Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 2, 1972 · Page 58
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · Page 58

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1972
Page 58
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Fort Lauderdale Newt 6D Mon., Oct. 2, 1972 Roughing 6A Horrible CallVLurtsema Grant 'It Was A Six-Minute Ball Game By MIKE SCHWEBEL Sports Staff Writer BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - "The story of this game?" said Bud Grant, repeating a question. , "You write it and you've got a good book and you'll make a lot of money," he said. The Vikings are 1-2 and in Minnesota they start putting dirt over the grave in that condition. "It was a six-minute ball game," said Grant, the Vikings' coach, a tall, lanky man with a gray flattop, "There were no excuses, no breaks. They just beat us. At the end they were stronger than we were. Their offense was stronger than our defense," A door away from Grant's office, players were leaving. Defensive end Bob Lurtsema, who was called for roughing the passer on a second down incomple-tion in the Dolphins' final series before they scored the winning touchdown, was berating the official who called the penalty. , "Six years and this has never happened to me," he said. "I don't know if he (Bob Griese) put on a fake or not, but I had my arm around him and he fell. I told the official I could have really given him a shot but I didn't do it. He said 1 know, but he fell down.' It was a horrible call," Lurtsema said. "I was looking back to see where the play was when he fell. Isn't that terrible?" Lurtsema added. The winning touchdown pass to Jim Mandich did not come as a shock to the Vikings. "We read a run and it was a pass," cornerback Bobby Bryant said simply. "That play has been pulled on us many times before and will be again. It's a good play down there because you have to play the run when they get that close." Bryant said the Vikings "just kind of let down in the final quarter. We did it for three quarters and then just didn't play a few plays very well," he said. Nothing the Dolphins did surprised the Vikings, including the double reverse Miami pulled off which set up Garo Ye-premian's 51-yard field goal that narrowed the Minnesota lead to 14-9. "Marlin Briscoe was a quarterback and we knew about it. It was just desperation kind of stuff," Grant said. "Briscoe was under very good cover-1 age, too," Bryant said. "He threw that ' one better than Griese threw some today. Marlin the Magician, he is." 1 The Magician said that wasn't the first time he's pulled the pass play. "I did it twice last year when I was with Buffalo and it would have worked both times except that I overthrew J. D. Hill one time," Briscoe said. "This wasn't my idea. We've had this play ready for two or three weeks and Griese just thought this might be when it could go," Briscoe added. "Marlin's been telling me he can throw," Coach Don Shula said, "I guess next year I'm going to have to bring him into rookie camp for a shot at quarterback," he continued, smiling. . , Grant said the Vikings kept getting good field position "up to about the 50. We were always just one play away from a field goal," he said. A key in the Dolphins' victory was the way they kept Fran Tarkenton from scrambling successfully. Tarkenton ran sixiimes for only 16 yards. "The exhibition game was a big help in trying to chase Tarkenton," defensive : end Vera Den Herder said. "It gave us an idea of what to expect from him." BUD GRANT . . . no excuses try If I , . . I ., Dim f ( v A if. K " ,M Mltml Mlnnnoti First Downt-Total 14 12 Rushing 7 S Passing t 6 Penaltln , 1 1 Rushing Attempt! It 39 Nat yards gained 120 131 Passing Yards gained 134 109 Passes attempted 34 53 Completed , 17 10 Had Intercepted 1 3 Total Offense Yards gained 354 240 Plays rushing It passing ..42 43 Interceptions 1 2 Yards returned 16 - I 43 Punting No. of punti 4 7 Punting average 44.0 ' 45.7 Punts had blocked 0 0 Punts returned , , 5 1 Yards returned , 45 S Kiekoff-No. returned ...... 3 1 Net yards returned ,, 74 22 Penalties Times penalized ..5 3 Yards penalized 55 25 Fumbles Times fumbled ... 0 1 Own rumbles lost 0 1 Miami Ota 10-14 Minnesota 7 0 I 7-14 Mln Gilliam 5a' pass from Tarkenton (Cox kick) Mia FQ Yepremlan 3) Mia FO Yepremian 42 Min Brown 1 run (Cox kick) Mia FG Yepremian 51 Mia Mandich 3 past from Griese (Yepremian kick) , A-47,900. I1 1 i ..4...ev. v'n'f '';t, i 'Wi Individual Statistics " 1. sUL 't , 4 , DOLPHINS 1 Morris Csonka Kllck Griese Totals RUSHING Att. Yds. Avi. LO TD t 28 3.5 14 10 44 6.6 19 7 21 3.0 9 1 5 5.0 5 26 120 4,6 It Twilley Yells, Griese Hears BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -Howard Twilley, who caught two key passes in the Dolphins' winning fourth-quarter touchdown drive yesterday, was in the game for only thfee plays, all on that one drive. The big reception was a 17-yard pass from Bob Griese that placed the Dolphins at the Minnesota three-yard line. "I was the secondary receiver," Twilley said. '"Paul Warfield was covered. I was open and Griese couldn't locate me at first so I started yelling.". Yelling what? "His name." No Names Win Sack War, 5-2 BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -The Dolphin No Name Defense won the battle of the sacks yesterday over the Vikings' Purple People Eaters, Minnesota quarterback Fran Tarkenton was nailed twice by Vern Den Herder, one by Nick Buoniconti, once by Manny Fernandez and once by Bill Stanfill. Bob Griese of the Dolphins was caught by Roy Winston and Carl Eller. Whispering Lakes Golf Club UST SOUTH OP SAMPUB RD. 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LO TO IS 20 10 25 30 25 i 14 INTERCEPTIONS No. Yds. LS TD 1110 1 15 15 0 10 0.0 I Is , II t Selple Leigh Anderson Totals Morris "Nothing serious," he said. "Just a broken back and a ruptured kidney. The fans really got their $7 worth on Anderson that one, didn't they. But they snouia Know you can t kill a Hunky hitting him in the back." PUNTIN9 NO. Yds. AV9. 6 264 441 PUNT RETURNS No. FC Yds. LO) 4 0 45 14 10 0 0 1.0 45 14 KICKOFP RETURNS No. Yds. IS TD 3 76 2 0 FUMBLES F OR Y TD OR T TD OB 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 J I-; sstrjt- v T T s UPI Telepholo VIKINGS' BILL BROWN COMES FLYING INTO THE END ZONE . , , fourth-quarter score came on a fourth-and-six inches situation The $7 worth was a tremendous blow in the first quarter delivered on Csonka from the rear by Roy Winston, the Minnesota linebacker. It snapped back the Dolphin fullback's head as if he had been jerked taut by a cable. Csonka ran staggered to the sidelines and collapsed. "He could not talk at first," said Bob Lundy, the trainer. "I've never seen a man take a shot like that." Csonka suffered a severely bruised lower back. He returned to the game on the succeeding offensive series and ended the day with 6$ yards in 10 carries. VIKINGS RUSHINO Att. Yds, Avi. LO TD Osborn 14 47 3.3 8 0 Reed ' ! 52 5.8 22 0 Brown 6 16 2.7 7 . 1 Tarkenton 6 16 2,7 11 O Totals 35 131 1.7 22 1 MPORTAMT The Seven Supreme Court Justices ore . . . and must cnVnus to be men of sterling character, impeccable honesty, provsn experience, and sound judicial temperamsnt. Incumbent Justice' David L. McCain meets all of these require ments. Go to the polls on Tuesday, October 3rd and vote to return Justice David L. McCain to the Florida Supreme Court. Safeguard the Integrity of the Court. Vofc fcr iiistice Daw id lM Paid Pol. Adv. , PASSINO Tkd. Had Att. Cmp. Yds. Yds, TD LO Int. TarK. 2) 10 142 J-33 I 56 3 PAIS RECEIVINO , No. Yds. Gilliam . i 91 Washington , 1 12 Beasley Reed Osborn Brown Totals Bryant Winston Totals Elscheld Bryant West Totals 3 23 1 7 1 4 1 5 10 142 LO TD 56 1 12 0 10 0 7 O 4 0 5 0 U 1 INTERCEPTIONS No. Yds. LO TD 1 ' 20 1 23 I 41 PUNTINO) No. Yds. 7 320 Ave, 45 PUNT RETURNS No. FC Yds. LO 0 2,0 0 115 5 1 1 I I KICKOPP RETURNS No. Yds. LO TD Gilliam l 22 22 0 FUMBLES F OR Y TD OR Y TD OB Brown 1 0 0000000 More Dcndurani (Continued from Page ID) The Dolphins decided to go for a pass when Griese saw the Vikings go into what he called "a substitute goal line defense." The Vikings removed safety Paul Krause and replaced him with a lineman to better protect against the run. Griese saw Krause leave the game. "It left them with five linemen, three linebackers and three deep backs," he said. Mandich, on the delay, should have been covered by the safety, which in this case would have been Krause had he not been removed, or by Wally Ililgcnbcrg, a linebacker who simply failed his assignment. "It's the biggest pass I ever caught in football," Mandich said. Down the corridor SO paces, only cornerback Bobby Bryant was doing much talking for the Vikings. "Losing to Miami," he was saying, "is a shame, not a disgrace ..." Dolphins Nip Vikings, 16-14, With Late Touchdora Pass (Continued from Page ID) good from SS to 58 yards," he said. There was 4:15 remaining in the game. The only thing left was for the defense to get the ball and for the offense to score a touchdown something It had not been able to do while having the ball 12 times. The defense pushed the Vikings back two yards in three downs and the offense got the ball 59 yards away from the goal line. It took 39 seconds, six plays and a roughing the passer penalty to get there. Morris gained 16 yards in two plays and Howard Twilley came in to catch two passes for 25 yards. Then Mandich was all alone in the end zone to catch Griese's pass from the three. .. Tarkenton had 1:28 left to get the Vik ings in field goal range. He started at his 19 and ended up at the 28 before unleashing a last shot bomb intercepted by Lloyd Mum-phord. ' "Go back to New York," a fan shouted to Tarkenton. The victory gave the Dolphins a 3-0 record and first place in the Eastern Division of the AFC when the Jets lost to Houston in the Astrodome. The Dolphins go to New York next week. Offensive tackle Wayne Moore will be out for at least three weeks with a dislocated shoulder, Moore was injured in the second quarter and replaced by Doug Crusan, a four-year regular who lost the job to Moore when he was injured during the preseason. There were no other serious injuries. i"'V' ' : yif - . v ' i1iifipii.w.iniai BMjMpjpMii UJtlM,Ji HPi it wjyiyyiwp ,- j v f ' GOT? You'll find that our long new banking , hours will fit nicely with any ! busy schedule. The "banking people".., we've changed our schedule to lit your busy schedule: 1 lobby Hours: A M. lo 4 P M. 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