The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 3, 1950
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1950 RLYTIIEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Reports Made On Crime Curb Sex Offenders May Be Held in Hospital Rather than Prison By Howard W. Bl»kesle« Associated Press Science Editor DETROIT, May 3. (AP, — The first official answer whether doctors can curb sex crimes better than prisons was given to the American Jsychiatric Association today. |F The answer comes from Washington, D.C., where a new law is scndinc sex offenders lo St. Eli7a- beth's Hospital to remain until the superintendent says they are, safe to release. This experiment holds that sex offenders are sick persons rather than criminals. The Washington report indicates that the chances are fairly good, but that cures probably will be slow and exnenslve, The American P'ychiatric Association is interested because similar experiments recently h»c been cna'cted into law in New York State, California and Canada. And are under consideration in other American communities. The reoort is by Drs. Bernard A. Crmnt. Milton Mcltzfr and Francis J. Tartagllno of St. Elizauet'.i's. "Not Insane" The District oi Columbia legislation says the persons lo be confined are "not insane." They ure men whose repeated sex misconduct convinces n judge they are likely to repent. Rapists lire not included. St. Elizabeth's has 24 of these men. None has been released although some been there for more than a year. Twenty-five pel- cent are improved. The first important medical finding Is that the 24 suffer from five different kinds of mental troubles, all ordinary. There Is no Am that a sex offender has any JHfiTerent phobias than other people. Mental Troubles The five are mental troubles due to diseases, defective minds, compulsive neuroses—feelings there is something you just have to do no matter what- the cost—nnd split personalities and hysteria. The principal treatments are to keep these men fully occupied all day. They work in shops, at art, drama, athletic games, editing a newspaper, playing in a band, seeing movies and television. Six have improved enough to be transferred from restraint wards lo open wards where they have freedom to attend hospital partie. 1 !. No specific treatment has been discovered. The report says there will be special treatments and that these will require trained personel Personnel so trained does not now exist. No predictions are made or how long it may take to cure i sex offender. Maid of Cotton Wardrobe Shown at Osceola Fashion Show crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned lias been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws of this stale, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit, to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1050, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1951. W. S. Foi-sythe Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2 day of May 1950. Mrs. Marshal) Blackarrt (Notary Public) My Commission expires: 3J9I53. 5!3;50 Main. Blytheville, Ark. Application is for a permit to be Issued for operation beginning on tlie 1st, day of July 1050, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1051. L. M. Chapjiell 5S;50 NOTICI! OK FIl.INf; OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR 1'KIOIIT Notice is hereby given Ihnt the undersigned has filed witli the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 218-A Bust Main St., Dlythcvlllc. Ark. Application is for a permit to be issitcd for operation beginning on the 1st, day of July, 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1051. Harvey Stewart NOTICE OF FII.INT, OF APPLICATION' FO!t LIQUOR 1'EKMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has Hied with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for permit to sell anrt dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 303 W. Main, niyllicville, Ark. Application is for n permit to be ssued for operation beginning on the 1 day of July I960, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951. George N. John* 5-3-50 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. -Mary Louise Ashmore tircss. .street Patsy Jones sundress. Mary CoMen . square dance Virginia Byrcl floral organdy. ClorktoTolk At VanderbUt NASHVILLK, Tenn.. May 3. (/Pi- Associate Justice Tom C. Clark of| the U.S. Supreme Court will speak | at ceremonies here today commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of Vanderbilt University. The program also will honor students at the university who have done outstanding work during the year. Phi Beta Kappa initiates to be introduced include: Betty Black of Blytheville, Ark.. Elizabeth N. Deen- cr of Scares'. Ark.. Julian C. Sleeper of Batesvilie, Ark. COTTON WARDROBE MODELED -Dresses shown here arc from among the 84 modeled last night at the Osceola fashion show held at the Mississippi County Library auditorium featuring the wardrobe of tile 1950 Maid of Cotton. The show also presented various cotton drc-sy models donated by Osceola merchants and modeled by Mississippi County women. olson Routed Out y Rumor of Death PALM SPRINGS, Calif.. May 3. ff] —Singer Al Jolson. routed out of jcd early today by a report that he 'as dead, said: "I must be getting up m the world. This sort of thing Is supposed to happen only to Bing Crosby." It's a standing Joke in Hollywood that Crosby feels he's slipping f he fails to hcnr at least one report of his death per month. Jolson will be G4 May 26. _, Lie to Fly to Moscow PARIS. May 3. (AP)—Trygve Lie United Nations secretary-genera' .said today he will lly to Moscov May 10 in an attempt to pcrsundf Russia to agree to a conference the XJ.N. Security Council and al world leaders. Lie told a news conference tha he had proposed previously tha the security council hold meeting with "heads of states and wit cabinet members of all member na lions." Educator Suggests Ban Of Student Report Card LOS ANGELES — (fl>)— Miss Helen Heffernan is one educator who doesn't believe in report cards. It would be better for both parents and children if the "old fashioned" cards were eliminated, she told a conference of educators. Miss Heffcrnan. assistant chief of the division of instruction, California Department of Education, suggested that parent - teacher discussions would be a better way to determine what is best u>r children. Livestock Herculean Feats Stopped by Law DETROIT. May 3. W — Three strong yonng men came afoul of the law yesterday. Tile court put them on probation for a year, assessed them $25 in costs, and ordered SI75 in restitution to the city. A drinking bout had led to a feat of muscle by the trio—Lawrence Ramsey, 22; his brother, Charles, 21, and Arthur Huber, 22. They yanked up thr:c parking meters by the roots from their concrete beds. Sheep and goats increased in Texas for 40 years but have dropped the past few years. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill May3. tifi— (USDA)— Hogs 9MO; active; barrows and gilts .40 to .50 higher than Tuesday's 'average sows mostty .25 and spots .50 high ; bulk -good and choice 180-24 s barrows and gilts 17.75-18.011 jp 18.00; highest since Feb. 15 eavier weights scarce; 250-300 ib argely odd lost 16.75-17.65; aroun 50 Ibs 16.25; 140-110 Ibs 15.75-17.15 rge 17.50 down; 100-130 Ib pig 2.00-15.25; -good and choice sow 00 Ibs down 15.25-15.15; few 16.00 10-500 Ibs 14.25-15.00; heavie •eights 13.25-14.00; stags 9.00-11.5 Cattle 2000; calves 1300; pric enerally strong; vealers 1.00 hfgl about 20 loads of steers offere o\vs made up about 25 per cent of eceipts; steers mostly high medium and good 27.00-29.25; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings :G.OO-28.50; high good and choice mixed kinds at 30.00; common and medium 22.00-25.00; good cows 20.5022.00; common and medium 18.5020.00; canners and cutters H.50- 8.00. Air Camera Shoots at 500 mph. PHILADELPHIA, May 3. (IP)— An Air Force officer says a new camera in a jet airplane flying at 500 miles per hour took a picture of a man playing cards on the ground so clear "you can read the ace of spades." Col. George W. ooddard, director of photography and research development at the Air Force center, Wright Field. Ohio, told the Philadelphia chapter of the Armed Forces Communication Association last night the new camera was capable .of taking clear pictures from a low- (Jfiymg plane traveling 3,000 miles an hour—if such a speed were attainable. During a recent test, he said, "a jet plane traveling 500 miles an hour flew over a man holding playing cards, passing only 50 feet over his head." The picture was so sharp you conld read the ace of spades." Col onel Goddard reported. He said the camera uses movini film, doing away with the conven Ion type of shutter. he'll be 4ighinq over .your Trying when you us 1950. The? undersigned was nppclntccl Administratrix of the estate, nl the above named decedent on (he 2d day of May, 1950. All persons having claims against the estate must j exhibit them, duly verified, lo the' imlcrelgncd within six (Q) months! of the date of the first publication [ of this notice, or they .shall be for-1 ever barred and precluded from I any benefit in the estate. I This notice first published the 3 day of May, 1950. Jennie L. Blakemore a t Holland and Taylor, Aitys. Blytheville, Arkansas 5:3-10 vn"->' - u t-F F'L'N'O OP A"I.I".W10N I'Oll 1.UIUOR ITRMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed \vllh llic Commi.s.sionrr oi Revenues oi the Stale of Arkansas for permit, to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous limners for beverage at retail on the premtses described n.s 320 East Great to relieve 'PERSODIC' FEM4U PA/MS Helps Build Up Resistance Against Xheni! Do functional monthly ailments niako you sillier from pains nt such times? And do you start sunerlng a few days be/ore your period from nervous, strangely restless, weak, dragging fcd- int.s — i!ue to this c:uisc? Then start laWllB Lydla K. PinWmin's Vccctablo Compound to relievo such symptoms. Pinkluun's Compound voi:s nosr. Ibnn relieve this monthly pain. It nl:;o relieves nccoinpanylnE nervous, tense emotions of tills nature, nebular use helps build up resistance such female distress, 'flic teaman's friend! LYD1A E. PINKHAM'S SVffi Wednesday & Thursday "TOUGH ASSIGNMENT" ullh Marjorle Steel* and Steve Brodle News & Shorts The predominant nge nmong per- soils arrested in the IL S. in 1949 : was 21. NO TICK Notice is hereby given thnt the undersigned hns filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as State Line, N. Hi way 01, Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned slates that he is n citizen of Arkansas, oi good moral character, that he 1ms never been convicted of a felony or otner SKYLINE DRIVE T/2 Miles North of Blythevilie on Highway 61 V/EDNESDAY —IHG DOUBLE FEiVTUUK— r«£ EXPOSE oFTrie FIREBUGS WHOWSTRO/R,* ALSO 'Housekeeper's Daughter 7 with Joan Bennett and Vic-tor Mature NEW flox Opens Week Days 1:M p.m. .Mul hire Saturdays It Sundays at. -Sun. J p.m. C'uut. Showing Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "RETURN OF OCTOBER" wIlhiGlenn Ford Also Shorts SHOW STARTS 7:30 P.M. Wednesday & Thursday "SEVEN SINNERS" John Wayne Marlene Dietrich Olive Jackson . . . cotton l:\tfrla Maid of Cotton wardrobe. From 1942 to 194B Americans ate an average of 148 pounds of meat per year. IN THE rllOBATE COURT FOR TI-E CIIICKASAWIIA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AHKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OP C. F. BLAKEMORE, DECEASED NOTICE TO CIIEIHTOKS Last known address of the decedent, Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of death. 23rd dny of April, By The Best Every Comparison JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of Boston, Massachusetts 1. Fourth largest life insurance Company, 2. Over 10 billion dollars of insurance. 3. Dividends increased 15 to 30%—ov«r 40 million dollars to be distributed in 1950. •1. Lowest premiums and lowest net costs. 5. A Massachusetts mutual legal reserve life insurance Company — all profits going to its 8'/i million policyholders. 6. Operates in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi Tri-slate territory. General Agents Robert M. Gamble and Associates 108 Commerce Title Building, Memnhis, Tennessee Phones 8-4116, 48-3576 T.el Me Help You Plan Your Life Insurance Estate Wed.-Thur. ff^Big Hits 'JOHN PAYNE ~~~~T3-4 GAIL RUSSELL f of?/,*".*,"" 1 JEFFREY LYNN? tn nll s l tainChina Also Thrilling Co-Hit L Here if the Thundering^ Drama of llrr.cricn's Most fabulous Days/; Walt Disney Color Cartoon —1T,US— 'CLOCK GlEAHEi' B L V TH EV t L L E'S ON LV _ALL WHITF THf ATBE Last Day Humphrey linear). "KEY LARGO" ALSO "They Met at Midnire" Thnr.-FH. — Big CO* -LAW I Double Feature From the Comic SUIpl IT'S FEMIKEERED Women dreamed them. Home Economists planned them .. . and every NEW feature has a function thar makes these Refrigeralors easier for women to use. THIS MODEL AT $ 339.95 Delivered, Installed, Easy Terms. Cold !o the Floor a Pant ry-Dor MODEL H-92 ONE OF THE MANY NEW INTERNATIONAL] HARVESTER Refrigerators Sec the talk of the town. See the great new SUPBR REFRIGERATOR ... with !8 ! /2 sq. ft. of stainless steel shelf area and a NEW !'ANTKY-i)OR thai holds more, in view, in reach! Cold from top-to-floor, this gorgeous all-new International Harvester Refrigerator ; offers a full 9-2 cu. ft. of convenient space in a beau- ! tiful, r impact cabinet that's SbaJowline Styled, easier to keep dean. It's got FEMINEERED FEATURES GAI.ORS! ... fast zero freezing, over 2} cjt. crispcr volume, and even diffused lighting and a built-in bottle opener (and these are just a few)! See this VALUE. See ffte Complete line — Prices Start ot ... installed, eaiy lermt 5-Year Warranty included. SEE THESE VALUES TODAY 312 South 2nd. Phone 6863

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