The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW» TUESDAY, JULY 1, Some Emergency War Powers At 8 He's Been Conducting^Years Surrendered by Government JAMES C. AUSTIN SUff Correspondent) ,*WASHINGTON, July 1. (UP) — Today Js "six months after do- ciaratiou of the cassation ot hostilities,"- and out of the window go • rmmter of wartime' emergency Jlws They Include, tlie Smlth-Con- nally War Labor'Disputes Act. .11. alsp marks the beginning of fiscal. 1W,.'with ninny departments •Jid agejicies facing personnel cuts and function curbs In Hue with reduced ^appropriations. ;.k Virtually every department of government surrenders some of Its war powers *hose life span was limited 'to fix months after hostilities were declared ended. President Truman declared the cc&sn tlon oirDec. 31, 1946. . -The War and Navy departments themselves ar 0 not seriously affected. ' Most legislalipn. concerned With the armed services provides for.con.tin\»ance in time ol war or emergencies; ! Only "hostilities" have been dejlarcd at an end. The end of ,the ("war"/ha s not*,been proclaimed.-; 1 £ Of all the laws affected by the "six months after hostilities" ter- a' 30-day notice of Intention to strike. The Labor Department said, however, that It would continue its strike notice unit to bridge the gap until Aug. 1')., when the new Taft-Hartley la'oor law provision on strike notices goes into effect. Two sections of the Hatch A'.\, forbidding political activity by federal employes, also go into the discard under the six months clause. These prohibit th e sending of political . propaganda to members of the armed forces, hut forbid censors to de)cle political arguments from letters. A survey of executive departments and agencies shows these other changes a s of July 1, as « result of war powers termination, expirations of law, or reorcaniM- lioh orders: War—Entry of servicemen's fjift packages up to 550. Value free of duty ends. . Navy—An end to the prohibition agninst suits for damages caused by Navy vessels, when the prosecution of such suits would endanger the security of naval opnra- rainalton, thu Sinith-Coiinallv Act 1 Labor— Unlcs, the Senate vetoes is of the greatest • interest. It was a presidential order bv midnight tjie law'thal"pertJi!Hed'President tonight, the U. 3. Employment Truman to seize the struck coal mines on May 21. 1940. and turn them over to Die Interior Depart- riient for operation. -With the expiration of this law. Interior returned Secretary the mines J. A. Krug to the private operators yesterday. . -Dying with this law also is the requirement that labor unions file Service is placed permanently in the Labor Department and the functions o fthe wane-hour administrator arc placed under control of the secretary. •Agriculture— Two major war food At 8 years old P'orrucio Burco directs the Rome Royal Opera Symphony in Ilcelhoven's First Symphony ;is lie makes his ollichil debut in the Italian enpiUil after conducting more than 40 concord in Viirious llalinn cities. He's the great grandson of Hie Kalian composer Vincunza Bellini, and conducted ills first concert whe» only 4 years old. Club 61 Blytheville, Arkansas — — Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) Bickerstaff and George For Reservations Telephone 914 sugar price controls remain. Fedcr.H Housing Agency—Eleven orders expire—restrictions on thoiof 12 sections of Patnnn housing use of wheat to manufacture feed, and on the use of rye and whent by distillers. All war food orders, vith the secretary of labor and 1 including rice controls, ar? out, ';e National OLnbor Relations Board although raw sugar distribution and •vll In net expire, remaining section Movcrnirii! PHA financing. The housing expediter's office, with drastic cuts in personnel, is being maintained to administer rent control act, to continue veterans preference in housing, and In restrict amuM-mrm and cntert.iia- incnt construction. Expiring an; orders tiffeotiiif: speculative building, permit, and sixo, and cost of construction. I DISTRIBl/TCD DY NEA SERVICE. INC. By MATEEt HOWE FARNHAM ' xxxm r came late the next year, V' and I was a liltlq bored, with Bill c busy even - m u ie evenings. So .whe'n Flora'wrote me that Anna- bclle actually was coming home on her Jong-delayed visit, 1 de- ,cidod to go home, too, leaving Bill to {ake his meals at the Faculty Club.- It was an easy drive from Ithaca to Otsego, and I got there early enough to run over and haue-tea with Flora before Father got home_ • .Gloria,L_piiise,and Theodora had tea— .little Amy and Sam-Junior were l brought down f or^rijjjjinsp eel i 6n. ! ;^ter the .children had been sent-upstairs I asked about Anna- belte.^-Wns she ns -pretty as ever? DlcT|h'e?_Eeern happy? Did she ever ., -?.'Sl>e-_soys he, is .well f pr wprUing aftt^;Wheri' L 'ahydne 'asks '«aboiit hldV^VFJorn. said, answering . my lasi,.question•_first, ." but she ccr- tamiy^neyer : talks' : about him.' I suppfcse'-shef-seerns as happy as mtfs£iar31s.\I v do*n't know, whcthc she'ESis"pretty is she used to be or not, she's so changed. And her clothes! You .wouldn't believe it, but* Sister, who used 'always to be tyell dressed if she had so much as a length of calico, is now regular frump." • . : , "That's hard to believe," I said. 1 . "J know. Let's go over and sec her. You'll have to believe your own eyes." ; Annabelle was turning into the front yard, on her way home from a walk, and I had time for a good appraisal of her clothes and appearance before she saw us. She wore a severely tailored suit of brown and white herringbone tWeed, stout brown walking shoes and loose, well-worn gloves, a brown knit scarf, and a brown fel hat that shaded her eyes, and sin carried, .a practical slick. I almos laughed out loud. From her rain proof hat, worn a little too fn Kack, to her woolen stockings am tubby hrognns, she was a Boston rande dame. * * *. A NNABELLE was friendly, cordial, but somewhat aloof. This loofness, 1 discovered, extended to er mother and twin sister. I could iot say she. was actually condc- cending to the three of us, but manner certainly smacked of he duchess pullinH the tenantry at •asc. In the present case the len- inlry were far from easy. Wo sal m the edge of our chairs in the ibrary, the old friendly library vherc the four of us, as equals, i<nd had so many good times to- ;cther, and answered the duchess lolite interrogations. Yes, "Mrs. Polliver had had a nice nap. Yes, •Mora's children were all well, foi change. Yes, I enjoyed living Uhnc'a. No, I trouble 'Ending good maids, sinec 1 lived n'a five-room cblln'gc and did ni\ ojvn work. The duchess liflcd an eyebrow ns she took this in. 'Indeed? How interesting." said kindly, as he it were icyond her experience nctually to know anyone without maids. Suddenly the mnnlcl clock gave six whirring strokes. Before could open my mouth to sny must go Annabellc rose majestically. I would forgive 1icr, she new, but she barely had time foi bawth before she changed foi dinner. I must give her Jove tc iny dear father. She hoped to sci much of me. And did we slil have that quaint but clelightfi Negress, Lclly or Lizzy or sonic thing like that, who used to b so devoted to me? One so scldoj found those faithful old servant any more ... I snid that Lc;ih wa still taking care of Father. Annabelle said, "Oh, yes, Leal of course," as if she had entire! forgotten, rmd made a stately ex up the stairs. 0*0 A NNABELLE stayed two week - ti Flora gave a large rcceplio in her honor, Father and I gave nner, nntl other nffnirs followed. Al luncheons mid strictly femi- ine nfternoon parties, we found .it by persistent questioning that nnabcllc's husband was well and cry busy, that she was mistress 12-room, with :i cook, laid, nnd gardener, that her four cpchildren had been something f a handful nt first, but now that ic two oldest were at Groton, she innagcd very well, though she "is nt the moment without the rcnch governess their father in- stcd the Iwo younger boys must avo lo perfect their French. Annnbelle lalkcd about the Boson Symphony Orchestra, which •as attended weekly, and the su- eriorily of Kousscvilsky over nil thcr conductors, including Tos- nnini, nnd about Art with a :irge A. Often she did not bother to talk t all, but .sufferer! our small-town halter nnd gossip with a polite 'ill superior indifference thai nnde us wnnt to spit at her. I had never understood Annn- bcllo very well. 1 undcrslond her ess after her visit. I understood lor even less when Flora told me iome months Inter in confidence lial Annabetle had borrowed ;i housaiul dollars from her mother iiul never paid it back, nllhough she had promised to return it in few months out ol her housekeeping and dress allowances Annnbelle told Mrs. Tolliver that she had spent extravagantly in aying out a new garden, ami she didn't want her husband to find out nbout it. Annabel^ really look thnl thousand dollar.; nnd went abroad. All her mother ever got in return was a few postal cards and a collar of Maltese l ; ..ce. Flora, in a fury wrote Frank Ilartwell about the thousand dollars, demanding that ho repay it. Frank wrote back what seemed a characteristic letter: "Dear Flora —Your mother's claim is just. It shall be pnid. Sincerely yours Frank Hartwcll." But perhaps characteristically, nlso, he never wrote again, nnd he never pnid Mrs. Tolliver her money. We do not know, of course, what Annnbelle told him. _ (To Be Continued) - ~~*\ ' Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawha corn. 19*7 ov *':* SEPV.CE. !\r. i. i;. REI. u. r "I got a compliment for you at the bridge. —one of the girls said you, were as handsome as the men in the whisky ads I" 'RECKLKS fe HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Lei's Get Organized Hey, YOU'RE SUPPOSED T& BETALKINKS- To HER. WITH DRUMS, FROM MA'/BE A M1L6 AWAY/ GATEWOOD GROCERY Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on the left at the Arch Phone 9751 ' 54 Ft PL 5th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Calvcrt 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 57« Beer per Case $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; Etnyl 19.9c All Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35Ck Buy 'em Here! f teEp YOUR UP BUTTONED AMD JUST LSF . ! SIGNALS/ F?l6Hr. MR.. 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OF S1MSINS CCWfiRCIM-S! the Trail BY 'I'UKNKfc UVIINS 3UST R1SHT WKKE UP FOP. m FART IM FORCING VAS TW^DP^E OH THE THE FLVIMS PIP ^ SWEU. CATCH ACf on WSH TRP.PS. WERE W1TWSEU08EOS. IT'S EMOUSHTOOEUGW Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EF's eves LIKE LIKE OLO isoM one .LLOP AND ARROW Ft-V eF Pie-eye. A\AY S^ITB you ?. "Wis is TI-I& VERV PLACE WHERE RECENTLY . ARRESTED FOR A FEW TRIPLES Tf?ftPFlC I. \^HO ON5CE RODE AW LftMD& SO VilLO TiApcr -TEETHED LOADED REVOLVERS MOV1 FACW& 3ML. TOR 46 AM HOUR. rue cov-JBo/ £ DlDNi v T ' TO VJAYT FOR. Out Our Way ByJ. R. Williams WM/^T'S TH' MATTER WITH THOSE HORSES? HAVEN'T THEY BEEM BROKE VET? \ THE EOOcS.IE rEN VIC FLINT An Oul for Niflv iMICIIAKt, O'iMAI.I.EY and UAf.PII LANE ds iviUi the diitiicl attcrr.^y lie c'ot. 111.? news. KEO RYDER Desperation ttDGAR MARTTN ' t3 PLUG RYC£R 5O HE WltJ THE. RACE \1'5 LUCKY REP \1,I,KY OOP Much By V. T. HAMLIN I MVJSTKT GIVE UP... I I MljSTNT AV . S , GIVE... AW i» BOfvrS AND HER BUDDIES Doing It By FRED IT ARM RNiD ft POT Ot SUlt 9PWt Pi VOT CK "TWa TOtRE'. ViWppf ft TRIUMPH OF VitV;liOft i?OR. OFyVtS'^ 1 A MOVSCULfiR TOP

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