The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1950
Page 10
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'PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURTER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, Truman.Is Worst President/ Stassen Declar3s Proposed Tour ^ Of West Called Political Act NEW YORK, May 3. OPj—Repub- lican Harold E. SUssen declared In a speech List night thai President Truman Is "the worst President" Biitl "Hie cleverest polill- elan" ever lo occupy the Wliitc House. Mr. Truman's Jorlhcommr: tour of liic wesl is a political venture •to try and get a puppet. Congress." Stas-cn added. Calling Ilic president "a postgraduate nf the most elfectivc political school in America—the Pcn- school of Kansas Oily," Stasscn tolrl a Republican meeting: "From that school he knows the method* of attacks fin opposition, of claims for all improvement, of dodging blame for things tliat go wronp, and marshalling votes through organization. Tragedy for America "The tragedy for Ah.erica is that Witchcraft Trial Altered by Judge WILMINGTON. Del.,. May 3. (API—Juririo Thomas Herllhy, Jr., has ruled a. young mother will not 1 5land trial on charges of practicing witchcraft. In>trMd, the jurist yesterday ordered Mrs. Helen Evans, 23, held in S30fl bait for the grand Jury on chare PA of fortune telling. Judi^e Horlihy indicated March 21 that he would have no part of a witchcraft trial. He postponed Mrs, Evans' trial on that elate nnd .declared "it i.s unbelievable that a charge of nrac- tichiE the 'art of witchcraft' could he brought in the enlightened state of Delaware." He ^aid the law, dating back to the 17th Century, is "anlio l ' ft ted and .shmilri be repealed. 0 Mrs, Evan*, mother of'two children, vi'as arrested by Wilmington detectives March 13. They said th?t the same school which, made Tin- } t | 10 gave n young woman a clmnn man such a clever politician ahc } to sleep on, alter telling her that her handwriting indicated she was under a curse. Mrs. Evans has de- made him such a hnrt President. "This Is true because it is a school whose graduates arc iackiiiR In a sense of idealism and who minimize the importance of honesty and integrity." Stassen, president of (he University of Pennsylvania, former governor of Minnesota and unsuccessful contender for .(lie GOP Presidential nomination in HH8, delivered his blast at Mr, Truman in a speech before the Women's Auxiliary of the New York county [Manhattan) Republican committee. Staspen urged Re publicans to "meet the 1G50 situation brought about by his (Mr- Truman's) use and misuse of the great power of his off ; ce." Counter Moves Listed The Republicans can do this. Stassen said, by: (1) "Fightir? bnek vigorously and hitting hard in the exposure of the conditions of his administration." (2) "Bringing forward definite, sound, constructive measures to meet the problems of our country at home nnd abroad." (3) "Organizing and working anri voting with a thoroughness and a drive such as we have never shown before." Stamen said Republican gains In the 1050 elections will "signalize a rebuilding" which "will nqt stop short of complete national RepubH-, can victory." The Truman trip lo the west, S'sfsen declared,, is an -indication that the President "will take an all- out personal part in the Cdrigros- gional elections." The reason for the trip." the speaker added, is that Mr. Truman IE "angry and petulant about congress' vefusal to obey his orders." "With a carload of his political supporters," Stapsen said, "he will travel across the nation in a special train, with his trip paid for out of th'e taxes of the people." The: announced purpose of the Presidential trip is^to participate in dedication ceremonies nt O rand Coulee Dam in the state of Washington. scribed herself ns a character reader and adviser, "RIVER. STAY 'WAY FROM MY DOOR"—This farm near Blencoc, In., was ready when the Missouri River flooded out of its brinks and came rolling up lo its edges. With unusual foresight. Ihc farmer had built an earthen dike around three sides of his property, with the ronchvay forming the fourth side. West Indian barracudas, with a taste for flesh discarded by slaughterhouse*, have '•ecn known lo attack and kill bathers. Forerunner of the television lube, the oscillisoope. ' was •' venled In 1906. For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of casei investigated In several hospitali and clinics, subnormal Kidney function was improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after lh< UM of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment thii natural, untreated mineral watei may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks, rt k delicious, pi/re-tastrng, and may b« consumed freely. Crossfown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MountainValley J Water —-^--* Doctors Remove Tonsils of Six On Group Rate OMAHA, May 3. (/!>—Kven in j the ope ndi tip room, things are ' cheaper in half dozen lots. . That's what Einil Rhedin, Omnha roofing firm owner, found out when ho took six members oi his family to Lutheran Hos'pU ! Monday for lonsiilcctomies. In nn hour and 55 minutes, two doctor. 1 ? removed the tonsil. 1 ) from Ihc -six Rhcdins: Carol, R; Marilyn. 12; Eugene, 15; Marlcn«, 14; Ro- Innri, 17, and Louis 16. The doctors set n "group rale" for their services. Because of the number, the hospital charged ward races for the two private rooms the children occupied. Evacuees Arrive In Hong Kong HONG KONG. May 3. Wh-The en- \V. H. Gordon arrived here tonight with 154 Americans ami .ifll other foreigners evacuated from Rcci China. The American President liner left Taku Bar, the port of Tientsin, Saturday night. Most of the refugee* are from Shanghai. Consul General Waller McCon- nnphy From Shanghai heads the list of American consular personnel aboard. The United States has closed nil its insinuations In Communist China. Communist Petition Tricks Seen Used In Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA. May 3. <fi>> — Communists are tricking Pennsylvania women into signing petitions demanding the atomic bomb be outlawed, say.s the national president of the American Legion Auxiliary. "Even now the Soviet government, is boasting nf .success in this drive in Pennsylvania," Mrs. Norman L. Sheche, of RockviHe, 11]., told th'e nnt.tial dinner of the auxiliary's eastern Pennsylvania section last night. Many of the petitions "contain signatures of women who don't even realize what they're signing," she said, adding "of course we want atomic energy controlled, but we cannot deprive ourselves of a weapon unless we have real n SMI r ruin all other nations will do likewise." Gold Shipped to U.S. WASHINGTON, May 3. ttT>— Britain shipped 517,731,128 in gold lo this country in the first week ol April, the census .bureau rc[wrtec •esterday. British gold shipments n March had totaled only $9.4 The bureau sniri forcign-owneu jo Id in the reserve banks of this country increased $7,796,318 during the week to a §4,5-20.1:19.549 total. Bees in Bats in Basement; Belfry ' The Salt Lake Dose-ret News, official organ of the latter-day Saints (Mormon) church, began ^publication in 1830. BOUNCED— Or. Frrdcnr Jo- hot-Cuhe. brilliant Nob 1 :1 pri/e- \vir.rnri2 scientist. \vns tired by the French Cfihuiet a:; rrgh com- irnvMoncT of France'.* atomic enrrny program bee-axr-e ol His Communist leanings Decision to cnif-t Johot-Cijrie wiis madt: in a Paris cabinet meeting rmitJrr'.c by President Vincent Auriol- D1CKSON, N.D., May 3. (AP) — Earl D. Knhbard iiug'hfi out loud over the old "bats" in the "belfry" g—he's ^ot bees in his hf.sRme Going by the calendar Hubbard •ecently had ordered 21 swarms of bees, 15.000 to the swarm. When hey arrived, traditional May flowers we r e cove red by snowd r i f ts. Temp era lures were near freezing. Hubbard now is busily stoking the furnace to keep his in.sccl charges warm, instead o f collecting honey .he's feeding it- out al the rate of 21 pounds per day to ;eep the 315.00 bees alive. Today's North Dakota (orecast: moderate lo heavy snow. Brigham Young university ?J Provo, Utah, was founder! by the Morm on C hu re h lea cic r Brtgha m Young in I87o a-s nil academy. ANHYDROUS AMMONIA <^^&$&m5^%66^^ " i Why HUDSON S recessed floor means Most Room! Best Ride! Safest! SAVE Your Temper and Money by Installing the HEW Corrugctcd Mei-o! Culverts Hudson's "step-down" design brings benefits in room, riding qualities and safety not obtainable in any other cat at any price! HUDSON "Sfcp HoW HniLjo, wilfi ifi r*c««*d floo', UIPI \paf» b«rwe«n (fame mam- bcrt 1hnl olher can watle. The result Ti Americn'i lo*eil center of grovUy [and (uU rocd dearaicr), while providing OTHER CARS All orher cnn have Roor on lop of fiafflfl, 10 they fall lo uKIU* 'He vilol ipac« between frame memii«ri. Remit It a higher cenle/ of qravlly and pifher a higS roof Ime or rniufficJenl head room, oeati art native'i panenger ipace 11 leu. "VTTirEN you * ' Down Ri you try Hudson's "New Step- rle," we twlicve you will find it a delightfully new experience. For Hudson is the only motor car with a . recessed floor ("step-down" design). This results in the lowest-built car of them all, with true streamlining nnd magnificent beauty. It provides full road clearance ami the most room in rtny automobile at any price! It creates America's lowest center of gravity, which bringB you the best ami Biifrel. ride ever known. Won't you accept your Hudson dealer's invitation — enjoy "The New Slcp-Down Ride" soon? The new, lower -ptkeJ PotemoVet brings yo« nil oF Hurhon's exclusive nrfvanliiges for just a few dollaii more than nw Ioif?i!-pmed cars I Slics up to Rl in. Automatic I-'Tond (;.i(cs Concrete Culvert Tile Sizrs tip lo .IK in. Omcrcle Sopfic Tanks ^Iclal Septic 'i';tnks SCWIT 'I'ilc Bi-sl Prices We Deliver A.H.WEBB HiRliuny fil nl Rtnir Line t'lvnnc 711 t/F£-TfME Screen Frames T«»l IT. trn.! H. (r !• of ALUM1MIM. C«n'l m»l. C»n't ,p>ntj 01 Sifcg And 80* liyhl* with *»i». And . . , ALUMINUM! rb,on« jtraenl Bui 7011 gel -liti«d [r«m«< OF i -t,-. u « lot FREI In m.vtlicville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E, Main Phone 4469 Hudions/ wiVh recessed floors, Ihei/ great array of high-quality t /ong-/ife /eolures, and odvuncot/ desfgn, ore /eadori in Iowet-Pd«d Pieemjkef . famous Su^ . Custom Comtiorfor* fesofa voluc ^ os shown by Offic f 0 | Uscrf Cor Guide Boob/ NOW . . , 3 GREAT SERIES BURNETT HUDSON SALES 515 East Main Phone 6991 Your Bourbon Satlifmctin* SOUR MASH KENTUCKY STBAIGHr »OU»»ON WHISKtY Are You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house-is worth a lot of money so don't let Termites cause expensive rlam- aj£L\ Gel protection now... but... BE SURE YOU GETTHE BEST! II. C. Walls, :i chiirtcr memlier and director of the State I'csl. Control Association, can do your job right. Here's why: 1. Licensed longer than any operator in Mississippi County. 2. Longest continuous satisfae- lory record of STATE inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. 4. Conscientious workmanship, o Sane plan of upkeep.^ WALLS 924 East Main .CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Walls Phont 3792 Call 6911 for Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete : Melal service, . .gin, oil mill & feed mill wovk, hnut-.^ gutters, duct work. Calf Taylor I,nylon, shop manager. GASOLINE —TRACTOR FURL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL KUKL OIL & GREASE G. o. PC: "Z OIL CO. 2069—Plione—2CS9 Office: 11 fi W. Walnut Bulk'Plant: Prnmiped l.and F. L WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 North 2nd — LAWNMOWERS Just Call 2192 Power and hand mowers sharpened and repaired... picked up and delivered. BLACKSMITHING Plow points receive prompt and expert sharpening. Acetylene and electric. . .in flic shop or on the job. Satisfaction guaranteed. MACHINE WORK We have the experienced men and (he equipment to « do your job right. WELDING IS THE TIME! SPc Use I MIXED FERTILIZERS To Get 1 More Cotton! And with today's reduced cotton I acrcnsc it's even more important I for ycni to tnrrcnsr Ihc yield per j ncrc- Thai's what our fcrllliicrs J rto for you. We have on hand all of" Ihc I most commonly used ((Tartcfl *f I mixcrf fertilisers and nitrate of 1 .snil.i. Get yours now and put It 1 down while sufficient supplies [ arc hvMl.ihlr. ORDER NOW! Blythevilie Fertilizer Corp. Highway 61 South Phone 4471

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