The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, If 4* PAGE NINE Farmers Warned 01 Seed Shortage WerWeorher in 1949 To Hurt Growers at Planting Time in 1950 County Agent Keith Bilbrey warn«4 yesterday that Mississippi County farmers and other cotton plant* «s of the Delta regions face an ute shortage of cottonseed for Planting their 1950 crops. "Alarming reports have com* from certified and registered cottonseed producers in Mississippi, who raise the major portion of seed for planting In tilts area that & shortage may be 'cause by recent heavy rains that have saturated fields and caused cottonseed to begin to sprout In the bolls," Mr. Bilbrey said. The county agent said that he had been advised by cotton seed brokers in this area that producers in Mississippi have become alarmed over (he situation and that a shortage for seed for planting looms. Situation Bad in Missco "And farmers of the county,have a similar situation here." Mr. Bilbrey added. "They cannot save their own seed for planting because of recent heavy rains have thoroughly saturated the seed and the seed cannot be saved." However, he said that he had not received reports of seed sprouting in the bolls as yet. "Heavy rains during the past 1C or 15 days have saturated the seed to an extent that saving is raade almost impossible. Seeds still in the fields have become so thoroughly saturated that if they are stored for as long as 48 hours the seed will begin to heat. kill- Ing germination, resulting in rot." Bean Harvest Delayed ^- In reporting on the crop sitlla- '•$011 In North Mississippi County "^•Mr. Bilbrey said that more than rive Inches of rain has kept farmers out of the fields for approximately 15 days and that only about 35 or 40 per cent of the cotton crop In : North Mississippi County has been | harvested. "And the grade of the 1 . cotton still left In the fields will j naturally be.lowered." he said. | Soybeans have matured very ra- } pidly, he satd. and most all of the beans, including Ogdcns, are ready for combining when weather conditions permit. However, he said the crops are so thoroughly saturated that combining will be prohibited for at least another week. . . "MISS SAFE" GOES TO EUROPE—Little Bobby Simpson lakes seriously the responsibility of guarding "Miss Safe" before her departure from New York for Germany. The prize Holstein will provide fresh milk lo tubercular children at Ihe' Heidelberg University Clinic. She was donated in response to an appeal by the relief agency, SAFE (Save a Friend in Europe). Early Poultry Flock Should be Culled And Only Top Quality Pullets Housed Nicfc/e Plugging Throat Of Child is Removed GRANBY, Colo. (API — frank Bathrick, is 6 years'old. gave him two nickels for being a good boy. Lying on the floor, the boy began juggling the coins. One slipped'from his hand and fell Into his mouth, slipping into his throat. • The father, Ralph Bathrick. hustled the boy into is car and headed across the mountains to Denver. (Ajcar the city limils police furnished Wn escort to "children's Hospital. A surgeon fished out the nEckel plugging Frank's throat. Frozen Concentrate Developed in California ; BERKELEY, Calif. (AP)—Frozen apple concentrate ha.s been developed here by Dr. W. V. Cniess. food technologist on the University of California campus. • The concentrate can be sold in calls and kept : like frozen orange concentrate already on the market. , All This and Books, Too GLENCOE. 111.—Wj— Even if you wouldn't be found dead with a book in your hand, you'd like the Glencoe .flfcrary. Look into the main reading **om. Thick carpeting on the floors. Sofas and soft lounge chairs with individual lamps within easy reach. Books, too, If you're Interested. Early hatched puliels in North Mississippi county poultry flocks will soon be ready to go into the laying house and Mrs. Gertrude B. Holiman, home demonstration agent advises that each bird be handled individually and only the top quality birds be housfd. "Many persons ^take the mistaken attitude of 'well, she won't lay long but she will lay a few eggs, so I'll put her in extra," Mrs. Holiman said. "This type of bird is seldom profitable to keep, especially if permitted to run with her more vigorous sisters. It is better practice to cull the hen. If in marketable condition, put her on the market, if not, kill and bury or burn her." Birds should be closely examined for internal parasites at this time. Kill one or two.of the poor quality birds, and cut them open to' examine the intestinal tract thoroughly. This is best done by taking a pair of scissors or a blunt pointed pocket) knife and opening the intestinal tract from the vent in the gizzard. Check for Worms Large round worms, very plainly seen, look very similar to sewing needles. Large, tape worms can also be easily reeli. They are different from the round worms In that on close examination they look like they are made up of many sections. Smalt round worms can be best determined by immersing the intestinal tra_ct in a quart fruit JAr filled with' clear water. The worms V.-I11 spread out from the intestinal tract. There are many good commercial remedies for the removal of round worms from chickens, Mrs. Holiman explained. However, in the case of tape worms, no drug has been found effective. r.iinl Perch Poles Young pullets should be examined thoroughly for external parasites such as lice and mites. These should be treated where found. It is always a good practice to paint the perch poles of the laying house with some type of roost paint for the control of miles. This should be done from two to four ivceks before Ancient Greeks believed Prot us, a sea-fairy, could change his o>- pearance almost at will. Glf>~ fj«. ., W ** * • CMA f Ar^B ft^aVH^W to« ... read how Hi tare wilh Ihe fmrm I.COB. £ririk«t, be Mfe with Ik* rrrr*T*mt Ron-re. Adc "• for ihi. new booklet . kjr lh* leader in TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut phone 2381 Blytrteville the pullets are moved to the laying house. Use of nicotine sulphate and sodium fluoride for individual treatment, and use of nicotine sulphate Arizona Youth Gets FFA Award Kenneth England, 19, Gets $1,000 Prize as Star Farmer of U.S. KANSAS CITY, Oct. 14. (AP) _ i lanky jg year old youth who started a (arm program wilh a single heifer and built up a 48-cow dairy herd has been named Ihe star farmer of America. Kenneth E n g 1 a n d, Chandler, Ariz,, was given the award at the Future Farmers of America convention. It Ls the Future Farmers' highest honor.' Three regional star farmers nlso were named. They are John Caslro- Rinni, 2?, Montrose. Pa., North Atlantic region; Roberts. Stevens, Jr., 19, Lynchburg. Vs., Southern region, and Jack Hailey King, 20, Daricville. Mo., North Central region. The awanls ore made annually. A $1.000 prize went to England. The regional winners received $500 each. England began with a Jersey heifer which he obtained while in grade school. Now his herd'is valued at more than $7.000 and he still Is building it up. Buildings, land, farm machinery and other livestock are included among his assets. He has accumulated a net worth of more than $20,000 through his F.F.A. projects. Owns 180 Acres Caslroginnl owns 180 acres of land and rents 140 acres. His dairy held of 51 holsteinsls valued at J9,- 803. Stevens farms on a 50-50 basis wilh his father and his major responsibility for 1«7 acres. The degree or American'farmer was presented to 237 youths. The decree is for achievement in agriculture and only one member in a thousand may attain it. Doll Boxer—Complete with Black Eye —Latest Toy for Sports-Minded Boys but pointless operation will cost father $14.9*. Ed Y/ynn Refuses Title, "Dignity Stops Comedy" HOLLYWOOD —(/Pi— Comedian Ed Wynn prefers always to be called Just plain "Ed." To quote him: "No comedian can be inlsler. He immediately becomes too dignified and thereby stops being funny." The Aurora Borcalls Is & display of light in the high levels of the earth's atmosphere, associated with high sunsnot activity and worldwide magnetic-elccti'lc storms. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores on the perch poles approximately 30 ! Thousands of farm youths from minutes before roosting do a good job of controlling lice. Where individual application" is made, the home demonstration agent recommended two treatments at least ten days apart. U.S. Pulls No Punches Despite Reds' A-Blast WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. Ifl')— Secretary of State Acheson's blast against Ihe "Soviet masters" controlling Eastern Germany made it plain yesterday that the U. S. Is pulling no cold-war punches because of Russia's atomic explosion. Speaking out for the first time since President Truman made his Sept. 23 announcement of the Russian A-blast, Aeheson referred to the newly-created East German stale as an "autocratic Communist regime." At his news conference late Wednesday, the secretary also brushed all parts of the nation attended the convention which closed yesler- day. The degree of American Farmer went to five Arkansas Future Farmers. They are nines Matthew Cox at Texarkana; Bobbie Dean Cumble of Mansfield, Bille Gene Hudson o[ Valley Springs; Bill Joe Villincs of Harrison, and Harold Norwood Willmuth of Strawberry. The substitution of yellow lamps for white lamps of equal wattage markedly and definitely reduces the number ^of insect ''-pests* at- There is no "magic" In these lamps, the simple fact being that insects are less attracted to a yellow lamp than to a white one of equal wattage. off protests from four Eastern Europe Communist governments, and assailed the current wave of fir- rests in Czechoslovakia as terror- istic. By Jack Harr XEA Staff Correspondent Chicago (NBA)—Michelle 'Dicks, three, was somewhat surprised when boxing trunks and gym shoes. But the buyers at the Merchandise Mart, where Michelle was getting a sneak preview of what's likely to be under Ihe Christmas tree | this year, weren't surprised at all. There is a certain time, it seems, when boys like dolls. Not ones ilke » new model with nylon hair that can be set in different hairdcs, which fascinated Michelle. But masculine dolls. That is what Inspired the boxing doll, one of the thousands of, new items which turned the Marl.' Into a vast toyland for buyers. Along with trunks and gym shops, the doll has big, detachable boxing gloves and will retail for $5.95. Black eyes are optional, and are produced with paint, not by socking the doll in the face. As orders pile up, some wholesal- j ers are predicting the greatest year ever in the toy business. "Things .are almost too good," groans Herbert Sherman, manufacturer of toy racers and airplanes. "Right now my factory is 175,000 orders behind, and we'll have to go some to make that up before Chrisy- nias btrylng"'starts'." •-•*••-•- > f -Prices will be comparable with last year and the merchandise will j be of superior quality, wholesalers; claim.. An expected increase in business makes it passible, they say. The kiddie population this year is at an all time high. The most widespread trend this year Is a Western motif In toys, stimuialed by the popularity of such characters as Hopnlong Cassidy. I Hoy Rogers, and acne Aulry. About 40 per cent of boys' clothes will have a cowboy touch. • • • The realistic trend Is as strong as ever. To supplement the doll lhat actually wets, a manufacturer ts marketing n plastic "step-on" can where the little mother can dispose of the wet diapers. It will cast $1.»5. Another realistic toy Is n. frankfurter wagon Just like the one the kills sec at the beach. It comes complete with everything but an edible hot dog. Tops in realism, as always, arc the electric train.?. This year thev range from a basic set that costs $15.95 to a startling electronic railroad that markets for $190.50. A new accessory Is a cattle car Which unloads seven cows oil a platform and returns to the same s]x>t lo PICK them up. nils Interesting FOR SALE CO.XCKETE CULVERT TILE Cosls you loss yrl lasts Innppr lhan nny nlhpr hrldjte maleriHl. S I i. I s .8-10-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-35 Indira. CONCRETE SKWKK Tll.K - Sl7f* 4-6-8 InchtE CONCBfiTK SKI'TIC TANKS Prices We Deliver A. H. WEBB lnvay (H at Slate I, hie I'lione 714 SPECIAL! 2 PRACTICALLY NEW Crawler Tractors Especially Useful For Pulling Combines in Muddy Ground $ 850 ATTENTION LADIES We have for sale now: Darwin Tulips in 7 different colon Narcissus—Yellow and While Daftorlils—Kiri£ Alfred and Golden Harvest Galanlhus Snow Drops ScilJa—Campanula!* Crocus Cliinnoriosn Luciliae Madonna Lily Hyacinths in different colors the choicest ol bulbs—imported direct to tu from These are Holland ' Come In and make your selections nuw while plete slock. PAUL HYRUM Hardware & Seed 25 YEARS £ w ?- c £ Iinder '"Sine design WM born with the constniction of th« K I. ' u" *" Unc 1 u »»«d simplicity and through fewtr, heavier parts ?. . easier maintenance " - popular.ty formers everywhere . . . that economy, and tricwTt 'H""' b "L C atfvln ™& M "< l u " « important in a _ vr»,,-e , ' •' * S ^ WCr * ,* S'Wer-century ago. They're ' "«« i» ihe John Detn Modd yours to enjoy, yours to profit by, »l on g w j rh eve roo dern " A " T "«or, • fiToriw oa l.rn op«raung feature, whtn you choose a John Deere. See us soon. ^t^r^rJdor'g^,'^ ^ MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Hiway 61 Phone 4434 Here's where to get GENUINE PARTS and EXPERT SERVICE One thing you'll like about the Ford Tiactor . . . it's simple In design and built right. Doesn't fake much servicing. Yet when it needs something done ' here or there, it's easy to do. For example, we can reline brakes in almost no time . , . don't have to pull th« axle. Transmission, steering . . . everything It designed for efficient service. With this new Ford Tractor, you won't need us often but when you do, you'll like our work. We service all Ford Tractors, arid Dearborn Farm Equipment, with genuine parts. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Allen Hcrdin, Mgr. ' Hishwoy 61 South, Blytherille, JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. 500 East Main Phone 2371 A NEW PURINA HOG FATTENING SUPPLEMENT PURINA PORK CHOW to help you fatten hogs at low cost! Now the famous line of Purina Hog Chov/s adds Purina Pork Chow! This new Chow is specially developed fo help your grain fatten hogs fast . . . and al low cost. Developed and thoroughly tested at the Purina Research Farm, Pork Chow has what it takes to help you fatten hogs for Ihe early market — when prices are usually highest. Yes, Pork Chow, fed With your grain, gives fop hog-feeding results. It's made right, priced right to help you make money from hog feeding. Come in and see us! Let us figure an economical Pork Chow and grain ration for your hogs. .PURINA PORK CHOW Y °U * STOR8 WITH THl CHCCKERBOARO SIGN 4493—Telephone—4493 L. K. As he raft

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