The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 7
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tWELVB BLTTli^lJE OOUKIKR N1WB ioa-'\'. •!••'• BLimcviLLg (AWL)' COURIER NEWB WtMwr Go, New Tort. Cbksco, ntilhluit Evert Afternoon Erapt Band*? totcnd M ncood cl«*« matter at the pwt- oflfce at BtjrthevUie, Arfcanca* under act of Con- gnm. October ». 1817. • • ' 8emd tor th« Dotted Pint ' fitTBSCXUPTIOH RATES: ',By curler In ,'U>e cny 'ol filythcritU or »n» •Bbazv4n town where carrier Mrrlcc If m«un> t4tae4. Me per week, or «Sc per month. 7iy mall, w«toin'» rrndlu* of 40 mUes, «4.00 |»r MT, *2 00 lor «lx months, f 100 for three mootb*; by mail ouMde SO mile tone, *10.(N per yew In tdnace. Meditation f 'Whatever'house you enter, first say, "Peice bs to' this house."—Luke 10:5. »• .>•• i' J i -.••»'--;-• , • • Real innw Deaee •« the. home Mi of t-vcry we will f« a lone way toward bringing aboot world peace. ; ~. s . Canada's 'Fourth' ; ilijcejirie Urtit&V States; Canada has her "independence day" in July. Canada ialls it Dpminion Day. And July 1 of this year - ; riiarks the '80th jiniiivei'sary hf the Confederation of 1867, which united Ontario,- (Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova- Scotia under a federal government. • Canada's holiday is perhaps less dramatic than'oiirs. It is connected with no baUfe or revolution. In fact Canada's long upward advancement to her present state of independence within the British Commonwealth luw been consistently; 'orderly and peaceful. !.. This enviable -history, t-ifielhcr .with the' happy-history of pence between Canada and the United States, is double reason for sending across the (border our hearty good wishes for continued prosperity and unending years of lunarmed friendliness between t-.vo good neighbors. .,. F^etiremfjffffto Active Service £-|^ t If General Eisenhower has decided •that after '32 years in the Army he lhas discKarget} his duly to Ms couir jtry, liis fellow Americans will not be so '[Ungrateful as to contradict him. Yet >there is 'certairr'tp be a -fcelinft of re- igret at -his .decision,, along with the !happicr and no less heartfelt congratulations to the General and to Columbia ^University on their mutual gcxxi for- itune. Dwijjht D. Eisenhower is already" cine of the truly beloved figures of our military history. Millions of Americans who know him only through photographs and newsrcels must instinctively have liked and trusted him. Theif could scarcely help it. : They have respected him as a bril- "lianV commander .and an able administrator. They have admired the diplomacy which enabled him to reason with some of the more positive and temperamental • Allied lenders, rnnvince them,' and: persuade them to a unanimous decision when unanimity was of decisive importance to the whole , world's future. • As-Chief of Staff, General Eisenhower has' not oily worked to give the country an adequate peacetime defyiiKO. He has also,,urged his countrymen, with ^rnpcllihg sincerity, to increase their'individual efforts to bring about lasting peace. Quite possibly General Eisenhower might have had a presidential nomination by the nod of his head. Instead he . has chosen to accept leadership of orm of the country's oldest, largest ami most famous universities. In doing so he has cliosen to limit somewhat hU service to the'"n'atiofuBut .there seems little reason to' fear that that -service will be confined to the boundaries ol campus or academic schedule. General Eisenhower will be working in the great city which i s now the home and capital of the United Nations. The position he will occupy, beginning next year, is of considerable consequence in the educational and cultural hfc of that city. The schools over .which he will preside attract stude&a from all over the world. Al»o the General inherits with his po«it%^,pattern,, almost a tradition, o£.«ctivity from his predecessor. The •"*' U>te Nicholas Murray Butler, now a, ted an incredibly busy life for 50 years as scholar, executive, author, politician, civic leader, and internationally influential educator. Most important of all, Genera! Eisenhower will be close to the .source of future history. For history is only the sum of human activity. Ami that activity is only the sum of dreams and conscious thoughts in individual human minds. Plans for conquest, plans for peace, economic systems, great discoveries, great books, great treacheries—these and all other history-making actions were first of all a secret thought.. General Eisenhower and all other educators can help to shapi the thoughts of future leaders toward the best goals. They crtn help train the minds of the followers to recognize and choose the best leaders. With such an opportunity,' it cannot be said that the Chief of Staff and General of (ho Army is resigning his active role in national and world affairs. VIEWS OF OTHERS It's Vacation Time Americans will dig Into their vacation pockets this year to the nmount of $15,000.000.000. So the travel Industry now estimates r.s It prepares to receive the first impact of whut will be the biggest vacation spending spree In the history of (lie United States. Thftt more people arc traveling more; places and spending more money this year than ever before is primarily due to three basic reasons: 1. There are more accommodations available «nd better services. 2. The »!r, bus, and rail Hues have more equipment, faster schedules, and IrcciuCnS service to the Nation's top. resort areas. 3. New automobiles, while not In abundance, arc becoming available to more families. Resort, hotel, and transportation companies, as today's special vacation section of this newspaper reveals, are back In the tourist business on as keen a competitive basis as has existed in many, many years. All during the \KU-. the Nation's resorts actually didn't need to advertise. They had more business than they could accommodate. This is different. People are "shopping" carefully for their vacation wares. They are going to spend considerable money and they »re going to be certain it is well spcn:.. Canada, South America, ami a number of European countries nre after the u, S. tourist dollar. They have launched campaigns designed to lure Americans to their respective lands. The travel Industry, botli here and in foreign countries, is going all out to give the vacation- ist his money's worth. Hotel and lodges have been spruced up or remodeled, trtuisrxii tation systems have added luxurious equipment, and services in general arc up to prewar standards. Americans, it is true, will pay more for their vacation fun in 1947 than they did for similar recreational advantages in IBM. .But they will receive ill return better values. \ The $15.000,000.000 expenditure for travel by Americans this year is a sound investment. A. vacation trip brings freshness of outlooK, gives wholesome fun and recreation in addition to a better understanding of the various peoples encountered in diverse sections of the woild. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR BARBS BY HAL COCHRAN \ Maybe it's natural for so many barber> to tell Jokes that have whiskers on them. * • • This is the (Imfc of year when most people enjoy IKe, says a writer. Others diet. * » • When angry, a skunk stamps the ground witn his forefeet. We've never noticed THAT! * f » Consumers can't understand mr;it prices. All we arc sure of is that they're on llic up and up. And up and up and DPI It's lots of hard-earned hard cash that eventually makes things pretty soft. SO THEY SAY "Where've You Been A!! My Life?" TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1947 Blondes, Mink, Ducks, Movies -Congress Investigates '£m All Th« DOCTOR SAYS By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. I). Written for.NBA Service When a thermometer Is placed under the tongue, an' average temperature or B8.6 P. is recorded. Many normal persons have a mouth temperature which Is higher or lower than this figure. Temperature Is lowest In the morning and highest. j n the late afternoon or evening. To record these differences most hospitals have a practice of making temperature observations In the morning on a fasting stomach before drink has been taken and between 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. There may be a normal difference in these temperatures of one to two degrees. If either the morning or afternoon mouth temperature Js higher than S9.6 P., the temperature should be taken every four hours _ at 7 a.m.. 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 1 p.m. and 11 pin. aurt during the night If im; patient Is awake Proper method of taking moptli temperature Is to wash the thermometer with soap and water or antiseptic, it should be thoroughly shaken down and placed uii'trr -.he tongue with the lips ch-sed. SHOWS BODY REACTION Commonest variety of fever re- trail of Navy's Opposition to Armed Forces Merger Increased With Lobbying of Retired Officers BY TETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jlllv 1. (NBA) — Vice Adm. Louis E. Dcntield. com- mander-in-Chlef of the Pacific Fleet and likeliest successor to Adm. Chester W. Nimilz as CIVef of Naval Operations, was not ca.'led to testify on Anny-Nivy unification when he came here for recent Navy Department conferences. But he told a reporter he wished they'd hurry up and settle this thing one way or the other so as to quit mnklng lobbyists out of so many officers. Admiral Denfleld knows all about the wny these battles of w«shlng- f on nrc fought. He wa s Chief of '.lie Bureau of Personnel here during the war. His observation about officer lobbyists is particularly appropriate rlfrht now. Navy opposition to unification of the ' armed services is .more outspoken tlnn it plain words, Nnvy officers' oppo-j lions. sition sccais based on the f?ar thut PATTERSON TELI,S HOW under unifiration naval nppropri.i-j TO MAKE A BUDGET lions miplit be cut. There may be I The correct way to make a bud- soine grounds for this suspicion.! gel, iPatterson maintained, was to But there i s more to it than meets list, tlic tasks that had to be done, the eye. with tli,. cost of each item under . When n:xt year's budget esti- » master national defense plan. mates were being prepared, laiy of War 'Holrert Patterson—like items would then have to be compared, and the budect made up nil oilier (icp.irMnent heads—liacl of whatever total of the most es- lo appear before t!i c Bureau of the I™"' 1 ' 11 ' "cms came to, instead of Budget. 'Jllulgct Director James E. Wct'J explained that the President was anxious to economize and had sot a $37 billion top on expenses. Patterson said he could see the need of. Webb then went on to explain that the ccilin nrtncrt services had Patterson said he too. for the dividing up the money first and then seeing what could be done with it later. It has been -Patterson's contention that the primary need for unification is to set up a single Sec- who Then Webb n-culcl Iiave to sain bo «i rrtary of -National Security will look at the entire defense es- IV "billion"!' ;iw . isl ™ ent a " d ' : ,. t ; decisions on the needs o 1 scc """'I armed services, together, considered lArniy and J4.4 billion the division, billion for' has been at any f$mc since President Truman issued orders IliaLI officers should quit trying to tearj bc £," th c merger bill to pieces. 7". Navy Is apparently getting aronntl a ^' d this restriction ihv having retired i, vi ., 1 officers like Rear Arim. Eilir, M.! Zacharl s act as spokesman in opposition to unification. These re- TliKl Pallrrson said he didn't see. .i On what basis liad the tired officers claim they speak us private citizens not subject to Navy Department orders. Hut they say they express the views of 30 per cent of their 'fellow officers who are murfled. FEAR APPROPRIATIONS CUT This : Is the number one reason tor unification. Actually, it isn't a , N I merger bill because it sets up a lor na\^. , sfpara i c , Armyi Navy and Air, rtivLsionj If ; ' s|m has a chance al tllis t t . rpmp( i I session of Congress in spite of . i numerous Navy smokescreens to i service .^lack it out. The Senate has re- 01 appro- 1 written thc mer?er bln to guarantee the Marine Corns and naval aviation continued existence, which were first Navy objections. The War Department says that's the fxistine military situation. Hc|nlc RV . though it is asking for no wiir, prejudiced, ol course, but lie similar guarantee., for the Cavalry claimed that the Navy's Job was .and Coast Artillery, which under By FREDERICK C. OTIIMAN (United 1'ress Stuff Corrcsnondpni) WASHINGTON, July i VuP) 1 Joy riding blondes, dirty ducks and both kinds of permanent waves (I mean with an without feel) .,,.« being .Investigated by our govc'ni- fio's bubble-gum, Hollywood and tlic price of irotatCfs. The boys 'ire scouring the drag-nets with their fine-tooth combs. They're c'vejj investigating each other. Guts complicated, too, wlion one federal hawkshaw shadows another governmental gumshoe oh Hie somebody else. Take those blonde.;, who may o- may not be imaginary. Seems ih'c investigators or tlic War Assets Ad- ministtatlon must fly around the country in government airplanes Investigating skullduggeries. Sonic of them have been charged with taking along their favorite cuties to help pass Hie long, dull hours a- loU. The investigators of flep. Ross Rrzlcy, Okb., clinirinnn of the surplus Property subcommittee arc surveying tlic.jslluntloii. The dirty 'clucks •'arc different These careicss birds siviin in any' old water up .North, then they fly down to HID Jersey.sea shore a-id waddle 'across the said, polluting same. This sickens the clams whi'-h can't fight back. Congress is iii- vctiligiiUm,'. Another committee is pondering tile case of the frii-htnii- ed mink, plural. The Army's daredevil pilots have been mmlng .ilio fur farms of Minnesota, scaring the i suits from an Infection. It roprc- „ ...^ sen Is the reaction of thR b'jrty to • lrilnat cs. This causes them to right, art invasion by the g£rms. Usually rlIillil! B Ihcir pelts. It has got to stop. Bubble-gum, the higher the fever the better the reaction. When the patient improve'; tlic Icmrierature return-, to normal. Fever which follows a iiirgiral operation or an injury results from (lie absorption of destroyed tissues by the body. Although fever may be a sign of serious disease, it is one of the most Important aids the body has in fighting infections. QUESTION: After her' thyroid operation last year, my sister's eyes have become glassy, her hair dry, and her skin flabby. Is this due to her operation? ANSWER: She should consult her physician alxmt her condition. If It is caused by too little thyroid secretion she can be given an extract of the gland. If it is not, caused by the operation, other treatments are in order. /5 Years Ago In Blfjlhevillc — Mrs. E. C. Fatten and two sons, Clyde Wilmon and irenry Cljy have gone to Little Rock for a weeks vacation. W. B. Tanner is attending business in Jonesboro today. to mate ' i-niwrson sun couinivt sec u. division wn s not based, he Paul - H.' -Rosehthal is attending to business in St. Louis for two weeks. The Open Door Sunday school class of First Methodist, church entertained with a picnic at the chnfch last night. Tliere were )00 ersons present. Beginning Sunday evening at 5 clock the First Presbyterian lurch and the First Methodist, lurch will hold joint vesper ser- :ces during the summer months. si;d, on any realistic appraisal of largely (tone. The Army on the other hflml ration diitin pan, including feeding P-IK! gov- had I rcmcndous occti- in Germany and Ja- Though they have not said so In erniiig of former enemy any modernizition of the armed services stand an awfully EOOC! chance of being liquidated in favor o( a new and stronger Department of the Air Force. IN HOLLYWOOD Primary responsibility for meeting housing needs rests and must continue to set with private Industry.— president Truman. • » » The size and cost of the Job of holding otf the spread of communistic political ai-.d economic pressure is something to slapgcr the imagination—Sen. Arthur Capper (.T, O f Kansas. • » * To retain the confidence o( the public tlic union and management must display thai spirit of co-operation so essential to the welfare of this great nation.— Philip Murray, president CIO. • » » After people have exhausted themselves in dispute, they then recognize the necessity [or compromise.— Josef Stalin. » • • There Is no need to put industry In chains in disarming former enemy countries. Till* country's Job ot providing relief will only be Increased by sttch methods.— Herbert Hoover. By ERSK1NK JOHNSON NEA S(aff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, July 1. (NEA) — Behind the Screen: Fame is so Heeling department. _ A Hollywood trade paper reporter, obviously a youngster, called the Sclxnick publicity department and asked if there were any new castings [or the movie. "Portrait of Jenny." "Yes," said the p.a., "Ethel ymorc." "Oh," said the reporter, "and how do you spell that name?" And that reminds me of the time Ethel visited Ihe set of "The Paradlne Case " "HI. Ethel," said an electrician. Ethel raised a bushy eyebrow anil caid, "Why be so formal? Why don't yon Just say. 'HI, kld'V" Ed "Archie" Gardner has made no bones of the fact lhal ho didn't like the first film version of "Duffy's Tavern." Talking to Boris Karlorf. the screen's horror expert, Gardner snid: "I made a horror picture once, loo —but not Intentionally." Jolly Nellie l.nnc is a carnival fat lady plajrlnc a role in Ibc movie "Nightmare Alley." .Anrt just lifcr. rvrryone else In Hollywood, .lolly Nellie is worrinl about hrr wrlghl. .Slic wieh.s 451 iM'infls. Bm she's tcllins Hollywood .'crilw.s: "Please say F wflRh GOO pounds. I lost 150 pomvljj recently and r m afraid my friends wnuhl worry about me ira.slinff airjj- to nothing." SONG HITS nv riioNi-: Several years ago Prank l.ocs- scr wrote n song and thought it, would be ideal for Kay Kyscr's orchestra- Locker was in California . and Kay was playing a theater In I Detroit, Prank decided he'd be dra- lime Kny was in New York. Locs- £er phoned again and sang the song. - Two weeks later "Jingle, Jangle. Jingle." was on wax and another l/K'sscr-Kyser combo became n big hit. , Last week Locsscr completed anutlicr time. But (his lime Kay was in Beverly Hills, where LoCf- srr also lives. However, not to break bis hick, Frank railed K.IT alul siinj; Hie sonc to him over the phono. Nun "Whal Are 1'un nohiR New Year's Eve" is a nf.w Kysrr hit with Harry Babblll ringing the lyrics. LIVING HIS ROM! While In New York recently Brian Donlcvy dined with •., friend named Arch Lawrence, who will soon be .wen as General Grant in a new Broadway show. Lawrence Is intent on the role (hat he's actually behaving as If he were Grant, even after rehearsals. During dinner with Donlcvy. he spoke like Grant and tried to act like the General would have acted. After dinner, they cn- tric<| a cab and the driver said, "Where lo." Donlcvy spoke up: "Grant's Tomb." For years it's been a joke around Hollywood that Charles Foy always keeps Joe Frisco eating, no matter how much Frisco loses betting on the liovscs. Other nigh I Frisco, who just opened at ^thc Jdnrkslone Hotel In Chicago, telephoned l-V>y and stuttered (as he always docs>: "This is Joe Fi'-f-f —fr-Ir-Frisco. I Just got flf-flf- fiflrcn hundred dollars for my first week on you nc-nc-nc-nc- nml any mon-mon-mon-mon- cy?" McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Plan Play of All Tricks at Outset By WILLIAM E. McKENNEl" America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service Tills is the second of a series of simple plays that are otlcn missed king over today's hand it would not seem at all difficult lo make four hearts, yet many pairs in duplicate game failed to make the contract. Declarer won the opening leaf with the king of diamonds, and decided to pick up the trumps A A84 l>965 »QJ10 *A752 * K 8 . Tournament—Neither vul. Sooth Weil North Eut 1V , Pass 14k Pass 3» Pass ' 4 » Pass Opening—• Q 1 turn lo the Jack Benny radio show malic and called Kay on the teb- , "' "'? M \ " e hl)s llls c , !loto! of n i>nn« oMrt ,„„„ u ,. "... „,".._!••>'•> nil-musical program with Mark and snng it to him. Three days later Kyscr recorded "Praise Ihe Lord and Pass Ihe Ainmunftlon" and it became the nation's No. I war song. rrank wrote nnoUier mno. Again he thought of Kyscr. Tli'.n Someone evidently had told hii thc story about the people of Lon don who arc walking the street because they failed to lead trumps Dennis n.iy probably will not rc-i Hc lcti th c slx of spades, Wes played low and dummy's queen wo thc trick. No*- for the first time he stoppci to study thc situation, but it wa too late. All he could do was of Dennis Day." In Trans is trying wloetorl/ed curbs to cut traffic accidents. . I am happy lo ro- port. lias been give what we protiers call a clean bill of health. Thc Food and Drug Administration htul i'3 stenographers spend a week chcwinc; same in tlic interests of scicnc^ Nothing happened to them, except, tired jaws. Tlie House Agricultural Committee is in the midst of frying nil ns- sortment of potato experts for letting spuds rot by the thousands o£ tons. Another committee I s oilinj up for a search into the whys of West coast oil shipments to Russia. Thc Senate's investigating thc Arabian oil deals,- a subject so complicated few humans can understand ail its ramifications. Poor Hollywood. The House Un- American Committee lias ordered a number of its stars, writers and producers back here to see if they arc communists. The Justice Department still is innuiriiiR into whether Hollywood is a trust to in busted, while the House District Committee is Investigating charges that fcelthy movies have hci;n shown to innocent Washingtonians. Other, investigations involve sugar, the cost.of meat, the threat of a depression, taxes (including the possibility of same on pockets ir. panls), Ihe on Pennsylvania. •Avenue.- flood control,--n"nd harbor projects all over, the Tucker auto factory at Chicago, and Ihe changes of installing a movie machine in the Senate Caucus room without also removing the crystal chandeliers. The Hon. Kathivine St. de-ire7. Republican gentlewoman Ironi Tuxedo Park, N. Y., has invcstign.Lcd Congress, with pleasing results. "It is Hie fashion to picture Con'- gress in the person of a rather stouc. Aphasia, or word-deafness, may | old hayseed uiutiavjn anil giay. caused by brain. injury or disease of lubs. After winning the first trick •ith the king of spades, and bc- ore leading a trump, declarer Vhcn West played low, declarer hould have led the six of spades, hould win in dummy with the ueen of spades, lead a heart back o his hand, and play another pade If West won this and re- urned a diamond, declarer would win it in dummy with the -ace, play the high spade and discard he losing diamond from his own hand. Simple hands should not be tak- '11 for eranled. A careful player Ike Waldemar von Zcdtwitz Attempts to plan the play of all 13 cards before he plays to the first trick. witii thc expression on his lace of an old sheep-dog being lc'1 lo the slaughter," tho 1'on. Mrs. s>,. a., a canard; her ,U:l!ow lawmakers said. Her inqinry' prcvcd this to be are keen-eyed, alert young men. And thai brings us to the Waves. Tlic Navy said it needs 11,000 permanent Waves, the hind that wear blue skirts and walk. Congress ;s investigating. The Federal : Trade Commission is inyestigalihg the, other variety of permanent waves; it thinks maybe some of the advertisers of tlic all-time curl have gone too far. Imitation jewels from Ihe seeds of grows in Trxas. can be made a shrub which New York City contains more Irishmen than does Coil;, Ireland. Read Courier News Want Ads. Former Governor HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured former governor of Alabama, Chauncey 7 Swagger 13 Father or mother :ilie is o 15 War god 16 Opera by Verdi 19 Lampreys 20 Size of shot .21 Despot 4 Legal point 5 Kronen (ab.) G Remain 7Schem« \* 8 Sun god -• • 9 Reverential i • fear J JO Brood of ? pheasants ' 11 Jail room ! 12 Gaelic 17 Symbol lor iridium 18 Ambary 21 Youngster 22 Weight unit 26 Poem 29 Playing card 31 Asiatic kingdonl 31 Frozen water 35 Ilarcrn room 36 Storehouse 3f> Pacemaker 41 Beret ' 42 College cheer : 43 Notary public ; (ab.) 45 frightens 50 Musical note , 52 Exclamation • 55 Among ; 56 Arabian ' 58 He also is a 3D Died 32 Fruit drink 33 Gibbon 37 Parent 38 German river 30 Pairs (ab.) 40 Rough lava 43 Grabs 25 Hawaiian bird 44 Pint £ 27 From 40 Vehicles \ '.<£ 28 Era 4~J Forenoon. ^ 29 Cravat (ab.) •£ •!8 Measure- *^ •19 Paradise, 50 Lash 51 r-Ktir, 53 Collcclion of snyings 5! Runner on : snow 56 Consumed '. 57 Disencumber 59 Suftix Cl Compass point to lead n club and go up with his king, hoping that East had the ace. But West won and continued the diamond suit, and declarer had to lose a spade, n diamond and two 60 Lure 62 Steps 63 Required VERTICAL " IPctty quarrel 2 Portion .3 Exist '..

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