The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1933
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Served by United Press BIYEHEVIEEE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX —NO. 152 Blythcville D«ll>, Newi. BlythefUl* Court*. Mississippi Valley Lender. tUythertllt Henla. Kl.YTHUVlLLK, ARKANSAS. TUKKDAY, SKITKMHKH 12, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U. S. REAFFIRMS ITS RIGHTS OVER CUBA Miss America, '33! d* ^ County Farm Committment bv !x?achvillc J. P. Pro-j virles Inflation Is Coming SaysSolon COLUMBIA, S. C . Sepl. 12 lUI'l —Issimncc ol non-lnliMCsl bcnririB imisury certificates, rcirarlcil ns being planned in u me.ssage here from Wn.shintjion today, will niL'itn ii period of Inflation. 0. S. Senator E. D. Smith of South Ciirollim Tile first reiil kmil lest of the jurisdiction of the lilyihr-vllle imi- ntcip.'tl court appeared lo lie nc n j todnv ns Willanl Smith, committed • to l\v: comity (arm by Justice. C. II. Barrier of l.c-achville. was held at the- county jail liere awaiting iniioviil alnnn with prisoners committed from municipal court here. Magistrate Garner's coinnill- menl was the first issued out of u Justice of peace court in the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county since the .creation of 1hi> municipal court in Januan 1032. At the time the munlcinal court nrxj- established it -was believed to have assumed exclusive jurisdiction in criminal misdemeanor cases in i 1 '! 1 - dstr~i and concurrent jurisdiction with magistrate's courts in civil cases except that the latter ccurls would be unable to retain fees for civil cares and would hitve lo turn over all fees to the conntv. being put on a salary basis of SS5 a year. Challenge tjy .Majislrales l.alely there have been rumors of the possibility of a challenge of Die municipal court's exclusive district wide jurisdiction by niag- irtrates outside the Chickasawba township. These rumors have. been biKtd on reports that various lo- cnl attorneys have advised that inj their belief the municipal court pioerseded magistrates' courts in this township only and that its jurisdiction/ while district wide, is Southern Cotton Price confeH'nci* tliis nfter- told tlie •Rcoslliii; i neon. Senator Smith, who imicle public Hie report. In u speech lo the convention, expressed tlu> hope the it-port was true. He Siiid he ImO word lhal the government wns planninrj to issue more money mid he advocated purchase of $0,000,Ouo bales of _ the present cotton crop through 'the R. F. C. CRIISp CODE .'arm Spokesmen Condemn Provision for Limiting | Number of Mills. i MEMPHIS. Sept. 12 iUP>—Pro-I ,-osnls of cotton oil men lo'limit i hi- number ul mills plunged farni- cis iiiul cotton mill men inlo d*:i:i;te today before u fuel finding ccmmlltce of the agricultural adjustment administration. Suggestions of u restriction ' ol SPUDS ML Three More States,Voting Today Are Expected to Bring Total to 29. the'number of mills can led specifications for nllocrulon of seed for (he crushing Industry. The mcel- Iii|! will end hue tonight concu / whi urrent with . By United Press Colorado. Maryland. and Minnesota voted today on repeal of Ihe i 18th amendment. Twenty-six states already have ! voted wet. and repeal leaders ox; peeled by tonight lo be only seven | states short of tlw 30 necessary to abolish national prohibition. Virtually complete returns from Maine's repeal election yesterday gave repeal n better than Uvo tn one majority. All 16 counties ap- after discussion ol wages aird houn for mill workers. R. P. Crown ol Houston, - Tex., chairman of the code committee | t f the National Cottonseed Products association, made the opening argument for the code. Rep. Wright Patman of Texarkanu. 'lex., representing Gov. Miriam A. Frrguson of Texas, "spurred the rnreting into lively debute by de- i.cunclng feature. 1 ! ot the code us being injurious to ihc fanner and the public. He denounced a section of the code which in view of the excels number of mills ix commends limitations, closing ol ii number of mills, and dlstrihu- t'on of seed on ar. allotment cnsis. John M. Daniels, attorney gener- f.l of South Carolina, usked mill A figure in the news at 'parcntly were wet. 16 is Man-1 T)lc „„, doubUul stale among 01. Bergeron (above), the platinum the lhicc J „„„„ toda was «•,„. B blo.ido' Westhaven, .Conn., high „ Ul ,, cr iu»,™,,u, u . ,,,u U u, .,' f el.^l wnipr, who'u^s crowned Several melhcds of bringing the! Miss America of 1933' at the At- hrntic City Beauty pageant. | nesota, ""where drys extensive campaign. !W! ed an Andr Vol- irjiriiliction issue definitely to a head appeared probable. A habeas corpus proceeding in Smith's bc- hnU would likely determine the lp»ality of his detention, or apical rnii;ht eventuallv accomplish the same purpose, while a Ivial in ir^niciswl court on Ihe same casej might also form the basis' for an i npueal to determine jurisdiction. The first delinite evidence of a] ov/ners to mediately. help the farmer I Discussing closing By nl Nones lo Find Mow Antarctic: Lands I'or U. S. oil mills, Daniels said Dial should be left to Ihe will have to nee". litlte fellow, "who make the sacra- holies lo discover »nd clulin for tlle United Slates vast areus of un- Hull Denies Any Disposi- lion to Dictate Cliardic- lev o{ Island Government WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. <UP)- Tlre United Stales will maintain Us right lo Intervene In Cuban affairs, it wus made clear today In ofllrial quarters. America will not consent lo'the removal of tlm Plait amomlment Irorn Hie Cifban constitution which gives this country the right lo Intervene. Some Cuban political leaden have threatened lo destroy the amendment. An orderly Cuba is considered so vital lo the. United Stales from military and commercial standpoints that oificlals-re- gnrd tlie amendment as a keystone of American policy. Willie America's Insistence an retention of the amendment was , made clear, Secretary of State Hull | in a formal statement said the 1 United States Is prepared, lo wcl- ' come any Cuban government representing lhe will of the peopla ot the republic and capable of. riialn- ' mining law and' order througnout the Island. Tlle statement indicated the United States stands ready to recognize lhe new regime when and if U shows It can fulfill these conditions. explored land lylny belwccn South America and the South POlu on a second expedition he will lead to ihc Antarctic this fall. The approximate location o) land Byril hopes lu find and the route 1929 expedition are shown on Ihc map. One of lhe ex|>editlon's two vessel] will be lh* old consl guard culler Bt-r.r. plclured here, famous for Its rescue work In Arctic waters. of his U. S. m ON stead, author of the Volstead act, was amort;* their speakers. Wets, however, insisted that Minnesota was with them and impartial observers were inclined to Maryland and Colorado were both j regarded as irrevocably wot. Maryland was a 'pioneer in the revolt I against the 18th amendmenl and has been considered wringing wet , for years. Colorado, nnlil recently, was firm lo the dry cause. Wants Glnntrif Holiday MEMPHIS, Sept. 12. (UP)—Plans to call a cotton ginning holiday to force higher cotton prices will be outlined at a meeting here tonight by Harry D. ,Wilson, cbmmisslone of'"agriculture for the stale ofj Louisiana. Commissioner Wilson announced plans for lhe special meeling at a hearing on the this afternoon. Kingfish Paid Postage to Explain Black Eye 'few ORLEANS' sept. 12. <UPJ —Senator Huey P. Long today de- | nied reports that he had franked a mulled circular explaining his re| cent encounted in the Sandpolril -,-• ... ..[j —* .-- - _ . . f* « | **^l*v H1UVUIIWU m H1C «3ttllU./vlill, ie glnners code here Capture ol Louisiana rflS- Bathing club of New York In which ! ' n i i r\ 1 _J he received u blackened eye. .He committment by the Lcachvillc i justice of peace. It revealed that] Smith was fined SIO for petit lar-i WASHINGTON. Sept. 12 (UP) — cr-'iv on August 24. , .^ pi^ lo obtain 100 per cent com- Anolher committment was issued j |.]j ancc w ith ihc Blue Easlc rc- hy Ciarncr against Willard Kelly employment agreement v:as started but was not filed by Neal town-. ((riay by t |, L , National Recovery shin officers who said they were, Adnl inistrati3ii. willing to let it "ride awhile be- j Administrator Hugh S. Johnson cause Kelly faces committment on -, lulolmmi tnat compliance boards on Breakers Is Declared referral % Certain. ye, newspaper men .to the I postmaslcr who said'Senator Long! I had purchased 51,186 of stamps:! 'since September 5 to mall out the I Congressman ,W Sneaker at NR A Rally. San Martin Names Cabinet •HAVAIi.Y Sepl. IV . UP)-President Ramon Qrau San Martin, struggling^ against fast forming opposition, named his cabinet loday. He hoped by this means to keep the revolutionary movement jn power. The cabinet, formed utter -two days In-which the new president strove anxiously but vainly to line eminence "and popularity.' BuV'norie "'''''" of lhe powerful old parties Is represented. Predictions were free ns the president summoned lils min_ i Isters to take the oath of office this D C morning, lhat his regime could not • SEMMESPORT, La., Sept. '. 12. j clml i ar (UP)—Three of lhe fugitives fromj- Tne circular was possemen' on the ---" ' Th» meaning, purpose and ac- headed "An ' cornpllshmenls of trie national re. bank of u rher near nere toaai. , |ls " nd ' C " P5Ce suggcst€d tnc gangstcr otllnel by w i, vf Congressman W. J. Driver of Os- llostUe . • new government was dragging'the .mass of clllzenry-lo desperation und" I were talking of traitors. The now-.' 'citul-A. U. C. revolutionary society, which had much to do with Ger- Stock Prices t . n . • \K i • r ' • Insect Pest, Malaria tar-.Com-. it 11 D i i Two of I'ler, Unusually rreval- barefoote ent This Year. Allotn er secret - 1t oclety. was skenllcallv hos- n conviction for petit larceny ob- mini-d in municipal court er- jre lo be created in every city and town in the country lo investigate day in a case having no cornice- Comp1|lln(s o[ non-compliance and tion with his conviction in tne,^ h!mo - lc otnc . r delal)3 of tnc rc . Leachville court. I employment cr.mpalgn. The drive Farm Will Accept Him ; for fl ; u conl p, if ,, lc( , with tne B lue Acceptance of Smith as a county I ]o leU marfccd a second farm prisoner on the commitment.. ( , re-employment ef- bv Magistrate Garner was,' fQn an(J w|]I ^^ £ a check . up r,--nv(tcd as certain today. County Judge Zal B. Harrison said that the farm superintendent,. Henry Lt'Us, would be required to accept Smith if the rommilmenl on itt face was valid. He said Smith j had ample remedy at law' to sc-- t 0 , b , csomc coa , sU , 1a n on through cure Ills release if he is being held billi on violators of the agreement and those who arc hcsilal- ii.K to inaugurate shorter working hours and increased rales of pay. The compliance drive wn.s an- ncunccd as the NRA tackled Illcsally. W. Leon ficv . hoarjnBS o[) t , lc . ldmlnl5tr . , iiou-writtcii code and opsnecll . Sniilh, df-puty P ros .f-| '.fnriiies on nroposcd codes for culor for the Chickasawba district lh( , molion p | ctllrc ,, nd DDOt alK i of Mississippi counly. declared I Ins I ||O( , in(U]5 i ries morning that In Ills opinion the Th( . scven . incmb( , r compliance : toanls wil! be charged with drit- A. T. and T 131 3-4 Anaconda Copper 173-8 Bethlehem Steel 391-2 Chrysler 48 5-a Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 91 General American Tank 38 5-8 Electric 24 I-a General Motors '. 341-2 International Harvester 40 1-4 Montgomery Ward 243-4 New York Central 46 5-8 Packard 47-8 Phillips Petroleum 18 Radio 9 1-2 Simmcns Beds 20 1-4 SI. Louis-San Francisco 4 5-8 Standard of N. J 41 3-4 Texas Co 28 3-4 U. S. Sled 54 3-4 Two of the escaped convicts d and tlie olher shod, -ot- ! fleers said. were attempting • to make their way north through _ . , 77' ' the swamps toward Hamburg, Ark., Recognizing the unusual preva-1 fcut wcre cut oft , n [hnt d | rec u 011 . | lence of mO£quitos here as else- B<; 11( , ved corne rcd several times in from the Atlanta peni- ceola wilt be explained to'the \vi- u ^'.claiming lo have engineered the as-. pl'county at an NRA rally to be tic7liopVnglo~«ar:iy"Ame"rlcaii"r«i;- ' saull on Senator Long. jheld at the city hall at 8 p. m. jognillon. 1 this time the city health board will meet at the city hall to- I night prior to the monthly session or the city council to discuss plans I since they shot Iheir way from the prison Sunday afternoon, killing persons, wounding Ihree olh- crs, and losing one of their own for ridding Blytlicvllle of as many j nllmter lhc "f,, gu lvos yesterday of the mosquito breeding and liar- wre relx)rled to have forded the boring places as possible. river on j ell . (ling . J00 mcn . Tlie board will consider, It is un- Tjlc SCRrch wus sn | fu , d to u.jj derslood, n.e passasc of a resolu-. vlcmlty oftcr Ol(s umoinc of Ion giving Dr. I. R. Johnson, city | semmesport reported to officers walth officer, police backing to re- ] lhat nc h;id mel lllree mcn ln lhe court'with criminal Jurisdiction '"!,„,„{ this district and Ihc only one in ' which he will prosecute cases. Smith was not called into the Leachville prosecution. Magistrate C. C. Counce. Meal; lovnship's other justice of peace, j told Ihe Courier News today lhat {Bureau Reports ! WO education, conciliation and mediation In Iheir res|«ctive communities and will be comiiosed of H.prcsentalhes of employes, cm- •fjoyers and consumers. he planned to try criminal cases in the future unless barred by court action. Predictions were also made thai, lhe "ice" now broken, olher maeislralcs will follow suit. Such a possibilily Is expected to force the issue to certain decision Two Defendants Freed in Beer License Cases Gus Chilwood and Dennis Me- taxls were cleared of charger, of selling beer without paying the city New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 12 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Ocl March Ma y July o]>en OT8 920 929 945 0(12 MO high 9fl2 923 931 948 M4 • 980 low 885 605 315 930 950 064 close 891 911 91!) 937 854 970 quire owners of vacant lots to com- I woo ^ s they had given ply with citji ordinances requiring h!m a do ,, ar to pllrc!:ase foo(] for weeds to be cut. | tllem Hc took t ,, pm food n ,, d wns Low places and ponds are being ;glvCM 50 cents mcrc ,„ buy ,,„ ad . sprayed weekly in an eiTort to re-1 dlUonal SU1) ,,|. a]lll „,!„„ lt b;lck duce the number of mosquitos by, t() lhcm a ^ t > thr nlgll f destroying their breeding places. I Thursday. Mr. Driver, as one who helped frame the legislation under which • the campaign to lift America out i of depression Is moving forward, is .well equipped to Interpret the NRA Max B. Held, chairman of the local NRA committee, under whose thoViCl that w have' Henring of the prison break, he. present. One of them, apparently trie wet V.L naie rcported , ]js CXI)CI . lcllc< , to 0 nicers | the leader, was masked. All car- his description of the r 'ed sawed-off shotguns or pistols. Indicated he had en-' Tliey ordered lhe few persons In 1EI SEIMOLLS Bandits Enter Pennsylvani; Bank Cash. FARREIjf,, Pa., Sepl. 12. (OP)A mob of gunmen held up the S.] | m s'^ n 'madr'te'st'csllma'tcrt'o- J. Gully bank as II was making up , dav were tnal at , casl a thousand payrolls for local mills today, kid-1 res | den Ui of this city and vicinity nnped an employe, and fled toward nave ^0,1^1 NRA consumer pledge Sharon, a few miles from here. Ten men in the mob walked Inlo the bank when few customers were Threaten Prison for Textile Profiteers WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (UP)—' Cotton textile profiteers were threatened with prison today by ithe real spirit of the recovery! ulu "• *• A -. allu "eucrcK "• " u « e . program. He expressed the , 101) J consumers counsel, _analy 2 ;d coHon thot a capacity crowd would turn out for the meeting. 1 While no complete tabulation done more U> eradicate mosquilos this year than before they are worse here than they have been In years," Dr. Johnson declared, adding that a similar condition existed throughout the mosquito belt and that Memphis and other larger cities had also found Ihe mosqulla problem a difficult one lately. Recent rains have been ideal (or tl:c breeding of mosqultos. carriers Tropic Disturbances WASHINGTON, Sept. 12 (UP) — The weather bureau today reported that a tropical disturbance attended -by winds of hurricane force was apparently central in the Atlantic at latitude 24. longlltude 64. moving west northwest about 11 miles per hour. Another disturbance Is moving norlh norlheast- ward from Honduras with Increasing Intensity nnd will reach Yu- S~"ols closed quiet and unchang- oo at D05. Orleans Cotton NE\V OHLKANS. Sept. 12 (UP) — Colton closed steady. Oct IJec Jan- March catan channel Wednesday, aUcnd-!},,) y ed by gales. open 89-1 918 020 941 958 970 high 897 918 922 941 961 972 low 830 900 912 956 941 close 864 905 913 930 947 962 The judge declared In view of the f Of Federal Workers fact that the defendants had of- . fered lo pay the city license be-j WASHINGTON, sept, 12. (OP) fore their arrest bul that payment —president RposcveK Is taking had been refused because their | steps looking to restoration of part state permits had not been Issued. 5 O f the 15 per cent pay cut given lhat the cases would be dismissed. | federal employes in the govern; Hvo men posted cash bonds of'nienfs economy program. William 410 each on gaming charges ai'dlGreen, head of the American PcS- failed to appear In court, their i cratton of Labor, said today as l:c bonds being (orleital. I left the \Y"il« House. Spots cteed steady at 876, unchanged. Chicago Wheat Sept Dec open high low clos 84 3-8 85 1-8 83 3-8 83 388 89 1-4 87 1-8 87 1- Chicagp Corn fc'epl -10 I-' 2 high low clof 41 1-4 45 1-2 45 3. f,l 7-8 52 3-8 50 1-3 60 5 f malaria fever. ieir prevalence here lo f,v who three counlered Ihrce of lhe desperadoes. Caruthersville Voting the bank to stand molionless. Scooping up all the cash in sight, they seized Harry Wlesen, 21, an employe, and ran wlih him lo two n • ~ni . aut °<nol>!les parked near tliebulld- On City tlectriC Plant Ing. leaped In lhcm, and sped . away. CARUTHERSVILLK. Mo.—Voters The bar >k is a private Institution of Caruthersvillc went to the polls but a. large one In this mill dls- I todn >' to deteinrino whether the Officials could not estimate ent. While malaria has increased; s a result U has not become eally serious pr«Blem, malaria In nls section not bein? of the mow angerous type found In hilly sec- ions. city is to bond ilself In lhe amount immediately how much money was of 4210.000 for lhe creclion of a slolen. This Is payday for sev- municlpal electric light plant and eral mills, however, and it was fear- transmission system. The issue has been hotly con- I tested between a citizens committee. favoring a municipal plant, and the Arkansas-Missouri Power .company, which at present services I the city with electrical energy, and oisonous Gas Kills _ —, B ' >*K~ V.H..J Vk'lLIl I'lVtVi itoi tn--' Two at Dirmmgnam| a "«ivy vote LI amicipated. Circuit Clerk Receives ed the loss would be heavy. ;evera! others injured here today when poslonous gas from an undetermined source spread over o lion of a downtown steel furnace. The dead ore George Bird, «->'i'~ and Henry Florence, negro. Both wcre dead on arrival at a nearby hospital. City to Sell Lion Cubs ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. lUPt- Thls city Is offering three lior Wage Gun Battle, Each Thinking Other Bandit LOS ANGELES, Stpt. 12. (UP) —Deputy Sheriff John Hedge was killed and a warehouse checker was wounded, perhaps fatally, today, in I a gun battle that apparently flsr- pledge cards. Belwccn 100 and 800 cards were signed Saturday at ' local stores, and this list was considerably augmented yesterday by' the activities of five house-to-house workers. The house-to-house canvass will be continued until the city has been completely covered. Wheat Farmers Signing for Acreage Reduction WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (UP) — The agricultural adjustment administration loday rei»rted thousands of farmers were signing agreements to reduce wheal production. Advlcw from the field showed lhat more than 100.000 pledges had been signed for a 15 per cent reduction of next year's wheat acreage in nine states. lextile prices, mentioned prison and lieavy fines' for price gougersi and urged advertisers of cotton goods to tell frankly wbat part-of. the retail price can be charged oH- lo the cotton processing lax. " - ^ "While we arc out to slop price 1 gouging and will go to considerable length to stop It," Peek said, "I have the highest praise for tile apparently wide sector of lhe textile trade which seems' to be playing fair with bolh the farmer;e. retailer." Two Injured in Auto Accident at Leachville Cash for Indigent Blind «4«^f th ° ueh ' "* Twenly-ihrec checks for the in- olgcnt blind in (he CiiMcasawba cktrlcl of Mississippi county liave been received by R. L. Oaines, (ircult court clerk. Irom the state capital nnd are ready for distribution. The checks arc for 58.50 each and represent the first received in al M&st two years, the only olher tioup being received tn 1931 soon Frank Chavez, who shot six limes before Hedge iell dead, was expected to die. Links Sleeping Sickness LEACHVlLIjE.—Mr. and Mrs. W. \V. Ncwsom were painfully Injured Sunday when their car tiuiiEd .over after being forced off the road by another car. Mrs. Newsom received an Injury lo her head and three broken ribs. Mr. Ncwsom received a cut on tl:e head and body brula- es. They wcre removed lo their home alter being, treated by a local physician. Next Congress to Pass Permanent Railroad Act t't ~LI n I • WASHINGTON, Sept. 12. (UP) and Inlannle raraiySIS —Permanent railroad legislation will be enacted by the next session of congress. Senator Dill, (Dem. Wash.) said today aller a White House conference with President ST. LOUIS, Sept. 12. (UP)—A relationship between sleeping sickness and infantile paralysis apparently hss been established through experiment being conducted liere by Dr. Edward Carl Rosenau, protestor of experimental bacteriology «t the University of Minnesota, It was learned today. Working virtually alone and with facilities of > Urge hospital at his First Leachville Bale Bringt Dime a Pound LEACHVILLE.—LeiChvtlle's first bale of cotlon was bought by Earl'Command, Dr. Rosenau declined }o Keich, owner and manager of the cubs for sale at »150. Tlie hi«h|t.lter the fund was established by new Kelch gin here, who paid 10 cost of feeding the lions is lire I the legislature, according to the, cents a pound, »nd gave the gin- reason for tlle proposed wle. (c.erk's office. I rung fr«. comment on his experiments but other scientists who liave observed them said he was making remark »bi« Roosevelt. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, probably local showers tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Probably showers tonight and Wednesday. The masmum temperature here yesterday was 91, minimum '. 72, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official weatber obierrer. '

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