The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 2. 1947 Marshall Denies Imperialist Aims Secretory Says U. S. Motives in Offering Aid Were Unselfish WASHINGTON. j,u y 2 . <UP> s>i. i-tary of S l a t 0 G cur K e c ML'['", / Ilci "»>»e«l as 'malicious rtts- - T ° r , U ' C ll ' uth " "'""•S'-'s Unt i •<- 'American offer of aid ( o Eur- j'Ue was motivated, by imperialist lii a speech before Iho Women'' •in. -Mi"' 1 Press cl " l) ' Ml » - sliall in- "iii-cllv answered a charge by So- \ift Foreign Minister y M Afo- lolov that tin. .jo-ciillcd "M irshall "in for an overall economic pro- iM.'in for Europe woulrf result in u- S. liilcrfBrcncp in the inler- n.Uional affairs uf Envo])c conn- He diet not mention Mololov or He Soviet Union b.v name. But I" 1 saiu that despite U. s. contributions lo the people., of tiie world, there has been ' "link- of I lavcrable reaction from certain ni;ca,s iiuro.iri" ami "more of criticism than of iippre.-iullon." 'There could be no more fan- lasiic misrepresentation, no more malK-loiis distortion of the (nith I'liin I lie frequent propagjiuia as- reiLions or implications Owl liie United slates has imperialist aims or that 'Amn-lcan nkl has been of- lered in order lo fasten upon tho riviijienls sonic form or noliiicil »'ici economic doininntlon". Marshall sairt. This statement _ th, harshest and most hitler made bv Marshall since IIP bceninc secrptRry—came •<s Ihe ,Bii! Three European pow- ['rs wore mfct'mn j n pi- 0 lrabl v their ast effort in Pari., to break a liojiilcss deadlock b-tn-cen Ent and West over Marshall's economic in.'i program. "There has been murh misin- oerslandin!; abroad of the desri-e and purpose of 'American econom- '•}'„ , a *^? n<x to oilier raunlries and of the conditions unrter wlii'-i iaif| h ' 1S bPt> " cxtcncletl '" Watsliail "Much of this has been due lo Plii'Dospfiil inisrepi-fsenfntion •Those responsible for this misrepresentation are doinf a "rav» disservice to Ihe suffering pe^p'es whose fiiuue depe; 1(k dircctl-.- nn Ihe success of international cooperation in the economic field" Marshall admitted that the American efforts to hc'p world recovery wcr. not motivated solely by consideration of charity—that a stable untl prosperous world was important to America's own well- •Hc concluded by laying down IJ'e conditions Ihe United States Places 111,011 granting further economic aid. ,,,"" .™ ol " d *e Incori-fct to say that the people of this country inr-kc no demands regarding t!i» uliliauion of their contribution to world recovery." lie said "Thev emphatically demand that rr ,. r he - v co'itribut- shall be cffer irely used for the purpose for' "'""" " v,a s intended: should, not be < economic Hot Composition BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Prices Soar With Employment And Wages at All-Time'Highs lion f of who, afloi inaiuk'eriu for Tupuer' u, e payings haU ' a mxicto .iiul VCI ' : " Hu ' Ty WASIIINCVroN, July •!. (UP) -I tux 10111 "in! vmgim ww ul nn ''.yh u^i Hit 1 nulkon piuuied ! day. of year. came™ fans will do well to s u,d y the rare composition i n the rtramulic tJllutt} 11 ;:i\ i" J :i k-/m Ki. ir..^..^,;™ » b jn _. _. . _ above, taken by Francis Miller. Houston Pi«si staff i>li»io»rnulici- i-.t a recent $ 15 ,CCO industrial plant fire there'. Note how ,rc«p "„' lore ' JJOimn H, lepeatcd. m reverse, by silhouetted figures in b,,ck B rau,m ™ hose looped about nobleman's feet is nol very glxlll nremln- _'"' U " "• makcs :i11 inlercstlni! element in the comi.Dsitioi,. Osceo/o Hews Miss Loretta Patterson of Mcm- Plii;; ivas the wcekeno: guest of Mrs. Fred to ser,^ Htical interests" "That it shorn or po- her (larent Patterson. Mrs. L. H. Still lias gone lo , FJemine.sburg, Ky.. for a two-week stay \viih friends and relatives. Mrs. R. E. Cox and Mrs. Jettie Driver are spending several days in Hardy. Mrs. L. T. Lawrence and children plan lo return fiotne this week from Lebanon, Tenn where they have spent the past seven weeks \\ith her mother. Condition of Dan Reid, who un- he "Pinally, that it great purpose and confidence concerned that - serve a m restoring hope amont; the people the world v . ory Play in British Golf Meet HOYLAKE. Eng Julv 2 Bril Biiash " 1C first . en Golf championship 33. one under par. but w ua!jfyiii ff (oti of ni ~ ^.,,1. vji AJUII rtuiu, wno un- rfmvenl an operation in the Adult Onyp] s Hospital in Memphis, is much improved and he is expected home soon. Leu-is Kailling and daughter.! Mrs c. D. Williams, visiled Mr. Nail!u)«'s niece, Mrs Ann Pruitt in llaklen. Mo., this week. and Mrs. James E. Mitchell. have returned from Iheir v.eddm!! trip, are guests of Mrs. Mitchells mother. Mrs j oc w Rhodes Sr. They expect to leave for Iheir new home in SI LouLs this week. Mrs. Mary Clay Hughey, Mrs J. L. L-Jvewcll and Mrs. Charles B' Hale plan to leave tomorrow for Selma, Ala., to spend independence Day and (he weekend with Mrs. Hide's dauybter. Mrs. Prank Crit- lenden, and family. The sun sels 14 days and 1C hours after rising on the moon. PIN-WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN Mr who FRKIC.' More tons of moved by rail sylvania than West virgiDln Illinois third. .'HT frclylit oi'lglim in any ranks of nil kinds ic in Penn- olhc.r_slaU!. second and --..... ... 0 ., H.T Llll . . thu hiilfwuy mark In imi But u|- COB were «|). i UOi illul lllol . e wt , ro liulicntluns they would slay up ut lenst for Hie rest of this year. Thi' ijibor Deiitirlmeul reported a record I'mployincnt level of R8- MD.CQt), aim predicted a slight during tlie Summer as nddllloiml tpiiiporury tarm Jobs open mi. Un- einploymi'iit is below Weekly WIIKC'S now are three Wr cent above the wartime peak, even though hours lire shorter, llic department siiid. The average fuclory worker earned $ In May for a -lO/l-hoiir week, rlo nvule $ ;i.i hout' as amiuarcd will, Ihe wiirllitui liljtli of $).ui in Jiuitmry, I94S- These w:i Kn guins, however, wore matched by prl':e lii,:i-caMii. T!ie cosl of hvlnu Index of the Uni'cait of Labor Slnlisllc.5 lor Aliiy 15. Jtisl released, was IS5.H, as comparixl wlih l:i:t.;l in .June. ID-IU. Meat wns "P 0-'.2 in>r cent over lust yoar, [«is mid oils 51) pur reiil mill bevcr- nnos 50.B per ci'nl. Some imlhorilles forecast ran- llniied hluli prices, parllcnlarly in fooil. Cliairiiuin Clifford R. Hope, li., Kan., uf ihe House Agriculture Committee said he believed retull food prii'cs would coiilhuic ill pre.sem hliih levels at leasl Ihrouah 1047 niul pruhiibly nulll July. 1018. As tin 1 nation closed (Is books on the tir.-it hulf of 194«. lh! s was the eeonunik- plctmv: 'Busini'ss — Independcnl retailers did four |icr cent inot-e bnsl- n%ss in Muy than Ihey did In •April, niul nipped Mny, laic by iS ]i"r ci'iil. Automobile dealers vnnK ill) S3 par cent more business than they did in the con-esjxmd- i>lt pcrlcul last year, and lumber, and biiilillou material de.ilers re- IKirlcd tucreasi's ot 24 ner cent. riivcstiiu'nis—Cnsh dividends In Frbn'-n-". March and April rose to new lii«li.s, ami they represent only CO nsr cent of nil dividend payments, 'flu: Commerce Ut^partment .sniri thf Inlni for The Ihrec-monUi period \vns $1,071.900,000. Employment—Reports on nnem- ploymcnl (roiKpunsiition Ihrouuh mid-June Indicate that Hi., hluli level of employment will continue, according lo the Labor Denat't.menl. Softal Security- Social Keenrily Thiil »WS.C !2.COO.OOO Drink-Crazed Man Accused Of Killing Two 1IOSTON, July 2, (UP' _ A drink-i:ra-/.cd salesman iilleBctlly hacked his e hl friend u, ,| f alh with a brwul knife uarlv u.dav and then finally stablM'd ],|N' (-s- Irmwd wife, win, hiul vcfusiM to divorce htm. I Mils c. Tuppcr. aG. of rtirclu's- tor, a former Cil, WHS found immthln,. (OHM h, „ lunchroom nfer the slaylmjs. He Wll: , sd , n | nflcr bi»UUti|. (wo polKiciticii with chuirs itiut plates, tie will |»> nr- ralBUcd on a nmrdor chinue in- morrow. • b The iJollrsiincii who uverpowere;! impi-r. a iilrnDpiiii. former .scml- -ii biisehiili player who reeenlly W Uwn a iruek-ilrivina salcnnm, for 11 Mlllmi eluanliiK firm, wiid i Ills shoes, s i,ir(, niul u-oiiscis w ,.,-,.i iicau'd and s|)atleied with blood A 100-miii, pollc,: wiuii'l Ir ' MECHANICS AT LAST! 7"/ie newest ontf /otest thing in f/ectr/c Adding Machines THE CLARY Ten Days Delivery DON EDWARDS typewriter man" Phone 3382 > ' — Tired/AII-ln'i- Listless Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell , blood count may odcct you ways: no appetite. imdSrw no ™ amnzlngly cffcctlvo In biiudim, „„ C ,-J? blood sccngth In non-or E nn^ ,?„,?}* llonnl anemia. This Is clurT to thn 4«« Tonic formula which contains snp^i ) uncl potent activating ingrcdtemJ Also. ESS Tonic helps you onta'. iv, food you cnt by Increasing the M«Vi5 tflgcstlvo juice when It is non-orean cally toollttlc or scanty—Urns the stoni flch will hnve Jltllo cause to g e t Ij.-ilky Don't wait! Energize your body wllh rich, rod-blood Start on SSs Tonic now As vigorous blood surges throughout four whole body, greater rrcshrics3 nn d strength should make you cAt i^tf^. sleep better, feel better, work SnifSJ' play belter, hav-o a healthy color plow In ymir skin—firm nesh nil o\it hoiio5 places. Millions or bottles BOM oit I bottle from your drug store. ESS Tonl? Uelps Build Stuiily Health, • Ground and Polished Lenses • Pearl Swept Bar • With leather Case Blytheville, Ark, SALE Right When You Wgnt Them > Misses'and Women's SWINSUITS PRICED This Season's Up-to-the-Mmute Styles , . One Piece . . Two Piece Variety of Colorsf Rayon FoiHe .. . 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