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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 31

Orlando, Florida
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Orlando. Florida, April 27, 1547 PoSe 31 Zkt frnntag IT Vegetable Industry Contact Men Picked Twenty-nin Florida Vepetablp producers were named yesterday as cnntac-t men between Florida growers arA ihe Florida Veeetable Committee in connection with a Statewide vegetable merchandising program to be de-veloped at a rrpetms here June 36-13. 13 occainn xirtr auai tm, of u. i Committees Named a 14- Aev Ail -W' I gros tf majority By rederOilSTS ih fr.n shipped from Prof. Oorse Saute, of a --mL oil tne State.

It 1 fxpwteij to tt- th Winter Park Cnaptr of Unit- a ..11. tract Bior than 1 000 tsao ni World Federalists, yeterciaT producers and suppliers njiounced the following rommii- L. Sturkey. Pahokee, rommit-t chairman, appointed to corj.tai.-t growers tx at-tetnda nrr: CecJ Barbae, Pernne: J. Poinpano; F.

E. Cooper, lake Woi'th: John Gregory. Dania; lt, Hayman. Be'lt Glade: Boft Chamberlain. Pahnkee; George Fu-her.

Indianton. T. M. Ft. Myers: C.

Ucs: PoiiUca! action: Mrs. Label Marcus, rhiiiman. Mabel H. Kuk. and Dr.

Nathan Starr. Publicitv: Charles P. Hammond and Wndham Haaid, co-chairman, and lin Vincent. Prom am: Horace A. Toilefson, chauman.

Or. C. Wend'-'U and Rev. Kpiineth Rogers.

Th United World Federalist chapter as orsanizr-d, recently at Rollins College. t. i Xir4 I Farm Bureau Near End Gaunt. Ochopee: Jack Vero Beach: M'wxiy Whiddon. Ft.

Pierce: Henrv Sanfojd, W. Fstes, Ovieao: J. B. McCal-lum, Hastings. R.

Nrabrrrv; I. B. IteVare, Rdduk: I). I. tur-flth, Trnt: (i.

I Kpirea. I a-CrtMM; n. II. Ilaff, MrlntMh; T-O. fcmith.

Hummert irld. Grwer Huppell. J. B. Of Hospital Group Drive Orange Coun'y Farm Buret a ill md up I's drie for r.e members in ita Blue Cross hospital service group Wednesday, according to K.

Moore, former County Broan. Webster: Hewlett Fomby. Agricultural Asent. The drive thus Okahumpka; Huh Issuer, Win- far has increa.sed membership 30 ter Garden. per cent, he said.

J. 8. Barnes. Plant City; lister, L. FU berry.

Puskin: Max Cohen.1 About one-fourth of all U. 8. Palmetto; R. L. FlAher, Waurhula Senators In 1947 were more thai and L.

T. Thompson, Saravsota. i 6S years old. OlttlOND A. ricADEE son, A.

L. Beat, Ellerbe Smith, E. F. Bohlman, J. W.

Lyles, Campbell Thornal, C. H. Seatt, Miss Shirley Anne Hunt, Mrs. J. L.

Ingle, "Radio Nick," Mmes. E. L. Brewton, O'Neal Johnson, Orlando; Mrs. Guy Cloado, Winter Park: Second Row.

Mmes. T. C. Brenaman, A. M.

Ha ght, Charles Auten, W. H. ii vrttn pnmrrT nrnrr" GIRL SCOUT LEADERS' ANNUAL OVERNIGHT: Guests of Delmar "Radio Nck" Nicholson, these Girl Scout Leaders recently spent the night and cooked in the open on Idle Bay Isle as a part cf their annual outmg. Left to right labovel, first row: Mrs. Mildred Drunson, Winter Park; Mrs.

Lincoln Barnes, Mmes. L. J. Hagood, G. L.

Ayers Jr C. R. Davis, E. M. Ivey, Dome, L.

A. Hatton. R. M. Williams, W.

J. Glass, J. P. CuId. i H.

Cotton Mather, Wayne M. Dornbirer, Orlando; Mmes Flos- 30 PINE ST. PHONE 5301 Orlando. Standing: Mmes. H.

F. Huy, R. H. Lester, H. G.

Wil-I sie Rotter, Kelly Pfleug and Ha Holhday, Winter Park. I tendencies In Important fteg-' mtnli." Both wholesalers and retailers have managed to build up war-depleted stocks of goods, the department said. Gasoline Blast. Threat Averted Early Business Peak Forecast Report Given By Merchants Association Executives LearnWhat Success Can Spell Out for Human Heart CHICAGO UP Eifihty-five top-fliftht Chicago executives got a glimpse yesterday of what success can do to the human heart. Chicago Heart Assn.

invited the men to lunch at the Union League Club. They ate heartily and laughed at a SMALL LOTS SURPLUS SALE The Orlando Army Air Base Salvage Officer Is offering to the general public, for Inspection and acceptance of sealed bids, the Items listed below, together with hundreds of other useful article which are en display In Building T-20R9 located In Headquarter Area) and Building T-1111 (located In Salvage Yard) 30 April thru 1 May (rirrpt Saturday and Sunday) from A.M. until 4 P.M. Joke or two. And then a doctor showed the Grange Seeks National 'Economy of Abundance' WASHINGTON TAP! The Na-' tlonal Grange handed Congress i yesterday a sweeping farm program calling for a national i "economy of abundance." i Albert 8.

Goss. Grange master who presented the plan to the House Agriculture Committee, said Circular tow tablw WASHINGTON IUPJ American business Is ft 111 climbing but the chances are It will begin to level eff befoie long, the Commerce Department said tonight, In an analysis of current business the department said: Production Is tip and output cf final products continues to move towards a better balance as a result of increasing raw material supplies and organizational gains along the assembly lines." But. It added, there are "In-creasing evidenrea of leveling Threat of a gasoline fire and explosion that might have wrecked nearby plants and installations was averted by firemen yesterday at the Gulf Refining Co. bulk plant. 311 West Robinson where a storage tank overflowed as it was being filled from a railroad tank car.

Company officials called the Orlando Fire Department as soon I as the overflow was noticed, and the gasoline soaked area was cov-vered with water and chemicals to eliminate the danger. I Praising the company for Its promptness, Fire Chief Max Bennett said that a large quantity of gasoline spilled in the plant yard and was flowing along a ditch beside the railroad track. It could easily have been Ignited by a carelessly thrown match or a spark from a passing locomotive, he said. Officials said the storage tank potential surpluses from a 35 per cent Increase In farm production "when and If war-caused demands cease" constitute "the heart of the larm program." hard-working executives what can happen to an overworked heart. Four human hearts were displayed in large bottles, in what the Association said was the first exhibit of its kind ever held.

One was a normal heart, about the size of a nian'i fist. One was a gnarled heart, which had swelled to about twice the normal site. It belonged to a hot-tempered newspaper executive who had a stroke while arguing with an assistant. Another distorted heart was that of a department store executive who wouldn't alow down when the Carpenter tool Lift raft Binocular! Animal 5ird cagei Offict desk I Filing cabinets Offict Chain Kitchen utensils Truck 5th wheels Tool boxei wtooli Assorted tools Clothing Silbey Stoves Chain hoist Electric coblt Logging tools Electrical equipment Offict equipment Retuscitator Sprayers Crosscut saws Garden tools Blankets, wool Mauls Folding tables Electric ovtn Forge blower Extension ladders Wood benches Blow torches Stock pots Mess troys Arc wtldtr Prtscription scales Fire extinguishers Hospital supplies Anvils Bedside tables Garage equipment doctor told him to. It had puffed like a toy balloon.

The last as the heart of a man who had followed the doctor's orders. He had a heart attack hen he was 65. His physician told him to relax, to he started enjoying life. He was 10 when he died In his sleep. The department store rxerutlve was 70.

The newspaperman was only 5S. Dr. Louis N. KaU. director of the cardio vascular research at Michael Reese Hospital, said one out of every two of the nation' doctors, executives, lawyers, and newspapermen die of hiRh blood pressure or hardening of the arteries.

One out of every three persons In the entire nation die of these two heart afflictions or rheumatic fever, KaU said. Dr. G. K. Fenn, Association president, said: "We also have observed that the dynamic, quick-tempered, hard working people seem to develop mast cases of heart disease.

It mieht be a good idea for these people to slow down and take it easy." Describing as "successful" the most comprehensive promotion program in their hustory. directors of the Orlando Retail Merchants yesterday released the organization's annual activity report. The report declared that the 1948 publicity, advertising and promotion program carried out by the association has resulted in firmly establishing Orlando as the "trade center" of a 75 to 100 mile surrounding area and has been Instrumental in bringing thousands of additional shoppers to the city from within the State. Coupled with an intensive advertising program in newspapers in 16 cities throughout the 75 mile "trading area" the Merchants Assn. sponsored dining the year a series of Orlando celebrations and special shopping days to attract visitors, the report stated.

These included special Christmas, Fall and Spring ojening sales. Christmas parade, fashion shows, street dances and amateur contests. As a part of a general "goodwill cavalcade" plan, more than 70 local merchants attended a special Orlando day celebration at Fustis during the Florida Sportsmen's Assn. Summer exposition. Two other goodwill tours were planned but cancelled becsuse of health conditions during the Summer in other parts of the State, the report said.

According to the report, the Merchant's Assn. "almost completely eliminated from Orlando the evil of fly by night advertising solicitors." This was accomplished, the report stated, through Institution of an advertising code requiring all solicitors to be "cleared" by the Association secretary. During the year 209 requests for advertising "permit" cards were received but only 27 were granted. The association worked in close co-operation during the year with city officials and other civic groups in planning for establish- For further Information rail Captain Darnell or Mr. Bethke, Thone 2-0761 extension 1737.

had been almost filled by truckers Friday night but that the com- i nany office had not been notified. The tank was believed to be emnty when they started transferring 'n'cline from the railroad car, i the" exnlpined. Th storage tank has a capacity i-n-imately 17.000 gallons, i Th f-n' car contained 10.000 nf gasoline. i ment of city owned and operated parking loU in the downtown area to "ease a serious traffic situation." The report stated the Association also has sponsored and "assisted in every way" a movement to bring parking meters to Orlando's downtown section as another means of helping to eliminate the traffic congestion. Operating as a unit of the National Better Business Bureau, the association Investitated during the year more than 50 complaints of poor or dishonest business practices with the result that many corrections were made and the operating license of one company was withdrawn by the city, the report revealed.

As a part of the Better Business Bureau operations, hundreds of inquiries were answered and Information concerning Orlando's assets and business opportunities sent to business firms and Individuals over the entire nation, the report stated. The report concluded with an expressed appreciation for the cooperation given the Association by the Orlando Daily Newspapers, radio stations and city officials. NEW TIME THORPE'S "STARS OF TOMORROW" ONYOURWAYHOMEI Deo'l min fttciitttixa Grtts Co Sprinftl St Ntry't 1M Flttt ncKot Stlti mid th cnit ipW dot th katilJ St. Mm Ri'tr. A Flying Family They're smart to fly to vacation-laud more time to enjoy those two weeks no tired feeling, when yon return, Rutland's Travel Service U.

S. Park Executives Plan Meeting in. Miami First reuular meeting of the Florida branch of the National Park Executives Assn. ill be held in Miami Aue. 4 and 5.

City Park Sunt. C. B. Van Cleef announced yesterday following a meeting here earlier In the week. The group discussed clans for wayside narks.

B. F. Sanborn, Tampa, Is president. A totRl of 206 women are serving In State Legislatures, according the Democratic and Republican National Committees. 7 p.m.

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BOUND TRIP FARE. Including 400 meals and berth at sea, only "Tfc fcirtl (J S. S. FLORIDA Leaves MIAMI at 7 P. M.

Apr. IS, 21, Z3, 21, 27. F.ff. Apr. 29, Lv.

Miami Tun. and Fri. Proudly We Hall Sunday Stunriay Matinee J-untlay Matinee SundayMatlnee. fTunday Sunday Musicanna Musirapna NSC Symphony NSC Pymphony NBC Symphony NBC Symphony Barred Heart Dave Rose Bob Burns Bob Burns Jack Benny Jark Beany r'itin Bandwaon FU1I1 Bamlaai.m Stars of Tomor'ow Hiars of Tumor'ow Follow Throuah Guest Star Me Me at Parky'a Me at Parkv Musical Showcase Mtislral Showcase Pops Conrert Pops Conrert Tops Conrert Pops Conrert Nes Cesar Rerrhinner Henty HiiseHs Henry Ku.sri!s New. from NHC Music Hi lir If Kisn Or.

Fran's Ciaia Or. Neas Oif S. S. FLORIDA Leaves HAVANA at 7 P. M.

Apr. 22, 21, 2S, 28. Fit. May 1, t.v. Havana Thnrs.

A Sun. Stt YOUD TRAVEL AGENT far reaerratiotu. er inquire at Municipal WLOF (13TO) WDBO (SDO) t)0 Miloilirs Put he. 2 in Miami, TtUphona t-7t01i er at (01 Honda Nstienoi lank Building. Jacktontille Flerida.

TaUphene 3-241. Or. or WOai (740) fl'-'n (in lorr Pl't THn In Ihe PU Chalii-l In llif Hk Nrwa iirmn P'Titai CliriF'n Hire P' ill C'hrlu lima Si hi Will Ntwii n1up Lurtrni I Time 11 00 Nns Knorts Parade 11 15 BsH ff. ores Ilennv S'ti 11 0 liam onh Itt-nny a a 1 1 4.3 Dalu On ii Ne 1 0 Nes 8un Olf 1 15 Dam Orrh 12 10 I lam Orrh 12 45 Dance Orrh "i 00 Sim Off M'-luillea a M-lmllM 6 41 loiliea 7 no HupM.t ttr. (ran'HrvHl! tptit nrn If.vnll- 7 Thin Our tlulr Oman Krvnl'e 7 4S Ffv.

Bob Jonn CJrun Rvill Churrh of Alr" 15 Rfnfre Valltr Church ot Air Qf.lSH!Iia.

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