The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1950
Page 17
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RK *, BH'I'HEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PARE SETENTEK* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSWI Reaction Go LONG: FOR CPMINO- AMD MimoM/ %m&%%m-w»«&i LM-HUH---EVEN IP SHE DOES HAVE ALL, THOSET FICKLE BEAVCRS HCP..' , THE" i PARTY6 OVER WHY OONT YOU So Tb SLEEP? HILDA. SALLY'S A PRETTY SWELL EGS, /\r THAT/ "I still say we should have gone to Florida! What kind of a man would whistle at us in clothes like these?" . M. ate, a. s. rn, ctr. ' That's Cm- Girl BY AL VERMEER PRISCLLA'S TOP HOPE YOU LEARN TO APPRECIATE SOOO MU5X1! GUESS WHAT? EVERY INSTEAD OF SPELLING, WE HAVE A TEACHER WHO TEACHES US MUSIC J TMATS NICE! EVERYONE -MOULD KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT MUSIC! JUST TWINK! AO MORE APPRECIATE ALREADY.. BY MiniAKI. O'MALLRY and RALPH LANE HEZ6, LET ASE PUT iT •) VOH? OH, LOU*/ ccwe IN, ) / fAsnuat, THIS is M n.tptjex.1 r^ V. RT«|slC7, VIC CLINT. v-_ BV NEA SERViCE. INC. T. W. RFC.. U. a, PAT. Of F. BY LESLIE TURNER CAPTAIN EASY BUT IT'S XOU TNI 1WMKJUG Of MOSTl 4LL THIS EMBftRR»»55lNG PUBLICITV JUST BECAUSE SOUZ *»SS£TOHME HRVIWG THE PMUTIHG! OH.EBT'S soul / SE&. i MM> TO SEE vou, ..(XM 1 £ASV! [ MIMII NMURMW COME EEW.... V VER.V UPSEUIMG TO WE PERHftPS'/OlJ TOO, HM6 READ ZE RIOICULOtJS GOS5 BWDYWG MY NftME TWIttl MUST'UE TURNED »>EOUND IH GOSSIP \ITEW. BUT V ITS OPENED rt COLUWltlSFKOWCCWST E^S T " TH'UTTl.6 PJ5LICITV TO COAST! TKAMPUNS /5EEKEK, ITS WOETK WHILE! ON A MAWS DISMITV, ML CWtZ. AH m«0- CENT iP.i VES.MWM HWE CUV..,BUT SHE FEEL SETTER. NOW! !'iccc al a Time, Boys BI1CS BUNNTf I'LL GET TH6 V ~> DESSERT/ X SWEUU.' C4.N'T WAIT A iLAS. r >-'^: j<v M- —~ BY V. T. HAMLIN Whnl's Cooking? LOOK .OSCAR.YOU WOULDN'T./ 1 BE TRYIN'T'FOOLYOUR CO-PI LOT. WOULDJUH? MERE ISTH _ , UY THWS X I OUNNO, ALKING TO / BUT IT'S DEAD &? t CAN'T I CERTAIN HE I H >EEANY- V DON'T WANT H1MGOUT A USCOMIN IN &PACE! A T'VENUS! / c wSv? r?„<??;«?: BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams J£«7« PULL HE'S eeew PULUIW OJ IT EVEIC SOME AWFUL Jobs Wanted Man, *K« 37. experienced in grocery Biora v.-ork, irucX driving and carpenter's helper. Phone 3906 or P. O. box M3. ' I pk 5 Privote Rooms •: 4 window bedroom. Inntrsprlng i ^ire»s constant hot water, Single prtteutd. Ph. 3645. 12',1 ] 3 bedrooms. Men Slomeyer, Ph. 266«. only, Mrs. E. 1IL30 pk IZj Rooms, oil heat. B'vllle Hotel. 1112R pk I2 ; 23 f Bedroom, convenient to bath. ,he«t .611 W. Main, ph 3325 i ' \l\Tl p }3edroom 5t«&m heat 'men Ph 3284 t8 ok 12;3 : 'bedroom adjoining b»th. Ph 2338 1 p x 1221 ;|c« eleam heated bedroom adj i bath 901 W Ash, Phnnr 2209 H13 pk Ph 2675 1116 pit bedroom near town Private ;e T<l€Tl&lon Reasonable Ph 11L8 pfc 12;S Opportunities a*J0' &y owner—combination poo iid domino parlor in Osceota 'iment like new Good location four million dollar textile plan g' with big payroll See or v Elder. 213 W ty Ave.. Blythe- Ark Ph 8113 IIi9 pk 12:9 rilK ST4MM • IrDM com •»•• vvtprd am ihry In4 home •:o. H IT 1w* BUSINESS /Would yon want to own a l( ood profitable, all cash, gro- fcery business? I have two ,vell located Liberty Cash • Stores for sale — Wynne and iffonesbdro, Ark. Both reccnt- §' redecorated and have mo- tr-sn equipment. - l* e 'or details, call R. fi'hey, Jonesboro, Ark. !'.! .- 11-24 ck 12-3 B. I, RESCRIFTIOHS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best TV ice?" irby Drug Stores) MlTn !• W «••!»• *y- . KlrJ K4dlr Cell . the kB* Kddir n»r4 (• rfrJvc. * * • XIX TITARGIE I^iu laughed. "N • body's a.sked me (or a date for almost ever and now I'm all tangled up with two for the same day." She put the lucky coin in her uniform coat pocket. "What do you say. Margie Lou?* Margie LXJU didn't say anything She didn't act as if she had heard Eddie waited and then repeatet the question. Someone signaled for a stop am a lady got off. When they were rolling one* more Margie Lou said, "If you'i really, like to see me later wouli .you mind coming to my house My aunt's sick — I live with her — but we could sit outside on th front steps. Is that okay?" "Sure," Eddi* agreed. "An place that we can talk."- 1 "Why don't you say something? Margie Lou asked a trifle impa tiently. "I can't be away from home for ----- ** She turned he head toward him and stopped sue denly in mid-speech. "Where ar jyou?" "Right herfr," said Eddls. "Where's who? " demau :!ed stout woman in alack;. ''Loo where you're going, driver 4 "But where's that 'sOiti?er wh was standing just in front of you "Margie persisted. "Heck, dearie " answered 1h overstuffed passenger, "I did: Tiotlce if there was a solditv iher What's one soldier when thc-ie's many?" Margie Lou shook her head. " must have got off at the last stop "It he did his slip showed an ch and he was wear in 1 a darn nny hat with purple feathers it." Eddie tumbled to the trouble. ?ake my lucky coin out of yout ocket and hold it in your hand gain. Margie Lou." But Margie Lou paid no atten- on to him She was inclined to e indignant. She muttered, "He as just kidding me." 'My advice is never trust them oldiers. dearie," said the lady. They're all alike, string you along ith hot air and then stand ou up." Eddie was helples* to do any- ling about it- He couldn't think f any way to make Margie'Lou icX up the telephone again "End of the line! All out!" touted Margie Lou. "Watch your tep!" Eddie stood aside, although that was hardly necessary, as the rowded bus emptied itself in front the brilliantly illuminated ea- rance to the boatworks. * • • \VfHEN the last passenger was gone and Margie Lou was about to close the doors Max Len- Rel drove-up alongside in his bat- ered convertible. "Hi. Baby," he said gaily. "I thought I could get out here as soon as your bus did. I wanted to make sure about our date for tonight Is it all hunky-dory?" fluffy dresses myself. It's a date." lie drove off before she could say yes or no. Margie Ixju closed the bus door as Eddie balled out, or maybe a second or two sooner Eddie wa* mad- . He didn'l quite know who he was mad »t but he certainly was fit to be tied. EVERYBODY had to show his or h«r card as well *s the plioto- itlentification button in order to gel past the two watchmen at the gate. All but Eddie. It was a place of considerable activity Old-fashioned arc lights sputtered in front of reflectors high up on poles. A good many women worked in the jobs where it wa? only necessary to know which end of a nail to hit with a hammer and fiow to do it without splattering too much blood from the mashed thumbs. As Eddfe remembered it, there had never been more than a score of employes at the boatworks. Now there were hundreds. Max Lengel, Eddie discovered, was a "set-up man* 1 which gave him sort of a roving commission Margie Lou did not close the door. "I had sort of an engagement — " "Who with?" - "A soldier — he's home on leave/ 1 "Soldiers are a dime a dozen. Don't waste your time on a jerk who's apt to get bumped off before you see him again. I'm to be here right along. Where'll I pick you up?" "You'd have to call at the house." "I get it. Want to pretty yourself up. Don't blame you. I like to inspect and fix machinery all over the yard. He usually made lot of fussy adjustments which took up a lot of time. He also did considerable boisterous kidding with the younger women. His invariable ioke was to warn them not to work so hard or they would be too tired to go riding with him when it was their turn. "Why, Mr. Lengel." said one of the more shapely laborers, "1 don't see how you get the gasoline to ' run around like yon do." "Easy,, if you know the right people like I do. Besides, it don't take much" Max added, a wink. "When there's a pretty girl along I always run out of gas a couple of miles out of town. You can depend on that. But I can usually find some to get home on later. You can depend on Iriat. Sister, I've got cans of gasoline hid over the county," he boosted. "Some of it right here in the yards, where the OFA inspector wovilc never think of looking for it. When -WE PREDICT- PRICES WILL BE UP $50 TO $150 NEXT WEEK! 1949 CHEVROLET Yes, a deluxe, too $1225 I!)49 Mercury Sedan, a beautiful green, has good heater 1949 Mercury Convertible, low mileage, sold new for over $3,000 1949 Mercury Sedan with radio, heater and overdrive . . . hurry 1937 Oldsmobilc—a nice looking car that's worth (he money .... 1942 Lincoln—you'll never find • heller buy than this car .... 1911 Plymouth.. .here's a good running car with a rebuilt motor 1395 M495 1495 '225 '395 '395 '375 1939 DodK«...Il's a Honey! Don'l I«t Ihe model fool you .. 1949 Chevrolet Vi-Ton Pickup S1AAC ...a mighty clean truck llWil 1946 Buick Sedan...a city driven $OQC ' car that looks like a '48 V**» 1949 Studebaker Sedan with ! radio, healer and overdrive, clean 1943 Pontiac Sedan with Hydra H4QC matic drive, radio and heater 1919 Lincoln Sedan with radio, healer and Hydramalic drive .. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut of First Call 4333 you need some for your cigaret lighter, just ask me." (To Be Continued)

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