The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1950
Page 7
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WKDNKSDAT, MAT S, 1950 PAGE SEVKN The Notion Today: Government Changes— Congress May Okay More of Hoover Plan Life ""« Tax Gremlins By James Marlow < WASHINGTON. May 3. (If)—II Is almost a year since the Hoover Commission made Its last recommendation for reorganizing the government. What's been done? About 20 per cent of the recommendations have ten cati!<!rt out,. Before quitting In »0. congress inny approve me Siit not all. This commission was created by Coivrcss In 1941 and finished its work in June. 1949. It. made 18 bit, reports and 28B recommendations. Former President Hoover headct this commission of 12 Democral and Republicans. It had the help o , HOI) specialists in business and gov eminent. ConRrcss Sri Tl Dp Congress set it up to give the jov eminent the biK&csl looking-ovcr i had ever had and suggest ways i " making It run better and cheaper. Not all 12 commissioners agree on every Item in every rccoinnie] dalion. And the recommendation are not being followed In ever detail. There are .three ways for pnllii them Into effect. 1. The President can set up pla without Congress' say-so. 2. In son cases. Congress can act on its ow bv passing laws. 3. On olher pla the President and Congress bo have a say. (No 3 works like this: Mr. Truman hands Congress « plan. It goes into elfect 60 days later unless Congress disapproves. Disapproval by either hfiw kills it.) Lhot year Mr. Truman offered Congress seven plans, got, six approved. The one killed would have created a department of welfare to unify the health, public welfare and jCycHtlon programs now handled by HEAD BISHOP — Bishop J. Ralph M.ngce, above, of Chicago, is the new president of the Methodist Council of Bishops. He was elecled at the meeting of the council in Cleveland. O. lie succeeds Bishop Ivan Lc« Holt of St. Louis. federal security agency. ^ Six Approved Plans The six approved plans did these things: The U.S. Employment Service and «rtaln other government Jobs dealing with labor were moved Into the department of labor; the bureau of public roads was moved Into the commerce department; to make Mlelr agencies work smoother, more authority was given the top official* of the Post Office Department end the Civil Service and Maritime Commissions; and tin National Security Council and the National Security Resources Board were put more directly In the President's hands. And also last year, Congres» did - these on its own: It unified the armed forces; created the job of undersecretary of defense to ease the load on the secretary: modernized the civil service system a bit; created a new agency, the general services administration, to handle the supply problems of a civilian agencies, most of whom done It individually; and It .sed the reorganisation of the State Department. !i, March of this year Mr. Trn- man handed Congress 21 more reorganization plans. They'll go Into effect May 24 unless Congress disapproves. About 60 per cent of the Hoover recommendations would become a reality if these 21 plans, plus ttiosc set up last year, go through. Congress May Ki 11 . Some But Congress may kill some of the' •- SI. Opposition to several Is building up inside and outsltis Congress. Here are the 21: One would shov* t-lis Maritime Commission, Row an independent •gency, Into t'.ie Commerce Department, (Opposition to this.) Two plans would give the secre- tary of labor more direct control over the work done by some of the agencies now under the Labor Department's roof. Five plans would make some shifts, to and from, the new General Services Administration created last j*iar. Reason: to make it run smoother. Thirteen plans would give more authority to the heads of various government departments and agencies. The strongest opposition has KDITOR'S NOTK: "I.Me With the Tax Gremlins" Is a 12-part thumbnail slorj- of the nations complicated tax slrueture. The characters: Uncle Sam himself, his Gremlin, Stale and Local Tai Gremlins, and you—the taxpayers. It's from an "American Affairs" pamphlet published by the National Industrial Conference Hoard of New Vork, an Independent, non-profit fact-finding: ' n ~ slilullon supported by builn*s», labor and other xioup*. Now look! When the Gremlins leave the ,my wliuliw the bag is less than half full, They lave to take bl'llons more in other ways—as sales taxes on things you buy and then hidden taxes that make these things' even more cosily. If you earn less than $5000 In year it's probable that the Gremlins take more from you in these other taxes than they take at the pay window. People who earn more than S5000 pay approximately one-half of the payroll taxes [Income and social security), but less than one-fifth of the other taxes. More than four- fifths of all the sales taxes and hidden taxes are paid by people who earn less than $5000 a year. "The average person assumes that high income -icople and corporations pay the big share of the taxes. He does' not realize that he pays a share of corporate taxes In the price of everything he buys." — Hep Harold O. Lovre of South Dakota. Gen. Bradley Asks Congress To Keep Draft Laws Alive WASHINGTON Mny 3. H')— than they were when Bradley asked |«dvocalp<t draft, extension curlier tills year. WHO CAlilllKS Till-: l.O.M) (Hlili.inl A. Miillviis, NKA tux c*- prrl, iitiiiits ant. that wliih; r tlif general id«i of tills cartoon Is correct, H may m»l tulip into consideration the fact that Tor every man;; ov.-' S50UB, there iirt- many maUIng less. In other ivorils, the ri^hl-haml 111:111 probably has foiir nr tivu others to help him.) Omar N, Bradley yesterday Conpri'ss to kt>e|i the draft luw nllvc because, as far as he can sec, "there lias been no 'etup in the apKi'esslve extension of communism inward Us goal of world, domlii- .tum." The chairman of the joint chiefs "I Maff was the lirsl \v'tness a.s he House Amit'cl Services Coniinit- trc reopened hearings oti proposals lo extend the draft. H Is due to expire June 24. •Speaking of recent events such as The Baltic pliuic incident, flrad- ley "lid the situation "frankly gives us little cruse for cum fort, and Hllle excuse for delay. "Certainty it 'iiie.s lint support omlimiiiK the selei-iivc service mcnt can call turn up for service at any time. However, there have been no draft, inductions since January, 1049. Bradley replied thai If Individual events are not worse, the accumula tlon of them makes conditions worse. "A llatl Situation" "We think the accumiiatlon points toward a very bad situation," lie said. At the outset, Chairman Vln- son (D-Ga) recommended the committee approve a two-year extension of the draft out leave to Con- fircss the puwer to say when ftny- xicly would l)c Inducted or any in- islry seized under the law. Al present, the Depart. Not War .Mimircl Inc Hradlcy sai'l lie lui|u>il his stntc- moiit would not be taken as \var- niousering. "It Is merely n .summing up nf ulial li:is been snlii in the news- li.ipi-r.s." lie aildt'd. Kr-'t. Aroiuls iR-llll nske<l him whetlicr world conditions arc worse WILSON NEWS Bj Mrs. B. F. Boyle» developed against some of these 13 plans. Example: One would strip the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, Robert Dcnham, of his authority and give it to tlie five-man board. Business men say they fear thts would hurt labor unions. Senator Taft, Oiito Republican and one of the authors of the Taft-Hartley act which gave Denliain his powers, is leading the fight against this plan. The U.S. Talent Office Another of the 13 that's running Into trouble: this would (jive the secretary of commerce broad powers WILSON. Ark.. May 1 — Helen Harnden has been elected president of the Student Council of Wilson High School for the 195051 school year. Other officers elected are, Billy Zook, vice-president; Patsy Qrcenn-cll, secretary-treasurer; Bob Forrester, prosecuting attorney; Jim Deer, reporter and Virginia Ellen Bird, head monitor. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner of Blytheville, who Is supervisor of elementary schools, was guest speaker at the meeting of the Wilson Business and Professional Women's Club last week. The girls of the Junior and senior classes of Wilson High School were guests. Hostesses were Mrs. Nancy Enoch, Miss 1>I1- plims to make during its senior year. Mrs. C. B. Thomas of Lebanon. Mo., Is visiting her mother Mrs. Berda Anderson and other relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Marsnall Conner and daughter •"'lieran Elizabeth of Marked Tice were the week end guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Buford Boyles and family. Mrs. Arnold McDaniel and daughter, Judy, and Mrs. Parker Bowen were in Memphis, Monday. Mrs. J. D. Rankln has been elected to succeed Mrs. Raymond Collier, Mrs. J. K. Ncely and Mrs. N. B. Ellis, Jr., were re-elected vice-president and sccrctary-treas- ui'cr respectively. Installation wll (be at the last mcetinu of the elul vcar which will be held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the Wilxoi (Jluli House. Niiss Alene Bridges of Camdcn Ark., spent the week end will iieiids hern. Miss Bridges was teacher In the home economics dc partmcnt in Wilson High Schoo before going to Camdcn, Miss Fonln Mae Jerome, of Dr. and Mrs. ,J. N. Jerome, ivh attends Memphis State was hou for the week end. Harold Hay, son of Mr. nn Mrs. w. n. Ray. who attends Sol them Baptist College, at Wall 1 nidije. was home for the week en Bridges Hearing Is Postponed SAN FHANCISCO, May 3. (AP) — A federal court lieimiii 1 , on the cancellalion of Harry Bridges' cil izen.shiii has bcon positioned mill May 29. Cancellation \va.s asked after th CIO longshore president's rcccn conviction of imrlury In acimhm citizenship In 1SH5. The government and defense at lorueys agreed lo postponement yeslerday in order lo give sufficient lime for preparation of briefs. led China Stops Sale of Women SAN FRANCISCO, May >. (AP>— Rod China put Into effect Us new marriage law which outlaws poly- semy and the sale of women, the :ll>tn? radio announced today. Both practices have been condoned In China for thousand* of years. A broadcast heard by the Associated Press at San Pranclsco said Communist leader Mao Tze-tung signed the law Sunday. Women are given legal equality with men, Forbidden are child marriages and child betrothals. Now » woman's consent U necessary for marriage. Some experimental models of color television receivers use 47 tubes. over the U,S. Patent Office. Another of the 13 in trouble: this would give Secretary of the Treasury Snyder a strong hand over the comptroller of the currency who supervises the nation's banks. Snyder humeH is against the idea. In addition lo the plans started last year, and the 21 proposed by Mr. Truman this year, there arc enough bills by individual Congressmen now lying around in Congress to carry out nil the other Hoover recommendations. They may not got through this year but here are some of the Hoover proposals not yet acted upon: Unify the government's hospital programs by merging the hospitals of,the Veterans Administration, the armed forces and the public health service; create a veterans insurance corporation lo speed up the handling of veterans' insurance; take the post office out of politics by having postmasters appointed through civil service ratings; further improve the civil service; make the post office more efficient, particularly by Installing more machines. )ian Wilson and Mrs. Aim* Eggert. Mrs. Edgar A. Dailey of Moorehead, Miss., was the guest of her mother Mrs. George Wilson and sister Miss Ullian Wilson, last week. Jerry Hayes, Royal Small, Bill Ryals, Edwin Webb, Jiminy Garrett. and Jim Deer spent the week end in St. Louis where they attended the St. Louis-Chicago baseball game Saturday night. The sophomore class of Wilson High School sponsored » bingo party Friday night. 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