The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 5
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FACE EIGHT Hartley Proposes Curb on Miners House Committee Considers Bill to Prevent Coal Strike WASHINGTON 1 , July 1. (UP) — Chairman Fred A. Hartley, Jr., re• VMled today tlint experts of his House T ibor Committee have drafted .a bill "with sharp teeth in It" to meet the threat of a nationwide co^ strike. The New Jersey Renubllcan said it includes, among, other things, n bill .on'industry wide Imgiilnlne and "monopolistic strike.!.". It will be held up,'he said, until it is clear *S*ether the current vacation hv soft coal miners develops Into a full -fledged strike niter July 8. "Uf the coal siliialion gcl.s out of hand," Hartley snid, "we are ready to niesent the bill to congress In 24 hours." Jfe snM his committee had not fc>en fnrmallv consulted on the mea- FWe but added: "I am confident that in the present temper of tho Ifeuse It could he approved and sent to the floor in one day." Whether Congress would cnnct such a bill, however, was highly problematical. House Speaker Jof«ph Martin. Jr.. snid last week th»t there would be no more labor legislation at this session. Sen. Joseph Ball. U., Minn., influential member of Ihe Senate Labor Com- .znfetee. expressed a similar view. Meanwhile. U. S Steel Corpnrn- tksn and Pittsburgh Consolidation Pwd Co., were understood lo be sounding out other coal producers •to learn how many would Join them iu their reported contract offer to niters'' Boss John I,. Lewis. An" Industry source said most op- **»tor.s would be here tomorrow, presumably to discuss Ihe proposal. Secretary of Labor Lewis B. Schwellenbach, It was understood, may ;tcy to Ret the two sides together later this week if private ncgotiii- ^Uoti. 1 ; are not underway. /Government Surrenders Mines . The government returned the soft co»l mines to private )iini>nge)7i-?. ¥ H yesterday. Unless Lewis .and tin earners agree on a new contract by •July 8. when the 10-day vacation .ends, chnnces nrc (lie miners will st*y away from the pits. Lewis reportedly was, willing to sign up with U. S. Steel and Pittsburgh Consolidation and any other blit sccmcnt of the Industry that meets his demands. The effect., of Harlley.s propo.sod .ban ..on industrywide bargaining would be to force XCK Is' Unitel Mine Workers to .negotiate individually with each coal operator. Any iConcerted strike in the entire industry would be termed "monopolistic" and punished drastically. The union could be sued under ,tl»fl anti-trust laws arid would all Wagner Act rights 'lor a one- yeer period. In addition.' Individual operators could sue the labor organization for ctfunnges to their business during the strike, ;HartIey said Injunclive urnvlsion.s of .the recently enacted Tail-Hartley law could forestall an Industry- wide . walk-out in the coal fields while Congress was deb.illng the new measure. \\ Jiis views on tins score, howevjr, "were" "not 'shared by many otli2r labor experts in Congress. Tliey said that strike after July g would' Miss Arkansas, 1947, Selected in Helena BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •^"•^"""^^•^"-^^•*'^^"""-^^^™™.™.^M Bubble-Gum Is Safe But Don't Trade Wads Body Found in City Dump John B. le,,y. Ml» Camp succeeds Kebe.c, McCn |, a niylhcvlllc "Miss Arkansas " BY DOKOTHY WII.UAMK (I/nflrd Pr«s Staff Orrespondeni) WASHINGTON. July 1. <UP> — The Food and Drug Administration relaxed Its aching Jaws today nnd came up with this warning to bubble gum chewers: Don't chew large wads and don't chew top hard. And above all, don't swap sum with your chum. Otherwise, you may get sick. After extensive research with the help of gum-clicwlng but non-bub- blc-tjlowlns! monkeys, the' agency concluded that bubble gum In itself is harmless. It's the way it's used Hint matters. Complaints from nrouiid the country — particularly from Alabama. Mississippi and Louisiana — slated the agency on its gum-chewing Inquiry. Doctors Jiact reported a postwar outbreak of headaches, sore mouths and throats and, in rarer mslancis. nausea and diarrhea among bubble gum cliewers. Food and unit' scientists got 17 brands of imported and domestic bubble gum and went to work. They tested all of the nearly score of in- !;iertieiHs on Etnimals. Then they gave gum wads of various sixes to monkeys. Tlic monkeys chewed, nil right. They chewed for hours, hut they refused to blow bubbles. Just to make sure that some difference between human and monkey gum chewing and reaction was'not involved, the agency enlisted the help of dozens of employes and their youngsters. At work and at home they chewed and blew bubbles. A few developed iure jaws, aching heads nnd In some Instances nausea. Investigation showed that the ailing chewers had chewed five and six sticks at a time and with a vengeance. One multiple-slick chcwer — a pharmacology technician—developed ti'inporarily locked jaws. She recovered after a few hours rest. Agency scientists then persuaded some employes to chew hunks of l>.i ITU Hit equal In size to five and six stick wads. When they became ill. the experts concluded that the size of the wad and the force wilh which it is chewed accounts for the Daughter of President Tyler Dies in Virginia SHAWVILLE, Va.. July 1. <UI>> Mrs. Pearl Tyler Ellis," 14th and last'surviving child of President John Tyler, died yesterday at her home at the age of H7. Her lather was vice presidential running male of William Henry Harrison and was elected in the! "'fippecnnoe nnd Tyler Too" campaign ot 18-10. When Harrison died one month after taking office, Tyler succeeded to the presidency. develop because there w»s no con- 1 ! trnct between Ihe UMW nnd '-he' mine owners. And the union, they said, can hardly be enjoined to live up to a contract, that doesn't exist,. Hartley's new proposal was received coldly by the second ranking Republican on the labor committee — Rep. Oer.ild W. L.imlis. of Indiana. Lnmlts, himself a former miner, said it would only "strengthen the determination of the miners to .strike." ft THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT, BI.VTHKVILI F " DISTRICT State of Arkansas riftintlfl vs. No. 10,084 (1043 Tax Suit) Delinquent lands in Blytheville District, M&sissippi County forfeited for non-payment ot taxes and sold to the State oi Arkansas.. Defendants NOTICE Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Act No. 110 of 111" General Assembly of the State of Arkansas of 1935. nnd amendments thereto there has been filed in the office of the Clerk of Blytheville District Mis- stostppi County Chancery Court the Complaint of the State of Arkansas «o quiet and confirm in said State nnd/or redeemers, purenasers donees ••Ki assigns, the title to certain lands mentioned In said Compliant and tfmg rn the County of Blythevillc District, Mississippi, and SUuc of Arkansas. .All persons who can set up any right to the lands so forfeited nnd soW are hereby warned to appear in the Blyllicvillc District Mississippi .County Chancery Court nl the September, 1947 Term, 'after the rubliea- tion ot this notice, to-wit on the 22 day of September, 1517 niul show cause, if any there be, why the title to said forfeited lands should rot be confirmed, quieted and vested In the State of Arkansas and'or redeemers, purchasers, donees and assigns in fee simple forever. The description of said lands and the nnmes of the persons, firm or corporation last paying taxes thereon are as follows: Person, Firm or Corp. \ Paying Taxes Part of > T n:!> p cn nity \ Section Section Ar;u and Josl ' TOWNSHIP 15 NORTH—RANtiE 8 EAST j Claud Barnes E'.i N\VV> NK", n ;>ooo TOWNSHIP 15 NORTH—RANGE 9 EAST £ T - Orr ••••- NE'/, 12 100.00 W. A. Hull on 1 ac. sq. SE cor. Lot 3 NW.t NE'.', 31 iuo TOWNSHIP 16 NORTH—HANGK 10 EAST -Charles T/Orr NE'/, SEVi 30 MOJ TOWNSHIP 15 NORTH—RANGE H EAST Columbus Graves W. 50' E. 250' N. 180* ' . . • Lot 24 SEV, n Lot TOWN LOTS—MISSISSIPPI COUNTY Person, Firm or Corp. Last Paying Taxes Thereon ixit Block TOWN OV BI.YTIIEVll.u: ALLISON ADDITION TO BIA'TIIEVILLE LUuc Sawyer g \ j A. Harber 3 ! « A. Harber ' 4 8 BUGG ADDITION TO BLYTHEVILLK E. E. Hawkins 2 10 M. L. Morris 7 «•> X. L. Morris , S 13 [ILL & LBR. CO. REVISF.I) PLAT N 1 -"- 11LK Harrington .,,.'..... 7 ' ' " ^ GREENWOOD ADDITION TCT BLVTHf.VII.l.K Mrs. Unknown Unknown Unknown 21 S 10.03 2fvlO LOG 12,08 t 1.53 Tax, Penalty and Cost J8.01 3.03 3.05 10.S1 1.80 1.80 5-C 2nd l.BO 1.80 1.8D HOLL1PETER-SHONYO ADDITION TO BLYTil] VII LI' i. W Floyd 3 c ' ' » J. W. OWENS ADDITION TO BI.VTHEVII.I E ••> Small '......... 3 WEST END ADDITION TO BLYTHEVH.U' • 23 2 •-•••• i 24 2 TOWN OF I.EACMVILLE SMITH ADDITION TO LEACHVII.LE B. Wllhclm 21 r B. Wllhclm 22 p Witnm my band and seal this the 31sl day of May 1917 JT_ WlUUn* Attorney Gener"^^ »««».'^^cry C.erk. (fHA I*n«»ton, Assistant Attorney Gcnernl. - .:£' ' 6J3-10-17-24-7J1-8 3.0i 1.S.1 1.53 1.66 1.G6 We're c(!lel)r;iliii|f \villi reduced prices: si»uciab> mid slock nj)! Tiikc aclvanliijjc of (hcsc prc-hoHday SUAJAR NO. £ (JAN ORANGE JUICE 10 ttKKKN RIVRR i\(). 2 C\N LfiMA BEANS 10 (iOM) DOLLAR niEUR (1 ,10 ROUNO TIN . FISH FLAKES 10 FOR HRBAKFAST PUFFED WHEAT 10 KRKSH CRISI'V CORNFLAKES 10 NO. IVi CAN SAUERKRAUT 10 NO. 2 CAN MIXED VEGETABLES 10 SAfl.Olf ,AIAN EAiLY JUNE PEAS 10 MAYKIKLI) CRKA.^I S'I'YI K 14 C S^reak o' Lean Salt Meat - - Ib.35c Solid Roll Butter Ib. 60c 2 Ib. Carton Shefford Cheese--85c Rib or Short Cut STEAKS - - - ea.59c Home Dressed FRYERS and HENS NO. ,'{(13 CAN ' PORK & BEANS 25 SUNKLOWKR HV'j OT;. CAN POTTED MEAT6F NO. 2'/, CA|l.IN LIGHT SYRUI' APRICOTS 29 C ARMADA WITH CHKESE SAUCE SPAGHETTI 301Can 17 FOR ICK CUKARI TEN BLOW 32 I.ARCE S17.R DUZ OXVDOL 31 C IHJRE CANE SUGAR T 17 ! c o, bs A0c 100 !,». HAG l(i'> DAIRY FEED (HIART SI/,K FRUIT JARS PET MILK , r ,,37 Large White Grapefruit - - - IDc CUCUMBERS --lb.10c White or Yellow SQUASH - - - Ib. IOC 360 Size Sunkist LEMONS - - doz. 35c Ice Cold WATERMELONS Ib 3k City Supermarket "Your Home-Owned Store" 109 W. Main Street Phone 2668 JUONDAY, JUNE 30, 1947 Ax Wielder Sought After Brutal Attack FAYETTEVILLE, Aik,. Julv 1 <UP)_pMr grip-ed the little GrccnlHiid Community on Hishway 'II south of here today utter a vi cious would-be killer attacked a ^epiiit; iruck driver with a dou- t)le-bladcd nx. 'An unidentified prowler had been reported to Washington County of- ficcrs several times, but he made Jii.s first attack mldnluht Saturday. He slipped out of lh c darkness n:icl fSvuiig an ax ill slccpinp Grey Carlisle. The 45-year-old truck driver awoke just in time to dod»e. The blade of the a x sunk Into tli.7 bed of the tiailcr. J Carlisle lutigecl at his adversary and the man swung the ax again, Incl.aiii!; it m the skl e of the trailer. The would-be nnirderer pnmrneled Carli.slc'.s head and tact with his fists and then slipped back into the A six-liour p;«lrol by shcrid's fle|)iilie s failed to locale the at- t;i;ker. :utsldc this shack in the Kansas City dump where caretaker Clarence Balis lives, the body of Mrs. Polly Kohlcr Entrants. 27-year-old vnltrcss, was found. Broken window in the door of llv shuci: is s-licrc Balis reached through to free himself niter an imkr.mvr man cckcd hi,,, in, and the,, warned hi,,, ,, ot to come oui 'liiniii- fie nurdcr. Bulls heard Ihe woman pleading with her assailant before he was slain. (MEA Telephoto.) Itness. But food and drug doctors do not overlook another possible cause of nibble gum sickness. ..They warn that sum swapping is an excellent way to start an epidemic. And they suspect that a good bit :>f partly chewed gum is traded. Agency doctors had no explanation of the (.'renter prevalence of bubble gum ill effects in the Gulf Coast stales. Maybe the clieivers In thai area chew more and harder. Maybe they KO in for more tradiii[>. DENSE roI>Ul,ATION People nre more closely packed together in HOIIR Kong than in nny other listed area in'the world. The density of population in lhat area is 2187 persons to the stiuaro mile. Too Late to Classify Job Wanted For Sato Farm trailers nml trailer bcilB. nnv kind. Wnrte Auio Salvage. North Hlv.-uy 01. [iliorie 3?85. 7|l-pk-8!l Carload roofing and brick siding just arrived. Lowest prices since before the war. Planters Hdwe. Co. Inc. J2(> West Main Street. Phone 515. 7 1 ck tf Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or iunk automobiles. Wade Au«o Salvage, North Hiwny 61j$ phone !!785. 7 '! pic 8 1 Action swim trunks from the deep pool of .''lyle and craft experience of McGKEGOR, famous for years with men of all ages. For style, for comfort, for slicor wear-ability, there's a ".MtGRKGOK" Brain! Swim Trunk made for you. Choice of sleek clastic, fancy paltcrn or all wool fabrics. $2.50 to $5.00

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