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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 51
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida • Page 51

Orlando, Florida
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The Orlando Sentinel, Saturday, July 23, 1988 E-5 iamc "AM." MOVIES theatres rr AFFORDABLE MOVIES tPTU Now current attractions at substantial savings every. SAVtfGSI Saturday Morning at 10 A.M. (Limited to Sitting) SEE DUtECTOMT IEL0W sncui ensagements may ie exclude SAVE UP TO 50 OFF ADULT EVENING ADMISSION PRICE ON i MATINEE TWI-LITE SHOWS STARTING BEFORE 6 PM DAILY W6T0T (P6) DOLBY STEREO 6AMM'(6) UDOWOW I705. 6T()UTD00BIP6) A8TH1BIIIP6-131 1 55-4 40 DK HARD (I) OOtBY STEREO II 00 2 30-5 00 7 30-1000 ffl. fcMI 0.m. WUD0UM(l) 15M 15-7 20-9 30 POWAOQATSI (G) DOLBY STEREO 1 30-3 30-5 30-7 30 9 30 DEAD roOi'QI) DOLBY NO COUPONS ACCEPTED ADVANCED TICKETS AVAILABLE tli TOT IfWiMSTHHi iM X-5 Fit it. ig 12 00 in "UMB'161 mnqmol OS-? 45415-7011 SWCLU i AtTHUt UK) HIM (a llUi lIDM Ij KIH POOrf SM-(P ttt. ID MUDU lJ 1SIH ijh ojh a MMUD'li) 1J0OJ3O-5 00-J 30-10 Ftl 1 W. (5 lMSut HOGtHMBBir (f6) DftBVSTtBfO 00-5 00-7 15-9 15 BI6(PB) 1 00 3 10 5 20-7 30 40 wiuow(re) thx sTTRro i QQ-4 30-7 oo- 30 lKtKStT0tHoVt(P6-l3) 110-3 05-5 15-7 25 DOC fOOt' Qt) DOLBY STEREO 10-7 7XH 20 (OJllW 10 UHiKX' (1) OOlBY STEREO 05-4 35 7 05-9 35 iWSi Chick THEATRE GUIDE for showtime. General Cinema ii BARGAIN ALL SHOWINGS DIE From E-1 ists seize the building, take the partiers hostage and promptly shoot the boss. John, meanwhile, escapes into the bowels of the building, where he becomes, as he puts it, a fly in the ointment and a monkey in the wrench. He's the one thing, in other words, that the villains didn't count on. Director John McTiernan, whose Predator made a big noise last year, is working with a clever script this time. Based on a novel by Roderick Thorp and written by Steven E. de Souza (Commando) and newcomer Jeb Stuart, it offers ample opportunity for violence that is mind-boggling without being mindless. The film is constructed as a cluster of power struggles, which crisscross and interlock with one another. Aside from the obvious stuggle between John and Holly and the even more obvious struggle between John and the terrorists, there are such peripheral conflicts as: John vs. the LAP.D, the LA cops (Reginald Veljohnson as a good-humored sergeant and Paul Gleason as a by-the-book captain) vs. each other, the F.B.I vs. the cops, Holly vs. a manipulative coworker (Hart Bochner), the terrorists (including Alan Rickman as the band's bearded leader and Alexander Godunov as a blond bruiser) vs. the cops plus the F.B.I, the terrorists vs. each other, a TV reporter (William Atherton) vs. his boss, and on and on. When the gunfire and explosions resolve all these conflicts, a sense of catharsis is practically unavoidable. It's no wonder that if you come to Die Hard with a problem on your mind, you may feel a lot better when the movie is over. Much has been made in the media of Bruce Willis' $5 million salary for his work in this motion picture. Leaving aside the question pf whether anyone is worth that kind of money to appear in any movie, it must be granted he fits his role neatly. Though Willis' acting range is, fTJ- j11 MB 1 Mi Chock THEATRE GUIDE for showlimn. MATINEES-EVERYDAY BEFORE 6 P.M. 436E.oH-4 r.r.iiiwuij tfojj D0IBVSTIH10 ARTHUR 2 ON THE ROCKS IUM HANKS in BIG 2 10-4 45 Ml I3315W COLONIAL 293 -4753 1 1 14672 THE DEAD POOL lg LICENSE TO DRIVE IKji CROCODILE DUNDEE II 50 BH BAMBI BIG BUSINESS 9 45 ONI IK! CMmSERItSPKSEm BEATRICE 1 fi RTES 17-92 4 436 339-7222 3201 COLONIAL 896-757 1 1 PHANTASM II 11 1:45 3 45 5 50 8 00 -12 20 INI BRUClWIUISin DIE HARD II 1 45 4 30 7 20-1000-12 30 COLONIAL 8VB-70 1 RED HEAT 2.00 4:40 BAMBI 1:30 3:15 5:10 7:00 9:00 PfimtHinMANm BIG TOP PEE WEE fffl 1 40 3 40 5.40 7 40 9 40-12 00 IB CADDYSHACK II 1 00-3 15-530 7 45-10 00-12 15 ROBERT Of NIRO and CHAHLIS GROOM in MIDNIGHT RUN IE 2 15-4 50-7 25-10 BIG TOP PEE WEE 12:00 0f CADDYSHACK II 12:15 tQ PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL 12:30 IN MIDNIGHT RUN 12-25 IN WILLOW 9 40 ff WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 40-7 30-9 45 oamsiime Hj THE GREAT OUTDOORS 45-8 00-10 00 99 BAMBI 2 00i30-5 0Q-7TO Jffl THE GREAT S30JO0Q. IBS. BULL DURHAM 2 30 5 00-7 30-9 40 LATE NIGHT AT THE MOVIES WITH to say the least, limited, the character of John McClane is well within those limits. Here, Willis is tough without seeming fatuously macho, flip without turning foolish (as he often does on TV's Moonlighting). The movie has Willis running around without his shoes, dressed in slacks and a T-shirt that becomes bloodier and more ragged every minute. His character leaps from a rooftop, wields a machine gun and gets involved in some particularly vicious hand-to-hand combat. Yet John McClane sees himself as less like a Rambo than a smiley Roy Rogers. And it's a nice touch that the script has him delaying action out of fear. When he finally does start shooting, that early show of jitters helps us to identify with him. (His fear of flying also helps.) Not everyone in the cast is as good as Willis, but Bonnie Bedelia (in a smaller role) is. As John's wife, she must also be tough and sympathetic, and it's to her great credit that she doggedly refuses the script's invitation to shrillness. The other actors don't get much beyond their plot functions, but those functions are so cleverly contrived this hardly matters. Die Hard has other shortcomings that do. The violence is heavier and more grisly than it needs to be: This sort of pile-driving entertainment does have natural limits, and Die Hard often exceeds them during its final half hour. There's also an unfortunate moment when Holly decides that she will use her husband's last name from then on, a ridiculous decision considering the fact that using her maiden name may have just saved her life. The whole business is probably calculated as a sop to those in the audience who will be upset when John admits that he should have supported Holly's career move. All this aside, the movie delivers on its promises of action and, by the end, everyone who should be shot or blown up or otherwise obliterated has been taken care of in just the right way. And as the final credits come up, you'll be cuddly as a kitten. Jumble Jumbled words: pouch, focus, betray, disarm. Answer: If you have an itch to write, get yourself this a scratch pad. Daily Word Game Routlnize: rein, rent, riot, rite, rote, roue, rout, route, ruin, rune, runt, outer, outre, unit, unite, untie, unto, urine, uteri, tenor, tern, tie-in, tier, tine, tinier, tire, tiro, tone, toner, tore, tori, torii, tour, trine, trio, true, tune, tuner, turn, inert, into, inter, inure, ionize, iron, niter, note, zein, zero, ziti, zone, etui euro. HARRY' Y1 buddy van horn 3t9 3201 E. COLONIAL 896-2571 PHANTASM II 12:20 IN DIEHARD 12 30 THE LOST BOYS 12:20 IN 12-15 HEAVY METAL 1T1 ElElMlSf Bl AIGIS fV IQILITI Ailii HA Hi A nTT A FlRlO SjEjA JZjL jirM ML 0JLLi 1 I A A 0 JMO TL, 11111 0.1 rTs 0. A 1112111 I UT JA TEj 1 RjEjE ZZ ATT ZZ I A 1 EZ7 TO THE SjT A i A G. A. 1 lL JLiAJL aTs 0.10.11 IMlAlwlllLJMlElTtE UTlXLjUJLLTj mm, FASHION VILLAGE lOE 8 I U. DRIVE I OOttAVE TOYS US I COLONIAL 030-000 AT HERHOON EAST OF FASHION SO MAU ACROSS FROM PRESIDIO -R $1.95) (12.45 5 a $2.50) 8:15 BULL DURHAM (10:00 $1.95) (1 2:30 3 00 5:30 (a $2.50) 7:45 5 COMING TO AMERICA $1.95) (1 :45 4:30 $2.50) 7: 1 5 9:45 COMING TO AMERICA ARTHUR 2 PG (1 0:00 (5 $1.95) (12:00 2:30 4:45 (if $2.50) 7:30 9:55 SHORT CIRCUIT PG (10:00 $1.95) (12:00 (q 10:15 BIG-PG i.Y3 BIG BUSINESS PG (10:00 (o $1.95) (12:30 5:00 A FISH CALLED WANDA 8:00 PM FASHION VILLAGE STATION: PRESIDIO -R 12:45 ROCKY HORROR (LIVE CAST) 12 BULL DURHAM 12:45 COMING TO AMERICA 12:30 ARTHUR 2 -PG 12:15 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 -PG 12:30 BIG-PG 12:15 VBIG BUSINESS PG 12:15 Arthur 2 7:15 930 nightly Also Matine 2:30 i 4:45 Sat. Sun. $2.00 877-81 1 1 ORANGE TREE CINEMA MAGUIRE RD. 1 BLK OF HWY 50 OCOFE CINEMA 12255 University Blvd Across from UCF 277-1454 "SHORT CIRCUIT 2" "DIE HARD" 2:05 4:457:20 10:00 2:154:30 pm "ARTHUR II" PG 7:30 10:00 "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT" PG 1:453:50 6:00 8:15 10:15 "BAMBI" 1:152:45 4:155:45 7:15 pm "REDHEAT" 9:30 pm only "CADDY SHACK II" "COMING TO AMERICA" 2:004:30 7:009:30 PG 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:00 ALL SEATS $2.75 before 5:30 P.M. Sr. Citizens and Children (1 1 and -under) $2.75 at all times ALL PASSES SUSPENDED 300 Show Starting Etotora PM. Holidays: First Shows Only. Senior Citizens Children 3-12 All Times 8 $3.75 SludentMiUBy with lO-Evcnngs Spcll Altnctlont Eicluoed WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (PG) 12:30 NO PASSES NO THRIFT TICKETS DIE HARD (R) BAMBI (G) NO PASSES NO PASSES PHANTASM 2 (Ft) 9:15 ONLY THFATCR 644-4662 WINBBFM)INING JULY 17-23 Central Florida Premiere! ACADEMY AW ARD WINNER BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM Sua, 1 (Closed Monday) 7: 1 1 7-92 Magnolia Maitland ALL SEATS $1 ALL RAMBO III (R) POLTERGEIST III (PG-13) THE LAST EMPEROR (PG-13) ABOVE THE LAW (R) NOW PLAYING Cf MCRAL ClHCMA (OIONIMKOKEXaM 473 1 CCHOMIAL MIVI 98-7707 KIDS' SUMMER MOVIE CLUB "1 TUES. AND WED. 10 AM 75 3 1 THEAl r.K 644-46bz i 1 E'J. 1 1 Melissa Mark I A HART HOWARD! I Sumptuouf BufTet friturlnc rrimt kid PAULHOGAN MC INTERSTATE 1ATI to AlTAMONTI SMGS INTERSTATE 6 OH inCO STATER0 43C1I-4 OO I -OUDU ALTAMONTE SPRINGS MSIOE wterstate mall A CROCODILE DUNDEE PG dx BIG TOP PEE WEE PG (1 0:00 (a 10:30 $1.95) COMING TO AMERICA (1 2:1 5 2:45 5:30 $2.50) 8:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 PG (lOOOCa (12:1 5 2:30 4:45 $2.50) 7:1 5 MIDNIGHT RUN (10:00 (A 9:55 i $1.95) 10:30 $1.95) 9:30 $195) DEAD POOL (10:00 (a 10:30 $1.95) 9:45 INTERSTATE 6 STATION: RED HEAT -R 12:45 45 BIG TOP PEE WEE PG 12:00 COMING TO AMERICA -R 12:40 HAIRSPRAY-PG 12:00 MIDNIGHT RUN -R 12:45 DEAD POOL -R 12:00 $000 SHOWS STARTING BtFORE 6 PM acmiun ii i ICIN3 Hi-L onuvya BIG TOP PEE WEE (PG) 1:10 2:45 4:25 CAUDYSHACK 2 (PG) 1:25 3:35 5:45 WALT DISNEY'S BAMBI (G) 1 05 2 35 4:05 5 35 705 DIE HARD (R) 9:50 ARTHUR 2 ON THE ROCKS BULL DURHAM (R) (PGI 1:20 3:30 5:40 7:50 9:55 100-3: 3:20 5 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 (PG) RED HEAT (R) 820A 10 100WLV WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (PG) MIDNIGHT HUN (R) 1:00 3:10 5:25 12:45 3 00 5:15 7:30 9 45 COMING TO AMERICA (R) DEAD POOL (R) 12:50 3:00 5:10 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:20 9:15 BIG (PG) 1 3: 15 5:20 7:25 9 30 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 (PG) 2:00 4:15 7:00 9:15 LICENSE TO DRIVE (PG-13) CROCODILE DUNDEE II (PG) 1 45-415-700-920 7T CAOOYSHACK 2 (PG) BIG TOP PEE WEE (PG) BAMBI (G) BIG BUSINESS (PG) 8 20-10 05-11 45 COMING TO AMERICA (R) 1-30-400-7 15-9 35-11 45 DEAD POOL (R) 11 35 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (PG) HO-3 20-525-7-25-9 BIG(PG) 1135 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 (PG) Comer of Curry Ford I Conway NOW SHOWING AT BOTH THEATRES RAMBO Ills SYLVESTER STALLONE 7:30 9:45 Nightly. Midnight Fri. Sat. Sunday Matinee 5 00 ALL SHOWS WEDNESDAY SEM0KAN till- DILUAI ULUCO re n. nti nvi ni irr i 7:309:30 TO un mm 2:5 CROCODILE DUNDEE II tl TUESDAY "McMOVIE" Jtme iiootPIPP GOES qj BOAfO DRIVE INS i i'lfifT-irr Is Dim bahsi The DEAD POOL ABOVE TH UK Ln.f.n I I I iwou iii ft cn 10: The StVOTTH SIGN CARLOAD I TE EVERY SHOWS $1 ANYTIME THE LAST EMPEROR (PG-1 3) RAMBO III (R) ABOVE THE LAW (R) POLTERGEIST III (PG-13) EVERYWHERE! CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR SHOW TIMES I SNEAK: A FISH I :1 5 3 25 5 30 7 30 9 40 1 CALLED WANDU IR) 8PM A iwm -mmm -mriia iiiiuiTiTiiTi II TiMtitf iiii i pi MliiMAiikMAlhiMililMlWlWiilllMMMawi i3J "IT'S A SIGHT YOU WONT WANT TO MISS. LET US BE GRATEFUL FOR A SUMMER MOVIE LIKE NO OTHER." NEWSWEEKDavid Ansen "SOUND THE TRUMPETS. HERE IS HISTORIC, HOT-ZIGGETY PEOPLE MAGAZINEPeter Travers "BEST 'DIRTY i -Pat Collins, WWOR-TV "EASTWOOD COMES OUT BLAZING! Nothing goes better than good old-fashioned bang bang with Dirty Harry." Peter Travers, PEOPLE MAGAZINE "DIRTY HARRY IS HERETO MAKE OUR DAY, and not a moment too soon. It's great stuff." -Bill CosforrJ, MIAMI HERALD "SMART, WITH REAL WIT." Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN TIMES ft OINItAl CI HIM COLONIAL KOMINAM oif.iniAi im 9 -7707 WOVIII AT REPUBIK SQUA! 9m1 WOMfTCO wiitmrAtKTiini lit i)t1ff1' WMItlfAfX MOVII1A1 UUUHOWIUSQUAH nbi HL J' Trill II II tf aid and Ambtm Entertammenl, Inc idhh UC4CIHIMA TMII'H UHUttVU 10 Urll 9T7-14B4 NOW SHOWING CINDHIIODiON HOTFNE CIKTRI i CINIPtlXOOfON UNO UK1 1 IIIWI i i WMI.XXXVtl 'PI ift CLASSIC I i 2 'w WANER BROS PRESENTS A MAIPASO PRODUCTION CLINT EASTWOOD THE DEAD POOL" PATRICIA CLARKSON LIAM NFFSON EVAN KIM MUSIC BY LALO SCHIFRIN SCREENPLAY BV STEVE SHARON STORY BY STEVE SHARON DURK PEARSON SANDY SHAW PRODUCED BY DAVID VALUES SHOWING rr-SMTr-l directed by OCNIULONfMA PARKWOOD PLAZA 331 5 COIONUI 13-4753 AMCTHUTMS IXTIKSTATI MALL 6 STATUD 4311-4 MM LAKE 1271 NOW SHOWING UOMOVIUAT HOWELL SQUARE STATf (O 434 79-73M SfMfAA OMUUI puirwooe PUZA OIMUU CMMA SIMINOU nAZA Tt ijrnu IMNfUl ONtMi I ASH KH SQOAM Of OA AOVWI AT FIMIMMAU NOf -HAl' LOT UMIfT HPUIIK SOO All COMINO NOVIMU1 1 OliVtR NOW Uft MOVIfS AT REPUBLIC SQUARE 351-3441 CINfUIX OOION HOFFMER CENTRE 6 J575 SOUTH SfxiOHAN nvo ltl-7447 UC4 CIHIMA trr-i4M WOMTTCO wiimtPAiKTRini (Ti W1MKJ TT IVMTttl UNIVERSITY MMM1 HOfFNER CINTVE III TUT Co1BO. ROM (tMrUf nCTUIU CINtPlfX OOfON SARD LAKE 7 (35 WD LAW 10. 55-445 PUTT THtATRtS PLAZA 425 NOTH BUM8Y AVENUl 4-mii THEATRES MALL 6 A 1-4 831-30SO

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