lii F il Scrvicc ' or H ""ay refuse hos- piuiiRaiion to any Individual sutler £ nf on j ?" tncu " 1 'lc disease. Qiron- ic alcoholrcs and patients sullerlng 'rom mental diseases shall nol bo 'hthl or tllrnlsll = <) hospitalliatlon "• units ot the Hospital System, commission Is empowered to into contract wllh the United Government for the hospllsli- c' soldiers and sailors ami olh- •"••-TS ot lhe military and naval I 25. SEGREGATION Or In each unit ot the Hospital inero shall be a complete sc- ii oi thc While and Ncsro rates. Separate entrances and exlls ?"?ii ll " rlc1rasil ,f h '" bc maintained and lembcrs ot both races thall keep lr respective quarters, entrances nn/u. -,\, - - i"l"leme»nor and, upon convkilori thereof, the oliender • ill be Dunlshed bv < fi n< c f nol <t25.«) dol- one hundred dollari; provided, In lhe accident requiring may iuipcnd'thli'provtslon tern- IT pronortlonately hy lire own- such products at Hie time ot lhc severance and shall ticcpme due and payable quarterly as hereinafter provided. And (hc taxes hereby lev. led shall operalo as a first Hen on ^i*! , r j, lural resources which lien shall follow said resources into Ihe hands of (hirij persons ivhcthcr re- ccrvcd and held In good or bad faith, nnd ivhclhcr or not the same tic tound In H manufactured or unmanufactured stale. Section 2. RATE OF TAXES AP- ' PUCADLE. The Hospital laxcs on natural resources, ns Jevicd by thl* Title, shall be predicated on lhc quan* tily severed snd shall be paid at the foJJou'iriK rales: (a) On all kinds o( limber such as red gum, hfckory, dm, oak, pine and olher varieties, sixty (60) cenU per thousand feet, log scale <b| On putp wood, thirty (30) cenla per standard cord of one hundred and twetMy-clght cubic feet. (c) On stavo bolts, forty («) cent* per cord. . Id) On cross tics, thrca (3J ccnu each. by an twenty-five 1 than (f) On poles and piling, twelve feet 'toot""""' tlV ° W ccn " PC ' (a) Oi 22 gravity and below, tlvt c i* P" 1 ™"" of K gallons. . 1 ? JW , Z2 " rav »J' and not abov« lly. «l» (6) cents per barrel. . srnvil - v nnd •"" sbova *>Bler either wllh oil or Hi. fifteen IES DURING TITLE LITIGATION "" '""-' "" "•"•"'- Whenever (he title to any nalurll : sources contemplated by this Act Is , (15) cents per barrel. Provided, that for tht porpost ol Chis tax, measurement of auch pro* (lucl* taxable uadex (his paragraph may be made at or near thc niouth ffl lhc vveJI, or lhc place where Ihe *ald products taxed by this paragraph prc ultimately separated or removed fjom the o(i or gas, all measurements being made under Rules and Kcgula* tSons promulgated by the Commission. Section 2b. TAXES ON GAS. COAL AMP OTH£R NATURAL PRODUCT'S: (a) On gas, three-tenths (3/10) of one cent per thousand cubic feet, measured at ten (10-oz.) ounce pressure, In determining the quantity ot gas for thc purpose of such (ax and In tlie calculation of the amount of the lux, there shall be excluded al) gas injected Inlo the earth In tho State of Arkansas, provided that ttie Hospi- levled by Ihls Title sttoll apply on the ultimate severance of such nnd there shall also be excluded produced from oil wells flared or vented directly Inlo Ihe atmosphere. (b) On sulphur, one (3) dollar per long ton of two thousand tsvo hundred aurl forly pounds, whether severed direct or manufactured as a bj'-proiluct. (c) On .coal, nine (0) cents per ton at Us*o thousand pounds. (d) On JfgniU?, one til cent per ton of Itvo thousand pounds, (e] On all oilier ores, ten (10) cents per ton ol two thousand pounds, (f) On marble, ten (10) cents per ton of Uvo thousand pounds. On building stone, fli'a (51 cents per ton ol two thousand pounds. <h) On gravel, one and onc-hnlt (l!b) cents per (on ol tv/o thousand pounds. (i) On sand, one and one-half (1!S) tents per Ion of two thousand- pounds. - (j) On pottery clay, one (1) cent per Con of two thousand pounds, (K) On bauxite, fifty'(50) cents pet long Ion, Section 2c. DEFINITIONS, Certain terms, words am) phrases as used fn tills Tillti shall have the (o]Io\vm£ m canines'. The word "severed" shall jjican the point ot which lhe natural products are taken from the earlh or voter. The phrase "purchases on the open market" shall mean purchases made Jn the absence of any contract cr agreement requiring lhe buyer to mnke payment direct to the owner o[ such oil. ijos or other natural resources. The word "owner" »hall mean own-, er at the lime of severance. The term "barrel" shall be deemed to ha lho equivalent of forly-fwo gallons. The word "Commission" shall refer lo the Arkansas Hospital Commls- don crcnled by this Act. Section 3. COMMISSION'S DUTV TO COLLECT THE TAXES. It is hereby n\ade the duty of lhe Commls- slon to collect and enforce thc pay- mcnt ot all taxes that become due iinriar Uw provisions of this Title and to pay (he proceeds of the same to the State Treasurer, by him to he duly dispute, or wheneve d by t r the purchaser of credited Fund. to (he Arkansas Hospital Section «. QUARTER-ANNUAL HE- POUTS—PAYMENT op THE TAX. Every person, firm, corporation, or as- sociallon severing nny natural pro- ,ducls Irom thc soil or water In Ihls Slate shnl], wllhin thirty (30) days alter the expiration of lhe nex preceding quarter-annual period expiring, respectively, on the last day of Alarch, June,' September and December ot each yea> file .with the Commission, on [Is prescribed forms, a sworn statement of tho business conducted by such severer during Ihe last preceding quarter, showing the kind of V such products and the gross quan- ,' tity of each severed or produced the names of the owners at lhe time of severance, the portfon owned by each and such other necessary information pertaining thereto as lhe Commission may reasonably require soil Pi " for the proper enforcement o( "this _ Title. • Such reports shall also ; show lhc ,,. location of each natural resource ana . ? ;the place or places where produced ^ or severed from the soil or'water at -^thc time of rendering e'ach* such re- j, port (o the Commission. Also, each .1 sucli person, ELrm or corporation shal) s pay lo the Commission a ta.x on lhe '- gross quantity of each resource so ;..severed, computed at the rale apply. ins (hereto as specified In Section 5 * hercot- Section 5 DUTY TO PAV THE 5 TAX. The making of said report? • and lhe payment of salt! taxes sha- -, be by those actually engaged In Hit ; operation of severing or producing. \vnelher "as owner of thc soil, as contracted severer, or from the soil ol another, or the owner ot any such natnrnl resource or product from the -oil of another. The reporting taxpayer shall; collect or withhold, out of (he value of lhe products severed the proportionate parts ot thc tolai Hospital lax due by lhc respective owners ol such nalural resources Section 15. WHEN SEVERER MUSI WITHHOLD THE TAX. Every putt son, firm, corporation or association i actually engaged in severing oil, ty s or other natural resources from the soil or water, or actually operating oil or ens properly, or other property from which natural resources arc severed under contracts or agreements requiring payment direct to lhe owners ot any royalty inlerest, excess royally, or working Interest, either in money or in kind, is hereby authorized and required before making such payment to deduct from any a i. nlDU * n ! due ' or lrom anything due K rt il ,.?.?-2 unt ol the UospjJa] tax MUST HEM-« W a. PU ^ AS . En " y person, firm, corporation or assocEa- llon actually engaged In severing oil ,or gas or olher natural resources under contract or agreement requlrlne payments direct to any owner of the proportionate share of such nalaural • resource, ns set out in the preceding Section, shall sell oil or pas or other natural resources to any person firm or corporation or association oi persons, under contracts or agreements requiring such purchaser to pay all owners of such resources direct, then the person or prcsons actually severing such resources or actually opera- tiny such oil or gas properly, may not be required to deduct thc lax herein Jcvicd; but In such event the deduction shnll be made by the purchaser before making payments to each owner of such resources, provided, Uia! nolhSng herein shall be construed as ,™' C ? S 1"1,^ C s , cvc ™ °' SIIch Products such resources or^ any person engaged In severing Hie same from (he soil or water, or In (ire actual operation oi oil or gas properly, shall be withholding payments on account of UlleolJcm or for any other valid reason, such purchaser U hereby authorized and required lo deduct from the gross sum' :hus held, lhe amount of the tax here' 1 in levied and to make remittance (hereof (o the Commission as here. In provided. Section 11. OWNERS AND SFVEfl- ERS JOINTLY LIABLE. The owners ol natural resources severed from tlie soil or water ore hereby made proportionately responsible (or the tax herein levied; nnd if B uch tax is not paid by Hie purchaser thereof, or by the person actually engaged In severing sucii resources or in operailnfi oil or Gas proper-lies, then lhc Commission shall send by registered mail n notice lo the debtor directing him to show cause before Bald Commission on a (tale named In said nolicc not less than five 15) nor more lhan twenty (20) days alter lhe dale ol said notice, why thc amount of lhe lax due Bhnll not be definitely ascertained and fixed. And when otter hearing Iho tax debtor, or If the tax debtor does not appear or does not submit written reasons why the amount of lhc lax should not be fixed or if the reasons subJmtfed shall be deemed by the Commission Insuffi- clent, then the Commission shall make Jn any manner feasible and cause lo be recorded in lho mortafie records ol the county where such nn- tural resources arc severed from (he soil or water a statement, under oath showing (he proporlton.-ite amount of the tax due to the Stale of Arkansas by each of said owners of Ihc natural resources severed from the soil or water. Such statement, when filed for record, shall operate as a first lien and tnarMge on aJJ o( the property from which the resources were severed and on all olher properly of the respective tax debtors, and said property shnll be subject lo seizure and sale for lhe payment of thc laxes due. Section 12. COMMISSION TO GIVE NOTICE, Whenever thc Commission shall cause the statement provided for In the preceding Sccllon to be recorded It shall Kive notice to the tax debtor by registered letter of such r e - cordatton, nnd nfter fifteen (15) days thereafter the Commission shall, by petition as i» ordinary cases. In tite name o! thc state of Akansas, In the Circuit Court of lhc county In which said Jien has been recorded, as above provided, sue out a rule against auch tnx debtor to show cause In not less lhan live (5) days nor more than ten (10) days afler service of said pelitlon ant) ruJe why suffieienl n mount of property belonging to thc tax. debtor should not be seized and sold to pay and discharge said lien. Section 13. FURTHER PROCEDURE. On the day set for hearing .the sate! rule Hie Court •ifiall proceed, summarily nnd by preference over all olher cases, to hear the matter whether or not thc tax debtor has appeared or onsworrd said rule, flrrd shall render Judgment thereon within three 13) days from the trial thereof, and If the Court renders judn- ment in favor ot the Stale of Arknn- sas, lh« Judgment shall fix and con- f i rm th e amount due by th e tax debtor and shall command the sheriit and ex-otttclo tax collector of said county to seize and sell, (or the payment of such hospital taxes, any properly whatsoever belonging to the said tax debtor which may be found within the jurJsdidion nf the said sheriff and collector. If the judgment is against the Slate of Arkansas, (he Court shall order said Uen cancelled. Section 34. SEIZURE AND SALE, The sheriff nnd collector of any county, when requested by thc Commission, is hereby required to seize and sell the property, assets and effects belonging to aoy person, firm, corporation or association owing lhe lax herein levied on any natural resource severed from the soil or water alter the re cord ati on-of ;the statement required in Section H; and a«er the notice required in Section II has been given, al) such seizures and sale shall he conducted fn the manner and form now required for lh& sale of similar property for taxes, and pea-ilties shall bu Imposed and collected as prescribed herein and by general laws. Seciion 15. PROPERTY INTEREST SUBJECT TO SEIZURE—PRIORITY. All oil and gas leases, interest Commission *..j Amount of tax owed, doweled or withheld as herein provided shall be punished by fine ot not less than titty IJ50) dollDrs npr more tftan five hundred ($500) dollars foi cacti such o I Cense, Dut lho Imposition ol lhe said fine Imposed In this section shall nol be construed as releasing the purchaser or dealer in nalural resourcei from paying to the Commission lhe amount of tax owed, deducted or withheld by them. Seclion 21, FALSE SWEARING PUNISHABLE AS PERJURY. Any person who shall Intentionally moke any fal?c ooth to any report required by the provisions of this Title ihall be deemed guilty of perjury and shall be subject to the punishment prescribed for said crCrne. TITLE ill. HOSPITAL TAX ON ELECTRIC CURRENT Section 1. DEFIMTIONS. (1 > The •;orrf '"manufacturer" as used in this Title Includes every Individual, firm association, partnership or corporation manufacturing or producing electricity within the Stale; {2> the word "electricity" means cieclrlcal energy or clccUical current. Section 2. HOSPITAL TAX ON ELECTRIC CU R It EA 1 T. There Is hereby levied a hospital lax ot four tenths of one mill upon each kilo- wall hour qf electricity manufactured within thc State of Arkansas. Section 3, RECORD OF PRODUCTION. Each manufacturer shall keep a complete and accurate monthly record of all kilowatt hours of cfeefri- city manufactured within lhe State of Arkansas. Section 4. METERS REQUIRED. Bach manufacturer shall Install at its plant and maintain al all times such meters and apparatus and other equipment as may bo necessary lor lhe accurate ascertainment ol the number ol kilowatt hours of electricity manufactured by U within thc State. The Commission or its agents may at any time examine or cause lo be examined such meters, apparatus and equipment for the purpose of determining lhe accuracy of their opera- lions. ' Seclion 5, RETURNS-QUANTITY OF PRODUCTION. Each manufi.c- lurer shall, on or before lhe fiUcfnth day ol each month, or at such other times as the Commission and the manufacturer may agree upon, fito with lhe Commission D return, under oath, on prescribed forms, stating the number of kilowatt hours ol electricity produced by such manufaclurer In this state during the preceding calendar monffi (or other agreed period of lime). The said return shall also set forth the number of -kilowatt hours consumed during such period by the manufacturer for his or Us ov:n use and ccnsurnplton within the state. Section 6. PAYMENT OP TAX- CREDIT. Each manufacturer Ehall pay to the Commission at lhe time of tiling said returns, the tax tnv posed by Section 2 herein on each kilo- wal hour of electricity produced oy such m ami {actu rer In in e E late a s reported during the period covered by its return as against the total tax. but there shall be allowed as a crcdil lo be deducted hy lhe manufaclurer, the amount of the tax Imposed by this Act (or such period upon the number of such kilowatt hours consumed by the said manufacturer wllh in the State. Scclion 1. RETURNS BY MUNICIPALITY — CREDIT. A municipal corporation engaged In lhe manufacture of electricity shall set [orlh In Us return the number of kilowatt hours of electricity consumed during su(tf> pej-Jod by such municipality ant the residents thereof. There shall hc allowed as a credit akainst the total tax, to he deducted by such municipal corporation r the amount of the tax herein Imposed upon tho number of kilowatt hours consumed during such period by such municipal cor ooratrim and the residents (hereof. Section 8, REVIEW—VENUE. When manufacturer falls to tile a return as required herein, or haying filed an incorrect return, fails to file a_rcvisec or corrected relurn within (went; days alter the giving of notice by the Commission that a corrected rcluvn fi required, the Commission, at any tinn with En one year alter lhe date of, tht. earliest m'anufa'clurer of electricity*'in eluded Ensuch ' finding, shall deter mine the amount of the tax due and shall give written ^notice of such dct ermtnatlon to such manufacturer Such determination ol ~ the Comrnis sipn may bc_ reviewed by Uie Pulask complain within six herein levied. Section 7. and minerals, mineral rights, royalties, timhor contracts and rights of any kind to lhe ownership of any natural resources severed [rom the foil or water arc hereby declared to be subject to sizure and sale for thc payment ot the tax herein in orefer- ence lo all other claims or liejis Section 16. PENALTY FOR DELINQUENCY. Tha.inx provided by mis Act shall become cfcffcquenl atter the date fixed (or each quarter --annual report to be filed In lho office of the Commission, and from such time as a penalty fo,- such de- hnqucncy the taxpayer shaJI be subject to a penalty of two (2) per" cent per month and other penalties provided in the general revenue laws' ot this State. No Hospital lax or license shall be levied or imposed hy nny county or olher local sub-division of the State Section 17. RIGHT TO EXAMINE RECORDS. The Commission shall have the power to require any person engaged En severing nalural products to furnish additional information deemed necessary for the purpose st computing thc amounl of said tax- and for said purpose It shall have the right to examine the records and files Chancery Court against the Commission, ty days after service of such notice Seclion 9. PENALTY FOR FALSE OR FRAUDULENT RETURN. ; manufaclurer required to (ile nn ori glnnl or corrected return or to pay the tax herein imposed, or who fail to f'le such return or correction c to pay (he tax within the period required by Section 5 hereof, or wh sliall file a false or fraudulent relur with Intent to evade tho tax. shall b deemed to be delinquent and Hi normal tax shall be doubled and a additional one per cent per mont or fraction thereof shall be added •' Section 10. FINE SUPEHADOED FOR WILFUL FRAUD. A manufac lurer or officer of a corporation wli makes a (raudulent return or slate mcnt with taltnt to defeat or evad the tax herein Imposed shall be finet! tn n sum of not less than one hundre (100) nor moro than one thousan IflOOQ) dollars. TITLE IV. GENERAL PROV1SIONS Section I. HOSPITAL SYSTEN FUJJD, There Is hereby creaicd tho office of thc Slate Treasurer' separate fund to be known as ilosp lal System Fund, and all revenues i whatever kind collected under Ih irovlsions of the Hollingsworlb Hosp similar nilur-alTMoirccT&'n'ot In' cluamst nnluMl gasoline) «?wtSj«m r ,°s c u c r'r fr r °"" " of such severer and to examine wit- "7SSCS. Section 18. WITNESSES COMPELLED TO TESTIFY. If Qny ^ C |, witness shall fail or refuse to appear at the request ol the Commission or refuse access to boohs, records and files within his custody and conlrol lhe Commission shall certify the facts nnd the name of such witness to thc Circuit court having jurisdiction of the party; and said Court shall thereupon issue a summons to the recalcl- irant party to appear before the said Commission or its agent, at a place designated within lhc jurisdiction ol the Court, on a day Eixcd. to be continued as occaston may require, nnd give evidence and open for insepclion sucli books and papers as may be required for the purpose of nscertalrv Scct/on S, IVHEN MUST DEDUCT T TIVE LIABILITY. PURCHASER person. . ing whether or made fs true required. Whenever nol nny return „_ nd correct as herein .al Act shall be deposited in the Stai Ticasurcr's office to thu credit ot sa: (und within a period of not mor than thirty (30) days alter the co lection thereof. Section 2. APPROPRIATIONS. Thcr Is hereby appropriated, to he payab from the Hospital System Futid, th following amounts: For ttie year ending February 1 (li Capital Expenditures, General Equipment, Office Equipment and Building Silcs .$3,500.00 f2) General Operating Expenses __ 900,0 (3J Salaries—Administrative and Hospital Sys- lcm Employees „ W ncsc.irch Work In Research Laboratory _ 100.0C . Every „„„„. Jirm, corporation or association purchasing oil. gas or any olher natural resource severed from Ihe soil or water under contract or agreement requiring such purchaser to make payment dirccl to such owners Is ncrebv authorized nnd required bclorc mat- Ing such payment lo deducl from anv amounl or balance due any owner lhe amount c! the lax levied by this Title tverjr purchaser In the open market of. oil and gas or any other resource upon which lhe Hospital lax levied by this Tiltc has not been paid is hereby authorized and required belore making such payment lo deduct from nny amount or balance due the seller 1 1 trd "mount of tax herein Every purchaser of oil. gas or any ? • •• ? atural resource on which a llospi a lax is levied by this who falls to dcduc! and withhold T.Ue the f'"ounf of taxes due. as required by Ihls bcction, when resources taxed arc- purchased under contracts or HIfi" shall - opcn liable to Ihe Slate for ln[cr<;sl -- it shall nppcar to the Commission that nny such severer has unlawfully made an untrue or Incorrect return, the Commission shall correct the return and compute said lax due Ihercon ana certify the same lor collection. Section 19. PROCEDURE ON FA1I, JNC TO REPORT. If severer rtatl tan to maxc a report of the produc- II •? IK L VM V C of 11s nr od"ds (upon which the Hospital tax Is levied) within lhe time and In the manner prescribed by law, It shall be Hie duly of lhe Commission to examine the books, records and files of anv such person or persons to ascertain he amounl and value o! such production and lo compute Ihe tax Ihereon as herein Imposed: and where witnesses relusc lo leslify, or lo accord access to boohs and papers, the Com- m.sston shall add thereto the cosl of such examination, together wllh any penalties accruing thereon. . Scclion 20. REPORTS REQUIRED Total S5.000.M For thc year ending February I (!) Capital Expenditures, General Equipment, Office Equipment and Uuiming sites -.$2.500.01 (2) Operating KMpcnscs ~ 1.500.0C (3) Salaries—Administrative and Hospital System Employees ; ' 900 i> (4) Research Work tn Research Laboratory ___ 100.0 Act nnd alt increases, Interest d penalties thereon shall Uecoino tj continue troin Ihc lime it 1* dua d payable, a debt from Ihc lax« ycr liable to pay the same, to Le •ovcred by Ins Commission In an lion In contract or on Ihla statue*, action may be brought at any time Ihin six years by llio Attorney Gen-! il, at the Instance ot the Commis- n, to recover lhe amount ol taxes*' naltfes and (nteresi due under {fif* Section B. HOSPITAL TAXES ARBy J ADDITION TO ALL OTHER LEV-J J^ S. The Hospital laxes imposed by Tf_ Act shall be tn addition to all \ icr licenses and taxes luvled by law, a condition precedent lo engaging any business or domg any act xable thcreuarier. Seclion 1. HEPEALEn -PfipVl- ONS, All laws and parts of laws conflict herewith aro hereby re- alecl. ' Jeotfon 8. JUDICIAL CONSTHUC- ON-SEVEHABIUTY. Should any Ic, section, provision or clause ol s Act be declared void or unconditional by any court of competent rtsdictlon, such ruling shnll tftt af- cl lhe remainder of this Act which all continue In Kill force and elfect cr Uic elimination of such Invalid rt. Section 9. EFFECTIVE DATE, This t shall become and remain eJfecliv* d in full force from and after Febary 15, 1945. i Filed in of/icc ot Secretary ot Stafd July C, 1944. .Vilness my hand nnd seal ot oftlce s lOtfi cfay of August, 1944, C. G. HALL Secretary of Stale \ ' Cost of publication lo lhe taxpayers this notice in this paper (4 times U ROPOSED INITIATED ACT NO. J INITIATED BY PETITION POPULAR NAME OF ACT DDITIONAL ONE PER CENT O<2.) -LES TAX ACT FOR BENEFIT OF SCHOOLS BALLOT TITLE PROPOSED ACT TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF A MORE ADEQUATE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC EDUCATION. TO PROVIDE A SOURCE OF REVENUE THEREFOR OTHER THAN EJQUOK AND BEER TAXES, TO AOJUSt' TEACHERS' SALARIES MORE IN LINE WITH THOSE PAID IN OTHER OCCUPATIONS REQUIRING SIM1- L A R TRAINING. TO MATCH TEACHER PAYMENTS IN THIS TEACHER RETIREMENT SYSTEM AND TO KEEP SAID SYSTEM ACTUARILV SOUND BY LEVYIfs'G AN ADDITIONAL EXCISE TAX OF ONE (]<&) PER CENTUM UPON GROSS RECEIPTS DERIVED FROM SALES. ACT - , Be H enacted by the people of Ih* ;^V ate of Arkansas: 'Vl SECTION 1. There Is hereby levied n additional excise tax of one U%) T centum upon the gross proceeds Gross receipts .derived from all ales, as now defined by Act 38C at " or as may hereafter be defined Ihe General Assembly. SECTION 2, The tax herein levied oil bo i payable by the taxpayer and .all be collected in accordance with e provisions of Act 38G of 1941, until herwise provided for by the General ssembly, SECTION 3. The purposes ot this at arc: (n) to provide financial relief the Public Common Schools; (b) attract and maintain a more com- ctcnt teaching personnel by Incrcas- S teachers' salaries above Die current verage of a little more than $14.00 cr \\-eek; (c) to provide a source of chool funds other than liquor an<J beer xes; and (d) to V;eep the Teacher etlremenl System actuarily sound m rder lhat teachers who have outlived usefulness In the classroom may etire, with a small measure of econo- - ilc security. Al! moneys accruing 1o ic Public Common School funds from quor and beer taxes shall, alter tho Itcctive date ol this Act, be set aside nto a special fund by the Commlsslon- of Revenues to hc later allocated the discretion of the General As- embly; however, lho moneys accruing Public Common School (-uses-from ta.\ herein levied shall be in oddi- i to those Accruing to their use roro any gross receipts la* or sales ax now In force: therefore, the Gcn- ral Assembly shall not reduce any of ~ic percentages alloted to Public Corn- ion School uses now provided in Act . 8G of 1941. r^> SECTION 4. OI the moneys received- y the Commissioner of Revenues on '- ccoujit of Ihe laxes collected unQQr its Act. he shall annually pay tnla ic State Treasury to lhe credit ot lhe icr Retirement Fund, such amounts s shall be certified to^tm by thc Board f Truslces ol ihc Teacher Retirement ystcm and the State Comptroller, as icccssary to match teacher contri- lutioiis to the Teacher Retirement Sys- cm, to pay the administrative costs f lhe System, lo pay benefits lo re- ired teachers, and to keep the Sys- em actuarily sound. He shall annually tay fnlo the Teacher salary Fund .200.000 00 to replace money now accruing from liquor and bjfer taxes, nd he shall annually pay Into Uie School Equuallzmg Fund $300,000 00 to •epJace money now accruing from iquor and beer laxes. and to the Vocational Fund 250.000.00 annually lo eplacc money now accruing from liquor and beer taxes. Ol the moneys renaming after lhe forc£oinfi allocations arc made, hc slmll pay fifty (50%j per cent Inlo the Teacher Salary Fund, :wenty-five 125% ) per cent (nio this Common School Fund, and twenty-five ;25<7 0 ) per cent to the School equalli- ng Fund; provided lhat the Stale Sonrd ol Education may use nol to exceed $200,000.00 normally of Ihe money accruing to lhc School Equalizing Fun;! 10 assist local school districts in purchasing school buses. SECTION 5. The provisions of Act shall take effect and be in force and effect from and after J: ary 1, J945 SECT/ON 6. The provisions of this Act nro severablc, and if any part or provisions hereof shall bo held void, lhe decision of (he 'court shall not nffcct or Impair apy of the remaining parts or provisions of the Act. SECTION 7. All laws or parts in conflict herewith arc hereby repealed. And by (Ms, our petition, we order lhat thc same be submitted to tho people of said Stale lo tlie end lhat 11 may he adopted, enactert, or rejected by the vole o! thc legal voters ot said State at the regular general election lo be held In sakl State at the regular general electron to be held In-said State on lhc 7th day ot Novcmhcr. 1944. and each ol us tor himself or hersojf says: I have personally signcrl Ihls poil- tlon; I am a Lcgnl voter ol the Stala of Arkansas, and my residence, post office Address, and voting precinct ore correctly written after my name. Filed In lhc office of Secretary ol Stale on June 3Qlh, 1941 Seal of office this Iflth day of August, C. G, HALL, Secretary of Stale. unth with penalties lhat should have been dc- gjKJcdi or withheld and remit ted to the Slate by lhc purchaser. Scclion 9. SEVERER MUST REPORT. All persons required to deduct troin amounts due to others the tax herein levied shall etle wllh Ihe Commission, the reports herein required and shall at the same lime pay to the said Commission the •mount of the lax thus deducted or withheld, or the amount of laxes and interest due, If not deducted or with• Mil: provided, that nothing herein shall be construed as releasing ihe person or persons severing the resources from liability lor the naymtnt of said taxes. *«uon 10. wrrmioLniNQ TAX- I • . .c Commission stilting, under oath, the names nnd addresses of all persons, firms, corporations or BS- soclnllons from whom each »uch purchaser or dealer has acquired any such natural product during lhe next preceding quarter together wilh Uw . Total — -.55,000,000 Section 3. SAFEGUARD AGAINST EXCESS ISSUE OF WARRANTS. Jn view of (he uncerlalnlly as lo lhc aclual amounl ot revenue which will be collected under the terms of Ihls Act. the Commission shall keep Informed al all limes as to the cash balances to the credit of .the Hospital System cund, and no voucher shall be drawn unless at lhc time of Us execullon there Is sufficient balance lo lhe crcdil o! said fund on the State Treasurer's books lo allow for Iho payment ot such voucher when converted Into a warrant. Including tht aggregate amount of all other warrants issued previously by virlue ol vouchers evccufcd by authority of Uic each , „, • : * acquired from cnvn sucli venrlor and Ihe fiross prlc« pafd lor such natural products. Said reports shall be (Ued within thirty (30| dais otter the expiration of each quarter, aifd shal] he made on forms prescribed by 6 atd Commission. maXIn 8 th PU Bl lhe tlrne ot Sl^.5?!?»*'?!. ss '«?..."!? amount S? y iaS Com mission. 4. OF ADMINISTRATIVE THE COMMISSION. Section POtVF*R^ LJ* '* j a . , *"* *»"«-• N J vmi»no.jn_/L''i, The administration of nil ihc revenue provisions ol this Act is vested ev- clusivety In (he Commission which *nall prescribe Rules and Regulations pertinent lo Us practical enforcement, The Commission shall have power to enter upon the premises ol any tax- payci and examine, or cause to be cxa» ictl. by Its designated agent of representative, any books, papers, rd cords, memoranda, etc., bearing upon the amount ot taxes payable and to secure any other information dtrectly or Indirectly relating lo the enforc ment of said revenue provisions, rWofc^ K« MMi^^*^ Rampaging Tire ATtCK, Mass. UP) — You can't [Hmish a hit-and-run live, but Mrs. Esther Hoyt wishes she couM. A 2CO-potnitt tire, mounted on a sna wheel, rolled off a heavy truck , roulc west anrt smashed through window in Mis. Hoyl's liome Ii«rj, f. demolishcrt n table, two chairs anrt ,: two lamps, then bounced Iwck off fj the wall and flattened tlie divan.

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