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Daily Pressi
Newport News, Virginia
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Cancer Group To Organize Organization of a Peninsula chap 2A DAILY PRESS, Newport News, Sunday, June 19, 1949 Officers Kill Off Business In Raid On Service Station Ad In Newspaper Stirs Up Furore; Editor Disclaims Any Responsibility charged with drunkenness, third offense, was fined $22.50 and sentenced to 30 days on the city farm, A charge of suspected of grand Larceny, was dismissed against Dorothy Parker, 26, Negro, 543' i 21st St. Mack Poe, 25. Negro. 1804-B Ivy charged with attempt to gill Gus Kelley, 1717 Ivy Ave. In the 500 block of 17th St.

Friday night, was sent on to the grand Jury. Arline Taylor, 35, of 812 Copeland Park, was sent to the grand Jury on a forgery charge. Woman Fined, Gets Term In Lottery Case Annie Brown, 34, Negro, 618 2lst yesterday was fined $202.50 and given a sentence of 60 days on the tef of the American Cancer Society, P. B. Young, editor of the will be effected at a meeting of persons Interested In combating Norfolk Journal and Guide, prominent Negro weekly newspaper with a Peninsula edition distributed the disease to be held at 7:30 Mon day night at the YMCA building.

One wellspring of "after-hours" refreshment was cut off last night In a raid on a Virginia service station by Detective Capt. W. F. Peach and three Alcoholic Beverage Control board Investigators, which resulted In the arrest of two Warwick County men. The men, W.

W. Norman of 215 Kearsarge and his brother, An- locally on Thursday's, yesterday disavowed an advertisement published In addition to a talk by Dr. Charles city farm on a charge of operating a lottery. She was tried in police court before Judge John B. Locke.

Expect 150 At Opening Of Day Camp in the edition of his newspaper E. Davis, a staff member of the (Advertisement) IVew Hearing Device lias IVo Receiver Button In Ear Chicago, 111. Deafened people are George Smith, 36. Negro, 640 21st drew a fine of $52.50 and Cory C. Jones.

61, Negro, 713 23rd was fined $102.50 on like charges. William C. Brown, charged with More than 150 Newport News boys DO NEWPORT NEWS WHITE POLITICIANS KEEP THEIR PROMISES? A PROMISE KEPT IN WARWICK hailing a new device that gives them clear hearing without making of June 18, which created a furor in local official circles. The advertisement occupied four full columns on page 3, dealt with the current Newport News-Warwick County annexation proceedings and was unsigned and uncredited. Inquiry by the Dally Press disclosed it was placed by B.

E. Rhodes, cashier of the Bank of Warwick. It was headed "Do Newport News White Politicians Keep their and contained as Its closing will escape from the hot City streets tomorrow when the day camp spon drew G. Norman of 225 Randolph St, were arrested at 9,10 P. M.

at the Crown Service Station at 4301 Virginia Ave, run by the former. W. W. Norman was charged with operating a nuisance and with sell- lng whiskey Illegally, while his brother faces two charges of selling Illegally. Numerous complaints received driving while under the influence of Intoxicants, was fined $102.50 and note an appeal.

Edward charged with drunkenness was fined $7.50 and diagnostic tumor clinic In Norfolk, representatives of the division office will be present to aid in the organization and give information. These will Include L. H. Peterson, managing director of the Virginia division of the America Cancer Society; Mrs. Ashby Raine of Richmond, field representative, and Mrs.

O. F. Northlngton, State commander of the society. Presiding will be Mrs. John J.

Pohl, district commander of the field army of the American Cancer Society. sored by the Newport News Boys them wear a receiver button In. the ear. They now enjoy songs, sermons, friendly companionship and Club opens at the Mariners Museum. In all 200 applicantions have been recieved but officials expect business success with no self -con assessed $77.50 on a concealed weapon charge.

Oscar Clements, charged with drunkenness, fourth an average attendance of about 150. during the past few weeks led offi paragraphs the following: scious feeling that people are looking at any button hanging pn their offense, was fined $26.50 and given cers to make the raid, Captain "Don't listen to those white politicians who whisper promises Peach said. 30 days on the city Iartn. John Woodley, charged with drunkenness, ear. With the new invisible nanio- in your ear and then back down on their promises: Little 'Joe' Caesar spacious 10-acre site has been set aside by Fred Hill, director of the Museum, for the camp.

During the past three years the site has been gradually developed until now lt boasts an all-weather shelter, shower facilities, toilet facilities, storage houses and an adequate water mold you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the mo second offense and Horace Wood, on a charge, were fined $12.50 and a After observing activity at the station from a vantage point some time, during which Andrew Norman was seen to make a sale, the raiders appearance of deafness. The ms. given sentences of 10 days on the city farm. The farm sentence of is promising freely but can he keep his promises? Has he kept his promises? It Is time for the Negro moved in to make the arrests, he ers of Beltone, Dept. 40, 1450 Wood was suspended.

front beach. said. When officers asked W. 19th Chicago 8, 111., are so prou 3U voter to vote his own convictions. Send political white bosses back Norman for the keys to a locked Frederick H.

Cosner. 46, Hilton Village, charged with drunkenness. The camp will be operated one car outside the station, he attempt where they belong and vote this of their achievement they will gladly send you their free brochure (in month. Hours will be from 9 A. M.

to 5 P. M. Monday through Friday, WAAToSell Surplus Land In CP Area The War Assets Administration advertised 323 acres of surplus wartime housing development land nf -A Mmm 41 Vi fifth offense, was fined $27.50 and was committed to the city farm to ed to throw them away, but the try time for your own best Interest. plain wrapper) and explain how was unsuccessful. When the offl Stop being led be a leader.

Vote The boys will go on special actlvi unlocked the automobile, they against annexation cn June 28." ties each Friday, either beach trips, you can test this amazing Invisible industrial trips on picnics to local found numerous bottles of whiskey Editor Young said the advertisement was handled In routine by serve 30 days. Frederick B. Griffiths, 22, Fort Eustis soldier, charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicants was fined $102.50. Odell Wood, parks. device In the privacy or your own home without risking a penny.

Write Beltone today. Advt. cached In the trunk and in the back seat covered with a mat, Captain The Fourth of July will be an out the local representative of the news standing Holiday for the campers paper, who neglected to bring it to the attention of anyone In proper Peach said. Besides Captain Peach, other par but a full day's work for the staff, Copeland Park for sale yesterday. A local women organization has 4 authority at the newspaper office tlclpating In the raid were ABC agents C.

N. Unman, G. C. Guye promised to provide home-made He said had any of the responsible officers of the newspaper seen it In Bias irom non-priority purchasers will be accepted through midnight, July 18. cookies and cakes and other picnic -and Enroughty, treats after the program.

The area probably will be bid on Pick-up stations have been set It would not have been accepted, first because it was unsigned by any Individual or organ ov Dotn the Virein ia State Schon up throughout the City to which campers will come In the mornings ization, but principally because he and Elizabeth City County, spokesmen said. Elizabeth Citv Cnnntv THE DAILY PRESS CONGRATULATES Cwty. Wbiwk County frttru4 tti ptoplt a tfrn, vp to-date High $lit uni they kept thr pnxmM i considered Its content Improper for to catch their buses. The boys will wants 50 acres of the plot that be returned to the same stations at publication and against the public interest. night.

ironts on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railwav for industrial develnnmpnf Kw He said that there would be an Jimmy Williams, program director Mr. and Mrs. Mark Andrew Wil editorial expression in the Issue of the Day Camp staff, has Institut The State School is interested in the remaining-272 acres for use in its $3,000,000 expansion program for the of his newspaper of June 25, clarify ed a safety patrol that will come on son, 4576 Washington Ave, on the birth of a son In Elizabeth Buxton duty at each pick-up point a half lng his newspaper's position. He expressed at the Inadvertence hour before the bus arrives. These patrols will Insure the safe con that accounted for publication of tne objectionable matter.

duct of the youngsters as they wait care oi Dana and otherwise physically handicapped Negro children. G. A. Bentley. commissioner of the Peninsula Industrial Committee, said yesterday that if the county acquires title to the 50-acre plot of land, he knows of sevpral nntinnui In addition to the content OID THE NEWPORT NEWS WHITE POLITICIANS PROMISE YOU A NECRO MEMBER ON THE SCHOOL BOARD? Did They Keep.

This Promise? ror tne Duses. Trie 15-man patrol will also act as Judges should there quoted above, the advertisement said, "Did the Newport News white be any violation of safety rules. politicians promise you a Nero Before being allowed to go to manufacturers who would be inter camp, each boy received free typhoid member of the school board? Did they keep this promise? Nol Stand up on June 28 and vote your own ested in locating on it. The entire Dlot has been the snh. and tetinus shots at the City Health Department through the courtesy of convictions." Its director, Dr.

Lee Tood. The boys -Hospital Saturday, June 18, 1949. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Tetervin, 208 Armstrong Drive, Hampton, on the birth of a daughter in Elizabeth Buxton Hospital Saturday, June 18, 1949.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perry. 142 County Line Road, Copcland Park, on the birth of a daughter In Riverside Hospital Saturday, June 18, 1949. NEGRO Mr.

and Mrs. Marcellus Patterson, Negro, 715-41st St, on the birth of a daughter In Whittaker Memorial Hospital Saturday, June 18, 1949. Mr. and Mrs. James H.

Dickens, Negro, 705 Taylor Ave, on the birth of a daughter In Whittaker Memorial Hospital Friday, June 17, 1949. Mr. and Mrs. William Rose, Negro, Several local citizens who read also were given medical examlna tions. ject for prolonged negotiations between the War Assets Administration and the two local groups now interested In bidding on it.

Negotiations were first developed in September. 1947. when the Feripral Pnh. the advertisement expressed In dlgnatlon at its content. Failure of Parents will provide the boys with a packed lunch.

The Club will furn STAND JUNE UP or 28 its sponsor or sponsors to identify themselves was condemned. Ish a pint of milk for each boy, The matter attracted consider lic Housing Authority declared the land surplus and cleared it of some 800 emergency dwelling units. the milk being contributed by a local businessman. CHERRY ACRES A Home That Is Different A NEW DEAL- PAY $250 and Move lii! able interest following the meeting of the Lower Peninsula Planning Harry Shoff heads the camp staff 4 Commission last Thursday nleht with James Sonny Williams pro AND VOTI YOUR OWN CONVICTIONS and representatives of Warwick 3 To Attend Medical. gram, director; Doug Smith, swim County were equally as denunciatorv mingr Instructor; Kenneth Peebles, athletic director; Frank Kelley, Meeting From Here Thre local women will attend t.hp of the tenor of the advertisement as were those from Newport News.

1216-31st St, on the birth of a son In Whittaker Memorial Hospital Thursday, June 16, 1949. handicrafts; Barry August, midget leader; and Orville Nagele, Albert Although the advertisement did not, carry the name of anv SDonsor. Kelley and Lewis Garrison, all club national convention of the American Society of Medical Technologists which begins today in Roanoke and continues throueh Thursdav. it was members, acting as assistants. Obituaries inquiry by the Daily Press of the editor of the Journal and Guide disclosed that lt was placed by B.

.4 Don't Liitn To TtM Whift WifitKinj Vtio Mtispe Jromiji I Your i tar And Tfi Uxk Dsw On TW Prmi. UTTLt "Jo" CAESAR (S i PROMISING FPEEtV BUT CAN HE KEEP HIS PROMISES? MAS Ht -KtfT HIS PROMISES ANNEXATION Will RAISE YOUR TAXES 15.9 (Thf ArTs8ah ANNEXATION Wilt CURTAIL YOUR POUTOL STRENGTH (Yu Hnv Som Nov Kp It Ir) paternal grandmother, Mrs. Mary A A Picture Window A Living Room So Big A Kitchen and Dinette So Roomy Bedrooms for Twin Beds So Convenient a Floor Plan announced yesterday. W. Watkins of Petersburg; maternal tv Jtnocies, who is cashier of the grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. w. N. Bank of Warwick. Edwards of Charlottesville; two J.

Cooper Lester, president of the aunts, Mrs. Curtis Thacker of Char Those attending from this area are Miss Ida Cuttino of the Veterans Administration Hospital at Ke-coughtan, Miss Louise Miller of Langley Field and Miss Margaret Bryan of Riverside Hospital. Latest laboratory Drocednrps will Warwick Civic Leagues, last night also decried the advertisement and lottesville and Mrs. Frank L. Jordan of Hampton, and an uncle E.

in a formal statement said: "It Is Branch Watkins of Buckroe Beach. most unfortunate that such an un Active pallbearers will be Judge fT TIWI FOR THf NEGR0 VOTER TO VOTC HIS OWN CONVECTIONS, SEND fOtlTf- tactful action should be introduced be discussed during the convention. Reburial Service For Lt. Austin F. Watkins Arranged Graveside services for Second Lt.

Austin F. Watkins U. S. Air Force, of1340-23rd St, who was killed In action over Yugoslavia July 23. 1944, will be held at 3 PJH.

Thursday In Greenlawn Cemetery. Boutchard, Jimmy Bartles, Marvin CAt WHITE fOSSES JACK WHERE THEY BU0N6 AND VOTE THIS TIME COR Y0W at the time the Civic Leagues of iecnnicai and scientific exhibits also Turley, Alex Smith, Charlie Powell and Irvis Holmes. Honorary pall Warwick are making such an honest OWK BEST INTEREST. STOP BEWfi UP JE A LlADf will be on display. effort to stick to fair play and pre sent basic facts to all concerned on Vote Against Annexation On June 28 the annexation question." bearers will be members of the Agathon Club.

4 The funeral cortege will leave the Peninsula Funeral Home at 2:45 P.M. Thursday. His statement follows: "It has been brought to my atten SEE THE MODEL SUNDAY, 2 to 6 P. M. WEEKDAYS, 5:30 to 8 P.

M. Military Highway Route 258 1200 Ft. East of Langley Road Circle Furnished by Rountree of Hampton DRUCKER FALK tion that an advertisement dealing with the current annexation controversy between Newport News and Warwick County has been run in the Leon Butts Leon Butts, 59, of 825-25th St, died Tuesday in Riverside Hospital. Norfolk Journal and Guide by person or persons unknown. I wish to AD AROUSES LOCAL RESENTMENT This is reproduction of an advertisement that appeared in the Negro weekly newspaper, Journal and Guide, Norfolk, in -the June 18 edition.

It-aroused local resentment, both in the city and Warwick County. P. B. Young editor of the Negro newspaper, disavowed the advertisement and said an editorial in the June 25 edition will clarify that newspaper's position. He had been employed as a watchman.

Graveside services will be held at 3 this afternoon In Oreenlawn Cemetery with the Rev. W. E. Davis officiating. Hawthorne Infant Infant son of Mr.

and Mrs. R. B. Hawthorne of 1028 St, Cope- 3824 Kecoughtan Road Dial Hampton 6363 134- 26th Street Dial 6-1687 The Rev. J.

W. Shackford, D.D, pastor of Chestnut Avenue Methodist Church, will officiate. Military honors will be accorded. The son of Mr. and Mrs.

A. F. Watkins, Lieutenant Watkins was president of the Agathon Club here when he entered military service on April 11, 1943. He had been active In athletics at the Newport News High School. After studying pre-fllght training At Maxwell Field, Ala, he was commissioned a pilot at Mariana Army Air Base, Fla.

He was sent overseas June 1944 after serving at Richmond Army Air Base and at Milvllle Army Air Field, Millville, N. J. While overseas he served with the 15th Air Force In Italy as a1 Tilot of a P-51 Mustang fighter plane. In addition to his parents, he Is survived by a sister, Miss Jean Watkins; three brothers, Norvell E. Watkins, Carl Watkins and Allen Watkins, all of Newport News; land Park, died yesterday morning in Riverside Hospital.

make it known that the Civic Leagues of Warwick sign all their advertisements and that our committee would not approve any such advertisement and I am sure neither the colored nor the white citizens of Newport News or Warwick would be In sympathy with any such outrageous tactics. "It is most unfortunate that such an untactful action should be introduced at the time that the Civic Leagues of Warwick are making such an honest effort to stick to fair play and present basic facts to all concerned on the annexation question. I wish to further state that the Civic Leagues of Warwick will continue its efforts to be fair with its dealings on the annexation question and will not be a party to any such unscrupulous advertise- ment now or in the future." Other survivors Include a sister, Jeanne Hawthorne; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A.

E. Haw thorne of Hilton Village, and maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.

Wlndhan of Elizabeth City County. The Caffee Funeral Home 15 proud to announce that WARREN BENE Funeral arrangments are Incom plete. HARD OF HEARING? Then why not do something obout it? FREE HEARING TEST end consultation WARWICK HOTEL Newport News Monday, June 20th, P. M. 8 P.

M. TuesdayJune 21st, 9 A. M. 3 P. M.

SONOTONE OF NORFOLK Newport News-Peninsula Official Weather Forecast is a member of our staff. Mr. Bene was born in Newport News, was graduated from Newport News High School and the Cincinnati College of Embalming and he is a licensed emblamer. Or Car, Adding Machine Bring $1,370 In Sale The Virginia literary fund was $1,370 richer today as result of an auction sale yesterday morning at 25th St. and Huntington Ave.

of property sei2ied by police as result of two lottery raids. A 1947 sedan sold for $1,095 and ait adding machine brought $275. This sale was conducted by City Sergeant Paul W. Hall. The automobile was confiscated In the arrest of Preston James, Negro, and the adding machine was taken in a raid at 88 32nd St.

Jan. 21. Wehington, June 18. (AP) Wenther Bureau report of temperture ind rtlnfall for the 24 hours ending p. M.

in principal cities; High Low Free, Asheville gj eg Atlanta 85 87 Atlantic City. 75 80 .01 Boston 83 67 Bullalo 8D 80 .09 Charlotte 90 8 Chattanooga 81 83 .82 Chicago 84 85 Cincinnati 81 63 .02 Cleveland 87 67 Dallas 95 75 Denver go 85 .01 Detroit 85 88 Dulurh 72 69 El Paso 98 Tg Fort Worth 95 75 Following Is an official U. S. Weather Bureau forecast for today and Monday for Newport News and the Lower Peninsula: Considerable cloudiness, warm and humid today with highest temperature near 85 degrees.Likelihood of showers and scattered thunderstorms late this afternoon and tonight. Clearer and cooler early Monday morning.

Light variable winds, mostly southeasterly today, becoming moderate westerly to nor- thwesterly. Highest temperature for the 24-hour period ending at 6:30 last night was 90 degrees and lowest was 70 degrees, according to instruments of the U. S. Weather Bureau Station at the Daily Press Building. The temperature at 6:30 last night was 83 degrees.

There had been no precipitation during. the period. un Rises 4:45 Sun Sets 7:27 High tides 3:34 A. 4:18 P. M.

Low tides 0:53 A. 10:42 P. M. Four Licensed EmKalmers (and Lady Assistant)" enable us to serve you efficiently and at low cost. Cadillac Ambulance Service is Available.

.0 Experienced Attendants to Serve You. AIR-CONDITIONED Houston 94 72 Jacksonville 94 75 Kansa City 83 73 Key West 81 78 .17 85 64 Little Rock 91 68 Lo Angelea 70 el Louisville 82 64 .38 Memphis 90 65 Miami 85 73 .94 Mobiie 90 71 .06 Montgomery 90 64 New orleana 91 73 New York 82 72 Norfolk $4 72 .07 Philadelphia 80 70 Phoenix 73 Pittsburgh 81 67 .03 Portland. Me. 84 67 Richmond 88 73 .05 St. Louis 89 86 San Francisco 65 55 Savannah 92 73 8eattl 78 45 .01 Tampa 87 69 .31 Washington 76 71 .55 ENROLL NOW FOR SUMMER TERM JUNE 20 COLLEGE OF IIAJil'TOX ItOADS (AX ACCREDITED COLLEGE) Chapters of Phi Theta PI Fraternity and PI Rho Zeta Sorority Belter Training Higher Salaries This College Approved for Veterans Training COURSES OFFERED (DAY AND NIGHT) BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTANCY (C.P.A.) SECRETARIAL MANAGERIAL STENOGRAPHIC JUNIOR ACCOUNTANCY SPECIAL FINISHING COURSES )' Comptometer Burroughs Allen Whales Underwood Sundstrand Calculating Machines Dictaphone and Mimeograph Instruction.

AIR-CONDITIONED CLASSROOMS ENROLL IVOH SUMMER TERM BEGUN' JUIVE 20 COLLEGE OF HAMPTOX IIOADS MASONIC NOTICE A A called communicaton of Caffee Funeral Home Established 1891 3101 West Avenue Member of V.F.D.A. and N.F.D.A. Fire Record Peninsula Lodge No. 278, A.F. AJU, will be held in the 'Masonic Temple, Newport News, Va on Monday, June 20th, 1949, at 7:30 P.M.

Work In the C. Degree. Brethren fraternally invited. By order of the W. M.

W. H. Colonna, Secretary. WARWICK COUNTY 9:44 A. M.

Highway Garage, Newport News, Va. Phone 2-1811 Lloyd Lumsden, LL.B., President 3113 West Are. College DegTee Instructors Main Hilton VHTage, defective wiring, slight damage..

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