The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1946
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 19-10 BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I FOR SALE l,. :in.l :t:,ij. m HW ••• —» v*» ™™f _ _g w • MM* »« UM MI i»» 7. PiuSrjff iSlL^*L^~z—" ** ••U4 In* ftVl«V* v«rtfl~i«~£i~U!M.* .Svw reeonl , plftyct- In iiorlnhU' carrviJiK c»«o. rorniilr-1* J!l!l.!).',. Tlii- Itn.liO ll»s|,lfal. 2 Id' K. Maiu. 13-lilC'lil »J 4tJ ••* •w**' •"«>' uu . A*T««Mu IMUU, tti'wTSSUSi? S" 1 ** ****• "• For Sal* :'" 'l'i«i-l<jr iiii.l I'uMvalnr. '2 IjiMnnn iniiulk. (imj.ii l.j-ndi, Vieturln. Arl.. & burner oil slovw. 1010 llcarn (ircn'.'ry Slum ami /IUnre«. Srn r'. M. , Davis. »•>« S. Franklin. 12-ijk-;-J ' • ^ , [ Ogdcn Soy Heans from I'edi-i greed Seed. Crockett! Wright, Manila, or call 1 Jess Horner, Hlytheville. Phone ;ll(»7. 3-9-pk-3-23 i Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? SPKAKING OK TllHK, WH THIN'K IT IR TIMK TO Ri; KOtt SI'lllNfl AND SUMMKlt CHANG K OVKR if Drain — flush and refill transmission and IJ. S. Approved Baby Chicks.! The yery. best grade seed oats, 'hybrid seed corn, and ! Sudan seed. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Phone <19,'l 3-12-ck-tf T«|(. Mill on.'-Oiu' 10 is M-r-iuJnllii— i RllXUIly IKC.I, OIIH 1911 11 railnrill, I l.i-sc 't1 rtjmliiirui, f> n 0 iijjo Jt-L-'itrinall jnolur an.I ml,l,,. r K ,,,i,| (,„,, ,,,,.. A ,', _. Ill' ."ini : |,ln™""'Al!'''l'r l '' l |i l " *''"' ""V 1^°'^ '"' ll ' ik l».«« of'Wood'.' C • 'ill rnrul'I'lVln. '](„, "'»"'\,.,'" .S!'MHI''' ? r «,'>" "'«• 2 uiruilki r.r.t p -""- ll-j.t'J For Kent U rural .liaiiinn.] w^il.lini; nniE Dr.- Ji,'U(, liol M'Slor, Pliun,' a' v?£ ITIT riiiys. Kin.- U. VJim*oJ Citl l'i"nt l,i-<lnii,m mljoirtiu^ _ : "^ la-Dt-ia I -'7:!!'. f:«.f,,l use,] r-l^rrtlr varnmii rtnnpr C:in fnrnMi.-.l ^i.n.l ,n Nii-l-lj- (iirnltlinl front Lrilrbom, Strarn I I, liol M'Slor, Pliun,. a^Ci. i:t.|ik-l 1'J j Vi.i.k'Ti i | t , !!l|-j I|.F:mnnll Cr S*nrJc«fl an.l cijnip- 'iWnuli'il llan.l WasMnr llfll Wliil v>l ". I . "' II |.k-51 !*- inn. lion-.- iii:i,-]iiiH-. ; I'HOTKCr y,,, ll-pk-lSJ wrinli-ii^ fi . \\.T\m nil.,rl,-ss " '' i ,,il,IH S ,la',',""l." r 'f ur ""r, 1'iiys f.,r tin- ,hnii:i^... Khiinli^s ILIK) iJi-y i-l.-iin- V,' il. IliiM,.,!,'] llai.i- uiift.. 1 l23~W~~T B "n'~0,, n ,l nvi-nn - — — __ 0 llnoins, a lialhs. 1,,-uor Ilian avoraso 'VVASIIINO JtAC'll INKS sWvirpJ and re- i-oii.lilii.n. <_'. il. tt'ats'JJi. HyU-l NnSl^. I pnirril. Wlteti parts arc not ttvulable lii | «'« niaim/avcnro lli<-m. U:IE ' cnclriM rlianli',1 uri ft* .Irivm rnttoliinrs A]] iilc. kili-ln-A nililnot. lirrak- , oi] i-'iok slovi', Call RQ 1 1n nock I'riviU. 12-iik-td _ Two Moline '/> Tractors and equipment. One practically i ilr-nl. Hrrbcrl Oraliai 1» nnvr in vlurfi' n! Jcj,.nrtin.-iil an.j mil b»- clnil tt> ai-rvicr ]iis otil cnstonicrj. IllytbevillL' Macliint' tstiop. . it I'lill and puck front wheels with grease. li' : s( insurance for safe driving. if Hemove and replace car(ndi>;e in M filter. if Drain— flush and refill crankcnse with KSSO MOTOR OIL NO. :!. if Thin'oiifih luhrication — which covers chassis, springs and motor. PARDON US' FOR MKNTIONlNCi TIMK AGAIN, BUT WE THINK IT IS ABOUT TIMK PUR-WAR SERVICE WAS UK- STORED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS ANU WE'RE PLUGGING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUR PREB SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC., EVEN BETTER & MORE COURTEOUS THAN BEFORE THE WAR. WELL, .JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUR HOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. DlfOl' IN AND SKK US— WON'T YOU? NKW DAY! NEW TIMK! GREAT EN- TEUTA1-NMKNT! THE KORD 11015 CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Niglit, 9:30-10:00 EST on Hie CliS Network PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—lilylheville, Ark. Tel. <ir>:? 151 Political Announcements The courier New* bu been authorized lo untiounco Uie lotlow- Ing candidate*, subject to tha Ucinocnitto pr*u»ry: IjIIKKIFF AN'1> OOM,BCTO* JACK FINU2Y KO«IN9ON WUXlAM ISRRRYMAN COUNTY JUPCSK OENI1 E. BHADIiKY JIOLAND QKEBV* FOK TAV AHSKKBOK nOYI;K IIKNDTOSON CIKOUIT' OI.KHK HARVEY MORRIS COUN'VY COVKT CI.KKK BL.YTHK new. Also new corn picker. | ' O f lr K hj.', 0 ' r y'' I.AWK- MOWKUS iliarpenoa and rrnair- ' I.oyd Williams, Imlioden,! ' |iri'ci&iciu irrounil on YniiriK hens. I'liru bri-,1 v;hilo JcKln.rns and 1'lyrnnnlli Jlm-ks. Mrs Ann:! l.ini Jlirliai-I, HI. :i, lll>11,i:villc. I'lionn Ilaljy Hiicks. nvnllak'U' nil tlm (iiur. lli-nvy l,rr.i.i]K. Mrs. Hurl: ilclmrf 'Ml r.. -Main, {ilinur CMS. a-|ik.i'l I SO acres of fine land all in cultivation, two houses, near Dell. $i:ir> per acre. Half cash and balance terms: Possession now. \V. M. Hums, Realtor. Phone ^•'t(>l :j-13-ck-8-16 *-« liavc » IsrKO sluck of mrl'i. \V. |.itku|j ^ nnj dolivor. Hljllilvill,. Ma Wonted to Rent I'urnislM'.r nr lliiriinil«hnl n|.at(Nl»']H rit •"'. rcrnmn'ril. Call 27J? or 31B7. C i>r 7 ronin nnfurtiistieJ bouse, 3'hone Personal m-siuxnxi WIVKSI WANT ' • ,,f ..uiiiilfs v,f.ik snl,.]y l I'HOTOSTATS—Let O'Steen make a pliolostatic copy of .your discharge, marriage license and other important papers—Quick Service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO I'hone 3208 115 W. Main.] 3-7-ck-3-2lj Postal Card Pictures. Vi Doz. $1.35. Doz. $2.00. No appointment needed. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. ' 3-7-ck-3-21 FR A M ES Made to Order".Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Stccn's Studio, 3208. 3-71-ck-3-2I ,. rnu^e linily ]ncl:« . vitality l-kiuc n. 'I riiil sizr uiily cKMs— In Hlvtlic. Wanted To Buy Silver service in good condition. Write P. (). Hox :iRO, lUythevillc. 3-l'-2-ck-t[ Klrftwt.orry . llarnisli. plant.. lihkcmoro Mario . ,.. liwillry anil tinullrv feod.<. Clip^UT Lewis. I'tnillry. I|:| K. ilnln. 7-|.k-l]7 lruifX liny anil inulu drann fnrm implg. MU'iils. Ti-lclilioiiu a:l. W. A. Jenkins. .Slouia. Mo. l-].k-4ll ruby |.ink colil Uilics waltli I Jiui' Friday atlcrrmi.!.. l.ilicn.l rcwniil IM u I'll (0 C-Miru., ^\.„^. l.-,.,ik-l! 1 while |iii;. VVoifliini; beliv '^' Hi. ^j ri-wnril. (,';ill ^ Mnle Huston Mull Terrier, •- t.uinlliit I'.iafk uilh ivtiitL' ninrkiriijs will briinlle ],.|| hi,,. Slr»ye.l Mtvtay Ansvvurs to name '^fike" It,-vvflril ' I'nne :IISI>. IS-l! 1 i'lil Inpot |,; r i. In.qt In Citv Super .Ma krl. Ki'lirvccl to linve lieen Inuml Ij J.'<Tit].Tiln!] wlio turneil il over lo li In.iy. Will grnllrman t.lea- Itnlibit manure 1 . .10c ft litishe]. Best for flowers anil Farilen. , r »l'J ,N. Ilt[i i^t. Chirkn.snvv Farina. l-|ik'4|l fitntk cutters—2 row heavy duly typo. Alt Mt-Meil Ftce] constructinn Rlytlnj- viljc SlHCliinc Simp. 27^ck-tf I)on't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let j Planters Hardware install! and guarantee a water I softener. 2-21 -ck-tf I KTrclrir \veMer. £0n nmp. Mnlj^ rlriven. 1111 Irniler. I'r.- now. Henily la B'l. Klyllixvilk- Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member N»»1. P«t Control Ass'n. 115 S. Third Bt. Phone 275 A comjtlrln ire cronm T»rlar cipiiTin^cnl. rnnntcr frr-r-zor vitli Tlsriloiicr. Ois* T>rnsinp mimic-Is. tnlilp?. chair.i nnj •11 npcessnry rguipnicnl. 1'rifrd riRht. II. <-. KHiy, Munit.i, Art. 19-tik-^lld Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Huhbard Furniture Co. 2-G-ck,tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4-26 RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or moHel Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 Wo Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan KIcctrical Appliance Co. Authorized • Motorola Kadl» Salts and Serrke 106 So. First St. Order Your New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the NeW Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. You've walled for it. Now you caii get U. Just Phone 2650 K. M. Graves, Local Manager RADIO SERVICE Just nui 3414 Craig Electronic Service .Go,, • • 121'1 y. iVfain St. • Insure Now : . . through W. J. Pollard Glenco* Hotel Bld Telephone 8545 Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2(542 While You Wait Hits Cleaned and Blocked 30 Minute Service The John's Shop 503 W. Main St. "It P»ya to AdTertl«e" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS N. Franklin Bt Pbonc 3ZOJ Let Sle Krcct Your Prefiihricalcd House Free Ksdhiiilo.s—No OblIi;nU«n O. W. FARUINGTON 411)4 Sn. Lilly Hlytlievllle, Ark. SOMETHING NEW! READY-MIXED CONCRETE Foundations-Side walks-Drive ways- Porches Call 517 for estimates PRIDE and USREY COAL and CONSTRUCTION CO. Approved FHA Contractors The unim- Idnlio la derived from wo liidtiiii worcli!, "Kilnh liijo" vlili'h mnms Ujdil on llio Muun- alns. UKI.LA STATK ItKI'l ALENK WOltD E. C. PI.KKMAN LESLIE "HUK1K" SI'TOK U II. AUTRY STATK SKNATOK J. LKK HEAHDEN Tlio following lire rniullilntrit lor fflcc In (lio lllyllioville Munlclinil liTlloii lo uc lu'kl Apiil 2: CITY ATTOUNKY FKltCY A. WRIGHT (IMr nc-clccllon) HOWAK1) N. MOORK \VAK1> ONK AMtlvttMAN JERSI'l M. WH1T10 AI.nCKMAN WAKII TWO JODIE li. NAKF.US AI,I)KUMAN U'AKO 'lllltl.K nUPEIVl' CUAFVON Radios Re paired Auto -. Electric We Pick Up and Deli vet ,lus( Uoi'oived! F/cctr/c Phonographs \Villi Aiiloniiilic Record (Mianm'v. 12 Ten Incli lU'cords. Ton lii Inch Records. , ; $49.95 i CITY RADIO REPAIR ifi 2107 HIGHEST CASH PRICE for Your PRESCRIPTIOKS Preflhest Stock Guaranteed Bent P Kirby Drug Stores When It'B RefriKeratlon You Wnnt Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CQ. Phone 2180 109-111 South Itallruad Hi. Commercial Food l-ocker Plant.s — Walk-in lioxea — Quick Free/.e Home Cnhinefs. •^a/j k B»»T«1«'» j^ Todny a Ex(|ul»lte F iotwear re- qulrca eiaclinr wom/nniishlp for . . . !rhe co»tlle«t lioca aru reimlred ) (ore. C A L L TULLOS /for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUR HKHVICK" Phone 2241 For Your Home Conclu-s, Lounge Chairs wiUt ()1 toman, Chiffrohos, liodroom Suites, K-s, Matlresscs, S pU-ce Hreakfast Setn. Just Received: Metal Trunks & Lockers Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. New and Used East Main St. 1'hone 2302 Used Car or Truck All Makes and Models .! Drive In To Our Big Used Car • Lot Today f . i ',.-". • -". 1 /' L O Y E I C H * ' CHEVROLET CO: Texaco Gai & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply CONCRETE . STORM SEWER A1,L 8IZK8 Cheaper Than Bridie Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Dr. J. L Guar Optormtrltt ' GUARR'S JEWELRY Phone 828 419 West Main Street RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types F.jcept Cancer DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 514 Main, Bljtlieville, Ark., Phone 2921 Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE For Your Car or Truck Complete Line of Stink-baker Paris " and Accesories • Fog Light* • Seat Covers • Scissor Jacks • Dual Horns • Auxiliary Lights See Your Studebcker Dealer first. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ln . * SPRING OATS See us aljoiil your mechanical (rouble. Our expert mechanics Working with modern l(">ls and eaiiipmenl can; put your fur in top conditioh. We also have a paint and liody shop repair service.; We will fi\- your car or buy your car roil CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. lilyfhcville, Ark DON EDWARDS **TlM Typewriter Man" ROTAL, surra, OORONA, AND T. I. SEAY MOTOR Complete Storks of I'arls F«r C F.. SUln 111 N. 2ud CTRKKT TruuMlfer Hut K* BntMMtorr) BOOTS AND I1KR HUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN . \V> TVOO COW.V3KVT u&w r\ ,<yi i! vwao.vAvsc\\ ..Jivvovo v\ vi. . KKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS I'-coniimv Measures BY MERRILL RLOSSE1 YOU GET HECTOR AND BRIM& HIM TO THE OLD , I I'LL SEE TREE" IN OTT'S ORCHARD/ 1 YOU . LATER' WHATD VA BRINS- ME our HERE VAJERE Ol-T TO OTTS ^ E .o ORCHARD.' JUMIOR GOIM ? I VOGEL 15 \VilTlSJ6- THEKC TO RW si EARS BACK/ > ' ' ' HILDA AWD L • WANNA FIMD OCT IF ITS REALLY POSSIBLE To HILL TWO BIS OS WITH ONE STDNE/ ,,^=^^.s«w."^/f/jj-^ ,....^7^ > K . N v^a ^ COPR. 1g<6 BY KTA SgRVICC. INC. T. M, RLc!u, S. TAT. Orr.l A )" ' ]/ \ ,S/^=^ II Might Re Arransfod BY V. T. IIAMILT01 OH.fO! I V/Oft'T THAT-- WKV, IP J1>*T LOfS", TO wo*.* iv A PLACE" LIKE ' CbJunMIn rhone Z1M

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