The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARlty COURIER NEWS Eiafly Wlxapn, Society Editor 9 Phone 461 „.„-- r jjis Guests Honored f 'ttfe?te$s'With Parly Miss Mary Stacy Collins and .«~ 7 — Mary Louise McDanlcl, who [.have been housegues.ts of Mr. ;«nd Mrs. E F i ,? : 'Fry, ' wcro ,-iS>ni- Jplimentcd with several parties jje- ,forc their return 1 yesterday lo itheir homes in Memphis. \ Their hosless entertained Mmi- <)ay night \\'ith a parly for fcur tables of gutsW. When -the group .j-.-j^., . — fdge. *and'.runiiny. prl^'-a i.weie 'awarded to Miss Franc-es (Chouse, Miss Mary ixm Jcyner ijind Miss ^ Jo ^ "Arm Slmlik*. 'liio l,g«cst,v,of 7lwiSp'r'-''»lso P 'were pre- ; <;ented gifts. Arrangements of hydrangeas, cliasta daisies and other Summer ^flowers detoralesl. the hainu Tor i^tlie occasion?? This hostess survi\ tee fresh mo nts ....'of .sandwiches with j^iosted drinks, assisted by Mrs. i!W. Marion Williams. Blythevilie Man Claims Bride ', Mrs. Williams cnlertalncrl with jti hamburger supper honoring the )(two Memphians and several other ilnformal parlies were given for ithem, • ' ' ' I*. * • * [Norfolk'Lake Attracts i.Mariy for Fourth Holiday [I Cool Norfork Like, located in the • picturesque Ozjrk. ^Mountains, is i jthe spot where- maiiy .Brj'theville ' {people will spend --their ''Fourth of) (July holiday. J- Those wlio liave cabins there and I Iplan to go. or left earlier this ijveek, include Mr. , ai> ( t Mrs. J. L. jNabers' and daughter. Miss Mary >Jo Nab3r3, and Mr. and Mrs. H. R. 'E.-liiimrk and Oscar Elliott, who Heft Iflday; Mr. ,and Mrs. R. C. 'Colemflii and children and 'Mis. jHarry Sanson, wlio will ,!eavn to-morrow; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gates, .who went tqdriy. Mr. und Mrs. <?ei-cj'"Wrii;Tit"aiid' daughter. Oor- ?thy.i lilrihning to go tomono-.v and ;Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Hardy, wlio left itoday. Supper Party to Honor jRainbow Girls, Guests S. A' 'supper will be given tonight 'at fi:3fl o'clock . at the Masonic ^•Hall for charter members of a ;E!ytheville Assembly 6C Rainbow ;Girls, which will bl> institulcd:' in Sv service inter in tlia evening, mcm- Jiers of the Osceola Assembly of Hniniow Olr!s and members of the Kdvisory board. U The institution will be held at 8 o'clock at (he hall. All Order •of the Eistern star' momters and Bias-oils are invited ; to attend this . service, it was anno'tmced. New Tint IMatura! Suntan Mr. and Mis. Lloyd Hnibld Flormnn are shown following thciv recen marriage in Chattanooga. She is the former Miss Marilyn daughter of Mr. und Mrs. Manuel Horowitz of Chattanooga, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Flonnan, ill) West Chirm- SI.' niiiko (heir home in Marluuna. Ilorowll and he I: They wll Bits of News Mrs. Avcry Blanchard Hostess to Avalon Club . -Mrs. Avery lllanchard was hostess yeslerday afternoon to members of Avalon Bunco Club. Mis. IJin Gilbow won high score prter In sjnnes, bunco went to At The Hospitals DIA'THKVILLE HOSPITAL Admitted: • J. D. Nicols. city. C'nrl \Vnync Hughes-, city. Johnny llogan. city. Dismissed: / Model Ginjer Johnson tries «ut new bronze-colored liquid [Which puts a convincing sun;tan on pale shin, . • I*. By AUCM-IMRT NBA Staff: Writer .. Don't fret because you cai:'( take a suntan. i;Ready to oblige women who can't or don't, want to make a burnt sacrifice of their sk'iii for j;deep, rich tan is a clem- liquid Unt that lakes one. This new «w- *»etic puts a convinchij bronze t«lor on arms, hands, legs and ntidrift as well as on the face and Mr.;. Haskell Blankenship and low to Mrs. John douse. The club presented Mrs. Raymond Shamlin a table lamp us « ''birthday gift. . •'' ; HeCfeshitie'nts of a solid witliVU'ssert and cold drinks served by the hosless. Mrs. Hays Entertains Baptist Cluirch Class Mrs. Archie T. Hays was hostess Insl- nlstlit to 10 members Friendship Glass of First Church for the monthly business and social session. Mrs. I,. C. Evans led the opening prayer and Mrs. Ivan R. Van- Pntlen gave Ihe devotionnl entitled "We Are What We Delieve." Thi .-hostess served a dessert course. Miss McClintock Wed To MoHlana Resident Mi«4 Eleasb- McClintock of Eldred. III., daiighler of S. P. Walker of Blytheville,-and Elmer M. Smith of Cut iBank, Mont., were married in a ceremony Monday afternoon at the home, of Da\> Walker, near Blytheville. The Rev. n. E. Shaw, pastor of the Church of C.od at Burdctle, officiated. Mr. ami Mrs, Paul Yarbrough were their attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will mnkc Iheir home in Cut Bank. Mrs. Richard 1'rltchiud and baby, I c "<r- . -Mrs. Max Watson, Arniorel. Births; | Born lo Mr. ami Mrs: Albert Car- plate; 11 - 11 '' ult >'' " dmiMhu'i'. yesienlay. were! WAU,y HOSPITAL | Dismissed : Mrs. W. M. Uarnes, Steele, Mo. Mrs. J. II. PlOWClS 1111(1 iKlljy. city. Mrs. Jowei Oivens and baby, city. Mrs. Cleas Yaruro, city. Joyce AtrCorniicIx. Lii.xoni. Miss Jean Moore, city. , BAPTIST HOSPITAL, Memphis Dismi.ssc<l: Mrs. C. li. Pflltrrson. Manila. Kntlierluc Holibins, Wilson. Mrs. lialph L. Od'.ey -.aid daugli- tiji, Harriett Ann, of Lexington, Ky., arc visiting Mrs. OcJIcy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Greene. Mrs. J. R Tompkins returned today from New York City, where she has been the two months with her daughter, Mrs. .lumes E. Tnll Mr. Till), mill their Infant S0 ti' James Eslll, Jr. Mr. niitl Mrs. A. a. Little left today for Battle Creek, Mich., where y will six'tul Ihrec weeks. Irs. Louise Ynrbro was weekend guest of her sisters, Mrs. Cecil Hob- cisoii and Mrs. Kinmu Bader of Ca- rutliersville. Mo,, und her brother. J. 11. Mick and family of Charter Oak, Mo. Miss Margaret Hill is spending the week In Houston, MI.SS., us guest of her grandmother', Mrs. Davis, and oilier relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Webb ire ut home at 1033 West Chickir- suwlia Ave., following Hielr return Here tiller a wedding Irlp in the South. Mrs. Webb is the former Miss Patricia Wise. Mrs. O. 11. Iioone left today for Kentucky to visit over the Fnitrtli with her sons. In Louisville she will be guest ol Daniel Iioone and family, in Kll/abethtown she will visit Walter Iioone and family and In Murray, she will he guest of O. Ii. iioone. Jr.. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Jackson were in Memphis Unlay to see her son, Eugene Aulen, who is a patient at the Veterans' Hospital. Grady Magee will arrive tomorrow to visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. I. fieay and family. Mr. anil Mrs. W. R. Jones nnd Iss Mary Fields Jones of Payette- ville. N. C.. are .spending their vacation here with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Uclotc and family. Mr and Mrs. William T. Slcw.xri, will iifrive tomorrow from Arkansas State, Jonesboro, to spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. U. H. Holt and Billy and Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Stewart and family. Air. and Mrs. Ebb Sprudley will spend the Fourth in Harrison as guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shinn. Also in Harrison Irj be the guest ol Mr. and Airs. Shinn is her mother. Mrs. Herman Wnlpolc. Mrs. \V. A. Carter .and son, 'Billy, are In I.lttle Rock as guests of her brother-in-law, Gerald Carter, ami family. Mrs. James Williams of Memphis will spend the Fourth with her mother, Mrs. J. E. Crook; Mrs;. M. O. Usrcv, accompanied by Mr, and Mrs. O'dcll Senders of Greenwood. Miss., lelt yesterday for t\ tonr of Canada. They will return home the 15th. Miss jean Moore is at day after Mrs. Jessee Stitt Named Head of Women Greeters Mrs. Jessee Slitt will head Oio Women's Division of Arknns.u Chapter of Hotel Cirectcr.; of America following her election fiattirclny night when the division was rc-otganlrfU at a meeting ,,( ">e Arkansas Greeters in Malvei-n. Mrs. Clare Clink, sister of Mr Sltt, was elected secretary. Lloyil Jacks of Prescott WHS named president and John Copclnnd ol Little I Hock, secretary of the enlire .•.(ale chapter. A buffet supper ami "<| a nc.i at Park Hotel Saturday niijhl. con- iliulcU the meeting, which more limn 103 iwoplo utlciulcil. oth- !!• than Mr. ami Mrs. StiU, (?o|ii ( > From Hlylhcvlllo wero Mrs. i[eieii Sporllcllo. Miss Lucille Vastljlnd- T, Mrs. Ktta Paine and Waller Anders, Mr. Stitt, secretary or thu Cen- tral-Soiilliwest Regional Cireeteis raid today tliat (hu regional milling would be held this summer ii Little Hock. The date ha.i noi WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 1017 Scarf Pictures a Puzzle A picture puzzle translated into pure silk makes the design for the scarf of the Baptist. at lonsllec the Walls Hospital. " •Comvmnv In Memphis. Miss Jnanita Meidow.s »ntl On'ia Sharpe of Mejnuhis \ver weekend guests . of relatives ii Elowah. Mr. and Mrs. Brown sisco and children of Detroit. Mich., motorei lo Etowali. accomnanied by Wan Jcen set. modeled right. Shown in Brooke CadwatJader's new 'collection, the scarf has jigsaw cc'.uuts in black, while anil j colors We the Women L ' y estock ••••••«.. BY HUTU MH.M'.TT NBA Staff writer A school teacher s..>ys- "It Jisgnsts me to see a woman toucher lake evident prid- in someone's remark:. 'I never 'would liavc taken you for , .1 u^clier ' The publio nuvcr will put ini aiipraisal on any profession thai higher than thai accoalert by its own mcinbers." She Is absolutely vighl, or c.'nirse. And y«t I've heard ynung, attractive school teachers say that when they net away from their home towns on vacation trips ihcv ilon't admit lo strangers thin ihev ure school teachers. They arc sire they will' have :i hotter tlmo If Ilicy don't wear the scliuol te.->cfi- er label. Now just why should an at- tnvjtive incmber of the te.irli- profrssion | )C nslinmed to ad- mil ihul she is a teauacr? Nurses aren't, ashnmed to let Hi? world know they arc nurses Air ii'ie hostesses arc proud of 'i!«-ii- J O { K A girl says, "I'm ti privntc "secretary," with a feeling of jjciil- and imuortance. EACJIt'H AW.IKCTIVKS Wluit If the public hasn't ont- jjrown the nolion that -'iiriui," anil "stniil-laceil" are proper adjsctivcs to apply to » school teacher? Isn't it about, time the public forgot that silly attitude? But how is the public goiiv to do it when women teacher.'; mark. ST. IOUI3 " <Ur: IS.COO; .Inly 11.000; 1.JJ3, all sal:il)i B; n ( , ( ,d steers and nulfiTs lully sti-adv Iti strong lower crade.s <-o!n| ); ,ralivi'l- siov; Si'V- DPT.ION.-DEPE Day and night our registered} phnrnuicists anil aixjtlirciiry jars; • pestle, mortars and scales arc at* work compounding pii'scriplujiis * to the leltcr. We illl prescriptions J ami deliver as fast a'> it Is possi-• ble to do (lit job with .scientific* pic'cision. J ROTHilOCK DRUG STORE 205 W. M.iin 1'hono -Ifi or tHun . , - ruesilay'.-, average. J^hter and sows, 25 1C 53 C lilwtr - s ?l5a-34.75; 163 lo 270 Ibs 23 W- .Ly; few 270 to aoa Ibi 222o-->'(- ; 130 lo 150 Ibs ?2 S3 -24 53- "jO') 120 Ib pigs, I9.50-22.C3; aood ''70 to roo-lh sows. IX.03-19.25; wcichts over S30 Ihs IC.53-17.S; most sli'-s 13.U3-15.IU Cattlo 4,700; sa!ab':e 3.0:0; calves ,. toy sjdHd steers 2r>.0:-20.7J: a fc.v I medium around S3 IK; choice mi.v- cd sti'i'rs i!iul heifers lo 20 so- on«s fn)>. ncady. l ni t i,j., p M ki-r's di-i- l-I.i\in« Ixiarish tpiideni-ies. CHIIno: M :.i:d cutlcir cows IC-.IB-i'J.OO. The Rnyal collie of Ku'.'ffris. m fondrm, c.jntain.s i, •; ild to he ihc oldi-si Kgyiitio! m( im:uv kiuiAii. rt is Hint „'. fiii-Nnter :)f Ihe third dynasty, about 291)0 H C. Iiulivitiual Chicla-ii 1'nl wilh Plukcy C'nisf — l>iit(cr HOTEL NOBLE COFFES SHOP ^ selves ure flattered ay the le- 'I never would l.-ivo taken for a teacher.' nit they ought lo reply' ) o lat mi.sgnidcd alleinpt at flatter/ i;--"Ycs. I'm a teacher— and I'm promt of it." One Dead, Another Hurt [l.n Nashville Plane Crash /NASHVILLE, Tenii.. July 1 (Up) —Henry w. Britniv,. 21, Nashvill... na mill Olive" Jack'son." nieces of ™ mn ' n ed In critical condition to- Mrs. Sisco, who had been visiting ??A fr ° 1 ! 1 a l n ''™le plane crash that Detroit. Dnrine their killed his buddy, pilot of the pin Elowah, Mr. and Mrs. Sisco will be, - ve ^'ei'dny aUernoon. '•nests of her parents, Mr. and M. H. Sisro, Mr. and and Mrs. Etovfah Hews •Mrs. Laura Johnson and son, Charles, of Long Be.ich, Calif.. Mrs. of | S. Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. n. Nnruli Ciirdlrv and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cockerham ai-" vacationing in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. shed Kenl and children nf Houston, Texas, are Lyle Cnmiibrll and cliihlreni visiliru; Mrs. -Kent's 'pirenls, Mr. •.1 Monte. Calif., Pearl Monttonte of l-omiia. Calif., are guests in (ho home of H J. •Meadows Hr.. of Etowali. Miss Florence Speaks, who is attending Memphis Stale College. Spent the weekend with her family. Clayton May spent the wilh Russell 'sparks in Memphis. 'Samniic May Is visiting !i?r cousin. Audio Mae MrAilhnr, in Jone.sboro. Miss RnIh Bracken has accepted Mrs. Mask of Hatcher. a position --, ----Oliver - Pinney Mrs. w. H. Shellon has returned from Marked Tree, where she went lo attend funeral sewicds for Connie Wright, held there' Sunday. Hyrrt Harris has returned from Jonesbbro, where he attended to onesr veckond business. •Mr. and Mrs. A. Norton and children were In Morro and I.itlle Itock tliis week, where he attended to business. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wallace and son. Mike, were guests of Mr. : -This tint is easily applied with a., cotton swab, it doesn't st rra k or mottle on th e skin. Such a con- ™ced sun-color will be n welcome a,M to those who are out, f m - a regular ta n aj ^u; Tha make- believe tan, ..which- doesn't block out sun. rays, can be « seil to keep ^Inter pallor hidden until ti r»al bronze develops. ; Women who never tan as uniformly as they would like "to- can uee the tawny cosmetic covV this IfcmM tint provides to bring pale s*ln up to par with darker sun- smacked areas. • .. SHOE CLEARANCE Starting Thursday A!! Broken Lots Of SPORT OXFORDS - MOCCASINS SADDLES $400 All Sales Cash-No Approvals-No Lay-Away Displayed on Rack Children's Play Shoes Sizes 12-2 98c %\ A / " 0> «* v • WIHH TIE'S * T — <^»n>>. . Silk Hose, Vol. 2.25, Nylon, Cotton Top- Value 1.60— On Sale 98c H. died W. Chnntllcr, 25, NolcnsvlUc, Instantly w hen the Palrcliii-j trainer went into a stall from wh fh taking o.'f it did not recover, nftei from n private field Airport officials said the uiUit took off with landing flaps lowere-l and they holieve this may hnv» slowed the plane to ;- danger point. The accident occuircd a le\v niin- ntes after Hie takeoff. Coming Events THURSDAY 'Mrs. Harold Ilinson entertains Jolly Eight Club. Wallace's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wallace of Hatcher, for a brief time. Karl anil James Harris of Senath. Mo., were guests' of their parents, Mr. und Mrs. Bird Harris. Saturday. ON USED Wltoii wo liny a lined r;ir to sell, \vc \wy a fair 'Iratlc price ti> I lie seller nolliilig extra on the side. In (urn, we f;ti! :^ yon n( a small niuvKiip |!<-rcen(;iirc . . . keeping the price down as low :is possible. Tliis wiiy, you slaud lo K ci a better buy from us and \ve are assured of benefilini; from your palrona^c in the fndirc! BUY AT BETTER PRICES FROM POOLE POOLE MOTOR CO ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator Highway 61 North at Stec/c, Mo. Phone Steele 49 SALE i OFF MOSS BRYAN will Fciilm'p a Summer SoleTobSe Doudoir Ijinnps, Liriws Pdrtos, Bill Folds. Stiapshot Albuins, Children's Blocks and FifRie Banks, MatchabelM and Ouuriclli Lipsticks. Powder auil Creams THE GIFT SHOP !«.'{ R:is( J/ain Street Continuous Shown Every Day Itox Office Opens 1:45 Show £turt:i 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m 4:30 p.m. l.nst Time Today Mr. District Attorney iviilj Dennis O'Krefc and Margiiret €h:\inn:iii SelerU-iJ Short Siibjeris Thursday anil Friday HUNT S1ROMEEXG prc-.e. HEOY LAMARR GEORGE co.s, 0 ,,™ LOUIS [SANDERS-HAYWARD ' raraniount Nt-ws A Kclerled Shorts Conlinuous Shuwiii; Everyday' llox Office Opens ai 1:00 p.m. b'hmv Starts 7:lf> p.m. Opens Sunday 1:30: sf.irts 1:15 Continuous Slmws Sat. and San. lljrgnin Ni«ht F.ver; Niglii Exrcft Nil passes honored cm Sunday al the Koxy Time Today DOUBLE KEATURK Backlash with Kicli:>iil Travis .ind .'ran KORCTS Red Droqon hT willi Siitncy Tolcr Thursday and Friday Stork Club with Kelly lintlon and Bnrry Fil/jjcnilrt Selected Short Subjects

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