The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 5
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^WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 1047 " - • --- - -Truman Critical Of Budget Paring President Soys Cuts To Prove Expensive To Federal Government Ju , 2 _ <•"< Tnimill) slgncd Ulc lrca _ s»> ami |)o s t of/ice dc|)artmcp;s' "' ''"I"' 1 ; 1 "'"' biM yesterday, but cut lawn whl<t he CJlJ ] C(i ,. t) «<«Hiacy" of funds made available for colleclins; revenues. In a statement. Mr. Truman said file reduction of $20,000,000 in Die nieniiil revenue bureau appropriation would mean a personnel rc- ^ deletion of 4,000 lo 5.COO employes I nud a direct loss of revenue of not Jes.s than $400.000,000 In the nevl fiscal ycnr. "It will lake ycnrs lo restore the <iainn Bn ( io,, n by (he failure of the COIIBK-SS lo support the damn»c clone by the failure of tlie Con-iess to support ihc ciiiTcnl effort! of our tax collectiiiK agency," the president fnid. ' The bill, cavryillf; $12.«2 0881171 was the first, «encrul appropriation measure for fiscal 1018 to become While signing QIC bill, he said, he would be remiss in his duty » li" nid not call the attention of the CoiiRi-ess !!m i the nation to lt<: •inadequate" provisions'. "The administration of the l;ix- niR statutes shoulil never be influenced by political consKicra- tions." Mr. Truman said. "People of all Political faiths are railed imu • o support their government through Inn payment of taxes and are entitled to adequate adminisUa'.ivc controls to insure I lie dishonest do net shift their share to the honest," Most departments a no agencies tcEaii the n-M- fiscal year tr«l-<y with their appropriations st'H huv>- In" fire in Congress. ° The House tried lo bent the di. id- line yesterday when it piwd" a , stop-sap measure to provide (i-nds for specific activities of th/- A-ri- ciildiral, Interior and Labor dr.vnt- mcnts and (he Veterans Adminr,- Irnlion. But it failed to B ct im-nc- diate ccnsiclernticn in the Senate. SHORT LIFE SPAN' In Ihc eione Aj;e, there wa s no need for old age security, for no one ever reached old aBe. Studies of skulls from that perio:) .show that few persons lived over 40 years. Easy Way to Buy Travel Insurance A quarter is deposited in the slot, and out comes A travel insur-mcc- rnlic-y for pretty Aileen Wnarkh in Unn.fio If t o S ae ,'u finca Board approves, the machines will be- put in operation K Illinois. New 25-Cent Airmailer AIRvMAIL ^"5. _> IT ED STAT matter how new or how 1 • smart the rest of yuur clothes! Jarc yuur slmcs inn spoil the' • whole ensemble if thdr heels are' Jrun-dmt-jl flr llicy'rc in nefd ofj m 'A shino. Hely on us to keep your 1 • shoes looking smart. ! I HALTER'S I J Quality Shoo Shop • LiMJe Rock to Get Adorns Field Back from Army LITTtE ROCK, Ark., July 2 (UP) -_ Apprasials are-being made this week on the Improvement ] made by the government on Adams I Held prior to its return to municipal ownership-. . : | The field has been declared surplus property by the War Depnr 1 - nicnt and turned over to the w^r Assets Administration for rtispos-il Negotiations for the transfer we,-c started last week and will be completed -as soon as possible uuik- governmcntal regulations. Little - nock is expected to re ceive fire an.i mainlenancc equipment on the transfer. The Army took ovci the opcrat-on of most of the fteM du:ing th- war. but joint -civilian \K,- vas continued. Blytheviile, Ark. Now is the Time for SKIPS For active wear! Men's lacr-to-toc 5! vie of heavy brown ducV. ^Inuiy rubber soles. 8Ji-ll. 2.29 Panic iluratilc "ski|io" in ' sized 2} 2 lo 6. 1.98 Many New Business Firms Obtain Charters LITTLE nOGK, Ark.. July 2. (UP)—The indiistrial.'intloii of Arkansas continued '.it :\ record i:acc dnrins t!;c first six n:onth.s of 1347. according lo records in the office of Ilic secrelary of stale. The'office reported, that 475 foreign and domestic . corporations filed articles of incorporation during the first hnlf of the current year, comp.ired with 421 last year, th p highest number up to that tijnc. 01 the 1017 total, 337 were do- _BLYTOEVILI4S (ARK.)' COURIERINEW8 Rescue Crew Battles Jungle To Reach Stranded B-17 Crew I'y M'il.UA.M t-'. MCMKNAMIN ICniti'iI 1'ifss Staff C'iirrcs|xjndml) WASHINGTON, July -i. lUI'J — A |>arachutin|r doctor "of the army air-sea rcscin; service today told a hail-raising stoiy of n Imille a- Kiilnsl the junxie, snakes and pnn- tliers lo rescue iho survivor;; of a 11-17 bomber crush 175 miles North- cast of Manai;ii:i, Nie:ira;;ru. lie is Cupi. I', n. liollldiiy, Jr., 20, of Athens, On., who tool; an active pui i in ( !ie rescue ot 13 men Iiom the "i;iven hell" of tiie Ni- ciu-HBUiiu Jungle. One unin died mul tlu> 15lh i.s- .slill iiiij object of mi intensive air search. The li-n caiujht fire iiliilc cn- i-oute Irom IMniuna In the Unicc.l Slates with 15 men on furlough. umJ ihey were forced to bull out over the jum;le at about 1 a.m. May ''2 U wa.s iwo weeks later" the lust rescue was made. The Air forces useil l\vo hell- copters and several transport planes in the rescue wtii-l:. rushed lo tin; acciu! from Weslover Field, Muss, and I'npi' Field. K. c. liolilday win, 10 the inlnliiKMil- fine «( Al.uuacomlia, Nicnrnmia. wltn a ri-si-ue team. It i.s situated in ilv.' jungle, !>'•> miles from thr- M'.-i-coasi. and lifj miles ircm where the survivors were found. The doctor said air observers spotted i he p.ivachulcs of the sur- vlrcrs over a M .s-juare mile area tin UK. jungle was too thick to land ii h'.'lH'oi/jei- ne.-irby. The plan laud juuRle U-uius liiitlvc |;uk!es as nenr as possible '""!. lhC ", CUt " |Kllh U) tllc siirvi- "I made an ob.scrvalion flishl over the area ami picked out one .nan who nm-.eared to be. the wcnkesl " Holildiiy said. "Then i parachuted drum to ill,,, flom , m |,:iuudc of l.iJUO feet." HoUidny said iiu landed in n mass of biunbix) nji.-l thorn.s nboul IS .viird.s from I lie man and cut his way UiroitKh lo him with a mn- clirte. The survivor was i.t. Kobeil S. inch, the iiilot, of Baraboo, wis "Hich was shocked, dehydralcd and llH-ohercnt," nolliday said. "I K:<™ him .some watc!r frcm my canteen and Ihiil revived him. Tlvi" wrre survivor klt.s droiijicd within a lew yards of him bid the Jungle was s o (hick be lore his hands try- mi! lo gel Ihrou'ili to them " Holliday .snid they both ivcro .shoic "I water and had to drink dtstilled wnler from a blood plasma kit, bc- loie they, could cut their way lo i\ creek only -10 yards away. "Rich kept alive by licking Iho me.stic companies and 85 were foreign. WANT LIGHT ELUFFY BJSCLMTS THAT MELT IN VOUR MOUTH »w ",„'"' fl ' oll <l s ." llolllilay «c killed some birds aiul' them and ate 'K' rations." U. Hurry I,. i tmTm!U1 ,, r |j o foiin ° °' l " C ' '"- ralwl >"'»«• *•'» found by a urou|> of rescuers who were looking for iiolliday ami Rich •Bon-man hud lest his icinu-hulc nud pi-obitljly never would have be 'n found If no „„„„.,, bcon lu>;11 . u ^}. Holilday S1 ,ld. -Jle wits Invisible from the nil" nt:ri)innii Imd |i a[i llO (iilii B (o o.a except the head of a turtle, 1( mln- <'lays' tnibs '""I e/lckels In nine NO'l'Kt; OF (iKANT1\<i Ol- I.KJUOK rKKAHT Notice is hi'rcby ulvcn thnf the Commissioner of lit vt nur. s of iho Slat., of has 'issued a permit. No. Iil7 lo Ii. s. .Simmons lo .veil ami illsrifmr vinous or s|)jilloiis liquors for Ijcvrrui-e :it I fi'tall on the desciirji-l as 110!) Sdiilli »h'blon iitiwi. Jiiyitu- vlH.', 'Aikansas. I Tills |)IM'JI!lt iKMll^l Ull (In- w day ot July, 19-n and expires on I - . - .. V Ihc 30 day of June, 'II. S. Simmons Permittee Ginger nlu Is the drink of" senses — !(, ,can be smcllcd, touched, »nd th» DON EDWARDS On the way b.ick ( 0 the the sniiatl ran Int M, 5 C n"'' Uvo b " 5 ' kllU ' lu r K ,. ot . One mnn died aflcr anoiher Jim- Bio team lui,t cut ILs way throu ( fi o him and was carvln,; a landing field out of ibe jungle for a hell'. copier lie was Sgl. David J, y/ll-y of ChleaRO. ' "He had „ broken l ( . R „,«) W!1 .| lyhlR for five days In I lie JunM- Just lo y;,rd.s invny Irom „ H..SIII:;. packet sluvk In (he brinu-hes of ,, tr' f lii | VhC '' C '"' 1Mllllcl11 ' 1 rt-at-li il, • irnllUluy said. "1 i!m ..s.s It broke his si'"'}. He died just ,, s we were loaditiR him on I he belie iplrr " he last , lK ,i, rescued wa>; Master &Sl. KIclKird ,y, Mct;raily ot't. In, Ky. The wrecknni: of the plane l>;w not been lot-aled /HI.VEGETABLE Well now. we don't really put j-our car in a washing machine ... or bang it on the line lo dry. Dut. we sure do know lioiv to WASH CARS . . . clean Ihc old grease, oil and dirt off Ihc cngnie—and get it thorojehly cleaned. LIQUID GLAZE ' OR PORCELAINIZE A scientific, treatment Hint cleans, polishes and renews the automobile finish. Removes scum and dirt ami (ji'vcn all- weather protection ngamst fog,I sun, grease and makes it easy' to keep up the appearance of your car. Ltt Ui Liquid Gbl. or Porcobiniz" Your tar. SPECIAL PRICE NOW $15.00 AKY CAR^ ANT MAKE LOY EICH CHEVROLET co. Walnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 Add Shoo Purchases To Your Monthly Payment Account! IT'S N! Unconditional Road Hazard Guarantee .With 12Month As a tire user, you arc naturally interested in developments ia tire manufacture that mean a real SAVING in your tire expense. In order to make sure that these "tire's would meet every hour n * of 50 to CO miles hour all day long, day after day after dav nTn bc , causc of these tests but also becatino of the y ° scrvico thcso Gates POSTWAK Tires It will be a pleasure to show you these POSTWAR ( RAYON CORD In Cafes Tires Jl**iUble now in ALL Trucfc Tirv» and in somo Passcil-, ger C»r iiiea. Yo-j will h»vo l in ALL Giles Passenger C« >i«« 11 soon ai Iho. • upply o( rayoa cent g il GATES TIRES and the proof of their very definite superiority' SH ELTON MOTOR CO. Salcs 119 West Ash Street Service Phone 438 ROYAL, HM1TH, CORONA u4 EEMINGTON IIQ N. SECOND ST. ' PBONX mi (Krerr Tt«n««wtloo MUST BK 8ATU5FACTOBT) FOR YOUNG MODERNS n .ve;n.s 1.1- ym ,n K in | ie ;ir(! , • *" - ' l'' *• ,'•*£,•,' O>> ^fer^"-* . ,, Sectional Sofa Here Is a handsome sectional sofa that can be arraiiKcd any way you wish. Smartly .styled, covered In excellent ciunllly frel/.e Completely spring filled base and cushion lioth you and your friends will admire this truly different sofa that has grown so nou-' iilar. ' Modern Chairs..: Jlr-imliruUy ;:|.ylrd dinirs In Imlh lii-'lil and (i.nk finish^. Ilanclsdiiif.' fnbvirvs of InMIni: (juallty. AM ::|)rini; const) iKtion. Cnvt'jed in :i vaiird jnd beiuiliful a.-^orliniml of fine fab- ricrt. 18.95-29.95 Modern Tobfes A wide selection of niodorn tables In end. lamp and i-ochtail styles. They're nil sturdily i-onstrurtrd; bc.iuiiliillv linijhcd. See these tables 7.95 up FURNITURE More for Your Money All the Time v

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