The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 194G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Predicts March On Washington , Congress Must Heed Problem Of Homeless f Vet, Roosevelt Says 3o Not Scorn These Inventors, Othman Warns Potent Official YORK, Mar. 15. (UP) — Franklfn n. Roosevelt, Jr.. national housing chairman of tlic American Veterans Committee, warned Tliui'S- dny Hint "there Mill be a mnrcli on Washington nncl I'll Ije in if \i Congress clows not immediately recognize the problem of homeless cx-serviccmen. • "The veterans from the outstanding homeless group and if they are turned down they will form a pressure group with nil the evils it . can bring." lie told the National Public Housing Conference at the. Hotel New Yorker. The son of the late President assailed the house of representative.' for delivering "a blow Ue!o\v Hie belt to the men who fought in thit war" by n mending the Potman nil 1 embodying a program to build 2,700,000 homes in the next two years "I'm warning our House of Representatives that unless they recognize this problem there will be a march ou Washington and I'll be in it." he said. PAGE By Frederick C. Othnun United erfss stuff Corr«ip»Bi!ent WASHINGTON', March 1C (U.P.I —The putenl office Issued nn ur- jent appeal today—HMMMMM— for the geniuses of Ihis nation to (|Uit concocting cockeyed inventions. Tlie examiners nre up to thc.ii bulging eyes in 38,71C> applications for patents they haven't even opened, every mail 'brings more, and if the Inventors insist on producing stuff that nobody wants, the least they cmi do is quit pestering their Uncle Samuel for patents on same. Or so said W. Huston Kenyon, Jr., attorney foi the government's patent survey committee, looking over the file's and using such words as "trivial" and "questionable practical value.' Kenyon, you didn't mean the device for protecting the flesh of the tips and adjoining sides of the fingers during painting the finger nails, did you? Or the hamburger putty former and wruper? The combination |«eket adding machine and lead pencil? The strenmlinec roller skates? The fluorescent window shade for railway cars? Could you have meant Mr. K. the sprinkler that crawls around the lawn under its own power, wetting everything in its path? The drip cup | o fit around the should appreciate II. That brings us finally. Kenyon, i Gladys M. Campbell if Mti- imironcck. N. Y., who patented two devices, one for Uu- left hand and the other for the right lo keep the fingernail paint off <>( everything hut the flnijct nails. Ask Mrs. Kenyon about Ihai one. Of qiie.sllaiinble practical value. Indeed. Have n care, Kenyon. when you talk about trivial devices. There's notliinp, more- dangerous than an inventor scorned; I should know and let's not t'n Into Mini. Fewer Teachers Because Of Pay Southeastern States Make Effort To Raise Instructors' Salaries ornamentaj design of a tobacco Roosevelt added that a commit- j handle of your tooth brush so yoi tee of veterans had asked him to j won't yet your hand wet while lead a protest parade up Fifth ! polishing jour choppers? The Avenue. ' "They would take over all Ihe boarded-up Urownstone houses, picket all real estate offices, and even threaten to move their beds into the halls and very offices of the real estate Agents." be said. Lining Fabrics For Men's Suits Made Available . The Civilian Production Administration is doing everything possible to increase the number of available low priced men's suits. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration assent, reports. Recently, tens of thousands of men's suits wore, being held u]> waiting for lining materials, but now CPA I 'is diverting all rayon fabrics suit- [ able for linings from less essen- j tial purposes to this use. Also, the' Surplus l-'/operty Administration has released about five and a half million yards of surplus lining materials to garment manufacturers, she said. Some of this surplus material is nylon fabric. By giving a 10 per cent increase in price on all rayon lining fabrics produced over a certain quota, rayon manufacturers arc beim< encouraged to make as much lining material as possible. These two actions should result in sufficiejil lining fabric for all men's suits manufactured the first half of the year. Miss Colemnn said, and should give consumers more suits sooner. Another help given manufacturers is priority on fabrics suitable for low cost suits. Even with this assistance, however, the demand will outnumber this year's supply, she added. The demand for suits this year will reach 40 million, while the estimated maximum production will not be more than 30 million. The peak demand in prewar years was 20 million suits a year. Lack of labor in the spinning and weaving mills, as well shortage of labor in the garment trade, are cutting down the number of suits being produced, the home demonstration agent stated. smoking pipe for women? Surely you couldn't have meant the bubble gun (pull the trigger and out comes bubbles)? j Did you ever set'in an argument ! with an Inventor. Kenyon? I bei lieve you're heading for trouble. j Peter 3. Gilchrist of Charlotte, i N. C.. Invented the bubble gun. f and he claims a lot ,of people want I to shoot soap bubbles. Can the government prove, they don't? Consider the Pipe for ladies, as invented by William Arnold of Washington. D. C. If enough ladies lake to briar pipes (and who Is the patent office to say they won't?) He's goinp; lo make a fortune. As for Henry Singer of Honolulu, he obviously has filled a long- felt want with his attachment for toothbrushes. Haven't yon, Kenyon, dribbled toothpaste on your paws and wished for a drip cup (patent number 2 364,640) to stop this? The self-illuminated window shade for steam cars came from Limlsey Echepmoes. of New Haven, Conn. Obviously it makes 'em lighter at night. You got a lawn in front of your house. Kenyon? Then the sprinkler that uses its own hose for a track ami creeps along it. as developed by Gils Covey of North plattc, Neb., ought to be of real value. It even shuts itself off at the end of the line. The patent office, itself, probably could use a few of Wayne M. Andrews' combination pocket adding machines and mechamcnl lead pencils, which he developed his new York laboratories and \vhicii should be helpful for counl- ing patent applications. Anthony J. Miller lives in Chicago, where he invented the streamlined Roller Skates. You say Kenyon, so .what? They so faster, of course. Kenneth E. Bemish of Oakland, Calif.. produced the patty former and wrapper and anybody using a lot of hamburgers, like LIP Abner, for instance. Execution Date Set For Memphis Negro Farmhand •MEMPHIS. Temi.. Mar. 15. (Ul'i —Criminal Court Judne Robert C. Klnklc Thursday overruled a defense motion lor a new trinl for Fred Jackson and set April-III as tl>e execution dnle for the Ili-year- otd Negro farmhand. Jiick-son was sentenced lo die in the stale electric chair after being found guilty of first decree murder In connection with tiie slaying of three-year-old Freddie doss. Jackson was licensee! of bealinj: to denth Freddie and his infant, brother, Summic doss, to silence their outcries when he criminally cent pay increase for tenchers, n comprehensive study of teacher education. Including leaeher re- i-riiilmeni and iifli>ctUni. nnd an In-1 deiH'fKleiil study of leaeher cduca- tl"ii by Ihe school MipL'i Inlundcnts. <°"\ pi'cdicU'd Louisiana wiiukl pro- l'"'i' ii plan similar to Florida's M']uilai>|il|> fund for leaeher tralu- I'iiijuey s. I.nneasler. of Vlrdinla, '•'id thai "Ihe most linpoi tant tin-tor in the problem ol seeiulug iiu adi'nuate nutnber of teachers >'• tn see lhat adequate salaries me iiaid. He siild lliiil. leaclier |iuy in Virginia lincl been doubled In 'lie past five years, but Hull further increases must br sought. North Carolina, lliroui'.h Its leaclu'rs nnd prlnetpals is urnlny y<>nii|r i>en|ile lo enter tile leaeli- ifU- inofe.sslon, nccoitliun to fiuper- I linen<l.-ni Clyde Krwlii. Hi' said Unit ibe iiepuilment <if lOducllon assaulted their mother, Mrs. Goss, last Jan. 19. J. T, Actress Recovers NEW YORK. Mar. 155. (UP) — Barbara Bennett, one of the famous Hennctt beauties, was discharged from City Hospital Thursday, apparently recovered from the effects of a mysterious overdose of Bleeping tablets. lly I.AltIIY DAr.K United I'fess Stiiff 4'erreK|H>n(lf l)t ATLANTA, flu., Mar. lf>. III.!'.* -Hi'. M. 1>. Collins, superliiteiulenl of the .Stale Department of Kdu- caiiou, loday :mid (bat, low sal- are the chief cause of the critical teacher shorlaue in the Hoiilh. Ills claim was subslnntintcil by reiwrt.s from supeilnlemlenls of edut-iiiioii in six .Southern .Stales.' Collins snid that effoi Is were beinj; made in Kentucky. Mississippi, North Carolina. Virginia, Florldn and Ixiuisiami lo secure Ifacher |>a>- inereiiKes. Collins said he had questioned each of Ihe slate school siHxrin- lendcnts In these Mates lo see wluii they were doing to combat tile instructor shoi'luf;e. Florida's system of ^ranllnn scholarships to promising hiyh scliooi ^nidiiales Inleresled In be- comini; lenehers is bulnis considered by North Carolina. Louisiana, and Georgia. Collins said. But he predicted that such a plan would i Tublj said. not be practical In Cieoryla until 1 c.'olln Kni'llMi. Florida Kii])erln- teachcr salaries were raised com-1 u-ndent of educailon. told of Ihe parable with other college Brad"-j reccmly-approveil Lewis ulll which !llf>s - , upproprl'.itcd S-tnO.DOO for •--•-Superintendent John F. Wil- linms, of Kentucky, wrote that "the exodus of qualified teachers has not only left us with an Inadequate supply, but also has had nn extremely detrimental effect on the decision of young people of ability to choose tenchine; as a career." Kentucky, lie said, now had set Up machinery in each locality of Florida's plan for ^'hol:u ships.. And lie added thill higher wai;es for teachers were ci'trtantiy bring sought. | .T. M. -mill), or Mississippi, said i that all hlifh schools and colleiies | in the stale hail been urijed lo! ftirm teacher ordanl/atlous for who planned to cntei 1 . or were studying for the profession. He suld that such Kre,ups already tuu! proven a stimulus to yountt people lo become teachers. Mississippi legislators and business men are also being nri;ed to make tcaehlni 1 , jobs more desirable tlmiuuh Increased salaries. hips to teacher 1 miner Jap Christian Leader Attacks 'Bad in America' TOKYO, Mill'. 15. <UI>>~Dr. Toy- i.lilko Kaiiasvu. Japanese Christian lender, acoe|)lcd un apjxtlnlmcnt In Hie llmiM> of Peers Tluirsdiiy with an announcement that he would continue In rrlticlr.i> anything be thought "bad" in Americans. "1 love nil heavenly Americans," thr I'lnirch leader Mild, "lliu 1 don't believe .,lniii:lily ciud will per mil their inordinate ambitions In world domination," Kaiuuva, a .slight mnn In his fif- lic.s win) blinks his eyes rapld!> lietilnd yellow-llnled r.neclaclr.s. tok tlie United 1'ri's.s that he Ihour-.hi his appointment wus made berausi I lie ijovernmenl is "d-ytim to siren I'rovldcs a scholarship of $41)0 yiMir for hl|di school i;riidunli> tneeiini', standards set by the Btau Hoard ol ICducnilim who lire recommended by their principal am county superintendent. then itself, i imvo always been iwn to be for the woi klqg peo- le frankly admitted recent Jap- cce newspaper charges lhat lie d made several anti-allied radio cclies durliu; the war. lie said li'lt. free to criticize the "bad In ict'iea." lie also admitted lourlnff Japn- :;c-iH'cupii!d China during the vnr at the invitation of the Chi- How To Relieve Bronchitis Croomulslon relieves promptly be- omiso It (joes right lo the Bont of the trouble to help loosen nnd expel germ laden phlegm, mid nld nnlure to soothe nnd hcril raw, tender, In- nnmotl bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to fell you e bottle of Crc«mulslon with the understanding you must Uko tho way it quickly nllnys the cough or you ore to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis lese federation of church*!.' • He declaimed responsibility tor hort-wave radio epe*ch*s n^de .by Mrs. cicnevleve Topping, American Missionary closely associated wif> Im before and during the w, in which she urged American Wn«n not to support the war effort but lo work for a negotiated peooe. " "Mrs. Topping Is a pacifist and so am I," Kngawa said, '<but I did not have anylhing lo do with her activities," FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H.Webb Hwy. 61 at Stale Line Phone: JltytheviHe 714 Earlier, the actress, former wife the state lo encourage young peo- of singer Morton Downey, had been reported in a serious condition, 'flu hospital said a quick recovery wai not unusual in such eases. pie lo bcconie teachers. Louisiana Superintendent John K. Cox outlined that state's three point program to combat teacher It included a 20 per ITCHING *tf PI M P L E S L BLACKHE&DS ' fH I I. L I OMft SKIN SUCCESS OINTMENT Students Aid Survey DENVER. (UP) — To make survey of industrial sites in Denver, in view of a migration of Eastern industries to Colorado, the Denver Chamber of Commerce enlisted the aid of commerce students from tlie University of Denver. SCIENCE ATTESTS —tothepurltyandhigh qualily of Kt. Joaoph Aspirin. Known forila speed and economy. Get St. Joseph Aapiriu, world's larK^t anller at lOc. IQDlablctaiieSSc. St.Joseph ASPIftIM ' NEW BUS SERVICE v/KILLS INSECTS v'KEEPS DIRT AWAY 7/ie Troniporenf Dub/-Duty Finish ...PROTECTS WALLPAPER ...PROTECTS PAINTED WALLS Contains 5% D. D. T. It's Amazing! It's Miraculous! It's a completely new and neat way to eliminate insect pests and protect wallpaper al the same time from dirt, stain, and steam discoloration. Repelo- Kote—Miracle Insecticide and Protective Coating, brushes on easily . . . dries in a jiffy . . . over any wall surface (painted walls, washable wallpaper). Cannot harm decorative effects. PHONE /T\AI 551 C-VJAL E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CAM, Dr. W. A. Taylor VKTKRINAUIAN I S|M'oiiiH/i! in Triiiil.iiiK All Kurnis ol' S\v:un|> Kev J)«yLime—Plume -I8<l Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. N it'll L I Mimic—21SS Gomo Hotel. K. Mitin St TreatvYour Family to the Best! . . . FORTUNE'S Famous Ice Cream Take Some Home Newest Ice Cream GOLD SEAL! Pint Package — 30c Served and Sold in Blytheville Exclusively at WOODS DRUG STORE "When Blytheyille Meets" 221 HOY WOODS WfHl Main Owners in America's Package — YOUR Red Gross MUST CARRY ON Serving Our Customers KcnUicky, Park nntl On Chickasawba, Dougan, North Sixlh Streets kit Leaves Red Top Gin eir roulc (o Kite Slix Factory by way of Park, Kentucky, D o u g a n. Franklin, Main, Fifth and Chickasnwba Streets AJI G'OO 0:30 7:00 7: JO 8:20 0:00 9:.]0 10:20 11:00 11:40 I'M 12:20 1:00 1:-10 2:20 ;!:00 3:40 -1:20 5:00 5:-10 0:20 7:00 7:<10 8:20 0:00 On return (o Red Top Gin leaves Rice Stix Factory by the way of Chickasawba, M a i n, Franklin, Dougan, Kentucky, and Park Streets AJI G:ir> 6:45 7:20 8:00 8-tO 9:20 10:00 10:-fO 11:20 12:00 PM 12:40 1 :20 2:00 2:40 3:20 4:00 A :40 5:20 0:00 G :40 7:20 8:00 8:40 0:20 10:00 Call 801 for Details WATCH FOR THE NORTH SJDE BUS BLYTHEVILLE COACH LINES REPELO-KOTE Protective Wall Finish Insecticide Effective for Many Months Repelo-Kote is easily removed with clear v/aler tho sparkling beauty of your finished wall unharmed and again ready for a coat of Repelo- Kote for protection 'against dirt, stain and stcapi and as an insecticide against insect pests. HUB BARD HARDWARE CO. Radio Service •Tig" Anjel Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer & Ironer Service Philip Fret Vncuum Cleaners, Pans, Irons nnd Small Appliances Repaired. Baby jumper .wings Bnby walkers and si rollers Pyrex glassware—household .'ixxe^ ami cleaner—cullery. Phonograph records anil Accessories. Fans—attic, window, pfdeslal, and Inljlo (ypes. Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mfrr. Successors to Hardowoy Appliance Co., /nc. Phone 2071 206-08 West Main You'll find this a Friendly, Understanding Bank and Uin vncnnl chair Iresido each officer's desk Is a Mlcnt itivitation for you lo sU down nncl talk over your business proljlcms wltli Ihcm al any time. We'll try lo help you. II is surprising the number of IbiiiK* this Complete Hank can do for you. Come In, I.ft Us Explain a I'Y\v of Our Many Services. One war is over bur another war has just begun for your Red Cross. The thousands of wounded veterans in hospitals still need its comfort and cheer . . . our returning servicemen..look to the Red Cross fora helping hand . . . and when disaster strikes at home—fire, flood, tornado—your Red Cross must be ready with aid for the victims. The war against human misery rs never won. The Red Cross depends on you for its existence—so give as much as you can—and give it today! The First National Bank THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER F.D.I.C.

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