Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia on April 28, 1969 · Page 11
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia · Page 11

Newport News, Virginia
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1969
Page 11
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DAILY PRESS, NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA, MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 28, 1969 Ji w worm axzxD o axi smmji v- wq cb mto; ooo Continued From Page 10 neighbors. But a few species (rt parasites that take without giving. Viruses prey on living cells, bloodsucking lampreys prey on host fishes and certain plants suck their nourishment from living hosts. A parasite is an uninvited guest who arrives or dinner and stays to eat free for the rest of its life. It gives nothing in return and, above all, it cannot make its own living. ' True, a few individual humans are greedy grabbers who prey on others and take more than they give. Some plunder our planet's resources with no sane concern for conservation. These types survive by conniving and using the more primitive human traits. But even this requires work and effort so we cannot call them true parasites. Be sides, the greedy grabbers are a minority of our species. '-Let's evaluate the majority, and man's prevailing role in the teeming world of nature. His lurvival actually depends upon his giving as well as tamng. in taking what he needs he has Jmproved nature's plants, en-adopted her animals and brought life to her desolate wildernesses. No creature in na-,ture is cherished as much as a 'pet dog or pampered as much jjs t prize dairy cow. Homo sapiens learns from experience in) improves himself as he 'tackles his problems. He knows Condition Of Gen. Schultz Still Serious t WASHINGTON (AP) - Brig, Gen. Robert L. Schulz, 61, t lonetime aide to the late Presi dent Dwight D. Eisenhower, re mains in serious condition at n. Belvoir Army hospital, a spokesman said Sunday. rSchubi suffered a heart attack late Friday and was taken to the hospital in suburban Virgin-la from him home. lA spokesman said Schulz's condition remained stable during Saturday night but it is still serious. b Taylor ' Continued From Page 4 ; sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf. Throught all these years t these fragmented people have had no political life. The Pal-t estlne commandos or fadayeen I are mainly a political instru- ment dedicated to uniting the fr.fiunff Palestine Arabs. t o 1 Fiery-eyed Yaser Arafat, a tCairo educated Palestine i Arab, leads the main coffi- mando organization, Al Fateh. I A second leader is formed ' diplomat Ahmed Shukairy, - who has represented Syria and Saudi Arabia. And a third, k Georges Habeche, a Palestin-'! Ian who became a doctor in ! Lebanon, is on record in sum-i mary of the objective: "The I Palestine Arabs can be mo-r-bilized only around the issue f". of fighting." I The State Department finds that such leaders as Arafat, 5 Shukairy and Habeche talk of i "fighting for 20 or so years." r.,They even have training t -'camps for 12-year-old youths, I an . expanding cadre called Baby Tigers. ; .:in effect, the Palestine com-'-'mandos are moving to take .-the destiny of the Palestine i Arabs out of the hands of the f Arab world leaders and into their own. The result is an m nortant new force, and a very I hard one for the United States to influence in that pressure- L cooker part of the worla that his long-range survival de pends upon working with nature on a fair and sensible basis of give and take. His survival demands effort. This is fine because a healthv human enjoys using bis brains ana energy and feels proud to earn a living. Our farmers and ranchers, lumbermen and dairymen toil hard to reap their harvests. The intelligent, con cerned ones also replenish the soil, tend their cattle end re-sow their forests to ensure fu ture harvests. Nature also has automatic schemes to make us fair traders. Every time you breathe out you contribute a puff of carbon dioxide that the plant world needs to create its basic food. Certainly this hardworking, fair trading homo sapiens is not a parasite. Mankind also is a dreamer. Some idealists try to disown our less worthy traits and decree immediate surgery to slice them from basic human nature. This usually doesn't work wet at all because human nature changes very slowly and has to make its own progress in its own tune. Over the centuries, noble men and women have appeared to show us that we ere dependent upon one another and upon the good earth. If we follow their teachings, no one can accuse us of being parasites in any sense Andy sends a World Book Globe to Bob Hartel, ege 9, of Menomonee Falls, wis., tor bis question: Who planned the beads on Mount Rnshmoref Gutzon Borglum was born in Idaho lust about 100 years ago And he was a born artist of tremendous talent. He was a gifted sculptor who could carve stone. Some of the figures he carved were small. But Borglum really loved to carve in a big way and his most famous works are larger, much larger than life. Most of these stupendous statues are of important per sons b American history and all of them are national treas ures. Naturally the government was interested in his work. In the 1920s he was paid a government commission to create the National Memorial on Mount Rushmore. Four American presidents were selected for the project, Washington and Jefferson, Lin coln and Theodore Roosevelt, And Gutzon worked out the plans to carve them on the ma- lestic granite cliff of the moun tain. He created small scale models, allowing one inch for each foot of the finished wort The models were hoisted up the cliff and stoneworkers recreated them to the proper scale. Borglum worked out sev eral brand new clans to make the stupendous project possible. The finished heads are about 70 times larger than We and no other statues ever created can compare with them. , AdwtliemM Scranf on Woman Better Next Day... Pain Of Files Relieved TreatmentPromptly Relieves Patoj-ItcMginjaosLtases Srrantnn. Pa. Mrs. X Stwmlere, Jr. of this city writes: "When I had our son, i got nemorrnoius and how painful. My husband bought Preparation H for me. The next flay, l was roucn newer -Just after using it once.-Note; Doctors have Droved In most cases-Preparation Hactu- aiiv nhrinkn tniiamea Hemor rhoids. In case after case, the sufferer first notices prompt relief from pain( burning and Itching. Then swelling is geuuy jreuuixu. There's no other formula for i treatment of hemowhoids lik doctor-tested preparation n. n also lubricates to make bowel movements more comfortable, soothes irritated tissues and helps urevent further Infection. In ointment or suppository lorm.) XM Do.lt PJr Yourself sfw Doubts Well you should have! Do-it-yourself methods can't remove the ground-in grime and dirt which cause rug wear only proper, professional cleaning methods, such as we apply at Scott Rug Cleaners, can accomplish this. If you care about your rug or carpet let us care for it you'll reap the benefits in longer wear and greater beauty! Phone 245-3841 MWNiucaUHaa Serving the Entire Peninsula! PCCD FAD E1AG TGSOE Rrnnin elegamly Lr La L5 L5 o mosogramihed Platinum Toned G&ASSISS ONE GLASS LTiEG EACH WEEK FOUOVJGKIS......: V; 1st Is YU! fill! O Eg , CLIP THIS COVPOX 2n uRnnu u uauLj WITH THIS O COUPON AND A $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES One Monogrammed GLASS YOUR CHOICE OF INITIAL GOOD ONLY AT FOOD FAIR THRU MAY 3rd LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY WITH COUPON AND A $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASE EXCLUDING CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES 1 rHr 111 Jr ' I 4 ! 1 H fx m tr::"" . l&snk 1 V 111 A AAA 1 - I 1 - z vs II- s X 5 ictip this cotiFOSEssma DUYOt:Ecfor49 GET OtlE IDillTICAL GLASS mm YCUaCIICKECFIITIAl WITH THIS COUPON GOOD ONLY AT FOOD FAIR THRU MAY 3rd LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY momid emu coxisn ins i beef suces i veal stoaiis 1 71 fnl larTUBHY ri(lft IV FRESHLY GROUND..,., lb. Ore ICADAACPrPAY l u C 1 or TURKEY 1 IN GRAVY )t nil r pnon pais? : ; v I m CKEAUCU.. ID. f n J mm CDQH? i SflUMoi::: 5 stwss mts iwtm 'i m CVYALTNEY . . . PORK GWALTNEY... SMOKED . P8nrGC?0ar...(a 1X9 BONE- USDA CHOICE GWoriin90....A0.M.J269 FRESH. ..pork n n ; c:2Gicg::25. .u a moos RED SEAL... SHORT CUT DID 07GAEIS ....... ..(& 'bit mwm. mm A CinLinS?L:AEI5,b.7 All LTeaff BAUCIS lb. Pkg. U i OSCAR MAYER lb. Pkg. CYMF CDPFM lib. Pkgs. FLORIDA VxCal QTRUS DELIGHT Ctn. CRISP ujrENDER.,..lb.bag PLAIN or IODIZED ..5)lfc,10S) SAVE6.......CJ es rliicy S 1 H L U.S.No.1 ALL PURPOSE lb. tl SAVE 28' y'e l--' i SET 9703 as m 00 v i -art r i fy j save6.....2si2Sc SaS - (ia 3G GEQBB (jgevOTigniD prices imam thru mil 29 . . . limit rights riscrved 1 CJD 1 jaw jluju-i ,r,.T 1 Fabric Softener FLAVOR KIST SAVE 22 C I FLAVOR KIST 'A Gal. SAVE 22 . nC FYNE SOFT Gal. U 6 FYNE TEX Col. U I SAVE 30 . . J.U9 VH 1 I SAVE 20 . TOM 1

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