The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1949
Page 11
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f FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14,1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R.-,Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLtTHRVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER N1TWS UNCLS AMOS, MV SAID IF VOL) WENT THROU6H OXFORD UNIVERSITY YOD MOSTA BEEN 110 A TOURIST PARTY-*, you TOLD ME • THAT "SHALLOOM' WAS A LOt-SS- LEGGED TROPICAL' SHALLOON IS TWILL CLOTH USED IM COAT LINIWGS.' BUT.LAOX IT'S A MILE UP TO THE GEAR ROOM.' *6 THAT VERY IMPORTANT)-? 's .SOME OF TH- NIGHT SHIFT eiyfr PASSIM' BY FROM A FtSHiW TRW- r THEM JOKESMITHS CO THAT WHEN THEy'RE Of F, > *X) KNOW WHXV THEY Do WHEN -,-. AH-ER, CERTAINLY IT ISf •*~YOO t£LL THAT P6DAKJTIC PEDAGOGUE THAT— (Jo, MIND ON OUR .CHAISE LONC.UE IF H6 DONT SI6N THIS ATOJCe — FOR SALE Concrete culvert! 12 Inch to 4» inch, plain ai reenforced Abe I'nnrrdt Building Blocks cheaper than iDmbM for barns, chicken house*, pump houses, tenant houses. 1 ' tool slied& Wr deliver Call us for free estimate Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE &, CULVERT CO. 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One was aware of mingled odors of stagnant water and coal oil and •garbage. Jenny and Tod rented a small trailer at the end of one of the gravel lanes named Avenue B. The camp was directly across from the college campus and one had a good view of the trees from one window. Max had generously given Jenny all day oft. so she and Tod could 'moye their things to the new home. 'They shopped together at a super. market. for their first groceries to stock the cupboards of the trailer. Their first dinner together was reminiscent of those suppers they'd had at the house on Catalpa street, before they were married. There were candles and a gleaming white cloth on the card table set up in the miniature living room. Already Jenny was planning how she could turn the trailer into a real home, bright new curtains, a picture or two, some bright cushions for the day bed. She was anxious too, to get acquainted with tome at the other couple* who lived in the camp. She had noticed they were mostly young couples like Tod and her, probably all students. The getting acquainted would have to be mostly up to Tod. who would be around all the time as soon as school started Working, she'd be gone all day. and Sundays would be the only lime she would have to see anyone. Meanwhile they settled down. Tod enrolled and she could tell at once that, he wasn't too enthused about the school. It wasn't going to be anything like the State University. ' "1 can't understand why you didn't gofahead and finish at Stale. It wouldn't have cost any more." Tod reddened and his jaw tightened a liHIe "Things would be too different." be said curtly. •• • • VES, Jenny was thinking, It would be diflerent. At the Suite University, he hud had Ihihgs easy, living in a fraternily house, enjoying the admiration due one of the big Icttermen. And besides that he'd been in Liz Conover's crowd, the top dogs. She looked at him as he started to work over his new textbook. The light from the student lamp above the small desk in the corner, lit up the handsome lines of his face, the clean sweep of his dark brows. No .wonder, she thought, the girls at' the University bad all been wild about him. The- typical . hero, with those enormously broad shoulders, the thick strong neck, the" rough lumble of dark curls on his head. "This course'll sure tie a bore. I can see that," he said suddenly, looking up and tossing the book aside. His face was sullen. A sharp retort sprang to Jenny's lips, but she choked it back. What was the ma.ter with her; feeling tender one moment and wanting to slap him the next? "Maybe I could help you, Tod. Ill be able to do some of your outside reading and things like that." He got up and began to pace back and forth restlessly "D'-you think we ran stand living in this r»ewoop for a whole winter?" he said oilterly ''When we once get used to the smallness it won't be so bad," she answered calmly. "You're an incurable optimist, Jenny." he said, without smiling. He caused by tile sink and stared out of the diminutive windows at the trailer next door AH evening there had oeen coming Intermittently from their neighbor's dwelling the sound of a baby crying. "All I can say." ho added with grim emphasis, "is thank heavens we don't have a squalling infant caged up in here with us." Jenny fastened her eyes UIMXI the magazine she held in her lap and began to turn,the pages: "Yea." she murmured, "thai would be • tragedy, wouldn't it?" Perhaps she should toll Tod how she had been feeling during the past few weeks, that she had wondered only this morning if perhaps she ought to nsk Nina to go to the doctor with her. The mood he was in now precluded any confidence of that sort She'd have to give up her job, before the end of the school year, and that would moan money difficulties Besides that, and worse Tod didn't want a baby. 'J'OD had noticed Jenny's Irrila- bility. How could he help it? You couldn't say two words to her without she flew off the handle. And he blamed himself rather, for he knew she had been hurt. Bui after all, he had made all sorts of concessions trying to make up for it. One was moving into this lousy trailer camp. ' "I wonder." he said abruptly one evening, "how Ma and Harriet and Joe are gelling along? Wonder if they ever found another place to live?" "Maybe you ought lo go look your mother up," Jenny suggested, when ne mentioned them. She wondered if Mrs. Duncan would be different if she knew they were going to have a baby. !t mighl change things. Still she put off telling Tod. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 Units as many deaths among U.S. children as does Infantile paralysis Soybean Sacks new TO oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 3800 W. Main St. I'hone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR Drive Anjwhtr* Ion Plt*s* Simpson OH Co. 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