The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1044 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ,<N * * > THE COURIER NEWS CO. ,iS... , H. W. HAINES, Publisher <* '* \ SAMUEL P. NORRIS, Editor . 'jAMES A. GATENS, Advertising Manager "Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago, De- tr.k>- Atlanta, Memphis. - Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES ' By carrier In the city of Blythcville, 20o per week, or 85c per month. • By mall, within n radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per year $2 00 for six months, $1.00 for three months; by.mall outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year payable in advance. ^__^ Deadly Souvenirs lii New York a well-meaning soldier gave a Iwooka rocket to relatives for a stfuvenir. The boys of the family wore proudly showing it to their churns. The shell exploded, injuring six of the youngsters. Part of its explosive charge had been removed, but enough remained to cause an explosion that cost one lad both his 'egs and riddled two others with sharpiwl. The accident awoke New Yorkers to the danger Police bomb squads have been busy since then rounding up similar souvenirs. They have collected other rockets, sizeable artillery shells, hand and rifle grenades, cartridges, tracer bullets. Similar tragic mishaps should not have to occur in other communities to make people realize that death lurks in apparently innocent mementoes of war. Ordnance is not designed for the mantle o'i- the library. The strict Army rule against privately possessing and transporting these souvenirs is not one of the "senseless" military regulations that GI's occasionally growl at. It is a ruling meant to save lives. When a soldier brings home an explosive as a souvenir h'e knows he is violating this rule. ' ' Civilians would do well, to refuse such gifts The risk of hurling the sol- cliei's feelings is certainly the lesser risk of the i.wo. Those who already have these souvenirs should get rid of them to police authorities. Germans had understood the rest ot the world, there might never have been an attack on Poland. Bill how assure this? The corollary of uuccnturcd and unsubstdlzcd news Is a free press in every imllon of the tfobc. News might be freely dispatched from dictator countries to Ihc democracies, and the democracies would be the gainers. News may always freely move out of democracies, but what can assure Its publication In an nutrocrucy? Freedom of the news may be required of defeated nations by pence treaties, indeed, It should be. Hut can the institution of n free press be forced upon the rest of ibo world—even upon members of the United Natlons-unlll peoples arc ready to adopt It-as their own? Probably not; democracy Is a blessing which a people must themselves evolve. However, the processes ol democracy might be augmented If Ihc peace threats were to require not merely freedom of news, movements but actual freedom of the press among the Axis nations ami tltclr satellites. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOU, War Workers View* BerroaucHon in I his column ol editorial* too otter ntwipapen doe« not nect««ilj m««n endorsement but U an tcknowledcment of to- V.eit In UM lubjeot* ilMUUM*. So much fiiisli lins been spoken nnil musli Ims been written In praise of (and we quote from a resolution m'aplcd at tho aniuml convention of the Klwnnl.s rntcri'iatlonnl)"— those who by long hours ol faithful and uninterrupted service, have continued to amply our armed forces with the Implements and materials of war" that sensible people have been glutted to Uia point ol nausea. Why should a war worker, no mnttcr how conscientiously he may perform his duties, be the object of special praise while praises for "the butcher, the baker and the camllo stick maker," the doctor, lawyer, merchant chief" remain unsung? All civilian workers who do their jobs, and the Jobs left vacant by service men arid war workers and who maintain for them, and for nil of us, the American Wny of Life, are Just as p.i|riotic. Every man who fills Ills own small plncc ami contributes to Hie preservation of the social order we arc .fighting for to Hie of his ability deserves public encomiums Just, us much ns docs the war worker with his fat pay envelope. When we think about the ordinary citizen who uoes about his business and does It "unheralded and unsung" we must realise tlml without him our nation would fall apart like n Iviusc ol cards. He U the brains and the tones, the Mesh and the blond without which any 'nation becomes a wraith with no strength to support an army and navy or war workers. It would not even te able—heaven save the thought—to sup- r.irt Its politicians. We can understand why warworkers arc being cajoled but we can not understand why they should bo. They arc being buttered with prepared propnfioiula to enhance the political and economic power of this mongrels who stampede them Into the mcnlal-mlrc of class consciousness. They should iy>l be pampered. No American should be nnfnpcrccl now or'at any time. He should bo condemned if he docs not do his duty as he sees it. Ho t-hoidd be ashamed to know that his fellows look upon him as a teacher's pet singled out by government for special treatment. —MANUFACTURERS RECORD( Baltimore, Mel.) SIDI GLANCES Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Most Any Day Now i "Just whnt I predicted! Here's sin automatic arithmetic ! 'macliiuc lliul docs cvcrylliing—why should I go on making a fool of myself studying those miserable fractions^, j THIS CURIOUS WORLD ByWIItUm Ferguton- •f Call for Mr. I,eukcmi,l AKRON, O. (UP)—An Akron resident called the City Hospital and asked for some information concerning the rare blood disease lymphatic Icukcma. "How do you spell that?" queried the operator. The caller labored through the spelling. "And did you say," asked the operator, "that he Is a patient here?" Free News and Free Press Rep resent a live Fulbrlghl's resolution, to put Congress on record as "believing that the unhindered change of independent news would promote n better understanding among nations nnd thus help prevent future wars,' might go a step farther. A guaranty ^ lllls cf[ecl * houlrt bc written Into the peace treaties-, as proposed by the resolution of Senator Tail. "Without the free flow of unccnsorcd am! im- subsiriized news, nations cannot understand the problems of ether nations. UICK of l:.-mcst Information permits prejudices to grow into antagonisms and antagonisms to develop into wars. Everyone remembers the prohibitions of the German and Italian governments which prevented foreign correspondents from gathering honest news : nd then torba'ie them to file any ihoy happened to glean. <In the authoritarian nations, newspapers still are. permitted to publish only what the governments stipulate, and foreign correspondents arc supposed to fl only official communiques or Information b 1 -.... thereon. In some South American cotmlticf i.i.'h conditions still prevail. As in prewar Eiuopc, condlloins in dictator-controlled Ir.ncis ay be reported honestly only by those .who have left those countries. Certainly, if the rest of the world had better •understood Gennan ami Japanese thinking, the risk, of war would have been ICM. Still truer, it • SO THEY SAY RELEASED FROM FAST": AIRPLANES ARE LAUNCHED IN TO PREVENT" THE AIR BLAST FROM TEARIWG THE BIRDS TO PIECES / THE PI6EONS QUICKLY FREE THEMSELVES ASJD FLY HOWE,. " MlEN YOU GO TO GET A HAIR . ICUT, YOUtserTHEM /U/cur,'%/ PFC.PAULKOWALSKt, Ar/ny A St. Joseph ASPIRIN . URGES! SELLER M 10' Shoes arc costly— have them rc- newert where cx- acting care combined with superlative workman- thelr being properly Every style of repair Is made here —RIGHT! Cl- SUOUIS CARDINALS MADE MOKE. fA&oRs* THAN «<//V,S-IN THE 1943 WORLD SERIES. ' . „ 9-18 NEXT: Why do we say mirror-breaking Is unlucky? Dr. J.L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main Some day the Germans may be able to prove that they think a man matters, that we all are members of the same human race, that they are not out to run the world. Until then handshakes and palsy-walsy stuff arc out—Stars and Stripes. Army newspaper, on fraternization. • * * No ouc nation Is resourceful enough to achieve security nnd a high .simulant ol llvlmj while leaving Ihc rest of the world in a postwai wilderness.—Dr. Iialah Bowman, president Johns Hopkins U. • . . We must never forgrt that IT we are to light our enemies at the places and times ol our choosing it will be because \ve maintain sen power.—Navy Secretary James Forrwtal. » » » On no account dare \vc Ignore the great domestic problems—shims and racial prejudices, economic aurt political mcir.ipoUcs, and, above all, the Ihrcat .if unemployment—which make up so much of democracy's unfinished b\u;liu?.ss.—Dr. Everett Case, president Colgate U. • » * We are getting romc of the finest pllols In the world now. They ore fnr superior to the Gcnmu pilots, who are deteriorating rapidly.— Col. Ron J. M. Dlakcslec, Eagle Group commander back from England. In Hollywood RV KRSK1NK JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent Carlos Ramirez, a South American opcrn star who spent $25,000 i" eight mouths as n night club cus- omcr in New York, is now letting he Hollywood night clubs support Ini. Also the Hollywood bridge ilnycrs. He's the current rage of movlc- own's after dark prowlers and lie s nlso doing nil right on the radio UK! in M-G-M filimisicnls. Also vllh the Hollywood ladies. "I have a trick voice," he says. 'I can sing anything." And yo" ran sec him on Ihc screen In "Bailing Bcnuly." But. don't ask to observe his iridge technique. You mlgh; have to cnsh In some of your War Bonds. "They sny I don't know how to iilny zc bridge so I sny I don't know how but I am always winnings." He exhibited a bank book. Since July 19, he hnd deposited $1057. "That ces bridge winnings," he grinned. "A special bank account just for zc pigeons I meets." He is also very lucky with "the dices," Onn night in New York Xnvier Cugal cnmc up lo Ramirez's apartment, nnd Carlos lost $185. A few days later he met CugiH again. Carlos asked, "llavc yon got your dices with you?" Cugat said he had. Carlos beamed thinking about it. "I made n straight passes at | $20 a throw. And yon know what? That Ciigiit he still owes rue $20.'" WINK, WOMKN, AND HONG Carlos is a happy-go-lucky latin vho trains on wine, women, and oiig. After singing until 2 a. in. nt night- club, he plays bridge the cst of the night. . He mn away from home at 11 to | J EN and sing In n theater in Panama. He helped soil phonograph records in i music store by singing with the records, tic studied singing in 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'5 Dr or S t t r t Main & Lake Phone 2822 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICKS I'hone 22!tl DRS. N!ES & NIES OSTFOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 ClJnlc 614 Main BlythcrlUe, Ark. Phone Z»21 Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BlyUieville, Ark. Phone 2911 Copyright, 10H, NBA Service, Inc. VII I the wind wns full of hilarity; the IN aiut Sue had prophesied sunlight filled the: world with i -vi i iii,i hr. cnv rad iuicc and brought back youth, what Margaret wouk be say- T ~nr-l,r,i tl>n Hfth ^ Oiir Boarding House wi'th Maj.Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams VOL) DOM'T HAFF TO WHATARE^iDU VAVJPIKIG, IWG AWP FAIMTIMG FOE'? IT DlDW'T HIT M3UR FOOT; DID (T? (•lo^rVS BEARD J It-JTU RUOO.\\ .. SHELL'fO <31T V, SHELL SHOCK, I DOVOU? LOOK AT THAT DEMT IM \ TH' FLOOR-LOOK \ VWUT 1 EXCAPEP BY A HAIR- OW-OOH-H/ ^ 6^ HE COl^Vi IF SO, THIS.SLAB, LET TV^E C06S/ A. (A (\N\MER-? Ihi6lri6 CIPHERS = Buenos Aires »t\A wound up as Ihc No. 1 baritone in the opera there. Even sang duets with Lily Pons in "Uicin" on her South Amcricnu ambition, of course, was the] Metropolitan in New York. "But they told me n South American barilo'iin would mean nothings, in New York. They said I would I have to go to Italy first, study and ' sins thorn, and then they would liook me into the Met." So early in 1039 Carlos took $25,000 out of the bank nnd headed for Hnly via New York. War broke out. "So I decided lo stay in New York." The Mel offered him a smnll role but he toriird It down. Eight months later his S25.CM) wns gone. "1 spent H" he chuckled, "on lltlle things Mostly at night clubs. I wns about broke when somebody offered me night club job. so I look it." ' i lie was a big hit nnd sang at Hi fanciest spots. Later he snug will oiiern companies hi Chicago am Philadelphia and made a conccr tour of the country. Then M-G-iX gave htm a movie contract. TELEI'IIOSIO C1IAKMKII Carlos' Latin charm overwhelm th c ladles. Even on the telephone The other day he side-swiped n en parked on the street, wrecking fender. There wns no one nroun so he stuck his name nnd tclcphon number under the windshield wi| I -L' wlial Margarci woum uu «ij- , reached the MEa.^s.'s ffiustfur gone them one better Well, oil, ^ h ^ all thc terrible couples I ever met! Lord, what could they ever have seen in each other?" " YOU stvmied Walt" laugh fifth Hint Lcn ^d^,r leaned not Ij^dnoddedindi.erent,, eighth toe, where a woman's foursome was gathered for the drive- is oilier three On anotlifrV, • was giving.* and permanent i. .. and had simply murmured: 'Tastes diHer." X' „• , garet had persisted. "Ho barged ,lo the house as if ho were chare- Three windblown wives and a widow ' was isl straightening ng a Japanese pill-house- JI^^S^Io t,^o^n whatever you call it. And you sat l_ a ^ Drummoml . Hilyard watched her make thc drive, her skirts whipping about her in an eager spiral. Her fine laughing :s followed the ball as her club Ming round over her left slioul- It was a long straight shot, she was a scries of swift ics as flic unwound hers o had not been there, ho had As they walked hack Lcn noted with what a brooding interest Wall studied thc wives and widows they passed, the brides and llio nubile girls. * * * O N thc tennis courts, Mrs. Fanny Kibbcn, mother ot six, was playing a hot game with three ot her children, while the oilier Hire- waited their turns. ~ court Mrs. Kale Dorr her husband a hard fight, thcr on, Mrs. Digby Thrope was hunched up in front of an easel and painting n portrait of an eminent live oak tree. She sold her pictures for whatever she could get. They were not art but they paid the rent. Her crippled husband sat by in a wheel chair. "Glorious thing," Hilyard said, stood there, "the companionship of n man and a woman, going hand in hand down the years." "You ought to make a poem ot that," said Bccklcy. At thc swimming pool on the higher plaltorm appeared a young man and a young girl—Tom and Jennifer. They were holding hands rather solemnly. They paused, then ran forward and launched themselves into thc air . ; m , trhmn ,hant Hilyard laughed: demand for "a"separate" room of 1 "Funny how widowhood seems cr own to 1 )C P llp sornc wonicn! If Jennifer couldn't lake care "Funny how a widow seems to of herself, he could not accom- Pep «P some men," Leu answered, plish that miracle for her. So he "Keep your eye on the ball, Wall, had fallen asleep, having had a and remember you arc an old hard day at thc office, and a married man. Arc you going to •harder night with another hard make your shot or not? Ivc got 1 day ahcsd ot him. you stymied." 1 The next morning he break- Seeing that Hilyard was still ; fasted alono, and got away to his j gazing at Mrs. Drummond, 1 office without learning when Jen- | felt a recrudescence ot his sorrow in twin swan-dives of almost pitiful beauty. They swam a long way under water and came to the surface with hands rejoined. It struck Hilyard that marriage was like that. He nnd Margaret had taken the plunge with emir- age and ecstasy, but their hands had severed she had i'n C M I home his wife's .door was closed and said: 1 uic gin , as R m(ltc rc i ju i ie , HC was glad j "I give y when her rebukes were mute. made a dnto for dinner nnd . drove over and picked him ui After'henring him sing, cirls are always calling him on the telephone. "They're all 17," he said. "niiH Uiev all ask If I'm married." nan scvtitu IUIVA UL.- ^ ---up trying to swim, and since hart just basked and yawned on thc ledge of the pool of life. But Bccklcy was saying: "My boy nnd your girl—they make quite a team, don t they? It would be funny it— At this moment Bob Dimbar came up and challenged Wall to n game at a dollar a hole. He probably had a sinister purpose; and desired lo pump Walt as to his domestic bankruptcy. But Walt begged oft and suggested T HE next afternoon he kept his Lcn. "What's wrong?" engagement to play golf with I "I'm just not in f pn Becklev. A light, coquettish Sorry. You can nnd w^r^^ v ..«s k %«fe^r5rr j,,o. ,.*>• ... the mood. You can find somebody for divorce next month. curacy, of both .their shots, biajhouse.".. had defaulted with Lcn. Leu agreed and he and Bob went oft with a stare ot commiseration so keen lhat it puzzled Walt. (To Be Continued)

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