Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia on May 29, 1948 · Page 12
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia · Page 12

Newport News, Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1948
Page 12
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J2 DAILY PRESS, Newport News, Soturdoy, May 29, 1948 Radio Programs WOH-1340 K WTAR 10 K W1VA 114 K W8AP-11M E ABC NBC) CBS) MDlomJ) 4 :30 Oood Morn g Muslo , 4 45 1:00 Farm Service . Np' -( I D Musical Clock 4 30 Coffee Club Headline New Morning Hymnal j 43 Southland Echoes Markets, Mea :00 Nt.: Coflc Club New, " Naw: Market. ,15 Cofle. dub Buri. Serenade J.k. T-P Rand, S:4S Tidewater New. 8Ur Quartet Army Reserva i no Aironskv News Ne Roundup Newa News ?!$ Morn"ngyDevoUona Sunrise Serenade Wake Dp Tim. Organ ftmrtof 1-30 Lvle at Organ Newf Mallbag V:45 Morning Music Church of Air Wake Dp Time ,:00 Shopper'. Special eBrewe, 30 New. J45 Top of Morning Men of Tomorrow COO Home Beautiful Mary Lee Taylor Tidewater Tot. Morning W.tci 5:30 H oUyw.odHS.lne. Archie Andrew. ' ir. Jamboree . Robt.Hurl.lgb :45 Saturday Strings ,0:00 Abbott Co.,,1.0 Meet the Meek. Volce Army Pour 10:30 Junior Club Ed McConnell Mary Le. Taylor Oz.r- Val. Folk. 10:45 11:00 NN H.h School Luncheon Melodie. Lei . Pret.nfl Record Shop 11:15 On The Air v. m .Tn Tmeri 11:30 Jimmy Gardner New. "" Mls c, b jj.45 Farm Journal iTi National Farm Theater of Today Norm.nl-n.lpi 12:15 Tr.vi, New. Home Hour Sorrn.n Phelp. 12:30 Metropolitan Oper Army Time Tell It Again r 13:45 Mid-Pay Matinee ' Orand Central 8ta. Alan Lomax County Pair Inee Musle Tidewater Spot. Yoo"" Orchestras of Cilve Tak. Carmen Cavallero J:Jo ABC Symphony 1 45 , "j 00 Doctora Today Arrow. In Dust Mallbag J 15 J 30 Race of Day First Piano :4S Spotlight on Sport. Quartette 4 00 Treasury Show Catholic Hour Jersey Bvb Ch,t ill Listen to L.nglrr Magic In Music To Be Announced 4:45 Dorothy Fuldhelm Keynote Quartette """" "" :00 Dlehl, Sport. News: Sports Studio On. Th. Lone Wolf 4:15 Travis. News Marine Weather 5:30 Talk About Dcea NBC Symphony" Tru. or ais. 6:45 Religious Weekly :00 PhenU Choir nTw! Jack Harr.s, Sport. 6:15 Javcee Roundtabl. Sport. Passage Dinner Dance :30 Family Welfare New. Joan Brook. Story Lv 6:45 Here', to Vet. Church New. -World. Beauty 7:00 Ros. Dolan Life of Riley Quil of a Cltlea Sammy Kaye 1:15 Detertlv. , 7:30 Famous Truth or Roundup Name or 1:45 Jury Trial. Consequences That Bong 00 Gangbuster. Your Hit Parade Barn Dane. 20 Que.tion. Ill Murder Judy Canova 8t"P If You've 6:45 Mr. M.lone Heard Thl. g:00 Professor QulI , College of Peter Donald K"pin "p Wlth 1$ Mus. Knowledge Abe Burrow. , .l S" Via Jim Amech. Or.nd Ole Opry Vaughn Monro. Lionel Hampton 1:45 Ouest Star , io 00 News: SporU nTwH Bat. Night Bar.. Chicago Theater 10:15 Serenade Meditation 0 30 Orchestra Barn Dane 10:45 " ' ' Ballroom NewsJ Barn Dance Baseball Score. 11 " Ballroom v Morton Downey , Mock Republican 11:30 . Convention 11:45 - 12:00 Sign Off in The Uroov. 0rciiUtn 2:li . Jughead-i Count Basle ills Jukebox 100 Sign Off Slsn O" KOTE- Station WOH Is broadcasting FM with the earn, programs as aoove, SsScy. Station WSAP i. broadcasting I'M from 4:30 .. m. to 12 mid-StJtftb TtZUZ nror..n. as above. Channel 259-9.7 megacycle.. - WHYU1S10 K. Sign On; :01 Good Morning With Music; 1 News: 7:05 Good Morning With Musle; 7:55 News; 8 Good Morning With Music; 8:25 New. of the Old Dominion; :30 Good Morning With Music; :55 News- Jan Garber; 9:30 Your Church Today; 9:45 Rider, of the Purple Sage; 10News; 10:05 Tip Top Tune of the Day; 10:10 Interlude: 10:15 College Quii; 10 30 Rev. Reld; 11 News; 11:05 Morning Hoedown; 11:30 Star, of Tomorrow; 12 News at Noon; 12:15 Frank Devol; 12:30 Whythm Ramblers; 1 News; 1:05 De.i Courtney Orchestra; 1:30 Billy Sherwood Orchestra; 1:55 News; 2 Hayloft Jamboree; 4 Bob Strong Orchestra; 4:30To Be Announced;' 4:65 New.; 5 Hal Dernin; 5:15 Jammln' Jammers; 8:45 Sports Summary; 8 Evening News Roundup; 6:15 Westward Ho; 6:30 Dinner Music 8:55 News; 7 Sign Off. Dalton, Shirley Corey, and Nancy Lumpkin won library letters. Glen Mitchell was presented with the Science Club's award, and Juanita Robertson received a letter for her work on the ushers stall. Service letters for general out standing work went to Joe Thomas, Arnold Conn, Jeanctte SicelofT, Anita Lowenthal, Dorothy Martin, Ruth Reeves, and Maxine Justice. Certificates were also awarded for special projects In the school's work shops. Student body officers for next year were installed. Taking over the or- , flee of president was Bobby Leigh; vice-president Wayne Begor; and secretary, Nellie Bloxom. j As a farewell to Lamar R. Stanley, principal of Newport News High School, who will vacate the office In June to become director of education for the City, Mrs. Mae Edwards, of the English department, presented him with a desk set and brief case as a Rift from the fac-, body president, gave him a gold watch from the students, AWARDS GIVEN AT HIGH SCHOOL HONOR EVENT A total of 47 achievement and bonor awards were handed out yesterday at Newport News High School during an "Honor Day" assembly period, and 31 new members were accepted into the National Honor Society at the same time. Jane White was awarded the school's highest student honor, the school spirit and leadership letter. U. S. savings bonds were given to Betty Bowen and Patricia Moss bv the Daily Press. Inc. for writing the best stories printed respectively during the Spring and Fall semesters In the Beacon, NNHS weekly. Harlene Wolever won the Bauseh-Lomb science -.vard, presented each year to the top student in biology, t uitv, and Swanson Hornsby, student physlcls, chemistry and matnemat-Ics. Other writing awards went to Jack Wright and Nancy Barlow, who each received $15 for placing third In Scholastic Writing competition, sponsored locally by the Daily Press, Inc., and to Beth Quynn, who was awarded a certificate for commenda-!n the national contest. The Rotary Club essay contest winner, David Murray, was presented with a savings bond by C. M. Richardson and W. T. Hopkins, club representatives. OTHERS HONORED Membership In the National Honor Society, based on leadership, scholarship, service, and character, went to Mac Tyler, Peeey Derring, Carolyn Leigh, and Shirley McCallum, members of the February, 1948. class. June graduates gaining membership were Beth Quynn, Dick Gladden, James Hahn, Glen Mitchell, Darden Pittman, Gail McMahon, Corrie Unthank, Alex Lampros, Jeanette Siceloff, Calvin Belote, and Melvln Nachman. Also, Jack Wright, Pat Young, Nancy Lumpkin, Maxine Justice, James Fox, and Robert Levinson. Other new members are Jane White, Nancy Barlow, Mary Lewis Adams, Jessie Amory, Ethel Williamson, Selma Black, and Doris Suttie from the February, 1949, class; and Tuny McMahon and Ellen Hancock from the June, 1949, class. Journalism letters went to Betty Bowen, Nancy Barlow, Mary Lewis Adams, Selma Black, Patricia Moss, Beth Quynn,. Jack Wright, Pat Young, and Alex Lampros, while student council letters went to Jessie Amory and Joe Plott. For outstanding work in the musical organizations, letters were awarded to Marvin Weger, Dorothy Blueford, Shelton Barnes, Jules; Frank, Archie Spiers, and Ellen! Hancock. Letters awarded in drama, went to Raymond Barbour, Melvin Nachman. Betty Bowen, Francis Holt, Gerline Aronoff, Calvart Sparrow, Tuny McMahon, Nancy Nelson, and Elsie Bateman. GETS CLl'B AWARD A letter In home economics went to Nellie Bloxom, while Jeanette Cabbie Draws Year In Pen For Pandering A taxlcab driver whose attorney a.sked that the jury be withdrawn after evidence was heard in his trial for pandering received a year's term in the State Penitentiary and a fine of $500 from Judge H. G. Smith In Corporation Court yesterday. The cab driver, Mack T. Owens, pleaded not guilty through his attorney, A. L. Blvins, but changed his plea to guilty after a 19-year-old girl and three soldiers testified in the case. That was when the Jury was withdrawn. The girl took the stand in yester day's trial to tell how she had Im moral relations with two oi tne sol diers after Owens' cab had trans-1 ported them to a point In the country. One of the soldiers said he gave money to Owens. The girl was returned from North Carolina by police to testify In the case ana naa reen aeiamea as a witness. The police also had charged Owens with compounding a felony in sending the girl out of the State. A three-year term In the penitentiary was handed out to Pernell Tonkins, who pleaded not guilty to a housebreaking and grand larceny charge. Tonkins broke into the residence of Mrs. George Tonkins in March and took two men's rings valued at $210, the court was Informed. An embezzlement charge against Virgil Campbell, former driver for the Vaughan Cab Company, was nolle prossed when it appeared witnesses have left the State. His employers had accused him of taking $136.50 in company funds. Found not guilty on a charge of violating section 1693-A, Virginia Code, which deals with possession of "cannabis" or marihuana cigarettes, was William E. Humphrey. He was arrested by police In March. Cassle Jones, who appealed a ruline of Police Court on a charge of violating section 268 of the Vir ginia Code, was remanded lower court, where she fined $2.75 and placed of $300 for 12 months. Pearson As Father Of Year; Asks Red Friendship Train to the had been under bond Bethel Chapter Will Observe Memorial Day Members of Bethel Chapter, Daughters of Confederacy, will ob serve Memorial Day with a decoration program to be held at 9:45 this morning at Greenlawn Cemetery, it was announced yesterday by Mrs. J. E. Rich, president, who will preside. The program will open with a solo by Mrs. Elizabeth Frazler, loiiowed by prayer by Mrs. L. E. Pugh, chapter chaplain, and reading by Mrs. Charles Ashby. Daniel Weymouth will render re marks on the annual observance of Memorial Day by the chapter. Taps i will be sounded by Carlton Overman, ; bugler, who is a student at the Ap-! prentice School. Dismissal will be by j Mrs. E. P. Griffith, historian or tne ; chapter. j New York, May 28 Drew Pearson was named father of the year here today by the National Father's Day Committee. He received the committee's silver jnedal from Gen. Dwight D. Elsenhower at a luncheon in the grand ballroom of the Hotel Pennsylvania. Pearson; whose column, "The Washington Merry-Go-Round" ap pears in more newspapers than that of any other columnist, was given the award in recognition, for his consistent fight for good citizenship and his sponsorship of the Friendship Train, which carried American food abroad earlier this year. 'Pearson declared that, although he was greatly honored by today's presentation, his greatest pleasure of this, or other years, came "when I was father by proxy to the hungry children of France and Italy." Reading a letter that he Is sending to Premier Stalin, the new father-of-the-year said "I propose that we, the American people win again organize a Friendship Train, this time ... to the children of Russia ... We will take this Friendship Train full of food to the Soviet Union on a nonpolltical basis so as to prove to you and your people that the American people want inena-ship, not fear; that we, too, are weary of war." The ten outstanding fathers of the year, including Pearson, were: Eddie Cantor, radio; Bob Feller, sports; F. Van Wyck Mason, literature; David Wayne, stage; Bernard Baruch, citizen; Dwight D. Eisenhowerfather of the year in 1943-r citizen; David Lilenthal, Atomic Commission; Darryl Zanuck, trail blazer, and Gregory Peck, screen. Chest To Offer Programs Over Station WHYU Marking the first in a series of broadcasts to be heard in several weeks, the first program to be presented on community services will be heard at 5:15 Sunday afternoon, (EST) over station WHYU, It was announced by Richard K. Mansfield, director for the Newport News- Warwick Community Chest. Mansfield will serve as interviewer. The first program will deal with health services, specific attention being given in the community under nursing care. Two agencies of the Chest are interested in this phase of community service. They are the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association and the Nurses' Professional Registry. The over-all series will deal with health, welfare and youth guidance. Brown Wins Bicycle In Safety Campaign Winnf of the erand prize a bicycle In the Bicycle Safety Campaign, which closed with award ceremonies Thursday night, was won by Harold Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Brown, 645 29th St. Second place winner was Frank Tinflr 11 snn of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Buck, 2810 Madison Ave. The prize for the best scrapbook went to uon-ald L. Buchan, 11, son of Comdr. and Mrs. Buchan, 1141 Ferguson Ave. A talk was made by Lt. Earl W. Hill, senior Juvenile officer. The contest was sponsored by the Kiwanls Club and conducted by the Boys' Club. Firm Wins Point The Tidewater Stevedoring Corporation yesterday was awarded a writ of error by the Supreme Court of Appeals, to which it had appealed a $6,500 judgment awarded in Newport News Circuit Court to Herbert Ward McCormick in his suit claiming personal injury received In a loading mishap. Chamberlin Hotel Old Point Comfort, Va. DANCE On Beautiful GARDEN ROOF Ever a SaturtVy Mtc Music by Eddie Travis and His Orchestra FT KECOUCWTAN ROAD NOW SHOWING 0 ONE OF THE GREAT HUMAN DRAMAS I d I BEBgEBME.I.MW TIIM "1t In r fl r fx.ii 1j ft5 IMtL "4 Also Technicolor Musical Latest News Lawyer Loses This Time On Auto Count An attorney who described himself as a resident of Baltimore and Norfolk lost his case In traffic court yesterday. He was fined $17.50 on a reckless driving charge for which he was summoned three days after he successfully argued his case in Corporation Court when he was heard on his appeal on a speeding charge from the lower court, where he had been fined $12.50. In Corporation Court, after the case had been heard in his absence, and a jury had fined' him $50 and costs, he made an appearance and won a dismissal from the court. Dry Conditions Aid Fight On Potato Blight Mean temperatures, ranging be tween 60 and 70 degrees, during the ; past week have remained favorable; for the development of blight, butj rainfall has become deficient, it was; reported yesterday at the office of j John A. Vohringer, tri-county agri-J cultural agent. The deficiency in ' rainfall plus drying winds have re- j duced the threat of blight for the: time being. j Blight has been found on pota-l toes in scattered sections through-! out this area. In practically all. fields where blight has become established, air drainage has been poor' due to wind breaks or low areas In j fields. Continuation of spraying or dust- j ing is recommended for those fields j where blight has become established and for the entire area, if a rainy! period begins again in the coming week. Vocation Department To Hold Open House Vocation department of Huntington High School will conduct open house In the trade building, start ing at 9 Monday night. Parents, : guardians and friends will be wel- ; corned. Various projects of the woodworking, drafting, ceramics, brick mason- ry, home economics and general shop will be on display. ROUND .QAPICE SQUARE I'l lKiL.SO.V PAIIK JEvery Saturday IV'itc 9 'til 12 Music by THOMASSON BROS. Admission - -- -- -- - $1.20 tax Included NOW SHOWING! Open 10:45 1 . V K Charles IWMM i UOYDNOLAN Also COLOR CARTOON WARNERSWORN TO RENT BOARD IN THIS AREA Luther E, Warner, architect was sworn in yesterday at the rent control office by Sam W. Adams, area rent director, as tenants' representative for the Hampton-Newport News advisory board of the office of Housing Expediter. Warner Is the sixth representative to be sworn In and he takes his position on the board as tenants' representative. He is past president of the Community League of Stuart Gardens, Inc., and has been active for some time in matters relating to tenants' interests in the area. His appointment Is from Housing Expediter Tighe E. Woods, upon recommendation of Governor Tuck in compliance with requirements of the amended rent control act, as passed by Congress. The appointment of Warner completes the roster of the local advis ory board. Other members are Ben Jacobs, chairman; David Dick, vice- chairman: John McMenamin, J. Sinclair Selden Jr., and William Jones. Duo to Circumstances IScyond Our Control The Opening of THE GREEN ACRES AUTO THEATER 39th Street (Super Highway) at Aberdeen Road Has Been Delayed For a Few Days Watch this space for Opening Announcement York Drive-In Theatre TOfilTE Rt. 17 Tabb, Va. Open 1 Day 3 Weekly 2 Shown Nitely 7:45 & 9:30 Showing Tonite JANIE GETS MARRIED Joan Leslie-Robert Hutton Short Subjects 50c Per Adult, Tax IncL Children Under 13 Adm. Free CLARK LANA BAXTER ""HODIM A Mtr-GoJdwvn-Mayf Helm Also Latest News On the Stage Variety Swannee River Barn Dance On Screen Johnny Mack Brown Western Color Cartoon Comedy Roy Rogers "THE GAY RAXCIIERO" in color Also Carton Comedy Serial & News v it muni Sinks & Cabinets JOfi Can.be fir :y, installation i-v.vv V-1? on F. M. A. TEMMS j : and plumbingXf 10 DOWN PAYMENT 3 YEARS TO PAY columbm mctoks tmm mmmmm c!rfC0l0t! jon HALL William Boyd 1 as Hopalong Cassidy "THE MARAUDERS" Comedy-Cartoon-Serlal GENE AUTRY "TWILIGHT ON THE RIO GRANDE" Comedy-Cartoon-Serial COME IN AND SEE THE NEW MODELS RADIOS & RECORD PLAYERS II I ' a q n a vox TERMS Weekly or Monthly to suit your convenience. Ir -ylflf :;a: 500,000 Oldsmobile Owners Now "Whirlaway", the GM Hydra-Matic Way! The 500,000th Oldsmobile equipped with GM Hydra-Matic Drive recentry rolled off the assembly lines. Now, half a million Oldsmobile owners go without shifting or pushing a clutch half a million specially privileged motorists enjoy thrilling new handling ease and performance. They driv more safely, too thanks to WHIRLAIVA Y Hydra-Matic Drive's action-phis feature that provides extra acceleration when you need it. For passing, for bills, for emergencies . . . just step 'way down on the gas and WHIRLAWAY! It's simple! It's automatic! It's Futuramic! as far ahead of the times as the ultra-modern styling of the Futuramic Oldsmobile! Braxton-Perkins Marchers To Meet WiHiam E. Allaun Jr., commander of Braxton-Perkins Post No. 25 of the American Legion, has urged members of the post to assemble at the Braxton-Perkins home, 219-27th St., by 6:15 P. M. Sunday to take part in the Memorial Day parade. Members are requested to bring their Legion caps. The parade will begin at 7 P. M. at the World War I Victory Arch, 25th St. and west Ave. A WILDBR THEATRE LAST TIMES TODAY First Peninsula Showing Guiding pioneer jf f wagon troins in ovrlaw territory. LASl DAI! Urt.l li.to m ii mm n 11 !b.a Heart-Stirring Drama t I the Young M- tip sfeS l EXPHM m; 1 1 . 1 1 1 ,ti 1 1 1 1 1 n j "l TECINICOLOR I I LDN McCALUSTER i mm Jane HAVER! -ALSO AIVDY CLYDE "TEX GRANGER" Fl'NNY CARTOON Pj HTdrm-Mitie Vrir. ti!t aldcwaU ttrM, optional at extra eoat. 0' LAST DAY! OPEN 12:45- .a. m . 1 I SJfl. ami .loffftrsnn Ave. ,uaiv newpori news, - Tint M Hr . Taylor, Mutual Ktiuork, MonJayM md Friday

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